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Potara - A Sorrow Beyond Divinity

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Seven years after the Universal Survival Tournament

Eight year old Pan sat at her desk furiously doing her homework. "Daaaaaad, can't I finish this after the tournament? We're already late!"

Gohan called from downstairs. "No Pan, if you hadn't stayed up so late on the phone with Bra instead of doing your homework, you could have been done last night. Finish your homework then we can go."

Pan called back. "But tournaments like this don't happen everyday!"

A stern tone entered her father's voice. "It's called taking responsibility, Pan, and I want to see your homework before we go to make sure its right."

Pan grumbled to herself. "Sometimes dad's worse than grandma."

She knew it WAS her own fault though. Well, half her fault, Bra liked to chit-chat for hours on end and Pan couldn't help but get dragged in. The veins on her forehead bulged in annoyance and anger. She was missing the second Universal Tournament right now! She wanted so badly to be cheering grandpa on and watch the awesome fights.

She reflected briefly. "Well, watch the fights I can follow anyway. When Grandpa and Vegeta go blue, I can't see a thing."

She blinked and refocused on her homework. "Tch, of course the teachers piled on the homework like crazy for the weekend."

Two hours later, she rose from her desk with a sigh, grabbed her homework, and walked downstairs to hand it to her father. Gohan sat a table, sipping coffee, his dorky glasses resting on his nose. He flipped through the papers of math problems and english paragraphs and science problems slowly. She tapped her feet impatiently, she knew he was going slow on purpose.

"Hmm...," mumbled Gohan.

"Daaaaaaaad," Pan couldn't help but whine.

He gave her a smirk, "Alright Pan, go get changed."

She gave him a fierce hug before running upstairs. "Yaaaaaay."

She tore off yesterday's school cloths and scrambled for her favorite orange gi. She knew it was childish, but she always hid it protectively under her bed in a trunk. It made her so happy to hold it, and even more to wear it. It was her favorite gift from her grandpa and she had never gotten it replaced. Whenever it got to tight for her to wear she went to Mister Piccolo to get it enlarged. She'd keep this thing for the rest of her life.

She put it on and rushed downstairs. "Where's mom?"

"She's already at the tournament," replied Gohan.

"Whaaaaaaat! She left without us?" Pan pouted.

Gohan smirked. "Yep."

Gohan fished a button out of his pocket and held it out. "You ready?"

Pan nodded and grabbed the button, pressing it down. "Lets goooooo!"

With a flash of light, they both disappeared and then re-appeared near in the Universe 7 area of the tournament grounds. They were immediately bombarded by the sound of cheering and then of shockwaves, energy beams, and the collision of fists. Pan glanced at the bleachers, found her mom in the usual group of her Grandpa's friends, and ran over to sit next to her before turning towards the fight.

"What'd I miss?" Pan asked.

"Besides everything?" Videl joked.

"Moooooom, that's not nice," Pan whined.

"Kakarot is in the final against the lizard of universe Twelve," Vegeta grumbled.

"Lizard? Wait what, the final already?!" Pan exclaimed.

So not fair, she had missed the entire tournament! She turned her head towards the ring...

"Wait, where's the ring?" Pan asked.

Vegeta scowled. "The Lizard tried the same tactic he used against me against Kakarot. Kakarot's lucky he saw us fight first."

"What tactic?" asked Pan.

Bulma giggled. "The 'Lizard' as Vegeta calls him knocked Vegeta towards the ring, and blew it up before Vegeta hit, so he hit the ground instead, thus out of bounds."

"Grrrrr," grumbled Vegeta, veins on his forehead bulging, "Cheap trick."

There was an audible boom, and finally, Pan could see the two competitors locked in a struggle far in the air, trying to overpower the other, their fists connected. One was her grandpa in his Whis Gi coated in his super saiyan blue aura, the other, to her surprise, was an actual lizard that was gray, scaley, and a bit taller than her grandpa. Guess Vegeta wasn't kidding. She blinked, the Lizard had a purple aura about him, and his clothes looked a bit like Beerus's, but wait...

"Is that guy a God of Destruction? I thought they weren't allowed to compete!" exclaimed Pan.

"He's an apprentice God of Destruction," said Piccolo, "They're allowed apparently."

"Apprentice?" repeated Pan, "Never heard of an 'apprentice' God of Destruction."

