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Tony's Little Black Book (Shades of Grey)

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Tony had seen so many things during his time with NCIS. And yet, someone who'd risen from the dead was new. Tony took one look at the guy and knew he was no Jesus.

Tony and Ducky were discussing the case while Ducky watched over his assistant prepping the body. Tony was freely sharing his opinion, "This stinks, Ducky."

"The dead always deserve to get their answers, Anthony," Ducky chided him.

Tony rolled his eyes because he was of a similar belief, but not when it didn't feel right. "Ducky, since when do the Israeli's let their personnel go to anyone else?"

Ducky froze and looked at the body but it was too late. The body rose off the metal slab and shot Gerald in the knee. This was going to be fraught with danger.

Tony raced forward, putting himself between Ducky and the terrorist. He was quick to point out, "You're no Naval Commander."

"And you don't look like a Federal Agent," The man paused, "Sorry, I thought we were making obvious statements."

Tony smirked at the sass. "Wow, why should I care about your opinions?"

"I am the one with the gun, and if you don't mind your manners, I will shoot you just like this one."

Tony sneered, "It's so easy to be a big man with a gun."

"Yes, it is. I needed you to know that I am serious." Their mystery guy said in a matter of fact tone.

"What are you so desperate for?" Tony asked, figuring there was nothing to gain by not asking. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he was shot.

"I don't know what you mean?" The terrorist spoke with an accent.

Tony tilted his head, straining to place the accent he could hear. "Not many terrorists are educated in Edinburgh."

Ducky perked up. "I loved that city. I did my own studying there, at the Edinburgh Medical College. It was a fine institution."

Tony smirked because he wasn't a medicine man, but he had studied micro-expressions. "So when did you graduate from there, Mr No-name?"

The man sneered, "You ask too many questions."

Tony shrugged, "I got nothing but time. You're here until you achieve your objective. Although you haven't shared what that is so we can't help you."

"You'll know when it is time. Don't be an American yahoo." Ari replied off-handedly. "Where is the body that came in today?"

Ducky tilted his head in confusion. "It is in forensics."

Tony tilted his head. "You're not an ME so why would you need a dead body?"

"I will shoot you," He hissed.

Tony's smirk grew, "You shouldn't I am more entertaining with my mouth."

"I am not that way inclined," he sniffed as if the idea was beneath him.

Tony's smirk grew, "Well, terrorists aren't my first choice either."

Ducky was looking at him like he had a few screws loose. He might because he was considering seduction. He'd seen the looks being sent his way by their 'friendly' terrorist. Tony couldn't help but notice the looks of loathing that accompanied the leers. Tony hadn't done it in a while but he could play the seducer.


Ari was searching all of Qassam's effects, but he couldn't find it. The damn vial was missing, oh, the stupid bastard must have taken it. Well, this was going to be a fascinating test case.

"I want my brother back."

Tony had been tied to the side of the table but stupidly, the terrorist couldn't see his hands. "He's not your brother, you are not Hamas."

"I am my father's creation," Ari responded, not knowing why he felt it important to justify himself to the agent.

Tony snorted because he was no stranger to family issues, "My father is a douchebag con artist with delusions of grandeur."

"Then you can understand my daddy issues."

Tony had to laugh at the one. He was quick, lightning fast with his wit, but also a grade one operative no matter his background. It was too bad he was using his skills to be a bad guy, or was he?
"So a Doctor wants a body, I am thinking that is for nefarious reasons."

Ducky looked up sharply from where he was trying to relieve Gerald's injuries. "He would for biological reasons."

"So Qassam wasn't a terrorist, he was the delivery agent." Tony put the clues together.

"Has anyone ever told you that you are too smart for your own good?" His mystery snarked back.

Tony had a wicked grin, "No, they think I am a fratboy womaniser."

Ducky was about to say something, but it died on his lips as he considered the implications. "If the body is the pathogen then it will need to be destroyed."

The terrorist smiled, "Now you know I think that might be a good idea, but I want his belongings. And then Daddy issues and I are going for a walk."

"You can't just expect to walk out of here." Ducky scoffed at the idea, but not seeing another option.

Ari smug grin spoke volumes, "No one has pieced it together. You should be grateful, I take the effects, you can destroy the body."

"And the fact you intend to take one of our agent's hostage is what?" Ducky demanded.


