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Saving Myself

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Blaine was sitting on the end of his bed, running a towel over his freshly washed hair. He couldn’t stop staring at the Nationals trophy that he and Sam had just rescued from Dalton. Something just didn’t seem right. As much as he wanted to believe the plan the two of them had come up with was what was behind things going so smoothly, Blaine knew it wasn’t. It had been almost too easy to get it back, like Clarington had just rolled over and said “Here, it’s all yours.” And what the hell was going on with Sebastian? Yes, he had said all of that crap about turning over a new leaf and being nice, but there was something else. Granted, he hadn’t seen the former Warbler captain since Regionals, but the boy he had seen the last couple of days was not the Sebastian Smythe he knew. Maybe his concerns about Sebastian were intertwining with his concerns about the trophy rescue.

“Dude, you weren’t lying about the curls, but they’re not as bad as last year’s prom” Sam had come out from the bathroom after changing out of his Blonde Chameleon costume “but is there something wrong with the trophy? You’re staring at it awfully hard.”

“No, there’s nothing. It’s just…I don’t know. Did that almost seem too…?”

“Easy? Yeah, I noticed that too” Sam agreed “Maybe it’s because Britt calls Dalton Hogwarts, and it’s not like I was expecting a giant three-headed dog to be guarding the trophy or anything, but yeah, I expected…well, more. What’s going on Blaine?”

“I don’t know. Something is just off” after seeing the concern on the face of the boy who was rapidly becoming a very good friend, he felt the need to add “And no, this has nothing to do with my almost returning to Dalton.”

“Ok, I believe you” and Sam did because he was having the same feelings about what had happened. He sat down next to Blaine and began to stare at the trophy as well “And what’s up with Sebastian?”

“Thank you! You saw it too?”

“Hell yeah, that person was not the Sebastian Smythe we knew last year. I mean it was like that Clarington dude had his hand up his ass and was controlling him like a puppet” The moment the words came out of his mouth a look of panic came across Sam’s face “Sorry man, I meant…you know, this has nothing with Sebastian being gay and didn’t you say that Clarington said that he wasn’t even remotely bi-curious?”

Blaine tried not to laugh as Sam tripped all over himself. He knew Sam wasn’t a homophobe and was trying to be “politically correct” so he didn’t take offence. He only hoped that someday soon Sam wouldn’t feel that he had to watch what he said around him so much “Sam, stop. I know what you mean. It’s ok and I agree with your comparison. There’s another thing I have been thinking about as well. Clarington said that Dalton brought him in because his military school glee club won their Regionals and earned a Presidential Honor. If they won their Regionals, shouldn’t they have competed at Nationals? And is that Presidential Honor even a thing?”

“I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah, that just doesn’t sound right either. What do you want to do?”

“I wish we just had more information” Blaine sighed as all of their questions really had him concerned.

“Well, I heard Marley and Unique talking and evidently Unique is some sort of computer genius” Sam offered “Maybe she could help.”

Blaine thought about it but even though Sam’s idea was a good one he knew they needed something more. He got up, walked over to his desk and grabbed his wallet, pulling out a business card “That’s a great idea but I don’t want to get any other New Directions members involved. Plus, I think this will get us answers faster” He picked-up his phone and dialed the number on the card.

“Hello Mr. Motta? This is Blaine Anderson” Sam’s eyes flew open. Why would Blaine be calling Sugar’s dad? Especially considering all of the rumors about the man. By the time Sam’s shock wore off it was obvious that he had missed most of the conversation. “Thank you Mr. Motta, I mean Robert. Yes, I’ll be waiting. Talk to you soon.” Once Blaine ended the call he immediately said “I can explain.”

“You’re a Made Man in the Motta Crime Family?” Sam asked half-jokingly.

“Ha ha” Blaine retorted, even knowing that there was possibly a sliver of truth in Sam’s question “Do you remember last year at Nationals when both Sugar and I sang in the chorus of Rachel’s solo?”

“Yeah, that shocked a lot of us. Her, not you of course.”

“I had been secretly giving her voice lessons pretty much since she came over from the Trouble Tones.”

That piece of information caused Sam to have an epiphany “That’s how she got you to be the surprise guest at her Valentine’s party.”

“Yes, anyway there wasn’t a lot I could do but I got her to where she could carry a harmony within a small group. When Mr. Schue gave her the part in the chorus she was so happy that her father told me if I ever needed anything to call.” Sam’s eyes flew open once again, but Blaine stopped that train of thought “Robert, Mr. Motta, is a lawyer. He does have a few other side businesses as well, one of them being a private detective agency. He’s got his guys looking into Clarington for me. He said that hopefully he would have some information in a couple of hours.”



“What are you going to do?”

Blaine let out a chuckle because he literally had not thought that far ahead “I don’t know. I guess I’ll figure out my next step when I get the information from Robert.”

“You know I’ll help you with anything you want to do.”

“I know Sam, but I have a feeling this is going to be much more involved than just getting the trophy back. We’re competing against the Warblers at Sectionals in three weeks and I think anything that Robert comes up with would be better coming from me than from “the New Directions”.”

As much as Sam didn’t want to admit it, he knew what Blaine was saying made sense “Ok…for now, but if you need me you have to promise that you’ll ask.” After Blaine agreed, Sam got up and grabbed his bag “Ok, I’ve got to get back to the Hudmel’s. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I will be once I hear from Robert. Thanks for everything you did for me today Sam. I wish there was a way to convince Finn to let us do Heroes at Sectionals.”

“I know! That would be so much better than…”

Blaine put up his hand to stop him “Don’t even say it. Just…don’t.”

Two hours later, Blaine found himself back staring at the trophy. He had just gotten off the phone with Robert and was shaken by what he had been told. Robert had not been concerned with what they had been able to find on Clarington, it was what they couldn’t find that was sending up red-flags. He then told Blaine that even though there probably wouldn’t be any answers until the next day, Blaine needed to think of someone he could trust with whatever they found out. Robert didn’t believe that that Clarington had been able to get himself into Dalton without at least some assistance from the inside, and most likely that assistance was from somewhere in the administration. Blaine reassured him that he knew someone and Robert promised to call him back before school even if there was no new information.

The minute he had hung up, Blaine texted Wes Montgomery since Wes’ dad was on Dalton’s Board of Governors. Wes had been the one person from his Dalton past that Blaine had not cut out of his life. Even though Wes had been pissed when Blaine transferred to McKinley, he had never felt abandoned like the others had.

Abandoned. “Holy fucking shit!” Blaine yelled out into his empty room. He had abandoned the Warblers in much of the same fashion that Kurt abandoned him. He had gone to McKinley and made a few attempts to keep in touch like inviting them to West Side Story but eventually he stopped. Hell, the Warblers had come and supported him at Sectionals and the only thing he did for them was tell Sebastian “Hey, congrats on the win” in passing. No wonder they had been so pissed at him that they agreed to the whole Slushie plan.

Now Blaine really had to talk to them. How could he have been so blind? He knew how, he had been looking at the world through Kurt colored glasses. Fuck! There was no way the guys were going to talk to him since he was pretty sure they all knew about the “No thanks” note by now. Fuck! Blaine started running his fingers through his hair in frustration. The action lifted his head back and broke his focus on the trophy. When he adjusted his gaze, he was now looking at the top shelf of his bookcase where all of his comic memorabilia was. Seeing this instantaneously brought an idea to mind, although it was really out there. He ran to his desk drawer and rummaged around for something he had put away the year before. A burner phone. Knowing the battery would obviously be dead, he let out a cheer when he found the charger right away. Even being on a direct electrical charge it took the phone a couple of minutes to power on. Ignoring the over 2,500 missed texts and 1,200 missed calls he quickly put in the three names he was looking for and sent a group text.

Out building 27. One hour. This is not a drill.

Blaine grabbed his keys and headed out the door, leaving the phone behind on the charger. He didn’t want to give those he had texted the chance to tell him no, even though by rule they couldn’t. At least he hoped that was still the case.

Light traffic allowed him to reach his destination much faster than he anticipated and he was relieved to see those that he had texted were already there. They just didn’t look very happy.

“Thank you for coming. I wasn’t sure that you would” Blaine admitted.

“Well, if Blaine would have texted we probably wouldn’t have, but since you did we didn’t have much of a choice now did we?” Jeff asked.

Oh yeah, this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Just tell us what you want” Nick’s tone demonstrated that his attitude was not much different than his blonde friend’s.

“You have anything you want to add Thad?” Blaine thought it would be better if he could assess how all three of them felt prior to getting started. When Thad refused to say anything, he got his message loud and clear “Fine, just tell me what the fuck is going on guys.”

“None of your business anymore” Jeff told him.

“Yeah, No thanks” Nick was quick to bring up, while Thad remained silent.

Blaine took a deep breath and just let it all out “Ok, sure, I said No thanks, but when I got home I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. Sam thought so too. It was almost too easy to get the trophy back. Clarington seemed to have put an awful lot of work into his plan for that to happen. It couldn’t have been an oversight. Then, Sam and I really got talking and began to question Clarington’s entire story. If his military school won their Regionals with Presidential Honors, why weren’t they at Nationals? So, I called in a favor and have a private detective looking into his story.”

“You did what!?!” the three Warblers yelled back. Well, at least Thad was talking to him now.

“Blaine, you can’t do this” Nick almost pleaded, which only ratcheted Blaine’s anxiety higher “And Sam knows? You have to keep him out of this.”

That last comment was the final straw for Blaine “What the fuck is going on? NOW!”

“We don’t know for sure” Jeff admitted in defeat “Hunter is scary Blaine. Like psycho scary, but the Head Master brought him in and after everything that happened with you last year, it’s like he’s had it out for the Warblers. It was our idea to try to get you to come back. We thought if we showed how we had worked things out with the New Directions everything could get back to normal.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Blaine was completely confused, and quite frankly, a little angry “The Head Master said there was nothing he could do to Sebastian because there was no proof and when did the Warblers and new Directions make nice? When I shook Sebastian’s hand at Regionals?”

“Ok, now what the hell are you talking about?” It appeared that Thad finally had something to say and he was MORE than a little angry “Sebastian turned himself in to the Head Master the next morning. He took all of the blame even though the rocks salt Slushie idea was mine and the rest of us talked him into doing it. We were still pissed that you left us for Hummel of all people.”

Blaine sat down on the ground before his knees gave out “He turned himself in? He took all of the blame? The Head Master knew?”

Jeff and Nick realized what was going on with Blaine, but Thad sure didn’t “Yeah, so Hummel and that Santana chick wasted their time getting that confession. I mean, they went through all of that for you to turn around and give the tape back to Sebastian. What the fuck, Blaine?”

Nick pushed Thad away “Shut the fuck up, Thad! Look at him. He obviously didn’t know.” Thad finally calmed down enough to realize what had happened. He wanted to say something, but what?

Jeff sat down on the ground across from Blaine “Blaine, you didn’t tell Kurt to give the tape to Sebastian, did you?”

When Blaine lifted his head, none of the three other boys were able to tell if his tears were from being sad, or from being really, really pissed off “I never knew there was a tape.”

“Holy fuck! I knew I never liked that asshole” Thad had always had a thing against Kurt since the whole “You mock us sir” incident. He and Nick sat next to Jeff and waited for Blaine to take the lead on what happened next.

Blaine took cleansing breaths to calm his nerves and stop his tears, which definitely were not from sadness “He knew how I felt about not having quote/unquote proof of what happened. He knew it! It’s not like I would have used it, but after what happened at Sadie Hawkins and no one being punished because there was no proof, I needed it, you know. He took that away from me. God, after all that I did for him. That I did to protect him. From the moment I met him, he was just so lost and broken, I couldn’t let what happened to me happen to him, you know?” Jeff, Nick and Thad each nodded as Blaine was making sure that he knew that they understood what he was trying to say. In fact, they probably understood things better than they had in a long time.

“What are you going to do now Blaine?” Nick asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll ask Sam tomorrow if he knows about the whole tape giveback…” Blaine stopped when the others started looking back and forth between each other “What else don’t I know guys?”

“Blaine, Sam knew. All of last year’s New Directions knew. All of us Warblers went to McKinley and had this big kumbaya moment with them. Well, actually we sang Black or White” Jeff explained.

“Except Sebastian” Thad corrected “He was still in I’m the asshole, blame me mode.”

Blaine tried to wrap his head around all of the information he had been given. None of this had been anywhere on his radar when he texted his three friends earlier. But now, now he found out Sebastian had taken responsibility and Kurt had done…done…oh hell, he couldn’t even think about that yet. He knew that there was going to be nothing he could do until he talked to Sam, but the original problem still needed to be dealt with and with that there was one question Blaine hadn’t asked yet “What’s going on between Sebastian and Clarington?”

“He’s still doing penitence” Thad huffed “Like we said, there is something bat-shit crazy about Clarington and Sebastian is either keeping the crazy down or away from us, one or the other.”

“I hate to tell you this” Jeff was trying to figure out a way to say what he needed to without Blaine blaming himself “After you turned us down today, Sebastian kicked Trent off the Warblers.”

Out of everything he had heard since he arrived, Blaine somehow found that the most shocking “Trent? Why Trent? And Sebastian said he wasn’t captain.”

“No, but he’s Hunter’s number two. All we can think of is something’s going down and he’s protecting him.”

“From what?” Blaine knew how much Trent loved being a Warbler, and this news was breaking his heart.

“Like we keep saying, we don’t know but think it’s going to be bad” Thad stated “Blaine, I’m an asshole, I admit it. And these two, while they seem like nice guys on the outside, they can push back when shoved. Trent? Well…”

“He’s a puppy” Blaine finished, finally understanding what the others had been inferring.

Trying to not be overwhelmed by everything, Blaine stood up and started to walk around. For the first time since he arrived he got a good look at the place, other than the Warblers’ Commons, that had been his sanctuary. He didn’t realize until that moment how much he had missed it, but being mindfully there gave him the clarity to understand what should happen next.

“Ok, this is what’s going to happen. I will keep you three informed about any information my contact gives me, but you guys have to keep me informed about what happens tomorrow especially with Clarington and Sebastian. Tomorrow when I go to McKinley, I’m going to let Sam know what’s going on. I know he is an outsider, but after everything you told me, I need someone I can talk to there and he’s not going to say anything. The same code of secrecy we share here, he and I share but through comics. Now, I’m assuming that since tomorrow is the Thursday before a four-day weekend, what we can’t talk about is happening.”

“We have no idea what you are talking about” Jeff said with a wide smile that was matched by the others. When the three of them had received the text earlier, this was what they had been hoping for.

“Fine, I understand, but say I was guessing that since this was the first four-day weekend of the year a King of the Mountain Challenge was made and knowing Clarington’s a self-absorbed douche, he made it. And say I wanted to get a hold of the Rules Council and claim a Legacy Exemption, but not talk about it or anything like that.”

Yup! This was exactly what they had wanted “Would you want to keep it secret, hypothetically speaking of course.” Nick wanted to know.

“I would have whoever put me down as Hugh Jackman, if I could talk about it ” Blaine said with a wink “And before you start to worry, I have spent A LOT of time in front of the heavy bag lately. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t know for a fact that I could kick his ass.”

The four talked for about another hour. Blaine told them about Kurt and the other guy as well as his text to Wes. Then they discussed a plan on how to secretly get Blaine into Jeff and Nick’s dorm room the next evening so he could prepare. For the first time in what seemed like forever, things felt right between the four of them which was why it was so hard for Blaine to leave. It was also why Jeff felt the need to say “Blaine, as much as we love the idea of what’s going to happen, you can’t do this to save us. You can’t do it for Sebastian either.”

Blaine turned back to look at them and said with complete sincerity “Guys, I promise that I’m not. If I am trying to save anyone, I’m trying to save myself.”



Couldn’t get it out of my head, so I'm just going to have to go ahead and write this. Let me know what you think.


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After returning the trophy to Finn and a rather awesome performance of Some Nights, Blaine updated Sam on all of his information, including what he had found out from Mr. Motta. Never the less, Sam still had questions. Blaine had no issues answering them especially since he and the Dalton guys agreed that it was for the best if he did.

“Ok, so why do you guys only fight the night before a four-day weekend?”

“Seriously? All that information and that’s your question?” Blaine teased “It’s because it gives facial bruising time to heal or at least lighten to where it can be covered with make-up before we go back to classes. We have a team that puts ice or even raw meat on fighters right away if necessary. We’ll have fights before longer breaks too, but only guys that are not immediately headed home can fight. By the way, we do have medical attention on stand-by in case of a bigger injury occurs.”

Blaine’s explanation made Sam laugh “Only you prep school boys would come up with a rule like that. Hell, only you guys would put rules on a fight club in the first place. Next question, did anyone here at McKinley, besides Finn, know about all of this?”

“Yeah, actually Puck, Dave Karofsky and a bunch of other jocks, but since they had actually seen me fight they had signed registration forms so they couldn’t talk about it without consequences. I’m pretty sure Dave didn’t recognize me at first, but when he went after me at that stupid Night of Neglect he finally did. He looked really glad that Santana had stepped in.”

For the second time in 24 hours Sam had an epiphany “That’s why you were never Slushied and neither was Kurt after he returned from Dalton. Yeah, there was that whole Prom Queen thing, but that was anonymous so people could get away with it. Is that why Karofsky agreed to that Bully Whips thing, to make amends so you didn’t kick his ass?”

“Maybe a little, but it was mostly Santana threatening to out him.”

“Wow, that takes on a whole new meaning with everything that happened” Sam stated while Blaine nodded in agreement. Sam’s next question was harder to answer “Blaine, what are you going to do about Kurt?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m so sorry for any part I played, but again I don’t think the rest of the New Directions knew what Kurt was going to do either.”

“Sam, you have nothing to be sorry about. As far as the others are concerned, I know in my head they probably had no idea, but…”

“Blaine, seriously, are you going to able to forgive them?”

“Again, all I can say is I don’t know. I can tell you that if last year’s team was still here I would most likely have left by now” Blaine admitted “I swear I have nothing against this year’s club” then with a smile he added “especially you. Finn is another story, but he and I always had problems.” After that bit of honesty, he stood up and announced “I better go so I can get ready for tonight.”

“I really wish you would let me go with you. You know I wouldn’t say anything.”

“Sam, I know but as I said before, someone could find out and this can’t be a New Directions vs Warblers thing. I’m the only one that no one would question being in both places. I promise that I will call you tomorrow and let you know what happened.” Sam remained worried but gave his friend a hug and let him go.

When Blaine reached Jeff and Nick’s room he was met with some bad news. The current King had been pissed that he had been bumped from his fight for a Legacy and had spoken out about it. Not only that but he had seen Blaine’s fake name and those people he told had figured out who was fighting. While the boys were still contemplating possible consequences for those that leaked the news, Blaine received a text from Sam. Evidently Puck was back in town and had invited Sam and Finn to come with him to watch the fights at Dalton.

“Guys this can’t happen. I have worked too hard to keep what’s going on here from the New Directions.” Most of the Warblers that were there didn’t know if Blaine being this pissed was a good thing or a bad thing. Good in that it was pumping up his adrenaline to fight Hunter, but bad in that it could become a distraction. However, those on the Rules Council knew it wasn’t an issue.

“Blaine this is not a problem” Jeff assured him “After an incident last year we instituted a rule that anytime a Dalton matter was being settled in Fight Club the gates would be locked and only Dalton students would be admitted. The gate guards have been verifying IDs all day so that no one without official business was able to get on campus. I also got a text from Jimmy saying that the Head Master left 20 minutes ago and he and Phil locked the gates. No one is getting in Blaine. Everything is fine.”

“That’s brilliant.” Blaine said probably a little louder than he wanted, but it showed how truly relieved he was “How did you get the guards to do that?”

“We asked nicely.”

While all of this was going on in Jeff and Nick’s room, Sebastian and Hunter were getting ready in theirs.

“You better not be lying to me Smythe.”

“I have told you a million fucking times that I don’t know who the fuck Wolverine is!” Sebastian was completely frustrated. Hunter had been harping on this ever since he found out that his original opponent had been replaced by this Wolverine “I only know of Wolverine because I overheard the Rules Council talking about him but they never mentioned his real name. He had already left before I got here. And you know I couldn’t ask anyone else because the first rule of Fight Club is…You. Don’t. Talk. About. Fight Club!”

“Fine, I believe you” Hunter relented “Now let’s get going. I want to place a bet before things get too crazy.”

“Are you really stupid enough to bet on yourself?” Sebastian asked. When Hunter didn’t answer an almost sickening feeling came over him “You better not be hopped up on steroids Clarington. I swear, if you are, I don’t care what happens to me. I will report you.”

“Oh for the love of god, I told you I wouldn’t when you came up with the idea to get the Golden Boy here, even though you wouldn’t actually participate. For your information, I haven’t shot up in five days. But remember, since your precious Blaine said No thanks, my plan for the Warblers starts Tuesday.”

Sebastian had hoped beyond hope that Blaine would have agreed to come back even though he knew it had been a long shot. Now he only had four days to come up with a plan to stop Hunter. He had gotten Trent out of the line of fire by kicking him off the Warblers, but he had no clue of how to protect the others.

As they headed out the door Hunter let out a snicker “You know Smythe, sometimes you forget that I am your fucking babysitter and not the other way around. Your dad may have been State’s Attorney but Mr. Flawless’ boyfriend, or is it ex, whatever, his dad is a fucking United States Congressman.” Hunter paused for a moment, knowing he had said something he shouldn’t have “You know what, forget it. Let’s go” and he started to walk again.

Sebastian wasn’t going to let it go, especially if Kurt Hummel involved, but he knew it would have to wait as he dealt with all of this other crap first. By the time he and Hunter were half way to where the fights were being held, they found it hard not to notice the large amount of boys headed in the same direction.

“Is it always like this?” Hunter asked.

“Yeah, but I can’t help but notice that these are only guys from Dalton. That’s unusual.” Actually it was very unusual but Sebastian didn’t want to say that out loud. No one had informed him that the fight was going to be locked down even though he was on staff. Something definitely didn’t feel right.

“Listen in on what people are saying” Hunter told him “Maybe we can find out what’s going on.”

Sebastian did just that but it was clear that the lack of outsiders was not what anyone was talking about.

“Is it really him?”

“That’s what everyone is saying.”

“I thought he was a myth. You know like an urban legend.”

 “Are you sure it’s the same guy? I find it hard to believe.”

“I can’t wait to see him kick that pompous douche’s ass.”

At the other end of the campus the crowd gathered on the wrong side of the locked gate had begun to clear out. However, the boys from Lima were walking the perimeter to see if they could find a way in.

“I can’t believe I came back from LA for this and we can’t get in” Puck grumbled.

“I know. This is bull shit!” Finn stated with a noticeable whine in his voice. Ever since Blaine had let it slip about Dalton’s Fight Club he had been wanting to see a fight. “Sam, you and Blaine broke in here to rescue the trophy. How did you do it?”

Sam tried to quickly come up with a reasonable answer so he wouldn’t have to reveal how they actually got in “First of all, Blaine was with me and he knew how to get in since he had gone here. Then there’s the fact that the place wasn’t locked down like a prison at the time.”

They were about to head back to the car when they saw a couple of other guys coming toward them from the opposite direction “Hey, I know this is probably a stupid question, but did you find anything?” Puck asked.

“Nah” one of the guys said “Nothing. Plus, they have security walking the grounds.”

“Well shit. That settles that” Puck huffed in frustration “Now we have to drive all the way back to Lima. Fuck!”

“At least we live here in Westerville. By the way, I’m Toby and this is Wyatt.”

“Puck, Finn and Sam”

“Nice to meet you and too bad you drove all this way. We heard there’s some serious shit going down tonight” Wyatt informed them.

“How can you talk about it?” Sam asked, but then wondered how they could possibly know what was happening and decided that he should probably listen to what they were going to say.

“We never signed the blood oath.”

“It’s not a blood oath, it’s just a registration form” Puck slapped his hand over his mouth once he realized what he had said.

Finn went wide-eyed and turned to his best friend “You’ve been to a fight before?! When?! With who?! Where was I?! What the fuck dude?!”

“Um, yes, junior year, with some of the guys from the football team, you were having sex with Sam’s girlfriend.” That answer stopped any further questions.

Now both of the Westerville boys went wide-eyed, but Sam didn’t care (Well, maybe he cared a little. He had really liked Quinn). “So, how do you know what’s going on?” he asked “You obviously don’t go to Dalton or you would be inside the gate.”

“One of our friends graduated from here. We all got drunk one night this summer and he told us what goes on. He about had a panic attack the next morning when he realized what he had done” Wyatt told them.

“We never promised not to talk about it, but we did promise to never use his name if he let us know when the next fight was” Toby added.

“So, you’re blackmailing your friend” Finn pointed out.

“Well, you slept with your friend’s girlfriend.”

Since there was no real way to respond to that, Sam knew he had to get the conversation back to Fight Club so he could find out more information from their new acquaintances “Whatever, water under the bridge (mostly). What I want to know is what’s going on behind that gate.”

Puck held up his hand to stop the others from starting “Finn, Sam, I can’t stop these guys from telling you about Fight Club. If they want to take their lives into their own hands that’s none of my business. However, I have signed the registration so I can’t talk about it. Also, since you haven’t signed the registration and I brought you here, I am responsible for your silence. If you talk about this to anyone and it gets back to me, I will pay the consequences just like their friend will when people find out they’re talking.” Puck then turned to the others and said “And I assure you, the club’s Rules Council will find out.” Once he felt they had all been sufficiently warned he asked “Now, are you still sure you want to do this?”

When they all nodded, Puck waved his arm as a sign for the two Westerville guys to begin.

“So, Dalton Fight Club is like a ladder. You win, you go up a step. You lose, you go down. On top of the ladder is the King. If the King doesn’t have someone to fight one night, anyone who transferred to Dalton in either their Junior of Senior year can call for a King of the Mountain Challenge. If he wins, he pushes the King off the top and becomes the new King” Wyatt explained.

“Your saying there’s a King of the Mountain Challenge tonight?” Finn tried to clarify what they were talking about since it was a lot of information to sort out.

“Yes” Toby confirmed “But the King was told he wasn’t fighting tonight. He got pissed and told a bunch of people which is probably the reason for the lockdown.” Sam noted that they were wrong about the reason for the lockdown, but that had been the only thing they got wrong.

“The reason he was bumped was for what’s called a Legacy Exemption. A King in good standing that had to leave Dalton before he graduated becomes known as a Legacy. When he leaves he’s given an Exemption. The Legacy can come back and play that Exemption at any time. No questions asked. That’s what happening tonight in the King of the Mountain Challenge.” Then Toby added “We did a lot of digging around and found out that there is only one Legacy at this time. We couldn’t find out his real name, but we know he fights under the name Wolverine.”

Puck tried very hard to not show any sign of how surprised he was since he knew Wolverine was the name Blaine fought under.

Sam tried very hard to not show any signs of how concerned he was since he knew Blaine and the other guys in Fight Club had a huge problem on their hands.

They had a leak.

At the same time that Sam was learning about the leak, Sebastian and Hunter finally reached where the fights were being held. There was a huge line to get in due to the fact that everyone that was not a fighter or staff had to show their Dalton picture ID to get in. There were no exceptions. One of the guys at the door had even sent away his own roommate who had forgotten his ID.

Since Sebastian was staff and Hunter was fighting they got in pretty easily and when they did they both headed over to the betting table. Hunter wanted to make his bet and Sebastian was supposed to work the table but when he got there he was informed that his assistance wasn’t necessary.

“So, you’re not working? That means you can bet on me.” Hunter said when found out.

“I didn’t bring money asshole because I thought I wouldn’t be able to bet” Sebastian was getting frustrated. He knew something was going on that he didn’t know about. As soon as he could ditch Hunter he was going to find out exactly what it was.

“Well, I brought money” Hunter pulled a huge wad of cash out of his jacket pocket.

“Holy fuck, Clarington! Put that shit away. How much did you bring?”

“Ten G”

Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair and let out a deep breath “You brought ten thousand dollars to bet on yourself. That was probably the most asinine thing you have ever done and that’s saying a lot.”

“Aw, and I was going to buy you something pretty with my winnings” Hunter said with a wink before leaving to go back to the betting table.

Once Hunter was gone Sebastian went to look for Thad. By the time he found him some of the undercard fights had already taken place. “Thad, what the hell is going on. Why was I told I wasn’t needed to work tonight?”

“The guys and I thought you would enjoy a night off.”

“Funny Harwood. Try telling the truth this time.”

“Ok fine. The guys and I thought you would enjoy watching your supposed best friend get his ass kicked.”

“You have that much faith in this Wolverine guy?” Sebastian asked in disbelief.

Thad could not hold back his smile “Let’s just say I put a thousand bucks down on Wolverine to win. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s about time for the main event.”

Since he had a good view of the fight area, Sebastian stayed where he was. It seemed like it took forever, but finally it was time for the fight. However, before things could start Jeff came out and announced that the King had been stripped of his title and all Fight Club privileges. When he was finished, Thad came out to introduce the fighters. Sebastian had to laugh when no one said a thing during Hunter’s introduction, but when it was finished a low and slow chant begun.

“Wol-ver-ine! Wol-ver-ine! Wol-ver-ine!”

The crowd kept up the chant but it became louder and faster. When Wolverine finally entered the area, the crowd went nuts. They were obviously all there to see him and he understood why. Wolverine absolutely oozed sex and Sebastian had no idea how he was going to watch this guy fight without literally coming in his pants.

Everything about Wolverine turned Sebastian on. The boy had a head full of soft brown curls that he could feel his fingers itching to get a hold of. He wasn’t wearing a shirt which showed off his lean, toned upper body. He had a hint of washboard abs, defined but not crazy. On top of all of that, he was wearing the tightest pair of three-quarter length sweat pants (hell, they were practically leggings) that accentuated this perfect a…

Sebastian froze, remembering a time when he told a boy that he would recognize his hair anywhere. That was a lie. It was the boy’s ass he would recognize anywhere. The ass that was 100 feet away from him getting ready to fight his psychotic roommate.

Blaine Anderson was Wolverine.

Chapter Text

Blaine Anderson is Wolverine.

That realization turned Sebastian from horny to panicked in an instant. He took-off towards Blaine but a hand grabbed his arm and stopped him after only a few steps.

“Sebastian, you have to let Blaine do this” Trent told him in the way that only he could.

Tears came to Sebastian’s eyes as he practically begged to be let go “Trent, I can’t see him fall to the ground like that again. I can’t hear him scream out like that again. I ran away last time. I won’t do that again. You have to let me stop him.”

“You’re not running away” Trent assured him as his tears had finally begun to fall “You’re letting him do what he needs to do. Sebastian, we’ve all known that you have been in love with Blaine since the moment you saw him and it broke you when Slushie-gate happened. This is his way of bringing you back to us. You have to trust him and you have to trust us that we would never let Blaine be hurt like that again.”

Sebastian wiped his eyes, took a deep breath and then gave his friend a small smile “Damn, you all picked the right guy to stop me. If Thad would have said that crap to me I would have punched him.”

“Well, you’re in the right place for that” Trent teased “Come on, let’s see our boy do his thing. Besides singing of course.” The two of them got settled just as Blaine and Hunter started to circle each other. Everyone knew that meant it was time for the trash talk to begin.

“Well Anderson, you’re the infamous Wolverine. I’m kind of surprised you agreed to this.”

“I don’t see why, Clarington."

“Look at you and then look at me. I’ve got you by at least 6 inches and 15 pounds. Plus, I went to military school where they trained us to fight in war. What are you going to do? Sing me into submission?” Fuck, Hunter’s right. Blaine is a lot smaller than he is.

Blaine laughed “Do you know why they call me Wolverine? It’s not after the X-man.” Really? “It’s because even though I may be small, when I fight I am like a vicious animal. I have no worries about you.” Oh my god, I am sooooooo turned on right now.

“Oooooooowwwwwwwww!” replied the crowd, appreciating the zinger that Wolverine had gotten in.

“Then why are we wearing these boxing gloves?” Shut up dickwad. You are not hurting my B’s beautiful face.

“I’m a musician asshole. I need my hands and I don’t know what damage punching your face 40 or 50 times will do to them.” What do you know? Who knew Blaine could be such a bad ass? Well, I guess that would be practically everyone but me.

“Oooooooowwwwwwwww!” Same response from the crowd, but they all agreed that come back was better than the first.

Thad stepped between the fighters as he was their referee. “OK, you agreed to the terms of the fight. No rounds. No clocks. Victory by submission, knock out or disqualification. The officials the two of you agreed to are myself and there, there, there, there and there. Any of us can call a foul but at least one other official must agree with it. Agreed?” Leave it to prep school boys to set up a fight club with disqualifications and officials.

When both fighters acknowledged the officials, Thad continued “Since this is a King of the Mountain Challenge the only fouls are blows to the throat or crotch. First offense is a warning. Second disqualification.” With everything explained, Thad stepped back to let the trash talking resume.

“Who wrote such stupid rules?” Hunter complained “The throat and crotch should be fair game.”

“Hey, I wrote those rules. What can I say? I sing and I’m a teenage boy so those particular body parts are very important to me. Besides from what I’ve heard, due to your shall we say extra-curricular activities, crotch shots won’t be an issue because, you know, shrinking reasons.” Shit! Blaine knows about the steroids!

The crowd didn’t respond that time as they tried to figure out what Wolverine was talking about.

“I can tell you that I have absolutely no issues in that area” Hunter smirked.

Blaine took a couple of steps closer to his opponent and replied “Not even remotely bi-curious my ass. Oh, and by the way, how’s the pussy?” Fuck! Things just got real. Bad ass Blaine is my hero!

That time the crowd just responded with laughter. Even they knew how much what Wolverine said would piss off Hunter. Plus, they all hated that damn cat.

“Enough talking! I’m going to kick your ass!” Yup, he’s pissed!

“Not going to happen.”

 Hunter took a swing at Blaine but he was able to get out of the way before it hit. Then they really started to have at it. This wasn’t one of those fights where the participants took some time to feel each other out. Blaine got in a few good body blows before Hunter landed his first punch. Sebastian groaned every time Blaine took a hit which made Trent think that maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all. What Trent didn’t realize was that Sebastian actually groaned because he was so fucking turned-on watching Blaine that he was trying everything possible to stop his oncoming erection. They weren’t working.

Sebastian was sure he had finally discovered where the title Sex on a stick came from.

The way that Blaine’s curls were slicked down by sweat was driving him crazy. Also, the sweat was not just in his hair but all over his body and it literally made his skin glow. What would it be like for Blaine to look just like that only naked and riding me like a race horse in the Kentucky Derby?

Then there was the way his normally bright, shiny eyes were dark and dangerous and how whenever he landed a good punch the right corner of Blaine’s mouth would go up causing an evil smirk. I wonder if he would make that same face if I was sucking his cock?

Last but not least, the way every muscle in Blaine’s compact, perfect body would ripple when he threw a punch or just moved around the area. Damn, I just want to run my tongue over every inch of him.

A thud pulled Sebastian out of his masturbatory fantasies. Every dirty thought he had had left him as he and Trent started to push their way through the crowd. When they finally reached the fight area they saw a body lying on the ground. It wasn’t Blaine. Blaine was standing off to the side as Jeff removed his gloves and Thad waved smelling salts at Hunter.

He was the most beautiful thing that Sebastian had ever seen.

None of them said a word but Jeff stepped aside to let Sebastian stand in front of Blaine. They stared at each other for a minute before Blaine asked “If we went back to your room to talk would your roommate be an issue?”

“My roommate is over there lying unconscious on the ground.”

“Good, let’s go.”

They just left, not even saying a word to their friends. None of them cared. Blaine and Sebastian were talking again and that’s all that mattered. When they reached the room Sebastian locked the door in case Hunter returned, but Blaine knew that wasn’t going to be an issue.

“So, what do you want to talk about Blaine?” Sebastian asked. He looked Blaine in the eyes and noticed that they were dark and dangerous like they had been during the fight. Sebastian hoped that meant what he thought it did.

“I don’t want to talk.”

“Oh, thank god” and in an instant the two of them crashed into each other with lips, tongues and hands going everywhere. Since Blaine had been pretty much naked to begin with and his sweats and underwear came off in one fell swoop, getting Sebastian to the same condition became the priority. Less than a minute later they were both naked. However, now they had calmed down, each taking in the sight of something they had dreamed about in the past.

Blaine broke their connection when he walked over to Sebastian’s bed (giving a little ass wiggle for affect) and sat down in the middle with his back against the headboard. He looked over at Sebastian but then stared down at his own cock. He then lifted his gaze back up before he asked…

“What are you waiting for?”

Evidently nothing for in a flash he was also on his bed with Blaine’s cock in his mouth and his hands sliding under him so he could grab ahold of that perfect ass he had been staring for so long. Once Sebastian gained a rhythm, Blaine’s fingers found a way to became entwined in his hair. He pulled a little too hard, but Sebastian didn’t care. That slight pain along with fact that he had Blaine Anderson’s cock down his throat was giving him more pleasure than he had ever known.

He had been so hard for so long that he reached down to take care of himself, but Blaine stopped him “No Bas, hold on. Let me take care of you. I’m going to…Oh, fuck!”

He had said earlier that Blaine, after he knocked out Hunter, was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen but he was wrong. Blaine’s face while riding out an orgasm was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

A couple of kisses later and Sebastian couldn’t take it anymore “Killer, I’m so close. Please, it won’t take much.”

Blaine moved over to lay on his side and Sebastian did the same but made sure they were face to face. Blaine took his fingers and lightly moved them up and down Sebastian’s abs and inner thighs, never touching the one spot that Sebastian needed him to. “About that” Blaine said while never losing eye contact “You see, I just remembered how you spent the last year teasing me.”

That brought out a rather impressive moan from Sebastian because he didn’t like the sound of where this was going.

The fingers kept lightly touching, moving closer, but still not reaching where Sebastian needed them to be. Blaine rolled his eyes up to make it look like he was thinking and then he began to list “The whole bashful schoolboy thing, super hot!”


“Dancing at Scandals”


“I want you back.”


“Glad you came.”

“Blaine, pleeaassse!”

“Let’s not even mention the number of times I caught you staring at my ass.”

“Killer, please, please, I have to come!”

Blaine took hold of his chin and made Sebastian look him in the eyes. Then in a low, authoritative voice said “You can come Bas. You can come right now.” And he did. The best orgasm of his life and it happened without his dick being touched even once.  

As Sebastian laid there in his blissed out state, Blaine went to his bathroom and brought back towels to clean up with. He then sat down on the edge of the bed and took Sebastian’s free hand in his “I hate to do this, but I really need to get back to Nick and Jeff’s to change. There’s still a lot that needs to be done.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t I tell you? As soon as Hunter can make it back to the main building he’s being arrested.”

That information brought Sebastian to his senses “Um, no! I think I would have remembered that!”

“Evidently Hunter did go to a military school in Colorado until he was kicked out for pushing steroids…eight years ago. Since then he’s been in and out of jail for dealing drugs, but was somehow able to forge a birth certificate and academic transcript to get accepted here.”

“How the hell did you find all of this out?”

“When Sam and I came back here to get the trophy we both felt something was strange about Hunter so I got a private detective to look into it.”

“Killer, you and Sam were here yesterday.”

“I got a good private detective.”


“Ok, Robert Motta got me a private detective.”

Sebastian was floored “You went to the mob to investigate Hunter?!”

“Robert’s not in the mob. He’s a lawyer with a few side businesses. His daughter Sugar is in New Directions and I gave her voice lessons. He said if I ever needed a favor to call him so I did.”

Sebastian put his hands on Blaine’s cheeks, gave him a kiss and then brought their foreheads together “Blaine, I have always known you’re amazing, but everything you’ve done for the Warblers, for me…I just can’t thank…”

Blaine interrupted him before he could go any further “None of that. Seriously. Are we ok?”

“Absolutely” Sebastian said with a wink.

Blaine took a deep breath and then brought their hands back together “Bas, we need to talk about what happened here.”

Play it cool, Smythe. He just wants to talk. Ok, say something…“Bas?”

“Is that ok?”

“It’s great. Now what about what happened here?” Please don’t say it was a mistake…Please don’t say it was a mistake.

“When I finish a fight I always have extra energy, adrenaline that I have to get rid of. I just wanted you to know that I have never done anything like this before. I don’t regret what happened…Hell yeah!’s just that I have come off a spectacularly bad break-up with Kurt…Grrr, Hummel…and I need to find myself, save myself, before moving on. I just don’t want to lose you again while I’m doing that.”

“Killer, from what I’ve seen the last couple of days you are well on your way. I promise I will stay firmly in the friend zone for as long as you need me to. Even if that is forever.” Please don’t let it be forever.

“But you’d like the Blaine from earlier to come out and play every once in a while.”

“Not denying that” Sebastian said with a smile that brought out a very noticeable blush to Blaine’s cheeks.

“Damn Killer, how can you go from sex god to bashful schoolboy in five minutes?”

Blaine answered with a shrug “I don’t know. I’m just really talented.”

The next few days were extremely busy for Blaine. So busy that he and Sebastian were only able to text, which they did it several times a day. The one phone call that he did make was to Jeff to tell him about what Sam told him. Someone was leaking information about Fight Club and there were a couple of assholes out there somewhere that were talking.

Tuesday morning before classes resumed, the Warblers were summoned to meet in the commons. The Fight Club Rules Council (with newly added member Sebastian) met there a half hour early to discuss what Sam had told Blaine.

“So, all we know is that two guys named Toby and Wyatt know practically everything about Fight Club which they supposedly learned from a drunk friend that went to Dalton” Sebastian was trying to get the facts straight since he was new to this. Like last night Jeff, Nick and Thad showed up at his room and said “Hey, want to be on the Fight Club Rules Council?”

“We also know that Toby and Wyatt live in Westerville” Jeff added “We don’t know their last names or if they went to school at Westerville High but if they did when? Sam tried to get their license plate number, but by then it was too dark. I’m really glad we told Blaine to go ahead and fill Sam in on everything going on.”

“Speaking of Sam” Sebastian was glad he had been given an opening “do any of you know if…”

Thad started to laugh “You can chill out Sebastian. Sam is totally straight and has a girlfriend named Brittany. He and Blaine are just friends but for some reason call themselves Blam.”

That made Sebastian feel much better but he couldn’t help but add “Shame. Such a waste of those god given lips.”

By this time the rest of the Warblers had arrived so they all took a seat and waited for the Head Master. However, that was not the man who came.

“Good morning boys. Many of you have already met me, but for those that haven’t my name is Wesley Montgomery Sr. and I am a member of the Dalton Board of Governors. Now let’s get down to business because there is a lot of it to cover. First of all, yes, Hunter Clarington is a 25 year old drug dealing ex-con that was arrested Thursday night on several charges that we will not be discussing but you could probably find out on the internet. Also, Head Master Williams has been fired and may face prosecution for his role in Clarington’s crimes. I will be acting Head Master until a permanent replacement can be found.”

“We are advising everyone to not talk to the press, of which there is a lot of outside of the gate. Those of you that are under 18 cannot be interviewed without parent permission so just say that. For those of you that are over 18, we cannot tell you that you cannot speak to them. Just know that if you do it will be frowned upon.”

The boys all looked at each other in disbelief. This shit had gone much deeper than they thought.

“That is what we will be telling the entire student body. Now for you Warblers. The Board of Governors have spent hours this weekend not only talking to many of you but also your parents, former students and members of the community. After gathering copious amounts of information, we determined that everything that happened could be traced back to the incident known as Slushie-gate.”

Those that had been there glanced over at Sebastian who looked completely defeated. Without saying a word, the rest of them decided that Sebastian had been punished enough and if they had to go down, they would go down.

“Let me tell you, none of were happy to hear about this, but we have determined that no further punishments will be administered concerning that issue.”  

The expressions of relief on the boys’ faces didn’t go unnoticed, but Mr. Montgomery wasn’t finished “However, any Warbler that was at Slushie-gate will remain on probation for the rest of the academic year. If you have no further troubles the incident will be erased from your permanent record. If you have further troubles Slushie-gate will be held against you also. I will also tell you that no mention of the incident will show up on the official transcripts we send out with your college applications unless you have a second offense.”

That earned an audible sigh of relief from those involved.

“Now for you Mr. Smythe” Sebastian sat up straight hoping that if they were going to punish him they would do it individually and not in front of his friends. The other boys sat up straight also, once again ready to take the blame they felt they had deserved in the first place.

“While we question the decisions you made, many people came to speak to us on your behalf. We are officially reinstating you as captain of the Warblers.” A cheer went up from the boys as they all jumped out of their seats to congratulate Sebastian. The cheer was so loud that they almost missed it when Mr. Montgomery once again said “However”.

But they didn’t miss it so they quieted down and faced their acting Head Master “However” he repeated “So that there is a system of checks and balances within the group we are appointing you a co-captain.”

“Who?” Sebastian asked.


The Warblers turned around to see who had said that. They were in a state of shock except for one boy who managed to smile as he watched his co-captain straighten his red and blue striped tie.


Blaine Warbler had returned home to Dalton.

Chapter Text

Three days before Sectionals, Blaine found himself in a back corner of the Dalton library trying to finish his paper on the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution. He had known that he would be behind academically from his time at McKinley but hadn’t anticipated that it would be this hard to catch up. Of course, all the time he spent prepping for Sectionals didn’t help. It also didn’t help that there was a huge fucking mess to clean up after what happened with Hunter.

2 Weeks Earlier

Sebastian and I decided, well I decided but Bas agreed, that there is no way we are singing Whistle at Sectionals. Dalton has enough PR problems without a bunch of boys getting on stage and singing about blow jobs—Shut up Thad! We thought maybe we could chose songs that had been put together already but never performed in competition. If we did something like that we could just tweak the harmonies and dances and not have to start from scratch. Well, the new guys and I may have to start from scratch, but you know what I mean.

The other thing that didn’t help Blaine was the complete shit storm that followed after the Old New Directions found out about his transfer. However, that had probably been his own fault.

Day after Blaine’s Transfer

“Everybody at McKinley already knows but I guess I could announce it on Facebook since I need to change my relationship status anyway.”

Thad started to laugh “What are you going to change it to? Fucking Sebastian Smythe like a porn star?”

“Fuck off Harwood!” Sebastian snarled at his new roommate “Remember, you share a room with me now and you’re a heavy sleeper. Do you like your eyebrows?” He had to defend Blaine’s honor after all, or at least appear to. He actually kind of liked the idea of Blaine making that his new relationship status.

Sebastian’s threat didn’t stop Thad’s laughter “Hey, my old bed backed up onto the same wall as your bed does and the walls are very…very…thin.”

There had been an issue when Blaine moved into the dorms. The only open bed at the time was Hunter’s, but Blaine and Sebastian had sworn that it wouldn’t be a problem since they were firmly in the quote/unquote friend zone. Despite their assurances, that first night Blaine paid back the blow job Sebastian had given him after his fight. That resulted in Sebastian paying Blaine back for that blow job and so on (and then several more so ons), which led to a late night and many trips to the coffee cart the next day. That evening Blaine and Thad received permission to switch rooms, so Thad moved in with Sebastian and Blaine moved in with a Warbler named Doug.

In the end, Blaine chose to keep “his announcement” simple.

Blaine Anderson: Co-captain of the Dalton Academy Warblers with Sebastian Smythe

Relationship Status: Single

Maybe mentioning Sebastian had not been the best idea.

Blaine had been so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when Sebastian sat down across from him at the library table.

“So how many texts today?” Sebastian asked.

“47 so far”

“All from Hummel?”

“No, I had one from Santana promising to Go all Lima Heights on his ass if Kurt tried to talk to me at Sectionals. Everyone else seems to have settled down at least for now.”

“I still find it strange that Santana has been the one from the old group that has been the most supportive.”

“It’s Brittany, Sam’s girlfriend. Even though she and Santana are not a couple anymore they’re still close.”

“Did you tell Santana about what Sammy boy said to Gay Face?”

“Oh yeah, and her response was almost as good as yours.”

20 Minutes after Blaine’s Facebook status change

Sam left his room to go to the kitchen and get a snack. When he passed Finn’s room he had to stop and laugh because Finn was on the phone, pacing the floor and saying one thing again and again…

“Kurt, calm down!”

Sam thought he’d try to help Finn out. He wanted to tell himself it was because he was a good person, but in reality this was just too damn funny to pass by. Plus, he was fairly certain that Blaine would be interested in what Kurt had to say. He knocked on Finn’s door to get his attention and motioned for him to put his phone on speaker. “Kurt, I don’t know why Blaine changed his Facebook status to single.” Sam shot up his eyebrows and mouthed W…T…F while Finn shrugged to acknowledge he was confused as well “Why don’t you ask Sam?”

“Why would I ask Sam? He and Blaine don’t even like each other.”

“Actually Kurt, Blaine and I have become good friends.”

“Is that you Sam?”

Sam tried to prevent himself from rolling his eyes because he had a feeling that if he rolled them every time Kurt said something stupid he would get a headache “Yes Kurt, it is. Finn put me on speaker figuring I would have more answers about Blaine considering we have become good friends ever since we ran for student government together.”

“You ran for student government with Blaine? Did you win?”

Once more Sam glanced over at Finn who just shook his head in disbelief “Yes Kurt, I became Blaine’s vice-president when he was elected president which you would have known if you would have answered any of the calls he made or texts he sent. I mean the poor guy was at our victory party trying to tell everyone that you were off planning his Inaugural Ball when we all knew differently since he looked so disappointed. I can’t tell you the number of people I had to convince that you were busy and not being a jealous petty bitch because he won and you didn’t the year before.” No one had actually said that, but after he finally got Blaine to talk about Kurt not taking his calls, Sam formed his own opinion on the situation.

Finn hurried to pick up his phone and then took it off speaker “Kurt, Sam had to go.”

Sam had wanted to find out information for Blaine, but DAMN that felt good. It felt even better when he called Blaine and was reassured that he had done the right thing.

“I was amazed you didn’t hyperventilate from laughing so hard when I told you.”

“What can I say? It was funny” Sebastian said, smiling at the memory “And I like that your whole bad ass attitude seems to have rubbed off on your friend Sammy. I still think that after Sectionals, you and I should take him dancing.”

“That’s not happening Bas.”

“Why? Straight guys go to gay bars all the time.”

Blaine looked over at his friend(?), friend with benefits(?) and chuckled “You want to take a straight guy with those lips, a guy Santana refers to as Trouty Mouth, to Scandals?” 

They were interrupted when Blaine received yet another text from Kurt. “You want me to text him back for you Killer? It might stop him for at least a while. I could say something on how he couldn’t find the time to talk to you for weeks but now can’t stop trying to contact you.”

“Thanks, but the last thing I need is to set him off even more. Our set list will take care of that.”

“Did you tell Santana, Sam or any of the other New New Directions what we’re performing?”

“No. When I told the club that I was transferring we agreed to not discuss Sectionals and we have done a really good job of keeping things separate. And Santana? Seriously?”

Sebastian smiled what Blaine referred to as his Old Sebastian smile (kind of snarky, almost evil) “It is an interesting set list.”

“Yeah, but thankfully the Show Choir Officials dropped the International element” Blaine hoped the New Directions had gotten rid of their International element as well “I’m still worried about what Santana will think of the second song, but I’m actually more worried about what the former Warblers will say.”

“It’ll be fine. You called both Wes and David and got their blessings. Wasn’t David’s response Oh, hell yeah! Abso-fucking-lutely! If anyone wants to bitch about it, they’ll fucking have to deal with me?”.

When Blaine’s phone went off with another text alert from Kurt, Sebastian had to physically restrain him from throwing it across the room “Killer, what’s really going on here?”

Blaine threw back his head and then let out a huff “It’s just everything. It’s Kurt being an ass and I’m worried about how he’ll treat Sam when he’s here for Thanksgiving. I’m worried about the backlash from our performance and you know there will be one” he then brought his head down and turned his laptop around to show Sebastian “and last week Mr. Jordan assigned a 12 page paper due tomorrow and I only have 8 pages done.”

Sebastian read what Blaine had written “Why didn’t you ask for my help? You know members of my family were the only royals that survived the French Revolution.”

“I know Bas, but I have to prove to myself that I can keep up with the Dalton curriculum” Blaine admitted “I’m just frustrated and I want to go punch the bag but I can’t because I could pull a muscle and we really bumped up the dance steps on Dark Side.”

That is when the Old Sebastian smile came back again “You know Killer, I can help you with your…stress.”

Blaine shook his head at the comment, but did flash Sebastian’s favorite BSBL (bashful schoolboy look) “We agreed that wouldn’t happen anymore after Trent caught us.”

“No, you agreed. I have no problems with it.”

“The last time we relieved stress you had a scratchy voice for a couple of days. Since it would be your turn do you really want to take a chance with my voice this close to Sectionals?”

 Sebastian’s smile became even snarkier, if that was possible “You know there are other ways.”

Blaine tilted his head and stared across the table in disbelief “Are you saying that we should have sex?”

“What can I say? You blushed for me and it was super hot.”

Blaine walked around to the other side of the table, sat down next to Sebastian, put his mouth up to his ear and said in his special low and authoritative voice “Do you honestly believe that if we were to have sex that you would be in control?” That question made Sebastian’s breath hitch so loudly that he was sure the librarian across the room had heard him. He was relieved when that wasn’t the case but then he realized that Blaine wasn’t done talking.

“Do you honestly believe that I couldn’t wrestle you onto your back without really trying? That I couldn’t be three fingers deep in that ass of yours within a couple of minutes? That at the same time I would work my mouth down your body, biting a mark at every sensitive point for future reference? Do You?”

Sebastian couldn’t make his mouth form the word “no” so he just shook his head.

“Once I was done, do you know what I would do next?” Again, Sebastian could only answer with a shake of the head.

“You are such a fantastic dancer that I want to know exactly how flexible you are. I would bend you in half bringing your ass up for easy access. You’d be bent so far over that you’d be able to suck your own dick, but we both know that can’t happen. Why can’t that happen Bas?”

“Because I’m not allowed to touch myself” he forced the words out knowing he was in such a state that if Blaine told him to come he would.

“That’s right, and why can’t you touch yourself?”

“Because I can’t come until you say so.”

“Good boy, you’re right again” Blaine then slid his hand down and palmed Sebastian’s erection “I think I will be nice and tell you not to come. I mean it would be embarrassing for you to try and leave with a giant wet stain on your pants, especially with half of your Lacrosse team at the tables by the exit.”

Without another word, Blaine stood up and started packing up his bag.

Sebastian couldn’t believe that Blaine was leaving him like that. Then he reminded himself that Bad Ass Blaine was diabolical, almost sadistic and more effective than any porno ever made “Where are you going?”

“Oh, back to my room to finish my paper. You were right in that now that my stress is gone I should be able to get it done with no problem. There’s just too many distractions out here. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

As Blaine walked away he sang…Will you love me, with my Dark Side.

And Sebastian knew he could. These days that Blaine had been back at Dalton had been the best of his life. However, he also knew that in a few days Blaine was going to see his ex for the first time in a couple of months.

No matter what happened Sebastian wasn’t letting Blaine go without a fight.

Between classes and practices the next two days flew by and Blaine found himself back at McKinley for Sectionals. In true Sectionals fashion the first act was all kinds of awful leaving just the New Directions and the Warblers who were up next.

“Are you sure you want to do this Killer?”

“Are you kidding me? Isn’t a little late to change songs now? We’re about to go on.”

“I’m talking about the surprise we have planned for the middle of song two.”

Blaine just smiled and said “In the words of our pal David, Abso-fucking-lutely!

Meanwhile out in the audience, Mr. Schue surprised everyone. He had returned to support Finn and the club as well as find out what had been going on with Blaine. He also thanked Brittany and Kitty who had convinced a couple of Cheerios to perform with them. Two rows behind them were the Old New Directions who were trying to calm down a very agitated member.

“Santana didn’t have to have them drag me in here. I just wanted to say hi to Blaine and wish him luck.” Kurt turned around and saw that Puck and Mike were now seated behind him, ready to stop him if he tried to leave. Plus, they had made him sit in the middle of the row with Rachel and Mercedes on his left and Santana and Quinn on his right. He definitely wasn’t going anywhere.

Rachel put her hand on his arm and tried to be the voice of reason “Kurt, those former Warblers told you that if you didn’t leave Blaine and the other Warblers alone they were going to report you for interference” The entire group looked over into the next section and saw Wes and David waving at them “And since you are an alumnus of the New Directions, they could get in trouble too. You don’t want Finn to get in trouble, do you?”

“No” Kurt let out a huff and sat back in his seat “I just want to talk to Blaine.”

“Why?” Mike asked “You hadn’t talked to him for weeks and then sent him a text telling him to stop apologizing and that you were done. And seriously Kurt, were you really shocked that Blaine changed his Facebook status to single?”

“It was something that my boss said. She said that it’s hard to move on until you have accepted an apology. That sometimes it's the not forgiving that holds us back. I just thought Blaine would always be here when I was ready to forgive him.”

“Ok, first off, that is the most selfish thing I have ever heard” Santana hissed, trying not to yell “Second of all you’re a liar. This is about Blainers posting that he and Tall and Sexy Warbler are co-captains.”

“Santana! How could you call Sebastian that?” Rachel asked.

“Um, maybe because I'm not blind. We had our problems in the past but we’ve talked.”

That surprised the rest of the group who let out a collective “You’ve talked?!”

Santana didn’t answer them as the Warblers finally took the stage. After they were introduced, Mercedes leaned over and whispered to Rachel “Did you notice that Blaine isn’t with them?”

Down front Sam was getting excited. While Blaine didn’t tell him their set list, he did tell Sam to be prepared for a surprise message. However, when the first notes were sung, it was actually Artie that was surprised.

Baw waw waw waw…dun dun dun…da da da da da da

Uh-huh huh huh huh

Let me tell ya now Uh-huh

When I had you to myself I didn't want you around

A stunned Artie turned to see the expressions of those that had gone to Dalton with him the day they saw this performed. Rachel and Kurt were staring at the stage with their jaws dropped and Santana was laughing hysterically. Puck leaned forward and asked “Isn’t that the song they sang when you guys went to check them out? When we both wanted to sing MJ at Regionals?”

“Yes” Rachel answered “But they weren’t doing all of those flips.”

“Do you think this is Blaine’s way of asking me to get back together with him? You know he loves these big productions.”

Kurt’s statement was enough to end Santana’s laughter “You are fucking delusional Lady Hummel. I Want You Back is a giant middle finger from the Warblers to us. And when I say us I mean us and not this year’s team. Brilliant. The New Directions are in so much fucking trouble!”

When the song ended, the crowd went crazy with a standing ovation. The Warblers left the stage but soon two of them came back carrying chairs that they sat facing each other. Then there was an audible gasp from the audience as two boys carrying cellos came on stage and sat down. The gasp had been loud enough to hide the “Holy Fuck!” yelled out by the one person that knew what was going to happen.

“I thought they were an acapella group?” Finn whispered to Mr. Schue.

“It was a choice” Will answered but then added “This can’t be good.”

The audience was stunned again but this time by the amazing cello play which was soon joined by Sebastian singing Smooth Criminal. Just when those in the know started to wonder about Blaine’s continued absence, they heard coming on stage…

Annie are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

Blaine and Sebastian played off of each other, trying to keep their expressions as serious as possible. They failed a couple of times but they were having too much fun. In the audience, Santana couldn’t get rid of her smile which said a lot since when she had performed this with Sebastian she wound up with a Slushie to the face.

At one point the singing stopped as the cellos continued to play. Blaine and Sebastian walked to the front of the stage where Thad brought Sebastian a Slushie cup which gave flashbacks to everyone present at Slushie-gate. No one could take their eyes off the stage, not understanding what was happening only to become more confused when Sebastian reached in the cup and pulled out a recorder. Santana and every other member of the previous year’s New Directions knew exactly what it was. It was the recorder that Santana taped to her underboob to get the proof of what Sebastian did to Blaine. The proof that Kurt had given back to Sebastian because he wanted to beat the Warblers “fair and square”. But why would Sebastian be giving it back to Blaine, especially now?

Blaine took the recorder, turned to face the audience and found where Kurt was sitting. Everyone’s eyes went back and forth between Kurt and Blaine because even though they didn't know what was happening, it was obvious that Kurt was panicked and Blaine was pissed.

After he was assured that Kurt knew what he had, Blaine opened the recorder and pulled out the tape, tossing the recorder down to Sam. He then held up the tape for everyone to see before he dropped it to the ground and stomped on it.

During this time, Sebastian was off to the side of the stage. He took note of how the intense cello music heightened then tension between all the parties involved. There was no way this could have worked out any better.

When the vocals came back the next line was Blaine’s. He rarely changed the lyrics in a song but this time instead of singing I don’t know, he kept his eyes focused on Kurt and sang...

Now I know!

Chapter Text

Now I Know!

The moment the tape was smashed Wes and David turned to look over where Kurt and the other Old New Directions were sitting. Blaine had asked them to gage the reactions of the group. Although none of them were speaking, their facial expressions said enough as they ranged from panicked (Kurt) to pissed (Santana) to confused (everyone else).

“Why does the girl who sang Valerie look so pissed?” David asked.

“That’s Santana Lopez” Wes explained “She’s the one that went to Dalton and taped Sebastian’s confession. If Sam’s right and none of them knew what Hummel was going to do, she got played.”

While the tension in the audience continued to grow, the Warblers finished their set with Dark Side and received a thunderous applause as well as a standing ovation. The boys could not contain their happiness with what they had accomplished and mobbed each other on the stage with pats on the backs and even hugs. The Show Choir Officials had to come over and ask them to clear the stage so they could set up for the New Directions.

Blaine told the Warblers to go take their seats, but pulled Sebastian and the Senior Warblers to the side “Are you sure the whole recorder bit wasn’t too much? I mean, a couple of years ago Finn kissed Rachel on the stage at Nationals and they were penalized so many points that they didn’t make the top 10. What I did was also personal and could be seen as not Show Choir appropriate.”

His answer came from an unexpected source “I think everyone was too shocked that the Warblers were performing with instrumental accompaniment and that the guys playing the cello were off the charts dude” Sam told him as the New Directions had come back stage “I better go back. I’ll see you on stage when you’re shaking my hand, congratulating us for taking first place.”

“Not happening Trouty” Sebastian responded.

“Arrrggg! I don’t know if you and Santana becoming friends is a good thing but I can totally see it since you’re basically the same person” Sam said before heading off. Blaine and the others started to walk away when they were stopped.

“Hello Blaine, Sebastian, guys” Mr. Schue greeted the group while Finn stood silently beside him.

“Mr. Schue, Finn. If you’ll excuse us we are headed to our seats so I can support my friends.”

“Blaine, we need to talk.”

The other Warblers looked at Blaine who wasn’t surprised “No Mr. Schue, there is nothing for us to talk about and if there was this wouldn’t be the appropriate time or place. You should be over supporting the team you have abandoned for the last few months.”

“You’re not one to talk about abandoning the team” Finn shot back.

“No” Blaine’s voice was so calm that it almost scared Sebastian “I went back to the place I should have never left in the first place. I thought that would have made you happy, Finn. After all, you treated me like crap from the time I arrived because you were afraid that I was going to take over you place as top dog. Hell, the way you treated me didn’t even change after you graduated and were appointed temporary director. I won that stupid the New Rachel competition and you still didn’t give me a solo which was the supposed prize for winning.

“The New Rachel?” Sebastian asked even though he didn’t want to interrupt the roll that Blaine was on.

“Yes, the New Rachel. Evidently in the New Directions your name has to be Rachel to be awarded a competition solo.” Sebastian and the other guys chuckled but knew that later they would have a much bigger response to Blaine’s comment.

Finn began to defend himself but Blaine cut him off “And don’t say that it had nothing to do with what happened between me and Kurt because that would either make you a liar or a hypocrite.”

“Blaine, obviously more happened with the New Directions than I was aware of, but you know why I’ve been gone” Mr. Schue stated.

Blaine just shook his head. He had known his former director would find a way to deflect any blame “No Mr. Schuster, I don’t understand why you have been gone for so long especially when you had direct access to a United States Representative. A man that ran specifically on a platform of saving the arts in schools. A man that is the father and step-father of two of your three favorites. Favorites that you would have never dreamed of leaving, well wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving once you realized the chances of you making it on Broadway were nonexistent. Now, once again, please excuse us. We are going to find our seats to support my friends. Goodbye.”

When the boys passed the stunned pair, Sebastian told the others to go ahead “Are you ok? I mean I knew you’re pissed at Hummel but I wasn’t expecting that. That was some real anger there, Killer.”

“That would have come out eventually anyway, but you’re right, now wasn’t the right time. I was just upset that they were paying attention to me and not their own team. We can talk more about it later. Let’s go.” They had almost managed to exit the backstage area when they were stopped yet again.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Tricky Dick Warbler.”

“Hey bitch, watch it!” yelled Sebastian, probably louder than he should have.

“Sebastian, Coach Sylvester most likely compared me to Richard Nixon as he was also a president that resigned while in office. I’m sure that she is in no way an insensitive homophobe that made an offensive comment about my sexuality, especially as she held her beautiful baby daughter in her arms. In fact, you should probably apologize for using the language you did in front of Robin.”

“Her first” Sebastian wasn’t ready to back down. He had heard rumors about that woman.

“Alright, I am sorry kid and there is no need for Mr. Smooth Criminal to apologize” Sue stated in a response that surprised, no shocked, Blaine “Yes Young Burt Reynolds, I was comparing you to the greatest president in United States history so you should be honored. Now, what I wanted to say was that I have been waiting for one of you Glee Clubbers to go off on Butt-Chin and the Army Reject. Due to the eloquence of your verbal beatdown, I will from this point forward refer to you as Blaine Warbler. Consider it a reward. However, my benevolence does not extend to you, Mr. CW’s the Flash.”

“Oh, my god! I do not look like that guy!”

While Blaine and Sebastian tried to make their way to their seats, the Old New Directions questioned what they had seen on stage.

“Kurt, what did Blaine mean by Now I know?” Rachel asked.

“How should I know? You know how much Blaine wants attention when he performs” Kurt sought to down play what had happened, but the others wouldn’t buy it.

“You know I love you boy, but I’m calling bullshit on that one” Mercedes told him.

“And you know that none of us believe a fucking thing you’ve said when Mercedes of all people calls bullshit” Puck pointed out.

Kurt stood up to leave “I don’t need to listen to this. I’m going to go wish Finn good luck.”

“Don’t think so Kurt” Mike said as he and Puck each took a shoulder and pushed Kurt back down into his seat “Blaine is still backstage.”

“You can’t keep me here.”

“Oh yes we can, Hummel. Something is going on with Blaine and you know exactly what it is. He was totally pissed when he smashed that tape and you about peed yourself” Santana wanted nothing more than to get to the bottom of what’s going on, but knew she had to wait “However, we are here to support our friends so we’ll wait until this thing is over, but then you are telling us what the fuck…”

Quinn interrupted her and then motioned her head over to the next section “Guys, Blaine and Sebastian are back and they’re talking to the former Warblers.” Everyone tried to be subtle when they peered across the aisle but instead found all four guys waving at them like Wes and David had done earlier.

“Do they really think that we don’t see them looking over here?” Sebastian asked, not able to hide his amusement.

His question brought a particular memory back to the graduated Warblers “Maybe all of them would have been terrible spies” David said while attempting to hold it together.

“Yes, but none of them would have been endearing.”

When Wes said that, the three that had met Kurt day could no longer hold back their laughter.

Sebastian glanced over to see Kurt, Santana and the others were still staring at them “Ok, one day you guys are going to have to tell me that story. Killer, we should get seated. We’ll talk to you guys later.”

After they checked in with the Senior Warblers, Blaine and Sebastian were finally able to take their seats “Feeling any better, Killer?”

“Yeah, now I’m just upset because all of that shit backstage took away my high from the performance” Blaine responded.

“Not to further upset you, but later I need to tell you something Hunter said before the fight. It’s about Hummel’s dad. With everything that happened I forgot to mention it.”

“Kurt’s dad? Burt? Really?”

“I know, but once again not the place” Sebastian then noticed that Blaine had become restless in his seat “What’s going on Blaine?”

“I’m really nervous for Sam, Sugar and the rest of them.”


“Ok, I guess there is no reason I can’t tell you now. In fact, I probably should so you’ll react appropriately.”

“Ok, I promise to be a good boy” Sebastian regretted what he had said the moment it came out of his mouth.

“Good boy, huh?” Blaine responded with a wiggle of his eyebrows but not in that specific low tone, which Sebastian was thankful for.

“Oh, no you don’t. You are not doing that here. I’m still upset about the other day in the library” Sebastian leaned over and whispered “You left me so hard that I had to sit for half an hour and picture Trent in a speedo before I could leave.”

Blaine let out a chuckle “Fine” Blaine whispered back “I’ll give you a hand job when we get back to my house.”

“Fine, since your parents, Cooper and Thad will be around, I’ll settle for that.” Once again, Sebastian regretted what he said because now he could see that look in Blaine’s eyes.

“You’re going to settle for a hand job, huh? Well, then I’ll have to make it special, won’t I? How about when we are having Thanksgiving dinner with everyone I reach under the table, loosen your belt and take your dick in my hand? If you moan you can tell my mom it’s because her mashed potatoes are so good. If you squirm you can tell my dad it’s because you’re so full from my mother’s wonderful cooking that you had to loosen your belt. Your real problems are Cooper and Thad. They’ll be able to tell immediately what’s going on beneath the table. I doubt they’ll be able to hold back the laughter as the look on your face shows that you’re getting closer and closer and…”

Sebastian pulled himself away “You are a cruel, cruel person Blaine Anderson.”

“Oh, you know you love it when I talk to you.

And Sebastian did. He really, really did “Ok, maybe I do, but we need to talk about it happening in public” Blaine rolled his eyes and snickered so Sebastian decided it was a good time to change the subject “Anyway, to get back to what we were talking about before. What’s going on with the New Directions?”

“I don’t know what their set list is anymore, but if they kept a certain song…it’s…it’s…just…”

“That bad, huh?”

“Well, they’ve walked on stage so we’re about to find out.”

While Sebastian and Blaine leaned close to each other again so they could comment during the performance, Santana glanced over at the visibly seething Kurt and told herself “Nothing to do with Sebastian my ass.”

The New Directions started with Some Nights. Blaine knew the routine and thought it was a good start, but something didn’t look quite right and he wasn’t the only one that noticed “Were those tumbling passes always part of this?”

“No, they were really good but they didn’t fit. It’s like someone said at the last minute The Warblers had flips so we should too.

When the song ended, the girls left the stage while the boys moved into a formation. Kitty and Marley returned dressed in their Femme Fatal and Woman Fierce costumes. They received a loud cheer which became even louder when Kitty dropped into the splits in front of Jake and Ryder and started to sing Holding Out For A Hero.

“Marley and I were supposed to sing a duet here, but this is much better.”

“Is this where I’m supposed to act appropriately because the ones not behaving appropriately are the guys sitting behind us. Holy hell! Did the blonde just pull a whip out of nature boy’s dreads?”

“Wow, look at her spin it. She’s actually making Marley’s hair and cape blow out like she’s Supergirl.”

“Blaine, I think Thad’s about ready to propose to your little Dominatrix friend.”

Holding Out For A Hero received a standing ovation and the Warblers started to get a little nervous. The intro to the next song seemed to take a little longer than usual but everyone assumed it was so Kitty and Marley could change.

“Hate to say it Killer, but they have been really good.”

“I know. I just hope what I think is about to happen doesn’t. I mean, I want to win but not at the humiliation of my friends.”

“Come on Blaine, it can’t be that bad. Wait, is that…?”


“Whose fucking idea was it to do Gangnam Style?”

“Finn’s. Let it out. Say whatever it is you’re going to say.”

“I’ve only got two words to say.”

“Which are?”

“We won.”

And they did. After celebrating on stage Blaine, Sebastian and Thad made sure that the younger Warblers left with their families. Jeff and Nick took a couple of boys to the airport and Trent and Beat drove those who weren’t leaving until later back to Dalton. Once they were sure everyone was off, the three of them went to find Sam.

They found Sam and the rest of the New New Directions in the choir room. Blaine would have liked to say that he was surprised that neither Finn or Mr. Schue was there but he couldn’t. He whispered to both Sebastian and Thad to not mention it. “You guys were fantastic!” Blaine called out as they entered the room only to immediately find himself with Sugar in his arms.

“Well, not enough to beat you guys, but we’re ok” Sam told him which made Blaine feel a lot better. He had a secret fear that the others would blame the loss on him.

“Uh-hum, Blaine?” Thad coughed causing Sebastian to laugh.

“Oh yes. Everyone, most of you know or know of Sebastian, but this is my friend Thad Harwood. Thad, you know Sam, but this is Sugar, Brittany, Artie, Tina, Unique, Jake, Joe, Marley and last but not least, Kitty.”

“Hello everyone” Thad walked over to one person in particular, lifted her hand and kissed the back of it “Kitty, your performance was enchanting.”

Giggles permeated the room but Kitty didn’t care “You’re cute prep school. Have Blaine give you my number and call me after the holiday. I could use a Sugar Daddy for Christmas.”

Sebastian had what he thought was an impressively witty remark to input, but before he could say it he heard a voice that literally made his skin crawl.

“Blaine, we need to talk!”

Everyone turned toward the door to see not only Kurt but the rest of the Old New Directions. Finn had shown up as well.

“Yes, we do need to talk Kurt” Sebastian and Thad looked at each other when Blaine answered Kurt. He sounded just like when he trash talked with Hunter before the fight “but right now I am congratulating my friends on their performance.”

“Why are you congratulating them? They didn’t win.”

Everyone stood in stunned silence at what Kurt had the audacity to say. However, Blaine reached in his wallet and pulled out some money “Jake, Ryder take this. Why don’t the two of you take Kitty, Marley, Unique, Joe and Sugar to get a late lunch? Text us when you get to wherever and the rest of us will meet you later.”

Since they could feel the tension in the room, Jake and Ryder didn’t ask any questions “Sure, thanks Blaine. Come on guys.” Surprisingly the rest left without being coaxed, except for Sugar. She tightened her hold on Blaine and said loud enough for a certain someone to hear “Do you need me to call daddy for you?”

Blaine knew exactly what she was doing and it made him smile “No Sweetie, I’m good.”

“Well, you know to call him if you ever need anything” and then she stared directly at Kurt to add “absolutely anything.”

“I know. Tell him Happy Thanksgiving for me. I love you Sugary Sweet.”

“I love you too, Blainey.”

While everyone tried to figure what the hell was going on with Blaine and Sugar, Sam walked over to Sebastian and Thad “Is Blaine ready for this?” Sam asked “You guys didn’t see him before. He was like super depressed when Kurt wouldn’t talk to him.”

Sebastian tried to reassure him “Sam, I panicked when I found out that it was Blaine that was going to fight Hunter. I wanted nothing more than to go and pull him from the fight area. However, several really good friends” he stopped only momentarily to give Thad a nudge “reminded me that it was something that Blaine needed to do for himself. All we can do is support him. Now is that going to be an issue for you since you’re the one that is caught up in both worlds.”

“I’m not letting Kurt hurt him again.”

“I knew I liked you Sammy boy.”

Once those not involved in Slushie-gate were gone, Blaine was ready to get this conversation over with. Sam had assured him that none of the others knew what really happened. Blaine was at the point where he needed to know one way or another.

“So Kurt, what do we need to talk about?” he asked.

“You know damn well what we need to talk about Blaine!”

“Oh, do you want to talk about this?” Sebastian pulled the smashed tape from his jacket pocket “Just so you know, that’s a blank. I got rid of the real one months ago.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Finn yelled “And why are you guys bringing up the whole Slushie thing now?”

“That’s because Blaine only found out about the tape a month ago!” Sam yelled back.

“Sam, no, this is not…” Blaine tried to stop him, but it didn’t look like that was going to be the case.

“Yes, it is Blaine. There are four truths here your’s, Kurt’s, the Warblers’ and the New Directions’. Now that you and the Warblers know the whole story, the New Directions are the only ones that need to find their truth. This can’t come from you or Kurt or even Sebastian. This needs to come from me.”

“Is this what Anderson meant by Now I Know?” Puck asked.

“Yes, it is Puck” Blaine answered before returning to Sam “I’m only going to let you do this if you promise me one thing. When we are done here, you go pack a bag and stay at my house over the holiday. I don’t want you caught up in any of the fallout from this.”

Sam nodded and turned back to face the others which sent Kurt into full panic mode “This has nothing to do with you Sam. This is between me and Blaine!”

“Well, that might have been the case if you wouldn’t have used the rest of us” then for emphasis Sam added “especially Santana.”

“Trouty, you better spill it right now” the way Santana said that had Mike and Puck moving over to prevent her from killing Kurt if things got as bad as they predicted they would.

“Ok, see, when Blaine first came to me about this he asked me if I knew and I told him I didn’t. Then he asked me was if any of you knew. I struggled with his question, but in the end, I had to believe that none of you knew either.”

“Sammy, I’m really confused” Brittany told him.

“Ok, here it goes. Remember when Sebastian threatened to put naked pictures of Finn on the internet?”

Everyone turned to look at Sebastian who raised his hands and shrugged “Sorry?”

“Anyway, when we told Mr. Schue about it Blaine said something about how Sebastian didn’t get in trouble for nearly blinding him. Mr. Schue said that the Head Master said nothing could be done because there was no proof.”

“But there was proof. Blaine just had Kurt give it back to Sebastian” Rachel reminded everyone but most of the others had already realized what Sam had been trying to tell them.

“You fucking asshole!” Santana lunged toward Kurt but Mike and Puck caught her “Blaine didn’t know there was proof. If he did, he would have said But Mr. Schue we had a tape or Why did I tell Kurt to give Slushie Warbler the fucking tape? He didn’t know there was a tape so he never told Hummel to give it back!”

“But, now I know” Blaine repeated “Now I know.”

Chapter Text

Blaine sat on the couch in his family room and tried not to drift off to sleep. It had already been a long day and it was far from over.

“Hey Killer” Sebastian said as he walked into the room “Do you need to take a nap before Sam and Puck get here?”

“No, but I will probably make some coffee. Sam and Puck just left so they’ll be a while. By the way, Puck’s going to stay here tonight since it’ll be late by the time we finish our conversation” Blaine stretched and yawned as Sebastian sat next to him “Did you and Thad find everything you needed? It sucked that you guys had practice after Sectionals.”

“Yeah, your mom showed us where everything was and yes, practice was brutal. I don’t think I’ve ever been that soaked. I just hope the rain stops by Saturday. The field was a nothing but a giant puddle.”

“Do you think that I could watch the game from the baseball dugout on the next field?”

“Probably not. If you still insist on coming you might want to grab a golf umbrella.”

“I’m sorry that your playoff game was scheduled for Saturday and you two couldn’t go away with your families for the holiday.”

“I’m not” Sebastian said in a tone that surprised Blaine a little “Thad actually misses his family and I’ll talk with my parents in the morning, but the thought of flying all the way to Paris to spend time with my sister that’s already three days past her due date? No, thank you. Sierra could be a queen bitch on a good day, let alone nine months pregnant.”

“That makes sense, plus I’m happy you’re here” Blaine smiled and then got up to start a pot of coffee at the bar in the back of the room.

“Speaking of my sister” Sebastian turned in his seat so he could see Blaine “Something Hummel said about her was strange.”

“Kurt said a lot of strange things earlier. You’ll have to be more specific.”

“When I said that I had a sister he said No you don’t and then argued with me like I would lie about something like that.”

“You’re right, that was strange” Blaine stopped what he was doing when he received a text “It’s from Mike. Santana has finally stopped swearing in Spanish and has decided that life in prison for Hummelside was not worth it.”

“At one point I didn’t know who she wanted to take down more, Hummel or his brother.”

“Fortunately for the two of them, Artie was brave enough to put himself in front of her. It would have been one thing for her to have escaped from Puck and Mike to get to them, it would have been another thing entirely if she knocked over a kid in a wheelchair to do it.”


“So, Kurt didn’t tell Blaine about the tape. I don’t get what’s the big deal” Finn really appeared to be confused, but that didn’t matter to the others.

Rachel slunk to the back to stand by Quinn, Tina and Mercedes who had been smart enough to get out of the line of fire. Artie pulled himself in front of Santana and tried to remember some of the blocking techniques he learned on the football team.

However, Santana had become eerily calm. That was actually far scarier.

“Listen up Mr. Schue Wannabe, I’m going to say this nice and slow so you will understand. Kurt and I had this little heart to heart where he was all sad because nothing was going to happen to Smythe and Blaine wouldn’t get justice. That’s when we came up with the idea for me to go to Dalton and get a confession on tape. I got the confession all right, but I also took a Slushie to the face.”

Sebastian stepped forward “Ok, that I’m actually sorry for.”

“That’s ok Stretch. Just know payback can come at anytime, anywhere.”

“Good with me” but he turned to Blaine and admitted “Actually, I’m pretty fucking scared.”

“You should be” Blaine told him.

“Ok, so Kurt knew about you going to Dalton. I still don’t see why this is an issue now.”

Everyone just shook their heads at what Finn said but Puck added an “Oh, dude.”

Santana stared directly at Kurt and studied his expression, like it would answer a question. Then she laughed, but not in the good way “All of this had nothing to do with the Slushie, did it Hummel? This had everything to do with I Want You Back, but not the one from today. This is about the performance we saw that day at Dalton. This is about how Blaine and Sebastian were practically eye fucking each other during the entire thing while you sat there like a little bitch and let it happen right in front of you.”

“Um, hate to interrupt your whole verbal beatdown of Kurt, which by the way, totally awesome” Thad apologized, kind of “But as someone who was there from the beginning of Seblaine, there’s no practically about the eye fucking. It began the moment they saw each other.”

“Seblaine? Seriously?” Blaine asked.

“What can I say? The Warblers have shipped the two of you since Uptown Girl.”

“See Kurt, everyone knows I’m right” Santana was back in control of the conversation “You and your whole “I don’t believe in violence” speech may have been sincere but you used it to your advantage. You gave the tape back so you looked like the bigger man. You had stood up to Sebastian the bully. You were Blaine’s hero, but then you figured out that you couldn’t tell him, didn’t you? Blaine would have known the truth. That you had thrown away the proof that he so desperately wanted. Your whole brilliant plan blew up in your face. How fucking lucky were you that everyone assumed Blaine knew about the tape so no one asked him about it?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about!” Kurt yelled at her, which bolstered Santana’s theory in the minds of many of those there.

“No, Kurt. Looking back on what we saw with your relationship with Blaine, I think she nailed it” Sam told him.

“Shut up Sam! You have nothing to do with this!”

“Tisk, tisk Kurt. You seem to have forgotten that I told you Blaine and I are BFFs now.” Sam put his arm around Blaine’s shoulders to make his point.

Is it just me or are Sam, Blaine, Sebastian and Thad really hot (Rachel)

So, so hot (Tina)

I’ve never seen Sam that confident before. You’re right. So, so hot (Quinn)

Oh, hell to the no. Those boys are fucking sexy. What? I live in LA now (Mercedes)

“What are you laughing about Smythe?!” by now Kurt was pretty much in hysterics. Finn tried to calm him down but to no avail “I don’t believe for a minute that Sam and Blaine are best friends. They hated each other last year.”

“Oh no, Sam is Blaine’s BFF but I’m his FFB.”

“FFB?” Blaine asked with a tilt of the head and a lifted eyebrow. Actually, Blaine pretty much always had to tilt his head to look up at Sebastian.

“Yes, friendly fuck buddy.”

“Once again, forgive the interruption” Thad said “But I can confirm that one as well. The dorms have very thin walls. Blaine and I even had to switch rooms.”

Sex at a private boys’ boarding school. Oh, this is even better than porn (Mercedes with the others nodding in agreement).

End of Flashback

“I couldn’t believe you said that.”

“What, I thought it fit the moment” this time their conversation was interrupted by a text that Sebastian received “Well, I’m an uncle. Isabella Juliette was born about an hour ago.”

“Congratulations! Now are you sorry that you couldn’t go with your parents?”

“Nah, I’ll go see her Spring Break. Maybe you could come with me?”

“Go to Paris in the Spring? Uh, yeah. Could we have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower? Or go to the gardens of Versailles? I bet the flowers there are really fragrant when they bloom.”

Sebastian was excited that Blaine was excited about the idea of going to Paris with him, but of course he played it off “First of all Killer, picnic at the Eiffel Tower? Totally cliché. And flowers smell the same everywhere. I’m going to call my mom and I should probably check on Thad. I know he wanted to be out here when you talk to Puck.”

“Go ahead. I wanted to make that call about Burt anyway.”

