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The Coffee Shop Heist

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Steve Rogers shut his office door carefully. As if on cue the, REM’s “Closing time” drifted out of the speakers of the coffee shop. It was a nightly ritual to him, cashing out for the day and putting the money into the safe in his office. The staff were gone for the night, so it was just him tucked away in the closed store. This was his favorite time of the night, were he could still smell the lingering rich scent of crushed coffee grounds as he listened to a great classic. He kept the lights low, working under the muted glow of a lamp.

Never mind what Bucky said about his taste in music, Steve just rolled his eyes and kept listening to REM.

The money bag was full, a good day for Stark Coffee House.

He put the bag of money down on his desk and sat down. His feet ached after a day of running around managing the store but he loved his job and the health care plan was a gift for a kid from Brooklyn with asthma issues.

Steve closed his eyes and tucked his hands behind his head, as he leaned back in his chair. This was a good kind of tired but he couldn’t wait to get to the apartment that he shared with his friend Sam Wilson. They were planning on Chinese for dinner.

“Can you pass over the money bag please?” A feminine voice suddenly broke his calm. “Let’s make this easy and I won’t have to hurt you.”

Steve’s eyes snapped open and he shoved his chair away from his desk. His feet scrambled for purchase.

He could only stare in shock at the woman who was apparently robbing him. She held a gun in her hand, a hand that was wobbling wildly as if she was nervous. His mouth opened as he took in the tumbling chocolate curls that fell over her shoulders and her blue eyes that held fire in them.

He swallowed thickly and held his hands up in surrender. “You don’t have to do this. Crime is not the answer, miss.”

“You don’t know anything, mister bigshot coffee guy. You with your fancy skinny jeans and suspenders that probably cost a month’s rent.” She snarled as she waved the gun to indicate his clothes and he had to resist the urge to grab her weapon.

“You’re right,” he offered in a soft tone. “But there must be a better way for you to get the money you need.”

She lowered her hand, looking almost defeated. She stared at him, her eyes flicking to his name tag. “There is no other way, Steve. If only we could have found a way, don’t think we didn’t try and we have some of the brightest minds the world will ever see in our group. We’ve sold everything that we all had, we begged for help.” Her jaw tightened. “We went to Tony Stark for help but he didn’t even want to see us. We need this money more than you will ever know.”

“What’s it for?” he asked. He couldn’t help but feel for this girl who looked so lost. The street light from outside fell over her, casting shadows across her face.

She smiled sadly, “I’m trying to save my best friends life. Don’t you have someone like that Steve? Someone who you’ll burn the world down to save?”

He thought of Bucky, back from the war. Poor damaged Bucky. “I’d go to the end of the line for my friend.” He offered grimly.

She nodded, “That’s good for them.”

The door to his office was slammed against the wall, making them both jump.

“Time to go, D.” A striking redhead spoke to the woman who was holding him at gunpoint. “We cleared out the muffin section.”

“Jane does love her baked goods,” the brunette said. She kept the gun trained on him as the redhead snatched the money bag.

“Time to go, or did you make a friend?” the newcomer asked glancing between them. Her green eyes held a spark of undeniable mischief. “Don’t get involved with the mark, D.”

The brunette sighed and walked backwards, gun still trained on him. “Gotta go, Steve. Thanks for not trying to fight me. I would’ve hated having to actually shoot you. You’re too pretty to die young.”

“Leave the shooting to me,” the redhead smirked as she made her way into the hallway with the stolen money.

Steve watched them leave, watched this angry avenging angel leave his office. “You’re far too breathtaking to die young.” The words slipped from his lips before he could stop himself but the rising blush that dusted her cheeks warmed his heart.

“Gosh, Steve you’re gonna make me fall for you.” The words were a whisper in the wind and then she was gone.

He stood there, lowering his hands to reach for the phone in his back pocket. “Sam, I think I was just robbed. I think I liked it though.” He frowned, he'd never claimed to be normal and Sam knew that.

The answering choking sound brought him back to reality a little.