"It's what we would be if we ever gave in to Whis's nagging and agreed to take over after Beerus died," said Vegeta.

"It's apparently a really big deal that an apprentice was chosen, doesn't seem to happen often according to Whis," said Krillen.

Pan nodded and refocused on the fight in time to see the two of them give a cry before a huge explosion separated them and knocked them towards the opposing ends of the shielded arena. Both fighters were breathing heavily, sweat coating their clothes. Goku readied himself, adopting his traditional turtle hermit stance. Rather than attack, his opponent placed one arm behind his back, one in front of it, and half bowed.

"You have been a most worthy opponent, Son Goku," said the Apprentice God of Destruction.

Goku put one hand on his hip, and brought his other hand up to rub a finger under his nose. "Hee hee, thanks. You ain't to bad yourself Lord Komodo. So..."

Goku grinned and resumed his battle stance. "How about we get serious?"

The Apprentice God of Destruction, Lord Komodo, grinned. "Are you sure you can match my full power? I was under the impression you were already at your maximum."

Goku merely continued to grin, a smug look on his face. Lord Komodo barred his teeth, Pan wasn't sure if, for a lizard, that was a smile or not, and gave a roar. The purple aura surrounding him grew larger and spikier until finally it rested at twice its original size. Pan was nervous, she couldn't sense God ki, but, she figured he had just, at least, doubled his strength. C'mon Grandpa...

"Pft," said Vegeta, shaking his head, "Is that it? This will be a joke for Kakarot."

"Is that admitting that my dad's stronger than you?" joked Goten.

"Watch it brat, I said no such thing," countered Vegeta with fury.

"Haaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh," Goku began to yell, a red aura coating his blue one.

Lord Komodo gave a start. "What is this?"

"Kio-Ken times ten!" shouted Goku.

"Kio-..." Lord Komodo began to echo.

Goku surged across the battlefield faster than Pan could follow and slammed a fist into Lord Komodo's face, sending him skyrocketing across the arena, slamming into the barrier on the far end. Goku was upon him instantly, a blur in Pan's eyes. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! Fists slammed into Lord Komodo over and over again before Goku slammed him towards the ground and then cupped his hands towards his side.

"C'mon Grandpa!" shouted Pan.

Goku glanced her way and winked before refocusing. "Kaaaa-meeee-haaaaa-meee-HAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

The energy wave surged down straight at Lord Komodo. The lizard righted himself and massaged his face painfully before glancing upward, his eyes going wide. He threw his hands to the air and struggled to grapple with the energy wave as it hit him, forcing him down towards, and into, the ground. Goku let off his wave and powered down, breathing heavily. Lord Komodo threw off the rest of the energy wave to his side and rose to a knee.

"Lord Komodo is out of bounds! Son Goku is the winner of the second Universal Tournament!" the announcer shouted.

Pan glanced over, wasn't that the guy who normally did the budoki tournaments? How in the world did he land shout-casting tournaments for the gods? She shook her head and stood up with everyone else, cheering wildly. She was a bit sad she had missed basically the entire tournament, but maybe if she was lucky she could catch it on God-Tube the next time she went to go play with All-Chans.

Goku flew over and set down infront of the group. "So, how'd I do?"

"You were amazing grandpa!" said Pan, throwing herself at her grandpa.

Goku caught her, spun her around, and set her on his shoulder. "Hee hee, thanks Pan."

"Hmph, you were barely acceptable Kakarot. You took far to much damage at the start," said Vegeta.

Goku rubbed his neck, wincing a little. "Yeah, I'm still a bit sore, but what can I say? I wanted to see what an apprentice God of Destruction could do. I woulda went times five at the end and fought for a bit, but I didn't think my body would hold out long enough, so I had to end it."

"Son-Kun and universe seven! Please approach the throne quickly," came the voices of the Omni-Kings.

Pan and Goku exchanged glances. "Quickly?"

"Sounds like they are in a hurry or something," said Trunks.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaa," cried out Pan with glee as Goku surged through the air towards the throne with her still on his shoulder.

The other's, the supreme Kais', Beerus, and Whis followed suit and set down in-front of the Omni-Kings. ""Congratulations Son-Kun! You won the second septennial Universal Tournament!"

"Thanks," replied Goku.

"So, what does Grandpa win?" asked Pan.

