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The Shelter

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Locus has seen this blonde, freckled guy in the cat room every afternoon. The guy asks for a different cat every day to be with. He typically spends somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour with the same cat before carefully putting the cat away and going home, Locus assumes.

Locus usually keeps his distance. He chose to work with cats because they understand him more than dogs can. Cats can be assholes, but then when they want it, they will unconditionally love you. That and he just prefers cats to any other animal or people.

Today is a little different. This guy that is always there, yeah he hasn’t left yet and it’s a little past closing time. He wonders if the guy realizes he’s been here over three hours?

Locus is sure the guy has seen him around before, but isn't completely sure about that. Especially since he's the head of the cat department, so he’s usually around often. Locus let everyone go home for the night and said that he’ll tell the guy it’s time to go.

He finds this guy attractive. That's why he never goes up to him, but now he has to. Human interaction isn’t his forte at all. He usually avoids it at all costs. Even when people come to ask him about the cats and things, he pushes it onto another worker or volunteer there at the time. He’ll talk to those coworkers, but that’s about it.

He sighs, walking over to the cat play room, and musters up the courage to go in there to say something to him.

"Excuse me?" Locus steps in the room without letting the cat out. It immediately walks over to him, rubbing against his legs because new person.

"Oh uh hi. What time is it?" the guy sits up.

"We closed ten minutes ago." Locus bluntly tells him.

"Oh I'm so sorry! I had a stressful day at work and lost track of time. I'll put Jake here back and go." He picks the cat up.

"It's okay," Locus opens the door for the guy. "I just didn't want you to freak out that almost no one is here."

"Thanks," the guy puts him back in his cage. "I'll try not to do that again."

“You’re more than welcome to stay as long as you’d like. Just make sure you tell one of us here.” Locus tries to offer a smile, but he’s not sure how it comes across. God he sucks at any form of flirting.

“Oh really? Thanks!” He smiles and gives Jake one last pet before closing the cage door.

"I have a question," Locus doesn't know why he's asking, but he's very curious.


"I see you here all the time, and I was wondering why don't you adopt any of the cats?"

"Oh, uh. Because I can't afford it and my apartment complex doesn't allow animals."

"Oh. So you spend the time here?"

"Yeah I like it here. All the cats like me. Even the temperamental ones." the guy smiles. It's a beautiful, yet sad little smile.

"I'm glad the cats have someone like you to spend time with." Locus nods slightly.

"Yeah. It's nice. Welp, I'm sorry for staying so long. I'll be back tomorrow, of course." the guy turns to leave.

"We'll all be here."

The guy nods, heading out. Locus mumbles under his breath about how bad he is with people and starts making sure everything is locked up for the night.
When everything is ready and the night guy comes in, Locus heads home for the night. He can't keep his mind off of the guy. His bleach blonde hair with dark brown, almost black roots. Those freckles all across his nose and cheeks. That adorable voice. God, he's so fucked.