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Simple Silhouette

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"Hey hey hey—are you going to the Halloween party tonight at the Theta house?????" Namjoon comes running into the dining hall where his other 6 friends are at, slamming his hands on the table.

"Theta what?" Yoongi is first to respond. “But no.”

"WHY??!!?!??! JUST COME!"

"I don't even dress up."

Everyone looks at him and Yoongi rolls his eyes, "Don't even think about it!"

"Whatever how about you Jimin? Jin hyung? TAEHYUNG? COME ON I KNOW YOU GUYS LOVE HALLOWEEN. "

"Why are you so enthusiastic to go to this one specific frat party?" Jin asks out of curiosity. Namjoon isn't Greek -- well not officially anyway, but a lot of his friends are. His boyfriend, Kim Seokjin, has some reserved thoughts towards Greek life, but he tries to not look at it too negatively, although his response is quite clear on his opinion here.


"Okay I'll go, just shut up," Yoongi interrupts.

"If you noticed, Yoongi hyung answered after you mentioned drinks hehehe," Jimin grins. "So hyung..."

Jimin leans closer to Yoongi, nudging him in the waist, "You gonna dress you know what???"

"I said don't fucking even think about it!" Yoongi scowls.

"Aww but you look so good in it—your legs are like made for skirts and also the silky wig—"

"Jimin please keep it in your pants," a majority says, rolling their eyes and shaking their heads .

Jimin simply shrugs and giggles, “I just like Yoonji noona a lot.”

Yoongi blushes but he doesn't know if he should be ashamed or flattered that Jimin is so interested in him and that...costume.

"I'm still not wearing it. I'll just go as Agust D."

"Okay you definitely can't go as your underground rapper persona. No one even knows who he is."

"Its a work in progress okay!" Yoongi exasperates. "Ugh I'm going to class."

"Well I'll just message you all the details soon. You all better come party!!!!!" Namjoon almost seems to skip off happily.

The rest of the gang separates as well and it only leaves Jimin and him.

"You know....there's one more costume that's even easier. "

Yoongi raised his eyebrows, "Really now?"

Jimins cheeks are rosy and he's nervous because he keeps glancing at his fingers.

"Say it. I won't judge."

"I mean... Like..." Jimin makes a choked chuckle. Yoongi simply waits patiently while his chest is running a hundred against his ribcage.

“We should be a couple! For Halloween!” Jimin shouts, but then covers his mouth immediately and glances around to see if there was anyone around.

Yoongi's only response is, "Ah. I see."

"Yeah sorry...that was bad."

"I said I wouldn't judge," Yoongi says.

"Yeah but like..."

Yoongi reaches out and grabs one of Jimin's hands, intertwining their fingers loosely. Jimin is caught completely off guard, wanting to say something but everything gets stuck in his throat and the gaps of their fingers together.

Yoongi just stares off into the distance, acting cool even though the tips of his cheek and ears are very obviously reddened. "I like it."


“Anything is better than that Yoonji shit anyway.”

- - - - - - - -