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Infinite Stratos vs Masou Gakuen HxH Afraid to shoot strangers

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Hey guys, welcome to my new story. This is the first chapter of Infinite Stratos versus Masou Gakhuen HxH Afraid to shoot strangers.

This story is set in the universe of Masou Gakhuen HxH but it will feature my own OC's like Mattheus, Joel, Kerlongsj and Anaton. Those who don't know who they are, don't worry, I will leave a small note that comes soon. Or check out my other stories.

I don't know how this will turn out but I can say I look forward to it. But like with more of my stories, those that work out are those who get updates. The more reviews I get from you guys, the faster or more I'll work. I got quite some stories online and sometimes, I just wonder why I'm doing all the effort.

In life, things can go turn in a way you can't imagine. Sometimes, your wildest fantasies can become real. Sometimes, things happen you haven't even thought about in nightmares. But if you want to survive, having those next to you might help.

Kizuna Hida laid in his bed. Finally, the Eros Pilot had some time for himself. It has been a week since he came over to Ataraxia. One week since his life changed, one week since he was assigned to the Elite Team Amaterasu.

Things just went completely insane. Why did his sister, Reiri, completely embarrassed him and by extension the girls of Amaterasu by announcing he had to erotically stimulate those beauties for them to get their power back?

More importantly, why did she had to do that in front of the whole school? It did wonders for his social life. The guys and girls both looked at him with great loathing in their eyes. The guys because they were envious of the great opportunities he got handed to him, the girls because he defiled their idols.

God, this Eros pilot could use some bro time. He never had a lot of male friends but he had them at the very least. Now, there was no way he could make male friends.

The black haired Japanese male took a breath. He had no friends whatsoever. He wasn't sure if he could call the three girls of Amaterasu his friends. He could say that those girls reacted all differently.

Chidorigafuchi Aine, the aloof, silver-haired pilot. She had red eyes, white skin and her breasts were quite large. Her long silver hair? Why did it seem to have a link?

While she was a great pilot, even he, a socially awkward male, found her distant. Why was she obsessed with performing a Heart Hybrid? A blush covered his cheeks. It wasn't that he really enjoyed being called a pervert.

Next was Yurishia Farandole. An American pilot, with blond hair, her breasts even defeating Aine. She had azure blue eyes and her hair was long, light blond. Her aura was somewhat calming. He hadn't talked with her that much ever since he got here. But she was just looking a bit things from a distance. He could use that.

The last girl from the squad was Himekawa Hayuru. Like Kizuna, she was a Japanese. An ace and a close range fighter. Her eyes were blue but the two had the same hair color. She was a bit of sword fighter but her position of morals committee made things really difficult for the young boy. He couldn't really fault her but she could cut him some slack.

Besides being reunited with his sister, there was Sylvia Silkcut. She was assigned to Kizuna to help him out with the reports and stuff like that. Her cheerful, adorable attitude proved to have an effect on him. The small, British girl really helped him out at some points. She was noted as one of the best candidates to become a pilot. Kizuna smiled at the thought.

A small girl, not even coming above his waist (just mentioning her height, not for dirty thoughts, get your minds out the gutter) with blond hair in a bob cut and purple eyes.

He sighed. There was more to the Heart Hybrid Gears or HHG than just this.

Kizuna looked to the ceiling. Lying awake wasn't going to pull him any favors. He could use some sleep. Not even bothering to have changed in pajama's, he slept in his uniform. But life is a bitch.

And his sister as well now he thought about it. Her face bumped up in front of him. "Kizuna."

Her hard voice waking him up and demanding an immediate reaction.

"Nee-chan." Grumbling and half asleep, he turned to his older sister. "Kizuna, there is an Entrance opening but this time it's different. I expect to come to the lab. The rest of Amaterasu got the same message. Move it." Kizuna cursed under his breath.

He'd only be useful to perform erotic things. At this point, he could use some weapons. And by God, he really could use some bro time.

Meanwhile, at the ISA, night had also fallen.

After a long day of training, the only two males you would find in the estrogen hell poll that was their school, both Ichika Orimura, respective Knight as Mattheus Adjzof, called Hunter, were sleeping like two pigs. The two were bruised, battered, and beaten.

Besides dinner, where the two ate like starved wolves, they didn't make it till eight pm when the two males crashed in their beds, sleeping like a dead man. Even with a similar treatment, their thoughts were different. Ichika was thinking in the lines of this.

'Man, those seven were brutal. Could they train me without trashing me? I didn't do anything wrong this time. I was lucky to have Mattheus around.' Ichika was lying face down in found breathing becoming more difficult. Besides that, he needed to lie on his back for the thoughts.

A solution if you want.

A solution on his love life. His solution to tell the girls they could make advances when he starts looking for love was only temporary. In the end, he had to make a choice? The biggest question was who?

Houki, his first childhood friend. From a fight junkie tomboy, she was out his life for six years. The girl grew up in a stunning, beautiful young woman. Most noticeable were her breasts. They had really grown. Still prideful and fast hurt, she was a good friend and great sparring partner. The Kendo maiden would have some cute sides like her ponytails and her ribbons were cute. If Mattheus told him was true, she was in love with him ever since she met him.