Before Sebastian got out of the room his phone went off. It must have been his mother since he answered in French. Blaine took note about how sexy Sebastian sounded. It could come in handy later.

Sometimes Blaine wished he could start his relationship with Sebastian anew, but then he remembered how easy it was for the two of them to be with one another. Oh hell, who was he trying to kid? He loved the way Sebastian would practically melt when he spoke to him in that particular tone. How the banter flowed effortlessly between the two of them.

It was too bad that Brittany had been caught in the crossfire between their banter and Kurt's beliefs.


“Of course the two of you are fucking” Kurt over exaggerated as he threw his arms in the air.

“Why wouldn’t they be?” Sam asked “They’re both hot. If I swung that way, I’d do them.”

“Well Sammy boy, if you ever decide to use those lips for what they were intended, you know where to find me” Sebastian propositioned.

Blaine shook his head “Oh please. Everyone here knows that if Sam ever chose to go gay for someone, it would be for me.”

I’m so horny right now (Rachel)

So, so horny (Tina)

I don’t want to leave, but when this is over I may have to go take care of myself (Mercedes)

Or we could go to the showers and help each other out. What? Mercedes may have moved to LA, but I joined a sorority (Quinn)

“Guys, no need to fight about it. There’s enough of me to go around, but of course you’d have to ask Brittany first” Sam couldn’t believe what he had said but the shock on the faces of the other New Directions guys was priceless.

“That’s ok Sam, I’ll share but only if you guys let me watch” Brittany told them with a wink “or join in the fun. And by the way Sebastian, Sam does know what to do with those lips.”

Damn, I wonder if Brittany would share with the rest of us? (Mercedes)

Oh no, you and Quinn had your chances. Time for the rest of us to get a turn. What? NYADA has co-ed showers (Rachel)

“We should really stop” Blaine informed everyone “Kurt has to be uncomfortable with this conversation. After all, he doesn’t believe in bisexuality.” When Blaine realized what he said he almost became physically ill “Oh Brittany, I’m so, so sorry.”

End of Flashback

“Blaine? Killer?” Sebastian didn’t think Blaine was asleep. He almost appeared to be in a trance, but a small shake brought him back.

“Hey, how are your sister and niece?”

“Good. Sierra had absolutely no contractions or anything like that so my parents had gone to the symphony with friends. They were barely in their seats when they got the text from Antonio that they were on the way to the hospital. Isabella was born two hours later. By the way, my parents told me to tell you and your parents thank you yet again and they thought you coming to Paris with me for Spring Break was an excellent idea. Now, what had you so deep in thought when I came in?”

Blaine sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration “I can’t get the look on Brittany’s face out of my mind. I mean, I almost threw up when I mentioned Kurt’s views on bisexuality. I don’t understand how he could say all of those things to her.”

“I don’t know either Blaine, I just don’t know. We had probably pushed him too far and he was already going to blow up at some point. Brittany was just an easy target. And listen, I’m not even going to pretend that I understand the whole dolphin, unicorn, bicorn hierarchy, but it was pretty damn amazing when Brittany told Hummel he was no longer a unicorn. That he had turned mean and lost all of his magic so now he was just a jackass.”

“You just liked it when she slapped him.”

“Not denying it. Now are we finally going to discuss what really upset you? You’ve managed to avoid what happened since I got back from practice. Thad is sound asleep. Your parents went to the airport to pick up Cooper and Sam and Puck are still about 45 minutes out. Killer, I was sure you were going to beat the shit out of Finn and I need to understand why.”

“I didn’t want to tell them about Sadie Hawkins, Bas. I knew I might have to but fuck! He just wouldn’t let it go!”


Sam jumped in to grab Brittany and pulled her over to Santana meanwhile Finn felt it was his duty to defend Kurt “Ok, I understand Brittany being upset about what Kurt said. He’s allowed to have his opinions and he should have kept them to himself, but this is not his fault, it’s Blaine’s. I mean he’s the one that brought all of this up in the first place.”

Sebastian and Thad held Blaine back since they knew he would beat the shit out of Finn if he could get to him “Fuck off Hudson” Sebastian yelled at him “You’ve treated Blaine like shit from the beginning, but you’re not laying this one on him just because he accidently let out something Hummel told him that was not only ignorant but bigoted.”

Puck moved over to Finn “Do you have a fucking death wish?” Puck asked him “You know Blaine could kick your ass without trying.” He then realized what he said and knew he had to fix it. Finn may have known that Blaine had been in Dalton’s Fight Club but he didn’t know Blaine was Wolverine “You’ve seen him box.”

“No, I don’t care. None of this would have happened if Blaine and the Warblers hadn’t brought up all of the Slushie shit. It was fucking months ago!

“Tell him Kurt!” Blaine shouted at Kurt but then groaned out loud in frustration. He had not wanted this to ever come out, especially not like this.

“No” Kurt crossed his arms across his chest and held firm “I told you I would never tell them and I’m not going to now.”

“You’re choosing now to be honorable? You’ve got to be shitting me! Tell him Kurt! Finn’s so fucking delusional that he’s not about to believe me!”

“Now Hummel!” Santana snarled at him.

When Kurt held firm and refused to speak, Blaine realized that this would have to come from him “Before I went to Dalton I went to Westerville. I had come out the year before and while I heard comments in passing, I was never outright bullied like Kurt was. The school had a Sadie Hawkins dance and I asked a guy to go with me. No one said anything during the dance but afterward we were jumped by three guys and had the shit beat out of us.”

There were gasps from the group, but the biggest reaction was from Rachel. She walked over to Blaine as tears streamed down her cheeks and her voice quivered when she asked him “That was you?”

“Yes, it was. Rachel, are you ok?”

“When it happened, my dads sat me down and told me about what happened to you. Even though it wasn’t reported that you were gay or that it was a hate crime, they had found out it was. They explained to me how what happened was because some people couldn’t accept that you liked boys. Those same people would not accept that my dads loved each other and the same thing could happen to them. They also taught me how I had to be careful because those people could take out their hate on me because I was their daughter.”

“Oh Rachel, I’m so sorry.”

“No Blaine, I am so sorry this happened to you. What happened to the people that did this to you?”

“Nothing. There were no witnesses or if there was they didn’t come forward. The guy I went with had no memory of what happened. I remembered bits and pieces but not enough to be able to identify anyone.”

“This was why you wanted the proof about what Sebastian had done, wasn’t it? You didn’t have the proof to get justice for what happened after that dance. Am I right?”


“And Kurt never told you he had proof about what happened with the Slushie?  Kurt knew how important that proof was to you and he gave it back to Sebastian anyway?”

“Yes” Blaine didn’t have the heart to tell Rachel what Kurt said when he first told him.

“Thank you for sharing your story with us, Blaine. I know that it was very hard for you.” Rachel calmly turned to face Kurt, but Thad was able to stop her when she lost it.

End of Flashback

“What Rachel told us was heartbreaking, but it stopped you from going after Hudson. Do you know how she’s doing now?”

“She’s over at the Hudmel house. Mercedes and Finn prevented her from what Santana would call Going all Lima Heights on his ass. Her fathers are actually there too. They explained to Burt and Carol everything that happened to me and why Rachel was pissed. The chaos was how Puck was able to get Sam out of there and no one asked questions about why they didn’t want Finn to come.”

“How did you find out all of this?”

“Burt told me when I called to ask if I could come to talk to him Friday.”

To say that Sebastian was surprised by that would have been a MASSIVE understatement “You called Burt?”

“You knew I made a call about what you told me Hunter said.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect that. I’m coming with you.”

“No, you’re not” Blaine told him “Number one, you have Lacrosse practice. Number two, this was about you. If Burt was involved, he’s more likely to talk to me without you there. Plus, I have to go to Lima on Friday anyway.”


“Sugar” Blaine sighed. This was possibly what upset him the most “Everyone from the New Directions knows what happened except for Sugar and the New New Directions. When she’s told about this it has to come from me. Hell, when her dad hears about this it has to come from me. Sam, Mike, Puck, Artie and Tina volunteered to tell the rest of the them.”

“Ok, I’ll let you have that one, but Blaine once again you have avoided my original question. Why did you want to go after Finn and not Hummel?”

“Because Finn was the reason I was stuck at McKinley.”

For the second time in less than five minutes Sebastian was surprised by something Blaine said. No, this time he was outright flabbergasted “Killer, you’re going to have to explain that slowly because I don’t know how to wrap my head around what you said.”

“It was my decision to transfer to McKinley, I’ll admit it. I was in love with Kurt, at least I thought I was, and I would be better able to protect him there. However, everything went to hell pretty quickly. Did you ever hear that I actually had to try to try out for the New Directions? Then I got Tony in West Side Story and Kurt went into total bitch mode. Then I went to Dalton and met a certain some one that evidently I have eye fucked since the moment I first saw him.”

“Will not apologize for that because as you found out the eye fucking was reciprocated” Sebastian responded with a wink. Oh shit!

“Yes, it was, wasn’t it? That was the start of the teasing, if I remember correctly” Blaine’s voice dropped and his eyes got that look that Sebastian couldn’t resist. However, this time he was able to control the urge to drop to his knees and call Blaine Sir.

Holy hell, how had this become his life? The question was rhetorical because Sebastian knew exactly how and his name was Blaine Anderson.

“No, no, no!” Sebastian walked away to prevent an unfortunately timed boner “You have not yet told me how Finn kept you at McKinley.”

“When you saw me and Kurt at the Lima Bean after your Sectionals, you overheard us talk about how the New Directions were a mess, right? Mercedes, Santana and Britt had left for the Trouble Tones. Finn ignored all of my suggestions and Mr. Schue let him do it. I was so frustrated that I got into an argument with Sam and had to leave the choir room. I went to the locker room and worked out on the heavy bag. I made the decision right then to go back to Dalton. Then I fucked up.”

“I don’t understand. What happened?”

“I told Finn about Fight Club. I didn’t mean to. I was pissed but not only at him. I was mad at myself. I had broken the number one rule of Fight Club. I immediately knew I had to stay to make sure he wouldn’t tell anyone.”

“Oh Killer, the guys would have understood. You didn’t tell him any of the information, you only told him that it existed.”

“Didn’t matter. I had to protect it. Plus, after Sectionals things slowly got better especially between me and Kurt, or at least they appeared to. We seemed to be the perfect couple to everyone, well maybe not you and the Warblers, but I sank into a depression I couldn’t control. Then Slushie-gate happened and I was so mad and hurt. Bas, I hope you know that I would have never used that tape against you, I just needed it for my own wellbeing.”

“I know. I really do.”

“Plus, I think if I tried to turn it over, the guys would have come forward and told me how you were protecting them.”

“But why did you stay after Finn graduated?”

“I thought about going back, but Kurt and I happened to be at a good spot in our relationship. I thought I was happy. Everything didn’t go to hell until three weeks later.”

“Kurt abandoned you and you cheated on him.”

“Oh, I never cheated on Kurt.”


Chapter Text

“Oh, I never cheated on Kurt.”

 “Bas?...Bas?...Sebastian?” Blaine realized before they started that Sebastian may have been thrown off by what they discussed. However, complete silence was totally unexpected.

“Um…um, ok…yeah” Sebastian had finally regained the ability to speak “What did Hummel say when you told him?”

“Well…” Blaine drew out the word and scrunched his face because he knew how Sebastian would react when he admitted “I never told him. There wasn’t any point.”

This time Blaine was right about what Sebastian would do. He sprung out of his seat, paced the room and started to yell. Not at what was just said, but in frustration over everything Blaine went through.

“What the hell! No point! How about that bastard told anyone that would listen that you were a cheater and probably worse! Bet he never told them that he had already checked out of the relationship but didn’t have the balls to talk to you about it!”

After that, the last thing Sebastian expected to see was a smile on Blaine’s face. His stupid, dirty sexy smile.

Damn it!

“Bas, please come back here and sit next to me” Blaine patted the sofa cushion next to him and Sebastian did what he was asked. Not because he wanted to be a good boy or anything like that.

Damn it!

“Look at me” Blaine put a finger under Sebastian’s chin and moved it until they were looking directly into each other’s eyes “I’m fine. I’m great even. I don’t see any reason to talk to Kurt about it because he wouldn’t believe me anyway. Plus, I don’t give a fuck what he thinks anymore.”

“But what about everyone else? Don’t you care what they think?”

“Not really” Blaine answered honestly “I’ve pretty much told everyone important to me now that I’ve told you.”

Sebastian was exceedingly happy with Blaine’s answer. From what Blaine had told him, only a couple of months earlier he had been a shell of his true self as he tried to be all things to all people. It was almost impossible to think of him like that because now he was confident, cocky to the point of arrogance and sexy. Very, very sexy. Like sexy to the to the point that it was difficult to not reach over, pull Blaine’s pants down and blow him right there on his parents’ couch.

Damn it! Focus Smythe! Ok, what were we talking about? Oh yeah…

“Besides me, your parents and Cooper who else have you told?”

“Fuck! I forgot about Cooper. Guess I’ll have to take care of that this weekend. Actually, I told Sam and I will tell Sugar after I talk to Burt about what Hunter said. That will be a hard one.”

“Talking to Burt or telling Sugar about this as well as Sadie Hawkins?” Sebastian made a mental note to ask Blaine again about his relationship with the mob princess. There seemed to be much more there than Blaine had previously told him.

“Telling Sugar but my conversation with Burt will be difficult too. I still find it hard to believe that Burt Hummel had anything to do with what happened with Hunter. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I plan to tell the guys when we get back to Dalton on Monday.”

“I figured as much” Sebastian could tell that something still bothered Blaine “What’s wrong Killer?”

“Bas, how did you and the guys know about what happened between me and Kurt? I mean it all took place the week before you guys tried to get me to come back to Dalton. Both the Old and New New Directions knew but I don’t think they would have told any of you. There was the other guy, duh, but he had nothing to gain by saying we slept together when I stopped things before they went too far. Plus, I don’t believe he knew anyone at Dalton or he would have said something when I told him I had gone there.”

Sebastian had to think for a moment before he remembered “Jeff told me. No, he found me and said It was you, wasn’t it? You’re the one that Blaine slept with. Killer, what’s wrong?”

“When I told Kurt that I was with someone, not that I cheated, the first thing out of his mouth was It was Sebastian, wasn’t it? So, basically word for word what Jeff said. I know the wording isn’t uncommon, but it was your tone of voice. The tone you used was eerily similar to Kurt’s. Was it the same one that Jeff used?”

“Yes, but Blaine, you can’t believe Jeff knew something about this. Maybe we should ask Thad if he knows anything.”

“Ask Thad what?” Thad had come into the room but neither Blaine or Sebastian had noticed.

“Thad, who told Jeff that Blaine cheated on Kurt? And do you know why they said it was me?”

“Sebastian, we all kind of assumed if Blaine were to cheat on Kurt it would be with you. You know, the whole eye fucking thing. And Hunter told us.”

“How the hell would Hunter have known?” Blaine’s question had to wait because they heard a garage door open which signaled that Blaine’s parents had returned with Cooper.

Sam and Puck arrived a few minutes later and the next hour was spent with talk of Sectionals, Sebastian and Thad’s upcoming Lacrosse game and Cooper’s latest Free Credit commercial. When Cooper became long winded, Blaine went to his mom and told her that they were all tired but wanted some time to hang out. Mrs. Anderson took the hint and told Cooper that was enough and to leave the boys alone.

After everyone said goodnight, Blaine led his guests to the family room and they settled in. They really were tired but knew this was the time to discuss the guys that Sam, Puck and Finn had met the night of the fights. The Dalton boys wanted to hear Puck’s version of what happened to see if it differed from Sam’s. It just so happened that he did remember something that Sam had not. Something that turned out to be extremely important.

“They said that spectators had to sign a blood oath?” Thad asked “They said blood oath and not registration form?”

“That’s right, they did call it a blood oath” Sam confirmed now that Puck had jogged his memory.

“But then I said it was called a registration form” Puck admitted. He hoped that since he had been helpful none of the mysterious consequences for talking about Fight Club would be enforced.

Blaine looked around to the others who each gave him a nod of approval. That included Sam. He had been brought into the Inner Circle on a limited basis. Blaine didn’t want him to get in too deep for his own protection.

Even though he was still apprehensive, Blaine knew what he had to do. There was no real choice “Puck, if you want to stay you can but we’re about to discuss issues that will include Fight Club. You won’t be able to talk about what we say with anyone outside of this room, including Finn. You would have to keep secrets from your best friend and not just that I am Wolverine. So, the choice is yours.”

He decided to stay. Blaine told him of his argument with Finn, how he let it slip about Fight Club and the reasons behind his subsequent decision to remain at McKinley. Puck had heard Finn’s side of the events, but was surprised how much they differed from Blaine’s. He hated to admit that Blaine’s side was most likely closer to the truth.

To further prove his point, Blaine included how he and Kurt, while they had good patches, were never the ideal couple they tried to portray themselves to be. Puck said that he wasn’t surprised and that he had never liked Kurt, but had tolerated him for Finn.

“Yeah, not liking Kurt was an understatement” Sam suppressed his desire to chuckle at Puck’s last statement as the situation itself wasn’t funny “You used to throw him in dumpsters.” 

“Well, as Sebastian said to Lopez about her Slushie, I am actually sorry for that one…or eight.”

Puck went on to say that he would not apologize for anything Finn had said or done. However, he believed Kurt had somehow convinced Finn to do all the dirty work to “sabotage” Blaine. He had been stunned by the hell he received over his shit fits when Blaine got Tony in West Side Story.

Blaine didn’t know if he agreed with Puck’s theory but did explain what he called the Alpha Gay excuse. While Kurt had not used the term until he tried to justify texting Chandler…

That threw Sebastian over the edge “Wait! That SOB was texting, but probably sexting, some guy and somehow made it your fault?! And I’m sure he conveniently forgot that fact when he gave you hell…”

Blaine was able to stop Sebastian before he said anything else. He then went back to before Sebastian interrupted and continued to explain how he now used the term Alpha Gay to refer to all of Kurt’s jealous moments.

While everyone had different opinions about everything that had come out, they were all adamant about one thing…Kurt could never find out about Fight Club.

Thad picked up a file that was on the side table next to him and handed it to Puck. It was clear that he didn’t understand so Blaine informed him “We would like for you to sign a new contract. This is an oath of silence for only those involved in the Inner Circle of Fight Club. We call it the Blood Oath.”

“Hold up!” Sam immediately understood what that meant, but he wanted verification “Toby and Wyatt talked about a blood oath. Do you think they know about both forms and accidently screwed up the names?”

“That’s the problem” Sebastian told him “it proves that the leak is most likely someone involved pretty high up in Fight Club and not just a spectator. We have a much bigger problem than we originally thought.”

After Puck signed his oath, the guys spent the next half an hour on what the next move should be. Unfortunately, the day caught up with them and they decided to call it a night. Blaine help make the pull-out bed for Puck and said good night to Sebastian and Thad before he and Sam headed off toward his bedroom. The two had looked forward to nerding out together with some Star Wars Fan Fiction. Blaine excused himself to go to his bathroom and change, but when he returned something was different.

“You’re not Sam” Blaine couldn’t help but smile, no smirk, at the sight before him.

“Sam and I switched” Sebastian told him as he sat up on Blaine’s bed with his back to the headboard. He was a little nervous about what he had done but it was too late to go back now.

Blaine sat down next to him “I get that Bas, but why?”

“Um…Thad wanted to ask Sam questions about Kitty.”

He didn’t say anything, but Blaine gave Sebastian one hell of a stop fucking lying to me stare. It took Sebastian approximately three seconds to fold.

“Alright, I asked Sam to switch with me.”


“There were a couple of things I didn’t get to talk to you about earlier.”

“Bas? Is that the real reason?”



“Ok, fine. I didn’t like the idea of you and Sam sleeping in the same bed together.”

“Come on, get up” Blaine nudged Sebastian off of the bed to pull back the covers “Get in.”

“What? I mean…”

Blaine shook his head when he realized that Sebastian had no idea what he wanted him to do “We’re going to cuddle, you idiot. You do know how to cuddle, don’t you?” When he still appeared unsure, Blaine pulled him down and maneuvered their bodies until they were lying on their sides with Blaine’s back pressed into Sebastian.

“No matter what Bas, you are at least six inches taller than me. You have to be the big spoon.”

Sebastian did not know what he had expected when he asked Sam to switch with him but it definitely wasn’t this. Lying there and holding Blaine in his arms was like he had come home to a place he didn’t know he had missed.

If only he could not think about the fact that his dick was pressed up against Blaine’s ass.

The two of them laid there for the first few minutes and listened to each other breathe. Finally, Blaine asked “What’s going on Bas? Why did you have a problem with Sam sharing a bed with me? I know what I said about if Sam went gay it would be for me, but that was to fuck with Kurt. You know that, right?”

Sebastian let out a big sigh. He wasn’t a person that liked to talk about his feelings, but Blaine sure was “It’s just…I mean…Damn it! Why is this so fucking hard to say?”

“Bas, it’s ok. If you’re not ready…”

“No! I want to. This is harder than I thought it would be.”

Blaine grabbed Sebastian’s arms and pulled them tighter around him “Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

“You don’t know that.”

Huh? “I’m fairly sure the death grip you have on my waist guarantees that I’ll stay here with you.”

“You didn’t last time.”

Last time? “Bas, what is the real problem? I don’t understand what you mean by last time.”

“When you cheated/not cheated with that other guy. I know we weren’t in a good place at the time, but there had always been something between us, right?” Sebastian paused to steel his nerves and then asked the question he had wanted an answer to for months “Blaine, did you even think about coming to me?”

Blaine was happy Sebastian was unable to see the relief on his face. This he could handle “I almost called you a hundred times but each time I convinced myself not to.”

“I don’t understand.”

“When all of this went down I was really messed up. Like really, really messed up. I went to him for attention and to feel wanted, no, desired. I knew that circumstances could lead to a hook-up, yet at the same time I was holding on to the belief that Kurt and I could work things out.”

“Killer, you stopped before it went too far.”

“Yes, I did. However, I knew if we had sex it would only be the one time. Bas, you never could have been a one time thing. If I went to you it would have meant the end of my relationship with Kurt, but for some reason I wasn’t ready to let go.”

Oh, Sebastian had not thought of that. “And now?” he asked.

“And now we are in my bed cuddling. Go to sleep. We’ll need our energy to deal with Cooper tomorrow.”

Blaine’s breaths eventually slowed until they found the steady rhythm that signified sleep. Sebastian wasn’t ready to join him. His mind refused to shut down as he tried to process what Blaine told him.

“Blaine?” He whispered to assure the boy pressed up against him was truly asleep. He wanted to say something, but wasn’t quite ready for Blaine to hear it.

“I’m in. Whenever you’re ready, I’m in. I have known from the moment I saw you that I had feelings for you. Hell, it didn’t take me long to believe that I was in love with you. There’s no belief to it anymore. I am totally and completely in love with you. I love all sides of you. The bashful schoolboy. The driven student and Warbler co-captain. The loving son. The caring brother, yes even when he bugs the hell out of you. The fiercely loyal and protective friend. Wolverine. The sex god and now the cuddler. I am so in love with you Killer. I know you still have to deal with all of this crap with Hummel, so take your time. You are worth the wait.”

Once he had said what he needed to, Sebastian was able to nod off. Meanwhile, Blaine was genuinely pleased with himself. He had never told anyone that a trick he learned as a kid to deal with Cooper being Cooper was to fake being asleep. And he was exceptionally good at it.

The next morning Sam woke up early and quietly got dressed as to not wake up Thad. Blaine had asked him to come down a little early so he could share something with him. He assumed that hadn’t changed because he and Sebastian had switched rooms.

He didn’t know the Anderson’s house well, but the kitchen was easy to find due to the smell of baking cinnamon rolls and the sound of Blaine singing. When Sam entered the room, he found Mrs. Anderson leaning against a counter, drinking a cup of coffee. Blaine was on a bar stool and was playing a song for her.

“Good morning Sam” Mrs. Anderson greeted him “Would you like something to drink? Coffee?”

“No thank you, ma’am. What’s going on?”

Blaine side-eyed a look at his mom. They were both amazed that Sam had not noticed what was different about Blaine.

“Part of our tradition is for me to sing to the cinnamon rolls. When I was 10 and learning to play, mom told me that playing for the rolls would help them rise higher” Blaine hoped the word play/playing would trigger an epiphany, but it didn’t.

“Was that song I Dreamed a Dream?”

“Sam, I don’t want to speak out of turn, but Blaine didn’t tell me that you were a Broadway fan. He said you listened to music along the lines of country and classic rock” Mrs. Anderson tried not to laugh at the poor boy. In that moment, he was even more oblivious to his surroundings than her youngest son could be.

“Yes ma’am, country music mostly. Rachel used that song as one of her vocal warm-ups so I’ve heard it a few hundred times, but never like Blaine just played it.”

“I came up with this arrangement for when I play the song on my acoustic” This time, Blaine thought the word acoustic might help, but no “It’s my mom’s favorite song.”

“That’s nice.”

The room went quiet but Blaine and his mom spoke to each other only with their eyes. They still couldn’t believe that Sam did not see what was right in front of him. So, they decided to wait it out.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And finally…

“Dude, you play the guitar? What the hell? How did I not know this?”

Blaine put down the instrument and walked over to Sam in an attempt to calm him down. He was mortified that he cursed in front of Mrs. Anderson and could not apologize enough.

“Sam, Sammy, it’s ok. You would have to say a lot more than hell to faze my mom.”

“Ok” Sam took a cleansing breath after he apologized one last time “So, you play the guitar?”

“Actually, he plays eight instruments.”

“Mom!” Blaine had planned to ease Sam into this “But yeah, I play eight instruments.”

“Why? Why did you never share…” Sam figured it out much faster than the fact that Blaine played guitar “Seriously dude, Alpha Gay? Oh, I’m sorry ma’am.”

“No worries Sweetie. I know all about Alpha Gay” Mrs. Anderson’s tone made it abundantly clear that she was not a fan of Kurt.

“Good morning. What’s going on?” Sebastian asked as he entered the with Puck and Thad right behind him.

“Oh, nothing much except that I just found out that Blaine plays eight different instruments including the acoustic guitar over there” Sam told them.

“Blaine?” Thad was as confused as the others. Maybe even more so since he had known Blaine the longest “I mean, I can understand the Warblers not knowing since we don’t use instruments, but why not…Oh, Alpha Gay.”

“It wasn’t just Kurt. Puck, Sam could you imagine what would have happened if I picked up a pair of drumsticks and started to play?” Puck cringed a little as that one wasn’t on Kurt.

Blaine’s mom intervened “Blaine, while I frost these, why don’t you play the song you wrote last weekend?”

Blaine shot a look at his mother. She knew the meaning of the song, yet she brought it up anyway. In that moment, he really hated her. Ok, not really but he was extremely, extremely mad at her. They were going to talk about this at family therapy on Saturday.

“Mom!” he both yelled and whined at the same time.

“You write Killer?” Sebastian asked but wasn’t surprised. It seemed like a very “Blaine” thing to do.

“Yes, but…”

Mrs. Anderson walked over and gave her son a kiss on the cheek “Play the song Sweetheart.”

“I really hate you right now.”

“I can live with that.”

He gave up and walked back to pick up his guitar. Once he sat down on the bar stool, he tried not to look at Sebastian but his eyes went right to him.

You and me were always with each other
Before we knew the other was ever there
You and me, we belong together
Just like a breath needs the air

Instinctively Sebastian stepped toward Blaine, never breaking eye contact. He hoped beyond hope that those beautiful words belonged to him.

I told you if you called I would come running
Across the highs, the lows and the in-betweens
You and me we’ve got two hearts that think as one
And our heart march to the same beat

Mrs. Anderson grabbed the cinnamon rolls and had the other boys pick up the remainder of breakfast. She then herded them out of the room (against their will) to give Blaine and Sebastian some privacy.

They say everything it happens for a reason
You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person
Someone who will be there when you fall apart
Guiding your direction when you’re running through the dark
Oh, that’s you and me

Before Sebastian knew it, Blaine had finished and asked him “What do you think?”

“It was beautiful Killer. I can’t believe you wrote that last weekend.”

Blaine closed his eyes and internally cursed his mother once again. She had known exactly what she was doing "I wrote it for you Bas.”

Instantly happiness spread across Sebastian’s face “I had hoped it might.”


“Yes, Blaine” he answered but wondered why Blaine had used his full name and not Bas.

“I’m in too.”

It took a minute, but Sebastian’s eyes practically popped out of their sockets when he realized what Blaine meant “You weren’t asleep.”

“Nope” Blaine admitted as he stood up from the stool and walked to the boy across the room.

“Sebastian Smythe” he reached for Sebastian’s hands and told himself No Guts, No Glory “Would you like to change your designation from my FFB to my BF?”

“I don’t get it. I thought Sam was your best friend?”

That brought out a chuckle from Blaine “BF stands for boyfriend.”

“Oh, I've never been anyone’s boyfriend before. Are you sure?”

“Well, I have been someone’s boyfriend and it was a fucking disaster. You’re the one that needs to be sure.”

They stood in silence until Sebastian’s signature smirk appeared “If I become your boyfriend can I still be your fuck buddy?”

Blaine matched his smirk “I take it that means yes.”

“Yeah, I guess” Sebastian said like it was no big deal, but he was too happy to make it believable.

Before the conversation went any further, they heard someone clear his throat “Blaine, you need to go and kiss him already” Mr. Anderson told his son “Your mother can only keep Cooper and Puck away from your cinnamon rolls for so long. That includes Sebastian’s.”

The two smiled before they shared their first kiss as boyfriends. A few minutes later they joined everyone in the dining room.

“Cooper, get the fuck away from my cinnamon rolls!”

“Blaine Anderson! Language!”

Sam laughed at the scene that played out before him. He had learned what it would take to faze Mrs. Anderson.

Chapter Text


Puck planned to go home after breakfast but stayed to participate in the Annual Anderson Family Touch Football Thanksgiving Bowl. After it finished, he said goodbye to everyone else but asked Blaine to walk him out.

“Dude, that game was epic although the word touch needs to go. No wonder your mom wouldn’t let Sebastian and Thad play. I couldn’t believe it when she took Cooper down like that. And she’s smaller than you!”

“I told you we wanted her on our team and I’m 5’8’’. I can’t help it if all of my friends are freakishly tall. And yes, if Bas or Thad got hurt before their game, their coach would have been pissed. Now, what did you want to talk about?”

“Kurt always said that your dad had issues with you being gay and that your parents were never home. That doesn’t jive with the people I met.”

Blaine subtlety shook his head as he thought of a way to explain. He acknowledged that a lot of Kurt’s opinion was his fault “Consider the source, but yes, when I came out my father wasn’t happy. However, it wasn’t because I was gay like I thought. It was that I was 14 years old and gay in Ohio. Then with what happened to me after Sadie Hawkins…well, you can probably guess. I actually didn’t know any of this until he told me in family therapy a few weeks ago. As for my parents never being home, they have demanding jobs that do take them away a lot, but not as much as Kurt thought. They just didn’t like him so I pretty much only brought him around when they weren’t home.”

“Can I ask a question about the therapy?” Blaine motioned for Puck to go on “I heard you say that you are in therapy. Is that different than your family therapy?”

“Yes, I go to individual therapy two days a week as well” Blaine admitted.

“And it helps? I mean, no offense, but I like this you much better than the you from last year.”

“No offense taken, I like me much better now too. So yeah, it has really helped” Blaine was unsure where Puck wanted to go with this so he asked “What’s up Puck?”

“I know he’s not your favorite person but I think Finn is depressed. He broke up with Rachel, then got kicked out of the Army and when Artie asked him to help direct the play he said something about how his future sucked. Now Glee is over and I’m kind of worried. Do you think he should go to therapy?”

“Therapy is a personal choice, but you probably know him better than anyone other than his mom or maybe Rachel. If you’re that concerned, talk to him. Not to sound selfish, but now you really do have a reason to keep an eye on him.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want you to kick my ass.”

“Why would I kick your ass?” Blaine wanted clarification because Puck had said the same thing earlier.

“You know, the consequences if I break the Blood Oath.”

Blaine started to laugh “Oh Puck, let me introduce you to the world of entitled prep school boys.”


“So, your therapist is your friend Trent’s mom and you have no problem discussing Kurt with her?”

Blaine was appreciative of Cooper’s attempts to understand what was going on with him, but he had tried for the last hour to explain things and now he was exhausted “Please call her Molly and not Trent’s mom. It helps me differentiate between my therapist and the woman that likes to bake cookies for the Warblers.”

“Got it! And it’s ok for me to go to family therapy on Saturday?”

“Yes, because you are family, stupid. Just stay on topic and don’t make it all about you. I have to get to Sebastian’s Lacrosse game after that.”

“Ah, the new boyfriend. I like him a lot better than the last one.”

“Me too.”

A memory made Cooper smile “At least this one picks out better clothes for you.”

“Ha-ha, very funny. Now, how did your talk with Dad go?”

“You mean the annual Cooper what the hell are you doing with your life talk? My least favorite tradition of Thanksgiving? Not great, but I do understand where he’s coming from. I didn’t piss him off too much if that’s what you wanted to find out” Cooper looked at the clock and saw that he had delayed Blaine long enough “You better go. It’s your turn.”

Dad (and a little Mom)

“Dad” Blaine was stunned as he was handed the keys to a new truck “This is too much.”

“It is the least we could do for Sam. Oh, here’s the insurance card and a gas card.” Mr. Anderson started to chuckle as he saw how flabbergasted his son was “Blaine, I am the CFO of the Ford Motor Company. Getting my hands on a truck was no problem. Hell, the other executives get vehicles for their families all of the time. Speaking of that…” he threw Blaine another set of keys “I got you a matching one, different color of course.”


“Blaine listen to me. Your mom and I will never be able to thank Sam for everything he has done for you, for us. He was the one that forced you to see how depressed you really were. What that supposed relationship you had with Kurt…no, I won’t go there. Most of all, you know you would still be at McKinley because you told him you would stay. He’s the one that told you to get your ass back to Dalton.”

“Still Dad…”

“We want Sam around, and since he won’t move in with us, we want him to come here whenever he wants. Plus, it will make it easier for him to visit his family in Kentucky. By the way, we told his parents about this and they said to call if he had an issue accepting the truck.”

Blaine smiled and anticipated that would be the case “That’s not what I was talking about. Dad, I don’t need a new truck. I mean, thank you so much and I can’t believe you thought to get me a truck. It wouldn’t necessarily be seen as something I would drive but just the other day the guys and I talked about how we wished we had a truck.” Blaine wasn’t about to admit that it was to take some new fight equipment to the Out Building.

“But Dad, I already have a car.”

“I know, but it was your mom’s…”

“Dad” Blaine interrupted “I meant the Fastback.”

“Oh” Mr. Anderson was speechless for one of the few times in his life. The Fastback was the 1966 Mustang Fastback that he got to rebuild with Blaine.

The car Blaine thought he got to make him turn straight.

“Maybe we could work on it over Christmas Break?” Blaine suggested.

“Of course” his father tried not to sound too enthusiastic “I’ll get it out of storage and have one of the guys give it a diagnostic so we know where to start. But Blaine, the truck is still yours.”

“I don’t want break this up, but Blaine your friends and boyfriend are all on the phone with their parents. It’s your turn to help in the kitchen” Mrs. Anderson had walked into the room just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation.

Blaine stood up to leave “Thanks dad. Thank you so much. You better be prepared for an overwhelmed Sam” Blaine then realized he had two sets of keys in his hands “How will I know which one is mine?”

“Yours is Dalton blue.”

Once Blaine was out of the room, Mrs. Anderson went to her husband and pulled him into a hug “Did he say what I think he said?”

“Pammy, he wants to finish the car. I can’t believe it. Since he returned to Dalton, it’s like he’s a different person. How did we not see how depressed he was?”

“We weren’t looking for it and he was very good at hiding how he felt. But yes, we’re his parents and I will always live with the guilt that I did not notice. I had hoped the family therapy would help but I never expected this” she reached up and used her thumb to wipe a tear from her husband’s cheek “Christmas came early for you, didn’t it?”

“Absolutely, but this was more than I ever could have wished for.”


Thad finished his call first and went back to the kitchen to find Blaine. When Blaine saw him, he convinced his mom to take a break. He and Thad had tried all day to get five minutes together.

“Did you get ahold of Jeff?” Blaine asked once his mom was gone.

“He couldn’t really talk, but he’ll be home tomorrow afternoon so I’m going to stay at his house tomorrow night. We thought it made more sense for me to tell him everything in person” Thad looked left and right to assure they were alone “Sorry you came back to this, but if you didn’t we probably wouldn’t have found out about the leak. Not to mention everything that went down with Hunter. Hell, we could all be strung out on steroids by now.”

“Hey, no matter what, you guys were too smart to ever let Clarington talk you into taking steroids. And I was the one that said Let’s start a fight club, so whatever happens is pretty much on me. You know if things go bad, I’m going to protect you guys like Bas did after Slushie-gate.”

“Number one, we wouldn’t let that happen. Number two, you were gone for an entire year so there’s literally no way for you to take all of the blame. Plus, Nick and I were the only ones that ever touched the money. I still can’t believe I told Sebastian that I put a thousand dollars on you at the last fight. What if someone heard me?”

Blaine had wondered why as well. After that you don’t talk about fight club, the next strictest rule was that those on staff, and especially the Rules Council, NEVER bet on the fights. That way there was no chance of being accused that the fights were rigged.

“Why did you do it?”

“I wanted to calm Sebastian down and prove to him that I had faith in Wolverine.”

The answer caused Blaine to let out a snort as he tried to contain his laughter “Yeah, if you bet that kind of money it should have been a sign. For someone that comes from a family of billionaires, you’re notoriously tight with your money.”

“I am not…ok, yes I am” Thad admitted. He really couldn’t deny it since it was a running joke amongst his friends.

This time Blaine assured they were still alone “The more Puck said we were like the mob, the more I saw how it could look like that.”

“We are not the mob” Thad told him “We are bookies or run an illegal gambling operation, one or the other. Oh, and don’t forget that we pretty much have everyone that works at Dalton, who is not a teacher or administrator, on our payroll. But at least it’s for a good cause.”

“Yeah, who would have guessed our attempt to get control of betting would make us hardened criminals?” Blaine was joking, but not by much “How much more do we need to get David through law school?”

“We’ve got it all covered.”

That fact surprised Blaine. When they started to take in money, they decided to use the profits to pay David’s way through college and law school. Even though he had been on a full-ride scholarship to Dalton, that didn’t matter to the rest of their group. He was one of them and they would make sure that he had every opportunity the rest of them had.

David’s acceptance to Columbia made their plan a little trickier since it was one of the most expensive universities in the country. However, they were somehow able to pull it off. Wes knew the truth, but David thought he had earned a scholarship that he couldn’t remember he applied for.

“How did we make enough money?” Blaine asked.

“When you weren’t there to fight we actually made more money. People don’t bet on your fights because it’s pointless to bet against you, even though we give outrageous odds. The only reason we had bets on you at the last fight was because Hunter was stupid enough to bet ten grand on himself” Thad thought about everything he had just said and asked “So, we don’t really need to hold any more fights, do we?”

Blaine thought about it too but soon realized that wasn’t an option “The best way for us to draw Toby and Wyatt in is with another fight. And we can’t have a fight without taking bets because outside betting would happen and we have no control over that. That’s the whole reason we started to take bets in the first place.”

“You know Blaine, when the shit hits the fan there will need to be consequences or others will believe they could talk too.”
“I know” Blaine sighed. While they had always been quick to throw out the threat of consequences, they had only done it once “Earlier I explained to Puck that consequences didn’t mean I would break his legs.”

“Ah, you explained Connections to him.”

“You mean the fact that any one of the Senior Warblers could make one or two phone calls and basically ruin someone’s life? The truest definitions of It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and Once a Warbler, Always a Warbler. Yeah, I did. Oh, but I was quick to point out that Kurt was an exception to the Warbler rule.”

They heard Blaine’s mom so Thad quickly added “You know there is someone to talk to about all of this. You’ll see Sugar tomorrow, right?”

Sam & Sebastian

After dinner, clean-up and everyone moaning for an hour that they had eaten too much, Sam was surprised with his new truck. Blaine’s prediction that he would be overwhelmed was not even close to Sam’s actual reaction. Mr. Anderson told him about his talk with his parents which helped calm him a little bit, but not much.

Blaine suggested that they go talk in his room so that there wouldn’t be as many people around. Sam agreed, but then Blaine realized that he had not talked to Sebastian about it beforehand. Not that he needed his permission, but Sebastian had issues the night before with Blaine and Sam being alone in his room. On his way back into the house, he asked Sebastian if he was ok. He assured Blaine that he was but expected boyfriend privileges later.


As Blaine walked closer to speak into his ear, Sebastian began to panic when he saw him turn immediately into Bad Ass Blaine. Bad Ass Blaine who got a thrill out of public dirty talk. Who often left him in some state of debauchery and didn’t care who else was around.

But he was prepared this time. After a talk with Sam earlier, Sebastian had a new boner prevention image to try.

“That’s right. I forgot all about the hand job that I had promised you” Blaine said in that voice that made all of the blood in Sebastian’s head go south “Is that why you wouldn’t sit next to me at dinner?”

Blaine and Rachel kissing. Blaine and Rachel kissing. Blaine and Rachel kissing.

Blaine did know that it wasn’t the time to toy with his boyfriend. He gave Sebastian a wink and then headed off with Sam, but not before he promised that he would take care of things later.

Twenty minutes passed and Blaine and Sam were sitting on Blaine’s bed, but they hadn’t said anything. Sam just stared at the keys in his hand. Finally, he asked “What does a CFO do?”

“He keeps track of all of the money for the company” Blaine had a way to explain everything that Sam appreciated.


“You’re right, it is wow. Are you ok?”

“Your parents just gave me a fucking brand new truck that my parents told me I had to accept or it would be rude. Oh yeah, I’m pretty fucking ok.” Now all Sam could do was laugh and it didn’t take long for Blaine to join him. It took a while to stop, but once they finished, Sam was out of his stupor.

“I’ll go ahead and drive it back to Lima tomorrow. Burt called me earlier to ask if there was any way I could come back early to help with the Black Friday event at the shop. If I had known about the truck, I would have given a definite yes instead of probably. I’ll text him later, but I’m going to leave the truck for a surprise.”

“Oh, I forgot about the Black Friday event. No wonder he wanted me to meet him at the shop.”

“Why did you want to meet so early?” Sam asked.

“Because I know Kurt and he will still be shopping. I have no desire to deal with him. He’ll head back to New York soon enough.”

As if on cue, Sam received a text from Puck who had had dinner at the Hudmel’s “Holy Shit! Blaine, you have to see this.”

Blaine looked at the text in disbelief “Kurt left his internship and plans to come back to Lima? That makes no sense. He couldn’t get to New York fast enough.”

Puck sent a constant stream of information “Kurt said that he knew the internship was only for two months but had hoped he could get it extended. He also said he had given up on NYADA and planned to apply to the Fashion Institute for the fall semester.”

Blaine got up to grab his phone “This seriously makes no sense. I’m going to text Rachel, but not come out and ask so I can see if she knows anything. After all, Kurt is her roommate and if he leaves, she’ll have to find someone to pay half of the rent. Although, after yesterday it might be a good thing for the two of them to not live together anymore. Ok, so Rachel knows but said that Kurt had not said a word about this to her. She had found out from Puck too. That’s really shitty for Kurt to do.”

Sam put down his phone “Brittany told me something that happened at Sectionals. Santana told her that when the Warblers started to sing I Want You Back, Kurt asked if anyone thought the song was from you, asking him to get back together.”

“Well, he’s fucking delusional if he thinks for one second that will happen. Bas is my boyfriend now” Blaine’s face went blank “Oh fuck, Bas is my boyfriend now. He will freak when I tell him this. And my parents! Oh my god, I have to tell my parents!”

“Calm down Blaine” Sam tried to tell him, although he knew it would do no good “Tell Sebastian, but hold off on your parents until tomorrow. I’m sure we will find out more information when we are at the shop in the morning.”

Blaine sat down in his desk chair and sighed “No, I better tell them now. I know I’ve said this already, but this just makes no sense.”

“Do you think he possibly found out about how when you talked to your therapist you changed your point of view about cheating on him?”

“I don’t see how. The only people I told were my parents, you, Bas and Cooper. I only told Bas yesterday and Cooper today.”

“Why don’t you go tell Sebastian and probably Thad so he can help keep your new main squeeze from freaking out. I’ll stay here because I’m pretty sure the New Directions gossip line will soon be in full effect. Take your phone and I’ll text you if I need you to come back.”


“That son of a bitch did what?!?” Sebastian did not take the news of Kurt’s return to Lima well.

“Will you calm down” Thad was on the phone with his grandparents so Blaine was on his own “We don’t have all of the information yet so there is nothing we can do right now.”

Sebastian started to pace and mutter in French. At any other time, Blaine would have found it incredibly sexy “Bas, it’s not a big deal. The person this will affect the most is Sam since they’ll be living in the same house again.”

“I’m not giving you up!” Sebastian blurted out “I know we have only been boyfriends for” he turned and looked at the clock on the wall “ten hours, but you are mine. You wrote me the song. Hell, the title of the song is You and Me. Bas and Blaine.”

“Bas…” Blaine had never seen him like this. It was almost heartbreaking.

It was even more heartbreaking when the yelling stopped and Sebastian said in a tiny, almost fragile voice “You told me you were in.”

Blaine walked over and wrapped his arms around him “I am your boyfriend. I wrote You and Me for you. I told you I was in, but you told me that you were in first. Most of all Bas, I don’t want Kurt. I want you. Ok?”

That answer seemed to calm Sebastian down but then Blaine added “Again, there’s nothing we can do about it tonight. I’ll find out more when I go see Burt…” he knew he had made a mistake the moment Burt’s name left his lips.

“Oh, no no no no no! You are not meeting with Hummel’s father tomorrow!”

“Bas, you know I need to try and get information about what Hunter said.”

“Then I’m going with you.”

“We’ve been over this” Several times, Blaine reminded himself “There is not enough time for you to go to Lima with me and be back at Dalton in time for your Lacrosse practice.”

Blaine’s phone went off to notify him he had a text “It’s Sam. Nothing to do with Kurt. His parents called and want to talk to me” He put his phone down to reach up and put his hands on Sebastian’s face. He brought him down for a kiss and said “Everything will be alright. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Frustrated at the situation, Sebastian plopped down on the couch only to realize he had sat on Blaine’s phone. That gave him an idea. It took a couple of attempts to guess Blaine’s password but the number he wanted was easy to find once he did.

“Hello, Santana. No, this is Sebastian. I have a really big favor to ask you.”

Chapter Text

The next morning Blaine and Sam arrived at Hummel Tire & Lube and found it busier than anticipated. Dozens of cars were lined up to get the holiday special of a half price oil change, but there was one car in particular that piqued Blaine’s interest “Santana, you’re probably the last person I would expect to be here this early.”

He was pretty sure that she wasn’t just there to get her car serviced.

“My mom’s car needed an oil change and I thought I would be nice. You know, the holidays and all. I came early so I wouldn’t be stuck here all day. Now, would one of you care to explain the his and his matching trucks you two pulled up in?”

“What can I say? Blaine’s parents love me” Sam called back over his shoulder before he disappeared into the shop.

As soon as Sam was out of sight, Santana turned back to Blaine “Your parents bought Trouty a new truck? What the hell?”

“Well…technically they didn’t buy Sam’s truck, or mine for that matter.” He then proceeded to give her the condensed version of his father’s job and why his parents did this for Sam.

Her eyes grew wider and wider as the story unfolded “Damn, Frodo! How did we never know that you were that big of a poor little rich boy? Oh, Alpha Gay.”

Blaine’s eyes immediately became as wide as Santana’s “How the hell do you know Alpha Gay?”

“I had a nice long talk with your fuck buddy, no, your boyfriend” she told him, drawling out the final word “It was very informative.”

Blaine ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He should have known that Sebastian had something to do with this. That he couldn’t let him handle this on his own “You talked to…”

“Hold up Curly. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that you stopped washing your hair in super glue. I approve” Santana made a note to herself to ask Brittany what she had meant about Blaine being a broccoli head “Ok, so don’t get your panties in a knot that Sebastian called me. Think for a minute. If he couldn’t be here, wouldn’t he want someone that would react to something in the same way he would?”

Blaine knew she was right, Shit! “Thank you, Santana. I appreciate it. Let’s go find Burt so I can get this over with” She nodded and then turned toward the shop, but he stopped her so he could tell her one more thing “And Santana, thanks for not asking why I’m here.”

They found Burt rather easily and he walked Blaine back to his office. Although they were busy, Burt knew this had to be important since Blaine was so insistent that they meet “It’s good to see you Blaine but I’m pretty sure you’re not here to catch-up. If this is about Kurt…”

“Let me stop you there” Blaine wanted that train of thought stopped immediately “This isn’t about Kurt. I wouldn’t have wasted our time on him.”

Wow! That was harsh.

Blaine decided to ignore the comment for the moment “Have you heard about what happened at Dalton? How the Head Master tried to pass his 25 year-old ex-con drug-dealing nephew as a student?”

“Yes, it was pretty hard to miss when it was all over the news.”

Blaine took a breath before he continued. He really hoped that Burt wasn’t involved with Hunter “The night he was arrested, Clarington told Sebastian that it didn’t matter that his dad was the State’s Attorney because my ex-boyfriend’s father was a United States Congressman. Burt, he mentioned you by name.”

“I don’t understand” Burt sat down and tried to think of a reason that Clarington guy would use his name. Nothing came to him.

“It sounded like he wanted to one-up Sebastian. He also made it sound like he had direct access to you. I should probably tell you that Clarington also knew what happened between myself and Kurt less than a week after it happened. He was the one that told the Warblers. I had believed that no one knew except for me, Kurt, our families, Finn, Rachel and the other guy. Well, until Kurt and Finn felt the need to tell everyone in both the Old and New New Directions. As far as I know, none of them have a connection to Clarington but I’m looking into it.”

Burt became more and more concerned with each new bombshell Blaine threw at him. Politicians sometimes get their names brought up in scandals to which they had no connection, but he had never thought that would be him “Thank you for this Blaine. I know that you didn’t have to do this after all that happened.”

For some reason that rather innocent sounding statement pissed Blaine off “Mr. Hummel” Oh, yeah. Really pissed him off “Despite what you believe happened between myself and your son, I thought that you respected me more than that. Do you honestly believe that I would keep information from you that could ruin your reputation and your political career? Information that could possibly have you brought up on criminal charges?”

“Blaine, I…”

“I’m sorry sir, but I was not finished. As far as I know, the only people that are aware of your connection to this are Clarington, Sebastian, you, me and probably the former Head Master. I have not informed anyone at Dalton. At least not yet. I respected you enough to convince Sebastian to let me talk to you first. But Mr. Hummel, if we find out that you are involved in any way, Sebastian and I will immediately speak to the proper authorities.”

Burt wasn’t sure he liked Blaine’s new attitude, but he appreciated what he had done for him “I understand. Blaine, I really do respect that you came to me first. I swear I have no connection to Clarington or his uncle.”

“Like I said, I do not believe that you are actually involved in this. I do ask that you keep me informed on any information you find out as I will do the same for you.”

Burt stood up and extended his hand “That’s the least I can do.”

Blaine took his hand, but also looked him straight in the eyes and said with complete sincerity “We’ve known each other for a while now Mr. Hummel, but you should know that my priority is to protect Dalton, the Warblers and Sebastian.”


“Yes, Sebastian is my boyfriend now, and I do not know or care if your son knows. It may seem a little soon after my break-up with Kurt, but if we are all honest, that relationship was over long before it officially came to an end” again Blaine thought he had been a bit too harsh, but it was too late to change it “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today. I hope your event is a success.”

“No, thank you Blaine. And Blaine, I hope that one day soon you’ll feel that you can call me Burt again.”

Even with as busy as the shop was, Burt took a couple of minutes to gather his thoughts. Not only was his name possibly tied to what had happened at Dalton, but there was obviously more to Kurt’s break-up with Blaine than he had been told. He’d ask Kurt, but he had to admit that he had no idea what was going on with his son these days.

When Blaine left the office, he found Santana waiting by the door “Did you get everything settled?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but I hope so” he responded “This didn’t take as long as I anticipated. How much longer until your mom’s car is ready?”

“Trouty said about another hour.”

“Let me take you to the Lima Bean as a thank you. Maybe we can talk about the friendship that seems to be developing between you and my boyfriend? It kind of scares me.”

She took his arm and started to pull him toward the exit “Let’s go. I wanted to check out your sweet new ride anyway.”

The Lima Bean was overcrowded with holiday shoppers, but they had been able to snag a table in the back. As they talked, Blaine found out something he found fascinating.

“You are going to move to New York? And live with Rachel? Rachel Berry? And you’re sure you won’t kill each other?” Blaine wanted to sound supportive, but couldn’t because his inner voice was saying LOL…LOL…LOL…I wonder if we could get cameras in there to watch (Not the dirty stuff…and women are beautiful, but...yuck, girl parts).

“Yes, Rachel Berry. We’re not in high school anymore. We’ve matured” Blaine folded his arms across his chest and cocked an eyebrow to give her his (almost) patented Tell me the fucking truth stare “Fine, she needed someone to pay half of the rent and I need to get the hell out of Kentucky. I hate it there.”

“Ok, that makes more sense.” He gave it three months. Tops.

The topic changed to Blaine’s concern that Sam and Kurt would be living under the same roof again. Out of the blue, Santana asked “Who’s older? You or your love monkey?”

“Um…well, uh, Bas by 2 months. Why?”

“No reason” She had a smirk that caused Blaine to not believe her, but he’d let it go for now “You know Hummel will throw the mother of all shit fits when he finds out what your parents did for Trouty.” She had barely got the words out of her mouth when…

“What did Blaine’s parents do for Sam? And how would they even know him?”

Of course, Kurt had shown up the moment one of them had said something about him. Santana covertly reached into her purse and turned on the recorder she had slipped in there, just in case. It seemed apropos to tape Kurt this time.

“Hello Kurt. So nice of you to interrupt our private conversation” Blaine greeted his ex with a tone that dripped with not only sarcasm, but outright animosity.

“I thought I would say hi, as not to be rude. But evidently rudeness is not an issue with you. Is it Blaine?”

Blaine looked across the table at Santana who gave him a rather impressive eyeroll. As much as she wanted to tear Kurt a new one after what he had said to Brittany, this was not her fight. Although, if her assistance was necessary she’d be more than happy to help.

Blaine turned his attention back to his ex “What do you want Kurt? There must be something since you obviously had to seek us out. One would think that after that verbal beatdown Santana gave you the other day, you would avoid us altogether.”

Santana let out a snort but covered her mouth in an attempt to make it appear to be a cough.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Blaine continued before Kurt could respond “As far as what my parents did for Sam goes, I should probably tell you before you throw one of your infamous shit fits.”

“Shit fits, Blaine? So mature.”

“Well, a fit by any other name is still a fit. By the way, that term is not mine which shows that others see your pettiness in the same manner that I do.”

Santana couldn’t hold back any longer “Fuck, Seblaine Junior. I have to bow down to your verbal beatdown skills. You are putting my beatdown of Lady Hummel to shame.”

Ah, Seblaine Junior. The reason for the question about birthdays. Blaine assumed that it was Santana’s way of poking at Kurt. From the expression on his face, it appeared to have worked.

Kurt’s head whipped around to glare at Santana. He had looked annoyed, actually constipated, while talking to Blaine. Once Santana used the term Seblaine, you could see his expression change from annoyed to aggravated.

“Seblaine Junior? Really Santana?” Kurt asked her “You support Blaine and his friendly fuck buddy after what Sebastian did to you?”

This time Santana didn’t hold back her snort/chuckle before she informed him “No, but I do support Blaine and his boyfriend. You know, bitches of a feather flock together.”

Blaine and Santana watched as Kurt’s entire demeanor changed from aggravated to blank. Completely and totally expressionless. Blaine was about to say something until “You’re a liar!” he yelled directly toward Blaine “You said after Sectionals that you and Sebastian weren’t boyfriends!”

“Not that it is any of your business, but that changed yesterday. Oh, if you’re curious, I asked him.”

“You should call Seblaine Senior since it is your one day anniversary” Santana added to take another poke at Kurt.

“No!” Kurt yelled even louder than before “I have worked too hard! I have come too far!” Then he abruptly left, repeatedly muttering “I can fix this. I can fix this.”

If someone would have described Blaine and Santana as shocked, that person would not have had a grasp on the situation.

“Was that weird?” he asked.

“Beyond weird. Do you have any idea what that was about?”

“Not a clue” Blaine said as he watched Kurt leave the coffee shop “But for some reason, I don’t think it was about me.”

When Blaine dropped Santana off, she assured him that she would give both Sam and Puck a heads up on Kurt’s dramatics. Also, that he knew Blaine’s parents had done something for Sam, but not what it was. Blaine told her to go ahead tell Brittany everything since she was Sam’s girlfriend. Although, if he had to guess it wouldn’t be for much longer.

As Blaine drove off he reflected on his conversation with Burt. He didn’t have an issue with what he said, but how he had said it. Yes, he had spoken to Mr. Schuster and Finn in the same manner, but he didn’t have the same animosity toward Burt. Tomorrow’s family therapy was not the time to bring this up to Molly, but he would make her aware that he would want to cover it at his next individual session.

Sugar still wasn’t back from shopping when Blaine arrived at the Motta’s. Blaine was actually happy about how things had worked out since it gave him time to talk with Sugar’s dad. Blaine told him about everything from Hunter, to Burt, to Kurt, but their biggest topic of conversation was fight club. Blaine wanted his opinion on both the betting and the leaks. When Sugar still wasn’t back after they had finished, the two of them began to laugh about the numerous times it was almost revealed how they knew each other.

“Did he really ask you if you were a made man in the Motta crime family?” Mr. Motta had found that one funny.

“Yeah, that was pretty close” Blaine said as he remembered the look on Sam’s face when he realized who Blaine had called “I mean…”

Before he could go any further, he was interrupted by the sound of dropped shopping bags and a very enthusiastic “Blainey!”

Within 10 minutes of her arrival, Blaine found himself on the couch with a lap full of Sugar. Once they were comfortable, he told her everything that happened in the choir room after she left. The two of them told each other everything. Ok, almost everything.

“I wish I would have known about the tape Blainey.”

“You weren’t there Sugar Bear” he paused for a moment when she giggled at his rhyme “You were with me in Detroit.”

“When I went back to McKinley, it was so much fun to watch Kurt have his shit fits because your parents took you away for surgery. Wow, Puck was so right about what to name Kurt’s tantrums.”

“You should know that I told some of the guys about Alpha Gay, and Bas told Santana who I’m sure will tell Brittany. They all love it.”

“I am pretty proud of that one” Sugar had been thoroughly pissed when Blaine told her Kurt had called him that “Do you know how hard it has been for me to not say it around him or the others, especially Finn?”

Blaine saw an opening to broach the topic they needed to discuss “Speaking of the others, that hug you gave me after Sectionals brought up more than a few questions. Sweetie, I know you were the one that wanted to keep our relationship secret, but now I’m going to ask you to keep it for at least a little while longer.”

“Because you were sad at McKinley but now you’re not?” Sugar’s bubbly personality was gone and Blaine hated when that happened.

“Sugar Motta, I refuse to tell you again that my depression wasn’t your fault” Blaine tickled her to make her smile again “It is not your fault that I abandoned the Warblers. I did that. Plus, when I transferred to McKinley, I really did want to make Kurt happy.”

“Yuck! I still can’t believe…”

“Sugar, stop. What’s the mantra that Molly taught you?”

She rolled her eyes and answered in her best annoyed, sing-song tone “Blaine suffers from depression, but he’s working hard to get better. He admits that he made a lot of stupid decisions during that time and constant reminders of what happened is not healthy for his recovery” when she finished she added “I don’t like to say that you’re stupid.”

“I chose the word, Sweetie. It doesn’t mean that I am stupid but I did make a lot of stupid decisions” Blaine pulled her in a little tighter “Sug, I really need you to do this. Something is going on at Dalton and I called your Daddy for some help. When things come out I don’t want him brought into this. So, do you think you can keep our dirty little secret? At least for a little while longer?”

Sugar nodded her head in agreement and then smiled “You mean that you are my favorite cousin?”

Blaine pretended to gasp as if she had actually told him their secret. She smacked his arm which caused him to smile back at her “Your favorite cousin, huh? Well, I better be considering Cooper is your only other option.”

“Oh my god!” Sugar practically bounced off of Blaine’s lap “I almost had a heart attack the day Cooper showed up at school. How did you convince him to not give away our secret?”

“I told him to consider it an acting exercise.” They both laughed since it was a very Cooper thing to do. Their discussion on this topic seemed to have come to an end, so they just sat for a few minutes while she put her head back on his shoulder and he stroked her hair. They really did love each other and it had been hard to keep their secret while Blaine had been at McKinley. Although Sam had convinced him to go back to Dalton, Blaine would have never left unless Sugar and Uncle Robert had said it was ok. His parents tried to ignore that fact. Uncle Robert wasn’t their favorite person.

Before he left, Blaine wanted to ask one more thing “So, has Kitty mentioned anything about Thad?”

“Uh, duh. You could have led with the fact that his family are all billionaires” she teased “Oh, and by the way, good job on snagging that super-doopity rich, hot piece of ass.”

Sugar’s response did not sit well with Blaine “Sweetie, how do you know this?”

“We googled them.”

A sickening feeling washed over him “What did your search say about Sebastian’s sister?”

“He has a sister?”

When Blaine got home he knew he would have the house to himself. His parents and Cooper were at Senator Thompson’s Kick off the Holidays party and Sebastian had said that he would probably stay at Dalton since his lacrosse game was the next day. He was actually happy everyone would be out. After what Sugar had said he wanted to spend some time on the computer.

However, when he got to his room he found out he wasn’t alone.

“Where have you been!” Sebastian was agitated and had apparently been waiting for a while “You left Santana hours ago!”

“Bas, I went to see Sugar after that” Blaine tried to sound calm, but it didn’t seem to help “I thought you were staying at Dalton tonight?”

“I thought so too, but then I found out about your little run in with Hummel and then you didn’t answer your phone!”

“Oh god, I turned it off when I talked to Sugar and her dad but I thought I had put it on vibrate. I’m so sorry” Blaine pulled out his phone. He not only had 20 missed calls from Sebastian, but also a few from Santana and Sam. He also saw that Kurt had started texting him again, but he’d deal with that later. His answer had not placated Sebastian who continued to rant and pace the room. Blaine figured out rather quickly that this had very little to do with him not answering his phone. That was just what sent him over the edge.

Blaine knew how he could get his boyfriend to stop, but dirty talk would probably not be enough. He would need more, but Blaine was not ready to go that road. Maybe after he fought again. He let Sebastian continue rant until he finally came up with a plan.

“Sebastian stop!” Blaine called out in the voice that Sebastian had no ability to refuse. That and the fact that Blaine had used his full name was enough.

“Good” Blaine walked up to speak into his ear “I’m going to go get a few things. When I get back I want you to be in your boxer briefs. Do you understand me?”


“Do you understand me?” This was a little more intense than Blaine had planned, but at least Sebastian had calmed down.

“I understand.”

When Blaine came back to the room a few minutes later he laid some towels on his bed. He turned to Sebastian, who had done what he had been told “Lay down on your stomach.”

“You want me to..?” Blaine crossed his arms and cocked his eyebrow so, Sebastian didn’t finish the thought and did what he was told.

Blaine took off his jeans, climbed up to straddle Sebastian, pulled out a bottle of lotion and began to give him give him a massage “I didn’t have any massage oils so you’ll smell like vanilla lotion for a while.”

Sebastian responded with a loud moan, followed by another and then yet another.

“Bas, your neck and shoulders are nothing but knots. You need to let some of this stuff go. Let go of the guilt you have over what happened with the Slushie. Let go of thinking you still have to protect the Warblers from not only what happened that night but also from Hunter. Let go of the idea that you have to play perfectly so that your team will win tomorrow. But most of all you have to let go of the idea that I would ever leave you for Kurt. Bas?”

It was in that moment that he learned that Sebastian did not have his ability to fake sleep. He snored too loudly. That led to yet another problem for Blaine. Despite the fact that he had a queen-sized bed, there was no room for him since his 6’2” boyfriend was lying there, spread eagle and dead to the world.

Blaine got off of the bed, covered Sebastian with a blanket and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then he stared and marveled at how truly beautiful his boyfriend was, especially since for once it looked like he was at peace. After he was able to pull himself away, Blaine put some lounge pants on and then booted up his computer like he had originally planned. He had some googling to do.

Chapter Text

To Bas: You broke the rule

T o B: What rule?

To Bas: There is only one rule Sebastian

To B: Sebastian?

To B: Oh, that rule


It was Doug, his sweet, but as annoying as hell, roommate. His roommate who either had a crush on Blaine Anderson, was in awe of Blaine Warbler or scared shitless of Wolverine. Maybe a little of all three “Doug, we talked about this. My first name is not Um.”

‘I’m sorry.”

“There’s no need to be sorry. I want you to be comfortable around me. We sleep ten feet from each other. You’ve seen me in my underwear. Hell you, Bas and Beat are the only guys here that have seen my hair in its natural glory.”


“He was my roommate sophomore year. We bonded over styling products.”

Doug laughed which seemed to calm him a bit “You asked me, George and Chris to put together a master file of old performances for the Warblers to watch. I was wondering if we should be looking for anything in particular?”

“It’s not just Warbler performances. Pull video of the Hoosier Daddies and Throat Explosion. I already know we’re up against Hoosier Daddies at Regionals and we would most likely see Throat Explosion at Nationals. The Show Choir Blogs say they’re the ones to beat this year.”

Doug sat down and pulled a pencil and paper from his bag. It sounded like this was going to be a bigger project than he thought “Anything else non-Warbler?”

“Find the New Directions win at last year’s Nationals. Also, Loser Like Me from the previous year’s Regionals. Oh, and Vocal Adrenaline from 2009-2010 Regionals. I have heard their Bohemian Rhapsody could possibly be the greatest show choir performance ever. Of course, I heard that from Jesse St. James so…”

He had no idea who Blaine was talking about, but Doug nodded his head like he did “I have Sebastian’s list of last year’s Warbler performances. Anything from the year before?”

Wes had taped all of their routines so Blaine had a substantial list to choose from. He picked two but at the last moment he took a deep breath and said “Pull Teenage Dream as well. It doesn’t have the best memories for me, but it’s a really good arrangement. And Doug, can you do one more thing for me?”

To Bas: I was the one that switched rooms due to your problem

To B: Killer, I’m sorry

To Bas: I don’t care

To B: What? Are you going to spank me?

To Bas: Don’t think for a second that is not being considered

To B: Oh

An hour later, Blaine found himself in the Warbler Commons waiting for Jeff and Nick. They had all been back from break for almost a week but the three friends hadn’t had a chance to discuss everything that happened.

“Hey guys” Blaine greeted them “Nick, you probably want to put out the Do Not Disturb sign.”

“Seriously?” When Blaine nodded, Nick did what he was asked but not before he and Jeff shot a look at each other. They had thought they were meeting to discuss possible songs for Regionals but that obviously wasn’t the case.

Once they were seated, Jeff broached the subject “Since it’s pretty clear that we’re not here to discuss Warbler business I have two questions before we get to whatever the actual topic is. The first one is actually two questions. Did you get the sophomores started on their project and if you did, what songs did you have them pull up?”

“Yes, Misery and Bills, Bills, Bills.” Both of the other boys gave Blaine a look like they knew there was more “And yes, I told him to pull Teenage Dream.”

Jeff pulled out his wallet and handed Nick 20 dollars “He said there was no way you would tell them to pull Teenage Dream” Nick explained.

“Just because it was what I sang when I met Kurt doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good song. However, I should let you guys know that I asked Doug to delete any videos or even references to Candles. Ok, you can stop laughing now and ask your other question.”

It took the two at least a couple of minutes to compose themselves. After a few deep breaths, Jeff was able to ask “Since we’re obviously going to discuss Fight Club business, where are Sebastian and Thad?”

As if on cue, Blaine’s phone went off with a text from Sebastian “Excuse me for just a second. I need to let Bas know that I’m with you guys. Both Thad and Bas know that I wanted to meet with you separately.”

To B: You can’t tell me you haven’t done the same

To Bas: No Sebastian, I haven’t. Remember I’m the one stuck with the traumatized roommate

To B: It’s not that bad

To Bas: Let me put it this way, I know all of your innuendos about random hook-ups at Scandals are a bunch of bullshit. They would have heard your climax over the music. So, stop trying to justify that you touched yourself without permission

To Bas: I’m with Jeff and Nick now. We WILL be discussing this later.

Sebastian’s jaw dropped as he realized Blaine was actually serious. Would he really spank him? Why did he find that strangely arousing?

“Smythe” Thad brought him out of his head “Stop sexting with your boyfriend. Our project is due tomorrow.”

“Fine, just let me tell him I’m shutting off my phone.”

To B: I’m sorry. I really am, but I need to concentrate on finishing my Economics project or Thad will kill me.

To Bas: Meet me at the Out Building at 9. I’m going to take out some of my frustrations on the heavy bag. Don’t be late.

“Everything ok?” Jeff asked.

“Sure” Blaine told him “He and Thad are trying to finish their Economics project. Now that Lacrosse is over it’s going to be easier for them. It’s just too bad they lost last Saturday.”

“It didn’t help that the other team had three players with scholarships to Maryland” Nick reminded them “However, I think Kitty coming to watch helped soothe Thad’s pain. And I have to admit, Sugar is pretty cute too.”

“Ok, walk it back dude. There’s no way you’re laying a hand on my cousin.”


“What?!?” Both Nick and Jeff looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads. Blaine gave them a moment to grasp the information so he could develop a game plan. He had fucking been able to fucking keep this fucking secret for over a fucking year, yet a fucking week after he fucking told Sugar that they fucking needed to keep it for a fucking while longer, he had fucking let it out.


To say the least, he was a bit frustrated at what had happened.

Nick looked over to Jeff who decided to be the brave one and asked “So, Mr. Motta is your…?”

“Yes, he’s my Uncle. He was married to my Aunt Cory, my mother’s sister.”

“Is she the one that died of cancer when you were here?” Blaine nodded but it was obvious that he didn’t want to talk about it. They dropped the subject, but there was another question to be asked “Thad said there was a chance you were going to talk to Mr. Mo…your Uncle. Did you?”

“Oh, yeah.”


“Before you say a word, give me a dollar.”


“Blaine, shut up and give me a dollar.” Blaine reached into his wallet and did what his Uncle had asked “Good. Now I am Robert Motta your attorney and not your Uncle.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Your attorney can’t be forced to testify against you where your Uncle can. So Blaine, start talking and don’t leave anything out.”

Once Blaine started to talk he couldn’t stop. He explained how the Fight Club worked, how they dispense consequences and how and why they took over the betting. That they used the money to pay David’s tuition and that he thinks the money comes from a scholarship. Also, how they know they have a leak but no way to track it down.

Since he was clearing his chest, Blaine decided to add what happened with Hunter and his conversation with Burt from earlier that morning. When he finished, the last thing he expected was for his lawyer/Uncle to bust out laughing.

“This is not funny Uncle Rob.”

“No, it’s not but DAMN! You boys could teach some of my, shall we say, acquaintances about how to run a business.”

“It’s that bad?”

“Since none of you are 18, your family names can probably save you. Is there anyone who’s not safe?”

“Jeff, but he never touched the money.”

“Ok, don’t mention this to him yet. I’ll see what I can do. Don’t roll your eyes, you know what I mean. Now, listen carefully. No more fights. None. I can make sure you boys are protected, but I can’t say the same for Dalton if people find out the fights were there. After the shit with that Hunter guy and the headmaster, the school couldn’t handle another scandal.”

Flashback Over

“Oh my god Blaine, I thought Sam was joking when he said you were a made man in the Motta crime family” Nick blurted out.

“So says the guy whose great-great grandfather made the family fortune as a bootlegger during prohibition and then used his mob connections to get his son elected President of the United Sates. Don’t judge me Nicholas Kennedy Duval.”

“Right back at you Blaine Vanderbilt Anderson.”

“Wait!” Jeff jumped in “I knew about Nick being a Kennedy, but you’re a Vanderbilt?”

“Yeah, on my mom’s side. You thought it was a coincidence that my brother’s name is Cooper Anderson?”

It took Jeff a minute, but he finally understood what Blaine meant “Ok, fine. I get it but some day you’re going to have to explain to me how you wound up at Westerville High. To get back on track, you said your Uncle said no more fights. How are we supposed to draw out the leak?”

“Just because we can’t actually have a fight doesn’t mean we can’t say we are.” After Blaine explained himself, the three of them spent the rest of the next two hours formulating a plan. They only tabled their discussion because Blaine had to leave for his therapy appointment. He had just changed into “civilian clothes” and grabbed the keys to his truck when…

To B: Thad and I are done with our project. Did you want to talk now?

To Bas: I’m on my way to see Molly, O observant boyfriend. Today we’re going to talk about my anger issues.

To B: Ok, hey I had an idea. Why don’t I come over to your house this weekend and we could change You +Me into a duet? After all, it is OUR song.

To Bas: Not going to work Bas.

To B: At least you called me Bas.

To Bas: Just because you’re cute and I’m horny doesn’t mean you’re not going to be punished for what you did. Just meet me at the Out Building at 9.

Sebastian thought for a minute. Blaine said that he was already horny and that he (Sebastian) needed to be punished. He also wanted to meet in the Out Building because he was going to be working out on the heavy bag. While that didn’t necessarily mean Blaine would be in full-on Wolverine mode, it did mean that… He had to stop. Just the thought of Blaine shirtless, sweaty with rippling muscles from pounding the bag was making his dick harden with anticipation of his “punishment”. That was not a good thing considering he was surrounded by five of his Lacrosse teammates.

Even though he had his boner killer mantra of Blaine and Rachel kissing, Blaine and Rachel kissing running through his head, Sebastian did manage to text…

To B: Yes Sir.

Meanwhile, Blaine continued to have problems with trying to leave. At least now he was halfway to the parking lot before he was stopped by Doug and the two boys that were helping him with the project.

“Um…No, just Blaine, we have a question.”

Blaine decided not to brush them off because Doug had made an attempt to work on the whole Um situation. Plus they all seemed, well, giddy “I only have a couple of minutes, but how can I help you guys?”

“We finished the project and…”

“Wait, you finished the project? You put all of those performances into a single file? I thought it would take at least a week.”

“Doug is a total computer genius” Chris told him.

Blaine knew that information could be helpful later “Ok, wow. That’s awesome guys. Did you need something else?”

The boys tried not to giggle as Doug pulled out his tablet “When we were looking for the performances on the list you and Sebastian gave us, when we found one not on the list that we were wondering if you would want us to include?”

Blaine was curious, but the minute he saw himself on the screen he knew exactly what they were talking about.

Me, me, me against them
Me against enemies, me against friends

Blaine stopped the video at that point “Ok, you three can stop giggling now. Yes, I rapped at last year’s Regionals and no, there is not a chance in hell that I will be doing it again. However, include it just for the laughs.”

“Thanks Blaine” they said in unison and started to leave, but Blaine had an idea. An idea that would help with the punishment of his naughty, naughty boyfriend.

“Guys, you don’t know how much I appreciate this. I don’t know (Oh, he knew) if you all would be interested but I’m going down to the Out Building tonight to work on the heavy bag. Would you guys like to join me? Maybe I can show you a few techniques? Nothing for Fight Club, just some basic boxing moves?”

They looked at him like he was Santa Clause and he had just given each of them the best Christmas present ever. “Yes, yes, yes” and “Thank You” were spewed out at a mile a minute “Ok, ok. Meet me at 8 o’clock. Despite what I wear you should wear some loose fitting sweats and good gym shoes. I’ll see you then, but Doug can you walk with me to my truck? I have something I want to ask you.”

Once they were alone Blaine asked “Were you able to delete what I asked you to?”

“Sure, it was easy. Also, I found it on a couple of YouTube sites and I was able to delete it there too.”

“You can do that on other people’s posts?”

“It’s not hard. Most people don’t set up all the securities they can on their accounts.”
Blaine couldn’t help but think to himself how he had just found the answer to his Google problem “That’s fascinating. Do me another favor. Don’t tell anyone else about us meeting later and make sure George and Chris don’t either. I don’t want other people trying to be included.”

“Oh, absolutely. Although, I have to admit, if my older brother ever found out he would have a heart attack. He pretty much worships Wolverine.”

“Have you told him…?”

Doug’s face expressed total panic “No, no, no. I would never say anything. First of all, he’s an asshole. But mostly, you know, first rule and all. My brother graduated from here the year before Fight Club was founded. He heard about it from another alumnus before the consequences were instituted. However, by the time he got to a fight, you were gone. When he heard you fought at the last fight he about came unglued since he couldn’t make it.”

“It must be hard to keep this from him, especially with me as your roommate.”

“Like I said, he’s an asshole which makes it easier” With all of the ease the two had been conversing with, Blaine became concerned when his roommate got quiet. He was about to say something when Doug spoke up “Can I ask you a question?” Blaine nodded for him to continue “When you did have to give consequences to that one guy did the Rules Council really get his acceptance to Harvard rescinded and he wound up at a community college in North Dakota?”

Blaine shook his head at how ridiculous the story had become, but in reality “No, we got his acceptance to Harvard rescinded and he went to Brown.”

“Isn’t that basically the same thing?”

“Doug, Brown is an Ivy League school. I have a friend that is applying there.”

“You do?” Doug asked like it was the most shocking thing that he had ever heard.

“Yes, she’s a friend of mine from McKinley.”

“Oh, that explains it. I’ll let you go. See you at 8!”

Blaine had to smile about the conversation that he just had. Although, before he could finish getting into his truck, his phone went off with another text. This one wasn’t from Sebastian. It was from Kurt who had been texting him almost constantly since their run-in at the Lima Bean. Blaine knew he had about a 20-minute drive to Molly’s, so he started the truck and set up the call on his Bluetooth. He thought it was a good idea to go ahead and answer Kurt since he would be seeing his therapist immediately afterwards.


“Hello, Kurt. You wanted to talk to me?”

“Yes, but you sound strange.”

“I’m driving so you’re on speaker. Don’t worry, I’m alone. Now, how can I help you?”

“I wanted to know why you went to see my dad.”

“Why didn’t you ask him?” There was no way he was going to tell Kurt, but he was very interested to find out which way this conversation would go.

“I did but he wouldn’t tell me.”

“Then why do you think I would tell you?”

“Because you owe me.”

Blaine was glad he was at a stop light since it would give him at least 30 seconds to contemplate what had just been said “Kurt, I don’t owe you a fucking thing. If your dad doesn’t want to tell you, I sure the hell am not. So, if that is what you wanted, I’m hanging up.” Although he didn’t want to because he wanted to know why the hell Kurt thought he owed him something. He could hear how frustrated Kurt was, but when next he spoke his voice was clear and calm.

“I’m sorry, I phrased that wrong. Let me tell you what. I’ll be back in Lima next Wednesday. Can we meet at Breadsticks a week from this Saturday? You can bring Sebastian.”

That was shocking. It wasn’t that Blaine wanted to meet up with Kurt, it was that this conversation was a little…hell, it was a lot strange “Ok, I’ll meet with you next Saturday but I will not tell you about my meeting with your dad. That’s up to him. Plus, I hate Breadsticks. There had to be another restaurant in Lima.”

“Fine. So, you’ll come? And what about Sebastian?”

“I’ll ask but it’s totally up to him. And Kurt, this better not be a set-up of any kind because if it is, I swear…”

“I promise. This is totally on the up and up. Just a chance to clear the air with both you and Sebastian. Sorry, but I have to go before Rachel tries to claim anymore of my belongings are hers.”

Flash Forward 11PM

To B: Please

To Bas: Nope

To B: Please

To Bas: It’s called punishment Sebastian. I need to know that you learned your lesson.

To B: I did.

To Bas: Really? I wanted to give you a simple demonstration on silent sex yet I had to shove my cock down your throat to shut you up. Did you notice that with as hard as I came, the three guys in the next room didn’t hear a thing? They might have guessed you were on your knees for me, but they didn’t know for sure.

To Bas: Sebastian, this is why we have the no touching of your cock rule. You seem to be incapable of having silent sex. I promise that we will practice, but for right now the no touching rule applies. You wouldn’t want to wake up Doug. Or Thad. Or Jeff and Nick that are on the other end of the hall.

To B: Please

To Bas: Good night Bas. Although I think I need to check on you. You shouldn’t be able to text with your hands tied up.

Chapter Text

Blaine came back to his room to find Doug sitting before his computer. It was the opening he had been looking for.

“Hey Doug. Whatcha working on?” When the boy practically fell out of his chair, Blaine apologized for startling him.

“No, it’s ok. It’s just when I start working on a new algorithm I get pretty focused.”

“How come I’ve never seen you working on one of these?” Blaine asked, impressed by what he saw on the screen.

Doug sighed and bowed his head, obviously uncomfortable with answering the question “I didn’t want you to know how big a nerd I am.”

“Well, you can’t be as big of a nerd as I am” Blaine laughed “I can quote Harry Potter word for word, and I am talking the books not the movies. I read Star Wars fanfiction and my best friend Sam and I totally geek out when it comes to comics and superheroes. At McKinley, we started the Secret Society of Superheroes Club. We had, well still have, costumes and everything.”

“Oh my god! I heard you and the blonde guy were wearing costumes when you took the trophy back! I thought people had made that up.”

“Yeah, that was us” Since Doug seemed more comfortable, Blaine decided to just go for it “I know you’re busy, but do you think in the near future you can help me with something computer related. It’s not for a class or anything, so just when you have the time.”

“I can do it now” he offered. When Blaine gave him a cocked eyebrow and a look of disbelief, Doug answered “I need a break from this. When you came in I was contemplating throwing my computer across the room.”

“Ok, so my cou…my friend Sugar told me that she googled Sebastian to see if he was good enough for me. I tried to do it and found nothing except he was mentioned in an article from when his dad ran for State’s Attorney.”

Doug motioned for Blaine to bring his desk chair over while he saved what he was working on and pulled up Google “The problem was you stopped there. Sebastian got you to his dad. Now, you search his dad and that leads you to your next search. Each search gives you more information until you have what you need.”

“Makes sense” Blaine couldn’t believe that he hadn’t thought of that “Can you do me a favor and see if you can find any information on his sister? Her name is…”

“No, don’t tell me. That would make it too easy.” Blaine got up and went to the mini-fridge to get them each a bottle of water figuring it would take a while. Three minutes later “Sierra Smythe Russo. That wasn’t easy.”

“Dude! Not easy? It took you less than five minutes to find her. I spent three hours online and still came up with nothing.”

The pride on Doug’s face could not be questioned “My computer is probably much more hi-tech than yours. Plus, I knew what I was looking for. If you would have not said she was Sebastian’s sister, it would have taken me longer.”

Blaine guessed since Kurt didn’t know about Sierra that meant he (or someone for him) had only done a basic search on Sebastian. But why? “So, you’re saying that it would take an advanced search to find her. It would take someone like you.”

“Not necessarily, it would just get you there faster. Does that help?”

“More than you know. Thank you” With everything that Doug had told him so far, Blaine knew he had found the right person to help with his other issue “Can I ask one more thing?”


“If I wanted to find someone but only knew his first name and the city he lives in, could I even do that? Let me rephrase, could you even do that?”


“Seriously Doug, where did you learn to do all of this?”

“I taught myself mostly. I want to be a computer analyst for someplace like the CIA or National Security. That or an identity thief.” He smiled when Blaine let out a chuckle. They were both happy that their relationship had become more comfortable “Can we talk openly or will there be things you can’t talk about?”

“Go for it. I’ll let you know if it is something I can’t tell you.”

“Are you sure that the name you have is really his first name?"

“What do you mean?”

“You know, like that one actor on that one show that looks like you. His last name is Criss. It sounds like a first name.”

“Ok, I don’t look like him but I get what you’re talking about. Are there any other things I might have to consider?”

“Just that the name you have might be some sort of a nickname. Could you imagine trying to find Beat on the internet?”

Blaine sighed and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He hoped that this would find the leak but it sounded like he needed more information. Information that he didn’t have “Well, thanks anyway. I guess I’m screwed, huh?”

“Did I say that?” Doug asked as he smiled and then cracked his knuckles “You said you know where he lives?”

That perked Blaine up “Actually, it’s they not he and they live here in Westerville.”

“That helps because if they grew up here they would have gone to Westerville High. About how old are they? Are they our age?”

“A little older. Does that matter?”

