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m i n e

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You slept with Sans the fucking skeleton.


Hehe fucking 


You had woken up that morning and you were tangled in another person’s body. Sans body. He was holding you tightly, almost possessively. You looked around, realizing you were in his fucking bedroom. He had never let you go in there before, regardless of the fact you were close friends. The first thing that caught your eyes was the giant pile of dirty clothes on the floor. You quickly but carefully untangled yourself from his body, making sure not to wake him up in the process. He stirred a little, and let out a tiny growl before clinging to the comforter, obviously searching for you. You found your clothes on the floor, only your bra and underwear were torn to shreds. You quickly put on your shirt and pants, mourning the loss of your bra, and made your way out of the room. You tip toed downstairs and were met with Papyrus, who was watching Mettatons cooking show.


“OH, HELLO HUMAN... DID YOU SPEND THE NIGHT WITH MY BROTHER? YOU SMELL OVERWHELMINGLY LIKE HIM.” He asked you. You had a good friendship with Papyrus, him being your second best friend. You blushed and stuttered out an answer “Uh.. y-yeah. I’m gonna… gonna g-go home.” He shrugs and you quickly slide your shoes on and exit the house.


Now you were home, sitting in your bed, trying to remember everything that happened. You could only remember little bits and praises. The way his tongue felt, and the way his voice sounded…


But you couldn’t remember anything after he... entered your body. After he touched your soul. Your head hurt so bad, and your soul was aching and you didn’t understand any of it. Why couldn’t you remember? You felt weirdly sick, like you had the flu.


You felt a strange aching on your neck and looked in the camera in your phone.  There was teeth marks, and it was glowing with red . Okay, that’s gonna scar.


You jumped when your phone started ringing, Sans ringtone playing. You had him set to Boss Ass Bitch to piss him off one day, and you never changed it. You didn’t want to speak right now, so you let it go to voicemail. His voice made you ache. You had never been so anxious to hear him speak. 


“we need to talk. call me or I’m gonna come over. you have until 11.” His voice was sleepy and sexy. You looked at the time on your phone after the voicemail went away. It’s was 10:30. Shit. You shivered when a memory played in your mind.


“you're m i n e. all fucking mine... say it, kitten.” He whispered in your ear as he slammed into you at a perfect pace. You cried out in bliss and whimpered out “Y-yours…” and he chuckled deeply, praising you with neck kisses.


You whimpered when you pulled yourself out of the flash back, a deep blush on your face. His? It… it was a one night stand. Right? He didn’t… he didn’t want you. There’s no way he ever could. You were just… you.


You got up and put on some comfy sweat pants, along with a white tank top. Your hair was down and curly, and you had bed head but you didn’t care. He had seen you worse than this anyways. 


You heard an urgent pounding on your door, and you almost screamed. You slowly walk down the stairs and you suddenly don’t feel so sick anymore. You felt good. Like something was clicked back into place.


You opened the door and there he was. His face was flushed and he was in sweat pants like you, only he was wearing his jacket. He stared at you for a second, and it was like a flash of relief went over him. “hey…” he speaks softly, bringing his hands up to cup your face, cradling it. You felt yourself blush and say “H-hi?” this was very unlike him.


He looked like he was snapped out of a trance and he let go of your face. He shoved his hands back in his pockets and blushed. You moved to the side to let him in, and he accepted. He walked into your living room and sat down. This was nothing new, he had been there so many times.


You sigh softly as you shut the door. You walk into the living room and sat down on the opposite side of him.


“so, what, I got cooties now?” he asked you sarcastically, laying his chin into his hand. 


“N-no? Just… I don’t know. Just… shut up.” You stutter out feeling like an idiot. He was smiling, but it wasn’t his usual mocking smile, it was a smile with.. admiration. You looked at him for a second but you couldn’t keep his gaze, you looked down into your hands. He chuckled.


“W-What did you wanna talk about?” you ask him, looking around, basically everywhere but at him. His smile dropped a little and he scooted closer to you. You felt strange.


“...can I see your soul for a second, baby girl?” he asked you gently, his eyes soft. He had never called you that before, but you decided you liked it. It sounded so good coming from his lips. You nodded slowly.


He reached to your chest and pulled gently. Your soul came out, only… it wasn’t your soul? Your soul was usually pink for Euphoria, but now… in the middle of it was a red heart. It looked just like his, even with the small scar in the middle. He was smiling at it softly, and you wished you understood what was going on. “i fucking knew it.” He says softly under his breath.


Suddenly, he kissed your soul and you whimpered, clinging to his arm. He chuckled and returned your soul back to you. You whimpered as it reentered your body. He moved the hair out of your face and he kissed your forehead gently. “m i n e.” he practically growls against your forehead.


You quickly stood up, feeling very uncomfortable all of the sudden. Sans was always so cold and edgy, it was like he was a completely different person right now. He raised a brow bone at you. “Uh… I-I think I’m gonna get some water...” you say, and you quickly exit the living room, making your way to the kitchen. You could feel him staring at you as you disappeared.


You leaned against the counter as you sipped from the water bottle you got out of the fridge. This was really starting to freak you out. He was acting like you were dating… were you? What the fuck happened last night? Suddenly he walked into the kitchen and you were snapped out of your thoughts.


“sup?” he asked you, standing close to you. Closer than he usually would.


“N-Nothing…” you stutter out. 


He grabbed your chin and made you look at him. His eyes were intense and it felt like he was looking directly into your soul. You felt intimidated and weak in your knees. He pulled you into his arms and hugged you. You pressed your face against his chest and he hid his face in your neck, inhaling your scent. This was all way to intimate for friends.


You pull back and ask “Okay, s-seriously, what’s going on? You’re not acting like you.” He looked in your eyes again and spoke softly “what, you don’t like me like this? you don’t want me close?” he looked a little nervous for your answer.


“I-I… don’t mind, I just… I don’t get what’s going on.” You manage to stutter out, still unable to meet his gaze. He kisses your forehead and you get another flash back. 


“i want you closer…” he practically growled in you ear and it made you shudder. You clung to him tighter, trying to fulfill his wishes. He was at a steady pace and he was deep. He pulled out your soul and you whimpered, unsure of what he was doing. He made it levitate above both of your sweaty bodies and he pulls out his own. They both danced together above you and you watched in awe as your whole body pulsed with pleasure. He was moaning and grunting in your ear and you were so close.


You gasped a little, coming out of the flashback and he smiled at you. “our souls bonded babe. you’re all mine now. You don’t exactly have a choice anymore.”


You freeze and look up at him. He had a territorial look in his eyes and your neck ached. “O-our souls? Bonded?” he kissed your neck and made a “Mhm” sound. You knew about soul bonding from Alphys and Undyne back when they bonded.


“I-I never agreed to- Ahh-“ you were cut off by him sucking and nipping at your neck. It’s felt so fucking nice. His teeth went into the previous holes he made the night before, and you moaned loudly. He squeezed your hips and you clung to the back of his coat. He pulled away gently, licking the mark before resting his forehead against yours.


“yeah. yeah, you did. last night.”