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Once in this Lifetime

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Conquest! Lost and what’s to be Found – Chapter 2

                I felt a nudge… another one… and another. Meowing and “Shi” is all I hear. Why is it breezy inside? Did I leave my window open?

                I opened my eyes to see the open world. Wait… this isn’t my cottage. “Wha…” is all I could utter as I saw a river side, water gleaming by the moonlight and the water is clear and clean as it can possibly be. With a blanket beside me, a water bottle and a bag that looked very familiar. There are three compartments at the front and two at the side. And when I looked around, I see trees and sleeping bug and flying types.

                “Why am I here? Oh, Ligan…” I noticed the Shinx in front of me, smiling and looking at me with those big yellow eyes. Then I gave him a few pats on the head, looking around if I can find out where am I. Then the electric type suddenly perked his head up and looked at the left, it seems Ligan heard something from that direction. I inquired what did my Pokemon hear and he replied with a “Shi”.

                He started walking and I began following him after I packed up those things, blanket and all in the strangely convenient bag. The forest trek is quite nice. It is peaceful, the air is cool and fresh, the sound of Kricketune and Kricketot in the air as we both headed towards the left. As we went further, we can hear some pianos. Quickly, I picked up my partner pokemon and ran towards the source of the sound. When we finally got through the thicket of the forest, we both saw…

                “Wow… we are far away from home…” the town of Onaip. The houses are simple; however the sound of pianos doesn’t escape my ears as we entered the music filled place. The town is in the south east corner of Aulp. It is known to be a peaceful town and the residence of the region’s… “Professor!” I yelled and called out the professor in the typical white coat but she wears a pair of bright blue glasses that looked futuristic, long pink hair and a pale complexion came to me with a bright smile.

                “Heya little guy! Why are you here alone in Onaip, Gon?” the professor asked me with her gentle voice and as quick and clear as possible, I explained the events and how I came here without my notice. “Oh… I see…” the Professor looked at me with curious eyes as she saw Ligan. “Hello little guy.” She patted my Shinx and the Pokemon began to purr in delight as she giggles softly.

                “He is a strong one that one.” She boops the cat and Ligan meowed gladly as she stood up and reached out her hand to me. “Come along now… Let’s go to my house.” She offered and I took her hand. “Alright.” I replied as we both walked towards her lab/house, filled with machines and other gadgets that reads out “Synch” and other words I barely understand. Looking through the lab window, I can see loads of Pokemon… And I lost it the moment I saw a Mega Charizard X.

                “Is that a MEGA?!” I squealed and shrieked uncontrollably. Who wouldn’t? Seeing those types of Pokemon just on TV nearby? I saw lots of documentaries of megas and it is said that Mega Charizard is the rival of Mega Lucario. It’s as if they are in an eternal dance of who is better. I can’t even believe that the professor has megas too. But then I saw someone… A Lucario…

                “Hey Prof. who is…” and she looked at the Lucario coldly. “Nobody… He is nothing…” and I looked at the Lucario. His eyes look empty, despaired and… alone. The Lucario then looked at me with a small smile slowly forming on his face. My heart felt like it is about to drop at how touched I am, as if he knows me from one look. He came to me slowly, wary of the professor and hugged me and Ligan quickly. And I looked at the professor and she wore a sour look on her face and slammed the door to the lab.

                “Lu…Lucario” the pokemon called to me and I nodded as he looks at the door to the labs, his presence alone is reassuring and calming. Ligan looks at the Lucario and he looked like he admires and sort of envies the Lucario before him. “Lucar-Car!” I heard but… somehow I have the meaning of what Lucario was saying and the Shinx nodded and instead of admiration and envy, it became inspiration and vigor. I chuckled and we said our goodbyes to the Lucario.

Lucario POV

                ‘His aura… It’s so warm… So bright and full of wonder.’ I mentally wondered on as I walked back to the small stall I reside. It is a small and has a few things, a bed, and a picture frame of me and my trainer. He has blue eyes and hair, his tan skin and wide smile made me remember the times he cared for me as a Riolu.

                ‘…sorry if I can’t save you… Takino.’ I sighed but however that boy… Gon was it? He reminds me of him. And I remember what Takino told me… “If I pass away, go and find someone worthy…” I searched the underside of my pillow to find the worn out Pokeball, it is cracked on the side and the button wiggles a bit. Damaged but still functional, and I looked out the window to see the two humans in the lab having a good time.

                “Takino… Did you really mean that?” I whispered to myself as my tears slowly flowed from my eyes, sniffling and staring at the ball in my paw. The very ball that held me and the one that made me his… his friend and lifelong companion, the one who solemnly swore to protect at all costs… But I didn’t…

                “He’d always give me chocolate… even if he knows that I’d probably get fat…” I started talking to myself again, as I have for the longest time. 5 years I have always done this to myself, inside this town in my lonesomeness. However I wanted to travel again, I want to belong for once… I want to seek what I have yearned for all this time.

