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Will It Be Enough?

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Beep, Beep, Beep.

 Kurt Hummel internally groaned as he sleepily rolled over to turn off his alarm. He peeked open his eyes; his clock read 6:30 am. He shook his head thinking that it wasn’t worth getting up so early to look good if there would be no one at school to impress. Nonetheless, he got out of bed and slowly got ready for the first day of his senior year at William McKinley High School.

 An hour later he had his travel mug full of coffee in hand while glaring at Finn, his step-brother of less than a year.

 “Jeez, dude. Chill out. I just have to put on my shoes.” Finn said as he wiped the sleep crusts from his eyes.

 “Finn. I told you last night we need to be pulling out of the driveway at 7:30 sharp or else we would be late. I did NOT say you can wake up at 7:30 and not brush your teeth so we can go to school late just like every day last year.” Kurt snapped.

 At this, Finn’s eyes widened. “Brush my teeth, that’s right. Thanks man!” Finn said holding his hand up for a high five, which Kurt ignored.

 “NO! Here, have some gum and let’s go!” Kurt held out a stick of peppermint gum to Finn as he began to walk out the door with Finn trailing behind him.


 Once they crossed the threshold of the school building, Kurt watched his giant of a step-brother saunter towards his girlfriend, Rachel. Kurt’s face scrunched up as he heard her screech upon noticing her boyfriend’s arrival. Kurt shook his head; she really needs to tone it down he thought as he walked to his locker.

 Kurt reached his locker and sighed as he noticed the mold of his shoulder dented into his locker. As he began to turn the combination he got wrapped into a tight hug. He giggled along with the owner of the hug.

 “’Cedes, I only saw you yesterday, there really is no need to be this excited to see me.” Kurt turned to his best friend and smiled.

 “Well, boo, I haven’t seen you here since before summer.” She retorted. “What do you think of my outfit? I hid it yesterday to surprise you.” She backed up a few steps, right into a boy that Kurt didn’t recognize. “Oomph, sorry!” Mercedes said, turning to the boy.

 The boy turned and Kurt felt his breath leave his body. This boy was gorgeous. Kurt also noticed he probably wouldn’t be spending any time with this boy, especially if his father had anything to say about it. The boy had dark leather riding boots over his skin tight jeans, topped by a ripped white t-shirt and a worn leather jacket. To accompany his apparel the boy carried a riding helmet in his right hand. He had a mop of dark, curly hair and the most beautiful eyes that were a cross between honey and hazel, but those eyes were held in an icy glare. His triangle shaped eyebrows were pulled into a frown as he glared at Mercedes. He also had multiple piercings, one stud and one hoop in each earlobe, a right industrial bar, the right side of his lower lip (very plump and luscious looking lips) had a black hoop through it and his left eyebrow had a shining silver hoop.

 “…happen again. Trust me; you don’t want to mess with me bitch.” Kurt gasped, even though he had just called Kurt’s best friend a bitch, his voice was smooth and Kurt just wanted to hear more.

 Kurt watched as the boy stalked away, pushing people out of his way.

 “Right Kurt?” Kurt’s attention was brought back to Mercedes who appeared to be a little disheveled.

 “Sorry, what?”

 Mercedes rolled her eyes, but smiled. “I said that boy was a jerk and I can’t wait for the neanderthals to get hold of him. As much as I hate them, I think they could be put to good use in his case.”

 Kurt just nodded. He tried to get the boy out of his head as he and Mercedes walked to their English class. The last thing Kurt needed was to get a crush for another straight boy (if his previous crush on Finn had taught him anything, he would avoid that situation again) who is rude to his best friend. He needed to focus on school so he could go to New York the following year.

 By the time they had reached the classroom, Kurt had a smile on his face with visions of New York flooding his mind. That is, until he passed the Cheerios in the front of the classroom talking about the new boy who simply radiated sex. Kurt knew exactly who they were talking about, so he tuned his ears to them, in case they had any more information about the mysterious boy.

 “Blaine, apparently. Blaine Anderson. Santana managed to pounce on the boy and apparently he pushed her off claiming she wasn’t his type without even knowing her. What a douche. Anyway, he is totally…”

 Kurt tuned them back out then, knowing that was the most useful information he would get out of them. At least now the mysterious boy had a name. Blaine Anderson.

 Kurt sighed as the teacher brought the class to attention and began taking roll.


 Two classes, and a headache later (he had just sat through French with Rachel consistently buzzing in his ear about how AMAZING her summer in Europe had been. Kurt wanted to slap her just to get her to shut up), Kurt walked in to the cafeteria with Rachel bobbing by his side. She ran off at the sight of Finn and Kurt smiled at Mercedes and Tina as they waved him to join them in the lunch line.

 “Oh Kurt! Mercedes tells me we all have history together next! Yay!” Tina cheerily said as she hugged Kurt. He smiled at her. They hadn’t seen much of each other that summer due to Tina and Mike’s summer jobs at the local Theater Camp.

 Suddenly, there was a bustle a few people ahead of the trio, catching everyone’s attention. People started to move out of the way, a memo of which Kurt didn’t get, so he got body slammed by a stocky figure. Kurt focused back in front of him, only to be met by the honey-hazel eyes from earlier. This time though, they weren’t icy like they were before. They seemed to be soft as they met Kurt’s blue-green eyes. Kurt was stuck in surprise at this new revelation as the eyes turned to something else. Only then did Kurt look at the rest of the face accompanying the eyes that captivated him. The face had turned smug as Blaine looked Kurt up and down. Kurt composed his face into his signature bitch-glare. Blaine’s eyes eventually met Kurt’s again.

 “Well, shit. Aren’t you just a sexy thing? I really like those pants, how long did they take to paint on? I only ask so I’ll know how long they’ll take to unpaint later.” Blaine said with a hint of a smile pulling on his full lips.

 Kurt’s mouth dropped and his eyes widened at the remark. Was this boy for real? Why was he picking on Kurt? Did Kurt just reek easy victim or something?

 “Oh no worries, we will put that wide open mouth to use later babe.” Blaine winked and reached around Kurt to slap his ass. Kurt yelped. Blaine then spun on his heels and walked out of the cafeteria, followed by the gaze of every student and teacher present.

 Once Blaine was out of view, every gaze fell on Kurt. He was rooted to the spot, eyes wide, but mouth shut. He didn’t even register Mercedes and Tina pulling him to their usual table. His mind was filled with those eyes. The soft ones that bored into Kurt’s eyes before the smug bastard came back into view. Kurt silently hoped he would see those soft eyes again someday as he dug into his salad.


A/N: So, this one is a little different than my newer fics. The 'grey line' represents a time jump within the story as this story takes place from...'Kurt's perspective', I guess you'd say. :) Enjoy!