The second was Rin or Lingyin Huang. A Chinese student that was his second childhood friend. The Genki girl helped me through his depression when Houki left. A bit crazy and hyperactive and not as well developed compared to the others, like most girls, she had some cute quirks. He smiled when he thought about the past.

It might not have been easy but life was a lot more simple back then.

He was surprised to see Rin again and while she was cocky, she was nice to hang around with.

Next was Cecilia Alcott. The British Exchange Student whose start was rough but the rivalry and anger turned to friendship when everything worked out. Ichika sighed. He still didn't get it. Mattheus had beaten the crap out of her and because he did the same to him, Cecilia fell in love with him.

Whatever it was, the blond haired girl was cocky and prideful but still have some form of honor. The Brit had closed the gap between them. Ichika liked her for who she turned out to be and how she became who she was today. Man, he was glad he got a double-barreled shotgun from Joel. It made destroying the drones pretty easy as Cecilia didn't like to use physical violence compared to the others. But even with that, she was nice to hang around with.

Charlotte Dunois was his calm in the storm. Blond haired and purple haired, the France girl got like most of them, a hard start in life. Even so, she was soft in nature and mature in her ways. He enjoyed being around her as some would describe her as moe. But she was a bit of a pervert despite calling Ichika one. Even so, Mattheus and he talked about his options if you want to call it like that and Charlotte certainly came out as best with Houki second.

Her nature was one thing but Ichika felt she deserved someone better compared to him.

Laura was the fifth girl he had attracted in the first semester. She was a student of Chifuyu when she went to Germany and her life must not have been really easy.

She had silver hair and often wore an eyepatch to conceal her eye. While she and Ichika like Cecilia started out rough, more because of Mattheus but he still had some involvement, the two were pretty close by now.

In the second semester, two other girls came in.

The Sarashiki's, as different as day and night, albeit they shared the beauty, red eyes and blue hair. Tatenashi was the older sister, mischievous, playful and teasing and a real pain in the butt. She helped keep him safe from those girls. Although Mattheus and Joel were more useful in that regard as they pulled Ichika often out the shit she caused. Kanzashi was the opposite of her sister. Quiet, withdrawn, a bit of a shut-in, but maybe that was what he liked about here.

And like Ichika and Houki, she knew what it was to grow up in the shadow of someone.

In the end, he had to choose a girl. Living with Chifuyu wasn't really an option for the rest of his life. Ichika sighed as he looked up to the ceiling. That was maybe weird but that he found it weird to imagine a life without Chifuyu-nee. It seemed impossible. He couldn't think without her in his life.

Not because he felt any sort of attraction to her, sure, he was aware of her looks but he was just used to her. For him, was picking her underwear completely normal. And the reason why he couldn't just leave Chifuyu out his life, was because he wondered his sister could live without him.

In that part, there was a conflict. Somewhere, he didn't want to see Chifuyu with a boyfriend but on the other end, when he would leave his sister, he should leave her in the hands of someone he could trust and who she loved. Amused, he shook his head.

Why was he wondering about his sister's love life while he had his handful on those aggressive girls?

Ichika started now at the ceiling. How could he change his life? That was a good question. He didn't even know why he thought about it. He should talk with Mattheus about it.

Mattheus Adjzof, the only other male pilot. Ichika and Mattheus met on the first school day. The two were a bit shocked to see another male who could pilot the Infinite Stratos but they certainly didn't mind.

Ichika found a friend in the twenty-year-old male. Mattheus was a high school graduate and he had to come back. He had his own secrets but in the times the two spent, Ichika found him somewhat becoming the older brother/father/mentor figure he wondered where that guy was all his life. Ichika was the pillar that held those girls together.

And Mattheus was the one who kept him standing. Like Ichika, he had his own secrets. The biggest one was a twelve-year-old Irish Street Punk, Joel Pearce, who had built Mattheus Infinite Stratos. A foul-mouthed, rough but loyal boy who became the third boy in this school. In the second semester, he, Mattheus and Joel became even more tight knit.

The two had even given Ichika's birthday present, namely Hunter's Knife and a double barrel sawn off shotgun. Those were Ichika's sidearm besides Yukihira. Because of his relative inexperience with guns and his preference of close range fighting, the shotgun was really good. Ichika decided to sleep. Tomorrow, he had a day off and he thought about visiting Dan.

The other guy of the school or a young man, as he passed the twenty, was lying awake as well with thoughts in his head. After a rough session with Natasha Fairs, (the American Pilot that became his girlfriend and the girl that took his virginity) Mattheus had said girl sleeping on his right side, using his body as a pillow while having Joel at his right side.

Not that Mattheus had fucked Joel, he was hetero but after the two cuddled, they heard a soft knock with Joel having a nightmare and wanting his older brother to hold him, Mattheus had taken him in the bed. Natasha didn't complain as she agreed on the terms that Joel was his little brother and those things could happen.

In any case, it wasn't a sin that Joel joined them.