“If they graduated in the last five years, we can pull up an online yearbook. That is if you want me to.”

Blaine literally jumped out of his chair “Yes, yes, oh my god, yes! You don’t know what this means!”

“I haven’t done anything yet.” It took him a little longer to gain access to the Westerville High yearbook than it did to find Sebastian’s sister, but that didn’t mean it took long “We’re in. So, what are the names?”

“Wyatt and Toby. Hey, are you ok? You don’t look so good all of a sudden.”

Doug tried desperately to think of a way to stop what was happening, but couldn’t. He had to give Blaine whatever information he found or pay the consequences. There was no real choice “I’m fine, just let me put the names in. Ok, you have five Wyatts and no Tobys, although you do have a Stan Tobison. Would you like me to send you the information? Blaine?”

“Yeah” Blaine couldn’t take his eyes off the screen “It’s just that Tobison guy and the third Wyatt look familiar, but I don’t know from where.” He shook his head to rid himself of the creepy feeling he had, and that made him notice the time “Shit! I was supposed to meet Trent to work on Calculous. Thank you again Doug. Seriously, I can’t thank you enough but Doug, you can’t talk about this with anyone. Understand?”

The second Blaine left the room, Doug got out his phone.

“What do you want Doug?”

“Shut up Earl. You have a problem. A fucking big problem.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The guys in the Rules Council are looking for Wyatt and Toby. They’re really smart guys, Earl. It won’t take them long to figure out that you’re the one that told those two idiots about Dalton’s Fight Club.”

Chapter Text

Saturday came, but Blaine had called Kurt the day before and asked if they could change their brunch to dinner. He had forgotten that family therapy was an hour later that usual and there were a couple of other things he needed to take care of. Both of them involved Sam.

“Sam, I’m really sorry about Brittany” Blaine told him.

“Yeah, I know. Me too. But, I went in knowing she was still in love with Santana” Sam admitted.

“I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t Killer and I cancel with Hummel, get you a fake ID and go to Scandals where you can really drown your sorrows. Tea from the Lima Bean is not going to do anything for you Sam.”

Blaine smacked his boyfriend in the shoulder “We have discussed this Bas. Sam stays out of Scandals. Plus, we have to go to dinner with Kurt. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer, remember?”

“Why can’t I go to…” Sam had another of his famous epiphanies “Oh, it’s my lips. Right?”

“Sam, if we took you to Scandals you would be hit-on more than my heavy bag is when I am frustrated with my boyfriend.” Blaine’s hand slid underneath the table to squeeze Sebastian’s upper thigh. There had been a lot of frustration that week. Sexual frustration.

“I get it” Sam chuckled “Santana named me Trouty Mouth for a reason. I’ll be right back. I’m going to go get some more water for my tea.”

The moment Sam was away from the table, Blaine tightened his grip on Sebastian’s thigh and leaned over to speak into his ear “You were a very bad boy, Sebastian.”

“Why? I don’t understand.”

“You know how horny I’ve been, yet you mentioned taking Sam to Scandals which got us talking about those big, beautiful lips of his. That started me thinking about the day of Sectionals when Sam told Kurt that we were both hot and that he would do either of us. Now, I would never actually do this, but all I can think of is Sam doing BOTH of us. At the same time. Would you like that?”

Without hesitation Sebastian answered “No.”


“No, I’m not sharing you with anyone. I don’t care if they have the best blow job lips known to mankind.”

The comment prompted Blaine to give his boyfriend a quick, sweet peck on his lips. Even with Sebastian’s past innuendos and the games that the two of them play, Blaine knew that Sebastian just loved him. It was simple and easy, but also sexy as hell. Going to rescue that damn trophy was the best decision of his life.

“Will the two of you stop being so cutsey and loving? It’s making my teeth hurt” Sam whined upon his return to the table.

Blaine leaned over and kissed Sebastian’s cheek “No. Now, Brittany…”

Sam let out a groan “Can we talk about something else besides my love life, or lack there of? Like, what’s going on with Wyatt and Toby and why haven’t you taken them somewhere and beaten the shit out of them until they tell you who the leak is?”

“Because the only person Blaine likes to torture is me” Sebastian joked before leaning over and reciprocating the kiss on the cheek Blaine had given him. Sam didn’t need to know how true that really was.

“Ha ha” Blaine gave Sebastian an impressive eye roll as a response to his comment “Since my birthday was in October, I am now 18 and could be tried as an adult for assault. It’s one thing to fight within the confines of Fight Club, it’s another to go up to a stranger and deck them.”

“Have you figured out where you know them from?”

“No. They graduated, well dropped out, the year before I went to Westerville. I don’t know, maybe I saw them hanging around the school? We’re just lucky they were there long enough that it was too late to remove their pictures from the yearbook.”

“So, what are you guys doing? You’re at least having them watched or something like that. Oooh, did you have your Sugar’s daddy find out about them. Wait, that didn’t sound right.”

Both Blaine and Sebastian attempted to keep their laughter down to a chuckle, but Blaine failed so Sebastian answered “No, we found out that both of them had been popped recently on possession with intent to sell. We then may have hypothetically asked a Dalton contact within the Franklin County DA’s office to hypothetically search for any known associates tied to Dalton.”

“Did they find anyone?”

“Yeah, Hunter Clarington.”

“What?!” Sam slapped his hand over his mouth because he had said that much louder than he intended.

“We were shocked too” Blaine told him “But both you and Puck said that Toby and Wyatt said they got their Fight Club information from a Dalton graduate. Hunter’s not a graduate. We’re hoping that it’s just a weird coincidence, but are keeping our eyes and ears open.”

“Are you still going through with the plan to draw the leak out?”

Blaine glanced over at Sebastian and they both nodded. His Uncle Robert had strongly suggested that they keep Sam’s knowledge to a minimum. Just enough for him to help with identifying Wyatt and Toby “As of now, yes. However, we won’t get started until we have come back from break. Speaking of break, were you surprised when my parents invited you and your family to come to Aspen with us after Christmas?” Sam was not the only one that had been surprised since his parents had not told him that he had invited (and had paid for) the Evans family to join them at the family cabin.

“Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it. My mom literally cries with happiness when we talk about the trip and Stevie won’t shut up about learning to snowboard.”

This time it was Sebastian squeezing Blaine’s thigh, but this was a show of support. He knew that Blaine was about to do something he had hoped to avoid “That’s great Sam, but I have another surprise. When you get there, someone else you know will be there as well.”

“Sebastian, you’re coming?”

“No, it’s not Bas.”

An hour later…

“Sugar is your what?!”

“I’m Blainey’s cousin” Sugar told him “Are you ok?”

“I just need to sit down for a minute” Since they were in the Motta’s kitchen, Sebastian pulled out a bar stool for Sam so he didn’t fall. He was too busy staring at Blaine and Sugar to pay attention “How? I mean you look nothing alike.”

Blaine put his arm around Sugar’s waist and pulled her close. She was uneasy about someone in the New Directions knowing their secret “Our moms are sisters and you know I am basically my dad’s clone.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”

“It was my idea” Sugar explained “We moved here after my mom died...”

Blaine pulled her even closer and kissed the side of her head “It’s ok, Sugary Sweet. I can tell Sam everything if you want me to.” He knew that any mention of her mom still tended to shut her down even though it had been almost three years.

“No, it was my idea, I should explain it.”

“Not to interrupt” but Sam did anyway and asked Blaine “Did she have anything with you coming to McKinley? It wasn’t just for Kurt?”

“I had been leaning toward transferring for Kurt, but my parents would have never have signed off on that. Sugar’s more of a sister to me than a cousin and they knew I wanted to be there for her in her new school. It just took a little while to get the transfer taken care of since I don’t live in Lima. I wound up using this address on my transfer. It was just a coincidence that Uncle Robert bought a house that was in McKinley’s district.”

“I always wondered how they let you into McKinley since you didn’t live in that district. Or city. Or half of the state” Sebastian chimed in but then realized that he and Sam had truly interrupted Sugar “Sorry, Sugar. Were you happy that B was able to go to McKinley?”

“No, it’s ok and I know what Blaine did for me. That’s why I feel so guilty about…”

“Sugar, do you need to repeat the mantra?” She hated to say it, but it was a reminder that Blaine’s depression was not her fault.

She stuck her tongue out at him as her response “Any way” she drawled out “I knew I was a bad singer, but I wanted to join the New Directions to make friends like Blainey did with the Warblers. I didn’t think that I would be the only person in history to not be allowed in to a glee club that accepts everyone. Then the next day Blainey came and sang It’s Not Unusual. Everyone loved it, loved him, even the people that Slushied glee club members.”

All of the boys glanced around at each other knowing that there was probably a different reason behind Blaine’s total acceptance.

“I still don’t understand” Sam had seen videos of both Sugar’s audition and Blaine’s performance. Yes, they were at opposite ends of the “rate my performance” scale, but what did that have to do with them not telling anyone they were related?

“I know what people say about me, Sam. How daddy had to buy me a glee club. Can you imagine the teasing I would have gone through when people figured out that the worst singer in the world was cousins with the best? After Blainey helped me get better at harmonizing, I thought about telling everyone but we decided to wait until this year because I didn’t like the people that graduated.”

“Then why haven’t you told anyone? Is it because Blaine went back to Dalton?”

“That would be because of me” Robert Motta entered the kitchen and held out his hand, but did not offer an explanation. “You must be Sebastian and Sam. Blaine has told me a lot about the two of you. I’m his Uncle Robert.” Sebastian stepped forward to shake his hand, but Sam had to be nudged by Blaine. He wasn’t afraid of the supposed mobster, quite the opposite. After everything he had heard he was actually having a bit of a fanboy moment. “Sugar, honey, can you give me and the boys some time. Why don’t you go call Kitty and coordinate your wardrobe for tomorrow?”

“Ok, Daddy” She turned to Blaine and gave him a hug “Are you going to leave after you all talk?”

“Yes, but I’ll see you and Kitty tomorrow at my house for the Christmas Cookie Bake.”

“And you’re going to be nice to Nick tomorrow, right Blainey?”


“What did Nick do?” Sam asked.

“He asked Sugar on a date without getting Blaine’s permission” Sebastian laughed remembering the look on Nick’s face when he realized that Blaine was serious. Not a wise decision to piss off a guy who lists beating the crap out of people as one of his hobbies.

“Hold up, Nick knew the two of you are cousins before I did?”

“Nick, Jeff and Thad. I told Nick and Jeff by accident after Nick made a comment about how cute Sugar was” Blaine practically growled “I told Thad because it was too hard not to since Sugar and Kitty are best friends and he’s kind of dating Kitty. They just know the basics, but enough that Nick should have known better.”

“Ok, I’m going to go call Kitty” Sugar said before turning to her cousin’s boyfriend “Sebby, please make sure Blainey is nice to Nick.”

“Not happening!” Blaine called out as she left.

Once she was gone, Sam had questions he wanted to ask “Ok, two things. First, Sebby?”

“Only Sugar, Evans. Don’t even try.”

“Got it. So Blaine, why the issues with Nick when Sugar dated Rory last year?”

Blaine grabbed Sebastian’s hand before saying “I wasn’t around last year when they started dating.” It went unsaid that he was out due to eye surgery.

Mr. Motta changed subject rather quickly “Now Blaine, are you and Sebastian meeting with Kurt once you leave here?”

“We are. Why?”

“With the unknown connection between Congressman Hummel and Clarington and what happened at and after Sectionals, I can’t help but think there is more going on than he’s saying. Especially when he asked you to tell him what you and his dad discussed.”

“And he’s been acting strange” Sam added.


“He’s been a little too nice since he moved back from New York. Like creepy, serial killer before he cuts you up into pieces, nice.”

The four of them became so entrenched in conversation that they didn’t notice how late it had gotten. Blaine and Sebastian made it to the restaurant right on time and Kurt walked in a minute later. They were immediately escorted to their table and were able to hold a civil conversation throughout the meal. Of course the topics had been limited to the weather, holiday shopping, favorite Christmas movies and whether or not Blaine and Sebastian would be attending Rachel’s New Year’s party that she was throwing at her dads’ house. It was the last topic that had the boys feeling uneasy. When it was discussed, they both understood why Sam had said what he said. Kurt really was being creepy, serial killer nice.

“Sorry Kurt, but B and I already have plans to attend Wes Montgomery’s party.” Sebastian was trying to be cordial. Trying being the operative word.

“But you’re both friends with all of the New Directions, both old and new. Blaine, Sam is your best friend. Oh, but you will have already spent five days in Aspen with Sam and his entire family.”

“And there it is. The true reason for this meal” Blaine had never told Kurt how wealthy his family actually was because Kurt was extremely…well, materialistic. He should have known when his dad gave Sam the truck that Kurt would start asking questions.

“I don’t understand, Blaine. What reason?” Kurt asked with almost a sing-song tone to his voice.

Sebastian threw his napkin onto the table and pushed his chair back “Cut the crap Hummel. We knew coming into this that your whole Let’s just be friends act was a fucking lie. So, either tell us what you want or we’re out of here.”

Kurt turned his attention to Blaine “Are you going to let him speak for you in that manner or are you going to speak up for yourself?”

“Oh, I can more than speak up for myself. I just didn’t feel the need to repeat exactly what Bas said. So, if that is all we’ll be on our way.”

Sebastian had pulled out his credit card to pay the bill, he assumed that would be the case anyway, when both he and Blaine witnessed Kurt’s entire demeanor change. The real Kurt had finally made an appearance. He folded his arms across his chest like he always did when his defenses went up “You want to talk, let’s talk.”

They all settled down when the waitress came to take the bill. However, Sebastian ordered them all coffee and dessert to give them an excuse to remain at the table. When she left to get the order, Blaine asked his ex “Does this have something to do with you saying that I owed you? What the fuck could I possibly have done to owe you anything?”

“You cheated on me, you broke up with me, you performed that stunt at Sectionals and then despite everything I had done you still wound up running to him.” Kurt’s voice dripped with disgust as he referred to Sebastian.

The conversation halted again when the waitress brought their coffee and dessert. This gave Blaine and Sebastian time to process what Kurt had said. By just a glimpse at each other, they could tell that each of them were concerned about the end of the statement. The rest was crazy talk.

“What did you do, Kurt?” Blaine asked the question because he could see Sebastian seething with anger. Perhaps it had not been the best idea to have this little tête-à-tête in such a public space.

Kurt’s face made it look like he was searching for the right words to say until “Fine. It’s not like anyone can do anything about it now. I couldn’t believe it when Santana of all people figured out that what I did wasn’t about the Slushie, but about I Want You Back.”

“You are fucking kidding me!” Sebastian hissed, trying to keep his voice down “If you were so pissed why did you just sit there and look constipated?”

“I did not look constipated! I was in shock but looking back I don’t know why. You rich, entitled Dalton bastards just take what you want and you wanted my boyfriend. I needed to find a way to stop you and the very next day the universe gave me the gift of the Slushie.”

“I’m so glad to hear that my needing surgery was a gift to you.”

“Oh Blaine, I’m not talking about your pain. I’m talking about how you stopped speaking to this asshole as well as the other Warblers. Also, I knew that the Meerkat would receive the punishment he so richly deserved.”

Both Blaine and Sebastian were confused by Kurt’s answer, but Sebastian understood what he meant first “You son of a bitch! You knew I had already gone to the Headmaster before you gave me the tape.”

“Of course, I did” Kurt snickered, like it was the most obvious thing that ever happened “I wanted you expelled and sent back to Paris, but he said that since your dad was State’s Attorney the only thing he could really do was suspend you and then put you on probation. It wasn’t enough, especially since I was leaving for New York and Blaine would be back here in Ohio. I knew eventually you would be in contact again. That’s why I went back to Dalton and we hatched the plan to give you a babysitter.”

Blaine knew he had to do something quickly or he would spend the rest of the evening bailing his boyfriend out of jail. He reached down and grabbed Sebastian’s crotch. That startled him enough to allow Blaine to speak “Oh my god, your father helped you get a known drug dealer admitted to Dalton just to keep me and Bas apart?”

“Really Blaine? My dad would never have anything to do with this. Why would you think that?” Kurt wanted to know, but Blaine wasn’t about to tell him. He knew that the former Headmaster had had political aspirations, so he must have thought helping a Congressman’s son would help further those goals. He was beyond stunned by what Kurt had said. This wasn’t the Kurt he had known. Or was it and his depression had prevented him from seeing the truth. Blaine looked over at Sebastian and determined it was time to get him out of there.

“We are leaving Kurt, but don’t think this conversation is over.”

“But you need to stay so you can find out how you are going to make amends for what you two did to me.”

“What we did to you? You made my life hell for months.” Sebastian was talking again but unfortunately, he was loud enough to gain the attention of those around them “I am going to destroy you.”

Kurt portrayed himself as the mannered one of the group and apologized for his friend “No, you are going to do exactly the opposite. It took a while for me to figure out what I wanted, then you gave me the answer, Sebastian.”

“What fucking answer?”

“As you have probably guessed, I have done research on you but had never found anything that suggested you had a sister. However, at Sectionals you insisted that you have one named Sierra. Later that night I was talking to a friend from who said that he knew a designer at Dior named Sierra who had a brother named Sebastian. It didn’t take long to verify that she was indeed your sister. My mistake had been that I had researched you only through your father’s side. I never would have guessed mommy dearest would have had a little bundle of joy at only 17. It seems that with you Sebastian, the slutty apple doesn’t fall far from the slutty tree.”

If ever there was a time that Blaine appreciated how deceptively strong he was, it was now. He was able to grab Sebastian into a hug, preventing him from lunging across the table at Kurt “Kurt, I am totally disgusted at what you just said to Bas. Don’t ever call me again. I won’t be answering.” Blaine stood up and tried to think of a way to block Sebastian from Kurt as they left.

“Oh, Blaine dear, why don’t you sit down. We’re not finished.”

“Give me one good reason we should stay.”

A smile came across Kurt’s face. A creepy, serial killer before he cuts you into pieces, smile “I bet David could come up with 876,512 reasons.”

Sebastian watched as Blaine’s whole body froze “Killer, what’s going on.”

“That is the exact amount of money in David’s scholarship account.” Sebastian knew that actually meant that it was the money from the bets they took at Fight Club.

Kurt was giddy in his belief that his plan had worked perfectly. With that said, his anticipation for his next bombshell was palpable. “Scholarship account, that’s a good one. Now, why don’t you sit back down so we can finish our conversation…Wolverine.”

Chapter Text

“I’m going to fucking kill him B. When I get back from Paris, you and I are spending all of our spare time down in the Out Building and you are teaching me to fight. Not box, fight, and then I am going to fucking kill Hummel with…my…bare…hands!”

Blaine kept his eyes on the road and let Sebastian rant. Considering the things that Kurt said and the demands that he made, it was amazing that one or both of them weren’t in jail “Bas you don’t want to do that. You’re too pretty to go to prison.”


“Don’t think that I haven’t noticed that in this moment you have started referring to me a B and not Killer” Blaine joked, as he continued to try and lighten the mood “Do you want me to call my Uncle…”

“Could you really do that?” Sebastian practically whispered “Does your Uncle have people that do things…”

“Bas! Stop! I was kidding” Blaine interrupted that train of thought before it got out of hand. Although? “There is not a thing we can do about Kurt until after we all get back from break. Even he said as much.” Thankfully they had arrived at Blaine’s house, so he pulled into the driveway and parked the truck “Come on. You can hatch more murder plots after we are inside.” Once they were in there, he hoped that Sebastian would notice what he had set up.

That didn’t happen so Blaine had to go with Plan B.

“Bas” Blaine got his attention while at the same time taking his hands so he would stay in place “Close your eyes.”


“Close…your…eyes.” This time Blaine’s tone left no doubt that Sebastian should do as he was told, although he did manage to get an eye roll in before he closed them “Now, tell me what do you hear?”

“I don’t hear anything.”

“Or anyone?”

Sebastian opened his eyes and looked around before focusing on his smiling (like a Cheshire Cat) boyfriend “Are we alone?”

“Why yes, we are alone” Blaine answered with a mocking tone, ecstatic that Sebastian had finally calmed down enough as to not ruin what he had planned “And will be for the rest of the night. You see, my wonderful parents are at the Governor’s Holiday Ball and decided to get a room at the hotel so they could partake in the festivities as they wished. They will not be back until around noon tomorrow, just in time to finish baking cookies, then turn back around to take you to the airport and then finally take the jet to Detroit.”

“Why would your parents go to all that trouble…Oh my God! They’re staying at a hotel so we can have sex!”

“I did not say that” Blaine answered, trying not to laugh at the expression on Sebastian’s face “I may have told them that we hadn’t had any alone time lately. And I may have said how sad I was that tomorrow you are flying to Paris for 17 days and we wouldn’t have any time to celebrate Christmas together.”

“You totally tricked your parents so we could have sex. You are the best boyfriend ever!”

Blaine let go of one hand, but tightened his hold on the other and began to lead Sebastian upstairs “No, I’m pretty sure I didn’t trick them. They know exactly what’s going on.”

“Then my boyfriend has the best parents ever!” They both laughingly agreed to that statement and continued the laughter until they were outside of Blaine’s bedroom door.

“Close your eyes” Blaine requested for the second time that evening, and Sebastian complied but with an eye roll for the second time as well. Blaine led him into the room, then let go of his hand and told him to wait. After what seemed like 10 minutes, but was only 3…“Open your eyes Bas.”

Sebastian looked around the room in amazement. There were lit candles all around, but the main source of lighting was a Christmas tree that stood in the center of the room. Surrounding the tree were throw pillows and blankets and other things that needed explanation “Are those the gifts I got for you?”

Blaine couldn’t wipe the smile from his face as it looked like all of the planning that had gone into Sebastian’s surprise had paid off “I hope so. At least they are all of the presents Thad was aware of.”

“How? I mean…how?”

“Let’s sit down and I’ll explain everything” Blaine took Sebastian’s hand yet again and this time led him to the pillows on the floor in front of the tree. “So, you were really surprised?” he asked once they were seated.

“Absolutely! But again, how did you manage to get all of this done?”

“With a lot of help, but the room? Let’s just say your rants made this a lot easier.”

Sebastian’s expression went blank “Please tell me Hummel had nothing to do with this.”

“Oh god, no. I’m so sorry for making you think that. What I’m saying was that since you were so busy plotting Kurt’s death, you didn’t say a word when I suddenly had to stop at the McDonald’s 10 minutes from my house because I needed to use the restroom. I was really calling Jeff to say we were 10 minutes out. Then you didn’t notice that I circled my block twice so Jeff had a chance to escape. Oh, by the way, I didn’t text my parents that we were on our way home, I texted…”

“You texted Jeff” Sebastian finished “Jeff did all of this?”

“No, I had everything set up. He just had to bring the presents and your bags which Thad gave him, then light the candles and turn on the tree.”

“Why did I have to keep my eyes shut?”

“The blankets and pillows were in my closet. He didn’t need to know everything that was going on” Blaine answered with an eyebrow wiggle that caused Sebastian to laugh.

“I love you so much. I can’t believe you did all of this for me.”

Once Sebastian said that, he stopped laughing. He really couldn’t believe that Blaine had done all of this, just to make him happy. Blaine may have said that his return to Dalton was about saving himself but Sebastian knew that in doing so, Blaine had ruined him. Ruined him in that no other man ever stood a chance of Sebastian loving him the way he loved Blaine. All of his earlier anger toward Kurt came rushing back, but he was quick to put a stop to it. There was no way he was letting that son-of-a-bitch spoil this.

“I love you too, Bas. Are you ok?”

“I’m great” Sebastian told him while he reached over and brushed some loose curls back from Blaine’s face “I’m just amazed by the way your beautiful eyes dance due to the candles and Christmas lights.”

The compliment had Blaine catch his breath “Oh, wow. May I say that you are pretty stunning in this lighting as well?”

“Thank you, B. Now, what’s next or are we going to sit here all evening and tell each other how gorgeous we are?”

Blaine sat up on his knees, then crawled over and trapped Sebastian’s hands on the floor under his. The position was a bit awkward but Sebastian soon forgot about it when Blaine kissed him. The kiss was soft and sweet but that soon changed when Sebastian felt his boyfriend’s tongue slide across his bottom lip. He tried to help out by leaning in a little closer only to realize that amount of body weight Blaine was holding his hands down with had left his entire upper body immobilized. The only thing he could do was to try and suck Blaine’s tongue further into his mouth, pulling him closer. It was agonizingly sloppy, but so, so hot and then over too soon when Blaine pulled away and announced “Present time!”

Sebastian flopped back onto the pillows, let out rather loud groan (which he could because they were alone) and tried to remind himself of all of the wonderful thoughts he had just had about his tease of a boyfriend. Blaine grabbed his arms and pulled him back up before saying “I see that we each broke the one gift rule.”

“Yes, but my second gift is actually a second part of the first gift” Sebastian informed him, but that was kind of a lie. While they were similar, they were not parts of a whole. Hopefully Blaine wouldn’t feel the need to punish him. On the other hand…

“Ok, mine are pretty much that as well. Now, since I have been a very good boy I want my presents first.”

Sebastian shook his head but handed over the first gift, hoping Blaine would understand the meaning behind it. For inside the box was two leather wrist cuffs “Bas, these are beautiful.”

“Actually, this one is yours” Sebastian picked up the cuff nearest to Blaine to show him an inscription on the inside “The other is mine.”

“It says I’m In” Blaine smiled knowing that was the phrase they had each used to tell the other that they were ready for a relationship.

“When I told you I’m In, I said that I loved every side of you. I thought that maybe you could wear this when you fight since you always wear gloves that would cover it. It would be a reminder that I’m there supporting you, even though you’re punching in someone’s face.”

“And you would be wearing yours?” Sebastian nodded then reached over and handed Blaine his other gift. After opening it, Blaine let out a small gasp. While the cuffs were beautiful, this was breathtaking.

“Bas, this is too much.”

Sebastian pulled the sterling silver link ID bracelet from the box and put it on Blaine’s wrist “This is for when you’re not fighting. I know it’s kind of possessive of me to give you something like this because I know you know that we belong to each other. It’s’s hard to explain,” He paused for just a moment to make sure he said this the way he wanted to “B, I see how other guys, and girls, look at you. I want them all aware that you are mine. Is that bad?”

“No, I get it” Blaine responded but never took his eyes off of his wrist. When he turned the ID plate over he noticed that it had an inscription like the cuff. An inscription that made him smile for a lot of reasons “It says You+Me.”

You+Me, we belong together. Just like the breath needs the air.” Sebastian sang to him.

Blaine began to laugh, smile and cry all at the same time. He leaned over, gave Sebastian a kiss and then handed him the first of his two presents. When Sebastian opened the gift and saw what it was, he began to do all three as well “Is this what I think it is?”

“If you think that is You+Me sheet music written as a duet, then yes, it is exactly what you think. I can’t believe our gifts to each other fit so well together.”

Sebastian put the sheet music back in its box and then wiped his eyes before saying “Well, you do have one last gift to give me. Don’t know how you’re going to top the last one, B.”

“Is that a challenge?” Blaine gave his best Sebastian smirk as he handed over the other box. When Sebastian opened it, then pulled a handkerchief off from on top of the present, his response was less than enthusiastic. Just as Blaine had predicted it would be.

“An I-Pod, I love it.”

“You are such a liar. Open the play list.” Blaine sat back and waited for the second response. Again, just as he had predicted.

“Are these…? Did you sing…? How?” If these songs were what Sebastian thought they were, then saying he was blown away came nowhere close to how he felt.

“Ok, let me explain and then you can ask questions. So, you know how my roommate Doug is this computer genius and I had him pull up videos of our performances? (nod) He was able to pull the music from those and clean up the sound. The quality is amazing. I showed this to my parents and convinced them to get me a computer that Doug recommended, plus better recording equipment and a mixing board as an early Christmas present.”

“Doug did this? By the way, is he ok? He’s been acting stranger than normal lately.”

“I think so. I know he wasn’t looking forward to break since he really doesn’t like his older brother. I should check on him after everything he did for this” Blaine really was worried about his roommate, but not enough to continue that line of conversation “Now, look at the songs and ask any questions you might have.”

Sebastian went down the song list in order “Why two versions of Smooth Criminal?”

“Ever since we performed it at Sectionals, a certain Latina has texted me pretty much every day to tell me the two of you sounded better. So, I told her to put up or shut up. Yes, I was that stupid. Anyway, I had her sing my part and we mixed it in with your vocal. I hate to admit that she may have been right.”

“Never” Sebastian kissed him before going back to the song list. He had a lot of questions about what he saw, but he could ask those later. All he really cared about was that You+Me was there. Then he noticed something else. “What’s Mirrors? Oh my god, Blaine, did you write me another song?”

Blaine got up, went to his closet and came back with his acoustic “You tell me.”

Aren't you something to admire, 'cause your shine is something like a mirror
And I can't help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine
If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find
Just know that I'm always parallel on the other side

'Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
I can tell you there's no place we couldn't go
Just put your hand on the glass, I'm here trying to pull you through
You just gotta be strong

'Cause I don't wanna lose you now
I'm looking right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold

Show me how to fight for now
And I'll tell you, baby, it was easy
Coming back into you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

It's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me
I couldn't get any bigger
With anyone else beside of me
And now it's clear as this promise
That we're making two reflections into one

'Cause it's like you're my mirror
My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

By the time the song was finished, Sebastian figured out what the handkerchief was for since he had turned into a blubbering mess. Blaine took the guitar over and put it on a stand, but when he came back asked “I take it that I met the challenge and topped the first gift?”

Sebastian didn’t say a word. Instead he practically lunged over and attached his lips to Blaine’s, pushing him down against the pillows in the process. Surprisingly, the kiss was controlled while still being loving as well as passionate at the same time. It also went on for quite some time and only ended when Sebastian started moving his lips down Blaine’s neck.

“Bas” Blaine was able to say despite the state that his body was in “As understanding as my parents are, I don’t think they would appreciate me having a neck full of bite marks when I’m going to see my grandparents in a couple of days.” Sebastian nodded and continued to make his way down Blaine’s body but this time with soft kisses. Blaine wasn’t a fan of the change “That doesn’t mean you can’t leave them in other places.”

In order for that to happen, clothes had to be shed which happened rather quickly. With everything going on in their lives, and the fact that they had roommates, they hadn’t been naked together in what seemed like forever. Because of this, time was taken to just touch each other. Sliding hands down backs and sides. Outlining abs and the Vs that both of their lower bodies were blessed with. Caressing pecs and asses. Finally, Blaine reached out and took both of them into his hand, eliciting the first loud moan from Sebastian of the evening.

“Fuck B, that feels amazing, but I’d really like to have you in my mouth right now.”

“Be my guest.”

The instant Blaine freed them, was the instant Sebastian moved down his boyfriend’s body. He wanted to take his time. To swirl his tongue around the tip and then run it along the vein on the underside. Then kiss down the shaft and play with the balls for a while, which he knew was a favorite of Blaine’s. He had barely started when he felt hands in his hair. Since the beginning, he had loved what it did to him when Blaine pulled just a little too tight, but this time it was tighter. Blaine was pulling back up to him.

“What’s wrong?” Sebastian asked once they were face to face again.

“Nothing, it was too right.” Blaine kissed him the reached behind a pillow and pulled out the condom and lube he had obviously placed there earlier “Make love to me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Completely. I love you so much Sebastian.”

“I love you too Blaine. More than I ever thought possible.”

It felt like only moments later that Sebastian found himself three fingers deep inside of Blaine, silently thanking his boyfriend for all of the denial games they play. If he hadn’t built up stamina, this would have been over long ago.

“Bas, please” Blaine moaned for him “I’m ready. I promise you I’m ready.”

He didn’t know if it was entering Blaine for the first time or the erotic sound of Blaine’s moans and pleads but the intoxicating combination brought out Sebastian’s inner caveman “Mine. You belong to me.”


He pinned Blaine’s hands above his head as he continued to move further and further inside. When he was finally fully buried, he stopped and stared at the sight below him. He knew he had thought this before, but in that moment, Blaine was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. As he finally started to move, the inner caveman came back and for once he was allowed to express how he felt as loud as he wanted to “You and Me. You are mine. Mine. Do you hear me? We fit together like this. We belong together. You and me. Fuck Blaine! You are so beautiful, and the sounds you make…Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me.”

The diatribe continued, only stopping when for once he got to deny Blaine’s orgasm as he had found his now lover’s prostate and had no problems abusing it. This was by far the best sex Sebastian had ever had, but it wasn’t about to last much longer.

“Come for me Blaine. Come for me.” Almost instantaneously cum was shooting everywhere. Blaine called out Sebastian’s name, along with several fucks and Oh Gods, as he rode out his orgasm. Between the sight below him and the clutching around him, Sebastian followed only moments later. When that happened, Blaine realized how happy he was that the house was on a 2 acre lot as not to disturb the neighbors.

Of course, Blaine had thought ahead to have towels and wipes to clean themselves up at the ready. Soon they were cuddled together next to the tree, throw pillows and blankets substituting for a bed. They were quiet for quite a while, basking in the direction their relationship had just taken. However, each of them knew they should say something before they fell asleep.

“B, that was…”


“It was so far past amazing. It was perfect.” Sebastian told Blaine as he pulled him even closer “Your parents won’t be back until noon, right?”

“Yeah, but everyone else will be here at 10 for the Cookie Bake. You do realize that even though I love you, my attention will be on Duval to make sure he keeps his grimy hands off of my baby cousin?”

“Fine, then I expect a lot of personal attention before everyone gets here.”

Blaine didn’t have to see his boyfriend’s eyebrow wiggle to understand what he was implying. He rolled over and sat up, earning him a groan and grabby hands attempting to pull him back down “Bas stop and listen. I’m going to go downstairs, stop whining, and pull everything we’ll need in the morning so we can spend some extra time up here.”

“Let me help.”

“No, I know where everything is so it will be faster. You stay here, blow out the candles and get into bed. I won’t be long.”

Sebastian tried to protest, but a huge yawn gave away how tired he was “Promise you won’t be long.”

“Definitely, and if you need to fall asleep that’s ok. But understand, when I get back I expect to be able to cuddle in and be spooned.”

“Absolutely, I take my role of the big spoon very seriously.”

It took a few minutes for Blaine to actually leave the room since it takes time for more kisses and to put some underwear and lounge pants on. By the time he left, he was pretty sure that Sebastian would fall asleep which was a good thing. He was going to be much longer than he had let on. He may have spent most of the evening convincing Sebastian to let go of everything that happened with Kurt, but that sure as hell didn’t mean he had to.

He made his way down to the entryway to grab his phone (which Sebastian didn’t see him leave since his eyes were shut). The two of the three people he had texted during his impromptu stop at McDonalds had texted back and told him to call when he could. There was no doubt who he would call first.

Hello, Uncle Robert, I need a favor…

The call to his Uncle took almost an hour. He debated about making the second call, but decided to go ahead.

Hello, Puck. Sorry it’s so late. Are you able to do what I asked?...Did you talk to?...Yeah, are you ok with that?...And you know the address?...Great, I’ll see you tomorrow night at about 8. Oh, I need one more favor.

I need to know where I can find Dave Karofsky.

Chapter Text

Sunday 2PM

“Oh my God! Bas, go take a shower. My parents are taking you to the airport in an hour.”

“I’m going. I’m going.” Sebastian said before kissing Blaine with his frosting covered lips, again. When he pulled away, he noticed Sugar and Nick talking to Blaine’s parents…and they were holding hands “B, I’m surprised you’re so calm about Sugar and Nick. Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?”

“I’m right here.” Blaine sighed “You know I love Nick as a brother, and maybe I have been a little overprotective of Sugar” When Sebastian snickered, he smacked his shoulder “Ok, a lot overprotective. They’re going on a double date with Thad and Kitty to the movies. She’ll be fine.”

“So, that means your Uncle is sending someone to spy on them. Am I right?”

“No, that means I gave Kitty a hundred bucks to tell me if Nick tries to pull something. After Uncle Rob accidently got Rory sent back to Ireland, we decided it would be best if I was the one to keep an eye on Sugar’s love life.”

An hour later, Blaine and Sebastian stood off to the side of the entryway while the driver put the bags in the car. Blaine’s parents attempted to give them some privacy, but Mrs. Anderson thought they looked so cute with their hands clasped and foreheads pressed together that she couldn’t help but occasionally glance over.

Hey, at least she wasn’t taking pictures.

“17 days” Blaine pouted.

“Yes, I’ll be gone for 17 days, but I’ll be back to kiss you at midnight on New Year’s Eve.” Sebastian leaned down for a kiss. He kept it pretty chaste considering the Andersons were nearby “I had a lot of fun today.”

“And not last night?”

“I already told you how much I enjoyed last night. I was talking about the Cookie Bake and, you know…Before.”

Blaine looked for his parents, and when he saw they weren’t close, he walked up to Sebastian’s ear and spoke to him in that tone he loved (and hated) so much “You mean when I tied you to my headboard and did all sorts of dirty, dirty things to you?”

Sebastian nodded emphatically as he had more than enjoyed taking their little game to the next level. He had so many wonderful images to take with him to Paris. And when he said images he meant that he needed to make sure no one saw his phone “Yes, and the other thing.”

“You liked me spanking that amazing ass of yours, didn’t you? You naughty boy, don’t think for a moment that I didn’t figure out the real reason you bought us cuffs for Christmas.”

Fortunately, before Sebastian started to answer, they both noticed that Blaine’s mom was walking over to them. This was definitely not a conversation she needed to hear “Sebastian dear, it’s time to go. Blaine, are you sure you know what to do for Sam’s surprise?”

“Yes, I’ve got it. Plus, Puck is back in Lima and I asked him to give me a hand.”

“Good” Mrs. Anderson looked back and forth between her son and his boyfriend and determined they needed another minute. She gave Blaine a kiss on the cheek “I’ll see you Wednesday. Now Sebastian, one last kiss and then we really do have to go.” She gave him a wink and added “I’ll get my husband out of here so you can make it a good one.”

“You know, I love your parents, don’t you?” Sebastian asked once Blaine’s mom had walked away.

“They are great, aren’t they?” Blaine refused to let the tears he was holding back fall. He knew if they started they wouldn’t stop “I’m going to miss you so much, Bas. We just found each other again, but I don’t remember me without you.”

“That’s because you have just started being you again. I’m so glad that I have been able to be with you on your journey to save yourself.” They both laughed at Sebastian using Blaine’s description for the changes he had made in his life “You know you saved me too. The vacancy that sat in my heart, is a space that now you hold.”

“You like singing songs I wrote for you back to me. Don’t you?”

“Absolutely” Sebastian answered with a peck on the lips “So, how about you give me a real kiss before your dad walks in on us again.”

They actually got in three kisses before Mr. Anderson came and got Sebastian. Blaine walked him out to the limo and stood in the driveway to wave goodbye. The moment the car was out of sight, it was like a switch flipped inside of him. He had a lot to accomplish in just two days.

After making a series of phone calls, he looked at the clock and knew he had to get in the shower. Unfortunately, there was one more call he needed to make first.

Well, hello darling

Cut the crap, Kurt

Is that anyway to talk to your boyfriend?

You’re not my boyfriend


Go to hell!

The call didn’t take long and Blaine was able to shower, change and pack an overnight bag in under a half hour. Thank god, he didn’t gel his hair anymore. When he went downstairs he was extremely anxious to get his plan in motion, but received a text from the limo driver that his guest’s plane had just landed. Since he had to wait he got his guitar and began to play. It always helped to calm his nerves.

I dreamed a dream of time gone by…

As if she knew he needed a pick-me-up, Sugar sent him a text stating that the movie had finished and that she, Kitty, Thad and Nick were ready. Earlier at the Cookie Bake, Kitty was informed of Blaine and Sugar’s relationship since everyone else there knew and it was too hard not to say anything. When asked why they didn’t just tell everyone, Blaine went and made a call to his uncle. His biggest concern had been that his uncle’s name could be associated with the betting at Fight Club if it was ever discovered. After he was assured for probably the tenth time that it wouldn’t be a problem, Blaine agreed that they should do it. He was actually relieved because it would make his plan to stop Kurt much easier.

Since Dalton had released for the holidays, he said he’d tell the guys that didn’t know later. McKinley was another story as they were still in school until Wednesday. It was actually Kitty that had the idea of how they could tell everyone with just one text.

From Blaine: Hey Tina. I forget, did Sugar and I tell you that we are cousins? Oops, sorry got to go.

From Tina: WTF?!?!

Yeah, that should do it.

He had 15 new texts and 8 missed (technically ignored) calls by the time the limo arrived 15 minutes later. When he went to greet it, he found the driver holding open the door while his guest got out of the backseat, waving her phone.

“Please tell me it’s true. Please say that the Acapella Dreamboat and Miss I Can’t Carry a Tune in a Bucket are related.”

Blaine took her arm and led her toward the house “Well, that didn’t take long and hello to you too, Santana. Yes, Sugar is my baby cousin who I love more than any of the other members of my family except for my parents, and some days that’s in question. So, no more nicknames for her unless they are as sweet as she is.” They stopped at the door and he kissed her cheek “Now, go in and make yourself comfortable while I take care of the driver.”

“Ok, but this is far from over.”

Once she went in, Blaine had her bags put by the door. He didn’t need them brought in any further since they wouldn’t be there long.
He and Santana had known each other for a while, but had only just started to be friends. This was going to be a lot to ask. It scared him how much he needed her. “Thanks for doing this Santana. Did you have any problems?” he asked as he sat down next to her on the sofa.

“Let’s see. You offered to fly me home first class and send a limo to pick me up, if I agreed to fly back a day early and tell no one about it. No, no problems but that doesn’t mean I’m not as intrigued as hell in what you’re up to Frodo.” The more she looked at him the more she realized that she had never seen this Blaine before. He was focused, intense and his eyes didn’t dance like every time she had seen them since he and Sebastian got together “Blaine, what’s going on?”

Since the moment she had agreed to meet with him, Blaine had thought about how he was going to do this. Tell her things without telling her things. In the end, he decided to go with a modified version of the speech he gave Puck before he told him about Fight Club “Santana, I have some things I would like to talk with you about. However, if I do, you won’t be able to tell anyone, including Brittany. You would have to keep secrets from your girlfriend. I know that’s a lot to ask before I give you any actual information, but it has to be this way. Please understand that you can say no and there will absolutely be no hard feelings.”

If she thought she had been intrigued before, she couldn’t explain what she was feeling now “You’re serious, aren’t you?”


“Of course, Blaine. I’ll keep your secret, but what about Sam or Seb…?”

“Santana, neither Sam or Bas can know, no one can. Well, there is one other person who I’m going to bring in.”



Other than Kurt or Finn, that was probably the last name she expected. Although, Puck did spend part of Thanksgiving with the Andersons

“Ok, what’s all this about?”

“Kurt is blackmailing me. He has information about me, Bas and our friends at Dalton. But, what Bas doesn’t know is that Kurt also has information about him and his family. The kind of information that people don’t come back from. It’s that bad.”

“That son-of-a…”

Blaine held up his hand to stop her before she started ranting about Kurt. They didn’t have that much time before they had to leave. “Yes, Kurt is a son-of-a-bitch, and I promise at some point you can go all Lima Heights on his ass, but I need your help first. Dave Karofsky told Kurt something that he had sworn to not talk about. He knew there would be consequences if he did and he is going to pay, trust me. Kurt took that information to someone else who was able to find the information Kurt is blackmailing me with. I convinced (cough) Dave to give me the guy’s name.”

“How the hell did you do that?” She laughed at the look on his face “You have obviously been taking smirking lessons from your boyfriend.”

“You have no idea.”

How the hell did you get my number Anderson?

Oh, please. Like it was a challenge? Don’t you remember? I’m dangerous and a liar. Not at all who I pretend to be. At least that’s what you told Kurt. Remember?

Where did you hear that?

From Kurt, of course. He told me that’s how you described the quote real Blaine when you told him about what you knew.

He wouldn’t…

Oh, but he did. Now, here’s what’s going to happen. You knew the rules about telling anyone and that there were consequences for breaking them. Since everyone else is away on break, I decided to take care of your consequences myself.

What are you going to do? Come beat me up?

No, when I fight I like a challenge. Anyway, I’m going to be magnanimous and give you a choice. Consequence A will be painful, but quick. Consequence B will be personal as in I will personally destroy you and whatever you love the most, and I promise that it will not be quick. Pick one.

You’re not serious.

Try me asshole.

What do you want for A?

A name.

Blaine turned off the recording before any sensitive information was revealed “You still with me?”

“So, you did the same thing to Dave that Kurt is doing to you?” Santana tried to sound offended, but she was actually kind of impressed.

“No, I gave Dave a choice and he chose wisely. Kurt is not giving me a choice. There’s a difference.”

She couldn’t hide how she felt any longer “Damn, that’s cold Hobbit, but why the fuck does Dave think you can beat him up?”

Oops! “You caught that, huh? You get to find out if you agree to help me.”

“Are you kidding me? Sign me up! Plus, I wouldn’t want you to have to beat…”

Blaine didn’t like it that she had stopped midsentence “Stop staring at me like that. It’s creepy.”

“No, no, no. I know you…”

“Santana, stop. Now is not the time.”

“As Mercedes would say, Oh, hell to the no. I want to…” the look on Blaine’s face immediately let her know that it was in her best interest to drop it for now “Where are we going?”

“We’re meeting Puck at Sugar’s” he informed her “Now Santana, I’m going to say this one more time. You can say no to all of this. I will drive you home and you can surprise your parents. If you want to stay you are going to have to trust me.”

She did. For some inexplicable reason she trusted him, but had no idea why he trusted her. “Fine, but on the way there you are explaining to me how you were able to hide the whole cousin thing from everyone.”

“Santana, I think you’re going to find that was the easiest secret I’ve had to keep.”

Puck hadn’t arrived when they got to the Motta’s, so Sugar shared the group chat the New New Directions were having about Blaine’s text to Tina. Or as she liked to call it “The Crazy”

To New New Directions Group/ From Tina: Sugar? What the hell? Blaine is your cousin?

From Sugar: Yes, Blainey is my cousin. You didn’t know?

From Kitty: I knew. We were at Blaine’s house today baking Christmas cookies

From Sam: It was a secret? ;)

From Brittany: Lord Tubbington knew

From Tina: WTF?!?! How didn’t I know?

From Unique: I don’t know girl. I thought you knew everything there was to know about that Bootylicious boy. Or maybe you were too busy just staring at his booty

From Marley: Unique has a point

From Joe: Marley has a point

From Artie: Is this why Blaine always gave me the stink eye when I talked about dating Sugar?

From Sugar: Who do you think told me to say that you and I should go horseback riding?

From Ryder: Artie, dude BUUURRRRNNNN. And I didn’t know

From Jake: What Ryder said

From Kurt: Of course, I knew. Blaine and I don’t keep secrets from each other

From Sam: Yeah Kurt, like you told him about the tape you gave back to Sebastian. Not! And get off our chat! Seblaine forever!

Puck arrived about 10 minutes later and Blaine took him and Santana to his uncle’s study. First, they discussed Puck’s view on the news of the day, to which he quickly apologized for once referring to Sugar as a “hot piece of ass”.

The three of them spent the next 20 minutes talking in circles until Blaine finally decided to just let things go. He told them everything that had anything to do with what was happening with Kurt, except what Kurt had on Sebastian. He could only hope the guys would forgive him one day.

“876,512 dollars?” Puck stuttered out “876,512 dollars?”


Since Puck had gone into a stupor where he could only mutter “876,512 dollars” over and over again, the other two carried on the conversation without him “Ok, I get why Hummel would want you back…”

“Thank you” Blaine gave her a wink.

“Not my type Frodo, but why would he want the money?”

“It’s 876,512 dollars, Lopez!” Ok, Puck was back.

“Actually, I don’t think Kurt wants the money.”

“Are you fucking insane?! It’s 8…”

Puck’s rant was stopped by a knock at the door and Blaine’s uncle making himself known “Santana, Noah this is my Uncle Alphonso Robert Motta the Third. Uncle Rob, these are my friends Santana and Noah.”

“Why the full name Blaine Devon Anderson?” Robert asked.

“Practicing for Tuesday. I can’t believe no one caught on to our relationship earlier when I keep forgetting to call you Al in public.”

“Yes, you definitely need to get that right on Tuesday. So, sorry about my manners, Noah it’s nice to meet you and Santana, I believe you were in the TroubleTones with my baby girl.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for doing that. I had a lot of fun.”

“You’re welcome and it’s Robert, not sir. I didn’t mean to disturb you but Blaine I have what you asked for. Santana, Blaine said that you are staying the night so you can surprise your parents tomorrow. The guest room across from Blaine’s is ready for you and just ask him if you need anything. Blaine, the guys will be there about 10AM. Is that good?” Blaine gave him a nod and then Robert reached into his pocket and handed Blaine a gift wrapped box “Merry Christmas from me and Sug.”

After Blaine opened the box his face lit up, well like a Christmas tree “You didn’t? Oh my god, you did! My mother is going to fucking kill you!”

“At least now she’ll have a reason.”

“I only needed it for the day.”

“I know but you practically drooled when you saw it, so I had to get it. I did borrow the one for Noah, so his goes back. Now, if you all will excuse me, I’m going to say good night.”

The door had barely closed when Puck was out of his seat “What was he talking about Anderson?”

Blaine tried to tamper down his reaction. Puck was going to lose his fucking mind “Come with me. It’s better if I show you.”

Both Puck and Santana knew when they reached their destination that they were standing in front of a door that led to the garage. When Blaine opened it and turned on the lights, it was obvious what he and his uncle had been talking about.

“Are those…?” Santana began to ask.

“Are those two brand new Harley Davidsons? Why, yes. Yes, they are.” Blaine was able to answer, even though Puck almost knocked him over to get to them “Puck? Are you ok?”

“They’re so pretty” Puck whispered as he kept pulling his hands back as not to touch.

Santana just shook her head as her ex had been turned into a puddle of goo “You have a new truck Richboy, which by the way is your new name. Why did you need these?”

“Because the house isn’t that far from McKinley and Sam would recognize it. Puck and I will be hiding in plain sight. Plus, it’s fun.” When neither of his friends responded, Blaine realized the problem and had to laugh at himself “Would it help if I told you that Sam’s family is moving back to Lima and that Puck and I need to be at their new house tomorrow because my mom is having some stuff delivered?”

“So that’s what we’re doing? Since you had asked me how to find him, I thought we were going to go scare the shit out of Karofsky” Puck laughed as if it was a joke, but it was actually what he had believed “Why hasn’t Evans said anything?”

“Because he doesn’t know.” Blaine explained “His parents are telling him when we’re all in Aspen. That’s why he can’t see us, and you can’t tell him.”

“Makes sense, although I still want to know what consequences you have planned for Karofsky.”

Blaine tried not to smile too widely “Don’t worry, you’ll know soon enough.”

An hour later, Puck was gone and Blaine was showing Santana to the guest room when she asked him to come in so they could talk.

“Is this the point where you tell me you want out?” Blaine asked.

“It depends. I need you to answer a question first.”

That was not what Blaine expected “Ok, ask.”

“Why do I know you?” she asked then went over and sat on the bed, patting the area next to her until he got the hint.

“Because Puck sent Kurt to spy on the Warblers?”

“You know that’s not what I’m talking about. I could understand knowing the you from the last two years, Blaine Warbler then Hummel’s accessory boyfriend.” Blaine was going to protest, but she had a point. “This you, I shouldn’t know. The you with the insanely wealthy family and connections to some of the most influential people in the country, if not world. I still can’t believe you got Kurt the job at”

“I still can’t believe people think he got a job at from a few photos of his outfits from high school, a personal blog on Project Runway and a hippo broach.” They both laughed at that because once it was said out loud, it really was ridiculous. “Turned out that wasn’t the smartest thing I ever did. Am I going to have the same problem with you?”

“Hell no! You just didn’t get me an internship, you got me a job. Well, you got me both, but you know what I mean.”

“I do, but you realize it wasn’t out of the kindness of my heart. You’re doing something for me too.”

“I know. I’ll figure out what that Travis guy is really up to and how he found all that shit he told Kurt. But Blaine, you never answered my question. How do I know you?”

Blaine got up off the bed and headed to the door. He turned around once he was in the doorway and answered “I promise someday I’ll tell you, but it’s been a long day. I will tell you that it’s not as interesting as you may think. A lot of it comes from misunderstandings between a scared, but stubborn 14 year-old boy that had just come out to his parents and his parents who were given bad advice on how to “deal with” him. So, are you still in?”

If there was someone who could understand what Blaine was referring to, it was Santana “I’m still in.”

“Goodnight, Santana.”

“Goodnight, Richboy.”

2AM Monday Morning

Blaine was finally in bed. He reached for his phone and pulled up pictures from the Christmas Cookie Bake. His favorite was one that Sugar took of him and Sebastian kissing while covered flour. Or maybe it was the one of him smearing frosting on Sebastian’s nose. He kept flipping through the photos until he found one he didn’t remember taking. It was Sebastian, still covered in flour, but laughing. He was so happy…carefree…beautiful.

“I love you so much Bas, and I’m never going to that asshole hurt you. No matter what I have to do.”

Chapter Text

Blaine inhaled deeply as he awoke. When he stretched, his left arm hit something and a smile came to his face when he opened his eyes and saw what it was.

“Good morning, Beautiful.”

“Good morning, Sir.” Sebastian responded. He sitting on the bed next to Blaine, on his knees with his hands folded in front of him. Just the way he was expected to be “Would you like me to take care of your morning erection, Sir?”

“Of course, Beautiful, but if you saw this, why did I not wake up with your mouth on my cock?”

“You did not give me permission, Sir.”

“So good for me Beautiful. Let us make a new rule that whenever we are together and you wake before I do, you have my permission to take care of my cock with either your mouth or your ass. And because you are so good for me, I will let you decide which is most appropriate. But remember, if we are at Dalton you must use silent sex. Would you like that Beautiful?”

“Thank you, Richboy. I love you so much.”

“What did you call me?”

“Richboy” suddenly it was not Sebastian’s voice that Blaine was hearing “Damn it, Anderson. Stop wanking off and let me in before I wake everyone else up!” Now Blaine was truly awake, with the same problem as in his dream plus a new one.

What the hell was he going to do with Santana’s body once he killed her?

Blaine got out of bed to let her in, not giving a shit at what she was exposed to. “You are fucking lucky I have a rule about not hitting women” Blaine growled at her when he opened his bedroom door.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry, whatever” she said as she pushed past him and turned on the television in his room “I have 15 texts telling me to watch the local morning news. Something to do with Dave Karofsky. Do you have anything you would like to tell me?” It was only then that she realized he was naked “You have about three minutes before the news starts if you want to take care of that. By the way, very impressive.”

“Fuck off” Blaine grumbled as he got some sweats out of the dresser. The problem was taking care of itself, but he would really need to make sure he got some face time alone with Sebastian later.

Santana went over to the bed and deemed it “safe” to sit on “This room looks like you actually live here.”

“I still can’t believe people thought I drove back and forth to Westerville everyday so I could go to McKinley.”

“Never thought…” Santana stopped and then started to bounce on the bed when the newscast’s opening credits came on “Shut up and get over here! It’s on!”

**Breaking News

It has been reported that star Ohio State Freshman Defensive End and former Lima resident, David Karofsky tested positive for marijuana. Despite the fact that Karofsky vehemently denies ever taking the drug, he will be suspended from the team until his B sample can go through more rigorous testing. This suspension will prevent Karofsky from traveling with the team to Los Angeles as they prepare for the Rose Bowl. Ohio State officials declined to comment at this time.

Blaine took the remote from Santana and turned off the screen “Santana, I want you to memorize this term, plausible deniability.”

“I know what that means, but Blaine…”

“Listen, I was always going to tell you and Puck, but for things like this in the future, you will need plausible deniability. Understand?” She nodded, but didn’t say anything because it didn’t sound like he was finished. She was right.

“Because of what Dave went through earlier this year, and only because of that, by the next news cycle this will be cleared up as a false positive. Also, there are people watching him to make sure he doesn’t try to hurt himself.”

“You didn’t want to do this, did you?”

“Give him consequences, absolutely. Do something this public, not really but it sent a message to others as well.” The last thing he expected was for Santana to start laughing “I’m glad you find this so funny.”

“It’s not that, it’s what I was talking about last night. The you that could get something like that done in a day, I don’t know him yet. The you that felt the need to protect Karofsky from hurting himself again? That is the same Blaine Warbler that felt the need to protect Kurt from the bullies at McKinley. I’m assuming if Dave screws up again...?”

“It becomes personal and I won’t give a shit about what happens because of it.”

“You’re a complicated man, Richboy.”

“Yeah, my therapist is probably going be a very rich woman by the time I leave for college.”

A couple of hours later, Santana was home surprising her parents while Blaine was at Sam’s house with Puck, listening as his friend came down from the high of their earlier escapade.

“We pulled up right beside Finn and he didn’t even know it was us. Damn, that was funny. By the way, thanks for the new leather jacket because he most likely would have recognized mine. Between that and the helmets, I can see what you meant by hiding in plain sight.”

Blaine let him continue to ramble as he went around putting tags on the rooms. His mother had given him an outline of the house showing which bedroom belonged to what family member. It would make it easier for the movers to put the correct items in the correct rooms. It would also help his mother’s design assistants who were supposed to come in next week to set things up. Blaine couldn’t wait to find out what his Interior Designer mother thought a few things to make their move easier were.

Once he returned to the living area, he noticed that Puck’s whole demeanor had changed “I just got a text from Finn. The New Directions got a pass and are competing at Regionals…Wait, why don’t you look surprised?”

Blaine just shook his head. He was trying to think of what to say since Puck didn’t have the same feelings about the New Directions Advisor as he did “Maybe because of what Mr. Schue said to me after the Warblers performed at Sectionals. Or maybe because after it was announced that the Warblers won, instead of being with his team he went and cornered a few of the Show Choir officials.”

The conversation ended as several delivery trucks arrived, followed by two work vans with several large men exiting each. Blaine gave Puck a nudge and then brought him over to two men that needed introductions “Puck, this is Mr. Sawyer, the delivery manager for my mother’s design firm and this is Dmitri, he’s the foreman for the guys here to help move everything in.”

“How did you know to get extra help, Blaine?” Mr. Sawyer asked.

“Because I know my mother and as much as I begged her not to go overboard, I knew she would.” And she did. However, two hours later everything was where it should be and all of the wiring had been finished for when the electronics were delivered next week. Everyone was gone except for Blaine and Puck who were spread out on the insanely comfortable living room furniture Mrs. Anderson ordered.

“I am visiting Evans every frickin’ day and will never leave this spot” Puck groaned “Your mom went ape-shit crazy with this stuff. You know, I really like her. Hell, I still can’t believe that football game we had at Thanksgiving where she took out Cooper.”

“She’s pretty awesome, but we have to get moving. Did you make those calls to have a celebration for the New Directions?”

“Didn’t have to. Today’s their Holiday Party. Kurt said he’d be there, but I don’t know why it was so important for him to be.” Blaine was about to explain when there was a knock at the door.

“That’s a lot of leather, Lopez” Blaine had to laugh when he opened the door and saw she had taken his description of biker chick maybe a little too literally.

“Hey, I look hot” Santana said as she pushed past him for the second time that day “Damn, is this where Trouty and his family are going to live?”

“Yes, but you’ll have to see it all later. Come on Puck, you need to take your bike back to my uncle so you can get to McKinley.”

“Fine” Puck pouted as he got up. He really loved that Harley. “I’ve got to ask, aren’t you playing with fire with your plan to let Kurt know how rich your family really is?”

“I’m not going to tell him, tell him. I’m just not going to hide it anymore. It will keep his greed focused on me, which I can handle. Like I said last night, I believe the demand for money comes from the guy in New York, but I don’t think that guy yet realizes the real money he’s dealing with or his demand would be much higher.”

“Hold up! There are Dalton boys with more money than you?”

“My money is on Richboy’s stud muffin” Santana said as she pointed at Blaine’s wrist “That silver bobble there is at worth at least 10 grand.”

“Yes, our families have money, but we don’t come close to Thad’s. His grandfather invented the microchip that was the prototype for the ones that are now in every cell phone on the planet. The family is worth billions, well tens of billions.”

Puck looked like he would faint, but Santana threw her hands in the air because why should she be surprised. Just another person she shouldn’t know “This is Kitty’s Thad we’re talking about. Am I right?”

“Absolutely, but the thing is he’s a notorious tightwad. I am dying to hear what he got her for Christmas.”

Puck left to get his truck and then Kurt so they could go to McKinley for the “announcement” of the New Directions being passed on to Regionals. While he did that, Blaine and Santana went to Hummel Tire and Lube so Blaine could talk to Burt. He was home for the holidays from Washington DC and for some reason was anxious to talk to Blaine.

As the two of them walked into the shop Blaine got a text with a picture that made him smile. It was Sebastian holding baby Isabella with the caption She likes me.

“That’s his sister’s kid?” Santana asked.

“Yeah, sister” Santana’s comment made Blaine see the photo in a different light. It strengthened his resolve to protect Sebastian and his family from Kurt and anyone else that could hurt them. “Come on. I want to know why Burt wanted to see me.”

Santana waited outside the office while Blaine went in and was greeted by Burt, who was taken aback by Blaine’s appearance “Did you come in on that Harley I heard?”

“Yes, it was a Christmas present from my uncle and cousin. The confused look on your face makes it pretty obvious you haven’t heard the news. Sugar Motta is my cousin which means…”

“Al Motta is your uncle” Burt said with a sense of trepidation, as he wouldn’t have guessed in a million years that Blaine was related to the alleged mobster. It probably wasn’t a good thing for him to be talking to Blaine, but he really had no other choice “So he’s...?”

“Uncle Ro..Al (Damn it! He’d have to fix that by tomorrow) was married to my Aunt Cory, my mom’s sister. She died a couple of years ago from cancer. Sugar wanted to keep our relationship secret for reasons that are her business, but she felt comfortable enough for us to share our relationship now.”

“I’m sorry Blaine.”

“I know you are.” Blaine knew that if anyone understood the impact on a child from their mother’s death, it would be Burt Hummel. “Now, why was it so urgent for you to see me?”

“I got a visit this morning from the Chair of the State Democratic Party. Evidently, he’s heard that Dalton’s former headmaster had political aspirations before he got caught up in the scandal. Then he said that there were rumors out there that I had been giving the guy tips on how to break into politics. Blaine, the only times I ever saw the guy was when I enrolled Kurt at Dalton and then when I disenrolled Kurt from Dalton. Have you heard anything?”

“No, but maybe after tomorrow I’ll know more. I’ll let you know what I can.”

“What you can?”

“Yes, what I can. Let’s just say the means by which I’d obtain any of this information won’t be exactly, shall we say, um, Kosher.”

Ten minutes later Blaine and Santana were walking out of the shop when she got a text “It’s from Puck. He and Kurt are at McKinley. Ready to crash a party?”

“Are you?”

“Yeah, I actually talked with Trouty before I flew back. We’ll be ok.”

“Good, then let’s do this!”

Meanwhile at McKinley, Mr. Schue had let the Glee Club know the good news. Most of them were celebrating, but Sam, Sugar and Kitty were off in a corner having their own discussion.

“Blaine is going to be so pissed” Sam told the girls. “The Warblers beat us fair and square.”

Kitty reached up and started tugging at her ear at the mention of the Warblers “Thad isn’t going to be much better.” She hated to admit that even though he had only left for California that morning, she missed the jerk. And it wasn’t because of the diamond stud earrings he gave her before he left.

They continued their conversation until they heard the roar of a motorcycle outside (since it had been unseasonably warm, Puck had been able to open a window without anyone noticing).

“Blainey’s here!” Sugar squealed and ran out to greet him, closely followed by everyone else. They all wondered how the sound of a motorcycle made Sugar think that Blaine was there.

Outside, Santana stared at Blaine in wonderment “I still can’t believe that you don’t have helmet hair” she said as she reached for his curls.

He swiped her hand away “Sugar found me an awesome refining serum. I’m never going back to gel again.”


“Hey, Sugar Bear, want a ride home?”

Before Blaine could even get off the bike, Sam was by his side petting it like it was a puppy “Dude. I mean…dude. This…I mean…dude.”

“Take a breath, Sammy. The Harley was my Christmas present from my uncle and my most favorite cousin in the whole world.”

Sugar folded her arms and gave him the look “I’m your only cousin Blaine Devon, and I’m not ready to leave. We’re having our Holiday party.”

“That’s ok, we’re crashing” Santana told everyone as she headed for the choir room, pulling Blaine behind her. They were half way there when Blaine noticed that Kurt was now walking next to him.

“Is there something I can do for you Kurt?”

“We need to talk Blaine.”

Blaine nodded at the others as a sign for them to go on ahead. This had been his plan all along “Do we really? I have no idea what we could possibly talk about.”

“What was that stunt you pulled with Dave? Do you want me to tell everyone what I know?”

“You’re not going to do that because if you did you wouldn’t get what it is you’re truly after. I just wanted to remind you that two can play this game and I expect you to honor our Holiday truce.” Blaine knew Kurt wasn’t about to say anything while all of the Dalton boys were gone. He would want to see their suffering first hand.

“Why are you even acting like this? Look at where we are. We were right here last year when you gave me my bow-tie ring. You don’t even where bow-ties any more. You loved your bow-ties, Blaine. How could you let that Meerkat change you like this, Blaine? Seriously, leather jackets and motorcycles? You’re not a bad boy, so why are you trying to be one?”

Blaine could not rationalize how pissed off he was in that moment “Why am I acting like this? You’re blackmailing me with information that could hurt not only my friends but Sebastian. Do you really even know what would happen if you told people about Fight Club and the money? Do you realize that it would expose the connection between the former headmaster and your father?”

Whatever coloring Kurt had immediately drained from his face, letting Blaine know that he was on the right track. He had figured that if he was ever going to stop Kurt, the supposed connection between Burt and Dalton would be what did it. Now he just had to discover what that connection was.

“It doesn’t matter. I still have information that will destroy your precious Sebastian.” Kurt spat out. He tried to regain his composure, but Blaine wasn’t about to allow that to happen.

“And that is the only reason I am even talking to you at this moment, but now I’m done.” He actually wasn’t. It was time to drop a bombshell “Oh, and Kurt, just so you know, my mom bought three items off of that Elizabeth Taylor auction last year.” He left Kurt standing there and smiled when he said to himself “Let the games begin.”

Blaine went to the choir room and did celebrate the news that the New Directions would be going to Regionals. He was happy for his friends, just annoyed about how it happened. That wasn’t their fault.

It wasn’t that much longer before Sugar was saying her goodbyes. While she did that, Sam came over and gave Blaine a hug “I guess I’ll see you in a few days in Aspen. Damn, I love saying that.”

“Don’t forget your guitar” Blaine reminded him “I’m sure we’ll be responsible for a lot of the fireside entertainment.”

“Got it! So, are you flying to Detroit in the morning?”

“No, I have something I’m doing in the morning with my uncle and then I have appointment with my shrink tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to fly out Wednesday.”

“What are you and your uncle doing tomorrow morning?”

Oh, Sam wasn’t going to like this. “Actually, he’s helping me try to get some information on Toby and Wyatt. Hopefully, when Dalton starts back up after the first of the year, we’ll have at least somewhat of an idea of who the Fight Club leak is.”

“How’s he going to do that?”

“He’s taking me to talk to the one Dalton connection we know they have.”

Blaine wanted to give Sam a minute, but it didn’t take that long for him to figure it out “Blaine, no fucking way. You can’t be serious.”

“Totally serious. Tomorrow Uncle Robert and I are paying a visit to Hunter Clarington.”

Have you lost your fucking mind?!

Blaine, you can’t do this. Isn’t there has to be another way?

What did Sebastian have to say about this?

Blaine had been through all of this with Sam, but hours later he was hearing the same questions from Jeff, Nick and Thad.

“Guys, listen” he said to the tiny boxes on his computer screen “This is the only way. Now, I need you to tell Uncle Robert everything, and I mean everything, you remember about Hunter’s time at Dalton.”

“Does Hunter know you’re going to be there Blaine?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, but I’m actually going in as my uncle’s clerk. That way when we’re in the room there will be no one listening due to attorney/client confidentiality. I signed at least a dozen confidentiality statements so they’d let me in.”

“Why would you do that?” Thad asked “You won’t be able to tell us anything he said.”

“I did it because Hunter has a big ego and he’s more likely to brag if he thinks I can’t say anything about it. After I kicked his ass, he’s going to want a way to feel superior to me. It’s the best chance we have to get the information on Toby and Wyatt we need.” He also wanted to find out information about Burt, but they didn’t need to know that.

“I promise if Clarington admits to anything that will be useful in finding your leak, I will convince him that is in his best interest to let Blaine share it with you” Robert told them “But, you’ve got to remember, whatever we do tomorrow we don’t want to inadvertently interfere with Dalton’s case against him. It’s a very tight rope we’ll be walking, that’s why your help is so important. Now, let’s start from the beginning. When did the three of you first meet Hunter?”

An hour, and two legal pads full of notes later, Blaine was finally able to say goodnight to his friends.

“You know they were the easy ones” Robert told him.

“I know, but I still think it’s best if I talk to Sebastian by myself.”

Robert stood up and stretched “Well, I’m sure you have ways of making him talk that I don’t.”

“Oh, god! You’re my uncle, don’t say things like that. You sound like Cooper.”

“Wouldn’t want to be accused of that.” Robert started to leave so Blaine could call Sebastian, but he had one thing to say first “I’m really proud of the way you’ve handled yourself, kid. However, I’ve got to tell you, you’ll be wasting your God-given talents if you become some sort of performer.”

“You think I should be a lawyer?”

“No, a crime boss.”

Chapter Text

“So, your name is really Dr. Derek Shepard?” Blaine asked.

“Yes. I take it you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy.”

“It’s my mom’s favorite show.” After his last appointment, Molly recommended that Blaine transfer to a therapist that was not the mother of one of his friends. She would remain the family therapist but he would begin seeing Dr. Shepard individually after the first of the year. Today was less of an appointment and more of a Let’s see if I actually like this guy meeting.

Dr. Shepard looked over the notes he had been given and then back at Blaine. He knew it would take a lot for him to gain his new patient’s trust “I’m not going to go into any of this” he said as he put the file away “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you right now? Something Dr. Nixon would not have briefed me on. That way you can see if you are comfortable with how I handle issues.”

Blaine gave his shoulders a slight shrug, an obvious tell that he was blowing the question off “There’s nothing going on with me. Just getting ready to spend time with my family.”

The therapist came from out behind his desk and sat in a chair across from Blaine “Bull shit. You know this is not going to work if you lie to me. Right?”

Ok, that response was unexpected, Blaine told himself “Fine, I had a fight with my boyfriend. Do you have a problem with the fact that I have a boyfriend?”

“I think my husband would have a problem if I did.” Dr. Shepard told him “And just so you know, Dr. Nixon did not refer you to me because I’m gay. She referred you to me for my excellent BS detector as she felt you were hiding things from her. Now, do you want to tell me about the fight?”

Blaine began to relax. So far, he liked the guy “I lied to Sebastian, my boyfriend. In truth, I hid something from my boyfriend and then lied about why when he found out. He got so mad that he turned off his computer and I didn’t have a chance to tell him about what I was doing today.”

“Turned off his computer?”

“We were on Skype. He’s in Paris right now for the holidays. I called him back but he said he needed space. So, yeah, he’s pissed.”

“And you didn’t get to tell him whatever it was you did today before you came to see me?”

“Nope, and he’s going to totally flip out when he hears what happened.”

Flashback, earlier that morning



“Damn it, kid. If you can’t pull yourself together, I’m not taking you in there” Uncle Robert told him.

“Sorry, Mr. Motta” Blaine played into his role so his uncle would know he was ok “I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?”

“Let’s do this.”

Blaine walked into the Franklin County Jail a couple of steps behind Robert (well, Al for the day as Blaine was constantly reminding himself). He needed to act like a nervous high school kid, interning as a clerk for a lawyer/ “alleged” crime boss. Or in other words, be himself. They both showed their IDs at the desk and were escorted to one of the conference rooms that lawyers used to assure confidentiality with their clients. The plan was for him to wait outside while “Mr. Motta” talked with Hunter first. The words plausible deniability had been used. He now understood why Santana wasn’t a fan of the term.

It was about a half an hour later before he was asked into the room. Even though Hunter had been told that Blaine would be there, he didn’t look very happy to see him.

“So, this guy basically tormented your boyfriend for months and Sebastian just took it because he was protecting the rest of your friends from something that you’re not ready to tell me yet?” This talk had become way more complicated than Dr. Shepard had anticipated. It was only supposed to be a meet-and-greet, but evidently Blaine needed to discuss this. It had become abundantly clear, rather quickly, why Blaine had not been telling Dr. Nixon these things.

“Yes, if Bas took the blame, he could still go to college in Europe and no one would know anything about it. However, if any of the other guys had that kind of black mark on their record there would be no way they could get into an Ivy League school.”

“Did this guy give you answers to the questions you had?”

“Yes, he did.”

Flashback, continued

“Anderson” Hunter practically seethed “I can’t believe you had the fucking nerve to show up here.”

“I can’t believe you can’t believe I’m here. I keep my word. I said I was going to kick your ass and I did, didn’t I?” Blaine smirked a bit when an obviously frustrated Hunter tried to lunge at him, but his wrists were handcuffed to the table.

“Stop it, the both of you.” Blaine’s (we’re definitely not telling this guy) uncle snapped at them both. He sat down next to Blaine and handed him a pad of paper and a pen. It was both for appearance sake and to hide the audio recorder they had smuggled in. “Blaine, Hunter and I agreed to these terms. You can ask him three questions, but only three so make them count. Hunter, after we verify your information, and you better have told him everything, I will have one of my associates represent you as I am going to develop a conflict of interest.”

Blaine hadn’t known that would be part of the deal “You’re going to get him off?”

“I didn’t say that I was going to get him off. I said that I would make sure he had a competent legal defense and not an overworked Public Defender. What happens with his case after that will be between his lawyer and himself. But Hunter, if I find out you were not 100% forthcoming with ALL of the information Blaine needs, our other agreement is off the table as well.” Blaine knew better than to ask what that agreement was, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t as curious as hell about it.

“Ask away” Hunter said “But remember, only three questions.”

“And I better not get any yes or no answers” Blaine shot back at him. Damn, he hated that guy.

“Then you better watch your phrasing Golden Boy.”

Blaine knew he had to do just that because he had three different topics to cover in his three questions “Ok, but my first two questions go together. What do Kurt and Burt Hummel have to do with what you and your uncle tried to get away with at Dalton, especially how it concerns Sebastian?”

Like he was a bad guy in a movie, a sinister, almost Machiavellian grin overtook Hunter’s face. Both Blaine and Robert knew that wasn’t necessarily a good thing “The Congressman had nothing to do with anything that went down at Dalton except for providing the seed for the evil spawn.”

“Kurt?” Blaine was set aback from what Hunter said. Yes, Kurt was a blackmailing douche bag, but for Hunter Clarington to refer to him as “the evil spawn”, some serious shit must have gone down.

“Yes, Kurt. Before I tell you what his part in this was/technically is, you’re going to want to ask your third question. After you hear what I have to say about Hummel you’re not going to give a shit about anything else.”

“Your ex-boyfriend is blackmailing you with information he has on your friends and additional information on Sebastian?”


“And this same guy has inadvertently included his father in what happened and that is how you hope to find a way to stop the blackmail?”

Blaine was impressed “Yes, and by the way, you are following along really well considering Sebastian was the only name I gave you.”

“Well, if you’re not just yanking my chain, this is a very interesting story.”

“Don’t get any ideas, Doc. I have yet another friend that’s helping me with this and I’m giving him the rights to the screenplay.”

Flashback, continued

For some reason neither Blaine or Robert doubted what Hunter said, so Blaine asked his final question “What do you know about Wyatt Dyson and Stan Tobison and what is their connection to Dalton besides you?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, that’s technically two questions but what the hell. Wyatt and Toby used to deal pot, coke and a little smack at both Westerville and Dalton. The three of us got caught in a sting together about three years ago.”

“Used to deal?” Blaine was completely thrown off by Hunter’s revelation. He was sure he recognized the two, he just didn’t know from where. Why would he recognize a couple of drug dealers? He had never known anyone that took drugs. Or did he?

Hunter looked over at Robert and decided to choose his words very carefully “None of us had, shall we say, permission to work in that area. We were pretty sure that our getting busted was a message.” He looked over at Robert again and added “We got the message.” Robert leaned over and whispered something in Blaine’s ear. That small act pushed Hunter over the edge to ask a question he had had since he learned that Blaine would be there “Ok, I’ve got a fucking question of my own. How the hell do you know Al Motta, Anderson? You’re too squeaky-clean to be involved in, you know.”

Blaine snickered at the question. It had actually taken longer for Hunter to ask than they had anticipated “Simple…His daughter is in New Directions. I gave her voice lessons. He said if I ever needed a favor. You’re my favor. Now, there has to be more to Wyatt and Toby than the drugs.”

“They have an obsession with your precious Fight Club. I hadn’t been at Dalton a day when I got a call from them asking if I knew when the next fight would be. And when I say them, I mean the two of them. It is always Wyatt AND Toby.”

“You told them about the fight?”

“They were coming to see my King of the Mountain fight. Bet they were pretty pissed when they found the gates locked.”

“Do you know who told them about Fight Club in the first place?”

“Some guy that graduated from Dalton probably 3 or 4 years ago.”

“What’s the connection?”

“They were his heroin dealers. That’s all I know, they never gave me a name. I do know that he has a younger brother that is at Dalton now, but I don’t know who he is either.”

“So, you recognize these two guys, but you don’t know from where?” Dr. Shepard had abandoned taking notes altogether. It wasn’t like he was about to forget any of this.

“Yes, it’s like I can see their faces but everything that might give me a clue to who they are is a blur.” Blaine reached for the messenger bag he brought with him and pulled out his glasses “Speaking of blurs” he said as he put them on, but then inexplicably began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Dr. Shepard asked him.

“My glasses. They were the cause of the fight I had with Sebastian last night.”

“Wait, you hid the fact that you wear glasses from your boyfriend? I don’t see why that is such a big deal.”

“Oh, Doc. You have no idea.”

Flashback, the night before

After the dream that Santana had interrupted that morning, Blaine had been looking forward to his Skype time with Sebastian all day. When the window popped up with Sebastian’s handsome face, he could barely contain himself “Hey Beautiful, I’ve missed you. That picture you sent me of you and Baby Isabella was both super cute and super hot at the same time.” Blaine became concerned when Sebastian didn’t respond “Bas, what’s going on?”

“B, when did you start wearing glasses?”


“Bas, I don’t wear them that often…”

Sebastian became agitated by Blaine lack of response, so he cut him off “Blaine, I asked you when did you start wearing glasses. Do not lie to me.”

Blaine was beyond pissed at himself. Of all of the fucking times he had forgotten to take off his fucking glasses. He looked back at the screen and when he saw Sebastian’s expression he knew he had to tell him “I started wearing glasses earlier this year.” Once he made the statement there was nothing left to do but wait for the fallout. He expected Sebastian to yell at him, hell he wanted Sebastian to yell at him.

What he got was so much worse.

What he got was a horrified looking Sebastian with a single tear running down his left cheek. It was heartbreaking “You said you just had to use eye drops.”

“95% of the time, the eye drops are all that I need. Sometimes my eye just gets extra tired and I have to wear the glasses.”

“Then how come I’ve never…” Sebastian’s entire expression changed as he had one of Sam’s famous epiphanies “You rub your temple. If your eye is bothering you and the drops aren’t working you rub your temple. Blaine, I’ve seen you do that dozens of times and I have never seen your glasses. You’ve been lying to me!”

I have not lied to you.”

“A lie of omission is still a lie, Blaine.” Sebastian’s single tear had been joined by many more “I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me.”

“I was protecting…”

“Protecting?!” Blaine was surprised by the anger his boyfriend’s tone developed, so he was not about to stop his interruption “You were “protecting” me? Where the fuck have I heard that one? Oh yeah, when I was “protecting” the rest of the Warblers from the Slushie-gate fallout. And what happened there, huh? You called in the fucking mob because you knew I was doing the wrong thing. You fought a steroid junkie to get me away from him and the guys helped you do it, because you all knew I was doing the wrong thing. And then you have the audacity to say you didn’t tell me that you had to wear glasses because of what I did, because you were “protecting” me?”

“I wasn’t protecting you, I was protecting me.”

That statement seemed to calm Sebastian, at least a little bit “What are you talking about?”

“I wanted to be with you so badly.” It was time for Blaine’s tears to flow “I didn’t think that you would want to be with me when there would always be a constant reminder of what happened.”

“Blaine, you are a constant reminder of what happened, but I deal with it because the only other option is not being with you. And that is not an option.”

“I’m really sorry, Bas.” Blaine said in a voice that was barely audible.

“I know you are, but I can’t talk to you right now. Goodbye, Killer.”


Sebastian had cut the connection on his end before Blaine had gotten a chance to tell him about the trip to see Hunter.


“He’s just needs time, Blaine. Now, what the hell is Slushie-gate?” Dr. Shepard had to admit that he was particularly interested in that detail considering his husband’s fondness of the frozen beverage. However, before Blaine had the opportunity to answer there was a knock at the door “Come in.”

“Sorry to interrupt” the doctor’s receptionist said as she entered “But, Blaine your mom has been trying to get ahold of you. There’s a car at your house to take you to the airport.”

“I always put my phone on silent…” Blaine started to explain as he pulled his phone from his bag “Holy Crap! We’ve been talking for over two hours. I really have to go.”

As Dr. Shepard watched Blaine grab his bag to leave he thought of something “Hold up, you never told me what the jail guy said about your ex.”

“Guess that will have to wait until next time, Doc. You better have your receptionist block me out an appointment that’s longer than the usual ones.”

“I can do that. And, give Sebastian some time. It doesn’t sound like he’s going anywhere.”

“Thanks, Doc.”

“But Blaine, there can’t be anymore secrets. You can’t protect him from everything, especially not what you found out earlier today.”

Later when Blaine was finally on his way to the airport he had the chance to think about what his new therapist had told him before he left. He knew what he had to do.

To Sebastian: I really am sorry Bas. You said you need time, so we can talk when we are both back in town. Merry Christmas. I love you.

Almost immediately his text alert went off.

To Blaine: Merry Christmas. I love you too. See you when I get back.

Fifteen days later, Sebastian was leaving baggage claim at the Columbus Airport. His dad had come home a couple of days earlier but had been called into a meeting at work. He told Sebastian that he would be sending a car for him, so that last thing he expected to see was Blaine holding a sign that said Smythe.


“Hi.” Blaine said back.

It was pretty apparent that neither one of them knew what to say. Finally, Sebastian stated “My dad said he was sending a car.”

“Yeah, about that. I kind of asked him to call you.”

“He didn’t have a meeting?”


“Blaine, what’s going on?”

“There are two cars waiting outside. The first is a town car. The driver will load your luggage in and take it to your house. The second is a limo that is taking me to Lima and the Evans’ Welcome Back party. You have a decision to make. Are you going to get in the car with your luggage or the limo with me?”

“What happens if I get in the limo?” Sebastian asked knowing full well that was his choice.

“We have over a two hour ride and there’s a soundproof patrician between us and the driver. There’s a lot I have to tell you and you can yell at me all you want.”

While Sebastian was concerned about what Blaine wanted to tell him, there was something he was even more interested in. He walked closer to Blaine’s ear and asked “What if I said that talking wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind at the moment?”

Blaine couldn’t help but bring out his Bad-ass Blaine look and say in that voice “Arrangements were made in case that situation presented itself. Is there something you would like to say?”

“Yes, this time it’s your turn to be punished.”

Blaine laughed as Sebastian grabbed his hand and started pulling him toward the doors. He was beyond ecstatic that things had turned out this way, but he still planned on telling Sebastian everything that happened while he was gone. Well, everything but one. He didn’t know what the fuck he was going to do with that piece of information.

Flashback, Franklin County Jail

“Ok, Hunter. What the hell did Kurt have to do with all of this?”

“A lot, Anderson. A whole fucking lot. He really didn’t want Smythe anywhere near you.”

“I know. He’s already blackmailing me to force me to break up with Sebastian, but he’s got to know that I would never be with him again.”

The fact that Hunter began to laugh was surprising. The fact that he laughed as hard as he did was jarring “Cut the crap, Clarington. What’s so fucking funny?” Robert sniped at him.

“What’s so funny is that fact that as smart as Anderson is he still hasn’t figured it out. Hummel doesn’t want you Golden Boy, he wants Sebastian.”

