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The Hybrid

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Klaus had been tracking down a pack of werewolves in Oregon. It was the full moon soon so he decided to follow a group of campers deep in the woods. It was night and he was hiding and spying on the werewolves that were getting prepared to turn. He noticed most of them were avoiding a small group that had settled apart from them. This group was composed of four men and only one girl. The young girl was trying not to get in the way, obviously scared of her… what were they? Father, brothers, uncles? He couldn’t tell. But she had bruises all over her naked arms. She was obviously cold and she kept rubbing her arms to get some heat. “Ariel!” the hybrid heard one of the man yelled. The girl jumped, startled and nervous. She rushed to the man who had just called her. He was yelling at her about some food she didn’t take or didn’t prepare like he wanted to. The next thing he did was hitting her. He slapped her so hard she fell on the ground. Every werewolves around saw the scene but didn’t do anything. Klaus wondered why they didn’t help the poor girl that was getting beat up just in front of them. The way she was being treated reminded him of the abuse he used to suffer from his father. He was becoming angrier each time the man laid a hand on her.
Eventually he couldn’t stop himself from going over there and ripping the heart out of the cruel man’s chest. The werewolves started to scream in panic. The three other men tried to kill Klaus but failed, obviously ignorant of who he was. Of course, Klaus didn’t come alone. He’s been searching for werewolves and had made some hybrids on his way to Oregon. Those hybrids stopped most of the werewolves that were trying to escape.
“Don’t kill them all!” Klaus told them, trying to wash the blood off his hands. He looked down at the terrified girl on the ground. She was trembling out of fear and pain. She was looking at him with big eyes, afraid of what he was and what he wanted. He squatted down and she moved back a little. “Hello, love,” he said with a voice he wanted reassuring. “Who was that?” he asked, pointing at the dead body of the men who was kicking her in the stomach a minute before. She moved her eyes to the corpse then quickly back to the stranger.
“My father,” she said with a trembling voice. She spoke so low only a vampire could have heard her.
Klaus frowned. He was in rage, her father was as bad as his. “Did any of them…,” he said, pointing at the werewolves his hybrids had managed to stop, “ever helped you?” he asked. Tears were filling her eyes as she shook her head no. Klaus sighed. “Actually, do kill them all,” he told the hybrids. “Ariel is a pretty name,” he said. “I’m Klaus.” He stood up reaching out to her. She looked at his hand then back at him. She hesitated before she finally took it. He helped her back on her feet. “Are you hurt, love?” he asked and she shook her head no. He took her chin between his fingers and she flinched as she saw his hand getting close to her face. She closed her eyes out of fear but opened them when she was surprised he didn’t hit her. “Are you a werewolf, Ariel?” he asked next, looking her up and down. She nodded. “What if I told you, I can help you,” he said and she looked up at him, confused. “If you trust me, you’ll never have to turn ever again,” he told her. “I’ll heal those bad bruises,” he said. “What do you say, love?” he asked.
She looked at him still confused. Nothing good ever happened to her. Can she trust him? Is he better than her father and uncles? “Please don’t hurt me,” she begged him, tears falling down her cheeks.
“I won’t hurt you, love,” he said and he bit his wrist. “Drink,” he told her. She frowned and look at the wrist and then up at him. She was still scared but what would he do if she said no? Did she want to say no?
She had heard stories about the hybrid Niklaus. “You’re Niklaus?” she asked and he raised his eyebrows.
“You’ve heard of me?” he asked, surprised and she nodded. “If you drink, you’ll be like me…like them,” he eyed the hybrids standing over dead bodies. “Drink, love, it’ll make you stronger,” he said and she looked at him for a few hesitant seconds before she finally took his wrist and drank the red liquid.
He put his hand on her head and stroke her hair once or twice. “This will only hurt for a moment,” he said and she frowned before he snapped her neck. He caught her before she could fall on the ground. “Get me the blood bags,” he ordered his hybrids. He walked to his car and laid her on the back seats. “Clean this mess up.”
The bodies and their belongings were burning. The hybrids, as sired as they were, still couldn’t understand why they had to kill all of them. They were supposed to be turned just like they were. It was difficult for them to kill werewolves as they used to be werewolves themselves.
“How many of our own is he going to make us kill?” one of them asked.
“They’re not our own,” another said. “We’re hybrids now.”
“Still. I wanna help them the way we were helped.”
“You’ll do as I tell you to do,” Klaus said walking to them. “Where’s the blood?”
“The doppelganger’s blood is in your trunk” a hybrid told Klaus.