Not even a month ago, Joel was kidnapped by Phantom Task and Mattheus nearly died of the nerves. Knowing what he did all to piss them off, with the ISA and with his employers, there wasn't a very high chance he would see his punk ever again alive. The worst was that he couldn't even call his employers because the investigation was still running and Mattheus cover would have been blown up. So when he just heard a rumor where they could keep Joel, Mattheus raced to the building. Blowing everything apart, he killed with a certain ease he never had before to rescue his body. When Ichika and the girls caught up, Mattheus was already done and the girls have all seen the grittier parts of the war.

What really hurt to see was Mattheus who was crying his heart out while hugging Joel. Designer was unscathed or as good you could get that. Ever since that happened, Joel spent more nights at Mattheus room.

The Hunter looked to the ceiling. It hadn't been so long he lost Grushavey, Kravisko and everyone else from the Metal Claw. While Mattheus knew his life was in danger and a soldier deaths was always something that could happen, Mattheus wasn't really looking forward to that death.

After cleaning up the mess, Mattheus wasn't sure if he should become a Hacker. He had a feeling he could need but he found that would be overkill. He had an Infinite Stratos. If that wasn't enough to protect his friends, nothing would be. On the other hand, he had to serve longer in that case.

Kerlongsj Orlejov wasn't the worst type of boss, Mattheus wasn't looking forward being anyone's lapdog, the Flemish Devil would never treat his soldiers that way.

Which was the uncomfortable truth that he was a soldier. He much more preferred the term Hunter or conscription. He smiled when he felt the comfortable breath on his body.

Mattheus never bothered to think things over in the first place.

You live her and now. You can't change the past and what happened there. In all honesty, Mattheus couldn't care less. His ideas and morals were pretty simple. Do what has to be done. Of course, he never thought that killing people was simple and just or right.

But the young sleeper agent had little other options. Mattheus didn't become an agent of free choice but he just put up with it.

A smile got on his face. When he was a boy, he wasn't that much of a fan of secrets agents. The boys in his class were all fans of James Bond. It was too perfect at times, too well worked out. He was often teased by his gaming but Tom Clancy's Sam Fisher or The Division were a lot closer to the real thing.

He silently laughed back at those memories. He hoped to fall asleep.

Life ain't not a fairy tale but if you made the right choices, even a life like his, you could have a tale you could tell with somewhat a happy ending. Every life ends in a grave. What and how you live is up to you.

The thought that he could live a happier life wasn't his own ideas but those came from Kerlongsj. Power could protect others, it could hurt others but those who had power should try to make a better life.

Well, he rather is a Devil's Hunter than a woman's lap dog. Suddenly, a shock went through the school. Not a small one either. It wasn't an earthquake but more like a rough landing. Mattheus jolted awake, his companions awake as well.

"What the Devil?" Mattheus wondered aloud when he fell out his bed, after a rougher shock.

Mattheus looked over to Natasha and back to Joel. The woman nodded while Joel wiped his eyes. Despite the immature act, Joel was awake.

It didn't remain quiet. The voice of Chifuyu Orimura went over the place. "Alert. Currently, we are in a state of emergency. Students are expected to stay in their rooms. The pilots with a Personal Unit have to meet in the general office."

A collectively annoyed sigh came out.

You could never have a moments peace. Mattheus raced to the chair where his sweater laid on. Luckily, he just wore that for a few hours before going to sleep so it was rather clean. His muscles were still aching but not as much as before. Good thing Joel got the age he could dress and better that Joel had some extra clothes in the room due to the nightmares. Natasha had taken a white vest and blue short dress. The three left the room in a hurry.

Mattheus room was the furthest away from everyone so they weren't surprised they didn't meet anyone. The general room like it was called, was a nerve system in the school. Natasha took her seat and Mattheus nodded at everyone. Seemed they were the last ones.

"Okay, listen up." The girls plus the three boys turned to Chifuyu. "We have no idea what happened and right now, we're cut off the rest of the world. We can't contact anyone. But I'm afraid it's even worse. The shock wasn't an earthquake." Chifuyu halted.

"We don't know what exactly happened but we can be sure we're no longer in our world." Chifuyu's statement brought a shock in the group. Everyone took the silence in by listing at her.

"Orimura-sensei. Are you serious? If we're no longer on Earth, where the hell are we in that case?" The Brunhilde, half expected that question to come from Mattheus.

"We don't know Adjzof. Our systems can only tell us we're no longer on Earth. And in at this moment, we have bigger issues." They turned to a screen that showed four persons.

For some unknown reason, Ichika and Mattheus got a blush and eight girls had a little need to bludgeon them to death.

"And I always thought that the Infinite Stratos suits were skimpy." Joel scoffed while looking at those girls.

That's it for today. If I don't update this chapter now, I won't be able to do that today. It has been fun of writing this and I got tons of ideas worked out in my head in how I am going to stay this story. Like I said above, how fast I update will depend on you guys for a part. That's all I can say for now.

But I'll promise you that more is to come in the coming days.

One question I have. Should I give Ichika's Byakushiki the same ability as Eros? Namely overcharging the girls by performing lewd acts?

Well, if things don't turn out, I'll start writing the second chapter and update will come soon enough.