Chapter Text

9AM, New Year’s Eve

“Mr. A?”

“Sebastian” Blaine’s father was the one to greet him at the door which Sebastian found a little strange, especially since the man was supposed to be in Detroit “Will you follow me please?”


The door closed behind him, Sebastian was lead into the dining room where Mrs. Anderson (who was supposed to be in Detroit as well) was standing at the head of the table. He looked around and noted that besides Blaine...Sam, Sugar, David and Wes were there. That didn’t surprise him, but Puck and Santana did. When he finally sat down, he looked over at Blaine and for the first time that morning got a proper look at his boyfriend. That was a mistake.

“Sebastian dear, are you alright?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“Uh, yeah, no coffee yet, but it can wait.” That was a lie. He did have a problem and it was all Blaine’s fault.

“Thank you because the car will be here any moment to pick us up.”

“Yes, so, before we leave…” Blaine’s father began what was an obvious Dad lecture of sorts “While Mrs. A and I have agreed to allow the Warbler/New Directions Joint New Year’s Eve Party Extravaganza to be held here, that doesn’t mean we’re a couple of idiots. Remember, we lived through Cooper’s teenage years.”

Mrs. Anderson took over and said in the sweetest Mom voice ever “And even though we’ll be in Detroit, that doesn’t mean we can’t have people here to bust every single one of your asses in less than five minutes.”

Puck leaned over to Blaine “Dude, I swear if she wasn’t married to your dad and like, you know, your mom…”

Blaine shot him a look of horror and then hissed “Do not finish that sentence! Ever!”

Fortunately, the little sidebar was not picked up on by the Andersons, so they continued with their instructions, wrapped in vailed threats, but given with both love and intimidation.

When they were done, Mr. Anderson gave them all an out “Like my wife said, these are our expectations. If any of you have an issue speak now so that everyone else has time to make new plans.” They all just glanced back and forth between each other, none of them having issues with anything the Andersons said “Good, so we’re off and will be back at 3PM on the 2nd. That gives everyone fair warning as to when to have the house back to PRISTINE condition. Blaine, come give your mom a hug.”

After Blaine’s parents were gone, those gathered got up and began to discuss the party. Everyone, except for Sebastian. Blaine looked over to Sam, who was able to get the others to follow him to the kitchen. Once they were gone, Blaine sat back down “I’m sorry Bas. I shouldn’t have worn my glasses without warning you…”

“Shut up.”

“Excuse me?”

Sebastian let out a low groan as he shifted uncomfortably in his chair “I don’t have a problem with your glasses. I’m having a problem with your glasses, loose curls, more scruff than I’ve ever seen you with combo. This new look of yours has gone straight to my cock and I spent this entire time picturing you and Rachel kissing, but that’s not helping anymore.”

“Really?” Blaine asked with a surprised lilt to his voice and a smirk on his lips “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Neither did I, but speaking of coming…a little help here!”

“I’d take you to the powder room over there and blow you, but since Puck and Santana are here, it wouldn’t go unnoticed.”

“B, you have literally been the master of my orgasm denials for months. Do something!”

Blaine thought for a moment and then knew exactly what to do “Well, I have something I could try, but it’s kind of drastic.”


“Ok, so you know when I met with Hunter? There’s one thing I still haven’t told you.”

“Blaine, now is not the time…”

“Yes, it is. Bas, Hunter told me that Kurt did all of those things to keep us apart not to keep you away from me, but to keep me away from you.”

The comment didn’t relax Sebastian as much as it temporarily tampered the urgency of the situation “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Hunter said Kurt doesn’t want me, he wants you.”

“That’s not funny, B.”

“Not trying to be.”

Sebastian looked at Blaine and could tell he was being completely serious. Instantly his problem went away. Like an ice bucket had been dumped. Like the idea of him and Hummel…

“Hey, are you ok?” Blaine asked.

“Yeah, but I have definitely found my new mailman. Nothing has ever taken me off the edge so quickly, and completely.” Sebastian told him as he caught his breath “And, you’re serious about this? You weren’t just trying to make me vomit?”

Blaine had started to shake his head when yelling was heard from the kitchen. Upon their arrival, they noticed that the group had been joined by a girl who was the size of Sugar, with the mouth of Santana, but the vocabulary of a Dalton Boy. It was also clear that all of her vitriol was aimed directly at Wes.

“Nari?” Blaine barely recognized her “I haven’t seen you in forever. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, no Blaine. You are not getting my brother out of this one.”

Meanwhile, Sebastian went to seek answers to his own questions “Where are David, Puck and Santana?”

“Puck’s talking to Finn. Santana is talking with Brittany and Artie to make sure everyone knows to be on their best behavior and David is doing the same with Jeff and Nicky” Sugar told him “I’m going to go call Kitty and tell her everything Auntie Pammy and Uncle Charles said. People are way more afraid of her than Brittany or Artie.”

Once Sugar left, Sebastian was going to ask Sam about Puck calling Finn but he soon noticed that would have been pointless “Earth to Sam. Earth calling Sammy Boy. Are you in there?”


Sebastian began to laugh. He tried not to, but the situation was pretty damn funny “Sam! Sam, snap out of it. Wes is going to notice you’re drooling over his sister.”

That actually worked “I am not…I mean, I’m not…I mean” Sam just stopped and let out a sigh “Isn’t she pretty?”

Blaine tried to determine what was going on across the room and at the same time mediate the Montgomery Family Feud. He was failing at both. “You’re not coming Nari. Final.” Wes dictated, which definitely was not the way to handle the situation.

“Not final. Mom said you had to let me and two of my friends come to the party. Just because the party moved to Blaine’s doesn’t negate the verbal agreement that was previously negotiated.”

“Oh my god, stop with the legal arguments. It’s a fucking party!”

Blaine never saw Wes lose his cool like the way he would with Nari. It reminded him of him and Sugar. Actually, it was the exact opposite of him and Sugar “It’s ok, Wes. Let Nari and her friends come. It’s no big deal.”

“No, I’m not babysitting the three of them all night.”

“I will” Sam spoke up and then turned beet-red when he realized what he said “I mean, your sister and her friends can hang out with me and the New Directions.” Sam walked over and held out his hand “Hi, I’m Sam.”

For the first time, Nari noticed the tall blonde boy in the room and kicked herself for not doing so earlier. She took his hand, and smiled at the way his eyes lit up when she did “Narissa, but you can call me Nari.”

“I think I’ll stick with Narissa if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind.”

Blaine tried to break the spell the two were under before Wes realized what was happening “So, that’s settled. Nari and no more than two friends can come to the party and hang out with the New Directions. Let’s get to work.”

It took about another hour before Wes realized that his sister was still there and had not left Sam’s side. He didn’t know what bothered him. Nari aggravated him like no other person could and he really didn’t know Sam all that well, but this was his baby sister and a boy. Blaine promised to keep an eye on things if necessary and that if for some reason Sam ever hurt Nari, he would not stand in the way of Wes’ revenge. That helped.

With calls to make, errands to run and deliveries coming in, everyone remained busy but Blaine wanted to assure that they would get rest periods due to the late night ahead. That’s why he put a halt to all preparations between 12PM and 2PM and would again between 6PM and 8PM. In reality, instituting arbitrary rest periods was a rouge plan to hide the fact that he and Sebastian wanted to be alone at 1 PM. Since they would not be able to celebrate the New Year in Ohio as they would like, the would celebrate the New Year in Paris that way. It seemed like a good compromise, plus it would test Sebastian’s ability to have silent sex before they returned to Dalton.

3PM brought the arrival of Thad, Jeff, Nick and Kitty, who brought a guy named Rodrick with her. He was the son of a friend of her father who had just transferred to McKinley. Since he planned on trying out for the New Directions, Kitty had asked if she could bring him to meet the others. Blaine hadn’t had a problem with it and having extra help was nice. It not only got things set up faster, it allowed him and Sebastian to sneak a couple of minutes with Puck.

“So, how is Finn doing visiting Rachel in New York?” Blaine asked “I was there the last time it happened and everything pretty much went to hell, but that was also the time of my disastrous break-up with Kurt.”

“Of which I am thankful every day” Sebastian said and then added a kiss.

“From what he says, it’s going pretty well” Puck told them. “What’s the word? Oh yeah, cathartic. He needed this before he starts college next month so he can move on. Finn had wanted to talk to her while she was here, but when she got that part in the Holiday Show his plans had to change.”

“Hearing that almost makes me feel a little less guilty that we, well you, suggested he go to New York in the first place. Without telling him it was to keep an eye on Kurt, of course” Blaine hated putting Puck in the middle of the situation, so he had been happy with what he reported.

“I still can’t believe that after everything that happened after Sectionals, Hummel talked Rachel into letting him stay with her for New Years as a way to repair their friendship” Yeah, that had pissed Sebastian off “But it gave us an opportunity to see if he contacted that Travis guy, which he did.”

Blaine went wide-eyed and quickly scanned the area “We cannot talk about that guy today, especially with David here.” His statement was not only a reminder to Sebastian, but himself and Puck as well. At this point, they were all pretty certain it was Travis, and not Kurt, who was after the money David didn’t know he had.

“Whatever” Puck said as he attempted to change the subject “But if Finn, and by Finn I mean Kurt, wasn’t out of town, I wouldn’t be here. So for me, it’s all good.”

“Your right, I would have never invited Kurt” Blaine told him “But for you I could have tolerated Finn.”

Puck started to laugh “You might have tried, but you would not have succeeded.”

Before Blaine could respond, Sam found them “Hey Seb, your car is blocking me and I told Narissa I would take her to her friend’s so she can get ready for the party.”

“Why don’t you take my Harley so we don’t have to play musical cars?” Blaine suggested “The bob is on my dresser and the helmets are in the cabinet marked, well helmets.”

“Seriously dude? Thanks!”

Once Sam left, Blaine turned back to Puck and Sebastian who stared at him like he had grown another head “What?”

“You’re letting Evans ride your Harley?” Puck asked in disbelief.

“You told Sam to take Wes Montgomery’s little sister out on your Harley?” Sebastian asked in disbelief.

“Oh shit!”

Blaine took off toward the garage, but he knew he was too late as he heard that distinctive roar pull out of the drive-way followed by an exceedingly angry brother shouting “Blaine Anderson, get your ass out here!”

After a half hour of “I’m sorry, Wes” and “Yes, I’m an idiot” as well as a call from Nari assuring her brother she was in one piece, order was restored. Pizzas arrived and everyone got a chance to relax and prepare for the mandated 6PM to 8PM rest period. It also gave Blaine and Sebastian a chance to pull aside the other person they needed to talk to, especially since she was leaving for New York in the morning.

“So, this den of iniquity is pretty different from your wanky room back in Lima” Santana noted as she entered Blaine’s bedroom.

“Wanky room?” Sebastian asked.

Blaine tried to wave it off, but Santana just smiled and took a drink out of her bottle of water before answering “When I stayed at Sugar’s I interrupted your boy here as he was dreaming about you and he was so out of it that he answered his door naked.”

“I was not out of it” Blaine corrected “I was busy trying to figure out where to bury your body so I didn’t give a shit.”

“Hold on” Sebastian wasn’t aware Blaine and Santana’s friendship had grown this much while he was in Paris “She saw you naked?” he asked Blaine.

“Yes, I did” Santana answered for him “And even though it didn’t do anything for me, I will say that you’re a lucky man Mr. Smythe.”

“First of all” Blaine countered “It totally did do something for you. Now, can we get to the topic? Santana, do you still have the tape you made of Kurt when he approached us at the Lima Bean on Black Friday?”

“Yes, but it’s in a box of my belongings headed to New York.”

Sebastian was confused “What’s going on B?”

“I remember commenting that I didn’t think something he said referred to me, but I don’t remember what he said.” Blaine looked at Santana “Do you?”

“No, sorry. Why is that important now?”

“Because when I talked to Hunter he told me that Kurt didn’t want me he wanted Bas.”

Unfortunately, Santana had just taken another drink of her water and proceeded to spit it on Sebastian “Damn it, Lopez!” he yelled before heading to Blaine’s en suite for a towel.

“Sorry, but tell your boyfriend not to spring shit like that on me” she called out. “Let’s just agree that between that and my seeing Blaine’s junk, we’re even for the Slushie.” After she heard some form of a disgruntled acceptance from the other room, she turned her attention back to Blaine “Do you think this Clarington guy was serious?”

“If he lied, the deal he made with my uncle was no longer valid. He wouldn’t chance that.”

“What kind of deal could your alleged mobster uncle make him?”

Blaine walked over and sat in the chair at his desk, then he almost glared at Santana in amazement. How could she of all people not have figured this out? “Santana, there’s nothing alleged about my uncle.” Santana let out a gasp before putting her hand over her mouth and falling back onto Blaine’s bed “Now you understand why it’s hard to believe Hunter would lie.”

“Then why do you doubt what he said?”

“Because at that dinner from hell Bas and I had with Kurt, Kurt called Bas a slut right to his face.”

“Don’t forget he also called my mother a slut” Sebastian snarled as he came back into the room.

That had been the opening Blaine had been waiting for. He tried to read Sebastian’s face but found no answers there. Fuck! That night when Kurt talked about Sebastian’s mother and sister, Blaine had realized the Smythe family secret. What he didn’t know was if Sebastian knew the secret as well, but Blaine would never ask. This was not the kind of secret you accidently told someone.

It was in that moment that Blaine decided to let it go for now. There was a week left on the truce he brokered with Kurt, but better than that he was about to throw the best party ever. There was no way he was screwing that up.

It was time for the Warbler/New Directions Joint New Year’s Eve Party Extravaganza to begin!

9PM, New Year's Eve

The party was more than ready to go and guests began to arrive. Warblers showed up first, which wasn’t surprising. The one that didn’t show was Doug. That disappointed Blaine as he had personally invited his roommate. He asked Doug’s friends about his no-show, but all of them said that they had no contact with him over the break. Once again Blaine decided to let something go. He knew there was no way to find out what happened until they were back at Dalton.

Not much later, all of the current New Directions arrived plus Mike, Quinn and Mercedes. Blaine had sent a bus for them but they were all staying the night. After they put away their overnight bags, Sam introduced them to Narissa and her friends. The girls instantly clicked with his friends, and like Sam promised Wes, they spent the night hanging out with the kids from McKinley.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the guests start to intermingle as well. Blaine and Sebastian had to laugh as some of the groupings were quite entertaining to watch. Puck, Mike and Beat had found the beer and were constantly laughing (loudly) but no one understood why. Unique and Trent had been in their own little world since the moment they were introduced and Tina was pretty much stalking Jeff. Evidently, she had decided that since Kitty and Sugar had Warbler boyfriends, she needed one as well.

However, the group that Blaine found the most intriguing was Wes & Quinn and David & Mercedes. While they were together in a group of four, it was obvious that they had also paired themselves into couples, one that had a connection they hadn’t realized.

“So, David’s grandmother goes to your church?” Blaine asked Mercedes “And the two of you used to play together when you were younger?”

“We lived with my grandmother for a while after my parents’ divorce” David informed him “I was about six, which made you five. Right Mercedes?”

“Yes. We recognized each other but didn’t know how.” Mercedes said “Guess we just should have asked.”

Everyone was so engrossed in their conversations that none of them noticed the karaoke/performance area that had been set-up (to be fair, Rachel wasn’t there). Blaine and Sam went over and got things started with their rendition of Heroes. It had been forgotten that most of the guest were unaware that Blaine played guitar. That meant Sebastian, Thad, Puck, Santana and Sugar spent time during the performance explaining the concept of Alpha Gay. It made sense to most guests, but Mercedes was totally pissed off.

Her relationship with Kurt had been strained when she found out that he had given the tape to Sebastian without telling Blaine. But this, this was Kurt making Blaine feel like he had to hide his talent. Then she remembered a conversation she had with Quinn, Santana and Brittany after the Trouble Tone’s loss at Sectionals. She almost didn’t to go back to the New Directions because she refused to sing background for Blaine (and Berry), and only did go back because the Trouble Tones were promised a number during every competition. Did that make her any better than Kurt? She decided she had a few more New Year’s resolutions to contemplate.

A little after 11PM, and after many outstanding performances (including Santana and Sebastian’s version of Smooth Criminal) an inebriated McKinley crowd convinced Roderick to sing for them. Since Kitty had been helping him she went and pulled up the song on the karaoke machine. She couldn’t wait for the New Directions, but in reality the Warblers, to hear him.

My lover's got humour
She's the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody's disapproval
I should've worshipped her sooner

The minute the first line was out of Roderick’s mouth the Warblers gravitated toward each other.


“Yeah, he’s good.”

“Like really, really good.”

Similar comments continued to be whispered and then Kitty came in and helped with harmony…

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life

After that, David summed things up “You guys are so screwed.”

Once the song finished, the Warblers clapped politely but the New Directions (both Old and New) went crazy. “Well, what are you going to do Blaine, Sebastian?” Wes asked. When they gave him a Why the fuck are you asking us look he reminded them “You’re the co-captains and the New Direction’s just threw down one hell of a gauntlet.”

“Oh, yeah. What are we going to do, Bas?” Blaine had no ideas.

“I think we should sing a particular duet.”

“Are you sure? I mean, that’s our song. What about Mirrors?

Mirrors isn’t a duet” Sebastian reminded him “Unless you want to do a solo?”

“No, let’s go.”

Thad couldn’t hide his smile as he knew what they were about to sing.

“What are they doing?” Jeff asked.

“You’ll see.”

When the New Directions saw Blaine and Sebastian were going to sing they quieted down. Kitty watched with a smirk, believing that her performance with Roderick couldn’t be topped. However, when Sam and Sugar heard the first notes from Blaine’s guitar, they knew the Warblers were not going down without a fight.

You and me were always with each other
Before we knew the others was ever there
You and me we belong together
Just like a breath needs the air


“Yeah, wow.”

“Like really, really wow.”

Comments were whispered in a similar fashion to the way the Warblers had, but about half-way through Joe asked a question that more than a few of them had “The song is beautiful but who sings it? I’ve never heard it before.”

“Blaine and Sebastian” Sam told them. “Blaine wrote the song.”

After that, Santana summed things up “You guys are so screwed.”

Midnight came faster than anticipated and soon there were shouts of “Happy New Year!” and Blaine and Sebastian had no problem getting in several not-so-chaste kisses.

“This really is a great party, Killer” Sebastian told him as their last kiss ended.

“I know. I’m so happy to see all of my friends getting along. It’s going to be a shame when Mr. Schue finds out and puts a halt to it.”

Chapter Text

It was times like this that Blaine was thankful he had transferred back to Dalton. The first week back from break was for Seniors only. The week was officially titled University Preparation and Planning Week. The students refer to it as What the fuck are you doing with your life Week.

Dalton boys applied to colleges for early acceptance during their Junior year. Even though Blaine had been at McKinley, his parents hired a counselor to help with his applications (and didn’t even say anything like If you were still at Dalton once). It had been necessary since the counselors at McKinley couldn’t help him. He had to laugh as he remembered the look of total confusion on Miss Pillsbury’s face when he had discussed the process with her.

The one thing that did concern him was Sebastian. With everything that had happened since Blaine’s return, they had never gotten around to discussing college. When they finally realized that fact, they made the conscious decision to not talk about their plans. No matter how much they loved each other, they were not going to influence what the other did. If they wound up in the same area, that was great. If they didn’t…well, they’d cross that bridge if they had to.

Since there were not actual classes happening, Blaine had been able to schedule a 2-hour appointment with Dr. Shepard. He had been happy to hear that Blaine had come clean with Sebastian. He also gave him something to think about for next time. How was he saving himself when he was busy trying to save everyone else? Blaine had to admit that was a good question.

He left his appointment and headed toward the truck when he got a 911 text from Sam. The roads weren’t great, so instead of talking through his Bluetooth while driving, he went to the Starbucks across the street. It amazed him how much he missed the Lima Bean.

Once he had his coffee, he found a chair next to the fake fire place and made the call. “Hey Sam, what’s with the 911? Please tell me it has nothing to do with your date tomorrow night with Nari.”

“Ok, first of all you owe me like a hundred dating freak outs after what I had to put up with when you and Seb were getting together. Secondly, no, this is about Glee Club.”

“What did Schuster do now?” Blaine sighed. He knew his former advisor would cause issues with his return. He had never taken the time to get to know the new members and he hadn’t done much to gain their respect when he came back for Sectionals.

“He told us that since Finn couldn’t be there full time because he was starting college, Kurt was going to be his assistant.”

Of course, he did. Kurt was one of his three favorites. Santana, Quinn and Brittany may have called themselves the Unholy Trinity, but when it came to the New Directions it was actually Rachel, Finn and Kurt “I’d say you’re kidding, but I believe it. What did you guys say? Oh god, Sugar probably freaked.”

Blaine’s comment made Sam laugh “She did. Hell, we all did. We walked out.”

“Excuse me?”

“We walked out. Poor Roderick had been there only 20 minutes when he got to experience the New Directions crazy.”

“Ok, I’m assuming that Schuster found a way to get everyone back.”

“He did. He made me Captain.”

“Congrats, but neither Artie or Tina threw a fit about you being named Captain? They are originals.”

“Artie didn’t care. He’s too busy making his short film for his film school application and Tina’s too busy being the New Rachel.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m the New Rachel and since I left it should be Brittany.”

“Yeah, you tell Tina that.”

“You’ve got a point” Blaine conceded. Sometimes it was just easier to let Tina be Tina. She reminded him of Cooper in that way. “Now, I’ve got a question. Do you know why I got an invitation to the Schuster- Pillsbury wedding?”

“Miss Pillsbury wants everyone to get along again.” Emma had talked to Sam about the possibility of inviting Blaine (and thus Sebastian), but he couldn’t believe she went ahead and did it. She was usually the one that tried to avoid conflict.

“And so, I get to be the bad guy by not going? I’m not spending my first Valentine’s Day with Bas at the wedding of someone I don’t like, especially when Regionals are a week later.”

“Although, you and Seb could get all cute and cuddly at the reception and totally piss Kurt off.”

“That might be fun.” Blaine thought about how pissed Kurt would be and it didn’t scare him. With the information he had obtained from Hunter, he planned on having all of the shit with Kurt finished long before Valentine’s Day. Dealing with the mysterious Travis was another story.

They talked for about another half an hour and that part of the conversation did revolve around Sam’s date with Nari. He was happy for Sam, but Wes was driving him crazy. He didn’t take it well when he found out that Sam had dated Quinn, Santana, Mercedes AND Brittany.

After he hung up with Sam he saw that he had received two texts. The first was from Jeff. It was a continuation of the discussion/argument they had been having since New Year’s Eve.

From Jeff: I still don’t understand why you won’t write the Warblers a song for Regionals
From Blaine: Because I already cost the Warblers a Regionals
From Jeff: Last year when you went to McKinley?
From Blaine: The year before
From Jeff: ?
From Blaine: Candles
From Jeff: Candles did not cost us Regionals (although it was cringe worthy). ND won because they did original songs
From Jeff: Just please not another love song for Sebastian
From Blaine: Good bye, Jeff
From Jeff: This isn’t over
From Blaine: Didn’t think it was

The other text was from his Dad stating the package they had been waiting on had arrived. He had planned on heading back to Dalton, but there was no way that was happening now.

“Dad!” Blaine called out upon his arrival home.

“What? No love for me?” his mom asked as she came out from the kitchen with something in her hands.

“The camera, Mom?”

“Have you met me? Come on. He’s in the garage.”

When Blaine reached the garage, he noticed that his father was as excited as he was. He walked over and the two of them pulled back the cover, his mother taking pictures the entire time.

It was his car. The 1966 Mustang Fastback that they had finished when Blaine was in Detroit during the Holidays. It was the car that he originally thought his dad wanted to rebuild with him to make him straight. The car Blaine had asked to finish as a kind of a peace offering. The car that in the end wound up being the bonding experience his dad had wanted it to be.

“Dad, it’s perfect. I’m so glad we let the professionals paint it” Blaine said as he lightly ran his hand over the cherry-red finish.

“Me too, son.”

Blaine’s mom wasn’t even going to try to pretend she wasn’t crying. She cried at everything. Her husband and boys were used to it. “Ok, picture time!” she announced and then took at least two dozen pictures of her husband and son in various poses around the car. When she finished, Blaine took out his phone and snapped some pictures of his own that he immediately sent to his friends. It took about 30 seconds for his phone to start pinging.

“I take it your friends like the car?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“To put it mildly. They all want rides.”

“Blaine, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to drive a 50 year-old convertible in the middle of winter. No matter how expertly we restored it.” Mr. Anderson may have told Blaine that, but he was already planning ways to sneak a drive sometime soon “Now, are you staying for dinner?”

“Uh, duh. Can we make pizza?”

“Uh, duh” his parents replied in unison, causing them all to laugh.

While they had dinner, they discussed what Blaine’s counselor told him and he read the texts he got from his friends. Their favorite was Santana’s who managed to use the moniker Richboy 8 times in a 25 word text. They were having such a good time that Blaine hadn’t realized how late it had gotten. He had to get back to Dalton, but first he needed something from his room.

His mom had told him that she put a box he received in the mail on his dresser. It was what he had hoped…the tape Santana had recorded of Kurt at the Lima Bean. As much as he wanted to listen to it, he chose to wait. He was having too good of a day to ruin it with the sound of Kurt’s voice. He put it in his bag along with the tape from his trip to see Hunter and a set of keys he had forgotten. After sharing hugs with his parents, he was out the door. As if he had timed it that way, when he pulled into the Dalton parking lot a call came through his Bluetooth. From the ring tone, he knew who it was.

“Hey Sexy.”


“Yes Bas, Sexy. Do you need me to go into detail?”

“No, I’m waiting for the Lacrosse meeting to start and Thad probably wouldn’t appreciate listening to my half of that conversation.”

“No, Thad wouldn’t” Blaine could hear Thad say from the seat next to Sebastian.

Blaine didn’t want to laugh as he wanted to get his tone right. That specific tone. As soon as that meeting was over, he had plans for his boyfriend “Fine, then just listen to me. You are staying in my room tonight. And yes, I got the keys for the handcuffs. Do you understand?”

“Yes, si…Blaine.”

“Good boy. Now pay attention to your coach and I’ll see you in an hour.” He got out of the truck and headed into the building. He had a lot of things to do before he saw Sebastian.

The last thing Blaine expected to see in his dorm room was someone standing next to his bed “Doug? What are you doing here? Under classmen don’t start until Monday.” His roommate had his head down, but when he lifted it Blaine instantly knew something was wrong “Doug what is it?” He ran into Blaine’s arms and started to sob. Not knowing what else to do, Blaine walked them over and sat on the edge of bed, all the while trying to calm the young Warbler “Shhhh, it’s ok. I promise whatever’s wrong, I’ll help you.”

“You don’t know that.”

Blaine lifted his chin and made Doug look him in the eyes “Yes, I do.”

It took a while but finally he said “I know who your leak is.”

Blaine thought his heart was going to stop, but he kept his cool as Doug began to sob again. How did he even know about the Fight Club leak? However, right now that was not the most important question “Who?”

“My older brother Earl.”

Blaine’s mind started to race a thousand miles an hour, but all he could think of was that Hunter said the guy that told Wyatt and Toby about Fight Club had a younger brother at Dalton. Who would have guessed he had been right under his nose this whole time? He reached into his nightstand drawer, pulled out some tissues and handed them over “How do you know?”

Doug let go of Blaine to wipe his eyes and blew his nose “You guys aren’t as discreet as you think you are. I heard plenty of conversations about a Fight Club leak. Then when you had me look up Wyatt and Toby and told me I couldn’t say anything, I guessed they were involved.”

“You knew Wyatt and Toby? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“They’ve been friends with Earl since second grade. My parents sent Earl to Dalton specifically to get him away from them, but it didn’t work especially since they are also his dealers. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but I had to know for sure.”

“And now you’re sure?”

“Yes” Doug began to cry again, but not so hard that Blaine couldn’t understand him “The three of them told me so over break. Blaine, they told me they would kill me if I told anyone and I’m pretty sure they meant it.”

“What about your parents?”

“They won’t listen. Earl’s the golden-child even though he’s a fucking screw-up.”

Instead of lifting his chin, Blaine put both hands on Doug’s cheeks “Look at me. Doug, look at me.” When he finally did, Blaine said in a way that guaranteed his sincerity “I will NEVER let anything happen to you. Do you understand?”

“So, I don’t get any consequences for not telling you what I knew sooner?”

“Oh my god, of course not. You were so brave in telling me. I’m sorry if you ever thought that would be an issue.” That seemed to help calm the situation down “Now, I have a favor to ask. Do you have a picture of your brother?”

“Yes, my mom gave me a family picture for Christmas for me to put in my, our, room. You know, to give off the impression that we’re some big, happy family.” Doug went over, pulled the framed photo out of his bag and handed it to Blaine. After only looking at it for an instant, Blaine threw it across the room and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.

“Blaine, Blaine, what’s wrong? Please open the door!” The sound of vomiting had Doug realize that wouldn’t happen, so he ran out into the hall yelling for help. Since there were very few students there, he was half-way to the Warbler Commons before he ran into anyone. Fortunately, it was Sebastian and Thad.

“What the hell?” Sebastian asked. All Doug had to say was “Blaine” and the three of them were running back to the dorms. Along the way Jeff, Nick, Trent and Beat saw the sight and joined them, but when they reached their destination Blaine was gone.

“He was here” Doug yelled as he verified Blaine was no longer in their bathroom. His agitation heightened the anxiety of the others.

“What happened?” Jeff asked.

“You and Trent stay here and find out” Sebastian told him “We didn’t pass B so there’s only one place he could be. The rest of you come with me.”

Sebastian and the others ran down to the Out Building. If Blaine was as upset as Doug said, he would be hitting the heavy bag. When they reached their destination, Sebastian threw back the door and all of them gasped at what they saw.

“Somebody call a fucking ambulance!”

Chapter Text

The only thing that was keeping Sebastian from losing it was one line from You + Me… Someone who will be there for you when you fall apart. Blaine had fallen apart, so he needed to be there for him. When Blaine woke up the only thing he should have to focus on was getting better. Sebastian just wished he knew when that would be. With so many thoughts running through his head, he was unaware that someone had joined him “Seb?”

“Hey, Sam.” Neither one of them said anything as they embraced until Sebastian noticed they were not alone “Thank you for everything Mr. Evans.”

“No, thank you for calling me first. Sam didn’t need to hear this over the phone.” Dwight Evans walked over and put a hand on each boy’s shoulder to show his support “Now, where is everyone?”

“The Andersons were able to get this room and one closer to the ICU for privacy. They’re down there with Sugar and her father. The guys are back at Dalton except Nick who is with Sugar. My parents were here but they are both running errands for the Andersons.” There was much more going on but Sabastian didn’t want to get into that with Sam’s dad “Mr. Evans, would you go down to the other room? Blaine’s mom and uncle are playing nice because Sugar is down there, but…”

Dwight gave him a nod as he immediately knew where Sebastian was going with his request. When they were all in Aspen, the tension between the two had been palpable. Plus, he was pretty sure the boys wanted a moment to themselves “Alright, I can do that if you’ll point me in the right direction.”

“One of the guys outside of the door will take you down there.”

Once his dad was gone, Sam took a step back “What the fuck is going on Seb and why the hell is the police outside of the door?”

“Those aren’t cops. They’re Al Motta’s guys.”

“Why did you call Robert…” Sam stopped his question when he had one of his epiphanies. “Holy Fuck! What the hell happened Sebastian?”

“Honestly, we don’t know what happened to Blaine” Sebastian told him as he motioned toward the chairs. After they were seated he continued “All we know is B’s roommate told him that his brother is the Fight Club leak. Doug figured it out when Blaine asked him for help identifying Wyatt and Toby. Long story short, Doug confronted them, they told him if he told anyone they would kill him, he told B anyway, showed B a picture of his brother, B freaked out.”

“And no one has any idea why Blaine freaked out when he saw the picture?”

“Nope, we’ll have to wait until Killer wakes up.”

Sam dropped his head into his hands as a sign that he needed a moment. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How had this become his life? All he and Blaine had wanted to do was bring the Nationals trophy back to McKinley.

After a deep breath, he raised his head and asked “Did they really threaten to kill Doug?”

“Yes. We don’t know if they were serious, but Doug believes they were. Right now, my dad is using some of the connections he made as State’s Attorney to get an order of protection for him. In the meantime, Doug, as well as all members of the Fight Club Rules Council and everyone here has a protection detail of the mob variety. Also, there are people out looking for Wyatt, Toby and the brother.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but that makes sense.” Now it was time for the hard stuff “Ok, will you finally tell me why Blaine is in ICU? All you told my dad was that he was hurt.”

“Let’s go to the other room and Mr. A…”

“No, you tell me” Sebastian turned his head away, so Sam decided to go with a different tactic “Fine, then explain to me why you’re wearing hospital scrubs.”

There was no way to explain without telling him everything “Because my clothes had B’s blood on them.”

When Sebastian finished telling Sam what happened, he walked over and grabbed a box of tissues “Before we go down to the other room, you need to pull it together. The Andersons cannot handle seeing you like this.”


“Cooper.” Sebastian got up and gave Blaine’s brother a hug, but when Cooper saw how upset Sam was he sat down beside him.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, it’s just a lot. Plus, it’s” Sam looked over to the clock on the wall “a little after 2 AM.”

Sebastian reached over and put his hand on Sam’s knee “Go down to the other room, get an update and then try to get a nap in. Killer isn’t waking up anytime soon.”

Since he was unable to stifle a rather large yawn, Sam agreed but asked “What about you?”

“I’ll be down as soon as I talk with Cooper for a minute. Promise.” The moment Sam was gone Sebastian turned back to Cooper “Is it done?”


Westerville Park, 1 Hour Earlier

“What’s going on?” Earl asked his friends, Wyatt and Toby “And why are we meeting here at one o’clock in the morning? It’s fucking freezing out here.”

“Your little bitch of a brother talked” Toby informed him.

“I know. Sebastian Smythe’s father showed up at my house and served my parents with an order of protection.”

“Did you handle it?”

“What do you think?” Earl answered with a bit of a snicker “My parents believe everything I tell him. Now answer my question. Why are we here?”

“He set up the meeting” Wyatt said as four men walked out from the shadows, one that Earl recognized.

“You’re that guy from the commercials.”

Before he said anything, Cooper studied who he was meeting. He had been told that Blaine had recognized them, but didn’t know from where. He didn’t recognize them at all, so he went with the original plan “Why yes, I am, and while it’s always nice to meet a fan that has nothing to do with why I’m here.” Cooper motioned for the other men to move in closer “You see, your friends here are correct. Your brother talked to the Fight Club Rules Council. You told your friends here about Fight Club and they ran their mouths to any one that would listen. You all broke the rule.”

Earl looked over to his friends, who just shook their heads, hoping he would get the hint to keep quiet. However, that didn’t happen “What are you, our consequence? What are you going to do to us, make us watch your stupid commercial on a loop until we go insane?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Wyatt hissed.

“You should listen to your friend” Cooper told him “See, I was going to try to do this the nice way, now not so much. Here's how this is going to go. These gentlemen behind you are your shadows for the time being. And when I say shadow, I mean if you take a shit they will know. So, I suggest you learn to keep your fucking mouths shut. Additionally, if you attempt to go after your brother or anyone associated with Dalton’s Fight Club, my friends here have permission to stop you by any means necessary.”

Earl was about to respond when Wyatt grabbed him by the arm “You need to stop. He’s not kidding.”

“How do you know?”

“Because our shadows? They’re Al Motta’s men.”

“They’re not going to be an issue, Sebastian.” Cooper was glad that Sebastian had trusted to tell him what was happening and then let him handle the problem. Sebastian had been right. None of this needed to get back to his parents, especially not now. “What’s happening at Dalton?”

“Thad called and said that things were under control, at least for now. This was WTF Week for Seniors and there’s no classes tomorrow so the school is pretty empty. Those that are there know something happened to B, but they don’t know what. Fortunately, they’re Dalton Boys and know to keep their mouths shut, especially this close to graduation. Then tomorrow Thad and Beat are going to subtly bring up Karofsky and imply that what happened to him was a consequence. No one needs to know that it actually was. Sometimes the rumor is more effective. I also talked to Santana, who won’t say anything, and the only people from Lima that know are Sam, Sugar and Puck who is keeping an eye on Hummel.”

“I still can’t believe what Squirt pulled off with Karofsky. That took some serious balls.”

“You know, Blaine is going to be really pissed that I told you all of this.” It was the first time since everything unfolded that he questioned confiding in Cooper.

“While Blaine maybe closer to Uncle Robert than I am, that doesn’t mean I don’t know the truth about him. I’m just glad he agreed that he should keep out of it for now and to let me take care of what had to be done. You know, it goes without saying that my parents can’t know about my involvement.”

“No shit.” Sebastian laughed for the first time in hours and then looked over at the door “Mom?”

Juliette Smythe walked over and took her son in her arms, giving him a sense of security that only a mother could “How are you doing, my Darling Boy?”

“I’ve been better. Oh mom, this is Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s brother. Cooper, my mom, Juliette Smythe.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Smythe. I just wish it was under better circumstances.”

“Likewise. Now, you two need to go to Blaine’s room. Cooper, the neurologist that you brought from LA has finished with his examination and your parents would like to talk to you as well as Sebastian and Sam.”

“What about Sugar?” Sebastian asked knowing how upset she had been earlier and how much Blaine cared for her.

“Sugar’s father took her to the Andersons to get some sleep. Nick went with them since Dalton was already locked down for the night. You’re going to stay with them…”

“I’m not leaving until he’s awake, Mom.”

Mrs. Smythe knew that she wouldn’t win any type of verbal sparring with her son, so she let it go “I’m not going to argue with you, so just talk to the Andersons and see what they say. I left a change of clothes for you with Mr. Evans.”

“Thanks Mom”

She hugged her son tightly one last time “You boys need to get down there. Sebastian, your dad and I will be here around noon to check on you. Try to get some sleep. Blaine’s going to need you when he wakes up. I love you, my Darling Boy.”

“I love you too, Mom.

Sebastian and Cooper were surprised to see Sam and Mr. Anderson standing in front of the door when they arrived at Blaine’s room “Dad what’s going on?” Cooper asked. “And where’s Mom?”

“Your mother is already in with Blaine, but I thought I should prepare the three of you before we go in.”

“Prepare us how, Dad?”

“Blaine’s arms are on boards so that his hands can be immobilized. Then the boards have been elevated to lessen the swelling.” He gave them a moment, then asked “So, are you boys ready?” When they nodded, Mr. Anderson led them in and all three realized instantly why Blaine’s father had taken the time to prepare them. The sight was jarring. The set-up that elevated his arms had Blaine literally tied to the bed.

“What’s wrong with him?” Cooper’s voice quivered as he spoke. He had not anticipated the memories that would come back to him.

Mrs. Anderson started to speak, but couldn’t. Her husband continued for her “The good news is Dr. Sterling assured us that there are no broken bones.”

“Jeff’s dad is a doctor?” Sam didn’t know why he was stunned by that, especially since Jeff had said he planned on going into medicine.

“Yes, an orthopedic surgeon. Like I said no broken bones, but we won’t know the extent of any nerve damage until the swelling goes down. It should take about 48 hours. And he won’t be waking up anytime soon. The doctors are going to take him off of the tranquilizers slowly. We can’t have him getting upset like before and causing possible further damage.”

Cooper started to shake his head in disbelief “No, no, no, no, no! Are you saying that he may never be able to play his music again?...I need some air.”

Mr. Anderson went after him, while Mrs. Anderson tried to think of something to say. She could tell the other boys had been shaken by Cooper’s outburst “Blaine’s going to need both of you to get through this.”

“We love him” Sam said “Well, in different ways. You know what I mean.” Both Sebastian and Mrs. Anderson giggled at Sam’s comment but then the conversation became serious again “Mrs. A, was Cooper right about Blaine not being able to play his music anymore?”

“I know we keep saying this Sweetie, but we won’t know until the swelling goes down?”

“What about Julliard?” The moment the words came out of his mouth, Sam knew he had screwed up “I’m sorry Seb. He told me you guys weren’t going to talk about college until after this week.”

“Julliard?” Sebastian didn’t know what to think “I assumed Blaine wanted to go to NYADA or Tisch. Maybe Michigan or USC. Why didn’t I think of Julliard?” Right away, Sebastian knew the answer to his own question “Fucking Hummel and his fucking Alpha Gay bullshit! B had to hide his talent for a fucking year to not upset that asshole!” He caught his breath and then recognized what he had done “I’m so sorry, Mrs. A. I know you don’t like the f-word.”

“In this case, it was completely understandable. I can tell how frustrated you are, but Sebastian, you can’t go off like that in here. This room has to be a calm space for Blaine.” Mrs. Anderson started to say something more, but was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Sam, we need to get home.”

“Oh Dwight, there’s no way you should be driving back to Lima” Mrs. Anderson got up and headed toward the door “You’ll go back to our house and get some sleep. Sam, you know where things are, correct? Good, I’ll get you my keys and the code.” Sebastian stood up to leave with them, but was stopped “Sebastian, why don’t you take a few minutes alone with Blaine.”

“Thank you, Mrs. A.”

Sebastian sat back down and didn’t move until he finally figured out how he could get into bed with Blaine without touching his arms. After a few moves that would make a contortionist proud, he was finally cuddled into Blaine’s side. “I know when we first started to cuddle, you told me I would always have to be the big spoon due to my height. But, as you can see, it doesn’t always have to be that way. You just like it when I hold you in my arms.” He really wished he wouldn’t have said that last part because his mind flashed back to the last time he had held Blaine in his arms.


Sebastian and the others ran down to the Out Building. If Blaine was as upset as Doug said, he would be hitting the heavy bag. When they reached their destination, Sebastian threw back the door and all of them gasped at what they saw.

Blaine was beating the hell out of the heavy bag, oblivious to what was happening around him and he wasn’t wearing his gloves. His fists were to the point where they looked like raw hamburger, and there was blood everywhere.

“Somebody call a fucking ambulance!” Sebastian screamed as he ran over to Blaine. Nick pulled out his phone, but Thad and Beat went to help Sebastian as it was obvious it would take more than one of them to bring Blaine down. Once they were able to get him situated on the ground to where Sebastian was holding him while Blaine sat between his legs, they had enough control for Thad to run to a back room for towels and the first-aid kit.

“Hey, B…B, it’s ok.” Sebastian whispered into his ear, even though his boyfriend continued to thrash around in his arms “I’ve got you B. It’s ok. I’ve got you.” The repetition of phrasing began to calm Blaine until Thad came running back to them. The sudden movement startled him and he tried to break free.

“It’s ok B, it was just Thad. He’s going to wrap towels around your hands to help stop the blood. Is that ok?” Sebastian said it softly but loud enough for all to hear. They realized that to keep Blaine calm, they would have to do the same.

“Sebastian” Nick came over once his call ended “An ambulance is on the way and I called the guards. I told them no lights or sirens, but we all know nothing at Dalton stays secret for long.”

“We’ll deal with that later. Go tell Jeff to call his dad and Duval, nobody makes any calls to Lima. Especially you.”

A groan from Blaine caused Sebastian to come back from the memory, for which he was thankful. He waited to see if there was a second groan, but nothing. It was like Blaine had told him to stop thinking about it. “That’s just showing off. You’re unconscious and you’re taking care of me. How am I supposed to live up to that, huh?”

Of course, there was no answer, so Sebastian scooted down until his head was on Blaine’s chest “Remember the first time we cuddled together and I told you that I was in? When I really didn’t want you to hear me, but you were fake sleeping? I know you’re not faking, but this time I want you to hear me so I’m going to talk to your heart. Is that ok?”

“I don’t know what made you do what you did, but that doesn’t matter. Whatever it was, let us help you. And I’m not just talking about me, your parents and Cooper. You have Sugar and her dad, Sam, the guys, Puck and don’t even get me started on Santana. Did you know that she has this psychic Mexican-third eye? She actually called me and when I tried to tell her that you were fine she threatened to pull out every single one of my short hairs with a pair of tweezers unless I told her the truth.”

“So, I’m sorry B, but this is not one of those times when you can save yourself by yourself. It’s your own fault, you know. If you weren’t so damn warm and generous and loving and so fucking amazing, you wouldn’t have all of these people that love you so much. Just remember you love me the most. Ok, maybe your parents. Possibly Cooper and Sugar. But definitely more than everyone else, although I’m not going to argue with your uncle.”

Sleep was beginning to take over, but he wasn’t ready to leave yet. Blaine loved it when he sang the songs that he had written for him, and as easy as it would have been for him to sing You + Me, Sebastian thought Mirrors fit better.

'Cause I don't wanna lose you now
I'm looking right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold

Show me how to fight for now
And I'll tell you, baby, it was easy
Coming back into you once I figured it out
You were right here all along

“I’m right here. Come back to me, B. Please Baby, come back.” For the first time, he let himself cry. He cried so hard that he didn’t hear the door open and then softly close.

Blaine’s father led his wife over to the chairs across from their son’s room “Pammy, he’ll be ok.”

“You don’t know that.”

“We brought in the best neurologist…”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. Charlie, we don’t know what set Blaine off. What drove him to punch something until his hands bled. What I’m afraid of is…What if we can’t help his mind? And I’m pretty sure from what we heard, Sebastian has the same fears.” Totally exhausted, she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes for a short rest.

“Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.”

Mrs. Anderson stood up so quickly that she nearly knocked her husband off his chair. She was shaking with anger, but managed to steady herself enough to slap Kurt across the face.

“You stay the hell away from my son!”

Chapter Text

Friday, 5PM

“Puck should be here soon” Jeff told the room as he came in carrying a box full of sandwiches.

“Wait, does that mean after 13 fucking hours Hummel finally got the clue to leave?” David asked in disbelief “That no one was letting him near Blaine, or for that matter Sebastian? Why now?”

“Two words…Rachel Berry.”

“Damn, they called in the big guns. Although I’m surprised his dad didn’t come get him.”

“Burt is in DC. There was a vote he had to be there for” Sam explained. “And I can’t believe they called in Rachel either.”

“You didn’t know?”

“No, I turned off my phone when the New Directions kept calling.”

Wes pulled out his phone and handed it to Sam “Well, that explains these texts from my sister checking on you.”

“Oh shit!” Sam began to panic, not knowing what to do “We’re supposed to have our first date tonight.” He let out a huff and then slunk back into his chair “This time I actually screwed up the relationship before it even began. That took real talent…Why are you all laughing at me?”

“Sam, my sister knows you are here with Blaine and will have to reschedule. At some point just please call her so she won’t come down here.”

“Plus, the two of you were holding hands the entire party on New Year’s Eve” Beat reminded him “Aren’t you two like already in a relationship.”

Sam smiled at the memory “That’s the thing. We held hands during the party but didn’t realize we were doing it until Tina pointed it out. I guess it was natural for us.”

“B and I don’t hold hands” Sebastian said as he entered the room and took a seat “I mean we have no issues with PDAs but we don’t hold hands and I don’t know why. His hands are so talented…” Sebastian stopped and laughed as his comment was met with eye rolls, groans and a chorus of TMI. “I was talking about his music, Dumb Asses. Although…”

Even though the doctors were encouraged with Blaine’s progress, Sebastian hadn’t thought about what would happen to their sex life if Blaine’s hands didn’t fully recover. Then he smiled one of his “Old Sebastian” smirks when he remembered that both he and Blaine were creative in that department, so they would be fine. There was only one problem. No one knew what Blaine’s mental state would be when he woke up.

It didn’t go unnoticed by the others how Sebastian went from smirk to stoic in an instant. Jeff decided it was his mission to lighten the mood in the room. Not only would it help Sebastian but the rest of them as well. The waiting had become excruciating. “Well, you want to know why you and Blaine don’t hold hands, Sebastian?” Jeff teased “It’s because your hands are always on the small of his back. You are constantly sliding them down to grab his ass every time you think none of us are looking.”

All of the other guys nodded in agreement. “Jeff has a point” Sam said as he tried not to laugh at the expression of shock on Sebastian’s face. It was pretty evident that he had thought no one noticed when he did that.

“Jeff has a point about what?” Puck asked as he had finally made it to the room.

“He basically said that Seb and Blaine don’t hold hands because Seb always has his hands on Blaine’s ass.”

“Hell yeah, he does!” Puck further expressed his approval by giving a confused Sebastian a high-five before taking a seat next to Beat.

Beat shook his head but couldn’t help but laugh “A sex high-five? Really, Puck?”

“Hey, I don’t care if it’s dude/girl, girl/girl or dude/dude. If one of my friends is getting sex on a regular basis, it’s worth celebrating.”

That was it. The entire room broke out in uncontrollable laughter, to the point where a nurse came in and told them to keep it down. Yeah, that only made it worse so she left in search of an adult to deal with the situation. Unfortunately for her, the adult she found was Cooper.

Those at the hospital were trying to remain optimistic but the tension in Kurt’s Navigator was undeniable. Since Kurt had not slept in over 24 hours, Finn insisted on driving home and then left his truck for Puck. Kurt was too tired to argue, but then regretted the decision when he realized that meant they had room to take Rachel with them. He expected a two hour diatribe from his former roommate and supposed best friend, but got exactly the opposite.

“Just go to sleep, Kurt” she told him as she claimed the upfront passenger seat for herself “You’re too tired and I’m too angry to talk about this now. I still can’t believe that after everything we talked about when you were in New York, you went to the hospital. Oh, by the way, Santana is ready to go all Lima Heights on your ass.”


“Go to sleep, Kurt.”

She turned her attention to Finn, ignoring Kurt’s two other attempts to get her attention. It pissed him off, but then he decided it was for the best. He really was that tired as well as being beyond frustrated that his plan had gone so wrong.

When he had overheard Puck talking on the phone with Santana, Kurt heard the opening he had been waiting for. He had screwed up at the dinner he had with Blaine and Sebastian, he admitted it. He had said things he hadn’t meant to. Hell, he called Sebastian a slut to his face, and then called his mother one as well. How was he supposed to come back from that?

Blaine being in the hospital was perfect. He would show Sebastian how he was really a kind and loving person, even if he had to fake concern for his lying, cheating ex. If nothing else he could make nice with the Andersons, now that he knew how rich they really were, just in case he wound up with Blaine. But instead that bitch had slapped him and then had Cooper drag him away without letting him see Blaine or Sebastian. He had heard Sebastian crying and just wanted to make sure he was ok. Hopefully his vigil demonstrated how much he truly cared.

Kurt knew he hadn’t been asleep long when he heard Finn telling him to wake up. Once he got his eyes open, he looked around and saw that things were not as they should be “Why are we here and where is Rachel?”

“Over by the building” Kurt quickly noticed that Finn had skipped over the part asking why they were there “Let’s get this over with.” Once they were inside the apartment building, it didn’t take long for someone to answer Rachel’s knock “Rachel? Boys? What are you doing here?” Emma Pillsbury asked.

“Sorry to bother you, Miss Pillsbury. May we speak with Mr. Schue?” Rachel requested while Finn and Kurt stood in back of her, feeling like they had been taken down to the principal’s office.

“Yes. Please, everyone come in. And since you have all graduated, call me Emma.”

Twenty minutes later, Rachel and Emma were sitting across from Will and Kurt, staring daggers at them while waiting for Finn to come back. Kurt knew to keep his mouth shut, but Will felt the need to try and explain.

“Em…” Emma gave him the hand and with that he thought it best to join Kurt in silence. It wasn’t much longer until Finn came back and sat next to Will, appearing more flustered than usual.

“Did you get ahold of Puck?” Rachel asked.

“Yes. They put him in this room and I was able to have a conference call with him, Sam and Sugar. Oh, and Kitty came in at the end. Good luck with that one Mr. Schue. Although you should probably be more afraid of Sugar since she’s Blaine’s cousin and her dad could have you whacked or something like that.”

“Great” Will mumbled. That was all he needed.

“Did anyone say you could speak William?” Emma spoke to him in a tone that none of them had heard before. It was actually a little frightening. Will was about to apologize, but then realized he would have to speak to do so, so he stopped. It was a good decision. “Finn, what did Noah have to say?” Her Miss Pillsbury voice was back, but the guys determined that they shouldn’t test their luck.

“Um, ok, so now he knows that Kurt found out Blaine is in the hospital because he eavesdropped on his conversation with Santana…Yeah, I don’t think I have ever heard him that pissed before. However, he said he’ll let Santana handle it.” He turned to his brother to assure Kurt got the seriousness of the situation “If she was pissed because you wouldn’t leave the hospital, think of what she’s going to do when she learns how you found out Blaine was there.”

“I’m not afraid of her!” Kurt snapped. He didn’t care that the others in the room were looking at him like he had lost his mind.

“Well, you should be” said Rachel “I don’t know what’s happened between them in the last couple of months, but Santana and Blaine are like best friends now. I’m talking Blaine and Sam or Finn and Puck best friends.”

“What about Brittany?” Finn was confused about how all of this had happened without him knowing about it.

“Brittany’s her girlfriend, it’s different.” Finn seemed to understand, so she moved on “Now, why is Noah letting Santana handle Kurt?”

“Um, he and Sam are actually more pissed at Will for telling the New Directions about Blaine when he was told not to. Not like I’m being a tattle-tale or anything, but I only told Will to explain why Kurt and I wouldn’t be there to help with Glee today. Then I told him that Cooper said the Andersons didn’t want the New Directions to know until they had more information. I think Cooper said that as a threat to me and Kurt, so he’s probably going to pissed when he finds out too.”

Emma looked directly at Will and very calmly asked “You told the New Directions about Blaine when Finn told you specifically that the Andersons didn’t want them to know?”

“They’re his friends as much as the Warblers are. They had the right to know.”

Rachel, Finn and Kurt shot glances at each other, all of them silently begging for someone to figure out how to get the hell out of there. However, Emma took care of that when she told them she would talk to them later because right then she needed to talk to her fiancée.


Meanwhile at the hospital, the group had been moved to a larger room as Sugar, Kitty, Nick and Thad joined them. They had also been joined by Cooper as the designated adult that hospital administration insisted they have. Most of the staff were upset with the blatant bending of the rules for the over-privileged brats, but they didn’t care. None of them were leaving until they knew Blaine was awake, even though most of them would not be able to see him.

Puck and Sam informed the group how Kurt and Mr. Schue found out Blaine was in the hospital. When Cooper stood up to leave he was quickly reminded that he was the quote/unquote adult, which caused them all to laugh and lighten the situation. Before the conversation could pick back up, they were joined by yet another visitor that Sebastian walked over to and greeted with a hug.

“Hey, Trent.” Most of the others in the room were surprised, hell shocked, by this. Only a select few knew about the bond Sebastian and Trent had forged the night Sebastian found out Blaine was Wolverine.

“Hey, Seb. Hey, everyone. How is everything going?”

“We’re still waiting” Sebastian told him as he went back to his seat.

“Ok, about that. I thought they weren’t going to wake him up until tomorrow?”

“The swelling in his hands went down much faster than they thought it would” Sugar announced with both pride and relief “That was the only reason they were keeping him asleep. To protect his hands.”

“That’s great. Um, Seb, Cooper, can I talk to you guys for a minute out here?” The others in the room thought the request was strange, but knew if it was important they would be told.

“What did you want to talk to us about?” Sebastian asked when they were finally alone.

“Doug’s here.”

Cooper instantly started looking around “Where? He’s got his guards, right?”

“Yes, he has his guards and Doug is with your parents. My mom asked if they would be willing to talk to him. He’s really blaming himself for what happened to Blaine.”

“He had nothing to do with whatever happened. It was his fucking brother.”

“I know that Cooper, and you and Seb know that, but he doesn’t. He told me that I could tell you two that his life at home has been crap for a long time, primarily because of his brother. Years of being told that everything wrong in your family is your fault can really screw up a person.”

Sebastian reached over and put his arm around Trent “You, my friend, are going to be an awesome therapist, like your mom.”

“Thanks, Seb. So, do you think it would be ok for Doug to come down to this waiting room? He knows the Warblers would be ok with it, but he’s afraid of what Blaine’s other friends might think.”

“No, everyone with the exception of Kitty knows what happened with Doug, mostly because we had to explain all of the guards. The only problem I see is Sugar hugging him so tight that Duval gets jealous.”

“Oh, so we didn’t need to bring the bribes?”

“Bribes?” Cooper asked, but Sebastian knew exactly what Trent meant.

“Do not fuck with me Nixon. Tell me your mom baked cookies.”

“Mom baked cookies and I have two coolers of milk as well. They’re all with Doug.” Trent had barely gotten the words out before Sebastian was pulling him down the hall.

Cooper was aware he was supposed to be keeping an eye on the kids, but he needed a moment so he got one of the men to cover him. Wes had told him about Jeff’s whole Keep the mood as light as possible plan and it seemed to be working for the time being. He had even told his parents and uncle about it when they were contemplating whether or not to tell at least Sebastian, Sam and Sugar that the first attempt to wake Blaine had failed. They decided to go instead with the tried and true It’s just taking longer than they thought excuse.

After he had cleared his head, Cooper called over his uncle’s Head of Security “Where did he go, Dmitri?”

“Hummel, his brother and the Berry girl went back to Lima. They stopped at the apartment building where their choir teacher lives…”


“Yeah, Schuster. They stayed there for about an hour, then they went to a coffee shop called The Lima Bean and then Hummel’s place. Vincent says Hummel and Berry are still there but Hudson and his mother are at a place called Breadstix. Ralphie is following them and he thinks he heard something about going to a movie.”

“Thanks, Dmitri. Keep me posted.” Cooper had been thrown by the stunt Kurt pulled. Sebastian had told him about the blackmail, but the guy sat downstairs for 13 hours. How did those two things go together? It didn’t make sense. With the Westerville punks under control, he knew his focus had to switch to Lima. That was until they found out why Blaine did what he did. 

Down in Lima, Vincent was in his car watching the silhouettes of a taller boy and shorter girl in the front window of the Hummel’s home. It was obvious they were arguing due to the constant overdramatic arm flailing.

“Do you care how it made me look when I let you stay with me over New Year’s holiday? How everyone from Glee Club chastised me for giving you another chance after what we found out after Sectionals?”

“It wasn’t that bad, Rachel.”

“Kurt, Mercedes called me and asked me if I had lost my fucking mind. Mercedes! I don’t even want to know what she’s going to say about the crap you pulled today.”

“Well, I had to do something!”

“We talked about this. Blaine and Sebastian are together now, so you sitting in a hospital waiting room for 13 hours isn’t some big romantic gesture. It’s creepy, especially considering Blaine was unconscious the whole time. I know you still love him…”

“Oh for the love of god, I’m not in love with Blaine. I’m in love with Sebastian!”

Outside, Vincent got out of the car and tried not to be noticed as he walked over to the Hummel’s. He wanted to get a closer look. From what he had seen, he couldn’t figure out if the tall boy had killed the small girl or if she had just fainted. A few moments later, tall boy was helping her to the couch…so, fainted. It was probably nothing, but he decided to call Dmitri anyway.

When Dmitri told Cooper about Vincent’s call, Cooper wasn’t overly worried, not yet anyway. He went back in and laughed to himself at the sight of his brother’s friends strung out around the room, in the most uncomfortable looking positions, trying to catch a few minutes of sleep before Blaine woke up. He hadn’t had the heart to tell them about the now three failed attempts to wake him, but he also knew if this latest one didn’t work he would have to. Damn, he wished they weren’t out of cookies.

He was about to text his parents for an update when he heard the fast paced clicking of high heels coming down the hall. When he turned he saw Santana in the doorway with a huge smile on her face.

“Rise and shine, bitches. Our boy is awake!”

Saturday Morning, 8AM

“Good Morning Sleepy Head.”

“What are you doing here, Doc?” Blaine asked as his therapist was not one of the people he had anticipated seeing when he awoke that morning “Where’s everyone?”

“I’m not anyone? I’m hurt.” Even though Dr. Shepard had only been seeing Blaine a few weeks, they had established a good rapport. He needed that be in the forefront because the two of them had issues to address that he was sure Blaine would rather avoid. Unfortunately, that was why now was the best time to do this “And your family and friends should be back around 10. They all finally went home last night to get some real sleep. I asked them not to come back too early because I thought we should talk first.”

“I know what I did was stupid” Blaine told him as he motioned toward his hands, which were bandaged but now only elevated by pillows.

“Yes, it was, but I am less concerned with what you did and more concerned with why you did it.”

“It doesn’t matter, Doc.”

He was obviously deflecting, but Dr. Shepard had anticipated this action “It matters very much, Blaine. You are extremely lucky that you didn’t destroy your hands. You think that depression you are currently fighting is bad? Think what would have happened if you were never able to play music again. But in that moment, you weren’t thinking, were you? You were feeling.” Even though Blaine refused to answer him, the doctor forged ahead “You were feeling emotions that you didn’t know how to handle. Blaine, what happened that you felt the need to punch that bag until your fists were raw?”

“Why don’t you tell me, Doc? It sounds like you think you know why.”

“Because you are the one that has to say it. Until you do, it’s not real. You can deny it, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Blaine shut his eyes and closed into himself. Dr. Shepard knew he was losing him. He had no choice but to go all in, even if he hadn’t planned on going there this soon “Who’s Tommy?”

Blaine opened his eyes, but they had hardened and were full of distain “Don’t you ever say his name again!”

That’s more like it, the therapist told himself. It was the first time Blaine had been honest with him that morning “Fine, then why did you throw the picture of your roommate’s brother across the room?”



“I said no!”

“Blaine, how do you know your roommate’s brother?”

Though he didn’t mean to, Blaine blurted out “He and his two drug dealing buddies were the ones that hurt Tommy!”


Blaine took a breath that seemed to calm him a bit. It was like he had suddenly become resigned to the fact that this was really happening. “And me. They were the ones that beat the shit out of us after the Sadie Hawkins dance.”

Chapter Text

3 Weeks Later

Sebastian had Blaine by the arm and had literally pulled him out of Warbler practice and back to the dorms. “What the hell are you doing?” demanded an extremely irate Blaine, but Sebastian didn’t care. He was doing this for the greater good.

“You’ve got to let up on the Warblers” Sebastian told him. “I know Regionals are only a couple of weeks away, and you’re still pissed that Schuster got the New Directions back in after we beat them at Sectionals, but everyone needs a break. Come on B, you’re the nice one. Remember? That’s how our whole co-captain dynamic works.”

“I haven’t been that bad.”

“Killer, a couple of the First Years were reminiscing about the good old days…with Hunter.”

Blaine sat down in the chair at his desk and his entire body sagged in defeat. Sebastian knelt down in front of him and made his boyfriend look him in the eyes “You know I’d help you if you would let me.”

”There’s nothing you can do. You know that.”

Sebastian took one of Blaine’s hands and ran his thumb gently across the now scared knuckles “I’m not talking about what’s going on with your case. The District Attorney, your parents, my dad and even your uncle and Cooper are taking care of that. And I’m not talking about what’s going on in here.” Sebastian used the pointer finger on his free hand to tap on Blaine’s forehead “That’s Dr. Shepard’s job. What I want to help with is here.” He moved his finger and brought it down so it now tapped on Blaine’s chest.

Blaine closed his eyes and let go of a tear as he realized where Sebastian was pointing “My heart? You think it is your job to help my heart?”

“I know it is.”

“Even if I have been the worst boyfriend in the world and wonder every day why you haven’t broken up with me?” Blaine knew he had been pushing Sebastian away but he couldn’t stop. He wasn’t the boy that Sebastian fell in love with. In fact, he didn’t know who he was anymore. He wasn’t the depressed mess he had been at McKinley, but he also wasn’t Blaine Warbler and he definitely was no longer Wolverine.

And he could never be again. The Neurologist had told him that if he even had a chance at playing music again, he had to give up fighting (or boxing as he told the doctor and his parents) forever. At the time it seemed like a no-brainer, he couldn’t bear the thought of no longer being able to play music. What he hadn’t realized was that even when he was at McKinley, he had used the heavy bag as a way to work out his frustrations. Now he didn’t have an outlet for his anger, except for First Year Warblers evidently, and unfortunately, Sebastian. He looked down at Sebastian’s thumb rubbing over his knuckles when his eyes caught sight of the band of leather around Sebastian’s wrist. It was the cuff that matched the one he had given Blaine for Christmas. The one that had the words I’m In on the inside.

The one that Blaine had ruined when he got blood all over it.

When Sebastian realized what Blaine was looking at, he removed it and pulled up Blaine’s sleeve, attaching the cuff to his wrist so that it sat under the ID bracelet he wore “I’m not going anywhere, you idiot. I want you to wear my cuff until you truly believe what it says.”

“I’m in.”

“Damn right you are” Sebastian smiled and then gave Blaine a quick kiss to the tip of his nose before standing up. Without saying a word, he walked over to Beat’s (who was now Blaine’s roommate) closet and came back with something Blaine had refused to even look at for weeks…his acoustic guitar.

“Bas, I can’t.”

“Just hear me out, ok. I was talking with your mom…” The groan Blaine let out informed Sebastian that may have been the wrong thing to do, but it was too late now. “Yes, I talked to your mom, and she said you have been playing piano at home but you won’t go near your guitar, even though your physical therapist recommended it.” He sat the guitar on the bed and somehow got Blaine over to sit next to it “No one is going to bother you. Take your time. The Senior Warblers and I are taking everyone bowling…Well, I’m glad you find that funny.”

“You? Bowling? Wearing other people’s shoes? This had to be Trent’s idea.”

“Hey! We may not be Blam, but Sent is pretty damn awesome.”

“First, we need to figure out a new name for the two of you. And second, you’ve got to admit you and Trent are an odd match.”

“Says the guy whose Best Gay is Santana Lopez.”

Blaine had never liked the term Santana used to describe their relationship but it was far better than her original Person I would be fucking if I wasn’t gay. He was going to regret answering that door naked for the rest of his life. “Yeah, you got me there.” He took his eyes off of Sebastian and looked down at the guitar “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

“You probably don’t want to hear this. Your mom suggested a song, but wouldn’t tell me what it was. She said that you could probably play the song through sheer muscle memory.”

He knew exactly what song she was talking about. It was just like his mother to play dirty “Beautiful.”

“The Christina Aguilera song?”

“Did I ever tell you that my Aunt Cory taught me to play guitar?” Sebastian shook his head and wondered what Sugar’s mom had to do with this “Beautiful was her favorite song and so when she got sick, I played it for her. When she died, I played it for Sugar every night for months so she could go to sleep. It was one of the reasons I stayed with her and her dad. I’ve played it hundreds of times.”

Sebastian tried not to smile. He knew it was selfish but the more he learned about Blaine’s relationship with Sugar, the less Blaine’s move to McKinley seemed to be about Kurt. However, this wasn’t the time for that. “Maybe your mom was right” Sebastian told him “That sounds like a good place to start. Take your time and remind the OCD part of your brain that it doesn’t have to be perfect.” He really hated leaving Blaine alone, but knew he was much more likely to at least try to play if he wasn’t being watched. Instead, he put his hands on the sides of Blaine’s face and tilted it up to give him a kiss “Just call if you need me.”

Once he was out of the room, Sebastian let out a sigh of relief. He knew going in that his plan was risky at best. Hell, he had been pretty sure Blaine would smash the guitar over his head. Now that the plan seemed to have worked, he didn’t know what to do. As much as he adored Trent, there was no fucking way he was going bowling. His internal dialogue ended when he heard the sound of a guitar from behind Blaine’s door. It wasn’t fluid and several wrong notes were hit, but at least Blaine was trying. Then it stopped.

It took every fiber of his being to not run back into the room, but fortunately Blaine began to play again. This time there were no hesitations. Every note was mesmerizing, yet haunting. And then Blaine began to sing.

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control

“Holy Shit!” Sebastian no longer had any concerns about Blaine’s hands, but he felt guilty for standing there, listening. Blaine thought he had left. Blaine had not meant for these words to be heard.

These fishes in the sea they're staring at me oh oh oh oh oh oh
A wet world aches for a beat of a drum, oh oh
If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away
To some fortune that I, I should have found by now
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down, come down

“Holy Shit! Is that Blaine?” Sebastian whipped around and told Jeff to shush, but didn’t make him leave. He probably wouldn’t have anyway.

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm coming up now coming up now out of the blue oh oh
These zombies in the park they're looking for my heart oh oh oh oh
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun oh oh

“Holy Shit! Is that Blaine?” Thad’s interruption was met by shushes from both Sebastian and Jeff, which he did and then joined them.

If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away
To some fortune that I, I should have found by now
And so I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down

“Holy Shit! Is that Blaine?” After Nick received the now standard response to the repeated question, all of the boys quickly turned their attention back toward Blaine’s door as the song’s tempo took a dramatic change.

Life's too short to even care at all oh
I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control

When Blaine began a guitar solo, the three that had joined Sebastian each had an ah-ha moment. This whole thing had been about Blaine attempting to play his guitar again. As the solo became more demanding, perhaps even angry, they all came to the same conclusion that Sebastian had earlier, Blaine’s hands would be fine. They also came to the same conclusion that there needed to be a reason Blaine chose to play that particular song. They just didn’t know, or maybe wanted to admit, what the reason was.

If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away
To some fortune that I, I should have found by now
And so I run now to the things they said could restore me
Restore life the way it should be
I'm waiting for this cough syrup to come down

One more spoon of cough syrup now whoa
One more spoon of cough syrup now whoa

“Holy Shit! Was that Blaine?” Unlike the others, Beat had been wise enough to whisper his question, but to be fair the music had stopped.

“What are you guys doing here?” Sebastian asked “Considering four of you came, it better not be just to find me.” Since Beat had been the last to arrive, he told him what was going on. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Sebastian was so pissed by what Beat told him that he turned and opened Blaine’s door, not even taking the time to announce himself.

“Damn it, Bas!” Blaine yelled having been startled by the sudden intrusion, but when he saw that Sebastian wasn’t alone he became concerned “What’s going on?”

“Killer, Schuster is in the Warblers commons. Alone. And he wants to speak to you. Alone.”

“Holy Shit!” was all Blaine said before he laid his guitar on the bed and took off toward the commons, the rest of the guys on his heels. Upon his arrival Blaine had to stop himself from laughing. Yes, Mr. Schuster was there but he was almost cowering as Trent stood in front of him, arms crossed, foot tapping and a familiar-looking snarl on his sweet, baby face.

He had definitely been spending too much time with Sebastian.

Blaine walked straight over to him, temporarily ignoring their guest “Where are the rest of the guys?”

“The Junior Warblers took them to the library to work on homework for the time being.”

“Thanks, Trent. I’ll take it from here.”

“Oh, hell no, Killer. There’s no way I’m leaving you alone with that asshole.” Sebastian said as he and the others entered the room and formed a perimeter around Blaine.

“Sebastian, I just want to talk…”

“Not happening after the crap you pulled when he was in the hospital.” Sebastian was so focused on the man in front of him that he didn’t notice that Blaine had grabbed ahold of his arm until he heard him wince “Oh god, B. Are you ok?”

“My fingers hurt, in a good way” Blaine assured him. “But Bas, I need you and the guys to leave and make some calls.”

“I’m not leaving you alone with him.”

“Jeff will stay with me. Bas, go make the calls.”

Before Sebastian could object again, Trent stepped in “Let’s go, Seb. Blaine’s got this.”

“Fine, but we will be right outside of that door.”

Once everyone was out of the room, Blaine turned his focus back to his former advisor. He had to admit, he was extremely curious to know why Mr. Schuster was there, even though it would most likely piss him off. But before they went any further, he needed to remember his manners.

After all, he is a Dalton Boy.

“I don’t believe the two of you have been formally introduced. Mr. Schuster, this is Jeff Sterling, a fellow Senior Warbler. Jeff, you’ve heard me speak of Mr. Schuster.” Jeff let out a snicker but managed to keep his cool. “Now, why are you here? And don’t try to twist things because if you haven’t guessed, at this moment calls are being made to Sam, Sugar and Kitty.” Jeff looked over at Blaine and wondered why he had left Puck’s name off of the list. It took only a quick glance back from Blaine for him to remember that Puck was keeping an eye on Kurt (through Finn). The last thing they needed was for Mr. Schuster to find out about Puck and Beat’s new found friendship.

“This week’s theme in Glee Club was Feuds since there has been tension between everyone after what happened while you were in the hospital. So, I’m here to offer an olive branch and once again invite you to my wedding next Saturday.”

“No, thank you.” While he would have said no anyway, it didn’t escape Blaine that there had been no apology in the previous statement.

“I figured you’d say that, so I have a compromise. Let’s settle this in true McKinley fashion…a Diva-Off. We each provide a judge and if the New Directions win, you, and I assume Sebastian, will come to the wedding.”


“Uh, Blaine…”

“No Jeff, it’s ok.” The look in his eyes showed Jeff that Blaine truly was ok, so he took a step back and let his friend continue.

“I have a few stipulations. First of all, this is between you and me. No outside help coming up with routines. I can’t use any Warblers and you can’t use any of the New Directions, past or present. Each team performs two songs, not the same ones, just something associated with a musical diva. And when the Warblers win, you get rid of Finn, Kurt, Puck and anyone else you planned on calling in, and let the Seniors plan your Regionals performance like should be happening. I’m assuming you are holding true to form and are waiting until the last minute to come up with something.”

“Agreed.” Will hoped that Emma wouldn’t be too mad that he would have to take time from wedding prep to do this. After all, she was the one that made him come to Dalton to personally invite Blaine to the wedding. “Since this has to be before the wedding, how about one week from today?”

“Agreed. Let’s say McKinley auditorium, 4 PM? Oh, one more thing. I don’t trust you. So, I’m going to ask someone to go and make sure you aren’t getting any help. You can send someone as well, or you can trust Jeff. I will assure you that when he gives you his word as a Dalton Boy, he will keep it.”

“Agreed, and as a sign of good faith, I will trust Jeff with monitoring outside participation. See you all next week. Blaine, Jeff.” When Will open the doors to leave he found Sebastian and all of the rest of the Warblers, but they let him by without incident. They were more interested in what Blaine and Jeff had to say. When Blaine explained what he had agreed to, he was met with 16 pairs of eyes looking at him like he had lost his mind.

“Blaine, how are we supposed to do all of this?” Thad asked for the group. “Right now we only have one song for Regionals and we can’t seem to get it to come together.”

For some reason that excited Blaine. He ran over to the desk and wrote something on the outside of a folder before rejoining the group “The problem is not the routine, it’s the song.” He stopped momentarily for the expected groans of frustration before he continued. “Listen, the theme for Regionals is Tell us who you are. The song we chose doesn’t say who we are, but how people see us.” Blaine held up the folder which had the title of a different song on it “This is who we are.”

“Holy Shit! He’s right” Trent’s cheeks immediately went red. He meant what he said, he just didn’t swear very much.

Maybe he had been spending too much time with Sebastian.

Trent’s enthusiasm only fueled Blaine’s “And the routine fits, but it would need a couple of tweeks.”

“Tweeks?” Nick asked.

Blaine handed the folder to Jeff and walked over to a couple of Second Years “This song has a much stronger bass line. Jackson, Aiden, I know you guys have been leery about working with Beat and Kevin, but I know you two can do this.” Both boys happily agreed to that change, but Blaine had one more so he turned back to the group “And this is not just going to be just me and Bas. All Senior Warblers have a part and yes Beat, that means you will sing something.”

While everyone else was laughing and teasing Beat, Blaine looked over at his boyfriend who was sporting an Old Sebastian smirk. “You’ve been awfully quiet.”

“I’ve agreed with everything you’ve said, I just have one question. What are we going to do for this little Diva-Off you’ve gotten us into?”

“That’s easy. I’m going to do a solo for the second song and the first song is done. The guys will pick it up quick.”

“How are you going to pull something from the archives, Killer? You can’t have any Warbler help.”

Blaine walked over, gingerly took hold of Sebastian’s jacket and pulled him in for the most passionate kiss they had shared in weeks (which didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the Warblers who stopped what they were doing and tried not to watch) “Who said it was something from the Warblers? I’ve got to go. See you when I get back.”

He was almost out the door when Jeff called out “You’re forgetting something, Anderson. We still don’t have a second song for Regionals.”

“Open the folder, Sterling.”

Jeff couldn’t get the folder open fast enough “Holy Shit! That son-of-a-bitch did it! He’s back. He’s really back!”

“Who?” Thad asked.

“Blaine Warbler!” Jeff held up the folder so everyone could see the sheet of paper on top…Regionals Song #2/Music and Lyrics by Blaine Anderson

Everyone began to chatter, but stopped when they heard Sebastian snicker. “What’s so funny?” Jeff asked.

“The guy that just left, that wasn’t Blaine Warbler. That guy was Wolverine.”

A half hour later, Dr. Shepard noted the change in Blaine’s demeanor the moment he entered his office “You seem to be in a good mood today.”

“That’s because I am.”

“Care to explain?”

“Ok, but after I explain everything, I need to ask you for a favor.” Blaine did tell him everything, but he was obviously the most animated when he talked about Mr. Schuster. How confronting his former advisor had gotten his “creative juices” flowing for the first time in weeks. How he didn’t want to hurt his McKinley friends, but he wanted to crush him in the Diva-Off. And he didn’t want to just crush him, he wanted to embarrass him.

Listening to Blaine speak like that concerned his therapist “Blaine, I really think we need to take a step back and discuss your anger issues again.”

The last thing he expected was for Blaine to start laughing at him “Doc, this isn’t anger. This is show choir.”


“No, I can prove it.” Blaine got out his phone and smiled when the person he called actually answered. “Hey…Yes…Yes, I’m doing much better. Do you have a few minutes?...Good. I’m with someone that doesn’t believe me when I tried to tell him how cut-throat show choir could be. I thought you would be the perfect person to talk to him about it…Thanks. I’m going to go ahead and put you on speaker.” He put his phone down on the table in front of Dr. Shepard and then asked “Rachel? Can you hear me?”

Forty-five minutes later, Blaine put his phone back in his pocket. It had been a good thing he still scheduled two hour appointments “Believe me now?”

“Yes, but Blaine was that really necessary? I mean, I’m sure Rachel is a lovely person, but…”

“She’s a bit much?”

“You think?” They both began to laugh until they were each doubled over, with tears running down their faces. When they finally caught their breath, Dr. Shepard asked “So, what’s the favor you needed?”

Meanwhile in Lima, Kurt was in the middle of an intense phone conversation “I told you, Travis. There’s nothing I can do. Ever since Blaine went into the hospital I can’t get near either him or Sebastian, but it won’t be for much longer. I’m going to see them next week when they come to McKinley.”

“Fine, I’ll give you 10 more days. But if I don’t see $10,000 in my bank account that day, I’ll tell that Santana chick everything.”

Chapter Text

Early, early, early the next morning

Sebastian couldn’t remember if he had actually been to this part of Dalton. Why had Blaine wanted to meet in the Music Department’s practice rooms of all places? And why did they have to meet at midnight? And why were there no lights on? Sebastian turned a corner and saw light from an open door. He assumed that would be where Blaine was and hopefully he would get answers to some of his questions.

He was right. Blaine was leaning against a piano in pajama pants and a t-shirt, surrounded by dozens of battery-operated candles “Glad you found me. Why don’t you come in and shut the door?”

“What are we doing here, B?”

“You’ve been so patient with me, Bas. You can’t begin to comprehend how much I appreciate it...”

“Did you write me a new song?” Sebastian blurted out, excited about the idea of adding to the I-Pod Blaine gave him for Christmas. While he liked the song Blaine wrote for Regionals, he loved songs Blaine wrote for him.

“No and I have no intention of playing this piano.”

“Then why are we here?”

Blaine flashed a devious grin and walked closer. Even with the dimmed lighting, Sebastian could see the expression in his boyfriend’s eyes change to one that he hadn’t seen in 3 weeks, 2 days and 5 hours.

Not that he was counting.

Once Blaine was in front of him he started to undress “We’re here because I’m going to bend you over that piano and fuck you six ways to Sunday.” The now naked Blaine asked his mesmerized boyfriend, in that particular tone that Sebastian had missed more than he realized “You have been a good boy, haven’t you?”

He had barely finished the question before Sebastian answered “Yes sir, I’ve been a very good boy.”

“Yes, you have. That is why I have another, special gift for you. Would you like to know what it is?”

“Yes, sir.”

Instead of answering, Blaine removed Sebastian’s shirt and pulled him into a not so innocent kiss. Then as his lips began to work their way down Sebastian’s body, he said “The room is soundproof.”

Even with Blaine sabotaging his ability to think clearly, Sebastian knew what that meant. He wanted to be upset about all of the times he had to control himself, but the instant he felt Blaine’s lips wrap around his dick, nothing else mattered.

A few hours (and two trips to the coffee cart) later, the boys were on their way to class like nothing happened. Being Friday, all Dalton students had Advisory first thing in the morning. The Senior Warblers all had the same advisor, and as they walked Blaine told the others of his call to Rachel and Dr. Shepard’s reaction. They were still laughing when they entered the class room, but instantly stopped seeing that there were only three people there…Head Master Montgomery, Sebastian’s father and Cooper.

Head Master Montgomery stepped forward “Blaine, Trent, I need you both to come with me.”

Blaine looked around in confusion before his eyes settled on his brother “Coop?”

“Blaine, you and Trent go ahead. I’ll catch up later.” For some reason, the fact that Cooper hadn’t referred to him as Squirt or Blainey demonstrated how serious the situation was, so Blaine didn’t argue and did what he had been told. Sebastian was a different story.

“Dad, what the hell’s going on?”

“I can’t say, son. But…”

“What the fuck do you mean…”

“Sebastian!” Mr. Smythe walked over and put his hands on his son’s shoulders to calm him down “I am not here as your dad. I am here as Blaine’s lawyer.” He glanced over at Cooper hoping Sebastian would get the clue that even though he was hampered by attorney/client confidentiality, Blaine’s brother wouldn’t be. “Now, the reason I stayed behind was to tell you boys that the Warblers are on lockdown for the weekend. Everyone’s parents will be notified. Do what you have to, hold an emergency marathon practice for Regionals or something like that, but no one goes in or out.”


“Sebastian, I can’t say anything because Blaine doesn’t know what’s going yet. I’m sure if you think about it, the fact that Trent went with him should give you a topic to refer to. Ok?”

“Ok. I’m sorry for my outburst.”

“I will not say that your behavior was acceptable, but it was understandable.” Mr. Smythe then pulled Sebastian in and kissed his cheek. When Sebastian playfully wiped it away like he did when he was a small child, everyone laughed which lightened the mood for the moment. His father patted the cheek and then headed toward the door, but turned to say “I promise to take care of Blaine, so promise me something. Call your mother sometime today. She misses her darling boy.”

“I came home for dinner three days ago.” Sebastian reminded him.

“I know.” His father gave him a wink and then left, leaving Blaine’s brother to answer questions.

With all attention on him, Cooper sat on the teacher’s desk and said “Before you guys bombard me with questions, let me tell you what I am allowed to say. It will make this process easier.” He took a deep breath to steady himself. He already knew this wasn’t going to go over well.

While Cooper was getting drilled across campus, there was a gathering in the conference room adjacent to the Head Master’s office. Blaine had been joined by his parents, his uncle, Mr. Smythe and Dr. Shepard. Trent was actually there as part of the support team for Doug which also consisted of Trent’s parents, Doug’s attorney and therapist. They had all just listened to presentation from the District Attorney and a federal prosecutor. Needless to say, no one was happy with what they heard.

“He’s lying. Earl’s not gay” Doug said over and over again as he cried into Trent’s mom’s shoulder. Since Doug’s parent had not fought the order of protection, Molly and her husband immediately applied for, and were granted, foster parent status. She had cried when Doug told her that had been the first time that anyone had cared enough to fight for him. Ever since then she went into total Mama Bear mode whenever she thought her Baby Boy was being threatened.

Speaking of Momma Bears “Xavier, why the fuck does this even matter? Why does it matter if that son-of-a-bitch is gay or not?” Blaine’s mom asked as her husband had his arms around their son. Blaine in turn, went to a place in his mind where he focused on the absurdity that his mother had said the word fuck. Everything else was impossible to believe.

“Pam, Stafford’s lawyers argued that he is innocent, but if he had committed the crime, it couldn’t be a hate crime because he is also gay” Sebastian’s dad told her. “A judge bought it and kicked it back to state court where he was given bail. But remember, we will appeal and he does have to wear an ankle bracelet so we can keep track of him.”

Mr. Anderson turned to Uncle Robert “What about the plea deal the other two made?” Blaine shook his head, not at the mention of Wyatt and Toby, but the way in which his father talked to his uncle. Perhaps the most surreal thing about this entire situation was how all the animosity between his parents and uncle disappeared. Gone, just like that. It made him happy. It made Sugar ecstatic.

