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Heavenly Lights

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Dressed in her dark blue two piece swimsuit, Misty gently floated in the waters surrounding the Seafoam Islands, her aching muscles soothed by the cold water. These islands were the orange haired Cerulean City Gym Leader’s favourite training spot, as they offered not only an abundance of Pokémon to battle against, but also waters deep and wide enough that she could push her body to its limits. While it had taken her some time to get used to the challenges presented by the cold waters and the strong Pokémon of the islands, it had proven invaluable in strengthening both herself and her Pokémon.

Tired from a hard day’s training, the teenaged Water Specialist was content to watch her Pokémon enjoying the freedom that the open waters offered them, her smile reflected in her green eyes. They had also given their all today, so she was happy that they were enjoying themselves.

As they skies darkened overhead, the last few rays of sunlight reflected brilliantly off of the frozen landscapes of the islands. The caves deep beneath these islands served as the home of Articuno, the Legendary Bird of Ice and accordingly the islands had been changed by it to suit its needs. She hoped that one day she would be able to face Articuno in battle, but for now she stayed well clear of its cave.

As the skies filled with stars, the water became even colder. Misty knew that it wasn’t wise to stay in the waters for too long after dark, but she was waiting for a special event, something about these islands that made her like them so much. Focusing her gaze on the water close to the shore, she felt a familiar flush of excitement come over her as she waited.

Soon the water’s surface broke as a Starmie’s purple limbs slowly rose out of the ocean. As it ascended into the air, its purple core jewel and the rest of its limbs were revealed. With water dripping off of its body, the Pokémon hovered a few metres above the water’s surface. Swiftly following it, more Starmies ascended out of the water and started to circle around the first one. More and more broke through the water’s surface, joined now by numerous brown limbed Staryus. Eventually the entire indigenous colony of these islands were floating in the air, moving around to form mini constellations of their own, their core jewels shining as if reflecting the stars in the heaven above.

As always, Misty’s Pokémon moved closer, joining her in floating behind the colony. Her Staryu and Starmie, having been accepted as part of the colony after a few battles, joined the colony in their mid-air dance. Even as Misty started shivering, she waited with baited breath as she looked up into the sky. She was rewarded as each mini constellation, one at a time, used their central gems to fire a blast of a different colour into the sky, forming symbols in the heavens that reflected the formations below. After every member of the colony had added its part to the message, the mini constellations reformed, allowing the beams of light to form different symbols, forming a different message.

Professor Oak had told Misty that he suspected that the messages were meant for outer space, as they were accompanied by powerful electro-magnetic waves. She wasn’t sure how accurate his theory was, as the only replies she had ever seen were similar messages far on the horizon, which were from other colonies. In any case, whatever the reason for the messages may have been, she enjoyed these festivals of light immensely.

Knowing that the colony would be busy for most of the evening, she decided to leave the water and watch the rest of the spectacle from the shore. Suddenly something caught her eye, high up in the sky. Looking up, she gasped as she saw a flashing light weaving around and changing colours with each flash as it seemingly create similar symbols to those contained in the colony’s messages.

The colony in front of her was visibly excited, the Pokémon changing formations rapidly as they sent message after message. Up in the sky, the messages seemed to become more desperate, the symbols almost bleeding into each other due to the haste in which they were being formed. Misty shivered, not from the cold this time, but from the knowledge that something unique was occurring, something special.

But just like that, the messages in the sky stopped. After a few moments, the colony calmed down, slowing their pace. They still beamed their symbols into the sky, but no longer in reply to something. With the tension gone, Misty realised acutely how cold the water had gotten. Shivering fiercely, she made for the shore and her blankets.

Her Staryu and Starmie were still transmitting with the rest of the colony, so she decided to leave them for now. In the morning, she would see if she could learn anything from them and then she would contact Professor Oak. He would be very surprised that something had seemingly communicated from high up in the sky.