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To Marry Jane Abott

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The stench of Jet hung from her sweat drenched clothes and made her want to puke. Thoughts came in like a whirl of just how bad she had let things get. Blood crusted and sweat stained, the once warm-browned beauty was now a ghost of what she was. Jane Abott’s eyes were sunken in and the dark circles were just enough evidence to conclude she was weak, broken. Jane walked slowly into the training grounds of the BOS compound and dropped to her knees. This was it. This was the end. She was coming to the man she left behind, the man that could no longer bear to look her in the eye. Her knees landed in the slick mud, her hair was matted with filth and her once slender form was hollow, a silhouette of a beaten down woman. The sun beat down on her scalp and she struggled to maintain what was left of her chem abused body.

“It’s Jane,” a guard said as the clink of several suits of power armor grew close.

“Maxson will want to see this, take her to the bridge,” another suit replied.

“Are you stupid, take her to Cade she needs serious medical attention,” the first suit said. Jane raised a brow in confusion as she looked up to the huge masses of steel standing above her. She raised her hand as she used to, to touch his stubble but her arms were weak, she was weak. Everything began to turn black as she fell face first into the thick mud, unconscious.

Jane woke up to the sounds of men trying to keep their voices to a whisper so it all just sounded like a mess of voices. She couldn’t pick any of them out, though she knew it was childish of her to hope for the one. She opened her eyes and bright light immediately bombarded her to which she quickly closed them. Another try as she slowly opened her eyes to barely slits, then open. She assessed that she was in the medical observation room inside the Prydwen. A look to her side showed Cade discussing something with, was it? She leaned further to observe the tall dark haired man. No. It was Maxson. The flush of emotion hit her like a wave. The loneliness in a ship full of people, the yearn for him to kiss her and hold her. The way he would move the dark strand that always fell in her eyes. She needed him, without him in this world she had nothing solid, no ground to lay her feet on. Jane had not let herself think on it. On what she had done.

Another figure entered the room and found its way to the other two, also discussing in an audible whisper.

“Danse,” she said, unaware she had said it allowed. All three figures turned to face her.


Jazz lights illuminated the carnival as Nate Abott flung himself in a goofy manner to impress her.
“Nate Abott how do you propose to woo a woman if you dance like an injured monkey,” she laughed trying to conceal her amusement.

“Jane Darcy I do suppose I would look better dancing with you,” he cockily said continuing to jerk his head around to the music playing. She couldn’t contain it any longer as she burst out in laughter, spit spraying out as she failed miserably in her attempt to hold it in.

“Well say it don’t spray it sunshine, a simple yes will do,” he laughed as he snatched her hand and pulled her in. The music made her feel like she was floating as she danced fast with Nate Abott. The singer's voice carried her off and Nate’s arms flew across the dance floor under the carnival shelter. Bright lights blurred as she spinned and spinned and spinned. As the music got faster she moved her hands left and right and jumped around with Nate Abott. Before she knew it the music slowly faded and it seemed like time had slowed, she looked into the tall dark haired Nate Abott's copper eyes and moved closer to him. Nate Abott, the town goofball, the fresh apple and sunshine smelling boy. She moved in so close she could smell the funnel cake he had eaten previously. Nate closed his eyes and leaned in to Jane.

“Well look at the time! It’s nearly midnight and my father was expecting me hope at twelve-O-five and no later,” She giggled as she pulled away from his grasp and burst out into a sprint in the direction of her home.

“Jane Darcy!” Nate shouted after her. “One day i’m gonna marry you!” he shouted even louder as she made her way to the end of the street.

She stopped and turned back to him, “We’ll just have to see won’t we,” she shouted back at Nate.

“Jane Abott has a nice ring to it don’t ya think,” Nate says. She giggled and turned back to her run home even though she lived just down the block.