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(I Think I Like) What I Don't Know About You

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Thursday 7:45pm

June turned into July bringing with it a sweltering heatwave that left everyone limp and restless under the weight of the humidity. The Star Trek movies were finished; Hermann readily agreed that the odd numbers were markedly inferior, but had not developed the same perverse fondness for the singalong as Newt.

They sat in Newt's apartment at opposite ends of the couch, Newt in boxers and Hermann having been convinced to strip down to his undershirt; both were red and blotchy from the heat and the outstretched arms touching at the finger tips was the only skin contact either could stand. An air conditioner hung from the window doing little to cool the large space, and a fan slowly oscillated between them bringing brief respite on each slow pass.

"It's just going to get worse tomorrow," Newt said, wiping his forehead before the beads of sweat could accumulate enough to gather together and blind him. "We're running low on pretty much everything. I thought we'd be able to stretch it out until it cooled down a little, but since that coffee tour came through sales have picked up a lot. We pretty much have to start roasting those beans now or it's going to be my balls on the line. God knows what the humidity's doing to them even with the dehumidifiers running all the time."

"Sorry, I wasn't listening," Hermann said, head flopping to the side to look at Newt directly. "The humidity is doing what to your testicles?"

"Funny," Newt said, flicking Hermann's finger lethargically. "The temperature in my room's pretty much going to be set to fireball and the rest of the place is going to be hovering just around the sweaty rim of satan's asshole."

"Charming imagery." Hermann rolled his eyes.

"The point is, you probably shouldn't come around for the next couple of days." Newt rubbed his fingers against Hermann's, mouth twisted down at the side apologetically.

"We could, uh - if you're feeling up to it - go to my apartment. It has central air," Hermann said tentatively.

"Hermann, you bitch," Newt said, eyes widening as he sat up. "You've been holding out on me! Why aren't we there now?!"

"I... thought it would be taking you out of your comfort zone." Hermann blinked in confusion.

"Dude, ain't nobody comfortable in this zone. Let me pack a bag. I'll empty the dehumidifiers and we can go." Newt said as he jumped up from the couch.

"Are you sure?"

"It's a couple of blocks in a straight line, I'll be fine." Newt grinned as he walked down the hallway to his bedroom and grabbed a bag from the bottom of his closet.

He shoved a t-shirt and a pair of shorts in before heading to his drawer and throwing in a pair of boxers. He was about to turn the light off when he looked down the hall and saw Hermann putting his shirt back on, tilted his head to the side and grinned. Hurrying back, he opened the bedside drawer, grabbed a handful of condoms and the tube of lube and headed back out to the main area where Hermann was standing, setting his blazer over his attache case and looking over at him expectantly.

"We don't have to go if you don't want to. The lower temperature is really all my apartment has to offer." Hermann said, looking down at his hands twisting on the handle of his cane.

"Anything has got to be better than slowly stewing in our own fluids." Newt shrugged, grabbing his phone and headphones and shoving them in a side pocket. "I can bring a DVD or something if you want."

"I, uh, don't own a DVD player. Or a television." Hermann said regretting the decision to invite Newt over to see how empty his life really was.

"I'm sure we can find something to do," Newt said with a grin, bumping his shoulder lightly against Hermann's. "Come on, the sooner I empty the dehumidifiers, the sooner we can get to your ice palace." Newt did a once over around the apartment to make sure everything was off and then flicked on the lights in the stairwell and headed down.

Entering the back room, he went to the first dehumidifier and pulled out the quarter full bucket, dumping it in the sink in the laundry before moving onto the next. Hermann entered as he was emptying the third holding his blazer and attache in his hand.

"Nearly done, just got to get the last one," Newt said as he hurried over to get the last bucket and dump it out.

He set the reservoir back in place and shoved all the dehumidifiers as close to the high-stacked piles of jute bags sitting on pallets by the wall. Dusting his hands off, he headed back towards the cafe.

"Just gonna lock the doors, I'll meet you outside."

