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Angiris Drabbles

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Imperius sighed. Tyrael’s ignorance had gotten the better of him again as the smaller angel had suffered another loss from the demons in Pandamonium, somehow thinking he could take on an entire army single handedly. Valor had needed to drag the struggling archangel out of the fray and manually deliver him back to the Heavens when he refused to go until the demons were all slain. Justice had of course given as much resistance as possible for such a small archangel, but Imperius simply needed to lift him up by the back of his armor to transport him back to the Diamond Gates, Tyrael kicking and yelling as those tiny, annoying mortal children would.

The small archangel refused to speak to him after that, crossing his arms and sulking off to the Courts of Justice where he could be alone. Imperius thought this had to be one of the cutest actions he had seen from him in a long while, and decided to probe him further by following him into his domain.

To Valor’s joyful surprise, Tyrael hadn’t noticed his following until they were both deep within the courts, the small angel seeming outraged when he found out. Imperius merely chuckled as Justice hurled meaningless insults toward him, his wings flaring outward in anger, which of course only made him look cuter. Tyrael briefly ceased his outburst and looked at him with confusion. Imperius could see in his body language that he was clearly bewildered at his laughter, and Valor took this moment to scoop up the tiny angel in his arms and bring him to a more secluded spot in the Heavens, Tyrael letting out muffled shrieks as they went.

He found a shady spot just on the edge of Tyrael’s abode, and slowly relaxed his grip on the angel, enough to make him comfortable, but not able to escape. However, Justice still continued his pointless struggling, making Valor frown. He was making this unnecessarily hard.

Imperius looked down at the small, fidgeting angel in his lap who had begun to tire himself out. He could tell that Tyrael was trying his hardest to resist settling into the warmth radiating off of him, but his struggling had turned into small beats of his wings and the occasional squirming.

“Y-you are an awful being, and I h-hate you... “ Justice hissed after he had finally given up his attempts to escape, Imperius feeling a sense of pride that he had won this battle. He gave another low chuckle, and gently lifted up one of Tyrael’s wings and began to stroke it rhythmically, the smaller angel seeming to relax at his touch. Valor smiled as the archangel completely gave in to him, practically begging him for more of the comforting sensation. He looked adorable curled up in his arms, and Imperius was satisfied at his work.