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In the Shadows of Lian Yu

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In the Shadows of Lian Yu

Oliver had always heard that just before you die your life flashes before your eyes. It’s strange that after all he has been through this past year or so that this is the first time it has happened. Only the feeling of cold metal that smelled of gun fire pressed into his back does he see everything he remembers doing. Maybe, it is not so surprising. Oliver had many people to save his worthless hide. His father, Yao Fe, Slade, Shado, and Sara all pulled his ass out of the fire and what has he done? He got the man he loves killed, Slade Wilson and damned his friends.

Now the only two other people who are his friends, the two he promised to himself and Slade silently to protect were going to die because of him. Sara, the kind and tough omega he knew and cared for, and Shado, his teacher, his friend, the alpha that Slade loved. Oliver knew that he owed it to the grumpy alpha to protect her. It was at this moment he truly understood what he was. A toxic, pathetic, and weak omega just like his father and mother drilled into his head, soul, and body. Maybe, just maybe, he could save Shado and Sara. Then at least he could die knowing he did one good thing.

“Wait! You don’t want to kill them!” Oliver exclaimed as he got off his knees and ran up to Ivo. There were sounds of safeties turning off as the mercenaries all pointed their guns at Oliver. Ivo motioned to them to stand down. After all there is not much a wounded and outnumbered omega can do.

“Why not? Someone is going to die Oliver. You sealed one of their deaths due to your stupidity.” Ivo cocked the gun at Oliver. The sound thundered in the forest. Sounding far louder in the solemn moment.

“I am the one you are mad at. Not them. Sara only betrayed because of me. Once I’m gone she won’t betray you again, she would have no reason to. And you would be lucky to have Shado working for you. She is smart, strong, and resourceful. If it wasn’t for her we would never have found the sub, you never would have found it. The only person who could stand in your way is dead.” Oliver stated as he slid down to his knees in front of Ivo.

“True, you do make an excellent point. Then what about you Oliver? You have yet to say anything to save your sorry hide.”

“Me? Why would I try to save myself. I’m the one who has caused this mess. I am just an omega who has already ruin everything for you. So kill me and not them. We all know that I am the one you want dead.” Oliver pleaded with the man
He tried to ignore the soft cries coming from his friends. He always thought about himself before others. He had hurt so many people before he washed up on Lian Yu. He looked
Up at Ivo for a brief second and then back to the forest floor. He heard the crunching of the leaves as the man walked behind Oliver.

“Deal. Any last words?”

Oliver closed his eyes. “Looks like there is a fighter in you after all Oliver Queen.” It seems Slade was wrong. The gun pressed up the back of his head. I’m sorry Slade. Oliver took a deep breath and said the only thing that Shado would understand and hopefully do.

“Shengcun.” Then Oliver knew no more.