"I locked them as I came through," Hermann said, watching as Newt paused and tensed.

"I have to check them for myself. Because... I just do." Newt disappeared into the cafe and Hermann listened as he tested the doorknob, then took out his keys and unlocked, then relocked the door. He came back in and repeated the motions; sliding his keys in, locking the door, and then testing the handle. Heading to the exit, he flipped the switch to turn the lights off and locked the door, jiggling the handle before turning to Hermann.

"Okay, I'm good to go." Newt said, looking around at the long, dark shadows, tension still high in his shoulders.

Hermann looked over at Newt and offered his elbow.

"Dude, it is way too hot for that." Newt shook his head and started to walk down the street.

Hermann sighed and followed.

They walked in silence for the first block; Newt's shoulders tense and hunched, and Hermann walking as fast as his hip and the heat would allow. Newt drifted closer to him as people passed them and by the time they were crossing the street onto Hermann's block, he had latched on to Hermann's arm.

"Maybe it's not so hot," Newt said pretending to be blasé while side-eying a car idling at the lights.

"Of course," Hermann said with a small smile and began to angle Newt towards a nearby building. "This is it." As they came closer to the entrance, he raised his cane and pressed the automatic door button, both of them sighing as the chilly air hit them.

"Holy balls, this is magic," Newt said, letting go of Hermann's arm and stepping into the middle of the foyer to hold his arms out and turn his head upwards with an expression of pure bliss on his face.

"Indeed." Hermann watched Newt spin with an indulgent gaze and pressed the button for the elevator. "Come along, Newton," Hermann said as the elevator arrived, he pressed the button and held his cane up to keep the doors opened as Newt stopped turning and came to stand beside him.

"You were totally holding out on me," Newt said, wrapping an arm around Hermann's waist as the doors closed.

"I did not think that the heatwave would get quite so bad," Hermann said as the doors opened on the first floor and he stepped out, rummaging in his pocket for the keys.

"Did we just take the elevator to the second fl- Shit. Never mind. I'm an asshole." Newt cringed and shoved his hands into his pockets as he stood behind Hermann at his front door.

"If I don't have to take the stairs, I won't," Hermann said, trying not to let the defensiveness into his speech as he unlocked the door and stepped through, ushering Newt in as he hung his blazer and attache case from the coat stand.

"Yeah, sorry. I get that... Man, you must really hate my place," Newt said with a twist of his lips, looking up at Hermann apologetically.

Hermann reached up and stroked Newt's cheek with his thumb, angling his face towards him as he looked him in the eye. "There is no limit to the number of stairs I would traverse were you at the other end." Hermann leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Newt's lips.

"There's totally a sappy romantic hiding under all those stuffy, British layers." Newt grinned returning the kiss with fervour. "Want to give me a tour?" He asked as he pulled back.

"It's, er, rather short, I'm afraid," Hermann said, ducking his head in embarrassment as he lead Newt into the main area. "The first door is the bathroom, the second is the kitchen. The bedroom is over there and this is... everything else." He gestured around the space to the desk and computer in one corner, couch and coffee table in another and a table with a single chair by the wall near the entrance.

Newt looked around at the blank walls and inoffensively shaded furniture, dropped his bag by the bedroom door and sat on the arm of the couch. "It's very Fortress of Solitude. Very you."

"Quite," Hermann said with a bitter twist of his lips.

"I mean that in a good way, y'know? It's functional and there's no distractions. Like you." Newt shrugged as he looked around, eyes coming to rest on the stack of paper and envelopes on the table. "Are these- You kept my letters?" Newt slid down onto the couch, picking up the nearest one and skimming through it. "Is this all of them?"

"Most of them," Hermann said with a blush. He'd forgotten he'd left them out; hadn't expected that Newt would ever have had cause to find them. "Some were damaged or stolen by boys in my form at school."