“Don’t make me feed her regular blood,” he warned them.
“The red cooler” the hybrid said. “The doppelganger’s blood is in the red cooler.”
Klaus nodded before he walked back to his car, waiting for the red-haired to wake up. The bruises on her arms were gone so were the black eye and the cut on her bottom lip. He was thinking back to when his father used to beat him a thousand years ago. He couldn’t defend himself and his was alone, even though he had his siblings, they were too scared to step up to their father. But she was alone. She had been alone for God knows how long with those four horrible men who had hurt her God knows how. Her clothes were clearly inappropriate for the season. They were old and damaged and a little too big for her.
Finally she woke up with a gasp. She quickly sat up, panicked.
“Easy, love,” she heard Klaus said. “You’re fine,” he told her.
“You killed me,” she breathed out, putting her hand to her neck.
“I did,” he said. “Don’t move, love,” he told her and took a blood bag out from the trunk before he handed it to her. “Drink or you won’t survive,” he told her and she slowly took it, looking up at him. “I told you, you can trust me.”
She took the blood bag to her mouth and started drinking. She dropped it as she felt her entire body changed. She quickly left the car and screamed in pain as she fell on the ground. “You’re okay, love,” he told her. Her eyes turned yellow for a moment. “You’re a hybrid now,” he said as he helped her get up. He took her chin in his finger and made her look at him. “You’re safe now,” he told her and she took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. “Come,” he told her. He introduced her to the hybrids even though he had no intention of leaving her with them. His hybrids were following him in different cars as he was sure they couldn’t disobey him.
Ariel was still very confused. She was scared of them. She only knew abuse and didn’t know what Klaus wanted with her. She hoped for the best even though she didn’t have a lot of hope left in her. She stayed close to Klaus as she trusted him more than the strangers she had just met.
“Next stop, Portland.” Klaus told the hybrids who left with a truck. He lead Ariel back to his car and made her sit in the passenger seat. He started the car and they quickly left the forest for the road. “We’ll start by getting you some clothes,” he said and she looked up at him. “Do you have any belongings you want to take with you?” he asked and she shook her head no.
“I don’t have anything,” she whispered and that made Klaus angry. Not angry at her but angry at the men he had killed earlier.
“Tomorrow we’ll get you some clothes,” he repeated himself.
She stayed silent. Not because she had nothing to say, even though she didn’t, but out of habit. She wasn’t allowed to talk or to make any sound at all.
“Are you okay, love?” Klaus asked after a long moment of silence and she nodded. “Are you hungry?” he asked her and she shook her head no. “Did the sea witch took your voice when I wasn’t looking?” he asked as a joke and she looked down at her hands that were gripping her jeans out of fear he was angry. “We’re going to stop at a motel,” he said. “You’ll get cleaned up and you’ll get some rest there. We will meet the others in Portland tomorrow” he said and she looked up at him. Was he concerned about her well-being? She wondered. That’s a behavior she had never witnessed.
“You don’t have to stop for me,” she said, very low and timid.
He turned to look at her, angry she was used to being mistreated that way. “I told you I wouldn’t hurt you. I told you to trust me and that you were safe with me,” he said and she got scared of his serious tone. “I’m going to take care of you,” he said and she looked up at him but he was looking at the road. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say, thank you, didn’t seem like enough.
He stopped at motel and texted his hybrids they would meet in Portland the next day. Klaus left Ariel in the car as he went to ask for rooms. When he came back, he seemed annoyed. “Sorry, love, there was only one room left, but at least there are two beds,” he said as he made her get out of the car. The motel wasn’t very cleaned but was still less dirty than the house she used to live in. Klaus throw his bag on his bed and took out a t-shirt he handed to the small girl. “Here, you can sleep with that” he told her. She was so tiny he knew this would suffice.
“Thank you,” she whispered without looking at him.
“You can use the shower first,” he told her and she nodded.
Out of habit she didn’t lock the door, which he found weird. “Take all the time you need,” he told her from the bedroom. She didn’t know if he meant it but she stayed in the shower for a while. She enjoyed the hot water on her body. She enjoyed feeling clean again. She thought about her dead father and her dead uncles. She was never going to see them again and she didn’t know how she felt about that. Was she sad? Was she happy? Was she relieved? They couldn’t hurt her anymore so that would probably be a good thing. Maybe she should be sad about it. Was she a bad person for being relieved her family was finally out of her life? Dead? Now she was truly alone in the world. Why did Klaus turn her? What did he want from her? Was he going to hurt her? She couldn’t figure it out as she had no value, whatsoever. She was scared of Klaus, anticipating what was to come. She had heard stories about him. Would he do to her worst things her father ever did?
