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Durin's Prince: Return to the Lonely Mountain

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“Two years after the end of our story, a request had been made to check back in on our favourite couple – Prince Fili and Lady (Y/n). Their hearts are now fully encompassed with love both for each other and for their son, Lóni.
“Allow me now to transport you away – it’s time to return to the Lonely Mountain.”
You woke with a start, displaced by your odd dream. The crying of your son brought you into focus. Glancing down, you noted grimly that your husband, the Crown Prince of Erebor, was completely unfazed.
“Lóni’s nursery was quiet except for his crying, and that halted the second he was you. One of these nights, you thought sullenly. Lóni jumped into your arms and clung to you until the two of you rejoined Fili in your bed. Instantly Lóni curled up to his golden father. Smiling sleepily, you settled back down, for the peacefulness of the night would now last.
The sun rose quickly and without warning, but the room was already noisier than it should have been. When your eyes adjusted, Fili was just lacing up his boots. It looked difficult, the way Lóni was sitting on his untied boot.
“Morning, early birds,” you yawned. Lóni’s face lit up.
“Mamma!” He bolted towards you, letting his dad help him onto the bed.
“Hello my little love,” you smiled. Fili leaned down and kissed you quickly.
“I hate to have to do this again, but I have my meeting with Thorin this morning.”
You sighed. “I know. When you’re done, come pick up Lóni. I’m going into Dale with your aunt for lunch.”
“Alright. Love you two,” Fili waved back at you before quietly shutting the door.
Lóni played quietly as you went through your morning routine. Breakfast, dress, corset, dress Lóni, and tidy up the rooms. You and Fili had given up your old rooms for ones with another bedroom for your son. After straightening everything, you made your way to Dis’ garden.
Setting down your son on an empty plot of soil, you made your way over to Dis.
“Good morning, Dis,” you called as the dwarf stood, wiping her hands on her skirt. She had already filled two baskets with fresh vegetables – potatoes, carrots, squashes, and the like.
“Good morning Lady (Y/n). And Lóni,” she smiled widely to see her great-nephew in her garden. He had been there more often than not with yours and Fili’s busy schedules.
“We have a bit of time before Fili comes to get Lóni. I thought I could help you bring everything to the kitchens.”
“I appreciate it, thank you. Take a basket and I’ll take the other and get Lóni.”
“Thank you.” You picked up the heavier of the baskets and made your way inside the mountain. Your walk was nice, everyone who passed you was kind and wishing you a good day with a smile. Dis caught up, balancing the other basket on her hip whilst holding Lóni’s hand with hers. The young Prince was behaving himself, stumbling along as best he could.
You smiled back at your son’s adorable stumbling walk. Dis held him up by his hand so his feet barely skimmed the ground but his giggles reached you easily.
“Have you been getting much sleep, hon?” Dis asked after bending down to scoop Lóni up. Lóni’s face broke into a large grin as he threw his short arms around Dis.
“Not much, no,” You said. “Fili hasn’t been either. Not until that little one climbs into bed with us.”
Dis smiled and nodded. “You know, Kili was the same way. Always wanted to be right beside me, touching me if he could.”
“Such a cutie.” You reached the kitchen and set down the basket in front of a young cook. The woman smiled and took the basket out of Dis’s hand before carrying them away.
“What you need is a night away with Fili. I’m sure between Kili and I we could take care of Lóni for a night,” Dis said. She put a hand on your shoulder. “It’s been over a year since little Lóni here came into the world. You deserve a break.”
You felt relief hit you and weight that you didn’t know was on your shoulders lifted. “Thank you, Dis. I can’t think anything more helpful than that. Even with how much I love you, little dwarf,” you said, taking Lóni and hugging him tightly.
“Wuv you, mama,” Lóni said. You could see Dis’s heart melt as she gave her grandson a loving smile.
“I love you too, little one,” Fili said, planting a kiss on Lóni from behind your back.
You spun around, smiling at your husband. “Good of you to join us. Did you overhear what Dis has offered to do for us?”
Fili raised his eyebrows. “No. What would that be?”
“To take care of our little one while we have some time to ourselves,” you smiled seductively before planting Lóni in his arms.
“Thank you, mother, that’s very kind of you. We haven’t had time alone together for a long time,” Fili winked at you, causing a flush to rise in your cheeks. As unfamiliar as the feeling was, it excited you.
The entire day shopping with Dis was fraught with thoughts of the coming night. Fili seemed to read your mind, and you knew that it had been far too long since Fili had touched you.