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My Best Friend's Kid

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July 2017

“You alright?”  Robert kissed Aaron as he sat down.

“Yeah, now you’re here with me.” 

He smiled.   “Do you want to go for a pint at the pub?  It’s on me.” 

Aaron thought for a moment.   “We could take Vic and Adam with us.  They need some time out of the house.” 

“Yeah, shall I ring her now?”  He got out his phone as Aaron nodded to do so.   “Hi Vic…I was wondering if you and Adam want to come for a drink later with me and Aaron?    Yeah, 7 sounds good…Right, see ya then…”

He turned to Aaron.   “All arranged!” 

7pm soon came around as Robert and Aaron went into the pub to see Adam and Vic already there.   Adam looked drunk already and it wasn’t even the start of the night.

Robert tapped Aaron on the shoulder.   “Look at Adam.   He’s drunk already.” 

Aaron tried to smile.   “The man is allowed to have a life, you know.   He’s good for Vic.   They seem really happy together.” 

“I don’t care about that.   It’s just that the night hasn’t even started yet.” 

“Why?  Are you planning on having a huge booze up?” 

“Maybe, maybe not with Adam already being drunk.” 

Victoria came up to the bar and looked worried and concerned as she looked back at her husband.   She turned to Robert and Aaron with that worried look.

“He’s been in here since 5.  He hasn’t stopped drinking.  Aaron, can you have a word with him?”  She asked.

Aaron smiled, sympathetically.   “Yeah, I’ll try and make him see sense.” 

“Thanks Aaron.”  He left and she was left with her brother.   “Oh, Rob, I don’t know what to do anymore.”  She hugged him.

He wanted to know what was going on and let go off her.   “What’s happened?”

“It’s Adam.  He’s hurt after the sperm thing I told you about.  He can’t have kids.   He’s been this ever since.  He even kissed Vanessa.  I just forgive him and we agreed to move on.”

“He kissed Vanessa, again!   You’re kidding me, aren’t you?  You shouldn’t have to put up with that.” 

“You did the dirty on Aaron.  Just a few months back so don’t give me that.” 

“Yeah, but I didn’t go the full way with her.   She was faking her pregnancy.  Well, at least, faking that the baby was mine.” 

“Yeah, Adam didn’t go the full way with Vanessa.  And even if he did, that would be my choice whether or not I’d forgive him or not.” 

Robert was on protective big brother mode.   “Sorry, it’s just you’re my little sister and I want to look out for you.” 

She smiled.   “I know that, Rob and thanks for looking out for me.” 

Aaron was trying to convince Adam to calm the flow of drinks down.   “Look, Adam, you don’t have to get really drunk, mate.   Why don’t you slow down, hey?” 

“What?!  It’s my choice, mate.   Sorry, it’s just that if I want to drink myself to oblivion, that would be my choice.” 

“I’m just trying to help you.  I know you’re going through a hard time at the minute with the news.  But you don’t have to use drink to help.” 

Robert and Victoria sat down on the table.    Adam smiled to her.   “Hey, babe, where’s my drink?  You told me you were getting one for me.” 

“Oh, sorry, Adam.  I totally forgot about it.”  She knew by his face he didn’t believe her.   “Seriously, Adam, it’s the truth.” 

“Yeah right, babe.  You got Aaron here to stop me from drinking more.   It’s quite obvious, Vic.  Leave me to make my own mistakes.   You aren’t my boss.” 

“But you’re my husband.”  She said, upset in her voice.   “I love you, Adam and I don’t want you drinking yourself to death.” 

“Most lads my age would be out drinking most nights.  But since I married so young, I’ll never get to do that.” 

“So, you’re calling our marriage a sham now.”   Victoria pleaded with him to listen.   “Please, Adam, just listen to me.” 

“There you go again!”   He said, loudly, getting the pub’s attention.   “When I got married, I never thought it’d be with somebody who bosses me about.   Like a bossy cow.”    He then got up and walked out.   “I’ll see you at home, babe.”  He left the pub.

This left Victoria crying.   “He called me a cow.”  

Robert hugged her.   “It isn’t your fault, Vic.   It’s his.”  He was fuming by her husband’s behaviour.

“I know that, Rob.   But maybe if I didn’t push for a baby and even afterwards, I wanted to have a baby.   I was pushing for sperm donations or adoption.” 

“Vic, seriously, I’ll give him a good talking to tomorrow.   He might see sense.”  Aaron put his hand on hers.

“Thanks Aaron.” 

“I will too.   He needs a really good talking to.”    Robert piped up, wanting to get even with Adam for hurting his sister.

“No, Rob, I think it’s best if you don’t.   I don’t want fists involved or extreme words either for that matter.    He’s hurting.”   She warned him, not wanting her brother to get into trouble. 

“Alright.”  He sighed.   “Let’s leave it to Aaron.  If anybody can talk sense into him, it’s him.  They’re best mates.” 

“I’ll try my hardest.”  

“Hey, guys, is that spare room still going?   Maybe he might see sense if I don’t come home for the night.”   Vic asked, through her tears.

Robert smiled.   “Course you can, Vic.  I don’t think me and Aaron will have a bother getting it sorted for us.” 

“Do you want to go home now, Vic?  Maybe you can come home and we can make you something.” 

“You’re my best friends in the world.  Well, you’re my brother anyway.”   Vic hugged them both when they got up.

Little did she know how much they would get involved in this new situation…