"We will give him any wish later, but we're kind of in a hurry since Son-Kun asked us to wait a bit before starting the tournament, we can't be late for the meeting," replied the left Omni-King.

Pan glanced down at her Grandpa. "Why'd you wait?"

He glanced up. "Wanted you to be here."

"Oh," said Pan, feeling a little ashamed.

"It's okay," he answered.

Pan glanced at the Omni-Kings. "Who you gonna go meet that has you in such a hurry?"

The Omni-Kings exchanged glances, but were silent.

"Ooooh secret meeting," said Goku gleefully.

"Goku, be more respectful," chided Beerus.

"It's okay Beerus-chan," said the Omni-Kings.

Beerus began to blush and stammer. "O-okay Al... al... All-c-chans."

Pan couldn't help but giggle. They had been working so hard over the last few years to get Beerus to try and be more relaxed around the Omni-King. He was a work in progress, a very slow work in progress. The God had fainted the first time he had said 'All-chan' directly to the Omni-Kings and they smiled back at him. It had been hilarious.

"Hmm," said the Omni-Kings, exchanging glances again, "Should we? They are our friends after all, mortal friends, but they can know."

The left nodded. "Okay."

The right smiled. "Good, it's settled."

The Omni-Kings glanced at the Grand-Priest who nodded and floated towards the gathered universes. "Thank you for attending the second septennial Universal Tournament, we look forward to the next one. Please see your God of Destruction and their guide to return to your own universes."

With that, the Grand-Priest floated back to them, and teleported them into the Omni-King's throne room.

"Come friends," said the Omni-Kings, walking past their thrones.

Pan grew curious, she had never moved past the thrones, she didn't think there was anything further in the palace. They moved on, being teleported to another hallway that they walked down. Pan always had a sense of wonder walking through the Omni-Kings palace, seeing stars and galaxies instead of floors and walls was amazing to her. They teleported again, to her surprise, to a quiet, darker room. There were twelve pedestals in a circle. The group moved to the center, following the Omni-Kings.

"Please sit," said the Omni-Kings.

Except for the Omni-Kings, the rest of them sat on the ground.

Goku whispered to Whis, "Hey, what's goin on?"

Whis shook his head. "I do not know, I've never been here before."

The Grand-Priest gave a smile and glanced around the gathered group. "What you are about to witness is a great secret of creation. Be honored that you are to witness it."

Pan couldn't help but wonder what he meant by that. The group hushed as the Omni-Kings floated into the air and began to glow blue. Pan gave a start as a ringing sound was heard and the pedestal's began to glow. Was that... was that the sound of a phone? Really? Pan nearly fell over as the ringing sound stopped and something akin to 'please hold' telephone music started to play from each pedestal. She wondered who the Omni-Kings were calling.

"Five more minutes before the designated time," said the Grand-Priest.

"Woah, we really cut the tournament close, didn't we?" said Goku.

The Grand-Priest nodded. "Yes, the Omni-King was considering stopping time to take this call and then returning."

"Must be really important then," said Gohan, "I'm always rushing to be on time for my own conference calls."

The Grand-Priest smiled at him. "Well, this is a bit more than a 'conference call', this occurrence only happens once every thirteen-thousand years."

"Oh, woah," said Pan, growing excited, she couldn't wait.

Finally, the music stopped, and the sound of a phone being picked up was heard. To Pan's shock, 3-D holographic images sprang up from the pedestals. Each and every one of them was another Omni-King, each sporting different colors, and jackets. Beerus gave a startled cry and fell over, fainting in shock. Everyone else's mouths were gaping, surprise on their faces.

"Hello all-chans! Can we go first?" asked their Omni-Kings (Ours).

Many of the other Omni-Kings exchanged glances. "All-Chans?"

"Why is there two of you?" one of the other Omni-Kings asked.

The left introduced the Omni-King (Ours) to his right. "This is All-Chan from another timeline."

"Hmm," the other twelve Omni-Kings echoed.

"Woah..." said Pan quietly.

The Omni-Kings glanced down at the group. "Who are they?"

"Our friends," the Omni-Kings (Ours) answered.

"Hmm," the other twelve Omni-Kings echoed, "Most are are mortal."

The Omni-Kings (Ours) nodded. "Yes, mortal friends are really fun!"

"Hmm," the other twelve Omni-Kings echoed, "Why are they fun?"