"I dug yours out of storage the day you appeared at work. They're in a box in the office," Newt said as he put the letter down and stood up to wrap his arms around Hermann's waist and kiss him. "I need you to fuck me now, you secretly nostalgic, romantic sap."

"Damn and blast," Hermann said, frowning and looking down at Newt apologetically. "I, uh... I'm not exactly prepared for, er, visitors of a sexual nature," Hermann said, ducking his head.

"I guess it's lucky for you that I'm a visitor of a sexual nature who is one hundred percent prepared." Newt gave a lascivious wiggle of his eyebrows and tugged Hermann towards the bedroom door.

"Just one second," Hermann said, turning to the bathroom and opening the door.

"C'mon, it's been, like, a week since touching without our skin potentially fusing together has been an option. I want to rub my body all over your body and hopefully there'll be some of those embarrassing squishing noises that make you blush every time." Newt called after him.

"Your seduction technique is truly devastating," Hermann said blithely as he returned carrying a damp face cloth.

"Get your pants off and I'll devastate you with my tongue," Newt said with a leer as he peered around the bedroom, dropping his bag by the bed and shedding his tee and pants. He bent down and pulled out the lube and a handful of condoms and dumped them on the bed.

"Ambitious." Hermann raised an eyebrow as Newt sat on the end of the bed and tugged him to stand between his legs. Hermann leaned his cane against the wall, tossed the facecloth to the nearest bedside table, and let himself be moved.

"I'm game to try if you are," Newt said with a grin, waggling his eyebrows up at Hermann as he tugged Hermann's shirt and undershirt out of his trousers.

"Maybe another time." Hermann watched with a small smile as Newt began to unbutton his shirt, doing three buttons before becoming distracted and rucking up Hermann's undershirt to press his mouth to the tight skin of his stomach above his belt. Newt's hands slid further up Hermann's shirt, one settling between his shoulder blades, the other at the small of his back, fingers splayed to cover as much skin as possible as he pulled him slowly closer.

Hermann's hand settled onto the back of Newt's head, holding him lightly as he kissed his way from Hermann's belly button up to the curve of his ribcage. Realising that Newt wasn't about to stop any time soon, Hermann finished unbuttoning his shirt and slipped it off his arms, tossing it to land over a chair in the corner. He followed it with his vest and rested his hands on Newt's shoulders, gently pushing him away so he could work on his belt. Newt leaned down to untie his shoes, cupping his calf in warning and waiting until Hermann leaned against his shoulders before lifting each foot and tugging the shoe off. He let Newt undo his trousers and tug them down his legs with his underpants until he stepped out of them and Newt tossed them aside.

Newt dragged his eyes up Hermann's naked body and then back down, leaning forward to kiss his way down Hermann's hip and bury his face at the apex of Hermann's thighs beside his half-hard cock, inhaling deeply. "That is the best smell in the world," Newt mumbled into Hermann's skin.

"I'm sorry, what? Sweaty bollocks?" Hermann asked, pulling back as he looked down at Newt with his upper lip curled in a moue of distaste.

"A little bit of that, yeah," Newt looked up and wrapped his arms around Hermann's middle, resting his head on Hermann's stomach and nuzzling him with his nose. "Mostly it's just you. Especially when you're turned on. Y'know, they've done studies that show that people who smell good to each other are compatible."

"Is that so?" Hermann asked, running a hand over the side of Newt's head affectionately.

"Yeah, you smell so fucking good to me... means we're, like, super compatible. Or, well, you're super compatible with me. You haven't told me that I smell bad or anything, so I'm assuming we're not completely incompatible, but-" Newt cut himself off as Hermann unwrapped Newt's arms from his middle and gently pushed him back to lay on the bed, following with his body to drape himself over Newt.

"You smell..." Hermann leaned down to press his face to the juncture of Newt's neck and shoulder, tongue darting out to lick Newt's clavicle quickly before inhaling. He sighed as he made his way back, dragging his nose up his neck and across Newt's cheek. "Delectable.” He said into Newt's lips before kissing him tenderly, sucking Newt's lower lip as he gasped. He felt Newt begin to harden against him as he rocked his hips to the rhythm of their kisses, slow and deliberate.

