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System Reset

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2B wonders if human worship is anything like the YoRHa rule of 'No Emotions'. She lives by this, follows it until it feels like she may drown in it. Although it was at first just a rule — one often forgotten — it has become...something more than that to 2B. It's a bitter thing on the back of her tongue because she knows all too well that feelings are burdens.

If she is to give into her emotions, to act on them or even announce them aloud, she could fail her mission. 2B has never failed a mission. She is not going to start, either, no matter how much her chest aches each time.

But. That doesn't mean that sometimes, just before it all ends exactly the same way, that 2B doesn't feel something. She wants to feel something, at the moment, before 9S's system reboots and resets. In the end, it's these emotions that keep her going. Again and again. Maybe it's selfish because she knows 9S won't remember but, still, it's a practiced ritual.

A ritual just as practiced as everything 2B does — every kill and every mission. She never fails, never hesitates and that's why she's so good at her job. Emotions are Prohibited, but sometimes she lets herself slip on that command and only that command. It's for both of their sakes, she thinks.

She's heard that some E Units delete their own memories of each mission. 2B can't bring herself to forget 9S. So, instead, she allows herself to give into the emotions right before she knows she'll get the command to kill him.

Sometimes it's angry, rough and painful but's warm and soft and maybe that's when its the hardest.


2B knows the order is coming and she tries not to think about how long she has. She pushes the thought out of her head and that's when she notices 9S lagging behind. The sand is hard to traverse in but he's looking at her. She pauses, pulse racing. Her pod is going to give her a warning about it soon so she gives a quick command to each to shut up for a few. 9S gives her a questioning look but before the words leave his mouth she grabs his wrist and pushes him up against a concrete wall.

He gasps and she presses her body up against him. Her lips brush against his ear, her hands moving up his sides and across his back. It makes him shake. 2B likes having this much power of him.

“Keep quiet or I'll stop.”

He bites his lip and she can feel his body heat rise. 9S is smart and she has no doubt he already realizes her intentions. All of them. But emotions are strange things.

“Understood?” she presses her whole body against his back, hands on his shoulders slowly moving back down his arms.

“U-understood, 2B,” he manages to squeeze out of his dry throat.

The sand below them makes it hard to maneuver, but 2B knows she's running low on time. She shakes the thought from her head and the place where her heart would be aches. She presses her cheek into 9S's hair and inhales his scent.

“2B?” He asks, softly, noticing her hesitation. He is still pressed awkwardly against the wall by her heavy body and he can't even shift to get any more comfortable.

“I've seen the way you look at me,” she whispers. He always looks at her that way. The emotion in his eyes he never tries to hide. The admiration — the... and she swallows down the lump in her throat, love.

9S wants to turn to look at her but she presses herself more firmly against him. 2B reaches down to intertwine their fingers, rocking her hips against his ass suddenly. He lets out a yelp that draws a low chuckle from 2B's lips. She nuzzles his cheek almost tenderly, her lips tracing his jaw bone. He shudders, taking in a deep breath.

“Emotions are prohibited...” She whispers, almost sadly.

“To hell with that,” 9S growls lowly and it takes her by surprise. He turns in her grip, meeting her eyes through his Visor. He bites his lip, still flustered.

2B regains herself quickly, furrowing her brows. She brings her free hand, the one not gripping his fingers tightly, to trace her across the form of his face and draws her thumb across his lips.

“Don't you ever get tired of hiding them?” His breathing is heavy.

“Everyday,” she whispers and then leans in to kiss him.

It takes him a moment to process the kiss before he responds back. 2B sucks his lower lip, drawing her tongue across it. 9S opens his mouth in response but she teases him by biting his lips until finally sliding her tongue into his mouth. He presses back with little hesitation and reaches out to touch her. 2B is fast to grab his wrists and pull them up above his head. She breaks the kiss, their lips just barely touching. 9S looks like he may pout.

