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Potara - A Sorrow Beyond Divinity

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Son Goku stood in front of the throne of the Omni-Kings. Both of them looked pleased to see him there. He couldn't find it in his heart to feel the same towards them. Twelve universes, before this damn tournament, there had been twelve universes, now there was one. He couldn't fathom it, fathom the number of people that had been wiped away so casually. He couldn't fathom how he and his friends had been forced to fight to the death each round to secure the future of their universe. How he had killed other innocents fighting for the exact same things he had been, fighting for his friends, for his wife, sons, and his infant granddaughter, Pan.

He had watched the other nine fighters from his universe, his friends and family die, one by one, before he and Hit had made it to the final round once again. It had gone against everything he believed in, his own code of honor, but, he had ended the fight instantly. No testing the waters, no warm ups, not even a good fight. Super Saiyan blue kaio-ken times twenty and it was over before Hit could even try to freeze time. He had killed the assassin, killed a rival he had held nothing against. Goku closed his eyes, clenching his fists in frustration, why did it have to be this way?

The Omni-Kings laughed, "Congratulations Son-Kun! You won the Universal Survival Tournament!"

He looked at the Omni-Kings, feeling pity in his eyes. Did they even understand what they had done? Even by his own standards that everyone made fun of him for, he considered the Omni-Kings to be fool-god-children. He had liked them initially, but, they acted on whim, without a care for anything but their own desires. Did they even understand right from wrong? He didn't honestly know if he should hate them or pity them.

He heard a sob, glancing to his right at the spectator bleachers. He had been surprised that out of everyone, Trunks was hit the hardest and was still completely out of it. His father's death had devastated him, and when Goten had been disintegrated for losing control and trying to interfere to save Gohan, it had been twice as worse. Bulma slapping the Omni-King's and disappearing just added it on top. Everyone who was left looked utterly crushed and devastated. Goku had watched it all, struggling to control his rage, determined to make it through and try to set everything right.

"So Son-Kun, did you enjoy the tournament?" asked the twin Omni-Kings.

Goku twitched, the veins in his forehead throbbing. How, how could they ask him that?

"Son-Kun?" They asked again.

Anger, anger and rage shook him, but he kept his voice even. "So… there's a prize for this, right?"

The Omni-Kings exchanged glanced. "Prize?"

Goku strained to control himself. "You know, like the universe six and seven tournament, the super dragon balls."

"Hmm," the left Omni-Kings said, "Well, universe six was destroyed, so, we lost a few of them."

Goku clenched his fists, "Dammit."

"But, we can just make more," said the right Omni-King.

"Why make dragon-balls all-chan?" asked the left Omni-King, "We can grant him any wish ourselves. How about two, one for each of us?"

"Hmm," replied the right Omni-King before holding out a hand, a blue glow surrounding him.

A blue ball levitated from his hand and floated infront of Goku, another one appearing next to it, a line of blue energy connecting them to the Omni-Kings. "Just grab the ball and any wish will instantly be fulfilled with our power."

Goku smirked and grabbed the first ball. "I wish all universes and people that were destroyed and killed as a result of this tournament be restored."

In an instant, everything was undone, friends and families were revived and embraced with tears and cries. Stars in the far off sky of the Omni-King's palace's tournament grounds were restored, signifying the return of the universes. Goku sighed with a relief he had never felt before.

"Son-Kun, why did you wish for that?" asked the left Omni-King, perplexed, "Now it's like the tournament never happened."

"Oh! I know," said the right Omni-King, "Now we can do the tournament all over again!"

Goku looked at them, horrified. "No!"

"No?" the Omni-Kings echoed.

Goku ground his teeth. He wanted to explain that this was all wrong, but, he felt as if his words would fall on deaf ears. He couldn't let this happen again, couldn't let this madness go on. He should have realized something like this could have happened after Omni-King had obliterated future Trunk's timeline along with Zamasu. He just thought it would never have gone this far.

He glanced at the last ball, any wish within their power. A thought came to him that he never would have acknowledged before. But, this tournament had made him do a lot of things he had never wanted to do before. The only power that could stop the Omni-Kings was their own power. The wish was granted instantly, without pause. He could wish for the Omni-Kings to disappear, to cease to exist, and they wouldn't be able to stop it…

"Don't do it!" a girl's voice screamed in his mind.

