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All I Wanna Do

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All I Wanna Do...


Chapter One


Rina drove slowly and annoyed through the worst torrential downpour she'd ever witnessed. Every couple of seconds lighting flashed in the sky, illuminating her blurry way through the night. It was always accompanied by a horrible thunderclap that rattled her teeth and made her jump about 3 feet in the air in her driver's seat.


She cursed the rain for the hundredth time, and also for the hundredth time wished that her windshield wipers could do more than squeak at her in protest of their high speed all the while only giving her only about 3 seconds worth of visionary assistance. Fortunately, she knew this road so well she could drive it blind folded, (which, she mused, was being proven at that very moment). She slid to a halt at a stop sign, and took a moment to release the tension in her shoulders, arms and legs that had crept upon her on her journey home.


"There's no way I can make it home in this..." she mumbled to herself pushing a lock of royal purple hair out of her eyes that were just a slight shade lighter. She had just recently dyed her long black hair this color. She hated that she worked so far from home, but she needed the money so until she found something better she had to keep doing so... as she had been for a year. The most drastic thing she'd done WAS dye her hair. She didn't know why she had given into the incredible temptation to do so. But strangely the hair color suited her for some unfathomable reason.


Other than that it had been another inconsequential, lonely year. She brought her hand to her forehead, leaning on it in hopelessness. Resting her elbow on her window's ledge keeping her hand to her head, she looked down past the steering wheel to her hands. It didn't matter is she didn't go home this night there was no one there to greet her... not even a cat. No one to miss her is she DID stay away. /God, I hate being alone.../ She shut her eyes and let out a heavy, resigned sigh. /What does it matter thinking about it anyway? It's not like I can do anything about it. I don't know any men, except those I've known all my life. All the ones worth having are either married off or related to me./ She didn't know why this suddenly started bothering a great deal as of late, but it did. Immensely. I t was with this sad revelry that she looked up finally realizing that she'd been sitting at this stop sign for over five minutes. Fortunately, hardly any cars were out at this time of the night and nothing was behind her. She checked both ways then proceeded forward in the same crawl she was forced to adapt before.


She continued on down the road a piece when her headlights flashed upon the back of a person walking down the road. The shoulders were held high and the head downcast the better to weather the storm's fury. Finally, he stopped at a corner and seemed to just have either given up on his hike or to just plain wait for something or someone.


Rina crinkled her nose up in both disgust and disbelief. "Is this guy nuts?", she muttered to herself, then eyed the person a little more- trying to make out the person's entire plight through rain impaired vision. He had long dark hair that came to his waist. He was tall and from what she could see well-built. But for walking in a thunderstorm he was ill suited. He had no umbrella, or even a coat on.


A prick of sympathy caught in her gut and with a shake of her head, when she came upon him, pulled up along side the curb. She rolled down her window and yelled out, "Hey! Need a ride?"


The man walked up to the car and bent down to peer inside. Rina's breath caught in her throat at the sight of him. He was even in the dim light the most gorgeous man she'd ever set eyes on.


"I'm sorry, what did you say?" he yelled inside with a deep rumbling voice.


"Need. ?" she yelled back enunciating each word. "Oh..."He looked around him then reached for the door handle, then stopped with a frown. "Are you sure it's okay?" he asked loudly trying to be heard over the thunder and rain.


Rina rolled her eyes. "Yes! Yes! Now hurry up or it'll be so wet in HERE that you might as well stay out there!"


He let out a bark of laughter. "Thank you so very much." he said gratefully with a smile as he opened the door and speedily got inside as Rina rolled the window up from her control panel.


Shutting the door and with it the noise from the outside he turned to look at her the smile still there, "Thank you again."


/He's even more lovely when he smiles.../ Rina stared back at him with a dumbstruck expression and a goofy smile on her face.


He looked about himself nervously."Is something wrong?" he asked nervously.


Snapping out of her stupor with a jolt she blushed and turned away looking to the road (sort of anyway) ahead of her. She let out a nervous little laugh, "No..., um where to?" she asked pointedly putting both hands and her gaze on the steering wheel.


She could tell he was still watching her, but she didn't dare look at him, as she was 'very' aware by now how hot her face felt and could tell the blushing was getting steadily worse. But if she had she'd have noticed the small smile that had begun to grace the man's features as he looked his rescuer over. He hadn't thought a woman 'this' beautiful actually existed. After several seconds of silence past Rina looked at him through the corner of her eye and slowly began to turn a perplexed look to her guest.