“Let me...feel something,” she whispers, almost desperately. This isn't the first time and she knows it won't be the last. She can already feel his warm blood on her hands and her eyes sting. She presses herself close to him. She lets go of his hands and moves her own hands down his sides until she reaches the hem of his top.

2B doesn't know whether to ask 9S to forgive her or beg him to just. Run. Stop loving her. Save himself. She knows he'll fall in love with her over and over. She's selfish because she doesn't want him to stop. She loves his emotions. She hates herself for it.

She traces his hipbones to hear his breath catch like she knows it will. She drinks in the sound and drags her hands up, counting each artificial rib and drawing her thumb across his nipple so quickly he thinks he imagined it. 9S pants out her name and she can't help but smirk. She presses their hips together, feeling his erection against her thigh and leans down to lick his ear. 2B brings her hands back down, fingers fluttering across his stomach and then just barely slipping under the waistband of his shorts.

Breathe. You're going to fry your circuits like this,” she reminds him with a short laugh, “I'm not going anywhere, Nines.”

His whole body shakes and he gives a stiff nod, “J-Just hurry, please... I-I can't wait much longer...”

She can't help but shudder at his voice. Her chest aches. 2B kisses him, softer than before, and helps lower him to a slab of concrete jutting out of the wall and above the sand. She traces the outline of his erection softly and he breaks the kiss to look up, pressing the back of his head to the cool stone. He tries to catch his breath, but 2B doesn't allow it as she slips her hands into his pants and pulls out his cock. She smears the precum at the top of the head and gives him a soft stoke. He hisses out her name as she positions herself above him.

9S's hands find her hips, rubbing small circles through the fabric of her uniform. His visor has been pushed up by all the movement and 2B is nearly caught off guard by his eyes staring at her. There is so much emotion in them that she has to swallow. 9S reaches up slowly to cup her cheek and she leans into the touch. He hesitates as his fingers push under her visor and she smiles slightly in acknowledgment. He removes it, allowing their eyes to meet, uncovered.

It always hurts. 2B can't remember a time it hasn't.

She lowers herself onto his cock, taking in his length, just to break the eye contact. 9S grunts loudly, tossing his head back and tightening his grip on her hips.

“Oh..” he exhales sharply, “2B...” the tone of his voice makes 2B's pulse race and she takes a deep breath.

She presses her forehead to his and then starts to move. It doesn't take long before he's moving with her and she reaches down to pry one of his hands from her hip to lace their fingers together. They're both panting heavily and she knows he won't last much longer. He looks at her desperately and her name is on his lips.

She kisses him again and it's soft, quick and chaste.

“Nines...cum for me.”

He pulls her close, burying his face in her chest as he obeys. 2B follows closely behind, stroking his hair as they both shudder. There is a silence with nothing but their own heavy breathing before finally 9S says,

“I think the humans called it love,” his voice is soft — experimental.

“Yes,” 2B replies, unable to meet his gaze, “I believe that's the name for it.”

He squeezes her hand and smiles up at her. 2B, despite the pain in her chest, cannot help but smile back.


The look of betrayal haunts her every time and 2B knows she'll try to keep her distance next time but that is the only part she ever fails.

“I-I thought...” blood drips from his lips and he coughs wetly. Her sword is in his chest and she meets his gaze without any emotion, “I thought you loved me...” the fact he is able to push out the words is surprising.

2B leans in close, driving the blade deeper and she presses her lips to his ear,

“I do, 9S,” her voice is hoarse. He reaches up with the last of his energy and places his hand on her's that is still wrapped around her sword. She intertwines their fingers. 9S understood.

“I'll see you soon, 2B.”

She nods, a tear falling.

“You too, Nines.”


System shutting down. Do you wish to Reset?

[>Yes] / No


Preform System Restore from last Data Backup?

Yes / [>No]


Restoring to Default. Please Wait...


“Pod. Connect me to Command. … Commander. This is 2B. Mission Accomplished. Unit 9S is ready to be restored at the Bunker.”