"Holy fuck," Newt panted as he broke away for air. "Now you really have to fuck me, you silver-tongued sweet talker, you."

"Pass the lubricant," Hermann said, resting on his elbow and holding out a hand. Newt stretched backwards, arm flailing towards the lubricant and sweeping it and a few condoms towards him when he couldn't gain purchase. Grabbing the tube, he flicked open the cap and handed it to Hermann who squeezed out a generous dollop, slid slightly to the side, and trailed his finger's down Newt's arse to his entrance, fingers circling slowly. He looked at Newt and raised an eyebrow. "Ready?"

"Any time now. Any time at- Oh, yeah. Mmhmm, yeah." Newt nodded and closed his eyes, lips pressed tightly together as Hermann began to stretch him.

Hermann watched Newt's face as he moved from one finger to two, taking note of each gasp and sigh as he scissored his fingers and thrust slowly in and out. He paid attention to each squeeze of Newt's hands on his shoulder, and the way his body twitched when he twisted his fingers a certain way.

"Fuck, your fingers are the best," Newt moaned, stretching up to pull Hermann into a kiss before dropping back to arch into the sensation. "Like a- fuck, yeah, unh - like an octopus. All l-long and thin and, fuck, man, you get e-everywhere. Like fucking tentacles. Oh- hey, nonono, don't stop, don't stop."

Hermann's head dropped forward to Newt's chin as his fingers stopped moving.

"What? What is it? What?" Newt demanded, shifting his hips to try and get Hermann's fingers moving again.

"Sometimes," Hermann said, raising his head to look at Newt. "I don't know what I'm going to do with you."

"You could stick your dick in me," Newt said, wiggling his ass against Hermann's hand. "Just, y'know, a suggestion."

Hermann closed his eyes and shook his head, pulling his fingers out and wiping them on Newt's thigh - ignoring the indignant squawk. He picked up a condom and pulled back to sit on the edge of the bed. Quickly sliding it on before turning back, he adjusted his position so he'd be able to keep his bad hip locked and straight and get all the leverage he'd need from his good leg. Positioning himself, he looked up at Newt questioningly. Receiving a nod, he held himself steady as he pushed in and then rested his elbows on either side of Newt's body as Newt arched with a moan and wrapped his legs around Hermann's waist.

Hermann's hands slid under Newt's back, curling around his shoulders to pull himself up, deeper into Newt's body. He rested his forehead against Newt's chest as he breathed shallowly, feeling Newt twitching around him as he began to roll his hips. He kissed the nearest patch of skin, dragging his lips across the brightly coloured monsters emblazoned on Newt's flesh.

Newt's hands danced across Hermann's back, clenching and kneading as he met every thrust. One hand slid down, pressing against the curve of Hermann's back and urging him on. "Stay with me, Herm," Newt panted. "Want to see you."

Hermann raised his head, looking at Newt with dark, hooded eyes as he kissed along Newt's jaw and picked up the pace. He could feel Newt's cock trapped between their bodies, pressed his stomach down and rubbed against it to see Newt's eyes dip closed and a stream of uh yeah just like that fuck Hermann yes bubble forth.

Newt turned his head, capturing Hermann's lips sloppily and losing all his moans and sighs into the wet warmth of Hermann's mouth. His feet pressed against Hermann's ass, pulling him in deeper with every roll of his hips. He broke away from the kiss as he tried to rub himself off against Hermann's belly. "Please, I need more. Fuck, Hermann, more." He arched into Hermann's body, neck stretching tight and taut, a choked off moan spilling from his mouth as Hermann pushed harder.

