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Mag7 Bingo Challenge 2017

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Five drabbles that complete the top line of my Mag7Bingo card:

Title: Lies and Half Truths
Characters: Josiah
Notes: Prompt: Josiah: Lies

There are lies and there are half-truths. As a preacher Josiah has heard them all but as he hears each confession he knows he must show compassion and give each sinner a chance to make amends and start their lives anew. He listens and tries not to judge, but he freely admits he is only human after all. He tries to direct, to lecture, or simply to offer a word of warning or advice. Josiah knows he cannot change anyone unless they are willing but he hopes his words reach them, if only to save their immortal souls from damnation.


Title: Swords and Guns
Characters: Buck and Nathan
Notes: Prompt: Buck and Nathan: Guns

Nathan had been a slave, and no slave could carry a gun. When his master needed a fencing partner Nathan learned fast. Steel became his weapon of choice, and he practised daily with knives and swords until he was as fast and accurate as any gunslinger. Buck only knew guns. He wasn't as fast as Chris or as accurate as Vin but he could hold his own in a fight. Teaching a beginner to fence would be hard especially with only days to learn what Nathan had spent years learning. To save his friend, he knew he had to try.


Title: Sibling Smiles
Characters: JD and Buck
Notes: Prompt: Secret siblings

Buck always wondered why he and JD had got on so well, right from the very beginning, looking upon the younger man like a little brother. It was a shock when they was sitting round a campfire one night and JD started to talk of his errant father. Buck had know of that man from his mother, before he found gold and took his riches back East. Buck knew he favored his mother in looks and on the following day he studied JD, seeing the similarities between them that might come from a shared father. They had the same smile.


Title: Go West, Young Man
Characters: JD
Notes: Prompt: JD: Getting lost in a book

JD's love of books had come from his mother. He had spent many a glorious hour lost within the pages of a dime store novel, reading of heroic deeds out West, of gunslingers, Indians, and cowboys. When his mother died leaving him penniless and alone JD knew could either find work in a factory or follow his dream and head West. The stagecoach fare cost him what little money his mother had left for him but as he stepped off in a rough frontier town he knew he'd made the right choice, beginning a whole new chapter of his life.


Title: Shame
Characters: Josiah
Notes: Prompt: Josiah: Confusion

The whiskey fogged his mind, numbing his thoughts and senses yet he could never escape the harshness of his youth and the pain of his sister, Hannah. The memories tore through him, dragging up the dirt of the past and leaving him raging and belligerent towards an uncaring father. When he awoke the following day the fog rarely cleared, leaving him confused yet ashamed of bad deeds and words hurled while in Pan's embrace. Each morning he swore he would not touch another drink, putting the past behind him so he could begin his life afresh. Every night he failed.