The District Attorney answered for him “The deal we made with them was to testify against Mr. Stafford and that doesn’t change if the case is transferred to state court.” It wasn’t the answer Mr. Anderson was seeking, so again he looked over to his brother-in-law. Robert gave him nod which was his way of saying I’ll tell you what’s really going on later.

There was one topic that Blaine forced himself to address “What about...?”

Mr. Smythe stopped him before he could go any further. He knew what Blaine wanted to know, but Doug and the Nixon’s were not a part of it “They said no, Blaine. I’m sorry.”

“I know, Mr. S.” Blaine said in defeat. He had hoped the answer would be different, but knew it wouldn’t be.

Molly saw the expression on Blaine’s face and asked Mr. Montgomery “Is there another room we can go to? I think it’s time for each of us to discuss where we go from here as families.”

Mr. Montgomery led Doug’s group to a different room. All of the lawyers involved also left to speak among themselves, leaving Blaine alone with his parents and Dr. Shepard “Do you know what you want to do Blaine?” his therapist asked.

“Besides going back 24 hours? Nope.”

“Honey, this is new” his mother reminded him “You don’t have to know decide anything right now. Just know that we'll support you no matter what.”

“Can I make a suggestion?” Dr. Shepard asked and the Anderson’s nodded for him to continue “Blaine needs someone to talk to outside of this. I know you, the Staffords and the other victim’s family have gotten the courts to agree to and to keep everyone’s name sealed since this happened when they were all minors, but that information may eventually come out if the press has anything to do with it. So, whoever Blaine choses needs to be someone you trust and this may sound crass, but it should be someone who is gay. I was going to recommend my husband, but Blaine has only met him once and he is currently putting in some ridiculous hours as he and his brother open a new practice together.”

“Are they also psychologists?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“No, dentists. So, Blaine, what do you think?”

“I know who to call.” Before he could say who, Cooper came in. “Can I talk to Coop first and then make the call?” The others left so the two of them could speak alone, but only after Blaine agreed to a session with Dr. Shepard when he was done.

“How’s Bas?” was, of course, the first question Blaine asked.

“Pissed. Worried about you, Trent and Doug. So are the rest of the guys.”

“Did you explain why we’re on lockdown?”

“About the threats made to you and Doug? Yeah.”

Blaine leaned over and rested his head on his big brother’s shoulder. He liked the feeling. “Why is this happening Coop? I don’t want this. I want to go to Julliard and be Blaine Anderson, performer. Not Blaine Anderson, gay performer that survived a hate crime.”

Cooper put his arm around him and pulled him even closer. In that moment, he didn’t have an answer for Blaine, but he would figure it out. He wasn’t there for his brother when he was attacked. He was around when he had his eye surgery, but not supportive. He knew he had fucked up, so he was going to do everything possible to help Blaine live out his dreams. No matter what.

He could finally feel Blaine relax, but there was one more thing to bring up “You know Squirt, due to the way you recognized your attackers, Fight Club will come out.”

“I know and I planned on talking to the guys about it tonight. They’re probably going to be upset when I tell them what I did.”

“What did you do Blaine?”

“I hid the money. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.”

Cooper pulled away to try and read Blaine’s expression. He was serious, and eerily calm “How?”

“My father is the Chief Financial Officer at Ford, my uncle has mob ties and you were stealing my allowance from the time I was five. I know how to hide money.” The brothers laughed at how nonsensical what Blaine had said was. It wasn’t necessarily a skill set one would put on a job resume, but for them it seemed natural. When they settled down, Blaine asked “You’re still going to Lima, right? And you have Sam’s gifts?”

“Yes, to both counts. Did you get a chance to talk to him?”

“It was my one phone call” Blaine answered, making it sound like he had been arrested. “I’m just upset we have to reschedule. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see him before his birthday on Tuesday.”

“But you’ll see him for sure on Thursday at that Diva-Off thing and then later at Sugar Shack 2.0. Plus, Sugar and Kitty are going to film his reaction to the gift everyone got him. Now, are you sure you still want Hummel present when we do this?”

“Yeah, call Puck. I still think reminding him I never told him how wealthy our family is will be what makes him crack, at least until we get a handle on how much trouble Burt is facing. He’s been too quiet since he pulled that stunt at the hospital. Something’s not right, so it’s time to move forward. Santana has an eye on Travis, so we’re covered there. I’m not letting my delusional ex blackmail Bas or anyone else I care about.”

“What about Sebastian’s family secret?”

“If Kurt truly has feelings for Bas like Hunter said, I don’t see how he would ever let that out. Of course, this is Kurt we are talking about.” Blaine paused for a moment and then said with full sincerity “I’m really going to miss you when you go back to LA.”

“I’m not going back and before you protest, let me explain.”

“Ok, but is this about…”

“You? Yes, you and Sugar. Things with my career haven’t been going well for a while and my Thanksgiving talk with Dad put things in perspective. Then I spent time over the holidays with you and Sugar and all of the crazies you have in your life and I wanted to be around more, at least until you go take New York by storm. And when you leave someone has to help watch out for our baby cousin. You’re not the only one I’ve failed, Blaine.”

Blaine jumped over, grabbed his brother around the neck and squeezed tight, hoping to convey how truly happy he was. When he sat back down, he wiped his eyes and asked “But what are you going to do? There’s not a big need for guys that are good at pointing around here.”

“Haha, Mr. Comedian. I’m buying a restaurant.”

“Cooper, that’s perfect for you. Have you found one?”

“Actually, I have. I’m buying Breadstix.”

As agreed, once Cooper left Blaine sat down for a session with his therapist, but Dr. Shepard was having a difficult time getting the conversation started. He could see Blaine closing into himself, like he had when he tried to talk to him in the hospital. At that time, he thought it would be best to leave the two really big topics on the table. They were just too hard for his patient at the time and so The List was formed. With everything that had happened that day, they should be addressing them. However, at the moment there was something more pressing “Tell me about Cough Syrup.”

Blaine’s expression immediately went from indifferent to stunned, then he figured it out. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and counted to 10 before he reopened them “Sebastian. When?”

“He had called before you arrived yesterday for your appointment. He was worried.”

“Why didn’t you bring this up then?”

“Honestly, when you arrived your behavior was pretty much the exact opposite of what I was expecting. It threw me off. Then Rachel happened.” There was no need for further explanation with that. “So?”

“It’s one of my favorite songs. I was butchering Beautiful, and I couldn’t keep going. I couldn’t do that to Aunt Cory’s song.”



“Will you play the song for me?”

“Why? It sounds like you’ve heard it before.”

“I have, but Sebastian said I should hear your version.”

“Fine, have Bas or Beat get my guitar from my dorm room.” While he agreed to the request, his body language said he was unhappy about it “But, if you ever talk with my boyfriend again, or anyone else that claims they’re (air quotes) worried about me, I’ll fire your ass. Not only that, I’ll report you for violating confidentiality.”

Ok, there was the Blaine he had heard about “There is an exception when it comes to confidentiality. Blaine, are you thinking of harming yourself?”


“Were you thinking about harming yourself when you thought you were going to be unable to play your music?”


“You’re answering these questions quickly.”

“There’s nothing to think about.”

“I’ll except that, but what about in the past?”


“Damn it Blaine, stop with the fucking one word answers. When did you think about harming yourself?” Wow, Dr. Shepard couldn’t believe he had said that, but one of the things Blaine liked about him was his No Bullshit attitude. On the other hand, he had threatened to report him to the medical board.

He saw Blaine release the tension in his body and slouch back into the couch. He hoped that was a good sign. “Blaine?”

“I thought about killing myself after the beating.”

“Any other time?”


“Not even after what happened with Tommy?”


“Blaine, you’re going to have to talk about Tommy and after today...”

“I said List!” The moment he said that, well yelled it, there was a knock at the door “Come in!”

Mrs. Anderson tentatively opened the door “I’m sorry to interrupt but Rachel’s dads are here.”

Meanwhile at McKinley

“Cooper, may I help you.” Cooper Anderson was the last person Will expected to see walk into the choir room, especially when he heard how pissed Cooper was after he had told the New Directions about Blaine being in the hospital.

“Oh no, don’t mind me. I’m here to observe.”

Will didn’t understand, until... “You are the observer Blaine sent?”

“You seem surprised. Did you think Blaine would forget?”

Well, with everything going on he did think Blaine would forget, but he couldn’t say that “No, I just thought he’d ask Sam.”

“He didn’t want to put Sam in that position.” Damn, he wanted to punch Schuster’s face in. “Don’t worry, Blaine made me take some sort of pledge that I would not interfere. I’m here to make sure you’re not getting any help, that’s it. Let me make this clear, even though my loyalty is always with my little brother, I would never hurt Sugar, Sam or any of their friends by trying to sabotage their performance. Plus, I’m pretty sure if I hurt Brittany, Santana would cut my balls off. So, before everyone arrives, I’m assuming you heard the news about Blaine.”

“I heard that one of the suspects from the cold-case hate crime was released on bail. I assumed they were talking about Blaine’s case.”

Cooper looked around to make sure they were alone “Good. Now you listen to me. A lot of people have put in a lot of effort to make sure Blaine’s name stays out of the press. The only problem any of us see with keeping it that way is you.”

“Cooper, let me apolo…”

“Shut up. I won’t believe you, but remember this. If any of us that love Blaine find out you opened your mouth like you did when he was in the hospital, we will destroy you. Completely and utterly destroy you. Like you won’t be able to get a job as a lounge singer at the Lima Airport, destroyed.”

“The Lima Airport doesn’t have a lounge.”


Before Will could answer, Cooper was almost knocked over when Sugar ran in and attached herself to his waist “Cooper, please tell me it’s not true. Please tell me they didn’t let out the guy that hurt Blainey.”

“Wow, that got out fast. Sug, how did you find out?” Sugar stepped back and pulled out her phone, showing him the news alert. He was thankful that the article didn’t mention Blaine’s name or why Earl got bail, only that he did. Hopefully that meant things were contained, at least for the time being.

He handed back the phone and kissed the top of her head before he walked over to a clearly distraught Sam and pulled him into a hug. Sam had just calmed down when Cooper heard a huff of exasperation. He glanced over at the door and saw Kurt standing in between Puck and Finn, obviously unhappy that Cooper was there. Guess he was still upset that neither he or his parents would let Kurt anywhere near Blaine (or Sebastian) when Blaine was in the hospital.

Damn, he wanted to punch Kurt’s face in. Of course, with everything going on, he knew it was wrong to think like that, but...

“Hi, guys. Can I speak to all of you a minute?” Cooper asked, without bothering to consult Will. He had promised Blaine he would play nice, but that could wait “Some of you may remember me” Cooper stopped mid-sentence. The guy from the annoying commercials wasn’t who he was anymore. “Let me rephrase, I’m Cooper Anderson, Sugar’s second favorite cousin.” That was better. The kids got a laugh out of it. “I’m also Blaine’s brother. I am assuming most of you heard the news about what happened today, and I’m sure you noticed, Blaine’s name was not in any of the reports. That was done on purpose and we want to keep it that way. We are asking that you not tell anyone that you know who the hate crime victim is.” No matter what anyone said, he would always call what happened to Blaine a hate crime.

“I promise, none of us would do that to Blaine. He’s our friend.” Artie told him, while giving his advisor a side-eye.

“Good, that’s all I needed to hear. I’m going to go sit back and observe. Mr. Schuster can explain.” Cooper found a seat and then texted his parents with what he had found out. That done, he did actually sit back and observe. He had to admit that what the New Directions were doing was really good and totally different from what the Warblers had planned. The judges could easily go either way.

When they started taking breaks, Cooper found Sam talking to Puck, Finn and Kurt, who for some reason appeared distracted. It was subtle, but enough for Cooper to want to investigate further. As he started toward them, Brittany handed him her phone. It wasn't even close to his ear and he could hear someone yelling in Spanish. Yeah, he should probably take care of that. Ten minutes later, after he promised Santana that he would make sure Blaine called her, he was finally able to reach Sam.

“Hey, Sammy boy, Blainers and Seb were sorry they had to cancel your plans.”

“I know it can’t be helped, but it was supposed to be a double date to celebrate my birthday. Plus, the thought of having to reschedule with Narissa, AGAIN, totally sucks.”

“Why don’t you just go anyway?” Finn asked.

“I was going to stay the night at Blaine’s and I lent my truck to my dad. Blaine told me I wouldn’t need it.” Sam answered, but then turned to Cooper “Wait, are you taking me to your house?”

“In a way.” He handed Sam a small wrapped box and said “Happy Birthday.”

Sam smiled and ripped open the package, but was confused when he found a key ring with what looked like a house key, a garage door opener and a bob with his name on it “I don’t get it.”

Cooper reached over, put Sam in a headlock and then rubbed a noogie onto the top of his head “It’s a key to our house, you goof!” he said as he let go. “You don’t need Blaine to stay at Casa Anderson. In fact, mom has started referring to the third guest room as Sam’s Room.”

“Your mother is a wonderful woman” Puck chimed in. Blaine had told him about Puck’s little crush on their mother and he was right. It was creepy.

“This is awesome, but why the garage opener? There’s no room for my truck. Isn’t your dad going to build a new multi-vehicle structure now that Blaine’s three vehicles take up so much room in the current garage?”

Cooper heard Kurt let out that huff again. Maybe the plan was working, but he didn’t think that was the cause. Either way, they were about to find out. “You’re right, there is no room for your truck.” Then he made sure that Sugar and Kitty were filming this as he pulled a fob out of his pocket and said “But, there’s room next to Blaine’s Harley for yours.”

Sam stared at the fob and then Cooper saw the change in his expression as he obviously had one of his now famous epiphanies. Without saying a word, he ran out of the room (with everyone else following). Once he reached the parking lot, there was a motorcycle with a big red bow on it. It was just like Blaine’s only when the sun hit it, you could see that the color had a deep emerald tint.

“No fucking way!” Sam exclaimed as he went over and straddled it. “This is too much.”

“Before you say anything else, know that his is not just from my parents. Your parents, Blaine, Sugar and her dad, Seb, the Senior Warblers and I all contributed. Face it Sammy boy, you’re one of the family. The other little brother I never wanted.”

“I get the first ride!” Brittany proclaimed as she and the others descended on Sam’s gift to check it out. That was, all of the others except one. Cooper went back to the choir room and found Kurt picking up sheet music that had been tossed across the room.

“Spill it, Hummel. This is not a bitch fit over Sam’s gift. You were in some sort of mood when you walked through the door.”

Kurt tried to fight it, but couldn’t “I need $10,000.”

Chapter Text

Blaine was in the math lab with Trent, trying to complete his Calculous assignment. His teacher didn’t seem to care that he had things like the Diva-Off, Sugar Shack 2.0, Regionals and Valentine’s Day happening in the next 10 days. Or that his Julliard audition was in a month and his fingers still hurt when he played any instrument. Or that the day before, he found out he was somehow a finalist at NYADA when he hadn’t applied there. How did that happen?

Or what about that he, Sebastian and all of the other Senior Warblers had been subpoenaed to testify in Dalton’s case against the former Head Master. Or that he had to go to court in two weeks when Wyatt and Toby were sentenced. Or that Earl was still out on bail. Or that Tomm…Nope, not going there.

Who was he kidding, Blaine knew exactly what his problem was and it wasn’t math or any of those other things. It was the fact that at that very moment, Sebastian was in the counseling offices setting up his three college site visits…Harvard, Columbia and Stanford. Yes, that Stanford. They had promised they would not interfere with the other’s college decision. He just never thought Sebastian could wind up in California.

“You’ve got this, Blaine” Trent told him as they packed away their study material. “I don’t understand why you feel you still need my help. You weren’t as bad off as you thought you were after last year’s Academic Detour, as you like to call it.”

“Maybe not with other subjects, but with math, definitely. You have saved my ass on more than one occasion, my friend.”

“Duh, why do you think Seb likes me so much? He likes having your ass around. And when I say ass, I mean ass, but I’m sure he likes your other parts too.”

Before Blaine could comment, Jeff practically ran into the room and slid into their table ”Blaine, I need to talk to you.”

Trent put his hands on his chest to symbolize (mockingly) that his heart was broken “I feel so loved.”

Jeff mocked back, “I’m so sorry that upon my arrival I did not show you the proper amount of affection I feel for you, Warbler Nixon. You are both a gentleman and a scholar. You are the glue…”

“Shut Up.” Trent smiled as he stood. He was happy that he had gotten over his bashfulness and had finally, truly bonded with the guys. Sebastian liked to say that his movie night porn marathon (both straight and gay for quote/unquote Educational Purposes) had been the perfect team building exercise to help him out. Wow, that sounded dirty. “I have to go anyway. I have an appointment with Miss Meyer in 15 minutes. Hey Blaine, did she find out anything about you being a NYADA finalist?”

“You’re a finalist at NYADA?” Jeff asked. When Blaine nodded, Jeff looked at him with wonderment and whispered “You didn’t even apply there. You are the Alphiest Alpha Gay ever.”

“Shut Up” Blaine responded, but he had to agree with his friend. It was pretty damn Alpha Gay. Not that he would say that out loud. “Miss Meyer checked into it and it’s legit. I’m going to talk to Rachel when I see her, until then, I’m not going to worry about it.”

“Are you going to at least audition?”

“I don’t know.”

Blaine and Jeff left along with Trent since they were getting the stink-eye from the math lab supervisor. He had a point, they had been talking a lot. For some reason, Jeff insisted that they didn’t go back to the dorms, so they found one of the more out-of-the-way sitting areas. “Ok, what’s up?” Blaine asked.

“Remember when you sent me that text you thought you were sending to Seb?”

How could he not, it was one of the Top 10 most embarrassing moments of his life. And he had sung at theme parks. “Vaguely.”

“How did the two of you do it? You know, get him to be silent when he came?”

Yup, still embarrassing “What does it matter? You and Duval have been wanking off in the same room for four years. Hell, you’ve wanked off together while watching porn. But I swear to god, if I ever hear about him shooting his spunk with the name of my sweet baby cousin on his lips, I will…”

“I’m seeing someone!” Jeff interrupted before Blaine could get any further “Secretly, and for a while now.”

“Good for you. Why the secret? Do we know her?”

“It’s Nichole.”

Blaine knew he had heard that name, but where?...Oh shit! “Nichole? Nichole Duval? You’re rubbing your chub with her brother, your best friend, in a bed ten feet from you? What’s wrong with you?! You have to tell him. Not about the masturbating part, I’m sure he knows that. The seeing his sister part.”

“We planned on telling him when he and I went to Harvard for our site visit, but things have become more intense lately. You know, electronically.”

“So, you two are sexting while Nick is sleeping?”

“Sexting, facetime, emailing pictures. Fuck Blaine, she does this thing where she pinches her nip…”

“Stop! Just. Please. Stop.”

Jeff quieted down as he noticed that guys passing by had begun to stare “Every night I get louder and this morning Nick complained about it. That’s why you have to help me. How did you get Seb to be quiet?”

Without thinking, Blaine blurted out “I stuck my dick down his throat about a hundred times so he came over and over again without being able to say anything.” Ok, new Top 10 moment.

But, Jeff wasn’t fazed at all “So, I guess that won’t work for me. Although, I have thought about…you know, seeing what it’s like…”

Blaine held out his hand to get him to stop talking so he could answer a text he had just received. Hopefully it would be something to get him the hell out of this conversation.

From Bibbi: Charming, told Santana she could have jet Thursday AM as long as back by 8AM Monday.
From Blaine: Thanks so much. Dad’s taking his when takes Mom to the house in Hawaii for Valentine’s.
From Bibbi: Anything for you
From Blaine: Love you too

“Ok, I can’t solve your vocal problem, but I can get Nichole here for the weekend so you two can tell Nick. Ask her and if she says yes, I’ll text you the information. Just do me a favor and when you tell him, remind Nick that Regionals are the next week and that we need you.”

Jeff leaned over and gave him a hug “About the other thing. Do you think if I used a dildo…”

The look on Blaine’s face convinced him not to finish the sentence, so he just left.

The only thing Blaine wanted to do in that moment was go take a very long, very hot shower to get some of the ick off of him, but he thought he had better call Santana while he was still thinking about it “Hey, Tana.”

“Charming! Can I tell you how much I love your Godmother? I mean, I don’t understand why people say such shit about her.”

“First, only she calls me Charming. Second, you don’t understand because you see herself in her, which is a good thing in my book. Anyway, I called to make sure that there’s room on the plane for one more. It’s Nichole Duval, Nick’s sister. Both Wes and Dave know her and I think the two of you would get along really well.”

“More than enough room. Right now it’s just me, the guys, Rachel and Quinn is coming down from Yale. Oh, and Finn.”

Huh? “Finn Hudson?”

“Fuck, I didn’t tell you. You remember how I was sure Brody was up to something?”

“You mean he actually was a drug dealer?”

“No, better, well not for Rachel. He’s a gigolo.” Blaine spent the next few minutes listening in shock while Santana told him (again) about her Mexican, psychic third-eye, how she managed to track Brody at work and her decision to call Finn. Then for reasons he would probably never understand, he explained to Finn the proper way to punch someone in the face without hurting your hand.

Doc was going to love that one.

Once that was done, he started to text Sebastian to say he was going to take a shower before Warbler practice, but he stopped when Thad sat next to him “Blaine, I need to talk to you.”

Not this shit again “Thad, I’m sorry, but I need a shower before practice. Can we…”

“I need to go see Santa.”

Blaine was about to start on a tirade when…OH! That Santa. “How do you know about Santa?”

“Don’t be mad at Seb. I’m just so horny, Blaine. Kitty’s just 16 and sure we play Head Mistress and the Naughty School Boy sometimes…”

“Stop!” What the hell was going on with these guys today? Yeah, so he wasn’t one to talk, but still, TMI! “What do you know?”

“That you and Seb got into the shop using your fake IDs, but the guy behind the counter recognized you and knew you weren’t 21.” That embarrassing moment made the Top 5. “You then talked to him in private for a couple of minutes, now whenever you guys want to go back, you text him and find out when he’s working.”

“Did Bas say anything about knowing guy?”

“No, but he did say he was pretty jealous for a while since he was so good looking. You wouldn’t tell him his name so Seb started calling him Santa since he has the best toys. Blaine, I know you have a hundred other things going on right now, but can you please take me there soon. Porn isn’t helping anymore.”

“No” Blaine tried to get up to leave, but Thad pulled him back down.


Oh, what the hell. It’s not like this day could get anymore absurd. Maybe Thad wouldn’t even remember “Santa is Jeremiah.”

Unfortunately for Blaine, Thad knew exactly who that was “Jeremiah? Gap Attack, Jeremiah? Oh my god, do you realize the guy you told You can keep your toys in the drawer tonight, now pulls toys out of a drawer and hands them to you?”

Ok, most embarrassing moment 1A, right after the Gap Attack itself “Are you finished? Remember, you came to me for a favor.”

“I’m sorry…but OMG…I wish…I could…have seen your face…when you saw him” Thad could barely get out as he tried to speak, laugh and breathe at the same time.

“Fine, I’ll text Jeremiah and see if he’s working Monday evening. But if you say anything to anyone, especially Bas, they will never find your body.”

“Why Monday?”

Blaine got up to leave but answered “Because we are busy every day until then, plus I need to give him a head’s up. I’m going to go take a shower and then see you at practice in 90 minutes.” Holy crap, had it really only been an hour since he left the math lab?

As he walked to his room, he thought about Jeff and Thad. Had they been messing with him? Had they hatched some X-rated plan to keep him from obsessing on what else was going on? If that was the case, Thad was a fucking dead man because Blaine had planned on taking the Jeremiah secret to his grave. But what about Brody being a gigolo? Was Santana in on the plan, or was this all some smutty cosmic coincidence?

He had just made it to his room when his text alert started going off like crazy.

From Sam: 911
From Sam: 911
From Sam: 911

“Hey Sammy, what’s wrong? Did something happen to your family?”

“It’s not Sam, Blainey. It’s me.”

“Sugar Bear, why did you contact me with Sam’s phone? And where’s Sam?”

“My phone is in my locker, Sam left his phone on the stage and now Sam has locked himself in the costume room and says he won’t come out until he sees you. So, I was able to unlock his phone and call you while Kitty went to get mine. He really should have a stronger password that Blam.”

“Can’t Coop handle this?”

“Cooper had to go out of town, remember?”

That’s right, Cooper had called saying there was something he had to take care of and he’d be back Thursday morning “I remember now. Probably something having to do with his condo closing. Please tell me he sent someone to take his place today. Why are you giggling, Sugary Sweet?”

“He sent Dmitri.”

Damn, he loved his brother “He sent the head of your daddy’s security team? I bet Schuster loved that.”

“When I get my phone, I’ll text you the picture of his face when Dmitri walked in.” Considering Dmitri was 6’6’’ and looked like he could crush a small car with his bare hands, that had to be quite the picture. “So? Are you coming?”

“Yeah. I need a shower and have to tell Bas so he knows I won’t be at practice. It probably won’t be until six before I get there.”

“Ok, I’ll try and let Sam know you’re coming. And I’ll order some pizza so you’ll have dinner.”

“Always take care of each other.”

“Always take care of each other. See ya’ soon, Blainey.”

He once again went to text Sebastian, when Beat came in and had Sebastian with him. Blaine walked over and laid his head on his boyfriend’s chest as he wrapped his arms around him, then inhaled deeply. He always smelled so good.

“B? What’s going on?”

“You’re going to have to run practice by yourself. Evidently, Sam has locked himself in the costume room and won’t come out until he sees me.”

“Why don’t they just get the janitor to open the door?” Beat asked, like it was the obvious thing to do.

“Honestly? I’m pretty sure no one thought of it. Plus, I don’t think that’s the point.”

Sebastian could see how stressed Blaine was and came up with a different plan “Why don’t we cancel practice for today and I drive you to McKinley. Before you protest, the guys know the Diva-Off routine forwards and backwards. They’re good.”

“And, most of the guys have more than one test tomorrow since there’s no classes on Thursday or Friday. They’ll appreciate the extra study time” Beat added. “It will be fine, Blaine. If you want, I can call Puck and see if he knows anything.”

“Thanks, Beat. That sounds great. Can you text everyone?” While Beat went to do just that, Blaine turned back to Sebastian “Are you sure you want to drive me to Lima? We wouldn’t get back until late. I should probably talk to the Resident Advisor about curfew before we leave.”

“Neither of us has 1st period on Wednesdays, so why don’t you see if we can crash at your room at Sugar’s.”

“You, my love, are brilliant. Let’s get changed and get on the road.”

Like he had predicted, they arrived at McKinley close to 6PM. When they met up with Sugar and Kitty in the auditorium, Blaine had to stop himself from thinking of Thad and Kitty and some sort of The Cheerleader and the… roleplay. He tried to not look at Kitty anymore after that.

Blaine led Sebastian back to the costume room and then knocked on the door “Sam, it’s Blaine and I have Bas with me. Can we come in?” They heard the lock click open, but when they entered the room the lights were off. “Sam?”

The lights flicked on and there Sam stood, dressed like some sort of glorious BDSM angel. He was shirtless and every single one of his (holy shit, is that an 8-pack?!) abs were perfectly defined. His pants hung low on his hips and were so tight that the word hung came to mind yet again. The pants were tucked into knee high boots, but the best part of the costume were the pair of wings harnessed to his back. They almost looked like they were made of bone, and appeared both strong and delicate at the same time.

Evidently, Blaine had been wrong earlier. The day had definitely just become more absurd.

It took a minute for Blaine’s brain to begin to function again, but even then all he could say was “I guess this means you’re doing Gaga for the Diva-Off, and this is your costume?”

“I have a black skull cap also.”

Sebastian began to shake his head “No, no, no, no, no, no. Go with the long hair. It’s more…angelic. Although, I’m pretty sure someone could grab the wings to hold onto instead.” The comment earned him an elbow to the ribs from his boyfriend “What? Just trying to be helpful.”

“Sam, your costume is amazing” Blaine managed to say with a straight face. “I don’t understand what the problem is.”

“Narissa told me that Wes is coming to support you guys in the Diva-Off. Do you think he’s ever going to let me see his sister again after he sees me like this?”

“Sammy, calm down. I’ll talk to Wes ahead of time and tell him about Gaga and…”

“What if it was Nick dressed like this and Sugar was in the audience?” Sam interrupted to ask. “How would you react?”

Before Blaine could answer, Sebastian jumped in “Not a problem because Duval would never look like that in that costume. And the answer to how Sugar’s over-protective, psycho cousin would react is pretty self-explanatory.” That last part earned him another elbow to the ribs.

Blaine walked over, took Sam’s hands in his and tried desperately not to stare at his best friend’s full, luscious, perfect for a blow-job lips (especially after what Sebastian had said earlier) “Sammy, you’ve got to calm down. Nari likes you. She likes you a lot and she stopped giving a shit about anything Wes had to say when she was twelve. I know you were hurt by Quinn. And Mercedes. And Brittany. And I don’t know what you had with Santana, but I can guess it wasn’t healthy. You can’t be so scared that you’re going to lose her that you drive her away. Be happy. Concentrate on whatever sappy, country song you’re going to sing to her at the Sugar Shack.”

Sam engulfed Blaine in his arms and muttered “Thank You” over and over again. When they pulled apart, they saw Sebastian standing there taking pictures with his phone “What?” he asked looking both innocent and guilty at the same time. “This isn’t my Valentine’s Day present?”

Four hours later at the Motta house, Blaine was enjoying the sound and the feel of Sebastian’s breath on the back of his neck. It was one of his favorite parts of what Sebastian referred to as his Big Spoon Duties. However, with the ridiculousness of the day over, Blaine’s thoughts drifted back to one place, Stanford. How could he tell Sebastian that he didn’t want him to go to California when they agreed not to try to influence the other?

“Either tell me what’s bothering you or stop overthinking it” Sebastian told him. “I can hear the words tumbling around in your head, but I can’t read your mind.”

“How did you know?”

“Your shoulder muscles tighten up when something’s bothering you.”

“Oh.” That simple sentence proved to Blaine how well Sebastian knew him. Loved him. He knew he had to tell Sebastian that he didn’t want him to go to California. “I have something I need to tell you.”

“You mean that Santa is really Mr. Gap Attack?”

Blaine didn’t know he could roll over that quickly “What?...How?”

“Thad told me that you had agreed to take him to see Santa. I thought there was no way in hell you would actually agree, but when you did I knew you had to have told him. That meant I had to tell you that I’ve known all along he was Jeremiah.”

“How did you even know about Jeremiah?”

“Have you met our friends? It was probably less than half an hour after I first heard the name Blaine Anderson that I heard about the Gap Attack. I was curious and wanted to see what your first big gay crush looked like. It took a little digging, but I found him on Facebook. I was just as surprised as you when we saw him at the shop.”

“I don’t know if that story was sweet or creepy, but now it’s only fair that you tell me about your first big gay crush.”

“Easy. Dark hair, big expressive eyes, perfect ass, sex on a stick and sings like a dream…”


“Blaine, I’m serious. Yes, I had been attracted to other guys before, but when I first saw you I was hit with feelings I didn’t understand. It was more.”

Blaine moved closer and gently kissed him. The kiss continued for quite a while, but never turned into anything more serious than an expression of the love they felt in that moment. All of the issues that had seemed so pressing at the time could wait until tomorrow.

While Blaine and Sebastian were happily cuddled up together, Finn was being handed an ice pack. “This ice is for the swelling.” Then he was handed a glass of scotch on the rocks “This ice is for the pain. You should have paid better attention when Blaine was telling you how to throw a punch.”

“I did what he said” Finn mumbled. “Well, the first three or four times.” He took a sip of the scotch before putting a pillow under his other hand to keep it elevated. “I still don’t understand why you’re being so nice to me.”

Cooper took a sip of his own drink and told him “I’m not being nice, this is tit-for-tat. I helped you with Brody today and you’re going to help me with Travis tomorrow.”

Chapter Text

Sebastian took one last look around his dorm. He wanted to make sure that he had everything since he wouldn’t be back to Dalton until Sunday night. *Crash* Before he could respond to the noise, Thad threw open their door “Where’s Blaine?” *Crash*

“What the hell?! What’s going on Harwood?”

*Crash* “We need Blaine!”

“He’s with Dr. Shepard. His phone is on silent for the next two hours.” *Crash* “What is that?”

“It’s Nick. He just found out that Sugar has gotten a couple of phone calls in the past few days…from Ireland.”

“Rory?” *Crash* “Call your girlfriend and find out what the fuck is going on.” *Crash* “Now!” As he ran down the hall toward the Niff Dorm, Sebastian realized his plans for quiet time with Blaine were most likely out of the question. This was not a good way for the 4-Day Valentine’s Weekend of LOVE to begin.



While all hell was breaking loose at Dalton, Blaine was indeed at his therapist’s office, wondering if he was about to do the right thing. In reality, he knew he had to. He just questioned his timing.

“Blaine” Dr. Shepard acknowledged him as he shut the door and then sat down “You called and asked for two hours. I thought we agreed to no more two hour sessions until you grew a pair and were willing to tackle The List?”

“Wow, harsh Doc.”


“I want to talk, but I want to explain why first. Ok?”

“Of course.” Dr. Shepard leaned back in his chair and studied his patient. He could tell Blaine was sincere, but he had to ask “Why now? Why the change?”

“Doc, you would not believe the day I had yesterday.”


Kurt pulled up to Breadstix and wondered why Cooper had told him to meet him there. The place was closed, but was a mess with all sorts of construction type people going in and out. There was also a big banner that read “Under New Ownership”. He went ahead and walked in and saw Cooper, who was taking a phone call. He pointed to a booth, so Kurt went over and waited.

He did not have a good feeling about this.

“Sorry about that” Cooper told him when he joined him five minutes later “Had to make sure we have enough of those Crab Puff Bites for Sugar Shack 2.0.”

“I don’t understand” Kurt really was confused because why would…“Wait. Are you the new owner of Breadstix?”

“Yes, I am. Nice observation. And I was able to convince, actually pay, the previous owner to let me take possession early. I was also able to convince, again…pay, the people who had the place rented Friday to go elsewhere, so now my baby cousin can have her day before Valentine’s party here on Friday instead of tomorrow. Isn’t it great when things work out like that?”

“Ok, yeah, sure, great, but why did you want me to meet you here?”

“That’s easy. I wanted you to see where you’ll be working to pay off the $10,000 you owe me.”


“I’m voting for smutty cosmic coincidence” Dr. Shepard told Blaine, once he had finished laughing. “but I still don’t understand how any of that led you to the point to where you’re ready to finally talk about deeper issues.”

“When I said What the Hell and told my friend who Santa was, it surprised me. I would have thought there was no way I would ever tell anyone. However, once I did and then later found out Bas knew all along, it was freeing. I know the issues we need to talk about will be much harder, but I want that type of freedom with every part of my life.”

“So, you’re sure? Because once we start down this road, there’s no going back.”

“I know.”

“Ok, let’s begin at the beginning. You want to tell me how you wound up at Westerville High in the first place?”


“You thought I was going to just give you $10,000? Wait, does this have to do with Sam? Holy fuck, Blaine was right. Flaunting the family wealth, and the fact that he didn’t tell you about it, totally threw you off.”

“Blaine was doing that on purpose? Why the hell would he do that?”

“Like I said, to throw you off. Turn your focus away from the Fight Club money to something you would think would be easier to get your hands on. Yes, that’s right. I know all about the blackmail and I am ending it today.”


“Do you blame Cooper?”

“Not now because he's not that person any more. He blew through his two million dollar trust fund in eight months, and then kept coming back to my parents asking for money. He wanted to say he was a struggling artist, but he didn’t want to live like one. I didn’t want to be that guy, an entitled brat living off mommy and daddy’s money. I wanted to be what I perceived to be an ordinary kid.”

“So, in other words, you wanted to be someone you’re not. Blaine, you are anything but ordinary.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kurt’s mind went into overdrive. How did Cooper know? Did Blaine tell him? Did Travis tell Santana? He told himself to not panic until he found out how much Cooper knew.

“Cut the crap, Hummel. I know how you and your fuck buddy Travis were able to somehow find the money Fight Club made from betting. Blaine thinks it was Travis that was after that money, but it was you the whole time. You never wanted to be a Warbler, but you wanted to be like them and for that you needed money.”

“I do not want to be like those pompous assholes!”

“You’re a liar and you know it. You always thought you were something special, but you’re just a kid from Ohio with a little bit of talent and a big dream. Nothing extraordinary.”


“Your family moved to Ohio because your mom wanted to be closer to her sister.”

“Yes, but I didn’t know that. They didn’t tell me that Aunt Cory was sick, or that they had already bought the house here. They were waiting until the end of the school year, which was a couple of weeks away.”

“So, it was bad timing that you chose to come out at that time.”

“I wanted to do it sooner, but the older brother of one of my friends came out and his parents sent him to one of those Pray the Gay Away Camps. Then one night over dinner, I just said it. Mom. Dad. I’m gay. My mom instantly took me in her arms and told me how much she loved me. My dad couldn’t even look at me, but now I know it was because he was scared shitless that he was moving his gay son to a small town in Ohio.”

“Ok, but I still don’t get how you wound up at Westerville? Wouldn’t your parents enroll you at Dalton to begin with?”

“They did. Long story short, end of school year they tell me about Aunt Cory, the move and that I’ll be going to Dalton. I’m upset, I go to internet and look up Dalton. The first thing I saw was the No-Bullying statement, but for some reason I read it as Pray the Gay Away. I had a friend of mine help me and we somehow convinced Dalton that I was my dad and dropped my enrollment. School started and I didn't have a spot at Dalton. I had to go to Westerville, where I could be the ordinary kid I wanted to be. I thought I was so fucking smart and then six weeks later I was attacked. Now do you see how it was my fault?”

“Blaine, it’s not your fault. You wound up at Westerville through a series of secrets and miscommunications. Could it have been prevented if you would have talked to your parents, especially your dad, about what you were feeling? Probably, but that does not make you responsible for the attack.”

“Tell that to Tommy’s parents.”


“I do not have to listen to this!” Kurt started to leave, but Cooper pulled a zip drive out of his pocket and slid it across the table.

“Oh, I think you want to stay.”

“What’s this?” Kurt asked as he picked the object up.

“That is a video of your fuck buddy Travis spilling his guts. I told him that I wanted to make sure he actually had the information before I gave him the money. I didn’t plan on giving it to him at first, but then I found out how much greater the penalty was for extortion compared to attempted extortion. And the fact that you’re the son of a Congressman, well that made it federal time. You’ll love the look on his face after I told him that and then wouldn’t take the money back, no matter how much he begged. Plus, now I have the fun of watching you work here to pay me back.”

“Since you gave me this, I suppose this means you have other copies somewhere.”

“No, but the guy who filmed it does.” The smirk across Cooper’s face told Kurt that this wouldn’t be good. Then Cooper called for the guy to come out.

It was worse than Kurt could have imagined.

“Thanks for coming back a day early” Cooper told Finn as he sat next to him in the booth. “I know you were looking forward to flying on the private jet.”

Finn didn’t respond. He went right at the person he had called his brother the last few years “How could you do that to your dad? Huh? The man that has loved and accepted you without question. He was served with a fucking subpoena, Kurt. He has to go and testify about his involvement in the Dalton scandal, when you were the one involved. And for what, to keep Blaine and Sebastian apart?”

“I can’t tell my dad. His heart…”

Cooper stopped Finn from jumping across the table “Ok, this ends now. Everyone has enough dirt on everyone that we all know it’s in our mutual best interests to keep quiet. Tomorrow morning the Columbus DA will receive anonymous information clearing your dad. That leaves two things on the table. The first is you still owe me $10,000 and will start work here on Tuesday. The other is that you and Travis both know the Smythe family secret and that is the only reason the two of you are getting off this lightly.”

“What do you mean lightly? I owe you $10,000!”

“That’s right” Cooper said as he and Finn left the booth and headed toward the kitchen. “Tuesday, 3 PM. Don’t be late!”

“Why are you doing this to me?” Kurt called out loud enough that everyone in the room turned to look at him.

A nod sent Finn to the kitchen as Cooper walked over to Kurt and then said right to his face “Didn’t what happened to your friend Karofsky teach you anything? You talk about Fight Club, you face the consequences.”


“Tomorrow, the Diva-Off starts at 4PM so do you want us there at three?”

“You’re coming, Doc?”

“You asked my brother-in-law to be your judge. It’s only right that I accompany him.”

“Yes, but he’s been to McKinley and you haven’t” Blaine said right before he realized why his therapist wanted to be there. “You want to meet Rachel. Don’t you?”

“I can’t help it. I find her fascinating.”

Blaine debated for a moment on whether or not he should tell Dr. Shepard that it was Rachel’s boyfriend who turned out to be a gigolo. He decided it would be much more fun for him to find out on his own.

“So, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. I’ve got to go and meet some people at McKinley before checking out what all Cooper’s doing at his new restaurant.” He pulled his phone out to turn it back on and was immediately bombarded with continuous buzzing. 47 texts, and they were all about the same thing “Shit!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing for you to worry about. Evidently my cousin’s present boyfriend found out she’s received a couple of calls from her last boyfriend and he didn’t take it well. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After Blaine left, Dr. Shepard shook his head and asked himself “How did that kid ever think he was going to be ordinary?”


It wasn’t until 1PM the next day that Blaine and Sebastian were finally able to see each other, when Sebastian met Blaine at the Motta’s.

“Can’t…breathe…Bas!” Blaine wasn’t kidding considering his boyfriend had one arm tightly around his waist and the other pressing his face into his chest.

“I can’t help it if I missed you. We’ve wasted 13 hours of the 4-Day Valentine’s Weekend of LOVE.” Sebastian whined as he reluctantly released him.

“Last night you had your annual Valentine’s dinner with your mom, which by the way is ridiculously sweet, and I had stuff to take care of at McKinley. This morning I had physical therapy. It couldn't be helped.”

Sebastian glanced over at Sugar and Kitty, who were across the room, and lowered his voice “I still can’t believe you got the McKinley band to accompany you on your solo. How’d you do that?”

“Uh, I know their names and asked nicely.”

“And what about…you know. Has she heard anything?”

“No, and don’t make me regret telling you. Bas, I’m so nervous for her. She was born to play that role.”

“Ok, then changing the subject, how do you feel about all of your little surprises for Schuster.”

“Kind of guilty for some reason. Some of them are pretty mean.”

“Let’s do this. Let’s go lay down and rest before we have to leave in an hour. I’ll remind you how brilliant your plan is and Sugar and Kitty can talk freely about how big a douche Duval is in private. I still can’t believe you haven’t gone all Wolverine on his ass.”

“Number one, I can’t punch anyone any more if I want to get into Julliard. And number two, Nick’s about to learn his lesson the hard way. Before you ask, I’m not telling.”

While Sebastian was trying to calm Blaine’s nerves, Emma was at McKinley trying to do the same for her fiancée. “Will, you need to let this go. They’re just the outfits that the Warblers will wear when they perform. They also didn’t have school today so they may just be their school uniforms.”

“Then why did Blaine ask Figgins to put them under lock and key? I have a bad feeling about this.”

“You’re the one that suggested the Diva-Off” Emma reminded him.

“And you’re the one who wants Blaine at the wedding” Will snapped back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

“Come on let’s go eat lunch. Maybe your blood sugar is low. At least that would be an excuse.”

At 2:30PM, the Warblers were in an empty auditorium doing a final walkthrough of their routines. When the first part was finished, Blaine went to Doug and asked “Are you ready for an audience? You have sounded great in rehearsals.”

“I think so.”

“Doug, this is a Diva-Off. You can’t think so, you must know so. If I didn’t believe you could do it, I wouldn’t have asked.”

“You asked because I’m the only Warbler that could do it in the first place” Doug responded with a smile. “You’re right, I’ve got this.”

The rest of the walkthrough also went well. Blaine had been particularly worried about the set change after the second song, but the McKinley stage crew handled it flawlessly. They finished at 3PM on the dot and people began to trickle into the room, the first being someone looking for Blaine “Seblaine Jr., get down here and give me a hug!” Santana demanded.

When Blaine reached her, he was crushed into a hug for the second time that day “What’s going on and what happened to Richboy?”

“The last time I saw you, you were lying in a hospital bed you idiot. Don’t do that to me again.” She let go and smacked him across the arm to get her point across “And if I call out Richboy in this room, I would get 18 other responses. That’s why today you are Seblaine Jr. That and it will bug the shit out of Hummel.” Blaine had to agree and when Sebastian joined them the three walked over to where the group that flew in on the jet had gathered, along with Nari and some of her friends, as well as Mercedes who had flown in from LA. While they were talking, the band and several Cheerios, including Becky dressed as a white blob with a mortar board around her face, came in.

“I take it this means the New Directions are doing Gaga.” Blaine was thankful for Becky’s appearance because it gave him an in to talk to Wes about Sam’s outfit. “But, we didn’t agree to an audience.” he added, pretending he didn't know why the band was there.

“I don’t know why the band is here, but Britt said that since Amanda and Alice chose to stay in the New Directions after she and Kitty recruited them for Sectionals, the Cheerios have been more supportive" Santana told him. "Also, with the picture of Trouty that somehow got out and you hot prep school boys performing, I’m shocked there’s not more girls here.”

“Oh, hell no!” Nari started toward the cheerleaders but her friends were able to stop her “Those bitches aren’t getting anywhere near my man!”

Blaine was about to pull Wes aside when he saw Cooper come in. Sebastian noticed Cooper’s arrival as well and said “Wesley, you come with me and B, go talk to your brother.”

After mouthing a “thank you” to his very astute boyfriend, Blaine did go down in front of the stage to meet up with Cooper “Thanks for coming Coop.”

“I told you I would be here for you and Sug. How do you feel about what’s about to happen?”

“A little guilty.” Then Blaine saw Will and Emma walk across the stage “Fuck! A lot guilty.”

“You didn’t think she would be here?”

“No, I thought she would be busy with wedding plans.” He stopped talking and plastered on a smile as the couple stopped in front of them. “Miss Pillsbury, it’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too, Blaine, Cooper” Emma said, but noted that Will had been excluded from the greeting.

“I didn’t expect you to be here, Miss Pillsbury.”

“She volunteered to be my judge” Will said, which made Blaine’s guilt go into overdrive. “Technically, she told me she was going to be my judge, which is not a good sign since she wants to come to our wedding pretty badly.”

“Don’t worry Schuster. We will not need any assistance to win this, just like we won’t at Regionals next week.”

“About that. Sam told me that you and the other Warblers were upset that the New Directions would be competing against you at Regionals since you already beat them when Finn was in charge. I talked to the Show Choir officials about it and they agreed to move us to the other Regionals in the area. You know, the one that Vocal Adrenaline bribed them to make last year so they didn’t have to compete against us until Nationals.”

Blaine honestly couldn’t remember a time when he became that angry that fast, which was saying a lot with everything that had been happening in his life lately “You knew about this last week when you came to Dalton. Didn’t you? That Regionals is two weeks from now, giving the New Directions an extra week to prepare. You’re a son-of-a bitch, you know that? But, I should thank you because any guilt I was feeling for what I’ve done is now gone.” Blaine’s phone began to buzz “My judge is here. I’ll be back.”

As soon as Blaine was gone, Emma turned and faced her soon-to-be husband “Please tell me you didn’t do that on purpose.”

“Of course, he did” Cooper said in a huff. “You know what Schuster, it’s pathetic that you started a pissing match with an 18 year old, but I’m going to love watching your humiliation when my baby brother exposes you as the fraud you truly are.” Cooper turned around when he saw Emma stiffen as Blaine walked in with his doctor. “Tell me Emma, how long has it been since you’ve seen your ex brother-in-law’s husband?”

Before she could answer, an extremely handsome man appeared at the top of the stairs “Well, I never thought I would find myself here again.”


Across the auditorium, what was happening had not gone unnoticed. “Holy shit! Why is Miss Pillsbury’s sexy as fuck ex-husband here?” Santana asked Sebastian assuming he would know.

“He’s Blaine’s judge.”

“Damn, that boy is my fucking hero.”

“Who’s the attractive man Blaine is with?” Quinn asked.

“That’s Dr. Shepard, B’s…”

Before Sebastian could finish the sentence, Rachel took off down the stairs. As soon as she reached him, she crashed into Dr. Sheppard and began to sob “Dr. Shepard, my boyfriend is a man whore!”

Chapter Text

By the time Rachel had finished a mini-session with Dr. Shepard, it was time to begin. Emma and Carl gave the Warblers the choice of order, since they were the “visitors”. Blaine chose to go second. Will appeared to be quite happy with that, then said they would need an extra 10 minutes for stage set-up. Blaine was a little concerned, but changed his attitude when Carl pulled out his phone and set a timer, thoroughly pissing Will off.

Oh yeah, he had asked the right person to be his judge.

“Why would the New Directions need more time?” Nichole asked. Nick and Jeff had warned her ahead of time that the New Directions were run very differently from the Warblers, but she had been surprised by how different.

“Knowing Schuster, he probably has some elaborate shit going on” Santana told her. “It’s what he tends to do when pushed and after seeing that leaked picture of Trouty, I’m pretty sure that’s what’s happening.”

“Brittany didn’t tell you anything?” Quinn asked.

“No. She knows I wouldn’t say anything to Blainers, but didn’t want to put me in that position.”

“So, I take it your money is on the New Directions?” Rachel was actually talking about money since Puck had started a pool.

“While Blaine maybe my best gay, Britt is my heart so I am Team New Directions all the way. I’m assuming Nichole is Warblers and you, Quinn and Mercedes are with me?”

“Yes, as an OG, I’m ride or die with the New Directions.”

While the other girls couldn’t find the words to reply to Rachel, Mercedes shook her head in disbelief “Rachel, never, and I mean never ever, say that again. And by the way, my money is on the Warblers. I have a feeling Blaine Warbler has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. Oh, quiet. Miss Pillsbury and her sexy ex-hubby are about to get things started.”

Nichole looked at Quinn and asked “Blaine’s judge is Schuster’s fiancée’s ex-husband?”

Quinn gave her a nod and a I’ll tell you later look, then leaned over to Rachel and whispered “Is something going on between Kurt and Finn? They’re acting stranger than usual.” Rachel shrugged, but had to admit she saw it too.

Emma tapped on a mike to get the audience’s attention “Welcome. I’m Emma Pillsbury and this is Dr. Carl Howell…”

“Welcome back, Dr. Hottie” Santana catcalled, earning her a smile from the dentist and a glare from her former advisor.

“Anyway, we will be the judges for today’s Diva-Off. So, what is a Diva? The Online Urban Dictionary defines a diva as A fierce, often temperamental singer who comes correct. She is not a trick-ass ho and she does not sweat da haterz. We all have an inner diva. I myself have been considered quite a diva at many a local restaurant because I know what I want and I will send a dish back.”

“Thank you, Emma” Carl stepped forward remembering how Emma could rant for hours when her food did not come out exactly the way she ordered. “Ok, so the rules were simple. Each group sings two songs from the diva or divas of their choosing. The New Directions arrangements and choreography had to be done by Will Schuster and the Warblers by Blaine Anderson. However, it was agreed earlier this week that each group could have 4 hours of outside help for production purposes only. Were these rules followed?”

Cooper stood “My name is Cooper Anderson and I can say that the New Directions did follow the rules.”

Jeff went next “My name is Jeff Sterling and Mr. Schuster graciously accepted my word as a Dalton boy that I would assure Blaine followed the rules set forth, and he did. However, I did not oversee the four additional hours.”

Blaine looked across the auditorium and winked.

“My name is Mercedes Jones and I monitored the Warblers extra time.” There was an audible gasp in the room as everyone turned to see Mercedes standing “I would like to note that the Warblers used only 3 of the 4 hours allotted and will use their remaining time today. Thank you.” When she sat back down she looked over at the girls sitting with her and smiled. “I tried to warn you.”

“That’s not the rule!” Will began to plead his case, but Emma and Carl cut him off and introduced the New Directions. The lights went out and two spotlights went to the back of the auditorium. The girls came in dressed as high-fashion models and walked down the aisles like they were walking a runway.

I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva
I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva
I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva
I'm a, I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva

Diva is a female version of a hustler
Of a hustler, of a, of a hustler
Diva is a female version of a hustler
Of a hustler, of a, of a hustler

Everyone in the audience stood up and began to applaud and dance in place except for Nick, and Jeff who was trying to comfort him “Sugar looks so beautiful. Why did I act like that? Why? Now she hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you Nick. She’s angry that you acted like a fucking asshole when you found out she talked to Rory, but she doesn’t hate you.”

“She told me to fuck off and die, Jeff. Fuck off and die!”

Jeff let his best friend cry, literally, on his shoulder. The Warblers needed Nick to snap out of it since he was an important part of their opening. He personally needed Nick to snap out of it so he and Nichole could tell him they were seeing each other. He really, really wanted to get laid this weekend.

Fifty million round the world
And they say that I couldn't get It
I done got so sick and filthy
With Benjis, I can't spend it

Sebastian noticed Blaine watching Sugar and the other girls, but he wasn’t happy about something. “What’s wrong?”

“They’re all girls.”

“So? You said Schuster often did boys vs girls.”

“He could have put at least one guy in there. Guys can be divas too!”

Sebastian tried hard not to laugh, but failed “Of course guys can be divas. My boyfriend is one.”

Surprisingly, Blaine didn’t catch that “See the new girl, Amanda? The one wearing the tight leather pants and the pink top with the shaggy, fake fur sleeves? A guy could have worn that. Hell, I could have worn it.”

“Yes dear, and you would have looked very pretty. Now, the song is almost over, so just watch and enjoy the amazing job Sugar is doing.”


Diva is a female version of a hustler
Of a hustler, of a, of a hustler

I'm a-a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva
I'm a, I'm a diva, I'm a, I'm a-a diva

Once the girls were off stage, a black curtain that had been behind the runway fell to the ground. The guys were on an elaborately set-up stage in various costumes from Lady Gaga videos, but Sam stood at the top of some stairs in his full BDSM angel ensemble. It took less than three seconds for every Cheerio in the room to stand back up and start fangirl screaming. Nari glared at them like she was plotting their deaths, but then turned her attention back to Sam. Those abs and lips belonged to her and later she’d make sure those bitches were aware of that fact.

I stand here waiting
For you to bang the gong
To crash the critic saying,"
Is it right or is it wrong?”

Nichole looked up and down her aisle “You all dated and then dumped HIM?!”

“Well, they dated him, but Sam and I did go to Junior Prom together as part of a group” corrected Rachel.

“You are all a bunch of fucking idiots.”

I live for the applause, applause, applause
I live for the applause-plause
Live for the applause-plause

Live for the way that you cheer and scream for me
The applause, applause, applause

“Hey, Blaine? You know how I said once that we could never have a threesome because I didn’t want to share you?”

“Yes Bas, I remember. I take it the BDSM angel is your exception.”

“Yeah, but he’d have to wear the wings.”

A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E (Make it real loud) (Ooh!)
A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E (Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch) (Make it real loud!)
A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E (Make it real loud) (Oh whoa! Oh whoa!)
A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E (Put your hands up, make 'em touch, touch) (Oh whoa, ooh!)


When they were done, everyone, including the Blaine, had to admit that the New Directions had put on one hell of a show. As the Warblers left to go backstage, he began to doubt what he had put together “How are we going to beat that? Our performance is so different.”

In what had become the norm, Trent was the voice of reason. “Yes, that was an over-the-top performance with two songs from two amazing divas. Our performance is subtle with several diva moments from the biggest diva we know…Blaine Anderson.”

Sebastian gave him a nudge and a smile “Told you so. Now let’s go kick some Schuster ass!”

Will on the other hand, was confident in what his club had just pulled off “There’s no way Blaine and the Warblers can beat that. They don’t do theatricality.”

“Yeah, but when Mercedes stood up and said that she had worked with the Warblers, that was pretty diva” Puck said and motioned up to the girls who had been joined by Wes, David, Nari and her friends. “There’s something going on there. Did Mercedes give any hints, Kurt?”

“I don’t know what’s going on. She’s supposed to be one of my best friends yet she worked with Blaine and the Warblers. The person I know wouldn’t do that.”

Finn let out a huff and it was obvious he was angry. He had tried to hide what happened between him and Kurt, but that comment pushed him over the edge. “Maybe she found out that everything she thought about Blaine was a lie because she had trusted what you told her. I mean, you were his boyfriend. You were supposed to be the one that loved him. I need some air!” Finn walked away and Puck followed, ecstatic that it looked like whatever loyalty his best friend felt toward his step-brother had started to evaporate.

“Kurt? What was that all about?” Will asked, confused by what had happened.

“It’s nothing. Just a misunderstanding between brothers.” At least that was what Kurt hoped it was.

Meanwhile, the other group had a lighter mood as Quinn had kept her promise to explain the Will/Emma/Carl dynamic to Nichole. “My friends back at Harvard are not going to believe all this shit. Hell, if I tried to use half of this in my fucking Creative Writing class my professor would fail me for being too creative.”

“You know, for going to an Ivy League school, you have the mouth of someone from Lima Heights.” Santana really did like her.

Their conversation stopped when the New Directions started to come back in and Nari saw Sam. She ran toward him, jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist and kissed him, hard. She wanted to leave no doubt that Sam was hers. However, it didn’t faze the Cheerios at all. Sam may be off limits, but there was about to be a stage full of rich prep school boys and Valentine’s Day was only two days away.

Finn and Puck got back right before the Warblers were due on stage, but instead of going to their seats next to Will and Kurt, they sat in the row in front of the girls. They were further surprised when Brittany came up and sat next to Santana “Britt, Hun? I thought you were going to sit with the New Directions?”

“I was but Cooper asked for my seat.” Santana looked over and saw Cooper sitting in between Sam and Sugar. There was definitely something about to happen.

After the Warblers were introduced, Thad, and a now calm Nick, came out on the stage in their Dalton uniforms and started talking to each other. A few moments later, Doug came from the other side and tapped Nick on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, Senior Warblers?”

“What do you want First Year?” Thad asked, sounding annoyed as only Thad could.

Doug cleared his throat and began to sing… Anything you can do, I can do better.

No, you can’t.

Yes, I can. Yes, I can. Yes, I caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

While Doug held the longest note they had ever heard Puck, Finn and the girls turned and looked at Rachel. “Yes, that’s a high F, the note Kurt butchered in the first Diva-Off” she said, answering their implied question.

After they turned back to face the stage, Puck leaned over to Finn “Maybe we should have sat with Hummel. I bet his face was priceless.”

The three walked off stage, but nothing happened. Then a voice came through the loud speaker. Blaine’s voice.

This is a story about control. My control. Control of what I say, control of what I do. And this time I'm gonna do it my way. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Are we ready? I am. 'Cause it's all about control. And I've got lots of it.

Those not in the New Directions for last year’s Sectionals were in shock. “Can’t they only do something that Blaine put together?” Brittany asked.

“They are” Quinn, Puck and Finn said in unison. When the lights finally came on the Warblers were standing on stage…wearing dress pants, white dinner jackets with black lapels and black bow ties. From their first move it was obvious the Anything you can do bit was done for a reason, and not just to piss off Kurt.

Santana noticed that like at this year’s Sectionals, Blaine wasn’t on stage for the first number. It also appeared that Sebastian, of course, would be singing Blaine’s part and for some reason it made her laugh. “Well played, Blaine Warbler. Well played.”

When I was 17, I did what people told me (Uh)
I did what my father said and let my mother mold me
But that was a long ago, I'm in...

(All) Control

Those in the know quickly noted that while the Warblers were doing the same choreography, every so often there was a different move and it was always much more complicated than the original. Whenever it happened, the girls turned to Quinn who would point at Puck and Finn. It answered so many questions.

(S) Got my own mind
I wanna make my own (decisions)
When it has to do with my life, my life

(Jeff) I wanna be the one in control

So let me take you by the hand and lead you on this dance

(S) 'Cause what I got is because I took a chance

(J) I don't wanna rule the world, just wanna run my life (Ooh)

(S) So make your life a little easier
When you get the chance, just take...

(All) Control, ooh ooh

Rachel couldn’t wait any longer to ask her question “Quinn, why are the Warblers spread out? Wouldn’t they want the formation to be tight like it was done at Sectionals?”

“They’re doing to show that they don’t have to hide people that can’t dance like we did.” This time she not only pointed to Puck and Finn, but also Kurt, and then…Hey, where did the band go?

(S) I wanna be the one in control

(All) I'm in control Uh
I'm in control Ah
I'm in control Uh
I'm in control Ah

As the Warblers headed off stage, Will caught on to something going on in the audience. Kitty had leaned forward and was talking to Artie and Tina. Carl was doing the same with Emma, David with Wes and Nari, Cooper with Sam and Sugar, and Mercedes with Puck and Finn. He looked to Kurt, who apparently didn’t know any more than he did, but they both assumed it had to be something to do with Blaine.

As soon as Mercedes finished telling Puck and Finn, she reached under her seat, pulled out a box of tissues and handed it to Quinn who was sitting in the middle of the rest of the girls “I’m fine. Just listen to the words and remember what’s going on in Blaine’s life right now.”

Before she could say anything else a spotlight hit the stage. Blaine was there, in his Dalton uniform, sitting at a piano. Santana caught her breath because he hadn’t told her that he was playing again. She would be totally pissed, if she wasn’t so happy. Then he started to play and what Mercedes said made sense. This was her song. The Anything you can do bit wouldn’t work here. Would it?

What they didn’t know was that this was also Blaine and Sugar’s song.

Every day is so wonderful, and suddenly, it's hard to breath
Now and then I get insecure, from all the pain
Feel so ashamed

Another spotlight hit the stage to reveal a string quartet

I am beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful in every single way
Yes words can't bring me down, Oh no
So don't you bring me down today

Full lighting not only showed that Thad, Nick and Doug had joined Blaine to sing harmony, it answered the question of where the McKinley Band had gone.

To all your friends you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness, the piece is gone
Left the puzzle undone, ain't that the way it is?

Blaine turned to look directly at Sugar, who was being held by Cooper. He had debated doing this because of her, but in the end, he decided he wanted all of the secrecy from the previous year erased and to make sure everybody knew how much he loved his baby cousin.

You are beautiful no matter what they say
Words can't bring you down, no, no
Cause you are beautiful in every single way
Yes words can't bring you down. Oh, no
So don't you bring me down today

The rest Warblers came on stage at that time, and then everything came full circle when Mercedes stood, pulled out a microphone and began walking toward the stage to do what Mercedes Jones did better than anyone…belt out those riffs.

No matter what we do (No matter what we do)
No matter what we say (No matter what we say)
We're the song that's out of tune, (yeah) full of beautiful mistakes (oh yeah)

And everywhere we go, (And everywhere we go)
The sun will always shine (The sun will always, always, shine)

Blaine and Mercedes picked up the last verse as a duet, but Cooper saw that something was wrong. Sebastian was not on stage. He stood up and walked Sugar toward the stage so no one would question his being up there. Once he sat her on the piano bench with Blaine, he turned and there in the wings was Sebastian…frozen, not taking his eyes off Blaine and totally unaware of the tears streaming down his face. Cooper tried to move him, but he wouldn’t go. So instead, he just put his arm around him. He knew eventually Sebastian would say something, he was just unprepared for what it was.

“I’m not a fighter like B was, but I’m smart, maybe even too smart. I have no problem with the idea of ruining the life of anyone that hurts the people I love. But, I swear to god Cooper, if I am ever, ever, alone in a room with any of those bastards that hurt Blaine, I will kill him. Not figuratively, or hypothetically, but physically kill him and that scares the shit out of me.”

Cooper watched his brother and marveled how joyful he was in that moment. There was only one thing to say “You’d have to get through me first, Sebastian. You’d have to get through me.”

An hour later, after Will was done bitching about all the ways Blaine cheated, Emma and Carl made their way to the stage. Carl stepped forward to announce the decision. “We thought about this long and hard since both performances were spectacular.”

Kitty let out a loud groan, figuring she knew where this was going “If you say it’s a tie and that we are both winners, I will go out to the parking lot and slash your tires!”

“That’s my girl!” Thad called out, earning him an air kiss from his girlfriend.

Emma gave Carl a nod, signifying that Kitty really would do what she threatened “Um, ok. I guess then you will be happy to hear that we did chose a winner. Emma?”

“Yes, we did. We decided to go by the truest meaning of Diva-Off and chose the Warblers as today’s winner.”

Will jumped up and yelled, which was not a good thing to do to your future wife two days before your wedding "How the hell did you decide that?"

Emma glared at him and then practically snarled "They sang notes your club couldn't, wore your clothes, sang your songs, danced in ways you could only dream of, used your band and recruited one of the biggest divas you've had to sing against you. They did all that while promising that they would do it better than you had, which they did. That sounds pretty fucking diva to me, William."

There was nothing to say after that.

The boys gave themselves pats on the back, but didn’t want to be too obnoxious in their celebration since they had so many friends in the New Directions. Blaine decided to take it even one step further “Miss Pillsbury, Dr. Howell, we appreciate you choosing us, as we know your decision was difficult considering the performance the New Directions had. Because of that, I would like to make a change to our agreement so that the Old New Directions can mentor the new team, but only on a limited basis and any suggestions must go through Sam since he is captain.”

“That’s a wonderful gesture, Blaine, but now I’m going to ask you for one more. Blaine, would you and Sebastian please come to my wedding on Saturday?”

Sebastian smiled and mouthed “Ok”, even though he would rather have a root canal than spend his first Valentine’s with Blaine at that wedding. “We’d love to come, Miss Pillsbury.”

People began to leave, but Sam found Blaine and pulled him into a bear hug “Thanks so much, bro. That’s all any of us wanted, to have a say in what we’re doing.”

“You’re welcome Sammy, but I need a favor in return.”

That night, Sebastian was in Blaine’s bed at the Motta’s but sitting with his back against the headboard and had his eyes shut “This surprise of yours is taking forever. Can I open my eyes yet?”

“Almost. Ok, open your eyes.” When he did, not only did Sebastian’s eyes bug out and his jaw hit the floor, his dick sprung to life faster than it ever had before. Standing before him was one of his fantasies come true. Blaine was wearing the tight leather pants and the pink top with the shaggy, fake fur sleeves from earlier “Well, do I look like a diva?”

Words could not form, so Sebastian just nodded. Emphatically. He knew he was in trouble. The very, very good kind of trouble.

“So, we have a bit of a dilemma here” Blaine spoke in the tone that Sebastian thought would make his brain explode, as well as other parts of his body. “There are 12 girls down stairs having a slumber party, my brother is across the hall, my uncle is next door and I’m dressed like this. What are we going to do?”

“I can be quiet. I promise.” Sebastian didn’t want to beg, but who was he kidding. Those pants made his boyfriends ass look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

“Are you sure?” Sebastian went back to his emphatic nodding, but Blaine asked again “Are you sure you’re sure?”


“That was awfully loud.” Blaine walked over to his dresser and pulled out a gag “I called Jeremiah a while back. You know, just in case.”

“God, I love you” Sebastian said as he jumped out of bed and went to work on his other fantasy…getting Blaine out of that outfit.

Chapter Text

The morning after the Diva-Off, Sebastian woke up and found himself alone in bed. The rustling noises he heard meant that Blaine hadn’t left yet, at least he hoped that was what it meant. There were a lot of people (girls) at the Motta’s, and he was naked under the covers. “Hey sleepy head, it’s about time you woke up. I almost had to leave without saying good bye.” Evidently, Blaine had chosen that morning to be exceptionally perky. He was usually a total zombie until he had a cup of coffee.

“You could have woken me.”

“Nah, you were too cute. So, I’ll meet you at Breadstix later to help with set-up, say around three. Does that give you enough time to work on your super-secret project?”

“Three sounds good.” Sebastian thought about laying back down, but then checked out what Blaine was wearing and had to say something “Are you and Sam seriously going to take your Harleys out for a ride? It’s like 20 degrees outside.”

“It’s cold but the roads are clear. We’ll be fine.” Blaine leaned in and gave him a kiss. “Does this seem weird to you? You know, us waking up together and discussing our day. I mean, it feels almost…domestic.”

“I wouldn’t say domestic. How about comfortable?”

“I like that, comfortable. Ok, I’m off. Remember, I’m going to the Berry’s after my ride with Sam.”

“Is Burt meeting you there?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be easier to just get it over with at one time. I want the rest of this weekend to be focused on you, making sure the Sugar Shack is a success, you, having fun with our friends and you.”

“Sounds good. And Blaine, you know I’ll support whatever you decide.”

Blaine gave him another kiss, but when he pulled away Sebastian felt something he hadn’t before “B, what’s going on? You didn’t shave. You never go out like that.”

“I know, I thought I’d try something different” Blaine said nonchalantly, waiting for his boyfriend to realize what he was doing. Maybe if he put on his glasses.

That’s all it took. “Holy shit! You’re doing your loose curl, scruff, glasses look. You know what that does to me. That’s playing dirty Anderson.”

“Oh, you think this is playing dirty?” Blaine grabbed his leather, biker jacket from the chair and put it on “Now what do you think?”

“That you’re going to leave me with the worst case of blue balls in history.”

“Then my work is done here. See you at three!”

“Wait, you’re really leaving me like this?”

“Good bye, Bas. I love you.” Blaine gave him a wink and an evil laugh as he left, stage one of his diabolical plan a complete success.

“Well, I hate you!” Of course he didn’t, but when Blaine didn’t respond Sebastian knew he was gone. He needed to get his super-secret project started, but there were a couple of stops to make first.

Sam and Nick

Blaine looked Sam directly in the eyes and said “No”. Then he turned to look Nick directly in the eyes and said “Hell no.” During that time Sam’s father had walked into his living room, laughing at what he saw.

“You know guys, if you’re asking Blaine for a favor, you might want to ask a little nicer.”

“Thank you, Mr. E” Blaine was grateful for the assist, but wondered why Dwight was there in the first place “I thought you were going to stay at my house with Mrs. E, Stevie and Stacy.”

“I was, but I didn’t realize that the Dalton guys staying here would involve a new, state of the art security system and two guys that use to be Special Forces.”

Sam scrunched his face, knowing Blaine was going to blow a gasket “You didn’t tell him about Doug’s security detail?! Sam! What’s wrong with you?! Mr. E, I’m so sorry, but as long as his brother…”

“Blaine, it’s ok, but I felt better staying here. I’m going to join Mary and the kids tomorrow. Just so you know, Stevie has already beaten both your and Sam’s high scores on several of your video games and Stacy has made a pretty good dent in your Disney collection. Plus, Mary has almost transferred all the data to your mom’s new accounting system. It all worked out for the best, I promise. I’m going to go make some coffee so you three can go back to your argument.”

“Thanks Mr. E, but the answers are still no. There’s nothing to argue about.”

Sam and Nick looked at each other, silently agreeing for Sam to go first “Why won’t you sing with us? It’s Narissa’s favorite song and we need a fifth person. Come on, you know you always wanted to join the Justin Bieber Experience.”

“I’m already singing too much as it is. Why don’t you ask Finn? Didn’t he try to join at one point?”

“Finn doesn’t know the song. I already asked.”

Yeah, Finn was a fucking liar “Sam, people living in the Arctic Circle, with no television, radio or internet know that song. And you do know that it’s about a dysfunctional relationship that’s actually nothing but a series of booty calls, right? Doesn’t anyone listen to lyrics anymore?””

“Like I said, it’s Narissa’s favorite song and you are the reason we met in the first place. If you’re already singing too much just take the lead on the chorus. Also, I think Finn is being an ass because we wouldn’t let him in the Experience last time.”

Nick thought that was strange “Why didn’t you let Finn in the group? I thought you guys were friends.”

“We were, but he was sleeping with my girlfriend at the time.”

“Which one?”



“That was not the thing to say when you want me to sing that song to my cousin” Blaine reminded Nick. “We are all aware that Quinn is beautiful.”

“I’m sorry, so so sorry. But Blaine, please. After Beautiful, it’s her favorite song that you sing.”

“That I used to sing. That I sang to Kurt in a very public fashion. You were there, remember?”

“You’ll just be background music. I’ll take care of the romantic stuff. The guys already said they’d help.”

Sam jumped in “Yeah, I want to get my Warbler on. I bet Puck and Artie will help, and Mike too. He’ll be back in town around noon.”

Nick could see Blaine was beginning to fold. He just had to keep playing on his love for his cousin “And I want to do it this afternoon, before the Sugar Shack. You don’t want her to be sad at her own party, do you?”

“I can’t believe you went there Duval. All right, I’ll do it, but you owe me big.” As in not acting like an idiot when Jeff and Nichole tell you they’re seeing each other, Blaine told himself and then made a mental note to tell Jeff. “I guess that means I’ll do your song too, Sam. I’m supposed to meet Bas at Breadstix at three, so…”

“No, no, no, I’ll take care of everything, you two just go on your ride.” If he was honest, Nick was amazed that his plan worked. He wasn’t going to give Blaine a chance to change his mind.

Sam put on his jacket and grabbed his helmet “By the way Blaine, how much are you singing tonight?”

“The two songs I planned, plus I’ve been dragged into an opening number and some of the girls asked me to do a song with them.”

“Did you make them beg like we had to?”

“No, they said the two magic words.”

“Pretty please?”

“Katy Perry.”


Xavier Smythe walked into the diner, and immediately knew something had to be going on with his son. Hands down, a big greasy breakfast was Sebastian’s favorite meal. However, due to years of conditioning for Lacrosse there were only certain times he would eat one…Christmas morning, his birthday for dinner and when he was upset. After they ordered, Xavier knew whatever it was had to be bad. “What’s going on, and don’t tell me nothing. You ordered a ham and cheese omelet, home fries, a side of bacon and a cinnamon roll that from what I saw is about the size of your head. Even with all of that, I didn’t truly begin to worry until you asked for chocolate milk.”


“Don’t dad me. Since you were two years old, you have asked for chocolate milk whenever you were afraid of something. Hell, we bought it by the gallon until you found out Blaine’s hands would be fine and don’t get me started on what happened last year. What is it son?”

“I know he got out of jail.” Sebastian hadn’t meant to say it like that, but in reality there was no good way to start this conversation.

“Ok, but Stafford has to wear the ankle monitor. He won’t be able to get near Blaine or Doug. Why are you bringing this up now? He was released a couple of weeks ago.”

Sebastian took a big drink of his chocolate milk and then just blurted it out “I wasn’t talking about him. I was talking about my biological father.”

Shit! “Oh, Sebastian.” This was not how this was supposed to happen. “How long have you known?”

“Since right before I joined you guys in Paris for Christmas. Someone said something about mom’s age when she had me and the numbers didn’t add up. He didn’t say that I was adopted, but I’m pretty sure he knows and has been blackmailing Blaine with the information.”

“Is it Blaine’s ex?”

“Yes, but that’s actually not what I want to talk about” He took another drink of his milk. His father was right, he was afraid, but probably not in the way he was thinking. “Yesterday I told Cooper that if I ever was alone with one of the guys that hurt Blaine, I would kill him. Dad, I meant it and it scared me. It scared me so bad. What if I’m just like him?”

Xavier went to the other side of the booth because of the sudden, physical need he had to hold the boy that had been his son since he was one second old “Sebastian, you will never be like him. You are my son and your mother’s Darling Boy. You knowing about him doesn’t change that. It will never change that.”

“Are you going to see him?”

“No, he means nothing to us anymore. He stopped being our son a long time ago.”

Hiram, LeRoy and Burt

“I was afraid you’d be disappointed in my decision.” When Dr. Shepard had suggested that he talk with someone about what was going on with his case, Blaine immediately thought of Rachel’s dads. He had been impressed by the story she told him of how they talked to her about his attack after it happened. When he called and asked them if they would do it, they were both at Dalton an hour and a half later.

It was at least a two-hour drive from their house to Westerville.

“Not at all. This was always about what you thought was best for you. Not anyone else” LeRoy had reached across and held Blaine’s hand. Rachel had warned him that LeRoy was the tactile dad and Hiram was the overthinker. Maybe that’s why he got along with them so well.

“I know Stafford’s claim about my attack not being a hate crime is wrong, and if it was just me I might have felt differently. But, if I fight him in court then Tommy will be brought into it and I can’t do that to him or his family.”

Hiram smiled at his husband, who was obviously fighting his urge to hug Blaine “We are so proud of you. You are choosing to protect someone you care about. That’s incredibly brave, even if it doesn’t feel like it.”

LeRoy couldn’t help himself and put his arm around him. “But, it’s also ok that you don’t what to be known as that guy. We know you’re going to be a star someday, you’re too talented not to be. That’s what you should be famous for.”

“Thank you, I just needed to hear it. So, Mr. Hummel, I guess you’re wondering where you come into all of this?”

“Kid, aren’t we to the point where you start calling me Burt again?”

Blaine was happy that Cooper had told him that the DA in the Dalton case had received information clearing Burt. Although, Cooper didn’t tell him was how he knew that in the first place. Hmm...“Ok, Burt. I had the idea that maybe since I won’t go to court with this, maybe there’s some way to pass legislation instead. Something along the lines of that if a person is attacked solely based on his or her sexual orientation, it is automatically classified as a hate crime. I know that it sounds like the law now, and I can't seem to find the right words, but with how Stafford is claiming…”

Burt could see why the Berrys were so proud of Blaine. He still didn’t know what had happened, but his son had really fucked up letting him go “I understand and I’d be honored to help you, son.”

Hiram began to laugh. At least his husband had tried “Mr. Berry?...LeRoy?...I can’t breathe.”


Kurt had been up most of the night trying not to obsess about how his life got so out of control. There was no way in hell that he was going to work for Cooper Anderson, but where was he going to get $10,000? And, his dad hadn’t said anything about not having to testify in the Dalton case, even though Cooper said he was taking care of it. And, Finn had somehow found out everything. And, both Mercedes and Rachel were all buddy-buddy with Blaine. And, they had the nerve to tell him it was best if he didn’t go to the Sugar Shack tonight. Who the hell did they think they were? There was no way he was giving up a chance to see…

“Hello, Hummel.”

“Sebastian?” There he was. Sebastian was sitting at his kitchen table. Oh god, he hadn’t brushed his teeth “What are you doing here?”

“Oh, don’t sit down on my account” Sebastian said as he stood and pushed the chair back “I’m leaving, but I thought I should tell you a few things first. To start with, you can stop blackmailing Blaine that you’re going to tell me my family’s dirty little secret, because I know I’m adopted and how it happened. Plus, my father knows that I know and is rather unhappy about what you’ve done with that information. Next, for some reason Blaine thinks that you won’t show up at the Sugar Shack tonight because you’ve alienated pretty much everyone you consider your friend. Yeah, I know better. You’ll be there and I don’t have a problem with it. You see, B is singing at least one song that could be considered a quote/unquote Klaine song, and I want to watch as you have to sit there and know he’s not singing to you. By the way, if you throw one of your shit fits because of that, Cooper is ready to throw your ass out and so much more.”

“Is that all?” Kurt snapped to keep from crying. Why was Sebastian being so mean? Was it because Blaine was going to sing one of their songs? Was he jealous?

“No, and this one I want you to listen to very carefully. The idea of you and I together makes me physically ill. The image of you touching me is my most effective mailman, cock block, boner buster…whatever you want to call it. Do you understand?” Kurt was so shocked he couldn’t answer. How did Sebastian know? “Ok then, I have to go help Nick woo Sugar. Oh, and Blaine will be singing a Klaine song there too. He’s just going to reclaim them one by one until poof, they are no longer Klaine songs. Don’t worry, I can show myself out. Tootles, Hummel.”

What had just happened? Sebastian was so…well Sebastian, but he was so mean. He hadn’t even been that mean all those months ago when he had called him Gayface. Wait…Oh, no…no, no, no…

And one of us has a hard luck case of the gay-face, and it ain't me. Odds are by the end of the school year, I'll have Blaine and a Nationals trophy, and you'll have khakis and a Lima Bean apron and that gay face.

He had done it. He was a year off, but that bastard had done it…Sebastian had Blaine, the Warblers were definitely good enough to win a Nationals trophy and it wasn’t the Lima Bean but he would be working at Breadstix. How could he be so blind? He had let that…that…Meerkat ruin his relationship with his one true love, Blaine. Blaine, who would be singing Klaine songs at the Sugar Shack. The Sugar Shack where they had spent last Valentine’s together. Where Blaine surprised him when he came back from having surgery. A surgery that he needed because of Sebastian. Kurt ran back upstairs to get his phone. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew the first thing that had to happen was to find where Nick planned whatever he was doing. He could listen to Blaine sing, and if he had to guess, Rachel would be there too. She had told him all along that he was still in love with Blaine. She’d know what to do.

The Wooing

Santana, Quinn, Rachel, Mercedes and Nichole pulled around to the back of the Motta’s house to watch what had become known as The Wooing. When they got out of the car, they were all blown away by what they saw, but each of them had very different responses.

“Shit like this is why I keep telling Blaine that I shouldn’t know these people. This had to cost a fortune! But why are they doing this outside? It’s fucking freezing out here.” (Santana)

“Where did he get all of those pink roses on the day before Valentine’s Day? There has to be hundreds of them.” (Quinn)

“Is Sugar going to come out on the balcony? That will be so romantic.” (Rachel)

“Even with the Warblers singing I expected the band, but how did they get a grand piano and 8-piece orchestra back here?” (Mercedes)

“My brother is a fucking idiot.” (Nichole)

They continued to comment on what they saw but stopped when they saw Blaine, Sebastian, Wes and David wave at them. Quinn and Wes had been in contact since New Year’s Eve, and she had asked him to be her date for the wedding. Mercedes and David were talking as well, and it was clear that there was more going on there. But, what the hell was going on with Blaine?

“Um, does anyone know what’s wrong with Blaine?” Rachel asked. “I’ve never seen him like that before. He looks…”

“…sexy as hell.” Nichole finished the thought for her. “Hey, he may be gay and I may be dating one of his best friends, but I’m not blind.”

Santana let out a semi-snort as the other girls began to nod their agreement “It’s for Seb. That look of Blaine’s makes him all tingly below the belt, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s not the only one.” Her statement couldn’t have been any truer as an uninvited guest had managed to sneak onto the property. Kurt hadn’t liked Blaine’s bad boy image at first but now he did. He really, really did.

As the participants finally got into place, Quinn asked “Does anyone know what Blaine is singing?”

“All I know is that it’s something he sang to Kurt in the past and would be completely inappropriate if Nick wasn’t using him as a human jukebox” Mercedes told her. Santana was not happy that Mercedes had known the answer and she didn’t. Was Mercedes trying to infringe on her territory as Blaine’s best girl? There was no way she could be his best gay or person I would be fucking if we were both straight. Ok, that last part was a cruel, but that was beside the point. After Sebastian, and maybe Sam, Blaine belonged to her and she was going to have to put an end to whatever was going on there. Fast!

“Oh, look. Brittany and Kitty just brought Sugar out to the balcony!” Rachel didn’t know why she was so excited, but if it was the song she thought it was she had missed it last time.

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Sugar had already begun to cry. Pink roses were her favorite and she loved when Blainey sang that song, but what was going on?

Kurt had already begun to cry. After Teenage Dream, this was his favorite song that Blaine had sung for him.

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I’ve been dreaming of?

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I’m getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when you’re gonna let me in
I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

Sugar couldn’t help but smile as Puck and Mike came around the corner, holding a ladder which they propped up against the balcony.

Kurt couldn’t help but smile as he remembered Blaine coming down the stairs at McKinley, staring at him with his big beautiful eyes while he sang.

And if you have a minute, why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know

(Some - where)

And if you have a minute, why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go? So why don’t we go?

Sugar jumped with joy as she saw Nick come around the corner and begin to climb the ladder.

Kurt jumped when he felt a tap on his shoulder and found Dmitri standing behind him.

And if you have a minute, why don’t we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don’t we go somewhere only we know?

Somewhere only we know
Somewhere only we know

Chapter Text

Sugar Shack (Breadstix), Cooper’s office

“Bas, you did not ruin Valentine’s Day. I promise. The only thing different about you going home tomorrow instead of Sunday is that you found a way to get out of going to the wedding without pissing me off.”

“That’s not funny, B.” Sebastian let out a sigh of frustration. Evidently, when his dad told his mom about what was said at breakfast, she pretty much had a meltdown. He offered to come right home, but his mom insisted that her Darling Boy spend the evening with his love. He hadn’t told Blaine what he talked about with his dad, but Sebastian was sure he knew and loved him all the more for not asking questions.

“I’m not trying to be funny. I promise.” Blaine took a step closer and reached for his boyfriend’s hand “Bas, any day that two people in love spend together is Valentine’s Day.”

“That was the cheesiest thing you have ever said.”

