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Cuddling with Genos isn't comfortable... in the traditional sense of the word. He most certainly isn't soft, but it's definitely not like hugging a car, either. He gives you something of a primeval kind of reassurance and security liken to that which comes from sleeping with one's back to a wall.

His cool arms wrapped around your body contrast surprisingly well with your warm skin; his fingers are metallic, but their touch is more human than any you've ever known. You rest a hand on his torso, trailing your fingertips across the fabric stretched tautly over his firm chest plates.

You find yourself wondering if Genos feels the same way about you as you do him, but then you're reminded of the... distinctive ways Genos shows his affections for you, such as closely following your every move as if ready to sweep you away at the very presence of a fly, his self-defeating eagerness to "INCINERATE" the router and modem when the WiFi speed isn't to your liking, or his insistence on taking you to the emergency room over something as trivial as the common cold.

Eventually, the pleasant silence is broken by a simple request from you: "Uh, Genos... I'm kinda cold. Could you do that cool thing where you make yourself all warm and glowy, please?" (A.K.A. "Genos, I love you, but you're fucking cold so help me out here?"). "Absolutely not. I am sorry, but it is too dangerous. I will not risk burning your skin off. You will have to deal with it or get up," he brusquely responds. Sheesh, not one for sugarcoating is he?

"Oh, come on, Genos! I shouldn't have to suffer frostbite just to snuggle with you. This isn't some vision quest in Antarctica. I have the basic human right, NAY, THE CIVIL RIGHT, to be warm in my own dang bed," you persist with a pout on your face while some exaggerated shivers shake your body, and he reluctantly gives in (if not to satisfy you, then to quiet you at the very least).

He cautiously produces the smallest amount of heat, but that along with an almost inaudible, melodic hum emanating from deep within his body, is enough to lull you to sleep. Genos studies your contented, rosy-cheeked face as a gentle smile makes its way onto his.

Moments like these are what make every scar a little less deep, every tear sting a little less, every footstep more deliberate, and every heartbeat a little bit quicker.