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All That's Good In The World. (Slash M/M Prompts)

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This is a list of things that this book will consist of as well as warnings of content to come.


This book will indeed contain the following:

  • Graphic Sex Scenes/ Lemons/ Smut.

If you are a stranger to these things, continue with caution.


  • Swearing and Purely Coarse Language.

If this is an issue for you, you are very obviously too young/innocent to be reading a smutty slash book.


  • Transgender Reference And Characters. 

If you are transphobic in any way I will kindly ask you to find a different book.


  • Homophobia At It's Worst.

This is purely for angst purposes and not to be offensive. If you have an issue with this, please do not read chapters with this warning in the beginning.


  • Offensive Opinions Towards Certain Shows Or Movies, Possibly Books.

The opinions will likely be the request-ers, so please do not attack me for the opinion. I will not throw you under the bus if you put in a prompt that may be offensive, because these prompts are purely for the entertainment of the Percy Jackson slash fandom, not other fandoms that are protective of their favorites outside of this.


  • Out of Character Characters.

This is very likely to occur. Many of the ships I have in the tags are with characters I'm not familiar with. Please do not recommend very minor gods with main characters. I do not support those ships let alone want to go out of my way to find out more about them. 


All You Need To Do Is Comment

A Pairing Of Main Slash Couples

(so I can write the characters accurately)

And I'll Get It Done As Soon As Possible.

Thank You Very Much!