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We See The Future with Our Only Eye

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'Til tomorrow, the sun won't rise
But we can see the future
With our only eye.
Our heroes may not be the worthiest
Or the bravest for thee,
Still, still, they are free;
Free to choose, and free to love,
Free to go on quests
And free to do what must be done.
'Til tomorrow, the sun may not rise,
But we see this future
With our only eye.

We start with the one in pain.
Filled with darkness,
Nico almost forgot his own name.
He has an angel on his shoulder
That he's ne'er seen
And yet he is ever bolder
For its help in his dreams.
After him comes a famed one,
A braved one, a strong one, a loved one,
Percy, with sea green eyes and
The scent of his home
That trails his every step
On his journey back to old.
Then, the famed one’s love;
She’s fair and true,
With the wisdom of thousands
And the eyes of gray-blue,
Annabeth never backs down
Though she may die
Or lose something she’s only just found.
And finally, our golden boy.
Jason’s always been loved,
With the eyes of a hawk (and the wings of one too)
He’ll do his best to make sure he comes through.

All of these, our heroes that we see,
Though most futures are cloudy,
Theirs are bright and free.
After they fight through it all
May they truly have rest.
‘Til tomorrow, the sun may not rise,
But we see a future
With our only eye.

Ah! Here comes she,
Our friend and helper,
The fair Calliope.
She oversees what we’ve done,
Smiles, and says,
“Turn your eyes to the East!
“They approach,
The story continues;
Do not lose sight of what is fleet.
Though it may be away and gone,
It’s still important;
Do what must be done.”
Following her orders, we turn!
And then we’ve got it!
It’s hidden in an urn!

It’s rather like the one
That Nico was in.
But this one, oh this one!
Nike’s swift, fleet feet
Bring it to the edge of something rather steep.
It’s the incline to Tartarus!
What is in there, that she
(Or anyone) would venture
To the edge of their life?
With our one eye,
We’ve peered in close:
‘Tis Eris and Melinoe!
We won’t feel their loss very keenly.
After all, Discord and Misery
Aren’t the best companions,
Now, are they?

Nike’s leaving! She goes, with a sigh of relief.
We hardly can blame her, her death almost to meet.
But what is this?
The urn continues down, spiraling more,
About halfway there,
It turns, and up like lore!
Eris cackles
(Trust us, you don’t want to hear it)
And Melinoe smiles
(We shudder, as only is fit).
What mischief have they?
With the fey, like Kassandra we think,
Oh no, they must, they may!
With our heroes? So defenseless,
Only children-
And then we stop, for that’s no way to think!

We remind ourselves of the refrain.
‘Til tomorrow, the sun may not rise,
But we see the future
With our only eye.
It may look bleak now,
But watch as they stir!
Nico, through a tale told of ghosts;
Percy with an Iris-message from his father;
Annabeth just sees the woe
And Jason, well,
He’d better know!
And they, attached (as they were)
Through multiple things,
Find their way all to the camp, and they’ll spring!
For, ‘til tomorrow, the sun may not rise,
But the future is bright
Through our only eye.