                “Hey… ummm Azure?” I heard a small and very familiar voice. Looking down I see the Shinx. “Hello Ligan! Why are you here? Isn’t your trainer inside?” I asked and the Shinx nods but he rubs himself against me and purrs. “I want to comfort you.” He answered and his aura is azure… just like my name. Meaning good willed and strong, I felt my lips curl to a smile again and lifted Ligan with my two paws. Cautious about my chest spike, I snuggled the kitty and he purrs in reply.

                “Oh… ummm I’m sorry…” I slowly let him go. Ligan asked what was wrong and I replied that I was a bit too touchy for my own good, seeing we just met but Ligan smiled again and leapt up to my lap. “It’s alright. We are friends aren’t we?” and my heart just ached. Strangely enough it is also wonderful, as if I am dreaming.


                “Why not? You are nice… but you were sad. Why?” and I pet him and picked him up as we head to the door of the lab. “Something I regret a long time ago is still not sitting well with me.” I replied and he looked at me curiously. “What do you mean?” asked Ligan with concern. His aura became a deeper blue, and it is comforting to see a young one be so sensitive and caring. And he is quite innocent as well and I intend to keep it that way, not wanting to learn those things too early.

                “You will know when you get older. You may not understand it now. OK?” I asked and opened the door. “OK Azure… But I hope you feel better soon.” And the professor wore a sour look and told me to put the Shinx down. I did gently and with my telepathy, I assured him that I will be better soon. The kitten looked at me with amusement and gave him one more message.

                “This is telepathy. Something Lucarios and special kinds of pokemon and people can do. Who knows maybe you two can do it too.” I closed the door and stared at the moon. “The moon is beautiful tonight.” I murmured to myself

                The moon is full, glowing and strangely enough… is it me or was the moon always been blue. I leapt up to the roof of the lab and saw people and Pokemon everywhere, laughing and bonding together. “You know… I always have been sad about those kinds of things.” Once again talking to myself, and now… I feel hopeful. My chest felt heavy but I feel as if I have found something I can only have.

                Going down, I look at the two inside through the window and raised my ears to attempt to hear what they are conversing.

Normal POV

                The trio is in the experimentation room. Walking and wondering around the halls as the professor shares her findings about megas, bonds and the mythical “Bond Phenomenon” which has been a myth until a year ago when some trainer and his Greninja was able to achieve it.

                “So I therefore conclude that if a Pokemon and their trainer are very much compatible, we could easily be able to give them extraordinary power! Isn’t that wonderful!?” the professor concluded her findings and the two nodded. “However…” she looks at Gon with a grin and a shine in her eyes. “You have something that has eluded me forever… now… I CAN HAVE IT!” she threw out her coat but…

                “What!?” Gon yelled in surprise as the woman before him is not the professor. But rather a female with white clothing, a black blazer and blue wristbands that have some sort of wavy patterns on them. On each is a crystal of blue and black.

                “I am Melisya.” The woman bows as if she is in a show, wearing a greedy grin and her eyes sparkled. “I want to have this… power… Your necklace.” She points at Gon and the boy clutches it, asking why she would want the necklace. “Oh it’s not the necklace darling. It is those crystals; they are supposed to be mine! Give them to me or face me in a Pokemo-“ and quickly a Lucario crashed in front of Gon with a protective and threatening look. “Cario!”

                “Oh what’s that? Touch him and I will make you sorry?” she grins and throws a pair of pokeballs to the ground and then the balls released a Wartortle and a Bisharp. “Shut up. THEY ARE MEANT TO BE MINE, PUP!” And Gon nods at the Shinx who wore a determined look stepped forward.

                “Where is the Professor!?” Asked Gon and she smiled. “Hehe I wouldn’t know. Just here for the CRYSTALS!” she pointed her hand at both the Shinx and Lucario. With her command, her pokemon ran towards the duo.

                “Umm… Ummm…” Gon is panicking but then he heard a voice. “Gon! GIVE US A MOVE!” Gon is pressured but he took a deep breath and with a look of resolve, he faced the threat. “Ligan, Tackle! Lucario, Aura Sphere!” commanded the boy and quickly the two blue Pokemon replied to their commands. Ligan quickly charged at the Wartortle aggressively and the Bisharp simply hits the electric type with a backhand.

                “Shi‼” the Shinx flew far but before he hits the wall, Azure caught him with one arm and the Lucario threw the spherical ball of energy at the Bisharp and quickly the dark type covered its face quickly but then it was too late as the Bisharp took the hit and reels back. “Sick ‘em nitwits!” yelled out the trainer in front of Gon and his friends. “NITWIT THIS!” yelled out the canine, of course the humans just heard his species name out loud but then the Lucario lunged towards his opponents and started pummeling them all together.