Blaine crinkled his nose and made his At least I’m cute face “Yeah, it sounded better in my head. So, tonight we sing, maybe sway a little, laugh a lot and just have fun. The serious stuff can wait for tomorrow. You know that’s what your mom wants, right? She feels bad enough about asking you to come home early.”

“Done.” Sebastian smiled for the first time in what seemed like hours “B, I have to ask. What’s with the outfit?”

“You don’t like the way I’m dressed?” Blaine tried to sound offended, but he had hoped Sebastian would mention it.

“No, don’t get me wrong, you look amazing. It’s just up top you’re all super-sexy scruff but you’re dressed in your old bashful schoolboy look…blazer, sweater vest, polo shirt and bow tie. However, you do have on probably the tightest pair of jeans I’ve ever seen you in, and that says a lot.”

“Cooper chose the look for the opening number. I’m going to change later. And speaking of the opening number, I better go check on Sugar. Go get a seat and save one for me.” As soon as Sebastian left, Blaine pulled out his phone.

To Santana: I need to talk to you after opening and then Sam’s number.
To Blaine: Got it, Frodo.
To Santana: Do not call me that.
To Blaine: Don’t worry, you’re back to Seblaine Jr. Hummel just walked in.
To Santana: Shit!
To Blaine: Relax. I have a plan.

“I can’t believe the son of a bitch showed up” Quinn told the others, but then followed immediately with “I take it back. Yes, I can, even though everyone told him not to.”

“Actually, Sebastian told Kurt he wanted him to come so he could hear Blaine sing and know it was not for him” Mercedes reminded them.

“He’s so delusional, he probably thinks Seb is trying to trick him again” Kitty said, while Nari nodded her agreement. Sugar had filled them in and the two of them were more than willing to help.

“How did Sebastian trick him?” Brittany asked.

Santana put her arm around her girlfriend. Despite everything, Brittany still had a hard time believing anything bad about Kurt “By making Kurt believe that he was in love with him instead of Blaine, Sweetie.”

Tina had to catch her breath as she choked on her drink “Kurt thought he was in love with Sebastian? EW!!”

“Exactly.” Rachel watched Kurt sit down at a table with the rest of the Old New Direction guys and noticed the tension between Kurt and Finn had only gotten worse “I’m going to go sit with the guys. There’s something going on between Kurt and Finn and I want to know what that’s all about.”

“We should keep an eye on the rest of the guys as well” Nichole motioned over toward Nick “My idiot brother was ready to kick his ass when he found out the guy crashed The Wooing.”

“Good idea, we should all spread out. I’ll go with Rachel and sit with the guys. By the way Rachel, I love your dress.” Kitty and Nari knew that what Tina actually wanted to say was Bitch, you ruined my chance for a Warbler boyfriend and now I have to go sit by my ex and be nice to the person that I live in the shadow of even though she moved 700 miles away. She was in charge of the Too Young to be Bitter club for a reason.

“Britt and I will take Seb” Santana stated firmly, so that a certain person would be sure to understand. She may have calmed down a little, but she was still suspicious of what was going on between Blaine and Mercedes.

Quinn heard the tension in her voice, but assumed it was because of Kurt “We’ve got this, Santana. None us understand how it happened, but we know how much you and Blaine care about each other. I promise Kurt will not ruin this.”

Hearing Quinn and then seeing all of the other girls smiling at her, that turned Santana Lopez into a pile of goo. “Thanks everyone. It’s just with Seb’s family emergency and Blaine agreeing to go to the wedding, this is the Seblaine Valentine’s Day. Blaine’s gone through hell, but he’s done so much for me, with getting me the job and all, that I…”

“We understand, Tana” Brittany had to cut her off before she got too mushy. Santana would hate people seeing that side of her “Blainey’s Angels, we’ve got this, right?”


Meanwhile on stage, Sugar was having her third panic attack in the last 10 minutes “Blainey, I can’t. I can’t do this.”

“Sugar Motta, I love you more than almost anyone else on this planet and I say you can. You’ve worked too hard to back out now. Anyway, it’s too late, Cooper gave the signal. Let’s do this!”

Blaine took a seat at the piano while Sugar walked up to the microphone “Hello everyone and welcome to the Sugar Shack 2.0” She waited for the applause to stop before she continued “Like last year, I would like to thank my Daddy but this year I would also like to thank the new owner of Breadstix since he was able to fix things so we could be here tonight and not last night after the Diva-Off.” The applause was even louder this time because all of those that participated in the Diva-Off had been tired when it ended. “The only thing he asked in return was to be able to sing an opening number. So, here he is, as tall, dark and handsome as ever…”

“Hold up!” Blaine interrupted her, which surprised Sugar since it wasn’t part of her script.

“How come he’s tall, dark and handsome and I was cute and compact?”

“Geeze, Blainey. Jealous much? Anyway, here he is, the new owner of Breadstix, Cooper Anderson!” There was applause, but not that much shock since most people had heard the news. However, Cooper’s well-earned reputation for being an over-the-top performer did have the audience on the edge of their seats.

(Cooper) Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart

(Blaine) You see it's getting late
Oh please don't hesitate
Put a little love in your heart

(Sugar) And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place

Yes, Sugar sang solo. Most of the audience sat wide-eyed, especially since she wasn’t that bad. The exceptions were Nick, Kitty, Thad, Sam and Sebastian who stood and cheered loudly for they all knew how hard she had been working with both Blaine and Cooper. Santana was going to say something to Sebastian, but instead she watched as Mercedes reached over, touched his arm and said “I knew she could do it. Blaine must be so proud.”

What the hell?! How did she know about this?

While the cousins continued to sing, an endless line of servers came from the back. They placed trays of finger foods and bottles of sparkling beverages on each table, all while performing well-crafted choreography. The guests had anticipated something big, but this was like out of a movie. With most of the focus being on the servers, some were surprised to hear the song end.

(S) Put a little love in your heart

(B) Put a little love in your in your heart

(C) Come on and put a little love in your heart

Once finished, and what was deemed to be an appropriate amount of kudos were received, Cooper walked back through the crowd, shaking hands and doing what Blaine referred to as schmoozing. Sugar ran over and got a big hug from Nick and praise from everyone else, including Kurt. He didn’t understand what the fuss was about, but knew when he won Blaine back he would have to deal with that annoying twit.

No one had noticed Blaine had slipped away until he came out from backstage with his blazer gone, which allowed Sebastian to truly appreciate how tight Blaine’s jeans were. He still had the sweater vest on but had untucked the polo shirt and unbuttoned the collar, leaving the untied bow tie around his neck. Sebastian thought people might say something about the fact he was wearing both the silver bracelet and the cuff, but that wasn’t what they noticed.

“I didn’t know Blaine wore glasses” Mike said.

“He had to start wearing them last year after he had surgery on his eye.” Kurt voice dripped with distain, but he became almost giddy when everyone turned to stare at Sebastian. Maybe reminding people that the Meerkat had almost blinded Blaine would get them over the whole How could you not tell Blaine about the tape? crap faster. Shouldn’t they have let it go by now?

Sitting at the next table, Sebastian didn’t turn to acknowledge Kurt’s presence, but did respond “He only has to wear them when his eye is tired and the drops don’t work or when he wants to give me a boner. He knows I find his loose curl, scruff, glasses look super-hot. I should probably warn all of you that since he has that going on with this new disheveled schoolboy look, the two of us may have to disappear to Cooper’s office for a while.” The Warblers that heard him just rolled their eyes, unfazed when Sebastian spoke like that about Blaine. All others within earshot either firmly pressed their lips together or physically put their hand over their mouth to keep from responding. That was all those except for Santana, Nichole, Puck and, unexpectedly, Finn. They all laughed so hard, they almost missed the beginning of what Blaine had to say.

“Can I get everyone’s attentions please? Thank you. I’m going to tell you how the entertainment portion of the evening will go. So, you may notice that we do not have our usual house band tonight. We thought it would be nice if the McKinley Band and Strings were guests at the party for once. So, since this house band is not use to song choices changing at the last minute, they are here only for songs that were prearranged. But fear not! We have an awesome karaoke system and because there are so many fantastic singers in the room, we ask that you use the sign-up sheet. You will also notice that the restaurant has been remodeled and there is a dance floor. I expect to see you out there holding the one you love.”

Sebastian was about to comment, but Blaine gave him a Do and no sex for you stare, so he refrained (even though he knew Blaine was totally bluffing).

“Now, I bet you’re all wondering what these very nice stools are doing here in front of the stage. They are so the one you love can sit on the stool and watch as you pour out your heart through music.”

Kurt knew the Sit on the stool and watch comment was for him, but he wasn’t going to let it bother him. When Blaine saw how happy he was to watch him sing, he wouldn’t say hurtful things like that anymore. They could go back to the way things were, before…oh wait, Blaine’s still talking.

“To demonstrate how the stools work, I’d like to invite Nari Montgomery to come have a seat.” Nari froze, so Kitty and Sugar each grabbed an arm and took her up front. “A couple of years ago a group was formed within the New Directions.” Members from that time stared back and forth between each other, but none of those involved gave it away. “However, they drafted, *cough, cough* against his will, an honorary member…me. That means for tonight only, and just for you Nari, the Justin Bieber Experience will proudly be known as the One New Directions!”

Everyone went pretty insane as Sam, Artie, Puck and Mike joined Blaine on stage. Once they were in place, Sam winked at his girlfriend “Narissa, this is for you.”

(Sam) Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days
She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones
Seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone

(Sam with Artie) And I'll be gone, gone tonight
The ground beneath my feet is open wide
The way that I been holding on too tight
With nothing in between

(All with Blaine in lead) The story of my life, I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen (The story of, the story of)
The story of my life, I give her hope
I spend her love until she's broke inside
The story of my life (The story of, the story of)

Kurt couldn’t comprehend why everyone was going so crazy. The Justin Bieber Experience was stupid then and it was stupider now. And while this wasn’t technically a Klaine song, it was a song that he thought he and Blaine could sing when they were together at NYADA in the fall. Oh well, it will still work. He just needs that Madame Bitch Tibideaux to give him another audition.

(Sam) Written on these walls are the colors that I can't change
Leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage

David leaned over to Wes and asked “How does it feel to sit here and watch your sister get serenaded like that?”

Wes, the most intelligent person any of them knew, turned to his best friend and said “Shut the fuck up.” Then he watched as Sam removed the microphone from the stand, walked off the stage to Nari and took her hand.

The story of my life, I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm
And time is frozen

When Sam brought Nari’s hand to his lips and kissed it, the girls in the audience began screaming even louder and Wes just rolled his eyes and wished for the song to hurry up and end.

The story of my life
The story of my life (The story of my life, the story of, the story of)
The story of my life

Before the last note had ended, Nari had jumped into Sam’s arms and kissed him so hard that Mike and Puck had to hold Sam to prevent them from falling over. When the kiss broke, she wouldn’t remove herself from around his neck or waist, so Sam just carried her back to the table. “You’re proud of yourself, aren’t you?” Sebastian whispered into Blaine’s ear after he first got a kiss of his own.

“It’s just nice to see Sam with a girl that appreciates what a great guy he is and not just his amazing abs.”

“True, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Would you please explain what’s going on with your clothes? I’m having a hard, get the hint, time with this unkempt appearance.”

“Nothing’s going on. Time just got away from me and I couldn’t change. That and I was hot. I promise.” He was totally lying of course “I’m going to go change and talk to Tana for a minute, then I promise I am all yours for a while at least. Mingle and have fun, ok?”

“Fine, but don’t be long. And B, something’s going on with your girl. I don’t know what, but she’s definitely hiding something.

Five minutes later, Blaine and Santana were in Cooper’s office and Blaine continued to rid himself of clothes by taking off the sweater vest and bow tie. He also put away his glasses and fluffed out his curls. Santana let out a whistle when she saw the finished product “Damn, Anderson. Is that a shirt or a new layer of skin? I didn’t know they made them that tight. Those workouts you’ve been doing with Trouty have done your body good.”

“Yes, the shirt is tight, even for me. It’s part of my diabolical plan to get back at Bas ahead of time for the song he has planned for later. Super-secret, my ass. Nothing gets past Nightbird. Now, before we talk about what I wanted to talk about, you’re going to tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yeah, you’re lying. Bas said something’s wrong and I can see it too. This doesn’t have anything to do with what happened in New York does it? Cooper said you guys took care of Travis. Is there a problem?”

“What, you think I can’t take care of things? If I’m doing such a shitty job, why don’t you have your new bestie Mercedes do it for you!”

Ok, didn’t see that coming “What the fuck does that even mean?”

“She helped you with the Diva-Off, she knew what song you were singing at The Wooing, she knew about Sug…”

Blaine walked over and pulled Santana into his arms. Once she stopped fighting, he told her “Yes, Mercedes has been in my life lately, but it’s not my place to say why.” He let go and then led her over to a couch “I’m sure you won’t have to wait much longer to find out, if that helps.”

“It does, thanks.”

He shifted so that she could lay her head on his shoulder, then he made a mental note to talk to Mercedes about telling Santana sooner than the others “You know you’re my best girl not named Mom or Sugar. Right?”

“What about Bibbi?”

“She’s a mythical Fairy Godmother, not a person. She doesn’t count. That leaves the best girl title to you.”

“I know, but it’s kind of hard to believe. I guess I need to hear it sometimes.”

“Well, then it’s a good thing I have something planned.”

Santana pulled back because he was Blaine Anderson and that could only mean one thing “You realize the last time you told me that I had Quinn blow up a piano.”

“I’m pretty sure Cooper would be happy if you didn’t do that this time.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” She tried to read his face to see if he was joking, but nothing had changed. He was serious about this. “So, are you going to sing me a song or not?”

“Well, I thought I was going to sing you a song, but now I think we should sing it together.”


“It’s a song that someone else and I sang to you once and it didn’t go over well. I’d like to give it another shot. You know the words, right?”

“You did not just ask me that.”

When Blaine and Santana came back, Jake was onstage singing Never Say Never to Marley and for some reason, one of the Cheerios that had somehow got an invitation, was off to the side seething. That wasn’t going to turn out well. Sebastian met Blaine before he made it to the table and took him out to the dance floor. For being such an amazing dancer, Sebastian did not like to dance like this. In fact, he wouldn’t even call it dancing.

“Thank you for swaying with me” Blaine said as he rested his head on his boyfriend’s chest and inhaled. Sebastian always smelled so good.

“What can I say? I’ve been dying to get my hands on your ass all evening. And this shirt of yours…I…I”

“You don’t like my shirt?” Oh yeah, diabolical plan working to perfection.

“Oh no, I love your shirt. Let’s change the topic before I drag you back to Cooper’s office and rip it off of you, since that’s probably the only way to take it off. Did you talk to Santana?”

“Yes, and she’s ok. It was a misunderstanding.”

“All right” Sebastian caught that Blaine didn’t say what it was, but he’d come back to it if necessary “What did she say about the song?”

“We’re actually going to sing it together.”

“You know Hummel is going to lose it.”

“You tried to warn him. Rachel, Puck, Mercedes and I think even Finn tried to warn him.”

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure. Sam’s dad gave me some insight that helped.”

“How did he do that?”

“How else, through a country song. He told me that when it came to Kurt, My Give A Damn Was Busted. Come on, I have to talk to Artie. Thank you again for swaying with me.”

“Anytime, B.”

When Blaine finally found Artie, he was pleasantly surprised that Artie had already taken care of what he wanted. Cooper had hired Artie to set up cameras for reaction shots of people “on the stools”. Artie suggested also making videos of the performances for the couples to take home as a memento. Cooper loved the idea and he and Artie had been at Breadstix setting up when Sebastian came in and told Cooper about his trip to the Hudmels. That was when the idea of the Kurt Kam was born.

After Jeff sang a heartfelt rendition of She Will Be Loved (because, come on, Warblers can belt out some Maroon 5) for Nichole, and Nick was reminded by Sugar that he had agreed give their relationship a chance, it was time for Blaine and Santana.

(Santana) Made a wrong turn, once or twice
Dug my way out, blood and fire
Bad decisions, that's alright
Welcome to my silly life

(Blaine) Mistreated, misplaced, misunderstood
Miss knowing it's all good, it didn't slow me down
Mistaken, always second guessing
Under estimated, look, I'm still around

(Santana and Blaine) Pretty, pretty please
Don't you ever, ever feel
Like your less than less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like your nothing
You are perfect to me

Rachel was surprised when she didn’t hear Kurt react, but when she turned around she realized why…he was gone. To make matters worse, Finn was gone as well. It didn’t take her long to find them. The yelling coming from the men’s room was her first clue.

“Don’t you ever say that to me again!”

“What? That you never really loved Blaine or that it’s obvious how much Sebastian does?”


When she opened the door, Rachel saw Finn with his hand covering his cheek. So, and obviously without thinking, she ran in between them “Kurt, go back to the table. Right now.”

“I’m not going back in there to listen…”

“When I begged you to stay away, you said that you would be fine with anything Blaine sang. Even when you knew some of the songs might have a special meaning for you, you chose to come. Were you wrong or lying?” Kurt didn’t respond to her question but did go back. When she was sure he was gone, Rachel turned to face Finn “I know you want him out of here, but trust me, we can’t let him leave. He can’t leave until after the last song.”


Chapter Text

Mercedes looked over Santana’s shoulder at Blaine who shrugged and mouthed Go with it.

When she finally broke her hold on Mercedes, Santana told Blaine “Ok, you know my rule…secret in, secret out. These are your choices, either I get to tell Hummel that you’re a finalist at NYADA without applying or I get to reveal to Hummel who Bibbi actually is. Pick one.”

“Who’s Bibbi?” Mercedes asked.

“My godmother, and Tana, you are keeping like 20 different secrets, so you just want to torture Kurt.” He didn’t like were this was going but what the hell “NYADA. Since he said he’s done with it and applying to the Fashion Institute, it won’t cause as much drama.”

“NYADA it is. Come on Diva, we’re going to need Berry for this.” Santana linked arms with the confused Mercedes and headed back out to the restaurant. Blaine chuckled and watched them go then...Shit, Rachel! He had forgotten why he come back to the office in the first place. He sent her a quick text and then went to prepare for the final stage of his diabolical plan. The one that would really kick things into overdrive.

Meanwhile, Kurt had been walking around the room, searching for a particular person. Finally, he found the guy talking to Unique of all people. That was good, Unique worshipped him, or had said something like that last year. The fact that he hadn’t spoken to her any time he had helped out the New Directions shouldn’t matter. “Hey Unique, are you having a good time?”

There were no other Blainey’s Angels around, but Unique looked over at Jake and Ryder who immediately knew what she wanted. “I am having a good time, thank you Kurt.

“And who is this?”

“This is my friend Doug. He’s a Warbler which I’m sure you remember from yesterday. Doug, that note you hit and then carried for so long, it was breathtaking. Wasn’t it Kurt?”

“It was pretty good” Kurt knew Unique was baiting him, but he wasn’t going to fall for it. So much for having her on his side. “I don’t know if you know this, but I am also capable of hitting a high F.”

“Doug, Unique, the girls are looking for you.” They left without saying another word and Kurt suddenly found himself alone, confused by what had happened. However, he was more confused by who had told Unique and Doug to leave “Trent?”

“Listen to me, Hummel. None of us give a shit about what you do, but Doug is off limits. Back the fuck off.” Trent didn’t give him a chance to respond but Kurt knew there had to be more going on there than just a Senior Warbler looking out for a First Year. The Trent he knew would never speak to anyone like that.

From across the room Sebastian, Thad and Sam had been keeping an eye on the situation. “This is going to be a problem, isn’t it?” Sam asked.

“Unfortunately.” Sebastian went back to the table to get his drink but stopped when he saw the girls frozen in place, staring back toward the kitchen. “What’s wron…Fuck”

There was nothing wrong. It was Blaine and he had changed again. This time he had exchanged the tight polo for a white tank covered by an open, red button-down shirt with sleeves rolled up to three quarter length. The incredibly tight jeans had been traded in for the leather pants from the Diva outfit which somehow accentuated his ass even more. His curls had been styled and the scruff cleaned up. “Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I finally had the chance to change from my opening number outfit.”

“Damn Blainers, I think you broke your boyfriend.” While what Santana said appeared to be true, her calling Blaine Blainers and not Seblaine Jr was code for the girls that they had a problem. Kurt was not where they needed him to be and Rachel could not go get him.

“Well, hopefully he’s not too broken. It’s his turn to sit on a stool so I can sing to him.”

And problem solved “Hold on, you can’t introduce yourself. Rachel, take my seat and make sure Seb doesn’t literally begin drooling. Trent, Trouty, when I call him up make sure he doesn’t trip over his tongue.” That settled, Santana pulled Blaine over to the stage “You look sexy as hell, but he is going to want payback.”

“That’s the point. He already has something planned. This is my payback.”

“How far are you two planning on taking this?”

“Mailman far.”

“I like your style, Anderson. Now stay here. I need to make sure Hummel is in place. It wouldn’t be the same without him glaring at the two of you from across the room.” Santana walked up to the microphone and saw that Kurt wasn’t too far from she needed him to be

“Attention everyone, for one of the moments you have been waiting for, it’s time to get some Seblaine love up in here!” She let the audience applaud for a moment, but she wanted to get Kurt moving. “Ok, everyone back to your seats. Come on, hurry up. That means you too, Hummel.” Kurt shot her a dirty look, but did go back to his seat by the guys. Quinn and Mercedes each gave her a thumbs-up to let her know she could continue. “Bring him down boys!”

“I can get myself to the stool” Sebastian growled at her.

“Yes, but will you be able to stay on it? Ladies and gentlemen, Blaine Anderson.”

Once the cheering stopped, Blaine managed to blush and give Sebastian one of his famous bashful schoolboy looks, although the rest of his appearance screamed anything but “Bas, I love you and I’ve wanted to sing this song for you for a while. It is a song from my past, but you’ve said that you wished you would have been there, so this is for you.”

When the intro began, Sebastian knew he recognized it but could not figure out from where. He was too busy watching his boyfriend ditch the bashful schoolboy and go straight to come hither, eye-fucking. Then to turn him on even further, Blaine pulled the microphone off the stand and started to walk, no, slither toward him. Sebastian thought he would be shooting cum before Blaine even started to sing, but then Blaine turned slightly and pointed…at Rachel? What the…NOOOOOOO! He wouldn’t.

You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you

Yes, he would

I picked you out, I shook you up
And turned you around, turned you into someone new
Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet
Success has been so easy for you
But don't forget it's me who put you where you are now
And I can put you back there too

Don't, don't you want me?

Rachel had been acting innocent this whole time, batting her eyelashes and playing up the Who? Me? When Blaine made it back to the stage, Rachel recognized the signal to stand and untie the tie on her wrap dress, revealing a very short, very tight spaghetti-strap dress in the same color red as Blaine’s shirt. Ignoring the catcalls from her friends, she grabbed a hidden microphone and walked toward the stage as she joined in.

It's much too late to find
When you think you've changed your mind
You'd better change it back or we will both be sorry

Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?
Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?

Puck leaned in toward Beat and Mike “I don’t think Rachel planned for that to happen.” He tilted his head, subtly pointing out that Finn was watching Rachel in the same manner as Sebastian was watching Blaine.

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
That much is true
But even then I knew I'd find a much better place
Either with or without you

Santana, who was grinning from ear to ear, decided to kick thing up a notch “I remember Seblaine Jr. dancing behind her, but I don’t remember him grinding her ass like that. Fuck! Did he just bite her? Looks like fucking Sebastian has done wonders for Blaine’s sexual side. I bet they’re into some kinky shit.”

As if on cue, every Warbler within earshot groaned in unison “You have no idea.” It took about a nano-second for them all to realize that they probably shouldn’t have done that.

Santana had been joking, but now she wanted to know and from the expressions on their faces, the other girls did too. She had gotten so distracted that she had completely forgotten about Kurt. That was until he slammed his drink on the table, shattering the glass.

Don't, don't you want me?
You know I can't believe it
When I hear that you won't see me

Sebastian had begun to squirm on his stool. He was pretty damn sure the two of them hadn’t danced together like they were in some porn version of Dirty Dancing the last time.

Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?
Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?


Sebastian almost fell over when Rachel did the arch the back, circle back around and smash Blaine’s dick with her girl parts (he couldn’t bring himself to say the P word, even if was only in his head) move. What the hell were they thinking? There were children in the room (Well, they were sixteen which was technically legal in Ohio, but that was beside the point).

From off to the side he heard a distinctive voice egging Blaine on. Holy shit, Sugar was watching this! Blaine would never do something like this in front of his sweet, innocent baby cousin. What the hell?

Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?
Don't you want me, baby?
Don't you want me, oh?

Don't you want me, baby?

When the two of them finished, they were staring intently into each other’s eyes and panting heavily. Rachel smiled and giggled “I think I found my new duet partner.” That’s when it happened…this kiss. Full on, lips and tongues everywhere, mikes dropped so hands could move freely. It didn’t last very long. The moment Sebastian registered what was happening he was out of his seat in a flash, grabbed his boyfriend caveman style and drug him toward the back.

“I hope Cooper’s office is soundproof” Puck joked (kind of) as the boyfriends passed his table.

“Oh, but I bet whatever they do will be hot. It would be fun to listen, or better yet, watch.” Once she said it, Brittany looked over at Kurt. She was one of the few people that cared if he got his feelings hurt. Speaking of hurt…“Oh my god, Kurt, your hand is bleeding.”

Meanwhile, Blaine and Sebastian didn’t go to the office but one of the storage closets instead. Sebastian slammed the door then smashed Blaine against it, kissing him hard enough to take the Rachel Berry away. When he finally pulled away he totally lost it “What the fuck was that? You were dry fucking her up there! In front of 100 fucking people! If this was some sort of fucking stunt to piss off Hummel it fucking backfired! I can fucking tell you right now the only fucking person that is pissed off is me!”

When Sebastian finished, Blaine smiled, which turned into a smirk, which turned into that look that sent electricity throughout his boyfriend’s body. Well, it wasn’t going to work this time (maybe). “Oh sweetheart, you didn’t like my gift for you? You see I thought since Kurt decided he’s not in love with you anymore I’d help you kick your old favorite mailman up a notch. You know, the one of me and Rachel kissing. I figured it would be more effective with visuals.”

Sebastian reminded himself that Blaine had done a bad, bad thing. The fact that he was using that voice of his that practically sent him into submission (ok, it totally did) didn’t matter (hopefully). “Why? My old images worked just fine.”

“Oh Bas, you don’t seem to appreciate what Rachel and I did for you. You see starting Monday, for the next two weeks you are my toy to play with as I wish. And when I say toy, I mean I stocked up with Jeremiah, toy. I got one of those remote control vibrators with settings from 1 to 10. I can’t wait for you to have it up your ass during Mr. Mumford’s Economics class. It’s usually so boring. Oh, and I got this modified chastity belt that you’ll put on the Monday after Regionals and then take off that Thursday before our Study Hall in the Library. Once it’s off, I’m going to play out one of my fantasies. I’m going to crawl under the library table and blow you right there. Four days of no touching and then my wet mouth is going to take your entire cock down my throat and you’re going to have to sit there quietly, like nothing’s going on. Plus, I’m going to arrange for Thad to meet you at our table about five minutes after I start. You are going to be so ready to shoot your cum, but if you make one wrong move or facial expression Thad will know right away what’s happening. Doesn’t this sound like fun?”

“No! (yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, please) You’re the one that let Rachel do everything but drop to her knees on during that song. Why am I being punished? I did nothing wrong!”

“You’re right my love, you’ve done nothing wrong…yet.”

What the hell? Blaine said yet and then left him there. Yet what? He hadn’t done anything…Oh shit! Blaine had obviously overheard half of a conversation he had with Trent. The wrong half. He needed to talk to Trent and Mercedes. Now!

As determined as he was to find them, Sebastian stopped when he heard what was happening on stage. Rachel and Finn were up there singing a rather inappropriate rendition of We’ve Got Tonight, not paying a bit of attention to anyone else in the room. That wasn’t going to end well, which had kind of been the theme of the evening. He found Trent talking with Wes and David, but Mercedes was nowhere in sight. “Trent, I need to talk to you and Mercedes. Where is she?”

David rolled his eyes and was visibly frustrated “I’m surprised you didn’t run into her. She and Brittany are in the back helping to get Hummel’s hand patched up.”

“What did he do?”

“Smashed a glass on the table when Blaine and Rachel were on stage and it cut his hand pretty bad. He’s cracking Sebastian. You need to surprise Blaine like in the next 10 minutes if you want Hummel here.”

“Ok, I know Blaine has one more song planned with the girls but I don’t even know who the girls are.” He saw Blaine talking to Jake and Ryder, and even though he was still a little afraid of him, he called him over “Hey B, can you come here a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“I know you have the Katy Perry song left to do with the girls. Which girls are you talking about?”

“Sugar, Nari and Kitty. Although, I heard Marley is going to perform with them because some quote/unquote Cheerio Bitch keeps trying to hang all over Jake. But, I’m not performing with them anymore.”

“Why not?” Trent asked.

“I would not do that song with them and told them that if I heard them sing one note of it I would have Uncle Robert’s men pull them off stage. They chose another song they said they didn’t need me for, but I have the guys in place just in case.”

Sebastian started to laugh “Damn B, what the hell was the song? I mean Katy Perry…Holy Shit! Did they want to do Teenage Dream?”

“No. Peacock.”

All eyes immediately went to Wes who went pale at the thought of his little sister singing Come on baby let me see what you’re hiding underneath to Sam. Sam, the blonde Adonis who wore pants so tight as the BDSM Angel that there was no question about what he’s hiding. Or what he wasn’t hiding as the case may be. “I need to talk to my sister RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW!”

“You know, that was the second time today I heard Wes say Fuck. I think that’s the record.” David said, which made the others laugh even harder than they had when Wes stormed off. “I better go after him.”

“No, let me” Blaine offered. “I already had this tirade when Sugar told me the original song. I can empathize.”

Once Blaine left Sebastian told David “Now that B’s taken care of Wes, I need you to go rescue your girlfriend.”

“Mercedes is not my girlfriend.”

“Yeah, hate to tell you this dude, but Mercedes is your girlfriend. You just haven’t asked her yet.”

David was so focused on what Sebastian had said, he literally walked into Cooper “Hey, watch where you’re going. Oh, hi David, You on your way to rescue Brittany and your girlfriend from Hummel.”

“She’s not my…nevermind, but yes, Seb needs Mercedes. So, where have you been all night?”

“Taking care of things behind the scenes, trying to find ways to better secure the kitchen and my office since people think they can just walk in and out, and watching the security monitors.”

“I thought there were like 10 of Mr. Motta’s guys here.”

“Fifteen if count Doug’s team and Dmitri. I still…NO!”

David turned around to see Thad, Nick, Sam and Jake on stools and Kitty, Sugar, Nari and Marley on stage in full-on slutty school girl outfits, complete with pigtails. “I thought the just added Marley. Where did they get an outfit? I bet Wes and Blaine are going to flip out if they’re singing…”

Oh baby, baby
Oh baby, baby

Cooper excused himself because he suddenly had something very important to do. David assumed it had something to do with what was going on onstage, but what was important to him was that if the girls were on then Sebastian was next and he needed Mercedes. He found her, as well as Kurt and Brittany next to a sink designated for medical issues.

“I still don’t understand how Sebastian tricked you Kurt” But Brittany was at least trying which Kurt apricated, so he had more patience with her than others “Just because he said something and it came true doesn’t mean he’s a trickster. He could be a physic or wizard like Harry Potter. Don’t the Warblers go to school at Hogwarts?”

Now there’s a member of the New Directions that actually is endearing “Sorry to interrupt, but Mercedes and Brittany, the final song is next.”

Brittany kissed Kurt on the cheek and left. Mercedes did the same thing but added “Don’t forget to change the wrap when you get home and go to the ER if it gets infected.”

“Thanks Mercy, I’ll see you tomorrow at the wedding.” David started to follow Mercedes out, but Kurt couldn’t help himself “You know you’ll never really be one of them.”

“Excuse me? What are you talking about? I know you’ve heard Once a Warbler, Always a Warbler. Well, all Warblers but you and Hunter Clarington. Good company you’re keeping there, Hummel.”

“I’m not talking about being a Warbler, I’m talking about being a Dalton Boy. You’ll always be their charity case.”

“David!” Both guys turned to see an agitated Cooper “Go back to the restaurant. I need to speak to Kurt.” David left but had an unsettled feeing. What had Kurt meant by charity case?

“What the fuck do you think you were doing?” Cooper hissed, trying to control himself and not yell with all of the people around “If you believe for one second that you can replace your blackmail about Sebastian’s parentage with blackmail of telling David about where his money to pay for school comes from, think again. Come with me.” When Kurt hesitated Cooper informed him “That was not a request.” They went and sat at a table in the back and were just in time to see Sebastian take the stage.

'Hi, I’m Sebastian Smythe. I have an announcement from the owner. It is now 10PM and at 10:30PM the Sugar Shack will be closing, so this will be the last song of the evening.” The expected chorus of Awww(s) and Boo(s) rang down since everyone had been having such a good time. “With that out of the way, I would like to ask my wonderful boyfriend Blaine to come have a seat. It’s time for me to pay him back for the song he sang for me earlier.”

Blaine was met with Oooh(s) and You’re in trouble(s), but he didn’t care. He had already proven his point, so he’d let Sebastian have his fun.

“Blaine, I’m pretty sure you overheard part of a conversation I had with Trent, where he said that I should chose a song for you that would express what I love most about you and I sang..?”

He knew he had been caught, so Blaine played along “Baby Got Back.”

The crowd laughed since most of them had heard Sebastian mention Blaine’s ass a few (hundred) times “What my wonderful eavesdropping boyfriend didn’t stick around to hear was that I was joking, and knew exactly what I wanted to sing because the things I love most are Blaine’s big beautiful eyes.”

Well, that got everyone’s attention.

“Blaine forgave me for the worst thing I had ever done, even when I couldn’t forgive myself. So, every day that I have the privilege of looking into his eyes I see that forgiveness but I also see joy, and pain, and passion, and love and a million other emotions. Most importantly, when I look in Blaine’s eyes I see home.”

Trent, Doug, Unique and Mercedes headed up to the stage humming the opening and Blaine felt someone sit next to him. It was Sam who gave him a handkerchief and then clutched his hand. He was there for support. Blaine usually wasn’t on the receiving end of these things.

Love I get so lost, sometimes
Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

When I want to run away
I drive off in my car
But whichever way I go
I come back to the place you are

All my instincts, they return
And the grand facade, so soon will burn
Without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside

In your eyes
(In your eyes)
The light the heat

(In your eyes)
I am complete

(In your eyes)
I see the doorway
(In your eyes)
to a thousand churches

Every time the background (In your eyes) was sung, a different table would join in until practically half the room was standing. It wouldn’t be much longer until every table had joined in.

Love, I don't like to see so much pain
So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away
I get so tired of working so hard for our survival
I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive

Blaine was thankful for whoever thought to have Sam sit and hold his hand. There was no way he would make it through this without that stability. What Sebastian had put together was breathtaking. An outpouring of love and support from not only his friends, but those he considered family…Sam, Santana, The Senior Warblers, Wes, David…and of course his real family of Sugar and Cooper. Very few of those there had any idea of how perfect the timing for this was. How much Blaine would need that support in the very near future.

(In your eyes)
The light the heat

(In your eyes)
I am complete

(In your eyes)
I see the doorway
(In your eyes)
to a thousand churches

(In your eyes)
The resolution
(In your eyes)
of all the fruitless searches

In your eyes

By this time everyone was participating and having a good time, except for a small table in the back “See that Kurt? That is how my brother deserves to be loved and I will make sure he never settles for anything less again. Move on, Kurt. Blaine obviously has.”

In your eyes
Oh, I want to be that complete

Sebastian walked down the stairs to make sure he finished the song with Blaine in his arms, which he did.

In your eyes, in your eyes
In your eyes, in your eyes

The song ended and balloons fell like they did the previous year. People began to bat them around but were ever mindful of the oblivious couple kissing in the middle of the chaos. It took a while for them to separate, but when they did Blaine’s smile was probably the brightest Sebastian had ever seen “I take it I’m not in trouble anymore?”

Blaine looked around the room and basked in the happiness before saying “Not even a little bit. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I love you so much Bas. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“I love you too B. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Chapter Text

Buzz, buzz, buzz

“Blaine…Blaine, babe…Your alarm is going off.”

“I didn’t set an alarm. It must be yours.”

Buzz, buzz, buzz

“Sorry B. That’s your phone.”

Buzz, buzz, buzz

“Noooooo. You’re cuddly and smell good. They’ll stop.” Buzz, buzz, buzz Blaine reached over to his night table and sure enough it was his phone “Rachel Berry, it is 6AM! Somebody better be in the fucking hospital!” After hearing her voice for less than a second, he pulled the phone from his ear to see if he had accidently put it on speaker.

He had not.


“Rachel, slow down and take it down a notch, or ten. I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

“I need to see you Blaine. I need to talk to you…” And of course, she started to cry. Damn it!

“Ok, ok. Give me a half hour and I’ll meet you…”

“I’m in your driveway. Well, Sugar’s driveway, but I’m here.”

Seriously? He was going to have to speak with the guys “Give me a couple minutes and I’ll be down.” Blaine groaned as he leaned over and kissed Sebastian “Rachel’s here. I promise I’ll be back soon and then we can get back to snuggling.”

Fortunately, Sebastian opened his eyes right as Blaine was about to leave “Um, babe. It’s one thing to open the door naked to Santana, Rachel is another story.” Blaine looked down and yeah, clothes would be a good thing.

When a now dressed Blaine opened the front door he found a puffy-eyed Rachel, but that wasn’t the most noteworthy thing about her appearance “Rachel? Why are you still wearing the dress you wore last night?”

“I slept with Finn.”

Not a big shocker there, he just wondered why he was a stop on her walk of shame. “Come on, I’m going to need coffee for this.” He grabbed a throw blanket from the couch and put it around her shoulders as they walked toward the kitchen. As he made her a cup of tea, and that much needed cup of coffee for himself, he once again noticed the time. It was far too early for this shit, especially when a warm and naked Sebastian was upstairs in his bed “Tell me what happened.”

She talked about how upset she’s been since she found out Brody was a lying sack of shit, and how she and Finn had talked after Kurt slapped him...

“Excuse me? Kurt slapped Finn last night? Why am I only now hearing about this?”

“Can we focus on my issues for a moment, please?! Oh Blaine, I’m sorry.”

“No Rach, you’re right. Let’s focus on you.” So you can leave, and I can have some more hot sex with my gorgeous boyfriend before he has to go home. “What happened after Kurt slapped Finn?”

“You and I sang, which Finn found very sexy. He asked if I would sing a song with him…”

We’ve Got Tonight? Didn’t you realize that song was about two people that use to be in a relationship deciding that it was a good idea to have a one-night stand? I swear, nobody listens to lyrics anymore.” Blaine felt bad when she began to cry again, but he really wanted her to get to the point “What happened next?”

“I don’t know. Somehow we wound up at a hotel and had the best sex we’ve ever had.”

“And I take it you don’t want a Sex high-five? Never mind, it’s a Puck thing. I still don’t understand where I fit into this.”

“You know how we found out everything the New Directions had ever performed had been recorded?”

“Sue wanted blackmail material in case any of us actually became famous. Right?”

“Right. Well, she let Emma see the videos of all of the song ideas we had for the proposal. She loved my Without You and asked me to sing it at the reception.”

“Doesn’t she know…” Then it hit him “You sang that song to Finn and then he asked you to marry him.”

“Yes” Rachel practically collapsed with relief “Now do you see why I need you?”

“No, not really.”

“I promised Emma that I would sing it, but now I can’t because Finn might take it the wrong way. But if you sang it with me…”

“Why me?”

A tinge of guilt hit Rachel at that point “I was going to say you promised you’d owe me when you asked me to look into you being a NYADA finalist, but there’s something I should tell you first. Before I found out Brody would lay for pay, I had asked him to help since he knew Madame Tibideaux’s assistant. I’m sorry, I thought he could be helpful.”

“It’s ok. You didn’t know this would happen.”

“Thank you, but what I haven’t told you was the next day in Cassie July’s dance class everyone, and I mean everyone, had already heard about that guy who was a finalist without applying. Evidently, it was all over NYADA. Brody said the assistant had no idea how it got out or how you were a finalist. But Blaine, that’s not the worst of it.”

“What does that mean?”

“When people showed Brody the video of you and me from last night, he told them that you were that guy. I have over 200 messages. I’m so sorry.”

So what? He didn’t care if people at NYADA…wait a minute...“A video of Don’t You Want Me? is online?”

“Oh, Blaine” Rachel pulled out her phone and showed him the video and number of views.

“How the hell does this have 93,000 views already? Fuck! The guys are going to give me so much shit for this!” And then he realized his true nightmare “No, no, no! Santana is going to give me so much shit for this. Fuck!” From the look on Rachel’s face, Blaine could tell she wasn’t the one that had posted it. He’d deal with that person later. “Ok, whatever, its fine (Not really). Back to you. I’ll agree that I owe you a favor, but I’m not going to the reception. I only agreed on the wedding.”

“Not a problem, Blaine Warbler. I’ll ask someone else. Just name one person that saw me sing that version of the song and has identic musical memory. Hold on, I can name someone…You. I bet you don’t even need to rehearse.”

Damn it! She had him there “Alright, I’ll do it. The wedding starts at 4PM. Why don’t we meet up a half an hour before and work out the arrangement?”

They talked a few minutes longer and then he walked her to her car. Once she drove off, Blaine hurried back into the house because it was freezing outside. He probably should have worn more than just pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. When he got back to his room, he started to strip off the clothing but then had a different idea. An evil idea. He very gently crawled back into bed and then snuggled into his boyfriend’s side.

Sebastian couldn’t have scrambled away any faster “What the fuck?! Blaine, seriously. What the fuck?!”

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.” Blaine said when he was finally able to stop laughing. “Oh, stop pouting. You have to leave in two hours and we didn’t get around to giving gifts last night because you were too excited that Cooper had gotten everyone out of the house.”

“Correction, we were excited.”

“Yes, we were. Several times. Now go put something on because we will never get through this with you naked.”

He grumbled a little, but Sebastian agreed with Blaine’s point. He had to go to his drawer (yes, Blaine had given him one) to get his gift anyway “Ok, I suppose you want your gift first again?”

Blaine held out his gimme hands “Duh, have you met me?” They had already given each other cards, so Blaine immediately started tearing away the paper. He smiled when he saw a leather cuff in the box. He had hoped Sebastian would replace the one he had ruined as his gift

“You got me a new cuff.”

“No, that’s your old cuff.”

Blaine dropped the box in disbelief “How? I ruined my old one when I got blood all over it that night when, you know.”

“Did you know that there are businesses that can clean anything off of anything?” Sebastian picked up the cuff and started to point at different markings “While they couldn’t take away all of the stains, the blood is gone. I actually think that’s better. Whenever you think you can’t do something all you have to do is look at your wrist and know you’ve survived much worse. Now, I know you can’t fight…”

Predictably, Blaine had turned into a blubbering idiot “As much as I love my bracelet, it’s easier to wear the cuff when I play instruments. This way I’ll have you with me when I play, no matter what.”

“What do you mean No matter what?” Sebastian wiped Blaine’s tears, but he was pretty sure they were no longer happy ones “Blaine, what’s going on?”

“This way I’ll have you with me when you go to California.” Blaine whispered, no longer able to face Sebastian. The thought of losing him was ripping him apart, which is why it totally pissed him off when the bastard started laughing. “What’s so fucking funny?”

“I have to call the Blonde Chameleon because Nightbird’s investigative skills are shit right now. This was the second time he overreacted when he only knew half of a story. I’m not going to Stanford you idiot. I’m going to Columbia. I’ve always said I wanted to go to New York and the fact that it’s my dad’s alma mater pretty much sealed the deal. Don’t tell me if you weren’t destined for Julliard your dad wouldn’t be pushing Michigan.”

“It does have a highly rated Theater Arts Department.” His father had only told him that a few hundred times until his mom made him drop it. “If you were set on going to Columbia, why did you even apply to Stanford of all places? It’s on the other side of the country.”

Sebastian reached out for Blaine’s hands and made sure he was looking at him “I want to get this all out before you say anything. No matter what, ok?” Blaine nodded, but he sure didn’t like how that sounded “Stanford was my Run away from Blaine school…uh-uh, you said you would hear me out. I know you have forgiven me, but you hadn’t last year at this time. I was in love with you Blaine, yet I left you on the ground, screaming because of something I’d done. I had to turn in my applications the week after and I knew you planned on going to NYADA to be with Hummel. So, I talked with my parents, and while my dad was pissed, they agreed to Stanford. That was if I could even get in with what I had done on my permanent record, but that’s not an issue anymore thanks to you. I’m going to Columbia, Blaine. I promise.”

“Oh, thank god!”

The force of Blaine jumping into his arms pushed them back onto the bed. After a rather intense kiss, Blaine started kissing down his neck (after a particularly embarrassing family dinner with his grandparents and Cooper asking why Blaine was wearing a turtleneck, visible marks were forbidden). He knew if he licked right behind Sebastian’s ear he would… “Hey stop…um, wow…ok, that feels good…No…No! I want my gift then we can go for round four. Or is it five?”

“Fine” Blaine grumbled as he pulled the both of them back up and then reached into his night table for the gift. When Sebastian seemed confused by the shape of the box, he said “Let’s just say that once again we have similar tastes in gift giving.”

Inside the box was a silver linked ID bracelet like the one he had given Blaine for Christmas, with one exception “It says You + Me forever."

“When you lent me your cuff, I wanted you to have something as well. And since our cuffs matched, it only made sense that our bracelets did too. And by forever, I didn’t mean…”

Sebastian ended his boyfriend’s blabbering with a kiss “You don’t have to explain. It’s perfect. But…”

“But, what?” Blaine tried to fake being offended, but it didn’t last long “Oh, you were expecting a song.”

“Well, yeah…kind of.” Blaine gave him a wink, but instead of getting his guitar he picked up a remote and pressed play. When the song began it was just piano. The tempo was fun, which also became flirty when a guitar came in in response. The two instruments played off of each other and Sebastian finally realized that this wasn’t a song, it was a composition. He started to smile as a signal to Blaine that he had figured it out when…


The music stopped abruptly and then there was silence, which seemed like minutes to Sebastian but was probably only seconds. When the music came back the tempo was completely different. It was dark with a hint of sadness. The piano and guitar were joined by more instruments. Each time a new one came in it seemed to layer on top of the others, until you couldn’t hear the piano or guitar any longer. Sebastian was floored by the intensity, but then he heard it. The guitar was back. It was faint, but it was there and as it became louder the layers of darkness faded. When the piano joined in, the other instruments didn’t go away, they accompanied the piano and guitar in their original melody. At some point a choir came in, no words, just harmonies which sent the crescendo to its apex then…flirty piano and guitar played the song out.

Blaine hit the stop button on the remote and then turn his attention back to Sebastian “Bas?”

“What’s it called?”

“Excuse me?”

“What’s the title?”

Sebastian’s Heart.”

After Sebastian left for home, Blaine headed to Breadstix. Cooper had asked him to come so he could explain his trip to New York, but Blaine hadn’t realized there was more going on.

“Why am I not terribly surprised by this?” Blaine asked, but didn’t actually expect an answer from the three guys sitting across from him.

“You’re not mad at me, are you dude?” Puck asked. “I mean, I agreed to help you first.”

“No, not at all. You’ve been great. I can’t thank you enough.”

“What about me?” Cooper had been nervous, but Blaine seemed to be ok with things. So far.

“What about you? The fact that you are taking over Al Motta’s quote/unquote investigation and security business or that you hired these two?” Ok, so he did have a problem that Cooper had hired Finn, but they could talk about that in private.

However, Finn knew he was the real problem. Blaine didn’t trust him and he had every right not to “Blaine, again, I’m sorry man…for everything. I know I’ve been a dick, but didn’t realize how big of one until Puck and Cooper explained Alpha Gay. But, I’ve got to know man, was I really the reason you stayed at McKinley?”

Blaine took a deep breath. What he was about to say could never, ever, become common knowledge and he had to get that point across. “Before I answer, I want the three of you to understand something. If this gets out, I am willing to forego any music career and beat the shit out of whoever said anything. I am willing to go to jail for this, do you understand? Cooper, I love you, but that means you too. I’m serious. This never leaves this room. Now Finn, would you like me to answer your question?” The other two guys gave Finn an It’s up to you look, but he nodded for Blaine to continue.

“It took a lot of therapy to get me to this point, but no, you were not the reason I stayed at McKinley. I was pissed at you Finn, justifiably so, and I talked myself into believing you caused me to stay. Kurt had nothing to do with my decision either. I stayed for Sugar and only Sugar. I knew when the New Directions won Schuster would never let her come over with the rest of the girls. I put the idea in Quinn’s head to invite all of the TroubleTones to join us and not just the girls that left.”

“Ok, so what was with the threat if we tell someone?” Finn asked. Puck made a mental note to tell Finn that there was one rule when dealing with the Anderson brothers…do not underestimate their love for their baby cousin, or the lengths they would go to protect her. Hell, Blaine had just threatened to beat the crap out of Cooper.

“Sugar blames herself for my depression. My therapist and I had to develop this mantra for her to repeat when she starts berating herself for asking me to come to McKinley in the first place. If she knew that she actually was the reason I didn’t go back to Dalton, it would crush her. And Finn, that wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. Now, can I talk to my brother alone please.”

Puck thought it was a good time to have that chat about Sugar with Finn, so they went back to the kitchen. Once they were gone, Cooper asked Blaine “Are you sure you’re ok with this?”

“We can talk about you hiring Finn later, but Coop, you taking over Dmitri and the guys? Are you out of your fucking mind? How did you ever talk Uncle Robert into that? Mom and dad are going to fucking kill him when they find out! And then they’re going to fucking kill you!”

“They know, Squirt. Honestly, and Uncle Robert offered me the company. Blaine, I’m good at this and feels good to be able to say that.”

That calmed Blaine down, a little bit. “Breadstix isn’t some money laundering business, is it?”

“No, I’m really enjoying the restaurant too. I’m happy kiddo and it’s all your fault.” Cooper reached over and messed Blaine’s hair “God I’m glad you got rid of the helmet. So, was that what you wanted to talk about or is there something else?”

“Uncle Al got them to agree.”

“Who? And why did you call him…Oh, shit! Seriously? To everything? Are you ok?”

“Let me see, seriously, to everything, and it was my idea so yeah, I’m ok. I couldn’t have this hanging over my head, Coop.”

“I know, but I thought you were going to stop protecting everyone and focus on yourself for a while.”

“I am, I promise. While I will help and support the people I care about, the only people I will protect anymore are my family and these two guys, even if one of them will never know.”

“You won’t protect Sebastian?”

“No, we wind up pissing each other off when we do that. From now on, instead of trying to protect each other we’re just going to love each other.”

“Oh my god, you two make my teeth hurt. Now, let’s talk about you coming to the Grand Reopening on Tuesday.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Motta sat in the Nixon’s living room having explained to Doug the plea deal his brother was offered. The boy was having difficulty comprehending everything. “Doug, I promise all of this was Blaine’s idea. He doesn’t want this to affect his life, or yours, any more than it has.”

“I can’t believe he agreed to this. More than that, I can’t believe my parents agreed to letting their precious son do actual jail time.” His foster mom squeezed his hand while her husband studied the deal. There was one other person in the room as well “Trent, are you sure you’re ok with your parents adopting me?”

“No Doug, but I am ok with our parents officially making you my brother.” Trent smiled as he watched his soon-to-be brother and mother hug each other and cry. It was just like Blaine to put the needs of Doug and the other victim ahead of his own. Mr. Motta said that Blaine would explain everything to the guys on Monday, but he couldn’t help but wonder how Sebastian felt about all of this. Although, his best friend may not have had much time to reflect on what Blaine had done. He was on his way home to deal with his own family issues and from what Sebastian told him yesterday, there was a lot to deal with.

Sebastian had made it home, but he had gotten on the road a little later than anticipated because…well, Blaine. Or more precisely, one last round with Blaine. Only this time it hadn’t been the hot and oh so dirty sex they had been having, they had made love. He still couldn’t believe how perfect Sebastian’s Heart was (or how it was already on his Blaine I-Pod. Evidently Doug really was a computer genius). He had played it on a loop the entire drive back to keep his mind on what was good in his life. How Blaine loved him and how amazing their two days of comfortable had been. How he was only months away from moving to the city he had always wanted to live in. How despite everything, he would go to his school of choice even if he didn’t have a clue of what his major might be. How for the first time in his life he had a true best friend in Trent. How he enjoyed spending time with the guys, as well as some of Blaine’s friends, and didn’t just put up with them because he had to.

How none of the crap with his parentage mattered. His mom and dad were his mom and dad. Period.

Sebastian was so caught up in his thought bubble, that he was startled when he heard a sound that in no way belonged in his home…a baby crying. He entered the living area to see his extremely frazzled parents, his mom bouncing a baby in her arms and his dad making shushing noises. It took a moment for him to grasp what was going on “Izzy!” He went to his mother and took his niece out of her arms. As if on cue, the baby immediately stopped crying and gave her uncle a look of undying love. “Izzy-wizzy bear, what are you doing here? Did you come to see your Uncle Sebby? Huh? That’s why you are happy baby now, isn’t that right, precious. Your Uncle Sebby gots you.”

“Her name is Isabella, jack ass.” Sebastian’s sister Sierra came into the room, holding a bottle and looking even more frazzled than his parents.

He took the bottle and then stuck his tongue out at her “First, do not say that donkey word around my niece’s delicate ears. Second, I called her Izzy and she stopped crying…just saying. And last, what the fu..fudge are you doing here?”

“Can’t a person and her daughter fly across the ocean just because?”

“A person, yes. You, no. What’s going on guys?”

The way his parents and sister kept eyeing each other, it was pretty clear what was happening. His mother sat next to him and smiled “Darling Boy, can’t we stop and visit for right now? Maybe save the hard stuff for when this angel decides she wants to take a nap?”

Sebastian was about to say something that he would probably regret later, when Isabella laughed and smiled up at him. His heart completely melted and suddenly something totally off topic made perfect sense “Sugar.”


“Yes, mom. Sugar is Blaine’s cousin…”

His dad jumped in “Isabella is your niece, not your cousin.” Then he realized that Sebastian was talking about his boyfriend’s cousin “I’m sorry, son. I didn’t mean to snap like that.”

“I know Izzy is my niece dad. What I wanted to say is that Blaine would do anything for his cousin Sugar. When her mom died, he played his guitar for her every night for months so she could sleep. She is the real reason he transferred to McKinley. He is ridiculously overprotective of her. Every time she goes on a date with Nick, you know Nick Duvall from the Warblers, I think I’m going to have to sedate him. I always thought his relationship with her was a little over-the-top. Ok, a lot over-the-top, but I get it now. I would do exactly the same thing for this princess right here. I will do exactly the same thing for this princess.” He scanned the room and the rest of his family was crying, but that could be because Izzy had worn them out before he got there.

It took another 20 minutes for her to fall asleep. Once she was tucked into her portable crib, Sebastian wasn’t going to wait any longer for answers “Now will you tell me why you left your husband in Paris and flew here?”


“Dad, you promised when I talked to you at breakfast yesterday that you would not hide what’s going on with Julien from me. Why is Sierra here?”

“Julien came to my house three days ago.” Sierra admitted. “He was looking for you, Seb. One of his old buddies saw you when you came for the holidays, so he thought you still lived in Paris.”

“Oh.” Why would his sperm donor, and that was all Julien was, want to see him? It didn’t make sense.

“Son, I know you and Blaine planned on going to Paris for Spring Break, but we’re asking you not to. It would be best if you stayed in the states for now.”

“What’s preventing him from coming here?”

“He’s on parole for the next two years and cannot leave France.”

That was comforting “Ok, I’ll talk to Blaine. I won’t tell him the whole story, but like I told Dad, I’m pretty sure he knows at least part of it.” The expressions of the others didn’t change even though he agreed with their request. “What else is going on?”

Juliette Smythe started to push her son’s hair away from his face like she had done when he was a little boy. All she had ever wanted for him was to be safe and happy. However, in order to keep him safe she was going to have to break his heart “Darling Boy, we need to talk to you about Stanford.”


Chapter Text







“Blainey, what’s going on?” Sugar asked as she sat down on his lap. The two tables the group of friends had taken over at the Schuster Reception were overflowing and there didn’t seem to be enough chairs, but that meant nothing when it came to Sugar. She didn’t need an excuse to sit on Blaine’s lap.

“Two things, Sugar Bear. Santana is counting the views on my video with Rachel, and everyone else is trying to guess Beat’s real name.”

“Oh, that’s…”

Blaine nudged her in the side “Remember Sweetie, it’s a secret” he whispered into her ear. “And it’s not our secret to tell.”

“Got it” she whispered back, and then offered to the group “Dominic?”

“No.” Beat gave her the same answer as the others, but included a nod to express his thanks.

“500,001! I am officially proclaiming Sugar Shack Boyfriend Shock a viral video.”

“That’s enough, Tana” Blaine knew why she was doing this, but he wasn’t changing his mind “Just because Kurt found out about me and NYADA from the video comments doesn’t mean you can tell him about Bibbi. Everyone promised me that this reception would be a No Kurt Drama zone. This is not the time or place for any of that.”

“Unless he starts…”


“Fine” Obviously, she had her fingers crossed. If Hummel started anything…well, Lima Heights would be involved “Has anyone figured out who originally posted this and what we’re going to do to them when we find out?”

“Oh, I…that’s timing” Blaine motioned over to a messenger that had arrived. He gently pushed Sugar from his lap, walked over to the guy and gave him a tip before taking a package.

“Blaine, there’s a gift table over by the stage” Tina reminded him when he returned.

“Oh, I know. This isn’t for the happy couple. It’s for Brittany.”

“For me? Blaine Warbler? What? I…”

Sam knew what was going on so he stood and motioned to the others “Come on guys, the dance floor looks empty.” Their friends took the hint, but before he left Sam held out his fist “Good job, Nightbird.”

Blaine smiled and gave him a bump “Thanks for the assist, Blonde Chameleon.” At least he had got this one right. Once it was only him and Brittany, and of course Santana, Blaine sat down and tried to explain why she had unwrapped a box with a Cheerios uniform in it.

“Britt, I didn’t want to get your hopes up but it’s real. You just have to keep your grades at a C or above like you are now.”

Santana saw that her best friend and girlfriend were communicating with their eyes and didn’t like being outside of the loop “Full story, Anderson.”


It was Brittany that couldn’t hold back “The day Sue told me I couldn’t be a Cheerio anymore, Blaine Warbler set me up with tutors and all sorts of other people to help me study, and then he and Artie sang an awesome Brittany/Bieber mash-up for me. Then he went back to Hogwarts, but he made sure I still had help. Now Sammy, Sugar, Ryder and Alice come to tutoring with me and all of our grades are much better. I thought he might stop after what happened between me and Sammy, but I should have known better.” Blaine gave her a wink, remembering how she had cried when he told her that. It broke his heart that she thought he would give up on her, but then realized that was probably what had happened before. “So, you may be his best girl but I was his favorite bi-corn first.”

“You never told me” Santana said, but didn’t know if she was talking to her girlfriend or best friend. She’d figure that out later, right now she was too blown away to fully rationalize what she had heard. “So, how is she back on Cheerios?”

Blaine took that one “Oh, I might have had people talk to people in the school district about ways Brittany seemed to have fallen through the cracks and wasn’t there some way to help her without lawyers getting involved. Don’t look at me like that, I’m not saying. Britt’s back if she wants.”

Next thing Blaine knew he had Brittany in his arms and Santana clutching his hand “Blaine, this is amazing but what does this have to do with the video?”

“Nothing, but the timing was pretty spectacular. Bree posted the video.”

“That Cheerio bitch that was trying to get with little Puckerman last night? Isn’t she one of the captains?”

“Not anymore, Brittany is.” He took back his hand and then kissed Brittany’s cheek “Consequences, my love, consequences. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go repay a favor.”

Across the room, there was palpable tension at the Hudmel table “Are either of you going to tell me and Carole what the hell is going on?” Burt asked.

When there was nothing but silence, Carole huffed in frustration “Listen to me boys, and yes I’m calling you that because it’s how you’re acting. Get over whatever this is or talk to us so we can help, but I am done with the attitudes.”

Kurt took a chance and gave her the standard answer he had given everyone else “It’s nothing. Just a misunderstanding between brothers.”

Finn, on the other hand, chose that moment to let it all out “Misunderstanding? Are you saying that I am misunderstanding that you slapped me because I told you to leave Blaine alone or are you misunderstanding how pissed I am about it?”

Before anyone could say a word, Rachel and Blaine took the stage. Since they were directly behind the bride and groom, the four of them were stuck, none of them wanting to cause a scene. Fortunately, Puck had seen the tension building so he got Mike and Beat to join him at the Hudmel table to act as buffers, or bouncers if necessary. This could have been a train wreck.

Burt and Carole looked on stage, then at each other and finally at the guys at the table, to whom Burt asked “Did any of you know Blaine played the guitar?”

No, this was definitely going to be a train wreck.

“It’s going to be fine, Rach. Take a breath. Are the changes too much?” Blaine had suggested that instead of having full orchestral accompaniment, he would just play his acoustic guitar. The arrangement would be the same but simpler, and more importantly, different from the version she sang to Finn. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

“No, I love our change. I didn’t realize Finn would be sitting right behind Will and Emma.”

“How about the second section we look at Miss Pil…Schu…the bride, but first and third sections we look at each other?” Rachel gave him a quick nod, so he started the monologue they prepared “Hello, everyone. For those that don’t know us, I’m Blaine Anderson and this beautiful person next to me is Miss Rachel Berry.” There were a few snickers from the crowd but they anticipated that “Yes, that’s us in the video, but we’re going to do something different for you. Mrs. Schuster, I know you asked Rachel to sing this but I hope you don’t mind if I help her out a bit.”

Emma gave him a sweet smile, and Blaine was pretty sure Will rolled his eyes, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. When he finished the song, he could finally leave and call Sebastian. Rachel signaled that she was ready, so he began to play and let her take the lead.

(R) I can't win, I can't reign I will never win this game
Without you, without you

(B) I am lost, I am vain,
I will never be the same without you, without you

(R) I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you

(B) I can't rest, I can't fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you...

(Both) Without you
Oh oh oh! You! You! You!
Without, you! You! You! Without you

Rachel turned away from Blaine and faced Emma. She was holding Will’s hand and smiling so brightly that Rachel totally forgot Finn and was able to focus on the bride and groom.

(R) I won't soar, I won't climb
If you're not here, I'm paralyzed
Without you, without you

Blaine had been able to do the same thing. Unfortunately, as he began to sing his final part of the section, his eyes locked with someone else sitting behind Emma…Kurt

(B) I can't look, I'm so blind
I lost my heart, I lost my mind
Without you


He got through the rest of the song and didn’t think anyone else noticed what happened. Maybe he imagined the whole thing? Nah, he wasn’t that lucky but the good news was Beat had been sitting at the Hudmel table. So, after giving Rachel a hug and putting his guitar back in the case, he got Beat’s attention to meet him back by the Under-21 bar.

“Sorry Bud, but if you’re going to ask me if I saw you lock eyes with Hummel, the answer is yes.”

“So, there’s no chance that he didn’t notice?”

“Good thing you can sing because you’re not funny.”


“Blaine, it’ll be fine. It was like half a second.”

“Thanks.” Blaine relaxed and took a long drink of something he wished had alcohol in it. “How are you doing? Has anyone said anything about you being here without a date?”

“I actually kind of am with one, you know.”

“Ok, let me rephrase. Has anyone said anything about you being here without a girl?”

“No, my epic bromance with Puck has been the perfect cover.” Beat’s entire expression changed when the person they were trying not to discuss gave him a wave “I was so stupid for coming here like this, wasn’t I? I mean, I might be ready to open my closet door but he said he’s never even been attracted to a guy before.”

“Might be ready to open your closet door? That is the absolutely gayest thing you have ever said.”

“I’d roll my eyes, but what’s the point. You wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Blaine jokingly punched his friend in the arm. They had downplayed their friendship in public since he returned to Dalton, but maybe it was time to stop doing that. “Quit overthinking things, Drum. That’s my job. Ok?”

“Thanks Bud. I know keeping my…”

“Stop. I would never say anything. You know that, right?”

“I know.” Beat looked over at their friends. He didn’t know why he kept this from the guys, they would never judge him for being gay. However… “You know I’m actually more afraid of telling them that you and I never lost contact when you went to McKinley. By the way, good save with Sug earlier.”

“Yeah, that was close. I love her to death, but now that she’s not keeping our secret it’s harder for her to keep the others that went with it.”

“Hey, the fact that she’s around Nick and Thad all of the time and hasn’t said anything is pretty amazing. As much as I hated how it happened, I’m glad we’re roommates again.”

“Me, too.”

“And Bud, mom saw the video.”


“She wants you to come back to LA with me for Spring Break.”

“I’m going to Paris with Bas for Spring Break.”

“LA is warmer.”

“Paris is more romantic.”

“Katy has a concert and the last time we met her she said we could go onstage and sing with her.”

Blaine folded his arms, scrunched his face and pouted “That’s…not…playing…fair!” He was going to continue whining when something caught his eye. Thad was over at the tables, literally doubled over in laughter, with all of their other friends staring at him in disbelief. “That doesn’t look good. Where’s Kitty and her whip when you need her?” Blaine looked up at his much taller friend and asked “You ready to go back?”

“Yeah, and Bud, thanks.”

“What can I say? I’d do anything for my best friend Samuel.”

As they walked back, Blaine took note of the dynamic of the table. Sugar, Kitty and Nari were off with Marley and Unique. That meant the younger element of the group was gone. Puck, Mike, Finn and Rachel had come over and sat down, but no one was talking. They were all just staring at Thad. “What’s going on?” Blaine asked but wasn’t sure he wanted anyone to tell him.

“We don’t really know.” Quinn said, but Blaine could tell she was trying to psychoanalyze the group. Good luck with that. “Thad and Nick were telling us about how Sebastian and Trent are still having problems finding their portmanteau name.”

“And I told Quinn to stop using her fancy Yale words” Sam continued.

“And then Quinn, I hope you told Sam that he and I have a portmanteau name…Blam.”

“Yes, she did” Sam announced proudly.

“And then I asked them to tell us some of the ones they’ve tried” Mercedes told him. “They were all pretty bad and then they said Smixon which I am assuming is a combination of Smythe and Nixon.” Thad almost instinctively began to giggle.

Then it was Puck’s turn. That should have been Blaine’s first clue “And I said that Smixon sounded like one of Santa’s slutty reindeer.”

“Santa!!!” Thad was doubled over again, laughing just as hard as he had before.

Blaine dropped his face on the table. He knew there was no way he was getting out of this. “What part of A secret you must take to the grave sounds like You can tell everyone in 4 days? 4 days!”

“You told Harwood who Santa is?” Beat didn’t know why he was upset, but he was.

“Blaine Warbler, you know Santa?!”

Oh great, Blaine had forgotten about Brittany and her love of Santa. Shit! He lifted his head, took a deep breath and prepared himself for the most humiliating moment of his life. He really wished Sebastian was there to share his pain. “No, Brittany, not that Santa. Ok listen up. I am telling this story once. If anyone interrupts me, I’m done and Thad won’t be able to tell you because I am duct taping his mouth shut. I am warning you now, this story involves gay sex so if you want to leave, now is that time.” Sam, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Mercedes, Quinn, David, Wes, Nick, Mike, Puck, Finn, Beat and Thad. Not one of the assholes even flinched.


Back over at the Hudmel table, Burt and Carole where trying to follow Kurt’s train of thought “So, it’s Sebastian’s fault that you and Blaine aren’t together anymore because he tricked you into thinking you should break up with Blaine and that you were in love with him.” Burt was glad Carole asked because he probably couldn’t have said that without adding “What the fuck were you thinking?!”

“Yes, because he wanted Blaine. He told me so before Sectionals last year. Now, I’m going to go warm-up. They may have kept me from singing last night, but when Blaine hears what I prepared, he’ll understand.”

After Kurt walked off, Burt and Carole sat speechless. They had found out a lot of things in the last half hour that they had blissfully unaware of. Carole was about to ask Burt a question when she heard something that she hadn’t heard in months…her son laughing. Not a friendly chuckle, but honest to god belly busting laughter. She found Finn at a table with several of last year’s New Directions plus some of Blaine’s Warbler friends. It wasn’t just Finn laughing, it was everyone. Puck would occasionally jump up and give everyone a high-five. Sam looked like he was trying to support Blaine, but then would begin laughing himself. Mike stared at Puck’s friend Beat like You knew this? and Beat nodded. And then there was Rachel. Rachel who was sitting on Finn’s lap with his arms around her waist.

Carole didn’t realize she was crying until Burt handed her a tissue “That’s a sight I never thought I’d see again” he told her.

True, but that wasn’t the only reason she was crying. “Finn asked me today about what I thought about him going to therapy. Puck had Blaine speak to him. He explained that it was hard, but if it wasn’t he wasn’t doing it right. That it was not something he could half-ass or quit if he began to feel better.”

“Like how he said after directing Grease that he had been depressed but the play had cured him?”

“Is it wrong for me to get my hopes up?”

Burt looked at the friends, but couldn’t help but think about the one person missing “I think it’s amazing that Finn is willing to try therapy, but how do we get Kurt to accept that he should try too?”

While Burt and Carole continued their conversation, Blaine tried to text Sebastian yet again. His public flogging had taken longer than expected and now it would be rude to leave before the cake was cut. Damn his parents for instilling manners in him!

Everyone had scattered for the moment. Some were dancing. Some were getting food and drinks. Some were mingling with other guests. Some were on their phones…

“Guess what Blainers? I get to see you and the guys at your Regionals next week” Santana told him.


“There’s been this campaign that my boss has been having problems with. I had an idea, so I sent him some pictures and your amazing Godmother wants me to stay here and work out a couple of things. The plane has to go back, but I’m staying.”

Blaine got up, picked her up out of her chair and spun her around “Tana, Bibbi told you to work out one of your ideas. That’s huge!”

“Blaine, she liked my idea. She liked my idea! Oh my god, what if I screw this up?”

“Don’t. You know Bibbi. She would not give you this responsibility if she didn’t expect you to excel. I’m so proud of you.”

They stood there and held each other and let everyone stare, but then Santana pulled away “Blaine…”.

Blaine turned and saw a shell-shocked Mercedes standing behind them, holding her phone. They separated and quickly went to her side, probably the only thing that kept her from hitting the ground. Soon everyone else that had scattered were back, concerned for their friend, but there was one person that was more concerned than the others.

“Mercy, are you ok?” David asked. When she didn’t answer he turned to Blaine and Santana “Do you two know what’s wrong?”

“Maybe. Mercedes, did you get the call?” She didn’t say anything, only nodded.

Santana tried to take her phone, but she couldn’t get Mercedes to let go “Mercedes, you’re going to have to tell David. Hell, you have to tell me! Am I getting a new roommate or what?”

“Santana, what do you mean? I’m you’re roommate!”

“I know Rachel, just…” Santana looked at Blaine to Do Something!

“Ok, everyone calm down. Mercedes, you’ve really left us no choice, did you get it?”

“No” she whispered, but then lifted her head and grinned “But, I am the understudy.”

“Roomie!” Almost everyone was beyond confused as Santana, Mercedes and Blaine began hugging and jumping and crying together.

Rachel, on the other hand, started to put the pieces together. Mercedes would have to move to New York to live with Santana. If Mercedes was moving to New York to be an understudy, that meant Broadway. And if it was Mercedes and Broadway, that could only mean “Oh my god, you’re going to be the understudy for Effie in the Broadway Revival of Dream Girls?”

All David heard was “You’re moving to New York?” When Mercedes smiled, he pushed Blaine and Santana away and planted a huge kiss on her. Everyone cheered, well everyone but the one diva that thought she would be the Broadway star of the group. She knew she shouldn’t be jealous, but…before she had to start justifying her feelings, Rachel felt a familiar hand take ahold of hers. She looked up to see Finn giving her a smile that he understood and would be there for her. He always did know her best.

“Yo, clearly we’ve missed a lot, but Blaine you need to go.” Artie had joined them as well as Sugar, Kitty, Nari, Tina and the rest of the New New Directions.


“Kurt’s about to sing and I heard him say something about showing up the Meerkat and his pathetic attempt at a big, romantic gesture.”

“Too late, dude.” Sam pointed out that Kurt was already on stage. “What do you want to do?”

“There’s nothing to do. I’m not causing a scene and neither are any of you. Everyone grab a seat, this should be interesting.”

Kurt didn’t introduce himself or say something to Will and Emma like all of the other performers had. He just signaled for the piano player to begin.

Someone to hold you too close
Someone to hurt you too deep

Someone to sit in your chair
To ruin your sleep

Most of the people in the room did not recognize the song, but Blaine and Rachel did. Both of them had to admit that the song selection was surprising…in a good way.

Someone to need you too much
Someone to know you too well
Someone to pull you up short
To put you through hell

The attitudes that everyone had developed toward Kurt the last few months softened. The Kurt that was on the stage was the old Kurt. The Kurt that they had all once cared for in some way.

Someone to crowd you with love
Someone to force you to care
Someone to make you come through
Who'll always be there
As frightened as you
Of being alive

Being alive
Being alive
Being alive!

Rachel couldn’t help but think that if Kurt would have sung this for his NYADA audition he would have gotten in.

Somebody need me too much
Somebody know me too well
Somebody pull me up short
And put me through hell
And give me support
For being alive

Make me alive
Make me alive

Make me confused
Mock me with praise
Let me be used
Vary my days

But alone
Is alone
Not alive

Somebody crowd me with love
Somebody force me to care

Wes, David and the other Dalton boys looked at Blaine and began to panic. He had that face. The There you are. I’ve been looking for you forever face.

Being alive
Being alive
Being alive!

Blaine left the table and Kurt ran off the stage to follow him. Sam and Santana went to do the same, but were blocked. “David and I will go. The two of you are too emotional.” Wes told them.

David could see that wouldn’t be enough “He can handle Kurt. The Blaine from six months ago couldn’t, this Blaine can. We promise we’ll jump in if we have to.”

“Fine, but know this. If Kurt hurts him in any way, I’m going to take care of him but she’s going to take care of the two of you.” Sam had spoken for the both of them, but when Santana sat back down the former Warblers took it as a sign to go.

While they went in search of Blaine, Kurt had found him in the men’s room splashing water on his face. “You cannot tell me you don’t still have feelings for me. I know that expression you had as you watched me sing. It was the same one you had when I sang Blackbird. The same one you had when you realized you loved me.”

Blaine got a paper towel to dry his face which allowed one of the now Mrs. Schuster’s relatives to leave before things became even more awkward “I want you to listen to me. I love Sebastian. I love him in ways I never thought possible, but you’re right. I do still have feelings for the Kurt that was up on that stage. My problem is that Kurt doesn’t exist anymore.”


“No! That Kurt is gone and has been for a long time. He was probably already gone by the time I got to McKinley, but for some reason I didn’t notice. I don’t know what happened to him, but if I am responsible in any way I’m sorry. I’m sorry for him and I’m sorry for me because I miss him.”

“Blaine, come with us. Sam and Santana need to see you.” David held out his arm and Blaine walked past Kurt to him. They began to walk out, but Wes hadn’t moved “Wes?”

“You two go. I’ll be there in a minute.” David escorted Blaine out of the men’s room and Wes locked the door behind them.

“Listen Wes…”

“Oh, will you just shut the fuck up Hummel? I have spent two years listening to your whiny, woe-is-me bitch fest and I am done. Stay the fuck away from Blaine.”

Huh? This was Wes? The way Trent spoke to him last night was surprising. This was mind-boggling “Wes…”

“Did I say you could speak? You know what, you’re not worth it, but hear this. I know all about that charity case nugget you tried laying on David last night. Drop it. Drop it now or I swear you will regret it. Don’t believe me? Think about this…Blaine had to learn about consequences from somewhere.” Wes unlocked the door, but wanted to make sure Kurt got the point. “Oh, say hi to Karofsky for me next time you see him. Hopefully he’s gotten that pesky drug problem under control. It would be a shame for him to be snagged a second time.”

Back at the table, Santana let out a sigh of relief when David come back with Blaine. She got up to greet him, but Brittany pulled her back and pointed to the door.


Chapter Text

Back at the table, Santana let out a sigh of relief when David come back with Blaine. She got up to greet him, but Brittany pulled her back and pointed to the door.

“Blaine, you worried a lot of people when you left after Kurt sang. I’ll get them to back off, but you should probably go.” David told him as they reentered the ballroom.

“I don’t want to run off, but I do want to talk to Bas.”

David smiled and motioned toward the door “Then go talk to him.” Sebastian was standing in the doorway, looking quite dashing in his immaculately cut tuxedo. He locked eyes with Blaine and everything else melted away for the two of them, even though everyone not watching the cake cutting ceremony was watching them.

When Blaine reached Sebastian he could tell something was off by the intensity of the vibe he projected. But in that moment, as bad as it sounded, he didn’t care “You’re here.”

“Your tux doesn’t have a bowtie.” In the background, the cake cutting finished and Jake began to sing All of Me “I want to dance with you.”

“Of course, Bas. I want to sway with my boyfriend too.”.

“No, I want to dance.” Sebastian took Blaine’s hand, led him to the dance floor and then held form. Blaine joined him and tried to think back on all of those dance lessons he had taken as a kid. However, back then he had always led so he had to think and then reverse it. Fortunately, it did not take him long to figure it out and the result was absolutely breathtaking. So much so that everyone else left the dance floor to watch, thinking this was something Will and Emma had arranged much like having their students sing. No one seemed to bat an eye at the fact that it was two boys dancing together.

Curiosity among the couple’s friends went up a few levels when Trent and Doug walked up. “What’s going on?” Wes, who had just rejoined the group after his chat with Kurt, asked.

Trent shook his head and shrugged “No clue. I got a call from Sebastian asking me to bring him here. When we got to his house he was waiting in the driveway dressed like that.”

'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

“They look like Disney princes” Brittany sighed. While she was drawn in by the visual the couple portrayed, she also knew how technically difficult their dance was.

“Yes, Disney princes that everyone is staring at.” Mercedes turned at Mike and asked “Is there anything you can do about that?”

He took a deep breath, stepped forward and held out his hand, but not to Brittany as expected “Want to give them something else to stare at?”

“Are you sure?” Beat was stunned but extremely happy for the turn his date had taken.

“No” Mike chuckled, well aware of the major New Directions drama this would cause “But I get to lead.”

“Ok…this time.”

Artie, who was patting the hand of an almost catatonic Tina, said what they all were thinking “That was unexpected, but least people aren’t only staring at Blaine and Sebastian anymore.”

How many times do I have to tell you?
Even when you're crying you're beautiful, too
The world is beating you down, I'm around through every mood
You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
I can't stop singing, it's ringing in my head for you

My head's underwater but I'm breathing fine
You're crazy and I'm out of my mind

After the shock of watching Mike and Beat join Blaine and Sebastian wore off (a little), others decided they should join them as well “May I have the honor?” Nick asked Sugar.

“Of course.”

Before Sugar could leave, Kitty grabbed her best friend’s arm “You can dance like that?”

“Who do you think had to take all those dance classes with Blainey?”

While that was going on, Quinn leaned to Wes and said “My mother had me in my first Debutant Ball the day after I turned 16.”

Wes took the hint. “Miss Fabray would you care to dance?”

“I would love to.”

Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning

Santana found her way over to Sam “Did you see Kurt walk out when he saw Blaine and Seb dancing?” Sam nodded back at her but it was evident that neither one of them knew if that was a good or bad thing.

Cards on the table
We're both showing hearts
Risking it all
Though it's hard

Rachel moved back closer to Finn “We should learn to do that.”

He knew she most likely didn’t realize what she said, but he wasn’t about to correct her “You’re right. We should.”

Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning

'Cause I give you all, all, all of me
And you give me all, all, all of you, oh

While Blaine had thought from the start that something might be going on with Sebastian, by the time they were leaving the dance floor there was no doubt. Now he was worried and felt it was best if they didn’t rejoin their friends.

“Let me take you home.”


“Let me take you to Uncle Robert’s.”


Blaine pointed at David and Mercedes and motioned for them to come over “Bas, I have to take care of a couple of things before we go. David and Mercedes are going to sit with you at that empty table by the door and keep the crazies away. Ok?” None of them said anything, just headed for the table Blaine had pointed out.

The first stop Blaine made was to see the bride and groom “Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Schuster for inviting me. It was a lovely wedding.”

“Thank you for singing with Rachel. Your rendition was beautiful.” Then much to Blaine’s (and anyone else’s) surprise, Emma stepped forward and hugged him. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Will doesn’t stick his nose into what happened” she whispered.

“You shouldn’t have to do that, it’s your wedding night.”

“How else do you think I was going to keep his mind off of things?” Wow! That woman was full of surprises.

On his way to find Sam, he stopped and gave Sugar a hug and told her he would talk to her tomorrow. When he did find Sam, they discussed what time they were going to meet up on Tuesday. After that was settled, Blaine asked a favor of his best friend. “Please keep the McKinley gossip mill in check.”

“I don’t think you have to worry with the bombshell Mike and Beat dropped.”

Shit! He had seen Beat dancing with Mike but hadn’t put two and two together with all that was happening with Sebastian “Try to help with that too.”

“I’ll try, but Dude, that one will be hard. Tina has totally lost her fucking mind.”

Blaine was frustrated that he couldn’t be there to support Beat. It was a good thing his roommate was the final person he wanted to talk to. “Are you ok?”

Unfortunately, when Blaine asked that he didn’t notice Senior Warblers were standing right behind them. “I’m fine, I promise” Beat assured him. “What about you?”

Blaine appreciated that he didn’t ask about Sebastian. He liked Mike, but now wasn’t the time for explanations. “I’ll be ok. Drum, can you do me a favor and get my acoustic back to the dorm. I…”

“Bud, I’ve got it. Go.” Blaine squeezed his hand and headed back to Sebastian. It was only then that Beat realized they had screwed up. They had called each other by their code names and there was no way those standing nearby didn’t hear them. If there wasn’t going to be questions for him back at Dalton before, there were certainly going to be some now.

He motioned toward the stage where Blaine’s guitar was “Mike, I should go get that.”

“Why don’t we get it and go? I’d like to spend the rest of our Valentine’s Day without an audience.”

It took only 30 seconds after they left for Trent, Thad and Nick to huddle together. “You heard that. Right? Beat called Blaine, Bud. I wasn’t hearing things?” Thad asked the other two.

Nick nodded as he continued to watch Mike and Beat “Bud, as in Beat’s super secret boyfriend that he won’t talk about because he has yet to tell us that he’s gay? Yeah, I heard it too.”

“We always assumed Bud was Beat’s boyfriend. We never knew for sure.” Trent reminded them. “What I do know for sure is that Beat, or I guess Drum, and Blaine/Bud were still talking even after Slushie-gate.”

Thad’s eyes popped open as he remembered something “Beat left school that next week with a family emergency. Do you think he was in Detroit for Blaine’s surgery?”

“I don’t know but with what happened this evening we may have an opening to get some answers.” Trent looked over to the exit and saw Blaine and Sebastian leaving “Hopefully, we can get some other answers as well.”

Across the room, Santana and Finn had cornered Puck to get some answers of their own “Did you know Mikey’s secret?” Santana asked him.

“It was kind of hard not to after I caught them kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Or is it New Year’s Day? Anyway, I called myself their platonic beard. It wasn’t a problem because I really like Beat and after what happened to you and Karofsky last year, I wanted to help.”

Finn cringed at Puck’s statement “Santana, again I am so sorry…”

“Yeah, yeah. You can do your whole grovel/kiss my feet mea culpa again later. Right now I want to know what’s wrong with Seb. You guys work for Cooper. Do either of you know what’s going on?

“Drop it” Wes, who had appeared out of nowhere, told them.

“That’s not happening.”

Wes got a look on his face that Santana had only seen once before. It was the time she had figured out Blaine was Wolverine and he told her to let it go but she couldn’t. She would never forget that look.

“Yes, it is. This is a Warbler problem as it concerns Sebastian. I don’t care if Blaine has let you three in. The only non-Warbler that gets information is Sam and he knows not to say anything. You see, once Blaine was away from those of you who graduated, Sam was able to see the fucking depression he had spiraled into and convinced him to do something about it. You Seniors, with few exceptions, treated him like a human juke box and then tossed him aside for competitions. Well, except for Sectionals where he saved your asses when Schuster let the group implode. And don’t get me fucking started on that Alpha Gay bull shit or the other damage Hummel did to him. Before you say anything Puck, your passive aggressiveness makes you just as culpable as the rest of them. And Mercedes sought council from her church, truly apologized and talked things through with Blaine on multiple occasions. Is that something you’ve done Lopez? Would you even be Blaine Warbler’s Best Gay if it didn’t come with all the fucking perks?”