When she stepped out of the shower, she was wearing Klaus’ shirt. “Give me that,” he took her dirty clothes from her and threw them away. “I’ll get you some clothes tomorrow and then we’ll get more later, after we get out of Portland,” he said. “I’m going to take a shower but you can go to bed if you want to” he told her. “If you’re hungry I put some blood bags in the fridge,” he said and she frowned. Right. Blood bags. Because she was part vampire now. She decided she wasn’t hungry and went to bed. She was exhausted but she couldn’t sleep. She had nightmares and her father used to beat her every time she would wake him with her screams. She was too scared to relax enough to fall asleep anyway. She got under the covers of the small bed and turned her back to the bathroom door and to Klaus’ bed.
When he got out of the bathroom, he saw her in the bed and wondered if she was sleeping. Her shaky breathing told him she wasn’t and he put the bag on the floor before he turned off the lights and went into bed. In the dark he listened closely to her unstable breathing. He sat up in his bed and turned on the lamp on the table in between. “What’s wrong, love?” he asked. She slowly turned to look at him.
“Nothing,” she answered.
“Are you scared of me?” he asked and she slowly sat up shaking her head no.
“Then, what’s wrong? Do you miss your family?” he asked. After all he did just kill her father.
“No,” she quickly answered.
He looked at her waiting for her to tell him what was wrong.
“I’m sorry,” she said so low he almost didn’t hear her.
“Sorry for what, love? “ he asked.
She looked up at him and realized she didn’t know what to answer so she shyly shrugged instead. She brought her knees to her chest and stared at the end of her bed. He didn’t know what she was thinking or what he could do to reassure her. So he decided to speak instead. “Your father reminded me of mine,” he said and she looked up at him. “But I had my mother…and my siblings,” he told her.
“My mother died giving birth to me,” she said. “That’s how I broke the werewolf curse,” he told her. “That’s why my father hates me…hated, me.” She looked disgusted with herself.
“Come here, love,” he told her waving his hand. She frowned and looked up at him. She was hesitant but slowly got out of her bed to get into his. He put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her to his chest. She was trembling a little, anxious of being so close to him in a bed. “You’ll be fine. Goodnight, love,” he said before he turned off the light. He kept her close and stroke her shoulder to calm her down. She relaxed after a few minutes. He waited to make sure she was sleeping before he allowed himself to fall asleep.
The following morning, Klaus woke up before Ariel did. He decided to go out and buy some food. So when she woke up, Ariel was alone. She panicked for an instant thinking he had left her alone but she calmed down when she saw his bag was still there. She was hungry so she opened the fridge and stared at the blood bags for a while. She closed it, disgusted, and decided to make the beds. She cleaned up whatever she could. She jumped when she heard the door opened.
Klaus entered the room with breakfast in one hand and clothes in the other. He frowned as he saw the beds were made. “Hello, love,” he said as he saw her standing next to the fridge. “I brought breakfast, and some clothes,” he told her. He gave her the bag with the new, cleaned clothes in it. “I hope this fits you,” he told her, setting the food on the table. “Have you tried to drink some blood?” he asked and she shook her head no. “Well, get dressed,” he told her, pointing at the bathroom. “We can eat after.”
She stepped out of the bathroom wearing a jean and a t-shirt with long sleeves that suited her better than what she was wearing the day before. “You look beautiful, love,” he said and she looked down at the ground. He frowned at her reaction but ignored it. “We need to be on the road in less than an hour so let’s eat,” he told her, handing her a blood bag. She stared at it before she slowly took it. “You’re a vampire now. You need to drink blood. I will teach you how to feed on humans but for now you’re going to have to use blood bags,” he told her. Feed on humans? She wasn’t sure she wanted to ever do that. She drank the blood and it tasted better than she would have wanted to. “Coffee?” he asked her.
“I don’t like coffee,” she shyly replied, hoping he wouldn’t get mad.
“Really? Who doesn’t like coffee?” he chuckled and she gave him a very small smile. “Eat, at least,” he told her pointing at the bagels on the table.
After they ate in silence they got into the car and left for Portland.
“What are we going to do in Portland?” she had the courage to ask after a few hours of listening to the radio.
“Well,” he sighed. “Last night didn’t really turned out the way I thought it would” he said. “I’m looking for werewolves to turn into hybrids,” he told her.