                “Close Combat!?” Gon in surprise as the fighting type began continuously barraging his opponent with his fists that are glowing and his swiftness frightening. “Gah!” the two ‘mons who got caught in the attack eventually fell in front of the trainer. “Get up!” yelled out Melisya as the Wartortle and Bisharp attempted to recover.

                “We’re not done yet! Ligan! Go!” commanded Gon and the electric type began sparking bolts as he ran towards his opponents. “Spark!” the Lucario in surprise as he saw the electric tackle being performed by the young Shinx. With a charge of confidence, the Shinx finally made contact with the three and shocked them; making Melisya and her Pokemon glow yellow as they are being shocked by the attack.

                “Dzzzzz! This is… Not OVER!” yelled Melisya and after a while, they eventually stopped moving and fainted.

                “Ligan! You did it!” Ligan’s trainer quickly gave him a hug as he looks at Melisya. “Let’s… go?” Gon looked around to see the Lucario missing. And strangely enough there is a murmur nearby, quickly with paranoia. Fled the scene with his Shinx, and as he continued running. He found the Train Transit, and as fast as his legs could carry. He went to the next train to Route 1.

                The train the duo took was huge. The main engine is black from all the years of handling coal, the wheels are huge and the cabins are very warm and inviting. Huge windows are on each side as people and ‘mons alike are looking at the outside world. The train whistles after a short while and a conductor with a beard and a blue uniform fit for one of those old conductors you see in the movies yelled out “All Aboard!” in his deep voice and observant demeanor.

                “Shoot! Come on!” The duo quickly ran for the open door and got in, being welcomed by the conductor from outside with a smile. “Well… Well… A Shinx.” The old man eyed the small Pokemon as Gon picked him up. “Come with me, people just don’t go around showing precious Pokemon.” The conductor motioned them to follow him.

                “Why should you know that?” Asked Gon as he clutches the Shinx and with a laugh the old man looks at the child with confident eyes. “I know that people are after things, I suggest you should take my advice and follow me. I know that you recently ran from Onaip Town. And your Shinx is shakin’ like a leaf!” then with that reply. Gon and Ligan knew that it’s either rising to run into more bad people or trust him.

                “Where to?” asked the boy. “First class!” the man lead the duo into the front carts and called the two out as he points the crazy roasted lady running towards them. “Friend o’ yours?” The man chuckles as the woman shrieked. “Come back here thief!” the woman yelled out and quickly like the man somehow predicted the notion quickly covered the young one’s ears and Gon did the same to Ligan.

                “Come back here you mother fucking son of a bitch! COME BACK HERE NOW!” yelled out the woman as she ran towards the direction of the train’s destination. Her Pokemon sweating as they follow their trainer who is spewing curses in public.

                “The old man is weird…” the Shinx thought as the man laughed nonstop and is now only reduced to a wheezing pile. “Hah… hehe well here is.” Then the conductor opens the door. “First class!” yelled out the man as he showed a cart full of fancy lighting and people on clothing meant for rich people.

                “Wait! Isn’t that the person that got a Pokemon from Raiz?!” yelled out a girl from the other side, cladded in a white and gold dress. Then murmurs start to rise and one man walked up and asked the trainer. “How much is for your Shinx?” and the conductor groaned and ahems.

                “Wha-” then the man asked again, but…

“How much is yo- HEY!” the conductor lifted the man and opened the door to reveal a bridge and below it is a river. “Heave! HO!” the man was tossed overboard. Yelling out help as the man quickly went to the water. A splash can be heard a few seconds later.

                “Any offers to this kid will BE TOSSED OVERBOARD! UNDERSTOOD!?” and everyone quickly went back to what they were doing and the man turned back to meet a confused look from the boy. “Why did you throw him overboard?” and the conductor chuckles and combed his beard.

                “No worries. Come along now, let’s head to your cabin.” Then quickly he led the trainer to a small cabin behind the main engine. It is fit for any trainer and his Pokemon on medium sizes such as Pangoros and quite possibly a Machamp.

                “What is this for?” asked the child as the room is blue and filled with the four star pattern.

                “Been conducting trains for a long time… this however is an odd addition, seems to be a room fit for Pokemon and trainer… If I recalled correctly…” the conductor pressed a button and quickly the roof buzzes and then begins to open revealing the starry night from above.

                “Wow…” the three are amazed at what happened, a sky roof as well. Eyes and jaws agape as the sky so littered with starlight, the air so fresh from all the trees, rivers and forests they passed through to the flying type Pokemon from Swanna to Pidgey and Swellows going towards the east.

                “Spring… is really here huh? The season of beginnings.” The conductor bows to Gon. “I’m glad to serve you. And I wish you luck, now then…” with a grin from the conductor, he pulled out a phone. “Are you hungry? Heard that who stay in this booth and opened the sky roof gets everything free.”