His smile became a momentary grin as he turned to face front. "I'm not sure. My car stalled out about a mile back and I called a tow truck. But he claims he can't get there until morning. So...", he looked back at her with a wry smile,"I guess I'm in your hands."


Rina turned her head to face him dead on with big eyes. "Um... well, I really don't know where I'm going...". She had locked for the first time her violet eyes with his amber ones, and felt herself getting the mushy, fluttery oh-my-god-he's-so-beautiful feeling in her stomach. "I was just going to drive for a while."


He inclined his head towards her partially but with a smirk and looked at her out of the corner of his eye."Then I guess that's what we're doing."


She couldn't help at that moment admiring the man who sat next to her. He looked like a woman's dream come true. Black hair, cascaded down over a flawless, beautiful face- almost concealing the golden eyes that held a slight glow in the night. Thanks to the rain's ever obliging wetness, she could make out every muscular detail of his arms, shoulders, and chest through the white T-shirt he wore. Drenched and tight blue jeans clung to thighs and long nice legs. They weren't like most tall men's legs... they weren't skinny but perfectly proportioned like the rest of his appearance. She let a small smile come to her lips before she turned to face ahead, put on her left turn signal to return to the road and drove further into the night.


They passed a few silent minutes together before Rina pulled to a stop at a light and chanced a look at his left hand. /No ring.../, she couldn't help the devilish snicker that crossed her lips, / problem./ "So do you need to call your wife or girlfriend or anyone?"


The man couldn't help the small twitch on his lips that occurred at the subtle way she was using to find out if he was involved... He had noticed he looking at him each time she did, but pretended not to realize it. "No, I've never been married, and my girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago." He couldn't help the bitterness that had crept into his voice at the remembrance of it.


"SHE broke up with YOU?" Rina asked incredulously looking ahead and beginning to drive again.


"Yes... I'm still not entirely sure why...", he said thinking about the note the said ex-girlfriend had left for him one morning. It didn't explain why she was leaving, just that she was. He flinched visibly with the pain the memory shot through his heart.


Had she not been stealing a glance at him she would've not noticed it. "I'm sorry." she whispered briefly looking down at her odometer, then back up at the road as she drove on, an edge of melancholy sinking into her heart again.


"It's okay...", he whispered in response to her only seconds after she had said it, though to her it seemed minutes-even hours. "if it was meant to be... it was meant to be..." he said in a genuinely sad voice.


"Yeah, I guess."


/Beside me is a gorgeous, kind man whose lost a woman he obviously deeply loved, and all I can think about is the fact that I want him to be undoing the buttons on my blouse. God, I'm pathetic. So I'm lonely..., at least I'm not mourning a lost love./ Yet she thought briefly about how in a few more minutes she'd be stopping at the hotel she frequented when she couldn't get home some nights. He'd go to one room and she to another, and she'd never see him again.


She frowned as an ache seemed to lay it's pressure on her heart and mind. She glanced at him quickly, taking in with sad eyes the beautiful, perfect profile as his head leaned back in the seat and his eyes closed.


She wondered briefly what it would be like to wake up to that profile every morning... She looked about her nervously. /Where in the hell are these thoughts and feelings coming from?/ Her stomach tightened uncomfortably at her next thought. /Is this love at first sight? That has to be wrong... but I don't want... want it to be wrong. Please don't make it wrong Fate! Just for tonight.../


She looked at him briefly and found him looking everywhere but at her with red, shimmering lined eyes. /My God, he's crying... Oh please don't cry. Something is telling me that you hardly ever cry. It's breaking my heart to see you this way. I don't know why, but it is.../


Her own eyes began to sparkle with tears. Unable to see at all with this new added element of water, she pulled over. He was looking down trying to peer at her out of the corner of his eye through an ebony veil of locks.


"Did you... want me to get out here?" he asked clearing his throat a little as his voice was slightly shaky.


She looked at him, her faced contorted in empathy and heartache for him feeling something shatter within as she watched a crystal clear tear fall from the downcast face, illuminated in the dim light about them for a second before vanishing to be soaked into the material of his jeans. He began to reach for the door handle.


She put the car into park, and before she knew what she was doing she was leaning forward grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him into a tight embrace, forcing him to lean back against the car door for support.


Shocked at first, he was slow to react, then with a feeling of defeat he returned her outburst of affection.


"No... I want you to stay with me tonight." she murmured hardly believing she was saying those words.


The feeling of defeat was replaced by the immediate need to express all the pain openly... and then as the weight of her body pressed so close to his caused a need for more than the embrace itself to contain him and a growing unexplained desire with in. Her open arms and heart were ready and willing to accept it in all it's verocity.