Santana headed right for him, but the guys were able to stop her “Who the fuck do you…”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up. Huh, that’s the second time I’ve told someone from McKinley that in the last half hour. Oh, back to your question. Who the fuck am I? I am the one that put Blaine back together after his attack. I regret every day that I didn’t see what your Glee Club was doing to him. Trust me, that will never happen again. Of course, I will play nice for Blaine’s sake, I am a Dalton boy after all. And while I am beginning to come around on some of the New Directions, there’s no way I trust the three of you. So, do what I said or you will never see the consequences coming. Just ask Dave Karofsky.”

None of them said anything until after Wes had gone. They had all heard the term consequences before, but only as it pertained to Fight Club. Finn wouldn’t know any better, but Puck and Santana had both been under the impression that Wes wasn’t involved with that. And they had no idea how the hell was he involved with what Blaine had done to Karofsky.

“Isn’t he supposed to be the one that doesn’t swear?” Finn asked, breaking the silence but not actually expecting an answer.

“Guys, I say we drop it for now” Puck suggested. “I’ve always said Dalton’s Fight Club, and I guess the Warblers, are run kind of like the mob. I thought Blaine ran things because of who his uncle is and since he’s Wolverine, but I think we just met the Godfather.”

While the reception was drawing to a close, Blaine and Sebastian were back at the Motta’s. Sebastian was sitting on the edge of Blaine’s bed while Blaine was trying, but failing, to get him to look up. “Bas, what do you need from me?”

“I don’t know.”

Blaine took a breath to steady himself. He knew what he had to do but it frightened him a little. This had always been for fun, for pleasure. It wasn’t going to be that way this time. He didn’t want to make things worse. The first thing he had to do was change his voice to the tone that he knew would have Sebastian doing what he told him to do. “Bas, listen to what I’m telling you very closely. I am going to get what I need and then undress us, but you are not to move unless I tell you to. Do you understand?”


Blaine left his side for no more than a minute before he was back and true to his word, Sebastian had not moved. “Bas, I don’t know what happened, but whatever it was hurt you badly, maybe even tried to break you. I’m not going to let that happen, but in order to do that you are going to have to let me take control. If at any point you feel uncomfortable I want you to say Mirrors, ok?” He might have to use You+Me, so he thought Mirrors might be a safe…ok, not going that far. “Bas, I need you to answer me. What’s the word?”


“I’m going to undress us now. Remember, do not move unless I tell you to.” Once again, Sebastian did as he had been told and Blaine removed their clothing one for one. Jacket for jacket, tie for tie and so on until they were lying beside each other, naked. “You did so amazing, Bas. This is what we are going to do now. I’m going to give you back some control, but there are conditions. You have to keep your eyes closed and you can move but you have to remain lying here like this. You also cannot touch either me or yourself. I have things here that will help you with those tasks but then you are not taking back control. Do you need help?”


“That is a good…” Nope, not saying boy “That is really good, Bas. I’m proud of you. Now, this second condition should not be a surprise. You must take control of your body so you cannot come until I say you can. However, I am going to allow you to speak, moan, groan, beg, whatever you want. No silent sex, but if you do speak, moan, groan, etc., you must control your voice so that only I can hear you. Bas, I also have things here that will help you with these tasks. Do you need help?”


Ok, through that part. The rest should be much easier. “Again, I am so proud of you. While you are focusing on regaining control, I am going to remind you of the strong, confident, incredible person you are. The person I love. Have I ever told you the first thing that drew me to you, besides the fact that you are insanely gorgeous? That cocky smile of yours. You were so self-assured. I envied you for having that smile since at the time I didn’t have mine.” Blaine kissed him and then began to work his way down Sebastian’s body, stopping occasionally to tell him what he loved about that part of him. At one particular freckle, Blaine bit him probably a little too hard and Sebastian moaned louder than he should have. When Blaine got up and went to get a drink of water, he learned his lesson.

By the time Blaine got to his fingers, waxing on about how sensual Sebastian’s touches were, the begging began.

“B, please.”

“Please what?”

“Please, Sir?”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. I should punish you, but your little comment was a sign that my Bas is coming back to me. So, please what?”

“I need to come.”

“But, I’m still on your upper body and you are very tall.”

“B, I know you love me. Please, please let me come.”


Sebastian’s eyes flew open, but he quickly shut them again when he saw the scowl on Blaine’s face “Uhhhhhhh! Please. I’m literally begging. This is the part where you say Come for me, Bas in that sexy voice of yours…gah…um…and I shoot cum everywhere without my cock being touched. Mmmm…please, Blaine. I swear I can break my record and actually hit the ceiling this time.”

“Ummmmm…No. There’s something you have to do first.”


Blaine scooted himself back up to Sebastian’s ear and whispered “First you have to make me come.”

It took less than five seconds for Sebastian to be between Blaine’s legs with his cock in his mouth. The pain in his own cock subsided just a bit as he watched Blaine. The faces he made when he was completely in the throes of passion were by far the most beautiful things Sebastian had ever seen. When he felt Blaine’s fingers in his hair, Blaine’s tell-tale sign that he was close, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer either. In fact, when the first taste of cum hit his tongue Sebastian had to let go as a primal scream left him. The two of them held on as they rode out their orgasms, neither able to form words but both knowing what the other’s body was saying.

On his night table were the towels Blaine had grabbed when all of this had begun. It was pretty obvious that they were not going to be enough. However, before they got up to take care of things, something else had to be settled first. He wasn’t going to ask Sebastian what happened before he got to the reception but he did have to ask “Are you ok?”

“I will be but I’m never going to think about the song Control in the same way again.”

Blaine couldn’t help but let out a snort as that was a song they both had performed. “I hadn’t thought of that. Now, go take a shower while I put this bedding in the wash. And Bas, call your parents. I’m pretty sure Trent told them you are with me, but they don’t need to worry about you when it’s supposed to snow tonight.”

“Fine.” He actually would probably just send a text, but Blaine didn’t have to know that. He was half way to the bathroom when he remembered “Oh crap! The only thing I have to wear is my tux.”

Blaine, who had thrown on some pajama pants and a t-shirt, pointed to the closet “There’s bags in there with some clothes for you. Pretty much stuff like what I have on plus some socks and underwear. There’s also some of the stuff you use to make yourself pretty in the bathroom.”

“When did you do all of this?”

“Today after I talked to Cooper. Rachel’s walk of shame gave me the idea. I didn’t think you’d need them this soon though.” Blaine finished putting the bedding in his laundry basket and then gave Sebastian a quick kiss. “This should only take a few minutes to get started. Don’t use all the hot water. And call your parents. Whatever happened, they love you.”

Once Blaine was out of the room, he picked up his phone and saw that he had 10 messages from his parents. He became so angry that he threw the phone across the room. Then he began to cry.

“If they really loved me they wouldn’t make me leave him.”

Chapter Text

98% of the time Blaine had no doubts that his decision to return to Dalton was the right one. Today was firmly in the 2%. One again his Academic Detour to McKinley was biting him in the ass.

Starting this week of the school year, all Seniors in good standing were finished with classes and were assigned their Senior Projects. The exception was Advisory which went from Friday mornings to Monday, Wednesday, Friday. However, Advisors only kept track of progress, students were expected to organize and maintain their own rigorous schedule.

Blaine’s parents had come back from Hawaii the night before and were at Dalton earlier that morning. The three of them had a meeting with (still acting) Head Master Montgomery who explained that he was indeed behind on his graduation plan. He was missing the community service hours from his Junior year and he had not taken the Advanced Placement test in Biology (actually he had tried and failed, but Wes’ dad was being nice). Making up the Biology shouldn’t be a problem as now he wasn’t only working from the knowledge he acquired (or not) at McKinley. It was the community service hours that were an issue. Although he had chipped away at them, he was still significantly behind where his friends were.

Mr. Montgomery saw three factors that were a hinderance to his completion. The first was that Blaine would be missing time this week as those involved in his attack were sentenced. Then next week, he and several others were to give depositions in Dalton’s cases against the former Head Master as well as Hunter Clarington. In fact, so many Dalton Seniors were involved that counselors had been busy rearranging college visits. They would now happen after Spring Break.

His final concern was if the Warblers made Nationals as everyone expected, Blaine would devote a lot of time to preparation. Mr. Montgomery suggested Blaine delegate more than usual, but they all knew that wasn’t going to happen.

With those factors in mind, Mr. Montgomery told them he had held a meeting with all department heads concerning Blaine. It was not a surprise for Blaine’s parents (or Blaine himself if he was being honest) to hear that Blaine was a favorite amongst the majority of faculty members and they wanted to help. They agreed to work across departments to assign him projects that would settle his requirements in more than one subject at a time. It sounded like a perfect solution...until now. Now that he was sitting in a practice room staring at a blank piece of sheet music. Who the hell thought to put his Music Theory teacher and the head of the Foreign Language Department together to create a project?

Writing a song? No problem. Writing as song in Italian? Problem.

He should have stuck with French.

Nothing was coming to him. He had already switched from his tablet to paper when he found himself playing Candy Crush. After a loud groan of frustration and throwing his pencil across the room, he gave up then chose to pick up his guitar rather play piano. If he wasn’t coming up with something new, maybe playing something old would inspire him. At least it would get rid of the melody stuck head. It wasn’t right for what he had to work on.

On top of everything else going on, Blaine was more than aware that he had not practiced nearly enough for his Julliard audition. He planned on performing three songs, each with a different instrument. For Sebastian’s Heart, he had Doug remix the exchange of piano/guitar to piano/violin and he would play the violin portion live. Next, he would perform his acoustic guitar version of I Dreamed a Dream and would finish up on piano, going full on Freddy Mercury with Bohemian Rhapsody (yes, somewhere Jesse St. James had just died a little inside). Again, another plan that had seemed like a good idea at the time, but his hands weren’t close to where he needed them to be. He hadn’t played all those instruments on the same day, let alone consecutively. The only positive was that his audition had been moved until after Spring Break.

Maybe he could convince Beat’s mom to give him some practice time in one of the studios when they are in LA.

Flashback…Valentine’s Evening, Motta House

“Your choices are fettuccini alfredo or cereal.” Blaine told Sebastian when he asked if there was anything to eat.

“Fettuccini alfredo?”

“Rosa knew since you went home, I would come here after the wedding and be hungry because wedding food is notoriously bad. What? Can I help it if I’m her favorite? By the way, that food was awful. No, awful would be a complement.” Blaine turned on the oven and then sat on a stool at the breakfast bar beside Sebastian “You know you don’t have to tell me what’s wrong, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t smash your phone by stepping on it.”

“We can’t go to Paris for Spring Break.”


Not the answer Sebastian was expecting “What do you mean “ok”? You bugged me for two weeks on how it would be so romantic, and not a total cliché, to have a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. You wrote me a poem, B. I distinctly remember the line…Bas, I want to put my ass on the Parisian grass.”

“Of course, that would be the line that you remembered.” Blaine stopped smiling as their conversation took a more serious turn “I know there’s a reason we can’t go and I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me what it is. But, after what happened today, you have to talk to someone. Yes, I mean professionally, just not Doc because that would be weird for us to have the same therapist. And not Molly since she’s your best friend’s mother. Although, I bet she would recommend someone good. She found me Doc.”


“Bas, we promised that we were going to stop trying to save each other, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you fall down a hole you’d have to dig out of. I was there. It’s not a fun place to be. Now, since we’re not going to Paris would you like to come to LA with me and Beat?”

“Um, that was fast. You and Beat are going to LA? Wait, I know I was out of it, but was he dancing with your friend Mike? Oh, shit! Did he finally come out?”

Blaine continued to play, but laughed at a memory from the next day. To say Beat had finally come out was a massive understatement.

Flashback…Sunday Afternoon, Warblers Commons

“Thank god you’re here! You’re the mysterious Bud, make him stop!” Nick yelled at Blaine as he walked into the commons.

“Make who stop what?” Like he didn’t know.

“That would be me” Beat smiled a devilish smile acknowledging he was having fun with whatever he had been up to.

“Evidently, the guys have been hypothesizing about my supposed boyfriend for the last two years. So, I’ve been sharing with them all about my actual boyfriend.”

“Hold up!” Blaine was practically giddy with Beat’s (inadvertent?) piece of information and since Nick had referred to him as Bud… “Drum, are you saying Mike is your boyfriend? Because if that’s true I should probably prepare Sam for an epic Tina Cohen-Chang meltdown.”

“As of last night, yes. Mike is my boyfriend and you can call Sam later and warn him. May I continue?”

“Go right ahead. Have you talked about his abs? I have seen him dance shirtless and I must say you are a lucky man.”

“Hell, yeah I am. I mean, I know we saw Sam in all his glory at the Diva-off…and I totally agree with Sebastian…”

“Agree with me about what?” Sebastian asked as he had come in mid-conversation.

“I’m assuming that Drum concurs with your assessment of Sam’s lips” Blaine told him.

“That they’re a waste on a heterosexual?”

“Ok, ok, point taken and we’re sorry” Jeff apologized (sort of) for all involved. “Don’t we need to get started?”

Blaine gave Beat a wink as a sign that he was proud of him and then agreed with Jeff “You are correct my friend, we do. Thad, will you help me get the board?”

Blaine’s OCD had continuously ramped up the closer they got to Regionals. Hoping that it would help calm him at least a little, Sebastian found the rolling white board for him to plot/diagram/note/strategize all of his thoughts and suggestions on. It kept Blaine focused and the rest of them from locking him in the office of their non-existent advisor until it was time to perform on Saturday. Since it was on wheels Thad wondered why Blaine asked for his help. It came to him only after Blaine said very softly, but with great authority “Don’t think for a second that I’ve forgotten about having to tell poor Brittany about Santa.”

Blaine didn’t understand why his mind cleared in that particular moment, but it did. Maybe because he was no longer focusing on his 2% of regret. He had let his mind wander back to Sebastian and his friends, the 98% where there were no doubts about his return to Dalton or the process he referred to as Saving Myself.

When he got up to take another try at the Italian song, he realized something. This entire time he had been playing the melody that had been stuck in his head, which had obviously freed itself. He sat down with his tablet and an hour later he had the chorus finished, an opening stanza and bridges between the other stanzas and the chorus. He was right, this was not going to be the Italian song for his project. It was so much more. Maybe because he had been playing acoustic guitar when this came to him he heard that sound in the forefront. He made a mental note to ask Sam to bring his guitar to Breadstix tomorrow.

Flashback…Sunday Afternoon, Warblers Commons cont.

“Just indulge me” Blaine practically pleaded as the rest of the guys groaned at his request. “Remember, I spent last year at McKinley where everything was last minute. I can’t go through that again.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes at his boyfriend which would probably cost him later “And yet the New Directions won. Fine, one last time.” He didn’t need to look at the board, none of them would. “Monday, which is normally our day off will be “Speak now or hold your peace day”. Sterling and I will cover dance issues.”

Nick spoke next, just like the five times before “Thad and I are covering harmonies.”

“I’ve got the band.” The band is what Beat called his guys who handled rhythms and instrumental voices.

“And Blaine, you’re covering solos and other pull-outs while I meet with Sylvia to make sure logistics are set. We’ve got this.” Once again, Trent was trying to be the voice of reason as the others had been quietly plotting on how to lock Blaine in the office…that included Sebastian.

Blaine finally walked away from the white board and slumped down into his chair. “I’m sorry everyone. It’s just we had to switch Monday and Tuesday because of me. I know how we Dalton boys love our routines.”

“No Anderson, you love your routines.” Jeff may have been teasing to get Blaine to relax, but they all knew it was true.

“And B, since you’ll be out, I’m staying home to spend time with my sister and Izzy before things get really crazy later in the week. It’s the best day to do it since there is no Advisory or Lacrosse.” Neither Sebastian or Thad were playing Lacrosse this season. Most Seniors didn’t play unless they were after a scholarship, which neither of them were. They just worked out with the team to keep in shape for try-outs in the fall.

“That does make me feel better about this. Thanks guys. I know I’ve been more of a drama queen than usual with what’s happening Tuesday…”

Beat gave Blaine a wink of support just like Blaine had done for him earlier “Don’t worry, Bud. We’ve got you.

Tuesday was going to be hard and he knew it. All three of those involved in his attack were accepting their plea deals and being sentenced. To maintain his anonymity, the only member of his family that would be present would be his Uncle Robert. He would be there as the lawyer representing Blaine’s interests against Wyatt and Toby. Sebastian’s dad represented him against Earl.

As a family, the Andersons decided to spend the day together at Breadstix of all places. Cooper was having his soft opening that evening and they would be able to help out and keep their minds off things. They were also, including Sugar, going to see Molly for a family therapy session and Blaine was going to see Doc for a two hour individual session. He was ready to talk about Tommy.

It only seemed fitting to choose that day to talk about Tommy since Tommy was the one person that had no say in any of this. Hell, the assholes that did this to them had more say. It wasn’t right, but he’d deal with those feelings tomorrow.

There was another loss he was dealing with now.

Flashback…Sunday Afternoon, Warblers Commons cont.

“So, it’s really over?” Thad asked.

“We knew Fight Club had to end, at least our version of it” Blaine reminded him. “There’s too much for Dalton to lose with the trial of our illustrious former Head Master and his psychopathic nephew only a couple of months away. We just need to make sure people stay quiet.”

“And you’re sure David’s money’s hidden?”

“Yes, very sure. I called two cooperate financial investigators and an IRS agent from the Warbler network, then a guy my uncle recommended whose specialty is finding money men are hiding from their wives. None of them found it.”

Nick stood up and began to pace a bit “I’m more worried about the keeping people quiet part. What happened with Dave Karofsky worked for a while, but what about when people get the idea that since there’s no more fight club it’s ok to talk? And how are we going to control everyone those two idiots talked to?”

“Nick, since you’re up, why don’t you go make sure the door is locked?” Blaine asked and then noticed all eyes were on him. “Trust me.”

Sebastian had begun to nod off, but his attention was back “B, what’s going on?”

“When it comes to the guys that attacked me there are plea deals that will be submitted in court and then there are parts that won’t. We call them the Motta Clauses.” No one interrupted but nodded that they understood. “One of Wyatt and Toby’s clauses is that they submit a list of names of people they remember telling about fight club. A lot of them go to college at Ohio State. Uncle Robert turned over his “Private Security and Investigation” business to Cooper…”

“As in your brother Cooper?” Beat asked in disbelief.

“I know. Anyway, he hired Puck and Finn, hear me out, to keep ears and eyes on these people as news gets out the Dalton Fight Club has disbanded. A few weeks ago, the two of them crashed a frat party at OSU Lima. Something happened with the music and they somehow got ahold of a guitar and drums and are now an in-demand frat party band. They’ll be around these people while their drunk, which is most likely when they would say something.”

“Guys, that actually makes sense” Trent said giving his opinion. “What about the people not covered in clause?”

“First, we let it be known that Wyatt and Toby talked about the Dalton Fight Club and are now in jail. They’re not part of the confidentiality agreement. Then, if everyone agrees, we could turn the Registration Forms over to Cooper and probably Dmitri. They will no longer be our responsibility. Don’t say anything, just think about it. We’re not letting the news out until after Regionals.”

Nick sat down and looked like he had calmed down, almost “What about Dalton Boys? We all know that we are going to have to be the ones that handle them.”

Thad pointed over at Nick “I agree. I don’t have a problem letting Cooper handle the others be we have to handle Dalton. It would be best if we had some sort of idea…”

“Or, we can let it out that we gave consequences to someone they would never expect. Also, that consequences will still be imposed and they will be harsher than before.”

“B, that’s great but there’s no one to go after right now” Sebastian reminded him.

“Yes, there is.”



Blaine had just picked up his tablet again when his phone went off and a picture of Santana appeared on his screen. “Hey, Tana. What’s going on?”

“Where are you?”

“In one of the music practice rooms at Dalton. Where are you? Did you stay?”

“Yes, just like your wonderful Godmother told me to. Don’t worry, the plane didn’t turn into a pumpkin. They all flew back yesterday.”

“I know. Nichole called to thank me once again and David left me 8 texts about his date with Mercedes last night. He took her to the top of the Empire State Building since for some reason An Affair to Remember is one of her favorite movies.”

“Those two are almost as bad as you and Seb. That’s why I’m calling. Is he ok?”

“He has some family issues but he’s working on them.”

“Is he going to Cooper’s soft opening? I really need to talk to the two of you.”

“Sorry, just me. Is there a problem?”

“No, I’ll tell you tomorrow. Blainers, I have to ask, did you tell him what happened when Kurt sang at the reception?”

“Oh, yeah.”

Flashback…Sunday Afternoon, Warblers Commons cont.


Sebastian stood and motioned toward the door “If you’ll excuse us, I think my boyfriend and I have a few things to discuss.”

“Guys, you don’t have to leave. Let me explain…” Blaine didn’t have a chance to finish before he and Sebastian were the only two left in the room. “That was totally unnecessary.”

“What’s totally unnecessary is for you to suffer some consequence when you’ve already gone through hell. The guys agreed to telling Sam and Puck, and you told Santana because you had to explain what happened to Karofsky.”

“Are you done? I wasn’t going to say that I should face new consequences. I was going to say that we could tell people that my exile to McKinley WAS my consequence. Leaving for Kurt was the cover story. Hell, we could say Kurt was part of the consequence. Think about it. If the Rules Council gave a consequence that huge to Wolverine, what would they do to some random idiot that chose to run his mouth?”

“Oh” Sebastian didn’t want to admit he overreacted, but…“That’s actually a really good idea. Sorry.”

Blaine took a deep breath and moved to sit next to Sebastian “I need to tell you about something that happened at the reception and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to like it.”

That could only mean one thing “What did Hummel do now?”

“He sang Being Alive from Company. It was beautiful.”

Sebastian told himself to settle down. After what just happened, it was probably a good idea to hear the entire story. “And?”

“I sort of, not ran, but walked quickly out of the room when he was done. I needed a moment alone, but he followed me to the restroom. Evidently it freaked our friends out, especially Sam and Santana.”

Less settled, but still holding it together “And?”

“He told me that he knew I was still in love with him. I told him no, but I did miss the Kurt I saw on stage. The Kurt I first knew, not the person in front of me. I made it clear that I am in love with you. Totally and completely in love with you. Then Wes and David showed up. David took me back to the ballroom and Wes stayed to talk to Kurt.”

“Which Wes did he get? Logical, calm Wes or Scary, intimidating Wes?”

“I don’t know because my sexy boyfriend showed up and told me he wanted to dance.”

Sebastian smiled and then took a deep breath similar to the one Blaine had taken only a few moments earlier “I’m adopted and I’m not dealing with it well.”

“I know and I’ll help if you let me.”

“Soon, B. I promise.”

He was packing to leave when his phone went off again. This time it was a number he didn’t recognize.

“Hello…Yes, this Blaine…Oh, Mr. Barnes…Ok, Ted…Seriously?...Um, yes I can change one to an original” Blaine pulled out his tablet and opened his email “Yes, I got it…I’d actually like to talk to my parents first…I’m sorry, but I won’t be here tomorrow. I have several family obligations…Thursday would be perfect…11:30 with Miss Meyer. I take it you have her number?...Of course, we can video conference…I’m looking forward to it too. Thank you so much for the opportunity…Goodbye.”

Blaine didn’t know how long he sat staring at his phone after the call ended. What could he say? Oh yeah, there was one thing.

“Jeff was right. I really am the Alphiest Alpha Gay ever.”

Chapter Text

10 AM

Sebastian hurried through the metal detector, trying not to be seen. The last thing he wanted was for his father to know he was at the courthouse. He found where he needed to go on the directory and then went to take the stairs. The elevator was too risky. Once he got to the 3rd floor, he found room 305 and waited around the corner as advised. That’s when his whole plan to go unnoticed flew out the window. “What are you doing here and why aren’t you with your brother?”

“Why, hello to you too.” Trent responded. “I’m here to see what kind of people would literally throw away a kid as amazing as Doug for the trash being sentenced today. And since Mom was going to Lima to spend the day with the Andersons anyway, she took Doug with her. He’s still having problems coming to terms with his role in what happened to Blaine.”

“He had nothing to do with what those assholes did.”

“And maybe someday he’ll believe that. However, he is excited to work with Cooper’s guys to set up the webcast for tonight. What’s Blaine up to?”

“No clue, although Cooper said he was proud of Blaine for hi-jacking his soft opening. Said it was a very Old Cooper thing to do.” Sebastian could tell by the way Trent was looking at him that he wanted more “I honestly don’t know. Before you ask, I didn’t go because I really am spending time with Sierra and Izzy when I’m done here. The practice schedule for the next three days is insane. Although, I am looking forward to Friday.”

“Let me guess…my mother’s cookies?”


Trent was preparing a comeback when they both received a text from Jeff. Sebastian started to laugh, but Trent was confused “Why would Thad be upset and complaining that Blaine didn’t take him to see Santa last night? It’s February.”

“That’s right, you missed…” Sebastian stopped when the person he was waiting for arrived “Thank you again for doing this. I know you need to get to the sentencing.”

“Sebastian, are you sure you don’t want to wait for me? It will only be you and him in the room.”

“I’m sure, Al.” Sebastian remembered to refer to Blaine’s uncle by his first name and not Robert, something Blaine constantly forgot to do in public.

Mr. Motta turned his attention to the other Warbler “Go home Trent. Nothing you say to the Staffords will do any good.”


“Go home Trent.” This time, it was not a request.

“Fine, but only if Seb comes with me.”

“I’m not here for Blaine’s case” Sebastian assured him. “And before you ask, I’m not going to tell you anything else. To use one of B’s favorite terms, you’ll need plausible deniability.”

Three hours later, Sebastian was stretched out on his couch, bouncing Izzy on his lap. His mother and sister had gone to the grocery store. They had decided to make all his French favorites for dinner, and while he wasn’t going to complain, he was pretty sure there was something going on besides a change in menu.

“So, Izzy-wizzy, what do you want to do until Grand-père gets here? Why are we waiting for Grand-père? He’s going to tell Uncle Sebby about what happened to the bad people, or what Blaine said he could tell Uncle Sebby about what happened to the bad people. Do you remember Blaine? Of course, you do. No one ever forgets Blaine. Why, you ask? Because he’s handsome and charming and talented and brave and lots of other words that your precious little ears shouldn’t hear.”

“Speaking of your precious little ears, I’m sorry I scared you. I guess I’m a lot like you because I yell when I’m unhappy too. Izzy, Grand-mère wants me to do something that I don’t want to do. If I don’t, I’m afraid Grand-mère will be really sad and she just got home from being really sad at the clinic in Paris. If I do what she wants, I’ll be really sad because I won’t get to see Blaine anymore.”

As if on instinct, Izzy reached out toward Sebastian’s face. It was a game they would play. She would reach out, he would pretend to eat her fingers and they would laugh. He had no idea what he was going to do when she went back to Paris.

“Look at these long fingers. I bet when you get older you will play the piano. Did you know that Uncle Sebby can play piano? I’m not as good as Blaine, but I am much better than your mommy. You can tell her that. Don’t believe me? Come on, I’ll prove it.” He got up off the couch, strapped her into her bouncy seat and then sat her on top of the piano in front of him. After a rousing rendition of Chopsticks, Sebastian delighted his niece by adding vocals to Three Blind Mice and Frère Jacques. “You like it when Uncle Sebby sings when he plays, don’t you? Let’s try a big people song.”

Sebastian had no idea why this was the song that came to mind, but maybe he should have.

Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
You don't know how lovely you are
I had to find you, tell you I need you
Tell you I set you apart

Tell me your secrets, and ask me your questions
Oh let's go back to the start

Where would we go back to? Uptown Girl? That was our true beginning…or was it?

Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard

Oh, take me back to the start

Maybe we didn’t truly start until the night of the fight…the night of Wolverine. That was when Bad Ass Blaine showed up and five days later brought Blaine Warbler back to Dalton. Everything before that had been flirting, innuendos and pain. After that we were friends. Ok, friends with benefits, but friends first.

But tell me you love me, come back and haunt me
Oh and I rush to the start
Running in circles, chasing our tails
Coming back as we are

Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part

Maybe our start was actually Thanksgiving weekend when we both admitted I’m in and Blaine sang You+Me. Those memories are so important to us that we wear reminders around our wrists.

I’m going back to the start

When we made love for the first time, next to the Christmas tree and surrounded by candles? Was that our start?

Nobody said it was easy
No, no, no, no

Or was our start only last week? The day I woke up in Blaine’s bed and everything was so domestic (Blaine’s word)/comfortable (my word). I had a glimpse of what a future with Blaine could look like and it didn’t scare me. I’m not going to propose or anything stupid like that. It was just a nice snapshot to have in my head. Although, right now it’s breaking me to think that snapshot could be all I’ll ever have with him.

Nobody said it was easy
No, no, no, no

Nobody said it was easy

Whether it was his voice or the combination of bouncy seat and piano vibrations, Izzy had fallen asleep. “Je ne sais pas quoi faire ma nièce bébé doux.”

“I know what you need to do. Stop trying to get advice from a four-month old and talk to your boyfriend. If you still can’t bring yourself to talk to Blaine, then talk to me. I am supposed to be your best friend. And Coldplay, Seb? Seriously?”

Sebastian looked over to the other side of the room and shook his head “Don’t read into it, Trent. It was just a song to help put Izzy to sleep.”

“Did you know I spent some time with Mercedes this weekend? I ask that so you will understand when I tell you Oh, Hell to the No. How do I know this? How about the fact that at several points you weren’t singing the lyrics? Yeah, that’s right, you were singing what was probably supposed to be an internal monologue. And for the record, when Blaine got back to Dalton you were friends with a lot of benefits. Remember, I caught the two of you with Blaine’s hand down your pants. Never guessed you were such a screamer.”

“Ok, I get it…Sassy Warbler. Dad?” Neither of them noticed Sebastian’s father had come into the room carrying a gallon of chocolate milk and two glasses. He really, really, really hoped his dad hadn’t heard Trent’s comment about the screaming. “What’s going on?”

“First, the sentencing went as expected. There were no surprises, so Stafford didn’t admit that he lied when he said he was gay. However, he did say a couple of things in his allocution that left no doubt that he did.”

Sebastian was prepared to go on a rant but the sight of a sleeping baby ended that “Fine. I understand why Blaine accepted the deal, but that doesn’t mean I like it.”

“If it helps, it seemed like there was something more going on between Al Motta and the other two defendants.” Xavier took one look at his son and knew his instincts had been right “What don’t I know?”

“Plausible deniability, Dad. Plausible deniability.”

“Son, you may say that you’re undecided on a major, but you are most definitely going to wind up in Law School. Now, take these.” He handed the chocolate milk and glasses to Sebastian and then picked up Izzy. “Talk to him, Sebastian.” He began to leave but not before turning to Trent and saying “You’ve got one hour.”

Once his father and niece were out of the room, Sebastian looked at Trent who was getting settled on the couch “What the hell is going on, Nixon?”

“You are going to come sit by me, drink your milk and tell me what happened on Valentine’s Day.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to do that?” Sebastian asked then watched as Trent pulled a plastic container out of a bag he hadn’t noticed, and set it down on the coffee table. “Are those..?”

“My mother’s cookies? Yes, they are. You see, when I called my mom to ask how I could get you to talk, all she said was Even Superman has his Kryptonite. Fortunately, when she knows she’s going to have to bake a big batch, she makes the dough ahead of time and freezes it.”

“You’re not playing fair.”

“No, what’s not fair is you’re about to eat 10 of those and will look like you and I’ll eat 4 and my cheeks will go up 5 points on the pinchable scale. Now talk.”

“Fine” Sebastian came over and poured the milk, all the while wondering what the connection between Trent and his father was. After he had drank his milk and had 2 of the promised 10 cookies, he let it all out “I’m adopted.”

“Really?” Trent asked him “Because you look a lot like your dad.”

“We’re related. Xavier and Juliette Smythe’s first child was a son…Julien. He’s my biological father.”

“And you found this out…”

“Hummel. Indirectly, but Hummel.” Sebastian proceeded to tell him about Kurt refusing to believe he had a sister and the disastrous dinner when Kurt had said his mother was 17 when she had him. “All you have to do is take one look at my mom and know there’s no way she could have been only 17 when she had me, let alone my sister considering Sierra is 12 years older than I am. I think for a while Hummel thought Sierra was my mother. I’ll give the guy he had googling me some credit for being close considering all the documents were in French. I looked into it when I went for Christmas.”

“That son-of-a-bitch! Does Blaine know any of this?”

“He knows I’m adopted. I don’t know if he figured it out on his own or if Hummel told him when he blackmailed him.”

“Ok, we are going to table the rest of that story for when we have a bottle of tequila. What does any of this have to do with you thinking you have to break up with Blaine. That’s the real problem, isn’t it? I had an idea but Coldplay, who I like for the record, sealed the deal.”

“Long story short since this is definitely one for tequila as well, Julien and my biological mother were drug addicts but she left him and got clean when she found out about me. Hummel did get one thing right in that she was 16 at the time. Anyway, Julien found her when she was seven months pregnant and decided he didn’t want to be a dad. He was beating the shit out of her when the cops arrived and she died at the hospital, but not before I was born obviously. She died protecting me.”

They sat still for a few minutes. There was no good response to what Sebastian had said. Finally, Sebastian gave Trent a nod as a sign he could continue the conversation.

“Seb, Blaine’s not going to judge you with this. There’s no reason to break up…”

“It’s not that. Hard to believe that’s not the most fucked up part of the story. My biological mother’s family wouldn’t take me, but it didn’t matter because my parents were ready to fight for custody. Julien went to jail, but not for murder. He was charged with a Crime of Passion which in the US is the equivalent of Manslaughter. He wasn’t supposed to be released until I was an adult, 21. But somehow someone got it screwed up and read it as 18.”

“So, he’s out.”

“Yes, and my family wasn’t told so it was a shock when he went to see Sierra. He told her he’s ready to be a father to me. Can you believe that shit? He tried to fucking kill me!”

Trent knew Sebastian would need to calm down from his last revelation. He waited while the last of the cookies and milk were polished off. When he felt Sebastian was ready, he asked “So, you’re protecting Blaine from him?”

“No, my mom. Trent, my mom has always been an amazing mother to me, but this fucked her up. She’s battled depression my whole life. Three years ago, she was in a really bad car crash that screwed up her back. She got addicted to Vicodin and between that and her depression she had a breakdown.”

“Seb, I’m so sorry.”

“My dad quietly got her into a clinic outside of Paris so Sierra could keep an eye on things while he resigned as State’s Attorney. He didn’t want her condition to become public knowledge, which it would have been if the media found out.”

“People do love a political scandal even if it’s really just a family matter.”

“Exactly. My mom had been better for a while now, but Julien contacting Sierra set her off again. Valentine’s Day she told me she didn’t want me to go to Columbia. She said it would be the first place he would look for me since it’s my dad’s alma mater. She wants me to go to Stanford, other side of the country and all. I told her no, yelled a lot, she started crying, screamed a lot, I locked myself in my room, called you to pick me up and left without telling anyone. I also smashed my phone so I didn’t have to talk to them.”

“When I asked him, Blaine did say that he thought your story about accidently stepping on your phone was a bunch of bull shit.”

“He knows me well. When Blaine brought me back Sunday, he only stayed long enough to meet Izzy. No one has said anything about what happened Saturday and now we’re in an awkward standoff. I thought my mom and I were going to talk about things today, but when I got here she and Sierra left me with Izzy.”

“Do you know what you’re going to say?”

“What can I say? I have a choice...either I give my mother another nervous breakdown or break up with Blaine. We need more chocolate milk.” Sebastian stood up to go to the kitchen and was surprised to see his dad standing there holding Izzy “What’s going on?”

Xavier didn’t answer him, but instead spoke to Trent “Did he tell you anything you didn’t know?”

“Nope, except Hummel’s blackmail seems a little more extensive than we thought.” Trent stood up and stretched “I take it since Izzy’s ready to go, my idea worked?”

“Yes, just like you thought. He was more than happy to help. I went ahead and put her car seat in your car.”

“Stop!” Sebastian walked away from where he had been sitting to calm down “One of you needs to start explaining what the hell is going on. You’re freaking me out.”

Sebastian’s dad handed the baby to Trent and then went and put his hands on his son’s shoulders “Sebastian, you have amazing friends. You should know that by now. Trent contacted me, wanting to understand what was going on with you.”

“That’s the real reason I was at the courthouse” Trent told him.

“Which means I know you were there and we will discuss that, but back to the topic at hand. Once Trent and I talked, and filled in some blanks each of us had, he had a suggestion of how to solve our family dilemma. That’s really where your mother and sister have been all of this time.”

Flashback…2 Hours Earlier at the diner between Westerville and Lima

“I can see Seb liking this place” Sierra told her mother as they sat down in their booth. “Did you see that stack of pancakes the waitress was carrying?”

“Your brother does love his breakfasts. So, was that enough small talk for you to tell me why we are at this greasy-spoon diner in the middle of nowhere?”

“Your waiting for me, Mrs. Smythe. And you must be Sierra?”

“Yes, and you must be Blaine’s brother, Cooper. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Sebastian stared at his father as he tried to think of any stretch of the imagination where Cooper Anderson was the solution to all of this “I don’t understand.”

“That’s why you three are going to Lima to meet up with your mother, sister and Cooper. You also might want to find out whatever it is your boyfriend is up to.”

“We three are going to Lima?”

“You, me and Izzy” Trent told him “And we probably want to get going. Lima’s not just right around the corner.”

“What about you, Dad?”

“I have opening arguments in that embezzlement case in the morning. There’s a lot of work I still left to do, but I will watch the webcast. Now, why were you at the courthouse this morning?”

Oh, this wasn’t going to be good “I was pissed, Dad. I couldn’t yell at Mom again and Julien was out of the question. So, I took action against the one person in this mess that I could.”

Earlier that morning at the courthouse

“So, I tell my lawyer about Hummel and you’re not going to testify against me?”

“No, I will answer any questions I am asked honestly and to the best of my ability. I will not however, offer any information that does not tie directly back to Dalton. We both know I have a lot more shit on you than just what they’re after.”

“Can’t deny that. Anything else?”

“You can’t just tell your lawyer about Kurt’s involvement. You have to make a full statement and provide some sort of evidence. If you accept my offer, you’ll need to hurry. I give my deposition next Wednesday.”

“This isn’t just about the Golden Boy or the crap he had my uncle give you, is it?”

“No, this is about consequences for trying to mess with my family.”

“Damn Smythe, I’m impressed. Maybe on some other Earth we could have been friends.”

“I don’t know, Clarington. Maybe we could have.”

He waited for his dad to say something, but when he didn’t, Sebastian decided he should “Are you mad?”

Xavier took his hands off Sebastian’s shoulders and pulled him into an embrace “You’re going to be a brilliant lawyer.”

Twenty minutes later, they were on their way to Lima. Sebastian couldn’t get over what Trent had done for him. “I’m never going to be able to thank you for all of this, you know.”

“Before you say that, you should probably wait until you talk with your mom. But, if you truly want to do something for me then please explain why Thad is still bitching about not seeing Santa.”

“Oh, my friend, I have two words for you…Gap Attack.”

TBC in Lima

Chapter Text

Even though they had to keep their voices down (Izzy had fallen back to sleep rather quickly), Sebastian and Trent had a good time on the drive to Lima. They gossiped about everything and everyone at Dalton and then shared their most embarrassing moments. Sebastian admitted that he had had a celebrity crush on the guy who played the Flash, until he realized that basically meant he had a crush on himself. Trent admitted that he had been in love with the same girl since he was five, but was firmly stuck in the friend zone. Before Sebastian could have him explain why that was embarrassing, they reached their destination. However, it wasn’t the destination Sebastian expected.

“Why are we at the Motta’s?”

“You need to talk to your mom. We’ve discussed this.”

“My mom is here?”

“Just get Izzy.”

When the front door opened, Sebastian’s confusion only heightened when he saw Blaine’s father standing there “Mr. A? What are you doing here?”

“We’re here to help your mom” Charles Anderson said as he showed them in.


Charles laughed and gave him a pat on the back, while taking Izzy from him “Your mom is in Robert’s office and yes, we will be here when you’re ready.”

Sebastian was on autopilot until he opened the door to Blaine’s uncle’s office and indeed, his mother sitting there “Come here my Darling Boy” she said as she patted the couch cushion next to her. He did what she asked and when he was seated, she took his hands in hers “I’m so sorry.”

“Me too, I shouldn’t have run off like that.”

“You are right. You shouldn’t have, but that is not what I was referring to. I’m sorry that I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t notice that my Darling Boy had become an amazing young man.”


“Hear me out, Sebastian. The moment you were put into my arms, I told myself that I had three jobs. They were to love you unconditionally, to give you the life you deserved and to keep you safe. When Sierra told me Julien was looking for you, I panicked. The thought of him seeing you scared me to my core. I am not saying that fear is gone, but it was not fair for me to say you had to sacrifice your happiness for my piece of mind. I have something to ask and I want an honest answer. When you were narrowing your choices of universities, was your decision of Columbia based on Blaine’s desire to go to Julliard? You were adamant about applying to Stanford.”

“I only wanted to apply to Stanford as my So I never have to see Blaine again school after what I did to him. I was sure he was going to go to NYADA with his ex and I thought the best thing for him would be for me to be on the other side of the country. Sam let it slip that Julliard was Blaine’s school of choice when we were at the hospital waiting for B to wake up. Mom, choosing Columbia was me not letting Blaine influence my decision. I’ve wanted to go there since I was old enough to know what college was.”

“Ok, then.” Juliette stood, and since she still held her son’s hands, he rose with her “Let’s go join the others.”

“Others?” Sebastian still didn’t know what she was talking about but followed her until he found himself in the Motta’s living area, and yes, there were others. Not only was Blaine’s dad in the room, but also Blaine’s mother, Cooper, Robert and Trent. There were two other guys, but neither was the one he expected “Where’s Blaine and who are you two?”

Cooper laughed as he had never seen Sebastian this off-center before “Blaine kicked everyone but Sam and the cooks out of Breadstix for an hour and no, none of us know what’s going on. And that’s Cameron, or Cam, and Daniel, never Dan. It would be best if you let us explain what’s going on before we formally introduce you.”


“Seb, hear me out first.” Sebastian sat down next to his mom to listen to what Trent had to say. “After I got back to Westerville on Valentine’s Day, I dropped Doug off and then went to talk to your dad. After that car ride we had, I was really concerned. When he told me about your mom and Stanford, I asked why they just hadn’t asked Robert to get you a body guard.”

“I don’t need a body guard.”

“Sebastian, until a few days ago you had a bodyguard, you just didn’t know it. Because we had no idea at the time why Blaine reacted the way he did to seeing Stafford’s picture, and the fact that he had threatened to kill Doug, I assigned guys to watch everyone associated with Blaine or Doug that night” Robert told him. “As things calmed down, we gradually took them away. Daniel’s been with you for weeks.”

That was surprising. Sebastian knew he had seen him around, but had not put things together. “And you? Cam, right?”

“I’ve been with Blaine since his attack three years ago.”

“Does he know about you?”

“Who do you think taught him to box?” Cam gave him a smile, indicating he knew boxing was the cover for what really went on.

Sebastian turned to his mom “So, you’re saying that you have no problem with my going to Columbia if I have a bodyguard?”

“No, I’m saying I will still be nervous but I am willing to give this a try. Are you?”

“Are you kidding? Fuck yeah, I’m willing to give this a try!” Sebastian hugged his mother and then realized… “Oh, Mrs. A, sorry about the F-bomb.”

Pam Anderson tried not to laugh. While she really did not like that word, it amused her to watch Blaine’s friends trip over themselves when they realized what they had said “It’s ok, Sebastian. I understand…this time. Now, I have a favor to ask. Don’t tell Blaine until after Regionals. He had a really rough morning while the sentencing was taking place. It took a lot for us to agree to leave.”

Her husband added “You will need to tell him something because your demeanor has drastically changed in the last five minutes.” That did get a laugh out of everyone because they had all noticed the same thing. “Just say it’s a family thing and you’ll tell him the whole story when you can, which is the truth. Speaking of Blaine, our hour is up. Trent, can you go tell everyone in the other room that we’re ready to go?” Then Charles looked over at his eldest son “Plus, I’m pretty sure Cooper is about ready to burst being out of the restaurant with 50 people showing up in 3 hours.”

“You know me well, Dad. Although, it’s now 60 people. Blaine added some pretty interesting names to the guest list, and I even added one of my own.”

Back at Breadsticks, Blaine had excused himself to take a call from Beat “Bull shit! The reason you’re not here is because you’re afraid of Tina.”

“Can you blame me? After what Sam said happened when he told her that Mike was my boyfriend? I at least owe him dinner one night when we’re all in LA. Or maybe a new guitar? Oh, I know Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Maybe he’d like to meet them?”

“Drum, relax, Sam volunteered to tell her...but hell yeah to the Tim and Faith thing.”

“Maybe I’d be more relaxed if I hadn’t just spent the last hour begging my mother not to be her overdramatic self when she meets Mike. And speaking of my mother, she said she had no problem getting you studio time while we’re there but you know what that means. She wants to see the webcast. Have you told anyone what this is all about besides me and Sam?”

“Sugar. She was so upset after family therapy, I had to tell her. At least she only has to keep this secret for a few more hours. And I have no problem with your mom watching the webcast. Maybe my announcement will make her realize that I’m serious about this.”

“Yeah, good luck with that. Bud, I know you need to get back to Sam but did you talk with Dr. Shepard about Tommy like you planned?”

“Yes. Yes, I did.”

Earlier that morning…Motta House, Uncle Robert’s Office

“I’m sorry, Blaine. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don’t.” Dr. Shepard had never felt like this with a patient before. He wasn’t able to think of a word to describe the feeling…inadequate was the only one that seemed close.

“If it helps, I do feel better. I didn’t know if this was the right time to talk about Tommy with everything I have going on, but I had to make him part of this day.”

“How many people know all of this?”

“My parents, my Uncle Robert, Wes, Beat and Sebastian’s dad are the only one’s that know the whole story...and you.”

“There’s three, four, maybe five big names missing from that list.”

“Cooper?” Dr. Shepard nodded. That was the missing name that surprised him the most. “Doc, remember this all happened when Coop and I basically had no relationship. He came, but wasn’t there if you know what I mean. Cooper 2.0, the one that’s here now, he may know but if he does he hasn’t said anything.”

“And the others?”

“Bas and Sam know there is a Tommy, but don’t know the story. So does David, who I’m sure is not one of the people you thought of. Sugar actually knew Tommy and knows he was the other victim, but not what happened to him. She couldn’t handle it. I don’t know who the fifth person would be.”


“We’re not there. I don’t know if we’ll ever be. I wouldn’t have told anyone, but Beat found out because he was my roommate when I first got to Dalton. About a month after I got there, the nightmares came back and they were almost always about Tommy. He didn’t say a word, just pushed our beds together and held me. After a while we didn’t even pretend and pushed them together before lights out. That first night he told me he was gay and hadn’t come out. Just so you know, it was never a thing…the fact that we were both gay. We are definitely not each other’s type. I don’t know why I had to say that, especially to you. Guess we have something new to discuss at my next session.”

“But there was more to this, wasn’t there?”

“Sharing those secrets was comforting and it helped me learn to trust again. Once I was able to do that, Beat convinced me to tell Wes. Bringing him in was the smartest thing I ever did.”

“Beat sounds like a very important person in your life. Why am I just now hearing about him?”

“We had a rough patch after Slushie-gate. Then my depression made things worse because I stopped talking to him altogether. I was too ashamed of what I had let myself become. Besides Bas, restoring my friendship with Beat has been the best thing about being back at Dalton.”

“How do you feel about him keeping your secret about Tommy when you no longer have to keep his secret?”

“Oh, but I am keeping a secret. I know his real name.”

“Seriously, Blaine. Are you going to be ok tonight? Do you want me to go ahead and push the beds together or do you want me to..." He cleared his throat and then sang"make a fort out of sheets?”

“Smart ass” and Blaine wouldn’t have it any other way.

When his call finished, Blaine walked back over to Sam and it was obvious something was wrong. Sam was practicing the number, but his eyes were closed and he was lost in the music. Not wanting to startle him, Blaine waited until the last cord was played and said “Start talking.”

“What are you..?” The look on Blaine’s face let Sam know that he shouldn’t even bother to deny it “Narissa and I broke up, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“We were never officially together. There was always a problem seeing each other.”

“I’m sorry, Sam. You guys seemed so happy last weekend.”

“We were, that’s why this is sad.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? The song we’re doing has to be the most inappropriate song ever for someone that just broke up with his not really girlfriend. I mean…”

“Blaine, I was going to tell you tomorrow. You had a lot going on earlier.”

“Yeah, all the justice money could buy.”

In his desire to get his case settled quickly, Blaine had never considered how bitter he would feel about the process. He had found his attackers, not the police. Uncle Robert offered Wyatt and Toby plea deals (technically, Motta deals) to roll over on Earl, not the District Attorney. Sebastian’s dad even had to be the one to work out Earl’s deal with his lawyer. All the courts had done was believe Earl’s lie about being gay. Then, to watch all of those public officials bend over backwards when they realized he wasn’t some random fag from some random family, it made him sick. But like he had told Sugar earlier, he wasn’t going to let those assholes win. There was too much good going on in his life. He would leave it to Burt to deal with the system.

Well, Burt and the fact that he (not his parents, although they might be considering the same thing) was going to fund the campaign of anyone that ran against those public officials in the next election.

Oh yeah, he had been talking with Sam. “You still should have told me. Wait, does Wes know?”

“Yes, and he appreciated me manning-up.”

“What did Nari say to him?”

“Fuck off.”

“That sounds like her. Just know, I’m here if you need to talk…after Regionals on Saturday. Now, let’s get things straightened up. My family should be back soon.”

Sam put his guitar on the stand before he started helping Blaine place name cards on the tables “You invited the Schusters?”

“Actually, Coop did. He remembered what Emma said at the Diva-Off about sending a dish back. He thought she would have no problems giving an honest opinion. The same goes for Sue.”

“Uh, doesn’t Sue have like a massive crush on Cooper?”

“Yes, but I’m pretty sure her being a total bitch will win out.”

“Who are you calling a bitch?” Santana asked as she walked up behind them. “Is everyone still kicked out because I need to talk to you guys before things get crazy? I really wish Seb was here too.”

“Why’s that Satan?” Sebastian asked as he walked in, holding Izzy in his arms.

Blaine smiled and went to greet them. “You’re here” he said as he took the baby from Sebastian. “I didn’t know you were coming Isabella, but I am very happy to see you.” He sat down and removed her coat “Your dress is very pretty.”

“That’s because my sister, her mother, is a designer for Dior. You know, I thought you might be happy to see me.”

“I am very happy to see you” Blaine said before giving him a kiss and handing back his niece “But what are you doing here?”

“I came down with Trent. He went with his mom and Doug to the Lima Bean. They’ll be here in a little while.” Sebastian bent down and gave Blaine a kiss on the cheek, but not before whispering in his ear “It’s all good, I promise. In fact, things are better than they’ve been in a while. I’ll explain later. Today is about you.”

That was all Blaine needed to hear so he looked over at Santana and asked “Why did you need to see us so badly?”

“Ok, I really need you three to sit there and let me explain. This is extremely important. Like my future could literally change because of this and I need your guy’s help.”

“Of course. Tana, is this that thing that Bibbi told you to stay and Lima for? The thing she liked so much?”

“Yes, and before you guys commit to something you’ll regret, let me make it clear that I will understand if you say no because I have already overstepped the bounds of friendship.”

“We’re friends?” Sam asked, lightening the mood.

“Haha.” Santana took a deep breath. She really had overstepped with this. “When Blaine got me in at Vogue he had arranged an advertising internship. I made a couple of suggestions that my bosses liked and the next thing I know I’m in Blaine’s Godmother’s office.”

Blaine stopped her for a moment and turned to Sam “Did I tell you who Bibbi is?”

“Yes, but I didn’t get it until my Mom made me watch The Devil Wears Prada. I still don’t get the Bibbi part though.”

“Four year-old me…Disney obsession…Godmother that works with big, fancy dresses…Bibbi-ty, Boppity, Boo?”

“Ooooh” the other three said in unison, feeling foolish that they had never figured it out on their own.

Santana saw that staff had begun to arrive meaning she didn’t have a lot of time “What wound up happening was I was moved to Teen Vogue and assigned a job like the one Hummel had at Sorry for bringing him up.” Blaine waved it off. “My first day I sat in on a pitch meeting. They were looking for a twist on a Day to Evening outfit spread. No one had anything but when I saw Sam at the Diva-Off an idea came to me.”

She pulled out a file and laid out three pictures of Sam…one with his everyday All-American look, one with him on Harley and one from the Diva-Off. “I sent these pictures to the editor and suggested that instead of Day to Evening they change it to Boyfriend to Boyfriend, but have the same guy in different scenarios. He not only liked the idea, he loved Sam’s look. Sam, he wants you for this. Evidently trouty mouths are in.”

Blaine and Sebastian smiled at Sam’s deer in the headlights expression “Sammy, this is perfect for you” Blaine tried to reassure him.

Sebastian picked up the pictures to take a closer look “Santana, this was a really good idea. I can see why the editor liked it so much.”

“I’m glad you said that” Santana pulled out a file labeled Sebastian and laid the photos in front of him. “She also liked the idea and loved Sam but wanted to see more options.” Then she pulled out a file marked Blaine “I sent this one to my editor but told him not to send it up until I was back and could explain.”

“You didn’t want my participation to influence a decision.”

“Right. Usually something like this would be handled by the editor, but since it’s outside of the box and proposed by an intern, he wants her to greenlight the project.”

All Blaine and Sebastian had to do was look at each other to know they were going to do it. It was an amazing opportunity for Sam, who had been worried about his future after high school. Also, Santana had been right in that something like this could lead to more than just an internship. “We’re in” Sebastian told Santana.

Blaine jumped in to clarify “But this is a one time thing for me and Bas. We’re doing this for you and Sam. Both of us will be in New York in three weeks for college visits. They’d have to arrange anything around that.”

“Uh, Blaine” Oh good, Sam could speak again “That’s the week after my Spring Break.”

“I think something can be arranged.”

An hour later everything was ready and people had started to arrive for the soft opening, which was the reason why Blaine was surprised Cooper sent one of the servers to ask him to come back to the kitchen. “Hey, Coop. Is there a problem?”

“I don’t know. In all the craziness, I forgot something.”



Cooper pointed over at Kurt who was putting breadsticks into baskets. “I was going to call him and tell him not to come until tomorrow, but it slipped through the cracks. I can still send him home, but Finn’s said he’d make sure he doesn’t go out into the dining area until it’s time for him to serve the desserts.”

Suddenly the little signs on the tables made so much sense “Is this why the guests are supposed to snap for their desserts?”

“Let’s just say most of my servers worked at the Old Breadstix and they remember Hummel quite vividly. Are you sure you’re ok with him being here with whatever your surprise is?”

“If you think Finn can control him, I’m ok. Just keep him out of the dining area when Sam and I perform.” While Blaine was talking, Cooper had pulled out his phone to read a text. From the smile on his face, Blaine knew who it was “That’s her, isn’t it? The mystery woman that you’ve been dating?”

“Yes, and I want you to be the first one to meet her. I told her to come around back, so I’m going to go let her in.”

When Cooper left, Blaine pulled out his own phone to check his texts but he should have known better “I’m not doing this today, Kurt. This is a big night for Cooper.”

“I know, I just wanted to assure you that I’m not going to do anything to ruin this for him.”

After the reception, Kurt had devised a new plan. He was going to show Blaine that he was still that Kurt. The Kurt that Blaine had said he missed.

“Well, actions will speak much louder…” Blaine didn’t finish as both he and Kurt were dumbstruck to see the woman Cooper walked up with.

“Miss Holliday?”

Once Blaine got over the shock that his brother was dating Holly Holliday, he began to really enjoy himself. In fact, everyone did, which was a relief to Cooper and a source of great pride for his parents. The Andersons were ecstatic that Cooper seemed to be finding himself since his move back to Ohio.

At 6PM, Blaine and Sam picked up their guitars and got set up on stage. People were still eating, but it was the time Blaine had given to those watching on the web cast. “Hi, sorry to interrupt your dinner and by all means, keep eating. I mean, how amazing is this new menu? And let’s all give Cooper a hand for bringing fresh baked breadsticks to Breadstix!” After an enthusiastic round of applause Blaine went on to say “And wait until you taste the desserts. They are also fresh baked here at the restaurant. But, before they’re served, you are stuck with me, well me and Sam, for a few minutes as my big brother has allowed me this momentary take over.”

“Didn’t really have a choice! Did I, Squirt?” Cooper called out, earning him laughter from his guests.

Blaine stuck out his tongue in true little brother fashion, which everyone seemed to enjoy as well, but then he got serious “Most of you know what today has meant for me, and I appreciate how you have supported my decision to keep things private.” He, and all of the Andersons and New Directions, shot a glare over at Will, who looked away but knew what they were telling him.

“Yesterday, I received some news that has made today a little easier and I want to share it with you all, but of course I’m not just going to come out and say it. Dad, this is for you. Thanks for not giving up on me.”

Charles looked at his wife, Cooper, Robert even Sugar, Sebastian, Trent and Santana. They all shook their heads. None of them knew what Blaine had planned. Ok, Sugar did, but she wasn’t telling. He just couldn’t believe Blaine had singled him out for this, especially today. How he acted when Blaine told them he was gay was, and would always be, the greatest regret of his life.

Well I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up

And when you're needing your space, to do some navigating
I'll be here patiently waiting, to see what you find

'Cause even the stars they burn
Some even fall to the earth
We've got a lot to learn
God knows we're worth it

No, I won't give up

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got yeah, we got a lot at stake

And in the end, you're still my friend at least we did intend
For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn
We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in
I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not and who I am

Just when Charles thought he couldn’t smile any bigger, or cry any harder, he saw Sugar and the rest of the New Directions stand and join in with Blaine and Sam.

I won't give up on us (no I'm not giving up)
God knows I'm tough enough (I am tough, I am loved)
We've got a lot to learn (we're alive, we are loved)
God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it)

The rest of the room fell away. It was just him and the boy who he loved more than anything but had almost lost due to his own fears and ignorance.

I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love, I'm still looking up

Charles wasn’t the only one in tears, his wife was as well. The two of them hung on to each other so they wouldn’t head to the stage and hug their son so tightly that it would prevent Blaine from saying what he was about to tell them.

“Every year Julliard puts on what is known as the Past, Present and Future Concert at Lincoln Center. Yesterday, I received a call informing me that I am the Future.” Blaine continued despite the gasp he heard from the guests “Yes, that means that I have been accepted to Julliard and three weeks from Friday I will be playing three songs at Lincoln Center. So, is everyone ready for some cheesecake?”

Chapter Text


“Where is he?” Sebastian asked the guys who were already in the Commons. He had been working on his Senior Project for his Computer Science class, so he was already in a shitty mood. Why the fuck did he need to know the difference between C++ and Javascript? And when the hell was he ever going to write his own computer program, except for this stupid project? That’s what he had Doug for!

A loud banging answered the question of where his co-captain/boyfriend was “Guys, let me out of here!” Obviously, Blaine had tried to change something yet again and the rest of the Senior Warblers had made good on their promise to lock him in the office if he did.

“How long has he been in there?”

“About 15 minutes” Thad told him.

Sebastian had to think about how he wanted to handle this. On one hand, Blaine did promise that there would be no last minute changes. On the other hand, he wanted to have sex again before graduation. He decided to talk to Blaine (through the door) before he made a plan. “Hey, B. Heard you tried to make some changes again. We all agreed on Monday that the routines were set. Remember?”

“Oh Bas, thank god you’re here. Please let me out. The guys are being unreasonable. I'm not trying to be bossy. I'm trying to give the benefit of my experience. I have won more show choir competitions than anyone in that room!”

Sebastian knew there was only one thing to do and he’d have to take one for the team “Anyone else feel like going off campus for lunch? We can bring something back for Blaine Jong-un.”



He could tell by the tone of Jeff’s voice that Blaine had either tried something or said something to piss him off…again. The body language between the two only confirmed his deduction. Yup, sex was probably going to be out of the question yet again “What’s going on?”

“Blaine, why don’t you ask your boyfriend the question you just asked me?” Jeff knew he was partly at fault for this but Blaine had taken things too far.

“I am co-captain. I am responsible for safety. My question was not unreasonable.”

Ok, said something to piss Jeff off. “What did you say, B?”

“All I did was ask if the guys who are tumbling were wearing their non-skid soles. I saw Jeff change his shoes and I wanted to know if the others had as well.”

Sebastian shook his head and asked Jeff to give them a minute. “I wasn’t wrong about this Bas” Blaine told him.

“No, but the way you confronted Jeff was. You questioned him on the responsibility you and I gave him. Or to be more specific, the responsibility the rest of the guys and I were able to force you to let go of.” Sebastian took a deep breath before he went on “I made you an appointment with Dr. Shepard for after we’re finished here.”

“What the fuck?! You had no…”

“The guys have locked you in the office…twice! For some reason you are micromanaging to the point that we can’t take it anymore. B, you’re reminding us of how it was when you came back from the hospital.”

“I’m not that…” Blaine looked at Sebastian’s face and knew it was. “Fine, I’ll go, but not before reminding you that you said you would see a therapist after what happened on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter that you are in a much better mood.”

“It just so happens, I have appointments set up with the therapist Trent’s mom recommended on Monday, Tuesday and after I give my deposition on Wednesday.” That seemed to calm Blaine down a bit. “B, you were right yesterday when you said you have more experience at winning these things than the rest of us, but that experience won’t help if you’re locked in the office. You’ve had to realize that since you can’t punch them, the guys aren’t afraid of you anymore.”

Before he could respond, Blaine saw Nari and other girls from their sister school arrive. It was kind of a tradition that the girls would come watch the final full practice. It put some fresh eyes on the routine and while no changes would be made (…Blaine!), the girls could point out parts that needed to be cleaned up. Nari’s arrival also gave Blaine the opportunity to do as Sam had asked and check on her.

While he did that, Sebastian began to walk back to the guys and noticed the expression on Trent’s face. He didn’t understand until he followed Trent’s sight line which led to Blaine talking with Nari. Suddenly, one of his unanswered questions from the other day made sense, so he went and pulled his best friend aside “Nari’s the girl you’ve been in love with since you were five.”

Trent tried not to appear horrified that Sebastian had figured out the secret he had been keeping for almost 13 years “What…I mean…what?”

“My friend, it’s pretty obvious. Why haven’t you done something about it?”

Trent let out a soft groan, resigned to the fact that Sebastian would not let this go “Shyness but, and don’t get a big head about this, hanging around with you gave me the confidence to tell her. Which I was going to do on New Year’s Eve…the day she meant Sam. Now they’re together and let’s be honest, how am I supposed to compete with him? I’m not afraid to admit the guy is gorgeous.”

“First of all, you working out with B has done a lot for you.”

“Hasn’t helped with the chipmunk cheeks.”

Sebastian gave him a swift swat on the butt “It has for the cheeks that matter, and she and Sam aren’t seeing each other anymore.”

“How come?” Trent tried to sound as normal as his internal squealing would allow.

“They still like each other, but distance became a problem.” Sebastian looked over at Thad and Nick who were still attempting to calm Jeff down “Unfortunately, after we get back from college visits I think there are two more couples that will figure that out as well.”

After two run-throughs, all the girls agreed that the routines were spot on. Blaine thanked them for coming and then excused himself to go see Dr. Shepard. He hated to admit it but it was probably a good thing Sebastian had done this. He had thought everyone was exaggerating, but when he overheard Nick and Thad talking to a couple of Junior Warblers about a hostile takeover…yeah, he needed to fix this fast.

He looked at the clock on his dashboard and saw that he had another ten minutes left in his drive, so he decided to call Sam over the bluetooth. He told him that he had seen Nari and she was sad, but ok. Sam in turn, told him to call Sugar when he got the chance. She and Kitty had a few realizations of their own when he split from Nari. Blaine thanked him and promised to call her later, but now he wanted to talk about what was really on his mind. “Have you had a chance to look at the arrangement I sent you?”

“Are you kidding? I couldn’t stop playing it, Blaine. It was that good, but why is this song so important? I thought you said that this wasn’t the song you had to write for your project.”

“I have to play three songs at the Julliard Concert and they want two to be originals. Sebastian’s Heart would be the first and I want this one to be the other, that way I can still do my version of I Dreamed a Dream. If I can’t get this song to work, I’ll have to switch to You+Me and probably Cough Syrup.

“Why don’t you just use whatever song you wrote for Regionals?”

“What makes you think I wrote a song for Regionals?”

“You complained for a month that Jeff was bugging you to write one, then you just stopped. You know I won’t say anything.”

“Ok, yes we are doing an original that I wrote at Regionals, but it just doesn’t feel right for the concert. I really want this to be this song, but Sam, the song doesn’t work without that guitar in the lead. I really need your help on this.”

A half hour later, Blaine was sitting on the couch at his therapist’s office, arms crossed in annoyance, waiting for the man to stop laughing “It’s not that funny, Doc. And aren’t you supposed to be making me feel better? How is laughing at me helping with that?”

“Oh, come on. They locked you in the office not once, but twice. You don’t find that at least a little bit funny. Think about it, Blaine. You have said on more than one occasion that you just want to be a normal kid. What’s more normal than your friends calling you out when you’re being ridiculous? Which you are, by the way. The locking you in the office was just a bonus.”

Blaine loosened his defensive posture. The man may have had a point…Damn it! “Ok, fine, maybe I’ve been a bit uptight, but I don’t have to time for self-reflection. Can you give me something to work with here?”

“This one time, I will. It’s not residual feelings from what happened with the sentencing, although you’re not as fine with it as you think you are. It’s not pressure from Julliard or your Graduation Plan. In my professional opinion, you are overcompensating because you feel you’re the reason the Warblers haven’t won Regionals the last two years and you owe them one.”

“That’s ludicrous.”

“Hear me out. Your return to Dalton began with you taking back a Nationals trophy. Are you telling me you don’t see the symbolism of giving them one of their own? The problem is you can’t give them one, no matter how much you want to. The Warblers, all of you, have to earn it. You know I’m right.”

“What if you are?”

“Then we have a place to start.”



Blaine and Trent watched as Sebastian ran to the door and almost tackled Trent’s mother.

“Sometimes I think he likes those cookies more than he likes me” Trent sighed.

“And sometimes I think he likes those cookies more than he likes me” Blaine said, causing them both to laugh.

Sebastian really did like those cookies.

Saturday: Day of Regionals (Finally!)

While the Warblers were arriving at the venue, their friends in New York were setting up a computer for the live stream. Evidently, Artie had volunteered to take care of it this time and Doug was going to return the favor the following week. Fortunately, David was going to come over a little early to connect the computer to the television so they’ll have a bigger picture.

Quinn and Nichole had come in from New Haven and Boston to watch the guys. The two of them had actually formed a friendship while they were back in Ohio. “Santana, I thought you were staying in Lima until tomorrow. What happened?” Quinn asked.

“I stayed for work, but finished early.” Santana wasn’t going to say any more. Her idea with the guys had gone over well and the magazine had decided to publish it. She wanted it to be a surprise, but she also didn’t want Wes to hear about it. She hadn’t seen him since the reception and was still a little unnerved by what he said to her.

“Is it true that the Warblers are in what everyone on the show choir blogs are calling the Regionals Bracket of Death?” Nichole asked. “That’s what Jeff told me.”

Rachel went and got her laptop, opening it to one of the more popular blogs “Yes, see? The Warblers are competing against not only Vocal Adrenaline, but the Hoosierdaddies. Any of those three teams could easily make top five at Nationals, but two will be eliminated today. That gives less talented teams a chance to place higher than they might have otherwise.”

“Like the New Directions” Santana huffed.

“Don’t say that, Santana” Mercedes was surprised by her comment. “They’re the defending National Champions.”

“That lost at Sectionals” Santana reminded her. “Then somehow Mr. Schue was not only able to get them into Regionals, but moved to an easier bracket. That’s the reason the Warblers are even competing against Vocal Adrenaline, they should be up against the New Directions. Mr. Schue was able to get them switched. All this so he could stick it to Blaine.”

“Well, why should things be any different now? Schuster didn’t appreciate Blaine when he had him. None of you did.” Wes commented, announcing his and David’s arrival.

Santana was sure his comments were directed at her again, although Rachel and Mercedes were just as culpable. In her mind, Wes had singled her out even though she was the one closest to Blaine. Well, she was now.

It was going to be a long afternoon.

Back at the venue, Blaine received a text (oh yeah, collect phones) from Sam that they were there and needed to know where Artie could set up. When Blaine got to the entrance he was surprised to see Rodrick with them.

“Rod’s here to help Artie. Plus, he didn’t join until after Sectionals and hasn’t seen one of these live. With who’s competing today, I thought he should see this in person” Sam explained.

“Just like a captain should.” Blaine was proud of the way Sam had stepped up in his role as captain, or was being allowed to step into his role now that the outside influences were gone. Finn was the chosen alumni to stay as result of the Warblers winning the Diva-Off, but he had been really good at deferring to Sam (much to Will’s chagrin).

Speaking of Will, he showed up with Finn and Puck, so Blaine went back to his seat as not to get agitated. “Hey, what are you guys doing here?” Sam asked, although he had a good idea. It just surprised him that his advisor hadn’t mentioned he was coming, but he didn’t know why. There were a lot of things that Will hadn’t told him, like the fact that he somehow arranged for Vocal Adrenaline to compete in this bracket.

“I’m here to film Mikey’s stud muffin for him” Puck told them.

“We’re about to go set up a live stream. Why don’t you come with us and we can Mike set up too?” Puck agreed to Artie’s offer and followed him and Rodrick to their designated area.

Once they were gone, Sam turned to Finn and asked “Where’s Kurt?”

“Uh, Cooper made sure he was put on the schedule at Breadstix so he couldn’t be here.”

That put a smile on Sam’s face “Gotta love him. So, I’ll see you guys Monday?”

“Sam, you should sit with us so we can take notes” Will told him.

Was he serious? “No, I shouldn’t and your definitely are not sitting with me because I am sitting with the Andersons, Smythes and Nixons, Trent’s family. Just to put it out there, Kitty is also here to support Thad and it should be a no brainer that Sugar is here considering she’s Blaine’s cousin and Nick’s girlfriend. And I’m not here to scope out the competition. I’m here to support my friends like they will do for me next week.”


“Don’t worry, Mr. Schue. When the Warblers win and then we win next week, the gloves will be off as far as Nationals are concerned.” Sam started to leave but thought he had better clarify something first “However, with everything else, nothing changes. Blaine and I are still best friends and I won’t put up with any crap you try to say about it. Oh, there goes the flashing lights. You two better find seats.”

The one thing that went the Warblers way was they would be performing last, giving Blaine and Sebastian a chance to analyze what the other teams did without comparing the performances to their own. There was no How the hell did they make it to Regionals team in this group, so anything they saw could be useful.

The first up were the Hoosierdaddies.

“That girl reminds me a lot of Rachel, but what does Clarity have to do with the theme Tell us who you are?”

“Only one of the songs has to fit the theme. Last year for Vintage the only song we did that fit was Dashboard.”

“Oh look, they have more girls than the Rachel-wannabe. Um B? Was that girl’s dance as offensive to you as it was to me?”

“If by offensive you mean racist, yes it was. I wonder if we were the only ones that thought so.”

Once they were able to move past the whole Did they really just do that? dance, both of them had to admit that Wings did fit the persona that the girls in the group gave off. However, half of the group, aka the boys, had not been represented. Hopefully, that would be held against them.

Then it was Vocal Adrenaline’s turn and Sebastian had all sorts of things to say about that routine.

“It’s the same move over and over. They just switch out who’s riding around on the scaffolding. Ok, the scaffolding is going out. Mickey? Seriously? How does that show who they are? We built this City didn’t say it either unless they’re trying to claim that they are the ones that built the reputation of dominate teams coming from this area.”


“And what’s with the guy on the bouncers? That’s just a distractor hiding the fact that nothing they’re doing is original. Holy fuck! They shot guys out of cannons? Out of cannons, B!”

“Bas, it’s ok. That was a big, overdramatic mess. The judges should see that. You need to calm down because it’s time to head back. It’s your job to be the level headed one.”

While the Warblers headed back stage, those in the audience began to feel the nerves. “Does anyone know what their singing?” Cooper asked.

“I know that the first song is not the first one they chose” Sam said and then laughed at the looks he was getting. “Blaine and I were able to talk without giving any important information away. However, I do have his permission to tell you that he wrote the second song.”

“Blainey wrote…” Before Sugar could continue the lights flickered and they took their seats.

Sebastian’s father leaned over to Blaine’s “What’s the theme of this again?”

“Tell us who you are.”

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now

It took everything the two dads had in them to laugh out loud. They knew the song and neither believed a more appropriate song could have been chosen. It didn’t take them long to refocus, especially Mr. Anderson since for the moment Blaine was singing lead.

A young fighter screaming, with no time for doubt
With the pain and anger can't see a way out

It ain't much I'm asking
I heard him say
Gotta find me a future

(All) Move out of my way

(Seniors) I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now
(All) I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now

(Trent) Listen all you people, come gather round
I gotta get me a game plan, gotta shake you to the ground

Trent’s parents smiled at each other, amazed in the changes in their son over the last few months. They both had to admit they had concerns when Trent first talked about his friendship with Sebastian, but now they couldn’t be any happier.

(Blaine) It ain't much I'm asking, if you want the truth
Here's to the future for the dreams of youth

(All) I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it

(Doug…it was a really high note) Now!

(Sebastian) I'm a man with a one track mind
So much to do in one lifetime
(Thad, Jeff & Nick on harmonies) (People do you hear me)
Not a man for compromise and where's and why's and living lies

(So I'm living it all)
Yes, I'm living it all
(And I'm giving it all)
And I'm giving it all…Whoo!

While Beat and “the Band” had a strong presence throughout the song, this was their opportunity to shine.

“Fuck! They sound just like a fucking rock band!” Puck was thoroughly impressed, but Rodrick was in shock.

“We’re supposed to beat that? How the hell do we beat that?”

Then the dancers and tumblers came in.

“Finally!” David cheered. “I wish we would have had the guys to do that when we were there.”

Quinn laughed as Nichole leaned her head to the side as she stared at the screen “See something you like, Nichole?”

“I…I just didn’t know Jeff was that…that, um…flexible.”

(Blaine) It ain't much I'm asking, if you want the truth
Here's to the future
Hear the cry of youth
(hear the cry, hear the cry, hear the cry of youth)

(All) I want it all, I want it all, I want it all and I want it…

While people had been on their feet cheering since the beginning the abrupt end made them go wild, almost causing them to miss Beat go straight to the opening of Blaine’s song. While he had originally insisted on no solos, the guys convinced him that since he wrote the song he should take lead. Once Blaine caved in, he was happy with the decision because it allowed him the chance to drop in a few surprises.

This ain't a song for the broken-hearted
No silent prayer for the faith-departed
I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd
You're gonna hear my voice
When I shout it out loud

(Chorus) It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive (It's my life)

(Blaine) My heart is like an open highway
Sebastian said I did it my way
I just want to live while I'm alive

(All) It's my life

While everyone was surprised at Sebastian’s name being put in, they didn’t have time to recover.

This is for the ones who stood their ground
It's for Tommy and Tana who never backed down

In New York, while the girls were squealing over hearing Santana’s name, David pulled Wes back. He had never seen his friend look as panicked as he did when Blaine said the name Tommy. “Wes, you need to pull it together. The girls are going to notice you’re freaking out.”

“David, he said Tommy. What the hell happened?”

“I don’t know and while I don’t know the whole Tommy story, I know this is bad. But, you need to suck it up for now because the girls will see you and have questions. And when I say girls, I mean Santana especially since Blaine used her name in the same line.”

Meanwhile back in Ohio, those who knew of Tommy were trying not to react. Blaine had gone on to use Wes, Sammy and Sugar in the song but Tommy was what stood out. People were going to have questions because all of the other names were recognizable.

And it's now or never
We ain't gonna live forever
We just want to live while we’re alive (It's our life)

Our hearts are like an open highway
The Warblers said we did it our way
We just want to live while we’re alive

It's my life

Monday during Glee, Sam and Artie showed video from the weekend.

“Holy Shit!” That got everyone’s attention considering it came out of Joe’s mouth. “While the other two groups were unbelievable, it was easy to see why the Warblers won.”

Even more surprising was how animated the usually reserved Rodrick became “The video doesn’t begin to capture how good they were. I mean…I mean…there are no words…I can’t…” Kitty put her hand over his mouth to stop the rambling. She had listened to it the entire drive home on Saturday.

“Come on guys, we could have beat that” Will tried to convince his club. Finn shook his head because it was obvious the man had lost his fucking mind and he wasn’t the only one that thought so.

“Have you lost your fucking mind? We couldn’t have beat any of those teams.”


“No, we couldn’t and you are not doing us any favors by telling us we could. However, we are going to win this Saturday because of the crap competition we’re up against, and I’m sure the teams already going to Nationals know that too. We’re going to be known as the team that lost Sectionals and then had their advisor abuse the system to make sure they made Nationals.”


“I’m not done. Mr. Schue, you owe us because all of this is your fault. You need to get your head out of your ass and stop living in last year. We have amazing dancers on this squad, yet we’re not showing that in our Regionals performance. Unique was last year’s Nationals MVP and don’t get me started on Rodrick’s voice but, no offense guys, we are lacking in one area. With the exception of Kitty and maybe Tina, none of us have the killer instinct to bully the competition like Rachel, Mercedes or Santana…hell, even Kurt. The Warblers have that and we won’t beat them without it. So, either you find a way to coach that or as captain I’ll make sure we get what we need. I’ll get Sue Sylvester.”

Chapter Text

“How long has he been like that?” Sebastian asked, looking at his boyfriend sprawled across his bed, arm covering his eyes.

“Like that, a little over an hour” Beat told him. “He came back from therapy, took a shower, put on a pair of sweats and then this. I was giving him time but…”

“You’re right. The fact that he let his hair dry without product was definitely a red flag.”

“You know, I can hear you.”

“Oh, he lives” Sebastian teased only to receive a middle finger in response.

Beat walked over and grabbed his bag “Ok, that’s my cue to leave. I have to finish the outline for my Poly Sci Project anyway. Bud, if you need me…”

“I know. Thanks, Drum.” After he was gone, Blaine removed his arm from his face “You stink.”

“Well, I love you too, B. And it’s not my fault your best Dalton friend sent my best anywhere friend to drag me from lacrosse practice.” When Sebastian heard Blaine groan, he realized his patented charming sarcasm would not work this time. “Want to talk about it?”


“If I took a shower, would you talk about it?”


“Tell you what, I’ll go take a shower and you give either Sam or Sugar a call. Both of them are good at making you laugh. I’d say FaceTime, but if you call they won’t see your hair.” Once again, he received a hand-gesture in response, but then Blaine used that hand to pick up his phone.

Sebastian knew what the problem was. Blaine had been off-center since he realized his slip-up of using Tommy’s name in the song at Regionals. Thankfully, Beat had jumped in immediately and claimed to be Tommy. Those not in the know bought the story and laughed at how Beat’s real name was revealed. Those that knew Beat was covering for something were willing to let it go for now.

By the time he finished showering and let himself into Blaine’s room, the mood there had done a complete 180.

“Hey Sam, Bas is here. I know we said radio silence until Saturday but you have to keep me updated…I knew I’d have to tell him eventually…I will not…Ok, fine…And thanks again for listening to me. I’m glad someone appreciates my love of show choir blogs…Yeah, I laughed my ass off too...Ok…Ok...Of course, I’m obsessing. It’s what I do…I love you too, Sammy. Bye.”

Sebastian closed the door then sat across from Blaine on his bed “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you and Sam were having a not so secret affair.”

“No, but I could see having a massive unrequited crush on him if I was still stuck at McKinley. By the way, have you heard anything about my exile?”

“Are you asking if Thad and Nick leaked the rumor that you were sent there as a consequence for talking about Fight Club? Because if you are, I can assure you that everyone has heard it. They all knew you wouldn’t have left Dalton voluntarily.”

“But, I did. Bas, I’m not trying to rewrite history. I’m trying to make sure everyone shuts their mouths about Fight Club when they’re giving depositions this week. They’ve got to believe if that could happen to me, whatever we plan for them would totally obliterate their lives.”

“Obliterate, huh? So, earlier was about Fight Club and the depositions, not Tommy?”

“Yes and no. I still can’t believe I said his name. I talked with Doc again and we agree it probably happened because he was in the forefront of my mind due to everything surrounding the case last week.” Blaine reached across for Sebastian’s hand “Thank you for not pushing. Speaking of not pushing, I said I wouldn’t ask, but…”

“B, it’s alright. I liked the therapist Trent’s mom found for me, which is a little weird because she reminded me a lot of that psychotic cheerleading coach at McKinley.”

“Sue? Why, did she call you Barry Allen too? Oh, she’s now the psychotic principal at McKinley and, get this, the first thing she did was suspend Schuster.”


Earlier at McKinley

Finn saw Sugar give him a thumbs-up and then go and grab pen and paper. His idea had worked. With that accomplished, he was ready to leave for the day but was stopped “What did you need, Ryder?”

“If you’re going to the principal’s office I want to go with you.”

“Why would I go there?”

“When you were over with Sugar, Mr. Schue took Sam for “speaking to him like that”. You didn’t see them leave?”

“Shit! Go get Jake.”


“Because if I’ve learned anything it’s…if you’re headed into battle, take a Puckerman.”

While they went and got Jake, Will and Sam reached the principal’s office but didn’t find what they expected. Sue was sitting behind the desk and there was someone with her “Superintendent Harris? What’s going on?”

“Oh, Mr. Schuster, good to see you. To answer your question, the School Board found out some, um, disturbing information concerning Principal Figgins. For at least the remainder of the school year Coach Sylvester will be acting principal. If you’ll excuse me, I have some business to take care of back at my office.”

As he left Finn, Ryder and Jake came in. “What’s going on?”

“Evidently Principal Sylvester is in charge” Sam answered, but his tone told Finn that there was more to talk about later.

“The Yellow Lizard speaks the truth. I am in my rightful place yet again.”

“Blonde Chameleon.”

“Whatever. Now, William explain to me why you and your club of misfits are bothering me in my moment of triumph.”

“My issue is with Sam. The rest of you can go.”

In unison, the three late arrivals crossed their arms in defiance with Jake replying “Not happening.”

“Well, this just got more interesting.” Sue leaned back in her chair and pointed at Sam “What did you do?”

Sam decided with Sue the best thing would be to tell the truth…at least this time. “I told him he had lost his fucking mind and if he didn’t stop living in the past I was going to ask you to coach us for Nationals.”

“What makes you think you’ll win Regionals since you’ve already lost to Blaine Warbler, Barry Allen and others not once, but twice?”

“Mr. Schue rigged the brackets so we didn’t compete against the Warblers. Our competition is Gregorian chanters and a group from a school that rescues birds.”

“I see. William, you’re suspended. Gigantor, you take them on Saturday.”

“What?!” At that moment, Will probably did lose his fucking mind.

“Lips, don’t move. William, stay with Becky and the rest of you just go away.” Becky (literally) shoved everyone except Sam out of the office and shut the door behind her. “Let me make two things clear, Mr. Evans. One, if you ever speak to any of my faculty like that again, you will be the one suspended. And two, you’re display of leadership has officially made you my third favorite student behind Becky Jackson and Blaine Warbler.”

“Blaine goes to Dalton.”

“Semantics. You may leave, but in your inevitable call to Mr. Anderson, tell him I will grant his request.”

“Breathing is a good thing, Bas. You might want to try it.”

“I…I…can’t!” I took several minutes, and a few dozen deep breaths, but Sebastian finally calmed down. “Ok, ok, that’s amazing but what request is she granting?”



“She said to call her that since I’m no longer a McKinley student. I think she knew I didn’t want to call her Mrs. Schuster. So, Emma was embarrassed last year when I wanted to send out applications for early admittance. She had never heard of anyone doing that and my parents had to hire someone to do her job.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. So, I talked to her about how Dalton takes care of college visits for Seniors and suggested maybe McKinley could do something similar, but not just for those going to college…”

“And you helped her write up a proposal so Sam could be excused when he’s in New York for the photo shoot.”