Hermann kissed his way down Newt's neck, kissing and licking and sucking until he reached a spot just above Newt's clavicle and latched on. He sucked hard, resisting the urge to break away and moan as Newt clenched down tight around him, his hands coming up to hold Hermann's head steady. The extra tightness pulling him in as he moved more frantically and erratically and the pleasure that had been building at the base of his spine exploded outward suddenly, pleasure tightening everything and forcing out a gasp that had him hunching over Newt, dragging his lips away from his neck, as he spent himself in Newt's body.

"Hermann. Hermann, please. Touch me. Fuck. Touch me." Hermann heard as though from a distance as he panted into Newt's chest.

"Sorry. Sorry, I- Sorry. One... One moment," Hermann said breathlessly as he came back to himself, letting go of Newt's shoulder to send his pleasure-drunk hands down the sides of Newt's body. Clasping the end of the condom tightly, he pulled his softening cock out and slid down to kneel on his good leg as Newt protested the absence. He pushed two fingers into Newt, sliding in and out and crooking his fingers to stroke his sensitive interior. His other hand angled Newt's cock into his mouth, gripping tightly at the base as he set about sucking and pulling at a demanding pace.

"Fuck, yes, f-fuck. Herm- y-yes. Just a little- little more. Fuck." Newt babbled, feet pressing into Hermann's shoulders as he tightened his fingers into Hermann's hair and tried to rock into his mouth.

Hermann added a third finger, pushing and stroking as he listened to Newt falling apart above him.

"I'm close. So close. Fuck fuck fuck. God, yes, yes. Now now now".

Hermann pulled off and jerked him hard, watching as Newt arched and spurted over his stomach and chest, clenching down tightly on Hermann's fingers. He stroked him through it, pace slowing as Newt relaxed into the bed, his feet slipping off Hermann's shoulders to hang down his back.

Hermann let go of Newt's cock, hand falling to the side to curl around Newt's hip as he lowered himself to the floor and rested his head on Newt's thigh. He pulled his fingers out slowly, hearing Newt whimper above him at the extra sensation, and pressed a gentle kiss to the quivering muscles twitching under Hermann's cheek.

They stayed there, breathing into the silence until Newt took a deep breath and let his legs slide off Hermann's shoulders, moving to sit up.

"Don't ooze on the bedspread," Hermann murmured as he followed his pillow to the side.

"Your pillow talk's as stellar as my seduction technique," Newt said lazily, reaching down to pat Hermann's head awkwardly as he inched his way off the bed without sitting up.

"We're a matched set... Romantically maladjusted bookends," Hermann said as Newt lifted his head and slid off the bed to kneel beside him. He felt himself enveloped in Newt's arms, gentle lips pressing across his temple and eyelids and cheek before his mouth was taken in a soft, sweet kiss.

"We should get off the floor," Newt said, nuzzling Hermann's cheek, hand stroking up and down his side.

Hermann gave a noncommittal sigh, resting his head on Newt's shoulder. "Perhaps I wish to stay here."

"Perhaps we'll both cramp up and never leave," Newt said, bussing the crown of Hermann's head with his lips. "Do you want help getting up?"

"No, I can manage," Hermann said, tensing slightly as he pulled away from Newt. "Get yourself cleaned up." Hermann looked down as Newt's arms slipped from around his body. He glanced over as Newt sighed heavily and pushed himself to his feet. He watched with a confused frown as Newt walked away, feeling he was missing something.

"Fine, but I'm going to snuggle you so hard when you get in that bed it isn't even funny," Newt said as he grabbed the washcloth and started to wipe the come off his chest.

"I see no flaw in this plan." Hermann brushed his confusion aside and focussed on removing the condom and tying it off, tossing it in the wastebasket by the door.

"You want to, uh... before I..." Newt held out the washcloth to Hermann, gesturing to his backside with his spare hand.

Hermann took the cloth and wiped himself off, taking care to get the patches on his side and shoulder before passing it back. Rolling to the side, he balanced on his knee and placed his hands on the end of the bed to push himself up without jarring his leg. He made his way around the bed and pulled back the sheet, sliding in as Newt went to the door and threw the cloth towards the bathroom.