Tony was more than okay with this, the risk was down to just him. He could handle one guy but not in a confined space such as autopsy with two other potential victims. "Don't you worry about me, Ducky. You just make sure Gerald gets help."

"Anthony," Ducky wasn't liking this at all. He should have back up at a minimum.

Tony smiled, "Relax Ducky, it is like he said, we're just going for a walk."


Ari whispered in Tony's ears. "No bright ideas." The gun was pointed into his back.

"Yes, boss," Tony replied. "Where should I be going?"

Ari smirked, "So you can be trained. Good."

Tony wanted to comment on not being a dog but saw no point in a futile exercise. Tony was working to stay ahead of potential dangers that could appear. "Look if you want to get out of here, you can't hurt anyone else."

"I have you as a hostage. I can do what I like."

Tony snickered and offered some helpful insight. "Gibbs would probably shoot through me if it would get you."

"You don't seem to think you're held in high esteem," Ari pointed out.

Tony flushed, "I solve problems."

"Is that what I am?" The terrorist asked, more amused than he perhaps should be.

Tony still felt the gun in his back but knew from profiling his new 'friend' that honesty was the best policy. "No, you're a puzzle."

"Am I one you want to solve?" The terrorist challenged him.

Tony snorted, "You know all investigators, we like to solve all types of puzzles."

The terrorist had grabbed the box, using Ducky's diversion to clean the way. Tony knew he had a narrow opportunity. "So why a terrorist, the only way that would upset your father is if you're Israeli."

The gun pressed deeper into his back. "Shut up Anthony."

"Okay, my bad. You know it would be great to have a name, even a fake one to call you." Tony tried to probe, he'd made it clear he didn't expect to be given a real name.

"What so we can connect?"

Tony snickered. "That would be pretty pointless. I mean it would never work out you're a wannabe terrorist with possible daddy issues, and I am a Federal Agent we are moving in different circles."

"Do you have an answer for everything?"

Tony's grin spoke volumes. "Yeah, I usually do." They'd reached the entrance usually used by ambulances to and the van. This is how the bastard was leaving - exactly the way he came.

God, he wished his hands were free. 

"I wasn't going to let your arms be free to stab me, Anthony." He explained as if it was obvious.

"I look forward to our next encounter," Ari whispered in his ear, and cold clocked him. "Ari."


Kate was listening to Tony's frustration. "You would have stabbed him?"

Tony rolled his eyes, "I only had knives but he leveraged my good behaviour for Ducky and Gerald's life."

Gibbs butted in. "Thanks to Tony's quick thinking. He didn't get what he wanted."

"How did you manage that?" McGee asked, in awe that it hadn't turned into a bloody massacre.

Tony shrugged, "I low key flirted with him as much as his closeted ass could handle."

Gibbs snorted at the shocked look on Todd's and McGee's face. "What's the matter with you both?"

"It's just he is a man."

Tony looked affronted. "I'm all man."

"I think they meant your terrorist," Gibbs remarked, trying to hide his amusement.

Tony might have pointed out that it wasn't his terrorist but he knew it wouldn't make a difference. "Oh and his name was Ari, and I am pretty sure it's his real name."

"How do you know?" Tim asked, doubt clear in his voice.

"He whispered it as he cold-clocked me."

Kate didn't know what bothered her more. She wondered how well she would have dealt with being kept hostage in the Autopsy room. "A terrorist called, Ari. That is not vague."

If Tony didn't know better, he would think she was jealous. "Au contraire my junior agents. He is named Ari, and is also a graduate of Edinburgh Medical College."

"You can't possibly know that!"

Tony smirked. "We'll see, Ducky is running his contacts down."

"So how does a medical doctor trained there end up in Hamas?"

Tony didn't know how he knew this to be the truth, but he did. "Daddy issues, and Boss. He is not really Hamas, I would bet my piano on him being undercover."

To the junior agents, that sentence made no sense, but to Gibbs, it told him everything he needed to know. "Well, hell. Who do we know in Mossad?"

"I don't understand."

Gibbs waved a hand at them. "This is a field you will need to play catch up but DiNozzo has work to do right now so don't bug him."

The junior agents were wondering why Tony got to skate by on what they thought was charm. Today they realised it was more than that, and somehow how that hurt more.

The trouble was they were researching their charming mystery, Ari. Ari had a new fascinating target who his father had no control over. He wanted to go back to NCIS and pick up where he left off - only this time he would convince Tony to come with him.