"Well, they talk to you without fainting or getting all stuffy and scared, usually. They treat us nice and play with us not because we are Omni-King, but because they like us," replied the Omni-Kings (Ours).

The Omni-Kings paused, mulling over what had been said. Pan looked closer, identifying that each Omni-King had different colors specifically on the outside of their jackets. There were a red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, brown, black, gray, white, gold, and silver, their own Omni-King was purple.

Finally, the Omni-Kings started to not echo one another, the pink one spoke, "I'm gonna try to get a mortal friend!"

The red one shook his head. "I don't think mortals and god's should interact."

The green one crossed his arms. "Seem's all right with his dimension."

"Dimension?" Pan asked.

Immediately all the Omni-Kings frowned at her. Pan winced and bowed her head.

"Pan-chan, please don't speak unless you are asked too," said the Omni-Kings (Ours).

"Sorry," Pan mumbled.

"It's fine," replied the Omni-Kings (Ours).

"Omni-King," said the Gray Omni-King, "You asked to go first, so you may."

"We'll, we just got done with a fun fighting tournament!" said the Omni-Kings (Ours).

"Tournament?"asked the blue one.

A sphere appeared in the left Omni-King's (ours) and began to swirl. Pan briefly caught the images of people fighting in super fast motion.

"Hmm," echoed the Omni-Kings.

"If you wanted to see fighting, why not have the gods fight?" asked the black Omni-King.

The right Omni-King (Ours) answered, "Because you got to appreciate people fight at different levels of power. If its the same thing every fight it gets boring."

"Hmm," echoed the Omni-Kings.

"Maybe I'll watch some mortals fighting in my own dimension," said the white Omni-King, "Perhaps it could be interesting."

The yellow Omni-King asked, "Your allotted time is running out, was there anything else? Last time you said you got rid of a few universes. Did you make or destroy anymore?"

The Omni-Kings (Ours) shook their heads. "No, we've had a few other tournaments and some new time rings appear, otherwise, not much has happened since last time."

The Omni-Kings began to switch off on who spoke, going around in a circle. Pan had been excited initially, but grew bored quickly. It was like a doctor's checkup visit. Each followed a basic script: any new universes, any destroyed universes, any new gods or angels, and anything else. The only deviance aside from their own universe was the gray one where some god went on a power trip and challenged Omni-King, and that didn't end well. None of the Omni-Kings had seemed pleased to hear about that incident.

Finally, the Omni-Kings bid each-other goodbye and promised to meet again in another thirteen thousand years before the images faded away.

Goku got up and stretched, yawning as he did. "Say All-Chans, you never told us there were more of you."

They floated down. "Well, usually it doesn't matter. We only contact eachother every thirteen thousand years through a combined effort."

Pan tilted her head. "So you don't go and visit them?"

The Omni-Kings shook their heads. "We cannot, its not possible to transverse dimensions. It takes a great effort to even communicate between them. It was by chance that we even discovered other's to begin with."

"Huh," said Goku, "That's a real shame, I can't even imagine all the strong fighters out there that I could challenge."

Pan took notice of a certain gleam appearing in Grandpa's eyes. She swore she could see the wheels in his head turning. She couldn't help but wonder what idea was forming in his head.

"Pah, Son-Kun, you are never satisfied," said Bulma.

"I agree! It's hard enough to get you to stay home with our universe alone, let alone the others, forget this dimension none-sense," chided Chi-Chi.

"Still, it is rather interesting to know that there's other 'dimensions'," said Gohan, "This actual gives credibility to a few scientific theories floating around."

"Anyway, do you want me to take you all home?" asked the Omni-Kings.

"We would appreciate it," said Videl.

The Omni-Kings snapped their fingers and everyone teleported back to earth outside of capsul corp.

Bulma gave a laugh. "Omni-King taxi service."

"Hmm?" asked the Omni-Kings.

"One of mom's bad jokes," said trunks, "Don't mind her."

Bulma smacked the back of his head. "What was that?!"

The group laughed before beginning to separate.

Goku called out. "Hey, wait a second All-Chans, I just remembered, you said I get one wish right? For winning the tournament?"

The group stopped and regathered, the Omni-Kings floated a bit in-front of Goku. "Yes Son-Kun, do you know what you want to wish for?"

Goku rubbed his hands together greedily. "Hee hee, I got an awesome idea! You will love it."