"Your hair looks amazing right now," Newt said, stopping by the edge of the bed to take in the sweat-slicked spikes and rough curls adorning Hermann's head on the pillow. "No! Don't touch it!" Newt jumped onto the bed to stop Hermann from smoothing it down. "I did that." Newt held onto Hermann's hands and leaned over to kiss him. "Messed up your pristine facade, revealed the debauched sex-god under it all. You look hot." Newt smirked at Hermann's blush. "I want a picture of this."

"Newt, no," Hermann said as Newt rolled to the side of the bed to rummage through his bag for his phone.

"Is that a serious no, or an embarrassed no?" Newt asked as he sat back up with his phone.


"Are you worried I'm going to show it to people? Because, trust me, I don't want anyone but me seeing this. I'd have to fight them off with a stick." Newt knelt beside Hermann with the phone in his hand. "How about I take the picture, and if you really don't like it, I'll delete it?"

Hermann frowned, twisting the bedsheets between his hands. "I don't know..."

"You can frown in the photo if you want. It makes you look totally punk rock." Newt grinned.

Hermann glared at Newt.

"Jesus!" Newt's eyes widened and he fumbled the phone up to frame the picture. "Don't move. That's perfect." Tapping the screen to focus on his cantankerous boyfriend, he quickly took the picture and flopped down beside Hermann to show him the screen.

"This..." Hermann took the phone off Newt and held it far enough away that he could focus on it properly. "This hardly looks like me at all."

"Maybe not the you in the streets," Newt said, leaning over to kiss Hermann's cheek. "But definitely the you in the sheets. And I get to see it every time we fuck."

Hermann rolled his eyes and handed the phone back. "I suppose you can keep it. If it makes you happy..."

"Oh, it really does. You have no idea." Newt grinned and locked the phone screen, leaning back to drop it on top of his bag.

"Get into bed, Newton," Hermann said with a shake of his head.

Newt pulled back the sheet and clambered in, scuttling to lie on his side and wrap an arm around Hermann, squeezing him tight. "We should never leave here," Newt said as he buried his face in Hermann's neck. "Just stay forever and cuddle in the AC."

"I knew you only liked me for my cold interior," Hermann teased, resting his head against Newt's as he relaxed into his warmth.

"I like your cold exterior a lot, too." Newt kissed Hermann's shoulder and looked up. "Seriously, though, I will blow you whenever you want until this heatwave is over in exchange for some of this glorious airconditioning. Any time."

"You're always welcome here, Newton," Hermann said, stroking Newt's jaw and tilting his chin up to kiss him softly. "You don't have to pleasure me for the privilege; it's already yours."

"Thank you, Hermann. I appreciate it," Newt said, ducking in for a quick kiss. "But what I meant was that I want to spend as much time here with your dick in my mouth as possible."

"You're terribly crass at times," Hermann said with a laugh. "But I cannot say that your arguments aren't compelling."

"What can I say? I have a way with words." Newt stopped and looked away shyly. "So, it's really, uh, it's okay if I come back tomorrow? I mean, the roasting and all is going to turn my place into a furnace and if you need your space that's cool, I don't have to come. I just-"

"Shh," Hermann hushed him and turned Newt's head so their eyes met. "You can come back tomorrow and the day after and the day after that."

"You know I'm going to have to leave, like, ridiculously early every day, right?" Newt said with a twist of his lips.

"That's fine. The door will lock when you pull it closed behind you." Hermann said reassuringly, kissing Newt's cheek and running a hand through his hair.

"You're sure?"

"One-hundred percent."

"Okay. Okay, cool." Newt kissed Hermann gently and lay his head back down. "Hermann?"

"Yes, Newton?" Hermann settled back down, closing his eyes as he lay his head against Newt's.

"You've got the title right now." Newt nuzzled into Hermann's chest pressing a kiss to his pectoral.

"Go to sleep, Newton," Hermann said, smiling into Newt's hair.