Goku glanced up, startled. Behind the throne of the Omni-Kings stood a translucent form of a young girl, dressed in strange clothes that looked like an orange mix of the clothing of a Kai and a turtle hermit gi, complete with green Potara earrings. She was bloodied and battered, her clothes ripped, blood oozing from heavy wounds across her body. Her hair, he was startled to see her hair was standing upright, shining with the blue of a saiyan god. He couldn't believe it, she couldn't be more than twelve years old, yet she had gone blue. Her face, for some reason, held a level of familiarity to it.

The girl fell to her knees, her power fading, her hair and eyes turning to a normal black color, letting Goku see a swirling black portal behind her. Pieces of her body were starting to disintegrate and flow back into the portal. The girl gave a bloody smile, and again, her words filled his ears.

"D-don't do it, p-please, have… have hope in them…" the girl begged, life leaving her body and eyes.

"Wait!" Goku cried out, holding out a hand.

The Omni-Kings looked behind their throne before glancing forward again. "Wait for what Son-Kun?"

Could the Omni-Kings not see her? He watched as she collapsed, a single patora earing falling off her ear. She reached out, struggling to try to grasp the earing. A single, tired, word filled his ears before the earing, her body, and the portal disintegrated.


Goku stood there, mortified, his hand falling back to his side. A sense of dread filled him, for some reason, the fact that the portal had disintegrated instead of closed scared him and left a sense of finality that he was unfamiliar with. He made a guess since he had never met her, and that she knew what his wish was, that despite not having a time machine she was from the future. Yet, he couldn't shake the fact that she looked familiar, shared qualities with someone he knew… wait…

He glanced back towards his universes bleachers, at Videl and then the infant in her arms. He took one look at the child before recognition took over and horror crept into his body. The girl, the girl was his granddaughter. He turned to look past the Omni-King's throne, seeing his granddaughter disintegrate into nothingness over and over again in his mind.

He closed his eyes, fighting back tears. He recognized that whatever had happened in her timeline was his fault. He… he had killed his granddaughter, no, if he had to guess, he had probably led to the deaths of who knows how many people in that timeline by destroying the Omni-Kings, maybe everyone. The Omni-Kings were the gods of everything, who knows what would happen without them.

"Son-Kun? Are you okay?" asked the Omni-Kings.

"Y-yeah," he replied.

He looked down at the blue energy-ball, he wouldn't use their own power to destroy them, but, he couldn't let this continue. "I wish… that you two would understand my views of right and wrong."

A blue glow surrounded the Omni-Kings before a stunned look came over their faces. "Oh."

Goku crossed his arms and looked at them angrily. "Well?"

The Omni-Kings exchanged sad glances and looked towards him. "We're sorry, we didn't mean…"

Goku nodded. "I know."

He smirked. "Next tournament, how about no life or death, please?"

The Omni-Kings smiled. "It's a promise!"

He nodded and flew back to the universe seven area. "Hey guys!"

"Daddy!" yelled Goten, throwing himself at Goku for a fierce hug.

"Hey Goten, I'm so glad to see your back," said Goku merrily.

"Hmph, Kakarot, I hope you don't expect my thanks," said Vegeta, a scowl on his face, but, a happy gleam in his eye that he was trying to hide.

"From you? Nah, wouldn't dream of it," Goku joked.

"From wanting to kill Son Goku to being saved by him," said Android 17, shaking his head.

Android 18 elbowed him. "Again."

"Yeah yeah yeah," said 17 dismissively, "I try to forget that whole Cell business."

"And Majin-Buu," said Krillin.

"What bout Buu?" asked the plump Majin-Buu.

There was a chorus of laughter. Goku couldn't help but smirk at that, before his face fell. He hadn't been the one to save them. He ignored the continued congratulations and thanks of the others and set down Goten. He walked over to Videl, kneeling down to look at Pan. He had a feeling that in the long run, that this little girl had saved them. He poked her cheek with a finger and she grabbed it, giggling and drawing it into her mouth to try and gnaw on it playfully.

"Hee hee," Goku couldn't help but laugh, "That's my granddaughter."

Videl gave him a warm smile. "I'm glad we survived this, I would have dreaded never seeing my baby girl grow up."

Goku slowly pulled away from Pan and glanced one last time at the spot behind the Omni-Kings thrones. "Yeah, I would have dreaded it to."

He glanced back at the others. "C'mon, let's get out of here and go home."