Pan stretched a bit and distanced herself from her Grandpa and the group, wary of getting caught up in some crazy wish. It wasn't often Grandpa had that gleam in his eye, but usually something spetacular happened.

The two Omni-Kings held out their hands, twin streams of blue energy condensed to make one ball in-front of Goku.

Goku smiled, a huge, wide grin on his face. "Hee hee, it's like an Omni-King dragonball."

Goku grabbed the ball and made his wish. "I wish it was possible for all dimensions to visit one another!"

A look of shock, then pure horror coated the Omni-Kings faces. "Goku!"

Instantly the sky tore open in four places, bursts of green energy spilling out of it to condense in one spot. The ground and sky began to shake, a great tearing and swirling sound was heard. Blue energy was ripped from the Omni-Kings, who fell to their knees, shaking with exhaustion and pain. The spot all the energy condensed to exploded into a full blown portal.

Everyone grabbed onto one another as a vacuum wave erupted from the portal, trying to suck everything and everyone in. The only one that couldn't hold on was Pan, who had separated herself from the group.

Pan gave a startled cry as she was pulled into the portal. "Grandpa!"

"Pan!" cried out the group as she disappeared.

The portal continued to pull and rip at everything in sight. Trees, dirt, glass, pieces of buildins began to tear away and float into the portal until finally, it began to settle down and became stable.

Slowly, and shakily, the Omni-Kings rose to their feet and locked their furious gaze on Goku. "Son! Goku! Do...! you...! have...! any...! idea...! what...! you...! have...! done...?"

Goku gulped as everyone scrambled to get away from him. "Umm..."

Exhaustion shone across the Omni-King's faces. "If you weren't our friend, we would destroy you for what you just did. You... you drained almost all of our power to do... this..."

The left spoke. "If there hadn't been... two... of us, one of us... might have been really hurt, maybe even died, or, have had to at least had to sleep for a few millennia to recover."

Goku's face paled. "I'm... I'm sorry, I didn't mean, I didn't know..."

"You broke a rule of creation! It's supposed to be impossible!" shouted the right Omni-King, appearing to recover a little bit.

"Not only that! You got Pan-Chan lost in there!" said the left Omni-King, also appearing to regain his breath.

They both pointed an accusing finger at him. "Selfish, you selfishly wanted to open paths so you could go fight people!"

"N... well, maybe a little, but, I wanted you two to be able to go meet the other twelve Omni-Kings," said Goku in his defense.

"You don't understand, "said the left Omni-King, "It's not just twelve. Those are just twelve in our group. Even we don't know how many dimensions there are. There could be hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, we don't know. And you, you just got Pan-chan thrown out there."

Goku couldn't say anything, he merely hung his head.

"What's more, there's not way you drained just our power, that you just hurt us, you had to have hurt every Omni-King that lives. The only way that the connections could be made would be to have used the powers of the other Omni-Kings as well," accused the right Omni-King.

"Even if you are our friend, we should still destroy you," said the right Omni-King.

Goku continued to hang his head. "I'm sorry..."

The left Omni-King sighed. "No, we can't, but, he will take responsibility in another way. You are going to go find Pan-Chan, and until you do, you are banished from this dimension!"

Goku raised his head, a serious look coming across his face. "Alright, I'll do it."

"Hmph, if Kakarot is going, then so am I," said Vegeta.

"Pan's my daughter, I can't just stay here and not go look for her," said Gohan.

"I'll go too!" said Videl.

"But honey, it could be dangerous," said Gohan.

"I don't care! I'm going to find my daughter!" shouted Videl.

"Enough!" said the Omni-Kings, "You four may go, no other mortals will be permitted outside of our dimension until this is resolved. Supreme Kai Shin! You will go with them as our representative if your search ends up involving the gods of other dimensions."

Shin nodded. "Yes."

"Wait a second," said Bulma, "Let me go get some supplies and food to put in capsules!"

"Goku, you should go get as many Sensu Beans as Korrin will let you have, you don't know how long you will be gone and could use them," suggested Piccolo.

Bulma and Goku split before regathering thirty minutes later.

"I'll call your jobs and try to get it all sorted out," said Chi-Chi, "Maybe I can work with Mr. Saten to come up with some kind of excuse."

"Thanks mom," said Gohan.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Get going and get my granddaughter back!" shouted Chi-Chi.

With that, the five of them stood in a line, and walked through the portal...