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Harrow Margin Cosmos

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♦Harrow Margin Cosmos♦ || ♦ Chapter 1♦ || ♦ Catch♦






I don't remember much. I just remember the whale song of which wale maybe the complex Blue Giant that mimics that of a cosmic star but then again I am confused. I have been on this stretch of rock and green for two whole weeks and if Dean had not been there then I know my sanity would slip me. Dean, cannot talk, long. A few sentences here and there; simple comments. He is learned how to write swiftly and elegantly for writing is his only way of communiationg. Hios voice has beemn fractured to some imopact he had received at being marooned her — Thankl God I got gashes but non not treatable. And here Dean talking to me made him feeling. It made me happy too though I longed for civilisation. 

The shadiows at night, however, made me scared. I couldn't see his expression and Dean never mentioned it. I wanted to talk to him about it but he seemed reluctant and so Ihad to can it. But these shadows seemed alive as in not animals but humans and they sometimes sniffed and yelled in an odd way. Even if Dean and I did know we were not alone both he and I were convalescing and we couldn't do much about it at the time. We could try to move but most of our supplies were still beached and I had too many gashes to actually carry them and Dean's head injuries made him sometimes fall asleep for short periods of times. I guess we also did not want to be as industrious as Robinson Crusoe becase on a realistic scale we were malfed and hurt so no going moving with a visible trail. 

But I guess those shadows got impatient. On my 17th island day (from my wood carvings) these howling shadows came about and surrounded us in a big throng. We were ambushed in our own parameter and it sucked I can tell you that. And they threw spears which broke some of our thinngs and then just floated amonsgt us like landmines alll looking the same, from nose to eye, toe to chest. Dean looked surprised but clenched his fights attempting to mask the fright but readying for battle for that seemed fairly imminent. 

They could be mistaken at children these shadows with their jeering faces and overly enthusiastic joy to break things. 

These "children" were not children. Not only in their attitude. They looked older. Like post young teen around nineteen. One of them grabbed my ...owww! " Let go! Let go of my arm!"

"You are a girl, then?" He said happily but a bizarre happiness, "I have always wanted to see a girl."\

"You can't see girls here but you see 'em only in nudies and you look nothing like those girls." Another Jack looked weirdly at me which made me snarl and him take a step back, "I mean, you look nice not like them."

"I'm not insulted you creep! Let got!" I pushed the one holding me away first he growled but then laughed.

"Pretty. Pretty." He looked too weird, "Like a slippery coral shell." 

Dean coughed but then punched one of these clones and grabbed my wrist and we ran. We didn't get far though. One Jack squeezed my breast as they leaped on us. This vulagr display of familirization and the mention of 'nudies' did not go well together. 

"Is this a boob?" Squeezing hard making me punch his face. Good aim. The bastard was unconscious in a second.

Dean struggled but the Jack who seemed to control the group looked at him then punched his gut. Hard. Dean coughed harder and I know I scream,ed his name and rushed forward but I had to struggle with two of the Jacks but then fell down a bit as I fought. We were outnumbered and outmatched by these well fed, clean looking jungle dwellers who, unlike us, lived inside the Island than away from it. But one kick to one's head sent him flying as I rose up and grabbed the Jack who hit Dean I was knocked out. 

When I awoke I could see Dean a few feet away; he hand been stripped of everything and was nude. The leader Jack, who had grabbed earlier, now had grabbed Dean's notebook, field journal and/or multi-purpose journal and read attentively whilst the others burned the meat of a deer calf and some peeled banans and rubbed red rasberrie like fruit into the mix. Soon grapes of a deep purle but not red were squished as well into this makeshift rock pot. And some more banana was added. They put some crushed leaves of a red colour and green into the arrangement but the greens were grinded the reds were slowly and carefully torn. I did not the purpose of the fruit salad? It wasn't only for eating, was it?

"If you behave both you and the boy who has nice sheen can eat with us. Get your clothes back, though I prefer you both naked." the leader Jack smirked making me notice my nudity and then he laughed, "No one has done anything as the nudies but we kinda want to after all both of you are pretty but our head wants you both secure. Too bad, maybe I can get both of you later. God knows I want to." 

"Keep your distance from us!" I screamed and Dean looked tired, beaten but he tried to shout something but then yelled in anger starting the meal makers. One of them kicked him slightly on his thigh making he glare at the Jack clone who then resumed in twisting the meat of the calf on the wooden stick. 

The fire crizzled and crackled and moved and scorched meat and ambience with almost a maternal edge. Both prisoners and ruffians seemed happy at the great smell of good meat, ripe and layered well, with the added vegetarian cusine on the side and the flickering bulb of flames. 

Soon the Jacks dived into their food with gusto of the chase, slaughter and all the base animal frenzy that you can imagine. I got scared imagining but... these peope were really odd. All of them clones; all of the same name like they know and they know they are like a product line and it baffles her at what sort of life people just take. 

Jack, the leaderm took out a blade brought the meat out and ate in front of them with a cocky gaze, "Pleased to inform you that our superior namay have used for you yet." 

Dean looked drearily, "I"

"Why;s that voice gone?" Jack looked down on Dean.\

" loose entertainment..." Dean smiled which made Jack pissed off but to me I was happy at Dean's endering and endurance spirit. 

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I merge with the gothic dark woodlore
I am reminscent of a future alongside a past
burning mountains had held me lovingly
I am but a burned piece of rock
alchemic translator of a faction of a road

"What does that mean?"
"Why, you don't know Ralph?"
"No, that's why I am asking you Teddy."
"I am but a Teddy bear - I don't know many things."
"Teddy, you might be stuffed but I believe more than cotton."
"Why do you think that Ralph?"
"Because cotton does not wax philosophy." 
"Ralph have you ever lost your temper?"
"Have you done anything bad then?"
"I don't remember - at the moment - because I have lived too long Teddy to remember you understand right?"
"I wanted you to kill Tom."
"But non of them are Tom."
"They are all Toms."
"But not the Tom I wanted to kill."
"So killing them would be fruitless?"
"It would disrupt my peace here."
"Ralph I saw the Jacks carry the two newcomers away about an hour ago. They have found a clearing to cook their food."
"You are telling me this now? Are the Jacks going cannibal?"
"No they caught deer."
"Have you seen a Tom?"
"No, Toms are now not that common. I usually see Jacks. Now I am going to sleep Ralph." 
"Goodmorrow I guess..."
"Are you invading their camp?"
"Only if the newcomers were to die I hare living with these odd Islanders. The Newcomers are new blood and I like that."
"Ralph, will you be a hermit no longer?"
"As much I like serenity my goal that is most potent is to kill or hurt Tom Marvolo Riddle not to stay solitary."
" I hope you prosper in that Ralph." 
"Daniels, Teddy, you are not only a Teddy bear so try to act like what you really are."

" "Do the paralithal glyphs in the Island's resonating environment I have yet to free the real me. But I soon will also if I am detected with this paralitha projection principle they will hunt this me and kill that me too."
"I am alwauys careful Teddy." 
"Well, I prefer you to be extra bit more careful for me right now." 
"Will do." 

The cave clearing; armoured and hugged by the vines welcomed them in as Teddy responded with a another of his thoughts

trudging along with the hermnit are blooddripped suyrvivors
their crime was why they don't
both hermit and the drip are not purekly the first
but relaxation of extermination and the antiquity of their maneuvers 
make me think so long that i bend light to make a prism of theories