“Why?” she asked and he turned to look at her.
“I’ve worked very hard to be able to make hybrids,” he answered.
“Why?” she repeated.
He focused on the road for a while, thinking about what to answer. “So I wouldn’t have to be alone,” he replied.
“Is that why you turned me?,” she asked. “So you wouldn’t have to be alone?”
He didn’t answer right away. “Maybe I turned you so you wouldn’t have to be alone,” he replied.
She was taken aback by his answer. He turned her to help her. He didn’t do it for himself, he wasn’t expecting anything from her. You’re safe now. His words echoed in her mind. He helped her last night but she didn’t know why. Why would he save her?
They both stayed silent for the rest of the trip. Ariel didn’t look up and didn’t see Klaus looking at her a few times. He was worried she was too damaged to ever trust anyone again. He didn’t think about it before, but maybe he would damage her some more.
“Stay in the car,” Klaus told her. She looked up at him. “This won’t be fun for you,” he said before he closed the door. He didn’t want her to see what he was about to do. Even though she knew exactly what was going to happen after he had all the werewolves of her pack killed last night. She stayed in the car as he told her. It was dark when he came back for her.
“Sorry it took so long,” he said as he took her hand to help her get out of the car. “Let’s take a walk.”
She followed him into the woods. He saw her shiver and he removed his jacket to put it on her shoulders. She flinched as he approached her and was surprised by his gesture. She put the jacket on giving him a shy “Thank you.”
They approached the camp where three strangers were drinking blood bags. “I made new friends,” he grinned at her and she gave him a tiny smile before looking back at the ground. She stayed close to him as he was talking to the new hybrids. “How are you feeling?” he asked them.
“Good,” one of them answered. “Stronger.”
“So, we will never have to turn again?” another asked.
“No. Only if you want to,” Klaus answered.
They cleaned the messed they had made, burned what was left of the campers.
“You’re okay, love?” Klaus asked Ariel who was still staring at the ground. She looked up and nodded. They were on their way back to the car when Klaus’s black leather jacket started to ring.
“You have my phone, love,” he grinned at her. She took the phone out and handed it to him. He checked the caller’s ID and picked up, “Portland is fantastic once you get over all the whiney music and healthy-looking people, it’s literally a breeding ground for werewolves,” he said with a grin.
“Your father’s dead.” Ariel heard the man on the other line said. She frowned and looked up at Klaus who had lost his cocky smile.
“What did you say to me?” he asked.
“Oh, my mistake, not your actual father, and not dead. Mikael. Daggered.” Klaus didn’t look happy and there was a short moment of silence before the other man started talking again. “What do you want me to do with the body?” he asked.
Klaus sighed, angry and suspicious. “Well, first, I want you to explain to me exactly what happened,” he said. “I want to see him, I want to see his rotting body for myself!” he groaned and Ariel stepped back a little out of fear.
“Well, he’s here. Come by whenever.”
“If you’re lying to me, Stefan, your compulsion will expose you. So answer with your life. Is what you’re saying the truth?” Ariel frowned. He compelled someone to do everything he said? That did not reassure the already scared young girl.
“It’s true. I saw it with my own eyes.”
“I want to talk to Rebekah,” Klaus said.
Who’s Rebekah?
“That’s not a problem, she’s right here.” Stefan said. After a few seconds a female voice replied, “Hello, Nik.”
“Rebekah, love, what’s this I hear about Mikael’s tragic run-in with a dagger?” Klaus asked. Ariel was surprised he wasn’t sad about his father’s death. Maybe he was like her, maybe he was glad to finally be free of this man.
“It’s true. He’s finally out of our lives for good,” the girl answered. Klaus closed his eyes, understanding he wasn’t being lied to. His father was dead. “I miss you. I’m miserable here.”
“I’ll be home soon,” Klaus said and Ariel frowned. Was he going to leave without her? She wasn’t sure she wanted to be on her own just yet, she wasn’t sure she could. But maybe it’ll be safer for her to stay away from him. Maybe she didn’t have a choice.
“Good. I’ll see you then, brother.”
So, Klaus had a sister. He had siblings.
“Come, love,” Klaus said before walking towards the car.
“Where are we going?” she shyly asked, following him.
“Well, we’re going to a small town called Mystic Falls,” he sighed. “This town is full of people who wants to kill me so we’re going to have to be careful,” he told her and she nodded, scared. “Don’t worry, that’s what my hybrids are for,” he said before he made her get into the car.
That’s why my hybrids are for. She kept repeating this in her head. What did he mean? Should it worry her? Was she free to go? To do whatever she wanted? Or was she his “prisoner”? Did she have to do everything he wanted? Did she have a choice now or was she still “the property” of a man?
“You’re okay, love?” Klaus asked and she jumped on her seat. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said, looking at her a little worried.
“I…I’m fine,” she babbled.
“We won’t stop until we’re at the airport,” he said. “I have a private plane that will take us to Mystic Falls,” he said and she nodded.
They arrived at the airport in the hour. She saw the hybrids get coffins out of the truck. She wondered who was in it and why Klaus was travelling around the country with them. But she didn’t dare ask. She got into the plane and sat on the couch and wait as he told her to. She had never been on a plane before and she wasn’t really reassured. During the flight, Klaus talked with the hybrids. She caught a few names like Mindy and Tony. The plane had plenty of food and drinks Klaus offered Ariel to eat if she was hungry. She wondered why he didn’t include her in his plan. She knew she couldn’t do anything but if she didn’t want her to help him, then why did he turn her in the first place? Klaus was nice and patient with her. He looked over to her a few times to make sure she was fine. When she fell asleep, he put a blanket on her and stroke her hair for a second before he went back to his hybrids to make sure they understood the plan and did as he told them to do.
Once they landed, Klaus woke Ariel up. She jumped and tried to move back as soon as he put a hand on her shoulder. “Easy, love,” he tried to calm her down. She looked at him with big eyes, it took a few seconds for her to remember where she was. “We’re there,” he told her. “Do you see these coffins?” he asked her after they got out of the plane and she nodded. “You’re in charge of them,” he told her and she frowned. “I need to leave for a party but I need someone I can trust watching over them,” he told her.
She was surprised he trusted her, he didn’t even know her. “Who’s in the coffins?” she asked.
“My siblings,” he merely said. “I keep them in that container,” he told her. “I’ll be back as soon as I can,” he informed her and she nodded. He was leaving her on her own, in charge of his family. She had never been trusted like this before. “You’re not afraid of the dark, are you love?” he asked. Was he going to make her stay in the container? She shook her head. “Here, this is Mindy’s phone, it’ll keep you busy,” he said before he left her.
She stayed in the dark container with food and water all day and she thought she would spent all night in there but finally she heard someone approaching. That someone, she believed was Klaus, opened the container. But it wasn’t Klaus and she stepped back when she saw the stranger getting in.
“Who are you?” he asked and she recognized Stefan’s voice from the call in the woods. She doesn’t reply, scared. After all, Klaus had told her this town was full of people that wanted to hurt him. “What did Klaus did to you?” he asked and she frowned. “Or are you one of his hybrids?” She stepped back and he grinned. “You’re one of his toys,” he chuckled. “Now I thought I’d have leverage with his dead siblings but maybe an alive hostage will send a stronger message,” he said and she stepped back again but this time her back met with the wall. The next thing she saw was Stefan inches from her and then it all went black.
It was early in the morning when Klaus came back to check on Ariel. His father was dead and he had freed Stefan from his compulsion. Nothing could stop him from getting his siblings back, now. He was leaving a voicemail to his sister when he received a call.
“Stefan! Miss me already?” he asked.
“I’m just calling to thank you for my freedom,” Stefan answered.
“Well, I like to believe I’m a man of my word, more or less,” the hybrid replied.
“The thing is, at too high of a price,” Stefan said and Klaus frowned. “You took everything from me Klaus,”
“Let bygones be bygones. Trust me, resentment gets old.”
“You know what never gets old?” Stefan asked as Klaus opened the container. “”Revenge.”
Klaus saw the empty container, “No,” he groaned.
“What’s the matter Klaus? Missing something?”
“What are you doing?” Klaus asked, enraged.
“Just enjoying my freedom,” Stefan replied. “You’re little friend is quite charming, I must admit I almost pity her, it wasn’t easy to tie her up with rope, especially since it’s sweating vervain and wolfsbane,” he said, looking at Ariel who was lying on the ground, her wrists and ankles were burning because of the vervain and she had a tissue in her mouth wet with wolfsbane. She could barely breathe and she was about to pass out from the pain.
“I will kill you and everyone you’ve ever met,” Klaus threatened the vampire.
“You do that and you will never see your little toy or your family again.”
“If you hurt her…” the hybrid started to say.
“I wonder, Klaus.” Stefan cut him off. “As someone who’s been one step ahead for a thousand years…were you prepared for this?”