“I guess it was on the desk when Sue took over. Now, if I could solve my own problems that easily.”


“No, I’m just overwhelmed with everything I’ve got going on. The depositions, the concert, the LA trip, Santana’s photo shoot, finding out why the hell I have an audition at NYADA, those are all happening in the next three weeks. When am I supposed to get my Graduation Plan done? And what about getting ready for Nationals?”

Sebastian was going to respond, thinking Blaine had finished, but then he quietly added “And what about you?”

“What about me?” When Blaine didn’t answer and just played with this cuff, Sebastian got up and moved to sit up against Blaine’s headboard. Then he pulled his boyfriend into cuddle, which from the sound of his sigh was exactly what he needed. “What about me, B?”

“You have your deposition on Wednesday.”

“And the rest of you are up tomorrow. I don’t see the problem?”

“Bas, we all know yours will be way worse than ours. I wanted to make things easier for you. That’s why when we were at the Sugar Shack, I told you that I was going to make you my sexual plaything this week. To help with your stress.” Blaine buried his head into Sebastian’s side. He didn’t know why after everything they had done together, this embarrassed him. Hell, he was the one that thought of it in the first place. He had made plans and had even gone to see Santa.

So, why hadn’t Sebastian said anything? “Bas?”

“Blaine, as amazing as what you said sounds, I think we’re going to have to cancel the debauchery.”


“Listen to me. You can’t fit in your Graduation Plan, B. This isn’t the New Directions where you can leave everything until the last minute and expect a good outcome.” That comment earned him a kick to the shin. “Ok, I deserved that, but you know what I was trying to say.”

“I know.” Blaine sighed and cuddled in closer. “It sounds like you have a suggestion.”

“I do. I think we should break up.”

Chapter Text

Earlier that evening in New York

Rachel pulled her curtain shut and then promptly face planted onto her bed, bemoaning the fact that she didn’t stop to buy ice cream for her pity party. Mondays were always her long day at NYADA, but today had been especially brutal.

The announcement that Blaine was The Future for the Julliard Concert at Lincoln Center had spread through NYADA like wildfire. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for people to remember that she and Blaine were friends, so she spent the majority of her day being bombarded with questions. Hell, even Cassie July asked her about Blaine. It had gotten so bad that at one point she considered making a sign saying I don’t know if Blaine plans on auditioning for NYADA but considering he didn’t actually apply here and was accepted at his school of choice, I would say the answer is most likely…No.

While she would never condone Kurt’s Alpha Gay behavior towards Blaine, she now understood how it could have happened.

Despite everything, Kurt had been her person. She missed him. She missed how they would talk about their day over dinner. How they would go out in their free time and find things for the loft. How they would think of ways to get Kurt another NYADA audition. How Kurt would go insane when she got anything on her new clothes. But most of all, she missed how they would stay up at night and talk about how much they missed Finn and Blaine. Those talks were the reason she knew Kurt really did love Blaine and she didn’t care what anyone else said.

That included Kurt back when he lost his mind and thought he was in love with Sebastian.

She was about to text him when a call came through from an unknown number. She probably wouldn’t have answered it, but it was from someone in Lima “Hello.”

“Hi, Rachel? It’s Sugar Motta. Finn gave me your number. I’m not interrupting something, am I?”

Never would have guessed Sugar Motta in a million years “It’s fine. What did you need?”

“Sam went off on Mr. Schue today, which was all kinds of awesome, but he said that we don’t have the killer instinct to win Nationals. Well, he said Kitty and Tina have it, but not the rest of us. I can’t ask Blainey, so I talked to Finn. He gave me your number and said I should call.”

Finn told her to call? “Sugar, what are you talking about?”

“I want you to teach me how to be a total show choir bitch. I mean like when you sent that girl to a crack house bitch.”

Rachel had to laugh. Somehow Finn had known exactly what she needed “Sugar, you’ve come to the right person.”

Back in Lima, Finn saw Sugar give him a thumbs-up and then go and grab pen and paper. His idea had worked.

Meanwhile at Dalton

Blaine practically jumped off the bed and yelled “Sebastian Smythe, that is the dumbest thing you have ever said. We are not breaking up!” Then he slapped his (at least for the next few minutes) boyfriend’s arm for emphasis.

“Ouch, that hurt! I didn’t mean we should break up-break up.”

Blaine made his I’m going to scrunch my face while I think about if I believe what you said face, which was a good sign. He sat back down on the bed, but as far from Sebastian as possible “I’m listening.”

“I’ve thought about working on my projects from home for the rest of the week so I can spend time with Izzy, and maybe Sierra, before they go back to Paris on Thursday. I have my deposition on Wednesday morning meaning I don’t have Advisory and since you were outvoted, the Warblers won’t begin work on Nationals until after college visits. The only reason I’m still here is my undying love for you.” Sebastian broke out his signature smile because he could see Blaine was beginning to waver. “It’s not like we aren’t spending the next two weeks together in LA then New York. And don’t you have your AP Biology test on Wednesday?”

“Yeah, but that’s the one thing I’m not worried about.” Blaine crawled across the bed and cuddled back into Sebastian’s side “I hate it when you’re all logical.”

“In reality it will only be two and a half days. Sierra is taking Izzy away from me around noon Thursday and I planned on coming back to help with lacrosse practice which is at 2PM. We can have a dinner date in the cafeteria.”

“It is meatloaf night.”

“Well, then you know I’ll be back. I wouldn’t miss that.” They both chuckled at Sebastian’s statement since it was the absolute truth. He liked the meatloaf so much that Mrs. Jordan always made sure there was enough extra to make him a meatloaf sandwich for lunch on Friday. “You know I’m right about this, B.”

“I know and I’ll agree on three conditions.”


“Yes, three. One, we switch bracelets and cuffs so I’ll still have you with me.”


“Two, we find a way to have a night of debauchery on Friday.”

“Definitely done. And three?”

“You don’t get pissed off when I send a mass text to the Warblers with a link to my favorite show choir blog. Before you say no, there’s a video of Throat Explosion’s Regionals performance there and I want everyone to know what we’re up against. Plus, I found out the theme for Nationals and I want to give all the guys a chance to think of song ideas even though we’re not practicing.”

“How did you find…never mind. You found out the theme on the blog. Are you sure? It’s not supposed to be announced until Monday.”

“I trust my sources.”

“You know you’re dying to tell me. How asinine is it?”

“I don’t know if it’s asinine, but you are going to laugh. The theme for this years Nationals is…dun, dun, duh…Divas through the Decades.

“Are you fucking serious? Nationals is one big Diva-Off?”

“Yup and yup.”

“Fine, I accept your conditions.” Sebastian paused for a moment and then gave Blaine a kiss on the top of his head. “I should get going before I change my mind.”

“Can I at least get a few kisses first?”

“I think that could be arranged.”

Blaine and Sebastian spent the next few minutes saying goodbye, both blissfully unaware of the shit storm they had caused.

15 Minutes Earlier

Doug stopped outside of Blaine’s door “Remind me why I agreed to do this.”

“Uh, because we want to be the Second-Year Leaders for the Warblers next year” Chris actually did remind him.

“Yeah” George chimed in “When we tell Blaine how we went to that show choir blog and found out the theme for Nationals, he will appreciate our initiative.”

Sebastian Smythe, that is the dumbest thing you have ever said. We are not breaking up!

The three of them stood frozen, eyes darting back and forth between them, playing a game of Oh My God! Did we just hear what we think we heard? Doug broke free and noticed there were several others standing in the hall and it looked like everyone of them had heard the same thing. “I’m getting Trent” he whispered to his friends before taking off running.

A senior named Zane came over to Chris and George “Did Seblaine just break up?”

“We don’t know what’s going on.”

“But we’re not sticking around to find out.”

“That’s a good idea” Zane told the freshmen and headed toward the library. He had played lacrosse with Sebastian and had seen him pissed, but Sebastian after breaking up with Wolverine…the thought of that was scary. When he entered the library, he saw his friend Jagger whose dorm was directly across from Sebastian’s “Hey dude, head’s up. I just heard Seblaine fight and break up.”

“Holy Shit! What happened?”

“Blaine just started yelling Sebastian Smythe, you are so stupid. You’re not breaking up with me, I’m breaking up with you!”


“Yeah, wow. I’ve got to go. Like I said, just wanted to give you a head’s up.”

“Thanks. See you later.” Jagger couldn’t believe what Zane told him. Seblaine? Break up? How? They had been all over each other earlier that day…and every day. But after what he heard about the Fight Club council forcing Blaine to go to Lima last year, there was no way he was asking. Then he remembered, his sister Krissy roomed with Wes Montgomery’s sister over at Crawford Day. He put his books back in his bag and headed out of the library. The second he was through the door he pressed call.

“Hey, Jagger. What’s going on?”

“Krissy, the shit is about to hit the fan here. Seblaine broke up.” From the gasp he heard, Jagger figured his sister was as shocked as he was.

“That’s not possible. I was at the Sugar Shack and saw them together. Because of them, I refuse to ever date a man that can’t sing In Your Eyes. Are you sure?”

“Guys heard Blaine yell Sebastian Smythe, you’re a stupid asshole. You’re not breaking up with me, I’m breaking up with you! Nari didn’t mention anything? Isn’t she dating that Sam guy?”

“They’re not seeing each other anymore. Shit!” Krissy let out a sigh, realizing how big of a deal this actually was. “She’s in the shower. I better tell her about this when she gets out. I’d say maybe Wes would know something, but he’s in New York.”

“Do me a favor Kris, keep me in the loop. They live across the hall…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I can.” Krissy put her phone down and tried to think of the best way to tell Nari about this. Wes and Blaine were more like siblings than Wes and Nari were but she was close to Blaine as well. Also, the mere mention of Blaine would probably trigger more tears about Sam.

“Who was on the phone?” Nari asked as she came out of the bathroom.

“Um, my brother. There’s some drama going on over at Dalton.”

Nari sat on her bed and started braiding her hair “Oh, anything juicy?”

“Blaine and Sebastian broke up.”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Sorry, Nari.”

“Shut the fuck up! What the hell happened?”

“Jagger didn’t know, he just heard Blaine yelling Sebastian, you fucking asshole! I’m breaking up with you. He lives across the hall from them, and is afraid of Blaine for some reason, so he thought maybe you might have said something that would give him an idea of how to deal with this.”

“This can’t be happening. They’re perfect together.”

“So were you and Sam.”

“True, but they live 100 feet from each other, not 100 miles.”

“You want to call him, don’t you?”

“Sam? I don’t know.”

Krissy got up and grabbed her things “I’m going to go take my shower with my music playing and then blow dry my hair. You know, just in case.”

Nari gave her friend a smile and then got her phone out of her night table. When she turned it on she was met by a photo of her and Sam on his Harley. It only got worse when she found his number which was highlighted by a picture of Sam in his BDSM Angel outfit, at least that’s what Sebastian called it. She knew she should delete or at least change the photos, but she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t ready for this either.


“Hi, Sam. Yeah, it’s me. I hate to be blunt, but have you talked with Blaine lately?”

“Yeah, earlier this evening. Why?”

“My roommate got a call from her brother saying Dalton had gone nuts because Blaine and Sebastian broke up. Sam, I know Jagger and he’s this really nerdy guy who is afraid of Sebastian but scared shitless of Wolverine. He would never say anything like that if he couldn’t back it up.”

Sam was more worried about the fact that Nari knew Blaine was Wolverine than the idea of Blaine and Sebastian breaking up. That was just too unbelievable to be true “Did he say how he supposedly knew this?”

“He said that a bunch of guys heard Blaine yell Sebastian you fucking asshole! I can’t believe I came back to Dalton for you!

“Seb was not the reason…” Sam stopped himself because he knew Sebastian was not the reason Blaine went back to Dalton, but it sounded like Nari didn’t. “Let me make some calls.”

“Will you…?”

“Of course, I’ll call you back as soon as I can. Bye, Narissa.”

After attempting to reach both Blaine and Sebastian twice, Sam decided on a different approach.

“Sam, this isn’t a good time.”

“Then it’s true? Blaine and Sebastian really broke up?”

Beat stopped in his tracks, waving at Trent, Doug, Nick and Jeff to go meet Thad. “Tell me everything you know.”

“I got a call from Narissa, and yes it was awkward, but she heard Blaine and Sebastian had broken up. I tried calling them but there was no answer. That’s why I called you.”

“Doug overheard Blaine yell something about Sebastian being stupid and breaking up. Unfortunately, none of us know for a fact what was said because guys keep coming to us trying to verify rumors they’ve heard. It doesn’t help that we can’t find them.”

“You can’t find either of them?”

“No…oh, ok. You want to call Cooper to have their bodyguards check in.”

“Yeah, and if this break up story is true, someone will have to handle Sugar. I’m pretty sure that someone shouldn’t be Nick.”

“Got it. I’ll take care of things here. Tell Cooper to have one of the guys call me when they locate the drama queens.” Beat ended the call and then caught up with the others in Sebastian and Thad’s room. “That was Sam. Yes, they had a fight. No, they did not break up. They’ve gone to their respective corners to lick their wounds and will come out when they come out. Now, let’s stop the rumor mill and get ready for the inevitable wallowing. Doug, come with me and we’ll get the popcorn and Disney ready. The rest of you, I don’t know what Sebastian would want but my guess is the same, just substitute porn for Disney.”

“That sounds about right” Trent said as he kicked his little brother out of the room before going to Sebastian’s not-so-secret stash.

While Beat was trying to calm things down at Dalton, Sam had made the call to Cooper “Blaine said Sebastian you fucking asshole! I can’t believe I came back to Dalton for you!”?

“No Cooper, I said that’s what Narissa told me Blaine supposedly said. I think what happened is like that game of telephone where one person hears something and tells another who tells another, and it changes a little each time.”

“I think you’re probably right. Sam, hold on.” Sam could hear Cooper talking with someone but couldn’t make out what they were saying. While waiting, he contemplated how they were going to tell Santana if it came to that... “Sam? Ok, Sebastian is home with his family and Blaine is in one of the music rooms at Dalton. The others couldn’t have gotten back there, but Blaine has a key. I’ll call Beat in a few minutes and help him fix whatever story he came up with. Now, Sammy boy, my newest little brother, tell me all about how you got Schuster suspended.”

Back in New York, Rachel was getting ready for bed. The one good thing about this day was that both Mercedes and Santana were going to be late, and she could take all the time she wanted in the bathroom. A long, hot shower had been just what she needed. Well, the shower and her call from Sugar. She had loved answering all of Sugar’s questions, and she had dozens. Talking about the New Directions and Regionals being on Saturday made her feel like her old self again, but now that it was over she was even lonelier.

She was about to turn off the light when her phone went off again, but this time she recognized the number “Kurt?”

“Rachel? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, but barely. Where are you?”

“I’m at work at Breadstix so I can’t talk long. You’ll never guess what I heard Cooper say. Blaine finally dumped the Meerkat.”

“Kurt, you must have heard things wrong.”

“No, I heard Cooper on the phone with Sam and he definitely said that Blaine questioned why he left me for Sebastian. This is just perfect Rachel. Thanks to you getting me another NYADA audition, not only will I be able to be in New York for Blaine’s concert, maybe Blaine will reconsider his NYADA audition.”

“What do you mean I got you…” Rachel was interrupted by the sound of the loft door opening and someone bilingually cursing at the top of her lungs “Kurt, you may be right about Blaine after all.”

Chapter Text

The Next Morning…New York

“Damn it, Wes! Will you at least put some boxers on?”

“No! If one of those assholes wants to come crawling home drunk at 6AM and forget which door is theirs, then they get what they get. I was in the middle of a really good dream.”

That comment stopped David in his tracks “Dude, did you really need to go there?”

“Listen dumb ass…” Wes said to the last person on earth he wanted to see as he opened door.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…I don’t know why you prep school boys keep answering the door like that when you know it does nothing for me. Although, I could give Quinn something to think about if you want.”

Wes felt a pair of shorts hit him in the back of the head. He quickly put them on and sent David a look of Thank You while letting Santana in “What are you doing here, Lopez?”

“If either of you would have answered the 50 calls or texts you got last night you would know. Blaine and Sebastian broke-up and Hummel is already making plans to weasel his way back into our Acapella Dreamboat’s life.”

Two hours later, the three of them left to get their days started and in Ohio, Beat woke up to find that Blaine hadn’t come back last night.

Damn it!

It had been impossible to squash every Sebreak (Seblaine break-up) rumor and the absence of the two supposed exes didn’t help matters. Even though he and the guys had told everyone that it was just a misunderstanding, none of them…or Sam…or Cooper…or Santana (who, with Mercedes, was trying to get ahold of Wes and David) knew exactly what happened. They all did agree that it was unfathomable that with all Blaine and Sebastian had been through together, they could break-up over one fight, but that belief was all they had to go on until they had actual answers.

He got up, put on some sweats and quickly spiked his hair, but when he opened the door to go get Blaine someone unexpected was standing there “Mr. Motta? I mean Robert…or is it Al today? What are you doing here in the dorms?”

“Hi Beat, and for the next few days you should call me Mr. Motta. It’s more appropriate with everything going on and I’m here to get Blaine since he’s giving his deposition this morning. Don’t worry, I signed-in up front. You’ll probably see a lot of lawyers around Dalton the next couple days, but most likely not back in this area. I claim Uncle’s privilege on that one. So, is he in the bathroom?”

“No, he didn’t come back last night. I was headed down to the practice rooms in case he fell asleep at one of the pianos. He’s done it before.”

“This has nothing to do with Sebastian, does it?”

“You know about that?”

“Cooper and Sam thought it best to keep me in the loop in case things got back to Sugar.” Robert pulled out his phone and read a text he had just received “Beat, I’m going to walk down with you. I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

By the time they made it to the practice rooms, the Academy’s gossip network was once again up and running rampant. This time it had more to do with students finding out the identity of Blaine’s lawyer/uncle, causing speculation about Sebastian’s quote/unquote disappearance to go into overdrive. Robert and Beat were able to ignore that, only to be met by something, or to be correct…someone, they couldn’t ignore.

“Hey, did you know Blaine is still here?” Jeff asked. “Oh. Hi, Mr. Motta...”

“Where is he?” Robert asked, knowing that the addition of Jeff to this was a problem he’d have to deal with later.

“Mr. Motta, the second door on the left is Mr. Olsen’s office. The green light means he’s in and available.”

“Thank you, Beat.” Robert pulled out his phone yet again as he walked off leaving Beat to deal with Jeff.


Before Jeff could say anything else, Beat pulled him into one of the empty room “Ok, just listen for a moment because we won’t have time to go over this again.” Beat knew Blaine, and probably a lot of other people, were going to be pissed with what he was about to do but he saw no other choice. “Sterling, you have to make a decision right now and you’re going to have to live with that decision no matter what.”

“Kind of like the Matrix red pill/blue pill thing?”

“Exactly like that. So, your choices are turn around and pretend this never happened or you can stay and help with Blaine. Either way, you’re not going to be able to talk about this with anyone.”

“Of course…”

“Before you say that, there’s a lot you don’t know. None of the guys do, not even Sebastian or Sam. You won’t be able to talk about this with any of them. Jeff, that means Nick.”

Jeff paused for a moment because he didn’t want his curiosity to make this decision for him. Finding out Blaine and Beat were so close had surprised him. It had also hurt a little that Beat had been in contact with Blaine when he (and the rest of the Warblers) had been excluded. However, he always felt there was more to the story, the question was…did he want to know what that was?

“I’m staying.”

He followed Beat back to the hall and then Mr. Olsen’s office, but this time the light was red, so Beat sent Robert a text. When he opened the door, he didn’t look happy.

“Are you sure about this?”

Beat shook his head and answered as he and Jeff walked in “No, not really. Jeff can you give us a minute?”

Jeff walked over and sat in a chair across the room that gave him visual access to everything. The office was the control center for the surrounding practice rooms, which were actually separate mini-recording studios. Beat and Mr. Motta were talking off to the side of Mr. Olsen, who was sitting behind a giant mixing board and Blaine was on a television screen in front of him. He was in one of the practice rooms, sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar. He looked like hell. In fact, so bad that Jeff had to ask himself…

Were we wrong? Did Blaine and Sebastian break-up?

Before he could consider his own questions, Blaine began to sing.

You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
Uh huh
That's right

I took your words
And I believed
In everything
You said to me
Yeah huh
That's right

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong

Three years ago? That’s not Sebastian, he only came…Holy Shit! Is this about Kurt? Maybe I don’t want to know.

I know better
Cause you said forever
And ever
Who knew

Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
Oh no
No no

I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you friend
I'd give anything

It looks like Mr. Motta and Beat have it figured out…and they don’t look happy about it.

When someone said count your blessings now
'fore they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong

They knew better
Still you said forever
And ever
Who knew

They knew better? Are we back to Sebastian? When people at McKinley told Blaine to stay away from him?

I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we, until we meet again

And I won't forget you my friend
What happened

Forget you? That’s not Sebastian. There’s no way a person would forget Sebastian Smythe.

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Cause they're all wrong

Oh, wow…that was beautiful, even if Blaine’s talking about punching someone. Wait, is this about the end of Fight Club? That might actually make some weird sort of sense.

And time makes
It harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep
Your memory
You visit me in my sleep

Jeff stopped running scenarios through his head. None of them would be right anyway, he told himself. He finally realized why Beat had made the red pill/blue reference. This song was about the red pill, whatever that was.

My darling
My darling
I miss you
My darling
Who knew

When the song finished, Mr. Olsen hit a few buttons on the mixing board and then gave a nod, which was obviously a sign that it was fine to open the door. When Beat opened it and left, two men Jeff recognized but didn’t know came into the room.

“Thank you for getting here so quickly. Cooper told me you both had a long night” Robert said to them. “Cam, how hard is it going to be to get him out of here?”

“There’s no way out that doesn’t take us back into the main hall unless we crawl through a window. People are going to see he’s upset.”

“That’s ok” Jeff didn’t know why the hell he blurted that out, but now all eyes were on him. “Everyone thinks he and Sebastian broke-up. They expect Blaine to be upset.”

“Uh, they didn’t break-up” the yet-to-be-named second man said. “When I talked to Xavier this morning, he would have mentioned that.”

Robert’s phone went off yet again, this time it was Blaine’s mother “Pammy, he’s going to be ok. The guys are taking him back to your house and Cam will stay with him while I take care of a few things…Pam…Pam…Pam, stop. Give me one hour and I’ll call you back…Pam…Pam! I know you’re upset, but you know I love Blaine like he was my son…Yes, one hour…Ok, bye.”

After the call ended, Robert took a fraction of a second to say a silent prayer to his late wife. Cory would have known what to do. She and Blaine had a special bond, much like the one Sugar has with him now. Sometimes he missed his wife so badly that he couldn’t think of anything but the pain, but this couldn’t be one of those times. Pam was in New York, Charles was in Detroit and Cooper didn’t know the whole story. This was on him.

“Ok, this is what’s happening. Cam go help Beat with Blaine and get him out of here. Jeff, this is Daniel. He’s taking you back to your house and your dad is meeting you there. Your deposition isn’t until Thursday, correct?”

“Yes, but…”

“Any other Warblers?”

“Just Trent. And Luka and Steph, but you probably know them as the Cello brothers. They’re not Warblers, but…”

“They’ve worked with you. Thanks, and Jeff, don’t say anything to anyone. Not even any of the guys if you see them.”

Daniel motioned for Jeff to come with him. Once they were gone Robert went to leave as well, only to be stopped by Mr. Olsen “Excuse me, Mr. Motta? You are Blaine’s uncle as well as his lawyer, correct?”

Robert was about to brush him off but something changed his mind “Yes, is there a problem?”

“No, the exact opposite, at least I hope.” Mr. Olsen closed his door and turned on the red light “What do you know about the staff here at Dalton?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Mr. Motta, every staff member here goes through extensive background checks which were all updated after what happened with our former headmaster.”


“Working at Dalton is a dream for any educator. Not only do we have highly motivated students with minimal behavioral issues, we are paid five times the average teacher’s salary. However, for this privilege we sign a very extensive confidentiality agreement.”

“Is this your way of assuring me you won’t talk about what just happened?”

Mr. Olsen walked to his desk and pulled a file out of the top drawer “No, that was my way of saying I won’t talk about this.”

Robert took the file, but was confused by the contents “This is a song. I’m assuming Blaine wrote it.”

“Have you heard about the project we assigned Blaine to write a song in Italian?”

“Yes, but this is English.”

“Go to the third page.” Mr. Olsen waited until Robert gave him the expression he expected “When we gave Blaine the assignment, Miss Bello and I expected a basic lullaby. Something along the lines of Mary had a little Lamb since Blaine is in Year 1 Italian.”

“Are you insinuating he had someone write this for him?”

“Quite the opposite. I’m 100% sure Blaine wrote that, but Mr. Motta, I’m not only talking about the Italian. The arrangement on that…let’s just say it’s above my pay grade. If we wanted Blaine to perform that song, the OSU Symphonic Orchestra would have to be brought in but I have doubts they would be able to handle the nuances of the piece.”

“I can’t read music, but I’m fluent in Italian and the translation is flawless. I thought he was struggling with this.”

“As of last week, he was. Also, from a few things Blaine said to me before you arrived, I’m pretty sure he wrote Who Knew in less than10 hours.” Mr. Olsen went to the mixing board and brought back a down load from earlier “Mr. Motta, I’ve never seen anything like this. Blaine is in the midst of something quite remarkable and he most likely has no idea what’s happening.”

Ninety minutes later, Robert was sitting in the Anderson’s kitchen trying to figure out his next move. This day had taken twists and turns he never expected, most of which he had been ill-equipped to navigate. His immediate concern was bringing in someone who could help with Blaine and the five other Dalton boys that were going to stay there for the next few days. He didn’t know much about teen-age boys other than Blaine (thankfully his wife had been around for Cooper’s teen-age years). The one thing he did know was that they liked to eat…a lot. He had no option, he told himself as he made a call to the one person he knew could handle the situation “Hello, Rosa? I know I gave you the week off to visit your sister in Columbus, but I have an emergency. No, it’s not Sugar…it’s Blaine.”

Meanwhile at the Smythe house, Xavier was attempting to send out texts and watch his granddaughter at the same time. Fortunately, he had remembered something she enjoyed that was keeping her entertained.

Don’t you want me baby?
Don’t you want me, oh.

“Your Uncle Sebastian would never let me hear the end of it if he knew I was keeping you happy by playing Blaine’s video” he told Izzy.

“Buh” she said as she waved her arms at the screen.

“Oh, no. Your mommy is having a bad enough time without your first word being Blaine.”

“What about Blaine?” Sebastian asked as he came into his dad’s office.

“I think your niece has a crush on him.”

Sebastian picked the baby up from her bouncy seat “Sorry, Izzy-wizzy. You are not my boyfriend’s type.”

“So, Blaine is still your boyfriend?”

“What kind of stupid question is that?” Sebastian snapped at his father, only to immediately apologize for his tone.

“Sit down, Sebastian.”

He didn’t know what he expected, but when Sebastian heard what had happened at Dalton in his absence…well, it was a good thing Izzy was there. “Are they seriously calling it the Sebreak?”

“Yes, and there has been quite the concern for your safety since Blaine’s Uncle Al showed up” Xavier joked, trying to lighten the mood.

“I better call B and see how he wants to fix this. He’ll probably want to sing something.”

“Sorry, son. You can’t talk with Blaine or anyone else for that matter. There’s a problem with the depositions.”

Xavier told Sebastian the technically I’m not lying version of what happened that morning…No one could find Blaine to stop the rumors. He was in a practice room and had stayed up all night writing. He was in no condition to give his deposition so Al got Blaine and (for some unknown reason) Beat moved to Thursday. The problem that developed was, due to the change Dalton’s lawyers decided they wanted students separated by date of their deposition. To make a long story short, it would be late Thursday at the earliest before either Blaine or Sebastian could get back to Dalton and put a stop to the crazy.

“This is bullshit, Dad. Thad and Nick are still at Dalton. Let me call them and they can clear this up.”


“I…” It was then he remembered that he was still holding a now sleeping, Izzy. He carefully walked over and laid her down in her portable crib “Dad, this story can’t be out there.”

Xavier went to Sebastian moved him to couch on the opposite wall. When they sat down, he put his arm around his son’s shoulders and pulled him close like he used to do when he was a little boy “I heard the people that truly know you and Blaine don’t believe the rumor.”

“It’s not them I’m worried about” Sebastian mumbled as he dropped his head to his dad’s shoulder.

“Please tell me you’re not talking about Blaine’s ex.”

“I can’t help it, Dad. Something happened at that wedding reception on Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a good feeling about it.” That admission started a conversation that was probably long over-due. They covered several topics but when the conversation turned to his mother, Sebastian realized that he hadn’t seen either her or his sister that day. “Where’s mom and Sierra? Getting in some mother/daughter time before Sierra takes Izzy back to Paris?”

“They’re actually at my office with one of my partners…Mr. May.”

“But Mr. May is a divorce… Dad? Seriously? Is Sis ok? And why is she talking to a lawyer here and not one in France? Or Italy, where they were married?”

“You haven’t called your sister Sis in a long time. She’ll like that. And as far as what’s happening with the very rapid demise of her marriage, that is for Sierra to tell you. I will say she is filing here to put an immediate freeze on certain assets.”

“That Son of a…”

“Sebastian, no matter what, Antonio is Isabella’s father.”

“Fine, but I don’t like the idea of the two of them in Paris alone, especially with Julien knowing where they are. You need to call Cooper.”

“I’ve already called and Dmitri is going to Paris with Sierra to help her pack. You’ll be happy to hear that your sister has taken the job as Director of Baby Dior and she and Izzy are moving to New York City.”

Like she knew they were talking about her, Izzy woke up and began making all sorts of happy baby noises. Sebastian took her in his arms and began dancing around the room “Izzy-wizzy! You’re not leaving me!” Their celebration was halted by a distinctive odor “Let’s go change that diaper and we can talk about all of the fun things we can do together in New York. We can go to the park, and ballet, and museums, and the petting zoo, and I can teach you how to play soccer…”

Back at the Andersons things were beginning to settle down, except in the kitchen. Rosa was definitely in charge, but when she learned that she had six boys and assorted adults to feed, she called in The Troops. And when Rosa called…you come running.

“Daniel…Cam… can ya’ll come on over? Now, looky here. I know I told you boys that I needed sweet butter and whole milk. I can’t make proper grits without sweet butter and whole milk. You wouldn’t want me to go and make improper grits, now would you?”

“No, Ma’am.” The two body guards may have been Navy Seals, but neither was embarrassed to admit the tiny, 60 year-old woman scared them.

“Good. Cam go get this fixed. Daniel, Cooper said you need to go back to Blainey’s handsome boyfriend’s house and meet Dmitri. Don’t worry bout me. Ralphie will be here soon with that Puck fellow. Cooper’s sendin’ up some food from that fancy new place of his.”

“I don’t think anyone has ever called Breadstix fancy, and for the record, your fettucine alfredo is much better” Blaine said as he came in and gave Rosa a kiss on the cheek. “If anyone is going back to the store, can we get some popcorn and candy? We prisoners are having a movie night tonight.”

“Blaine Anderson, you and your friends are not eatin’ that junk while I’m here. I’ll come up with somethin’.”

Before Blaine could respond, Puck came through the back door carrying a stack of pizzas “Where do you want these, Anderson?”

Rosa turned around and snapped her kitchen towel on Puck’s ass “And what makes you think Blainey is goin’ know what to do? You come on with me. Daniel, you help Ralphie get the rest before you go. And ya’ll” she stopped and pointed at Blaine and Cam “Go on and talk. But Cameron Murphy, don’t you go and tell Blainey you’ll sneak him that crap food ‘cause I will know.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Once Rosa had headed off to give the others their marching orders, Cam asked Blaine “How are you doing? You really freaked out your uncle this morning.”

“I know and now Jeff is involved, which I never wanted to happen. Really, I’m ok. If it makes you feel better, Doc’s coming here in an hour.”

“Good, that does make me feel better. Has Jeff asked a lot of questions?”

“He hasn’t asked any that I know of, but I’ve been with Luka cramming for the AP Bio exam we’re taking in the morning.”


“Dalton’s sending a proctor.”

“And someone was going to tell me this when?” Cam asked sarcastically before pulling out his phone to check a text he had received “Your mom’s plane landed and she should be here soon. Uh-oh, General Rosa is back. I better go. Don’t worry I’ll try to get the contraband.”

“You are a very brave man. Or stupid, I’ll decide later.”

“Did he say your mom would be here soon?” Puck asked as Cam left.

“Puck, your cougar-crush on my mom is beyond creepy.”

“I am who I am, and your mom…”

“Stop! I may not be able to punch people anymore, but I will make an exception. Now do me a favor before you go and take a picture of Rosa with the bags of grits and send it to Sam. It will drive him crazy.”

“That boy knows his grits” Rosa smiled as she picked up one of the bags.

“Why don’t you just do it?”

“Because when we were trapped here, our phones were confiscated.”

Puck showed Blaine the picture then sent it “Well, at least you’ll be eating good.”

Blaine walked around the work station and gave Rosa a side hug “I know I’ve complained a lot, but thank you for doing this. Uncle Robert told me he had given you the week off to visit your sister.”

“Oh, don’t worry, honey. I’m glad he called. I love my sister, but that grandson of hers dropped in and I could only take so much. I swear Chandler is the most annoying child that ever walked the planet. I was thankful for the excuse to leave.”

Blaine and Puck looked at each other, playing a game of Did you hear what I just heard? The both of them had only ever known of two Chandlers and one of them had been a character on a television show.

“Rosa, you’ve never said anything about Chandler.” Blaine tried to be subtle. Sugar and her dad had been out of town when the Texting isn’t cheating/Alpha Gay debacle happened, but Rosa had been there for him.

“There’s not much to say, he’s…” Finally, she figured out what Blaine was hinting at “Well, if I didn’t know your ex was dumb as fuck before, I sure as hell do now.”

Chapter Text

5:04 AM. Sebastian groaned when he saw the time. It was too early to start the day, but his brain wouldn’t shut off. His deposition was in six hours and he had no idea how he was supposed to find out whether or not Hunter told the DA about Kurt’s involvement in what happened at Dalton. He hadn’t thought that far ahead when he devised the plan and probably should have asked Sam for help. Blaine said that the Blonde Chameleon was always the one with an exit strategy.

5:07 AM. Fuck! He rolled onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow, not to get out of bed, just turn on his bed-side lamp.

Pre-Seblaine Sebastian Smythe loved photography but always took photographs, not pictures. Now pictures were everywhere in his room. Pictures of his family, his friends but mostly Blaine…with Izzy a semi-close second. Four of these pictures were framed and had a place of honor on his night table. The first, Sierra took of him asleep on the couch with Izzy on his chest. The second was one he took of Blaine and Sam, who was in his BDSM Angel outfit. The third was courtesy of the cameras set up at the Sugar Shack, taken right at the end of In Your Eyes as the balloons fell. It was a great picture, but not his favorite.

Sebastian picked up that frame and laid back down. He had no idea at the time why he brought his good camera when he and Thad stayed at Blaine’s over Thanksgiving, but he did figure it out later. It was so he would have this picture. It was of Blaine playing football after breakfast, about two hours after they had become boyfriends. His hair was a mess because Cooper had just pulled off his hat, but he didn’t seem to care. His nose was red and there was dirt on his face, but his eyes were glistening and his smile was blinding.

He was so beautiful...Blaine, and not just in that picture.

Thinking about Thanksgiving put him in the mood to hear You+Me, so he grabbed his special I-Pod and headphones out of the drawer. However, when he turned the I-Pod on he saw a new download with the title…



Hey, Bas. Aren’t you glad I had Doug set up that program so I (well, he) could download files onto your I-Pod from anywhere? Anyway, I wanted to send you a message even though I heard a rumor that we broke-up. Although, if we have broken-up then I probably shouldn’t say that I love you and I know you’ll do great today with your deposition. And I probably shouldn’t say how you have such a big heart and how amazing, but stupid, it was that you kept the guys away from the fall-out of what happened with me last year. But I will say that today is not the day to deal with that regret. To paraphrase the one and only Miss Santana Lopez, today is the day to go all Lima Heights on their asses, whatever the hell that means.

That’s what I would say if I could. I better stop talking since I’m supposed to be in here recording. I just thought I would send you a song telling you how sad I am about the Sebreak (*sound of laughter*). I didn’t have time to write something, but I thought Phil could help.

How can I just let you walk away
Just let you leave without a trace
When I stand here taking
Every breath with you

You're the only one
Who really knew me at all

“No B… You're the only one who really knew me at all" Sebastian sang to the picture. As he listened to Blaine, he felt all of his anxiety leave his body. So much so, the next thing he knew the alarm he set for 7:30AM was going off. He got out of bed and changed into a pair of sweats and headed downstairs.

His plan was to eat breakfast and then get ready for court. Once he got downstairs, he immediately knew something was off. There were these wonderful smells drawing him to the kitchen and cooking wasn’t his mother’s forte (that was putting it nicely) and his dad should be at the courthouse. Sierra could cook, but only French Cuisine, nothing else. She had tried to make him a grilled cheese sandwich the other day. The fire department was almost called.

However, reaching his destination only brought new questions. “Rosa? What are you doing here?” To say he was surprised to see the Motta’s Angel, as they liked to call her, was a massive understatement.

She pulled a note out of the pocket of her apron and went back to feeding grits to a very happy Izzy “Blainey asked that I bring some breakfast to you for your big day. Said it was your favorite thing. And while I was waitin’ on you, I got to talkin’ with your Sissy and this lil’ pumpkin’ here.”

Sebastian opened his note and for the second time that morning he was reminded how lucky he was to have Blaine in his life…

It’s not the same breakfast you would get from that greasy-spoon diner you love so much, but Rosa cooks with A LOT of real butter and sausage fat. I love you, B.

“Sebastian…Sebastian!” He finally looked up from his note to see his exhausted sister trying to get his attention. “Please tell me that says we get to keep Rosa.”

He walked over behind Sierra and wrapped his arms around her. She obviously needed it “Sorry, Sis. Rosa’s heart belongs to the Motta’s. And since when does Izzy eat solid food?”

“Oh, come on, Sebby. You know no one can resist my grits. Even Sammy wolfs them down and that boy is the pickiest eater I ever saw. And don’t you worry, Miss Sierra. I’ll be leavin’ more than enough for your baby girl. I’m tellin’ you, feed her just about a quarter cup before bed and she’ll be sleepin’ through the night in no time at all.”

Feeling his sister slump in a sign of defeat, Sebastian leaned down to her ear and whispered “Don’t worry, Sis. We’ll think of something.”

While Sebastian was sitting down to breakfast, Sugar was answering her front door. “Thanks for coming. I didn’t want to leave him alone.”

“You did the right thing, Sugar” Holly told her. She had already been concerned about Cooper. He never called her last night when he got back from his parents’ house. “You better get to school.”

“Will we see you at Glee this afternoon?”

“You know it girl. Sam had Principal Sylvester hire me for the week.” Sugar gave her a kiss on the cheek before giving directions of where to find Copper and then heading out the door. Holly went upstairs and found her boyfriend in what had to be Blaine’s room “Hey, stranger.”

“Sugar call you?” Cooper asked without turning around in his chair.

Holly walked around him and sat on the bed “She was worried. Did you get to talk to Blaine?”

“Remember when I told you how I had been a horrible brother to Blaine? How one of the main reasons I moved back to Ohio was to make it up to him? I found out yesterday that’s never going to happen.”

“You don’t know that” Holly told him. She reached for his hand, but he pulled away from her “Talk to me, Cooper.”

“When I got to my parents’ house, Mom and Blaine’s shrink took me to my Dad’s office to talk. Blaine had given them permission to tell me what really happened when he was attacked.”

“I don’t understand. What didn’t you know?”

“Pretty much everything. I was so fucking full of myself back then. I didn’t even bother to show up until three days later and bitched the whole time because I was there instead of at an audition for a guest spot on Law and Order. He was in a fucking coma, Holly, and the minute he woke up I was on a plane back to LA. Didn’t even stick around to find out if he was ok. I mean he was awake. What could be wrong?” Holly reached for his hand again and this time he didn’t pull away. “I’m sorry, I wish I could say more but…”

“I understand.” She really did. Blaine meant everything to Cooper and it was obvious that whatever he found out was tearing him up inside. “Are you going to be able to go into the restaurant this morning? Both Dmitri and Puck were looking for you yesterday. And honey, after what you just told me, you’re going to want to talk to Puck.”

Holly didn’t give him a chance to brush it off. She pulled her phone out of her purse, found the number and handed it to Cooper “Hey, Puck…Yeah, Holly didn’t really give me a chance to say no. What’s so important?” Suddenly, he sat up straighter and then broke out his best I was once in a toothpaste commercial smile “Are you shitting me?...Seriously?...Puck, you better not…And Blaine knows this?...What did Finn say?...Son of a Bitch!...No, Son of a Bitch in a good way…Ok, can you and Finn meet me at Breadstix in one…” Cooper stopped and smiled at his extremely sexy girlfriend “Make that two hours?…Yeah, see you guys then. And Puck, there’s something important I want to talk to the two of you about.”

It took another minute before his call was over, but when it was Cooper tossed Holly’s phone aside and sprung forward, pinning her back onto the bed with a kiss that took her breath away. Before they could give into their feelings, Cooper stood, pulling his girlfriend up with him “I plan on showing you just how thankful I am but I’m not going to do it where my baby brother and his boyfriend do…” Holly didn’t make him finish the thought.

Even though he had given himself a cushion, Cooper barely made it to Breadstix in his two hour time frame. Puck and Finn were already at a booth waiting for him, and so was Dmitri who he called after he and Holly had showered (among other things). Dmitri spoke first, but Finn interrupted him before he got too far along in his story.

“Sebastian’s sister? You mean the one that works for Dior in Paris?” he asked.

“How would you know that?” Dmitri asked in return.

“Kurt is obsessed with her. Back when he was blackmailing Blaine and Sebastian, he actually had an argument with Sebastian on whether or not he had a sister. Once Kurt realized that he did and who she was, she was all he would talk about. It’s gotten better since his focus has turned back to Blaine, but I’m pretty sure he has a small shrine to her in his room.”

Cooper and Dmitri looked at each other and then gave nods of agreement. From what Puck had told Cooper earlier and what Finn just added, they knew they had made the right decisions. They just hoped their offers would be accepted.

While Cooper shocked Puck and Finn with his plan, Sebastian and Xavier were in a holding room at the courthouse. Sebastian was drinking a coffee and listening to his father’s end of a conversation with Blaine’s uncle. He hoped to hear information about Blaine, but if he was being honest, he was actually trying not to fixate on the fact he still hadn’t heard from Hunter.

“Al, I can’t let you do that…Al…Yes, I’ve met your nephew and he can be very persuasive…Hold on.” Xavier turned his attention to his son “Since all the guys that are giving their depositions tomorrow are at the Andersons and Sierra’s plans are on hold, do you want to go back to Dalton when you’re done here?”

“I probably should go help with lacrosse practice after eating that breakfast this morning. I’ll have to go home and get some stuff, but yeah, if it’s ok.”

Xavier nodded and went back to his phone conversation “We’d love to come…No, I’m going to let you three tell her. Al, I can’t thank you enough for this…Ok, I will…6PM…And Al, do you know how Blaine’s biology exam is going?...They are?...They are, huh?...Good luck with that…Bye.”

The moment Xavier put down his phone, his son’s questions began. “What’s going on? How did B’s exam go? Why are you going to see Robert…”

“Whoa, son…one at a time. First, Blaine and Luka are done with their Biology exam and both said they believed it went well.”

“Luka? As in the Cello brothers, Luka? Why is he there? He and Steph have diplomatic immunity because their dad is the Ambassador from Croatia.”

“Both of the brothers are there because a question about their immunity came up. It’s been cleared and they were going to leave after the exam, but evidently they are part of some secret project all of the boys in the house are working on.”

“My guess is with who’s there, Blaine has roped them into working on something for Nationals. Speaking of Blaine, can I tell everyone that the Sebreak wasn’t real?”

“No” Sebastian was about to protest, but his dad held up his hand as a sign for him to stop. “You can tell Thad and Nick, and you better call Wes and Santana. Cooper is letting Sam know. They’ve been able to keep it from Sugar. Oh, and Trent’s brother knows for some reason if that helps. For everyone else, you need to wait for Blaine. He has a plan. Maybe that’s what the guys are working on?”

He should have known Blaine would have a… “Wait, I can understand Sam hearing about the Sebreak but Wes and Santana are in New York.”

“Yes, and Santana said, and I quote If I didn’t need his Disney prince ass for this photo shoot, I would be on the next plane to Ohio, kick that fucking Meerkat Warbler in the balls and then really hurt him. I take it she’s Blaine’s friend that asked you two and Sam to do the photo shoot at Teen Vogue.”

“Blaine’s scarily overprotective best girl. Maybe I really do need Daniel to come with me to New York.” That was good for a laugh. Even though Sebastian had agreed to having a body guard when he went to Columbia, he was still getting use to the idea.

“He was already going. Before you say anything, think about it Sebastian. You are going to be in an international magazine. From what Sierra told me, she arranged for you to be dressed exclusively in Dior. It wouldn’t take much for Julien to put things together if he sees the photos. Daniel needs to know what is going out before it goes to print. We agreed to this because it’s helping Sam, but you had to know we’d…ok, your mother, would be uneasy about it.”

“I thought you talked to Blaine’s godmother?”

“I did and she was everything I anticipated her to be. She assured me Daniel would get full cooperation. Can I ask…do you know how she became Blaine’s godmother?”

“Bonnie, his mother’s mother, she was the Vanderbilt and a bit of a wild child. Her parents shipped her off to a boarding school in England where they met and became instant besties. They dropped out and became party girls in London until Bonnie’s parents found her and drug her back to the states. They never lost touch but when she moved to New York, Bonanna was back.”


“Sam has a thing for portmanteau names. Anyway, a couple of months before Blaine was born his grandmother was killed in a car crash. At the service, she went to Mr. and Mrs. A and asked what the baby’s name was going to be. They told her Christopher Devon, you know C like Charles and Cooper. She told them no, they could keep Devon but the first name would be Blaine and she was going to be his godmother. That was that, although it is kind of funny that she calls him Charming which begins with a C. Now, you want to tell me why you were thanking Robert?”

“I think Blaine should tell you.”


“Ok, but you can’t tell your sister. Rosa told Blaine about her visit and then they went to Al who called Sugar who reluctantly agreed. Rosa is offering to go New York with Sierra and that way she could look after Izzy, Blaine, and the rest of you boys, too…Rosa’ words, not mine. Her sister would go live with the Motta’s, and work for them part-time since they don’t need help like they used to. Plus, her daughter actually lives in Lima so it will be easier to visit. We’re all going to the Andersons for dinner and Blaine and Rosa are going to ask Sierra if that would be ok with her.”

It was a good thing Sebastian had just finished his coffee because he dropped his cup. For the third time that day he was reminded how lucky he was to have Blaine in his life. He hadn’t had time to stress over what happened that morning, but had planned to once his deposition was over. He began to imagine how happy Sierra would be when he was interrupted by a clerk coming into the room and giving his dad a folder. Xavier pulled out some legal documents, then slid the envelope on top across the table.

As he read the note inside, Sebastian couldn’t help but smile. He was ready to give his deposition.

I held up my end of our deal. Your turn.

His deposition was brutal. Sebastian was the star witness for Dalton, and neither the former Head Master’s or Hunter’s lawyers held back on their attempts to discredit him even though they were only supposed to be there to observe. Things got so bad that a mediator had to be brought in, but Sebastian held up his part of his deal with Hunter. He explained everything he knew as it related to Dalton and kept his former roommate’s extracurriculars to himself. It was worth it to have Hunter’s testimony about Kurt’s involvement on the record.

Things took so long that he couldn’t make it back to Dalton for lacrosse. Sebastian had decided to just stay home for the night when his dad handed him his phone “It’s Thad.”

Ok? “Hey, Thad. What’s going on?”

“Seb, where are you? I’m guessing you’re done since we’re talking.”

“Yeah, I’m leaving the courthouse. I was going to go home…”

“No! You need to get here ASAP.”


“Will you not question something for once? Meet us in Blaine’s room no later than 4:30PM.”

“Hello? Harwood? He hung up on me” Sebastian said as he handed his dad back his phone. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“No idea. Oh look, your mom is here.”

Sure enough, Sebastian’s mom was standing next to his dad’s car…and his? “How did my car get here?”

“I drove it here, my Darling Boy” Juliette laughed as she kissed her son’s cheeks and handed him his keys. “Your laundry and special I-Pod are in the back seat. Oh, and here…” She reached into her purse and pulled out his phone “You’ve probably been missing this. It is charged, and I promise I did not try to open it.”

Sebastian held firm to not show his panic, although it was late in coming. First of all, he was extremely happy he left his I-Pod on top of his night table and had not put it back in the drawer (with his lube and porn). He was going to have to find a better hiding place. And talk to his mom about respecting privacy. Then, when his parents took his phone, he was so pissed at his loss of communication he forgot all about the pictures that were stored there. Pictures of Blaine, and himself, that his mother could never…ever…ever…ever see. “Thanks Mom” he managed to say without adding a sigh of relief.

His parents were so insistent that he go, Sebastian didn’t argue and soon found himself back at Dalton. As he walked toward his room, he could tell guys were dying to talk to him so he made sure his glare kept them away. He didn’t want to deal with any non-existent Sebreak issues at the moment. He was too focused on finding out what the hell was going on.

After dumping his stuff on his bed and a quick change out of his suit, he went and knocked on Blaine’s door. “Cutting it close, Smythe. Get your laptop turned on and go to your email” Nick said as he pulled Sebastian in and locked the door.

“What the fuck is going on?” Sebastian asked, but no one answered. Doug was at Blaine’s desk and he had both Blaine’s and Beat’s computers running, with all sorts of other electronics connecting them. Nick and Thad had their laptops in front of them and Thad was on the phone with…Mike?

“Yeah…Just click on the link we sent in the email. You can go now but it’s happening at 4:30PM…You’ll be able to see it on the actual sight, but the link will send you to the page where just the FOWs can comment. You got it?...Great…Oh, ok. Tell Puck I said hi.”

Why wasn’t anyone paying attention to him? “Hello! What the fuck is going on?” Sebastian thought maybe if he yelled the question they would answer.

Thad looked up from his laptop “Your boyfriend is what happened. Wait, it’s true right? Wes said the Sebreak never happened.”

“Never happened. Go on.” Sebastian sat on Blaine’s bed and turned on his laptop hoping he could get some information there.

“Blaine got pissed that show choir website only had Throat Explosion’s video up, so he and the other guys at his house made one to replace it.”

“And how…never mind.” Well, that explained the super computer Doug had pieced together. Sebastian finally got to his email “What’s FOW?”

“Friends of Warblers. We sent texts to certain people and it directs them like I told Mike about. Now, hurry.”

Sebastian got the site opened just in time to see Throat Explosion’s video go to static and replaced with one of the guys in Blaine’s music room. "How is this possible? Aren't they on lockdown?"

"I went over earlier and filmed it...don't ask" Doug told him. "And Sebastian, I'll get you the just Blaine version later."

There was no doubt what Doug meant. Jeff and Luka had electric guitars, Beat was at a keyboard, Steph had a bass, but as expected, Sebastian's eyes went straight to Blaine who was sitting behind the drums. He was wearing a white tank that showed off his amazingly toned arms, his curls were loose and he had a wicked, wicked grin on his face “Oh, shit. This is going to be good. B’s in full on Wolverine mode.”

“Quiet” Doug hissed. “Trent’s about to begin.”

Hello. We are bringing you this video to prove once and for all that guys can be Divas too. So, to demonstrate and in keeping with the theme of this year’s Nationals, we have chosen a Diva from the 1980s. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dalton Academy Warblers are proud to introduce the band Stress Relief.

Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumping on the floor
She said "Come on baby I got a license for love
And if it expires pray help from above"

In the midnight hour she cried- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell she cried- "more, more, more"
In the midnight hour babe- "more, more, more"
With a rebel yell- "more, more, more"
More, more, more.

“Ok, I guess I get to be Blaine here” Nick said as the rest of the guys were laughing at comments from Santana, David, Sam and surprisingly Quinn. “Don’t they know the lyrics are about a girl in the middle of an orgasm?”

Sebastian began to laugh harder “Oh, I’m sure they do. And Duval, Jeff’s singing and your sister is watching.”

As he continued to watch the video, Sebastian wondered if Blaine had something to do with the band’s name, Stress Relief. All of the stress he had endured during his deposition was long forgotten. He was too busy having fun commenting with his friends while at the same time having dirty, dirty thoughts about Blaine beating on the drums. For the fourth time that day he was reminded how lucky he was to have Blaine in his life.

When the song ended, the screen went to static again and then Throat Explosion’s video reappeared. Doug sent out a quick reminder that if the video was watched on site they were commenting on, it was saved to their hard drive. Sebastian, Thad and Nick continued on, but Doug was watching the actual website’s message board until…


“What’s going on?” Sebastian asked as he and the others got up and walked over to Doug.

“Look” Doug pointed to a particular comment…Well played Warblers. Challenge accepted—JB “That’s Jean-Baptist, lead vocalist of Throat Explosion. Blaine was hoping for this.” Doug stopped his explanation to answer his phone “Hey, Unique. Did you see it?...You’re kidding…What’s the title?...Are you serious?...I’m with Sebastian. Tell Sam I’ll let him know…Thanks. Bye.”

“What did Unique want?”

Doug didn’t answer verbally, but typed in the information Unique gave him. In less than a minute he had the video of the guys pulled up on YouTube. “This isn’t good. Blaine didn’t say anything, even though he’s co-captain, because he didn’t want people figuring out his connection to Julliard. I don’t think he ever imagined this.”

Sebastian understood what Doug was trying to tell them. Although he was surprised at how fast it happened, he wasn’t surprised the video was on YouTube. It was the title that pissed him off.

Rebel Yell by Stress Relief with sexy Sugar Shack guy, Blaine Anderson, on drums

Chapter Text

Rebel Yell by Stress Relief with sexy Sugar Shack guy, Blaine Anderson, on drums

Sam looked around the room and saw the effect the video had on his Glee Club. He needed to get their heads back in the game. “Ok, listen up guys. No matter what the title says, that video wasn’t about Blaine. It was a throw down from the Warblers saying Here we are. What are you going to do about it? So, what are we going to do about it?”

“But they played the video over the Throat Explosion video” Brittany reminded him. “That wasn’t for us.”

Holly jumped in. “Yes, it was, Britt. That web site is the #1 Show Choir blog in the country and they have been pumping up Throat Explosion as The New New Directions. The outsiders that will come in, kick butt and walk away with the trophy. The Warblers just told everyone Fuck that! Oops, sorry. Screw that! We’re the Warblers and we’re the ones that are kicking butt!”

“Great! We’re screwed” Ryder grumbled. “Why are we even trying so hard to win Regionals?”

This time Holly stepped back. She knew Sam had to be the one to bring them in. “We’re trying hard because that’s what we have to do to win Nationals. Yes, I said Nationals. I know sometimes we, hell I, don’t believe we deserve to go but that doesn’t matter anymore. When we perform on Saturday, it won’t just be to win, which we will. Saturday will be our video. It’s what the Warblers and Throat Explosion and whoever else are going to watch and ask How the hell are we supposed to beat that? We don’t have to be the New New Directions because we are THE New Directions, defending National Champions. It’s about time we started acting that way.”

Suddenly, everyone felt the need to go back to the auditorium and do one more run through before leaving. Sam stopped a moment, closed his eyes and took a breath, thankful he had been able to pull that speech out of his ass. Maybe he had heard a few too many football coaches give rah-rah halftime speeches. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find he wasn’t alone.

“Sammy, when are you going to tell everyone you won’t be here the week we come back from Spring Break? By the way, have you heard anything from Santana about what you’re wearing in the photo shoot?”

“If that was your way of asking if I’ll be wearing Abercrombie in my casual shots and that they want to sign me as one of their models, yes, she told me.”

Brittany grabbed his hands and began to bounce with excitement. “How are you keeping this a secret?”

“My family knows, but I haven’t been able to talk to Blaine. He went into lockdown before I found out. I feel like I at least owe him that, you know. None of this would be happening if it wasn’t for him. I don’t know how I’m ever going to thank him, let alone repay him.”

“Santana feels the same way. She’s so happy, Sammy. I know you probably don’t want to hear me talk about her, with you breaking up with Nari…”

Sam pulled her into his arms and gave a kiss to the top of her head “Brit, I talk to Santana at least five times a day. We’re good, and Narissa…I’m sad but it’s for the best. And I promise, I’ll tell everyone after we win on Saturday and I won’t go to New York without a plan in place. I only hope Sue’s suspension was a wake-up call for Mr. Schue.”

The two of them headed off toward the auditorium without ever noticing Holly had come back through the other door to get her phone. She had heard their conversation and agreed that there was cause for concern. No way was Will not going to at least try and take advantage of Sam’s absence. Fortunately, she had the forethought to record Sam giving his speech on her phone. She had a feeling it would be good, but it had been so much more.

Knowing she had to get back to the kids, Holly sent Sue an email with a quick overview of the problem, a copy of Sam’s speech and the link to the Stress Relief video. So much good had happened in the last half hour, she didn’t want it to go to hell because Sam had a chance to make a future for himself.

When Sue got the email, she had already seen the Stress Relief video. After a meeting she had earlier in the day, she decided it was in her best interest to start following the Show Choir blog she had heard those lose…wonderful members of the New Directions talk about. She really was going to have to start watching what she said about them.

Twenty minutes later, Will knocked on her door “You wanted to see me, Sue?”

“Yes, William, come in. I was wondering if you had seen this?” She turned her computer screen to show him the Stress Relief video.

“Yes, some of my friends in the association made sure I was aware of it.”

“What did you think?”

“Honestly?” Sue gave him a nod to continue “It had nothing to do with show choir. It was a few rich brats throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t feel they were getting the attention they deserved.”

“Is that what you would have told your students?”

“Probably, although Sam and Sugar would have argued otherwise because of their blind loyalty to Blaine.”

Sue bit her tongue. She could not show her new allegiance to certain current and former members of the New Directions…at least not yet. “What if I told you that’s not what happened?” She switched her screen over to that of Sam’s speech. “Quite remarkable, wasn’t he? Captain took the situation and turned it into a moment to inspire. I was told you used to do that with your precious Glee Club, although I never saw it personally.”

“He inspired them? How? And Nationals? They wouldn’t even be in Regionals if I didn’t go and pull in favors.” It took Will about 30 seconds to realized he had just royally screwed up.

But Sue was ecstatic. It made what she had to do 100 times easier “I think you need some extra time to think about what you just said. I’m extending your suspension through the week after Spring Break. This is your second strike, William. You are going to have to decide if whatever vendetta you have against Blaine Anderson…”

“This has nothing to do with Blaine!”

“You can deny it all you want, I don’t believe you. Although you never bonded with this group due to your decision to abandon them at the beginning of the year, this is about Blaine and you are taking it out on Sam. The rest of those kids are innocent bystanders. What did Blaine do that you are willing to throw away everything for?” It was a question she knew wouldn’t get an answer, but had felt the need to ask. “Think long and hard about this, Will. Because as the saying goes, three strikes and you’re out.”

Back in the auditorium, Finn sat in the last row and watched as the Glee Club packed up for the evening. This last run through, the one after Sam’s speech, had been perfect. Sam was always the one he saw as the leader of the New Directions when he and Rachel left. It probably should have been Artie or Tina, since they were originals, but Artie’s true passion was directing and Tina was…was...he’d think of something other than crazy later. And then there had been Blaine. Yeah, that one could wait for therapy.

“What’s going on?” Kurt asked him.

Finn knew he was coming, but didn’t realize it was that late “Hey, thanks for coming to get me.”

Kurt had about 14 different comebacks, but since all of them would be considered snarky, he bit his tongue. If he was going to get Blaine to believe he was the Old Kurt again, everyone else had to believe it too. “No problem, I was on my way home from work anyway. Plus, I wanted to check on how things were going with Mr. Schue suspended. I didn’t know they had Holly working with them. She must have done something. I saw their last run through and they looked better than I’ve ever seen them.”

“It wasn’t Holly. It was Sam…and maybe a little Blaine.” Shit! He had to go and mention Blaine.

“Blaine? How would Blaine help them? Why would Blaine help them? He’s a Warbler.”

Finn pulled up YouTube on his phone, handed it to Kurt then went to talk to Sam and Jake. He didn’t want to listen to Kurt’s comments…good or bad.

Last night a little dancer came dancin' to my door
Last night a little angel came pumping on the floor

“Oh, my.” Kurt felt his knees begin to buckle, so he subtly (he hoped) sat down in one of the chairs. Blaine may miss the Old Kurt, but the New Kurt had no problems with the New Blaine. He had to admit that in the beginning he missed Blaine’s bowties and hair gel, but the mop-top beating…uh, pounding…oh,um, banging…thrusting…


He was once again thankful he had been able to hold back, especially when he discovered it was Brittany trying to get his attention. They had been working on rebuilding their friendship. It started when she was nice to him at Sugar Shack after he cut his hand. He talked to her again after the Schuster Reception and for some reason told her about what Blaine said in the bathroom. Brittany reminded him that she hadn’t forgotten the horrible things he said to her after Sectionals, but she would help him try to get his magic back so he could be Old Kurt again. Then she proceeded to drone on about Blaine loving Sebastian, but he tuned that part out.

However, now that Blaine had finally dumped that asshole, having Brittany in his corner was even more important. He could use her to help clear a path to Blaine through his inexplicable friendship with Santana. Once he and Blaine were back together, he would find a way to get rid of that bitch.

“Hey, Britt. Did you see Blaine’s video?”

“Oh, yeah. We all saw it but we didn’t enjoy it as much as you are.” Brittany very slowly lowered her eyes.

“Wha…Oh! Oh, Brittany…I’m so sorry.” Kurt had never been so happy he carried a messenger bag.

Of course, Brittany’s giggling wasn’t helping “It’s ok, Kurt. All of the girls thought Blaine looked sexy. Well, not Sugar because that would be creepy.”

Sugar, the cousin. Not going to be able to get rid of her “I still bet she found him sexy, but not in that way. More like My cousin looks so hot I have to keep all the girls away, especially since he’s getting over a break up. But I have to say, Blaine doesn’t look like he’s too broken hearted.”

“Shouldn’t it be keep all of the boys away? And you can stop trying to get information, Kurt. I haven’t heard any more about the Sebreak. Sam’s not talking and Santana is working crazy hours right now getting ready for the…oops, sorry, I said too much.”

“That’s ok, Britt. I remember what it was like interning at I’m sure the advertising department is just as bad.”

“No, she works at Teen Vogue now. Blaine’s godmother moved her there.”

“Blaine’s godmother works at Vogue?”

“Duh, like you didn’t know. I mean you worked there and didn’t you and Blaine use to talk about Vogue all the time?” Brittany gave him a kiss on his cheek and then left Kurt sitting there wondering what the hell had just happened. He gave a quick look down and determined it was ok to stand since Finn was headed toward him, which was good. He needed to get home and figure out what he was going to do with the information Brittany had just given him.

Unfortunately for Kurt, he’d have to wait. Not only had Sam and Jake followed them home, but Puck was in the living area, waiting with Carole “What’s going on?”

“Thanks for coming” Puck said to the arrivals, ignoring the annoyed tone of Kurt’s voice. “I’m leaving town for a month and thought it would be easier to tell all you guys at once.”

“Going back to LA?” Jake asked.

“No, Paris.”

“Paris! Why the hell would you be going to Paris?!” The guys all knew Kurt’s voice could hit higher octaves but…Damn!

Puck looked at a smiling Finn and Sam. The three of them where anxious to hear Kurt’s response to what came next “Seb’s dad hired Dmitri to go back to Paris with Sierra and help with her move to New York. I’m going with them. Manual labor mostly, but Dmitri’s going to give me some stories about his time in the Russian mob…I mean army, for my screenplay.”

“Bro, that’s awesome.” Jake came around to give his brother a hug, but the others in the room were focused on a visibly shaken Kurt.

“Sierra? As in Sierra Russo? The internationally known, award winning designer for Dior? What do you mean back to Paris?”

Carole was confused by Kurt’s reaction, especially since they were talking about Sebastian’s sister. “Kurt, Sierra was at Cooper’s soft opening when Blaine made his announcement about Julliard. I met her. She’s a lovely woman and her daughter Isabella is adorable.”

“She was at Breadstix? I would have seen her!”

Finn shook his head, mainly so he wouldn’t laugh. He had been right about Kurt being obsessed but he still didn’t have a clue why. “You had to stay in back because Blaine didn’t want you interfering with his announcement. Remember? Sierra and her mom left right after that so they could get the baby home.”

If they were expecting another outburst they were disappointed because Kurt stormed out of the room without saying a word. “What the hell was that?” Jake asked.

“I don’t know but I’m about to find out. Noah, spend some time with your brother. And you two…” Carole pointed back and forth between Finn and Sam “…have a seat and start talking.”

“Sam, can you give Mom and me a minute?” Sam nodded leaving Finn with Carole. He had wanted to call to Sebastian anyway.

Puck got their attention and told them that he and Jake were leaving as well. After a round of hugs, Carole’s patience was gone. She sat down on the couch, patted the cushion next to her then in her best mom voice said two words “Start talking.”

“I’m leaving town too, but next week, not tomorrow like Puck.”

“You’re going to Paris? You don’t have a passport. Hold on, does Noah have a passport?”

“Puck has a passport. He got it when he lived in LA to go to Mexico. And I’m not going to Paris. Cooper is sending me to New York.”

“Why would…oh, you’re going to keep Kurt away from Blaine. Aren’t you?”

“No, Cooper has people for that but I am going to keep them updated on what Kurt is up to. Mom, I’m not saying why, it’s not my place, but I owe Blaine. I’m not going to let Kurt fuck up Blaine’s Julliard thing because he thinks the two of them belong at NYADA together. Sorry about the language.”



“Finn, I have no idea what you do for Cooper, and I probably don’t want to, but you have been happier lately than I have seen you in a long time. Now, answer something for me. Does any of this have anything to do with Rachel?”

While that was happening downstairs, Kurt was pacing around his room, trying to get his bearings. There was so much information to process. First of all, Sierra Russo was in Ohio. How the hell did that happen? Oh yeah, the bastard brother. He took one of the throw pillows from his bed and threw it across the room. That son-of-a-bitch had everything Kurt ever wanted. Everything! Well…Kurt sat down on his bed and picked up the picture from his Junior Prom…at least Sebastian didn’t have Blaine any more. Maybe he should ask Sam how Blaine was doing? Yeah, like Sam would tell him anything. Another person he’d have to get rid of when he and Blaine were back together.

Speaking of Blaine, what the hell was this about Blaine’s godmother working at Vogue? What was her name? Bobbie? Betty? Something with a B, he knew that. He couldn’t remember anyone with a name like that who would have the power to move Santana from advertising to Teen Vogue. He’d have to work on Brittany to get that information. Maybe he could try to see Isabelle when he was in New York. He left under good terms. At least he thought he did.

Deciding there was nothing he could do about those things at the moment, he pulled out his folder with the sheet music of possible songs for his NYADA audition. Madame Bitch Tibideaux told him she expected him to go outside of his comfort zone…No Broadway. Fine, he could do that. The problem was finding a song that would not only get him accepted, but would have the same effect on Blaine as Being Alive did. No matter how many times Rachel told him that Blaine was going to Julliard, he knew better. NYADA was their dream. Blaine would be there.

He studied the sheet on top of the file. This was the song he was leaning toward singing. It was one of Blaine’s favorites…although he had no idea why.

How can I just let you walk away
Just let you leave without a trace
When I stand here taking
Every breath with you

You're the only one
Who really knew me at all

Kurt was about to begin the next verse when he was interrupted by a ringtone that made him cringe.

The last thing he wanted to do was deal with Cooper, but there was no getting around it. He still owed the asshole $9,782.18. “Hello, Cooper.”

“Yeah, Hummel. I’ve got good news for you. Being the wonderfully generous boss that I am, you can have the week after next off like you asked.”

“Really? What’s the catch?”

“You have to work a double shift the next three days. You’re training your fill-in.”

“The next three days? I’ll miss the New Directions Regionals.”

“Choice is yours. What’s it going to be?”

“Fine. What time do I have to be in for this training?”

“10AM, don’t be late. I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Chapter Text

After making the Stress Relief video, the Cello brothers went back to Dalton since it wound up that they would not have to give a deposition due to their diplomatic immunity. It was then that Blaine sat down with Jeff, Trent and Beat (even though he already knew) to talk about Tommy. He had decided since he had to tell Jeff because he saw the mini Who Knew breakdown, he might as well tell Trent, and then Thad and Nick when lockdown was over. Jeff never could keep a secret.

When Blaine talked with his mom, uncle and Beat, they all recommended he just go with the version of the story Sebastian, Sam and David knew. He had to agree.

“So, you’re not Tommy?” Trent asked Beat.

“No, I just said that so you guys would stop bombarding Blaine with questions asking about the name drop during It’s My Life.”

“Then what’s you real name?”

“Nope.” The tone of Beat’s voice told Trent to drop it. “Jeff, you’re awfully quiet.”

He wasn’t going to push, but Jeff felt the need to ask something else “You really don’t know where Tommy is? Or what actually happened to him?”

Blaine shook his head “His family took him away before I ever regained consciousness, but I was able to find out that he took the brunt of the attack trying to protect me. Uncle Robert found him but they don’t want me to know where he is. Sebastian’s dad deals with them now since he oversees the trust I made Stafford set up as part of his plea deal. Trent, you know Doug can never find out about this.”

“No shit.”

They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, letting Blaine know there were no further questions “Ok then, let’s go have our last dinner of imprisonment. Rosa made fried chicken and crispy potatoes.” The guys agreed and went to the kitchen only to find Rosa not frying the potatoes but swearing at a laptop. Blaine rounded to help only to remember the No internet until after your deposition rule “Rosa? What’s the problem?”

“Sebby sent me a text sayin’ that damn video ya'll made is on the boob tube. I’m tryin’ to get it up.” A moment later her phone rang “Praise the lord. Thanks for callin’ Dougy…Yeah…Oh, it’s YouTube not boob tube. I’ll be damned. There it is…Thanks again you sweet boy.” Rosa turned off her phone and pressed play.

“Holy hell, how did it get on YouTube?” Trent asked.

That wasn’t the question Blaine wanted an answer for “Rosa, there’s a number under the video that says views. What is it?”

“22, 267.”

All four boys went wide eyed. It had only been up 2 hours at the most. Before they could contemplate what that meant (or eat), Blaine’s mom came in “Rosa, Blaine, there’s a couple of delivery people at the door for the two of you.” They were both intrigued…but, so were Jeff, Trent and Beat who followed them out. When they got to the door both were handed envelopes and then Rosa received a huge bouquet of 3 dozen roses. Blaine was handed…a teddy bear in a pink dress?

Beat stopped laughing long enough to take Rosa’s flowers so she could open the envelope. In there was a thank you note from Sienna and Izzy as well as a receipt for a stay that weekend for Rosa and her sister at the best spa in Columbus. She was starting work at the Smythe’s on Monday.

When Blaine opened his envelope all he could do was smile. His note was from Izzy, but in Sebastian’s hand writing.

I am Izzy-wizzy Bear. Uncle Sebby and I wanted to say thank you for helping my mommy and have Rosa help take care of me.

“Blaine. Earth to Blaine.”

He looked up and handed Trent the note but told the others “Izzy sent her to me. Guess that explains the pink Dior dress.”

Pam went with Rosa to take care of her roses, but the guys stayed in the entryway since the drivers said there was more for Blaine. While they waited, Beat decided to tease Blaine a bit. “Bud, where’s the dog Kurt got for you?”

Jeff noticed something about his friend's tone “Why did you say got like that?” 

Blaine rolled his eyes, he knew where Beat was going with this. “You had to go there, huh? He said got because Kurt didn’t buy it. Senior Skip day was at an amusement park. Rachel made Finn spend the day winning her stuffed animals. Kurt took one and gave it to me. And to answer you question, I donated her to a toy drive for the children’s hospital.”

“So, Hummel didn’t win it or buy it. He stole it from Finn, well actually Rachel?”

When Blaine nodded, all four of them lost it until one of the delivery people came back in with a bigger stuffed bear and note. He guessed this one was from Sierra.

I am Mommy Bear. Blaine, you will never know how thankful I am that you helped bring Rosa into my life, or how thankful I am that Sebastian has you in his.

“I’m the lucky one” Blaine sighed, but didn’t have time to recover when the other driver came in carrying another stuffed bear, this one at least 6 feet tall.

I am Sexy Uncle Bear and I’m here to say that you are the most incredible person on the planet. I’m also here to give you a hug when Sebastian can’t…even though you broke up (not!)

While Blaine and the guys took the bears upstairs and then (finally) sat down to eat, Kurt was in his room on the phone with Rachel.

“Kurt, I will help you with your song selection but you have to stop saying I helped you get another audition at NYADA. All I told you was I thought that if you would have sang Being Alive at your first audition, you would have got in. You sent the video to Madame Tibideaux. I had nothing to with this.”

“Fine, I know your just protecting yourself from Santana’s wrath since she thinks she has to protect Blaine from me. Don’t worry, when Blaine and I move into the loft we’ll get her out of there. I don’t know what we’ll do with Mercedes though. Now, has Blaine talked to you about his NYADA audition?”

“Please don’t start” Rachel groaned. “I know I’ll be inundated with questions tomorrow after that video. Anyway, Kurt, I’m telling you this only one more time. Blaine is going to Julliard. He has already been accepted and is The Future in their yearly concert at Lincoln Center. There are posters, Kurt. Blaine’s picture is on them. He wouldn’t let things go that far unless he had already committed to the school. As far as I know, the only time he is going to NYADA is a week from Monday. He made an appointment with admissions to talk about how he’s a finalist without applying.”

“So, he’s going to be there that Monday?”

“Kurt, back off. Blaine and Sebastian just broke up.”

“Don’t you understand? This is the perfect time for me to show him that I support what he’s doing. When he’s in New York, he can’t be sad like he was when he thought I abandoned him. Think of how happy he’ll be when I’m able to convince him that I won’t be jealous and won’t say any of that Alpha Gay crap everyone holds against me. I only want to support his dreams. Maybe I should send him a bouquet of our red & yellow roses? You know, just to let him know I’m thinking of him and will be there if he needs me.”

There was silence for what seemed like minutes...then Rachel lost it. “Have you lost your fucking mind?! Blaine wasn’t sad. He was clinically depressed.”

Oh, shit! That didn’t come out right. She tried to take it back, but it was too late.

This was not good.

Next day: YouTube
Sugar Shack Boyfriend Surprise 702,018 views
Rebel Yell by Stress Relief 65,555 views

Blaine woke up to three sets of fake eyes staring at him and it made him smile. He knew he was a big old sap and he didn’t care. All he cared about in that moment was in six hours he would finally, finally see Sebastian again. Also, maybe he’d find out what the hell was going on with the adults in his life. They had been acting…well, weird.

After getting dressed, he headed downstairs to the kitchen. Blaine expected to see the guys at the table but instead he was met by the one person that had not been hanging around since the lockdown. “Dad, what are you doing home? I thought you had stockholder meetings all week.”

“Your Uncle Henry…he just…I just wanted to…I ran away” Charles admitted in defeat.

“Running away from your big brother. Yeah, I can relate.” Blaine grabbed the breakfast Rosa had left for him and a cup of coffee before sitting across from his father “Where are the guys?”

“They’ve all been picked up by their lawyers. Evidently, you will be the last of the Dalton students to give your deposition. They are most likely going to question you about how you could tell something was going on.”

“I know, Uncle Robert…I mean Al, whoever, told me what to expect. I’m just glad we could keep Sam out of this since we broke into Dalton to get the trophy back together.”

“Son, I would appreciate it if you didn’t use the phrase Broke into Dalton when you’re being questioned.”

Both of the Anderson men laughed but the room went quiet when Blaine’s mom walked in and sat the latest delivery to their home on the table “Blaine, these just arrived for you. There wasn’t a card.”
Blaine picked up the vase and proceeded to take the red and yellow roses to the garbage “What the hell was he thinking?”

“So, you didn’t…?”

“No! Mom! Just…no. I promise I have done nothing to make Kurt believe that I would talk to him, let alone accept flowers.” Blaine took a cleansing breath and then sat back at the table. “I have been working with Doc on accepting what happened when Kurt and I were together. The problem is I take responsibility for the things I did wrong, but Kurt doesn’t.”

Charles shook his head at Blaine’s statement “Son, you were suffering from depression. If anything, it was our fault. We weren’t paying close enough attention. We…”

Before Charles could continue, Blaine interrupted him. “Blaine suffers from depression, but he’s working hard to get better. He admits that he made a lot of stupid decisions during that time and you blaming yourself for his actions is not healthy for his recovery.”

His mother was not happy, to say the least. “Blaine Devon Anderson, that mantra was developed for Sugar not us.”

“It was Sugar’s, but with a different ending. You two have to stop blaming yourself for my stupid decisions. Yes, I was 17 but I knew things didn’t feel right.” He reached to both sides and had them all join hands “Please let go of whatever misplaced guilt you still have. I’m happy, like ridiculously happy, right now. I have Dalton and the Warblers. Drum is back in my life the way he should be, and I know how the two of you feel about Sam.” His parents could only smile and nod at the mention of the boy they had both grown to love. “And Bas. Mom, Dad, he makes me so happy. I …”

“What’s wrong, Blaine?” Pam didn’t like how he had abruptly stopped mid-sentence.

“How did I not see it? I’ll bet you my entire trust fund Kurt thinks Sebastian and I broke up. I can’t wait until all of this is over and we can get this ridiculous Sebreak behind us.”

Pam gave her husband a look of concern. Neither parent had wanted to bring this up yet, but Kurt’s actions left them no choice. “Blaine, what do you remember about when Cam brought you here from Dalton on Tuesday?”

“I don’t know. I was tired and it seemed like every student at Dalton watched me leave. Drum, Jeff and Uncle Robert were there. They could probably tell you more than I could.”

“Sweetheart, when your Uncle Robert found you the other morning in the music department, it was clear that you hadn’t been to sleep and had been crying. Do you remember the song you wrote?”

“I know I wrote a song, but I’m pretty sure it was crap because I don’t really remember it. I think Mr. Olsen recorded it for some reason. Why?”

“The song you wrote…sung, it is about Tommy, Son” Charles watched the distress take over Blaine’s expression. It broke his heart to know he was probably about to make things worse. “From what Robert told us, you were a mess to put it kindly. The problem was you had to go back through the main building to leave. Since Tommy was involved and couldn’t be talked about, Robert took Jeff’s suggestion of just letting everyone keep believing you and Sebastian broke up. That way there was no reason to explain why you looked as you did.”

“Does Bas know this?”

“We had Xavier tell him the no sleep/looked like hell part, not the Tommy part. That’s up to you. Sebastian said for you not to worry and concentrate on your deposition. He’ll take care of everything.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of” Blaine grumbled, but with a smile that put his parents at ease.

“Ok, we’ll put it in Sebastian’s hands and that’s that” Charles declared as he took his coffee mug to the sink. Plus, there was something else he wanted to talk to Blaine about before they left for the courthouse “You know, son. It may be the end of March, but it’s supposed to be over 60 degrees outside. Have you…”

“Taken the Mustang out? Yeah.” Then Blaine figured out what his dad was getting at “But, I haven’t put the top down. You want to drive it to the courthouse?”

“No, you drive and I’ll just sit back and relax.”

Pam stood up and began to wag her finger at them “Oh, no. I’m going with you two. Remember? And I’m not riding in the back of a convertible on my way to the courthouse. Blaine, you of all people should know what that wind would do to my hair.”

“Get a scarf, Mom” Blaine called back as he headed upstairs to finish getting ready.

Once he was out of earshot, Pam turned back to her husband. “That was close. I’m amazed Blaine didn’t ask more questions.”

Charles walked over and gave his wife a hug “Let’s just get through this morning, Pammy."

“I know. I really do. I’m going to call Cooper about something he’s supposed to do for Blaine then I will go find something to tie my hair down with.” She had to remember where she had left her phone, but when Pam finally got ahold of her eldest son she couldn’t help but smile “You sound like you’re in a good mood.”

“Because I am. What can I do for you, Mom?”

“Did you give Holly that file for Sam?”

“No, I’m going to see him in about 10 minutes. I’ll give it to him then.”

“Is McKinley out today?”

“No, Mother. I promise I’ll explain everything if it goes as planned. Now, you want to tell me what’s bothering you?”

“You could tell, huh?” Cooper had always been good at reading her moods, just like his father. “Your brother had a delivery this morning.”

Cooper began laughing “A giant stuffed bear wasn’t enough? What else did Sebastian send him?”

“Blaine received roses…red and yellow roses. There was no note.”

Cooper stopped laughing “I’ll take care of it.”


“Mom, go with Blaine to court. I’ve got this.”

When Cooper ended his call, he left his office and went out into the dining area where he knew Finn was talking to Ralphie.

“Puck and I only ever heard that one guy mention Dalton’s Fight Club, and his friends shut him up pretty quickly. Oh, hey Cooper. What’s wrong?”

Ralphie took one look at Cooper’s face and excused himself. “Your idiot brother…”

“Idiot step-brother.”

“Well, whoever the fucker is he sent roses to Blaine.”

“Son of a bitch!” Finn reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone “It’s a text from Rachel telling me to call her ASAP. This is the third one and I know Kurt talked to her last night. She might be trying to warn me.” He started to walk away to make the call when Sam walked in. “Whose class are you skipping?”

“I’m not skipping, I have a doctor’s appointment.” Sam told him, but the smile on his face gave away the fact that he was lying. “Did you think I would miss this?”

“This what?”

“Cooper, you didn’t tell Finn?”

“No, I thought it would be more fun this way.” Sam’s arrival had given Cooper the chance to calm down.

“Finn, do you think you could finish your call with Rachel in about five minutes. You definitely don’t want to miss this.”

“Are you kidding? It takes Rachel at least five minutes to say hello. I’ll wait for whatever you got going on.”

“Wise decision. Sam, I have some more sheet music for you from Blaine.”



The three of them continued their conversation as Kurt arrived in the parking lot. He was still pissed Cooper was making him work three doubles, but if that’s what it took to get him the time off to go to New York, so be it. As he stepped out of his car, Kurt couldn’t help but notice a beautiful silver Jaguar pull in and park beside him. Maybe someday Blaine would buy him a car like that.

Kurt paid less attention to the car when he saw the very attractive driver get out and head for the restaurant’s entrance. “Excuse me, sir” he called out, getting the older gentleman’s attention. “We don’t open for lunch for another hour.”

“That’s alright, Mr. Hummel. I’m here to see Cooper.”

As the man went into Breadstix, Kurt stopped and tried to think of where he might have known him from. Surely, he would have remembered a man that was not only that good looking, but also drove a Jaguar and dressed in $5,000 suits. Employees were supposed to enter through the kitchen, but he thought he’d follow the man in to see if he could hear his name. His luck must have been turning because when he walked in, he saw the man talking to not only Cooper, but Finn and Sam as well. If he couldn’t figure out who he was, he’d find a way to get it out of Finn later.

“How’s he doing?” Sam asked the man.

“Yesterday was brutal. The lawyers kept trying to discredit Sebastian, but he held his own. That’s all I can really say about it. I’m actually in Lima to see Congressman Hummel. He’s back in town, isn’t that correct?”

“Yes” Finn told him. “He came in late last night for his Constituent Meet & Greet today.”


Kurt didn’t hear that last part. He hadn’t heard anything after the man said Sebastian until he heard “Kurt? What are you doing here?”


Hearing that name got the attention of the four other men in the room. “Oh, good. You two know each other” Cooper said sarcastically (yet somehow also overdramatically). “It will make training go so much easier.”

“Wait, I’m training him?” Kurt tried to hold it together, but was having a difficult time. There was no way Cooper didn’t know who Chandler was.

“Yes, you are. Chandler, would you come with me?” Cooper headed back toward the kitchen with his newest employee. “You too, Hummel.”

“Yeah, Kurt…just think. This time you can text Chandler all you want behind Blaine’s back because he doesn’t give a shit.” Sam was enjoying himself, but that went into hyperdrive when he saw the horror on Kurt’s face when he realized Sam had filmed the entire encounter on his phone.

Kurt’s expression is what helped Finn put things together “Chandler? Chandler as in last year’s Chandler? It’s not right but it’s ok Chandler? I mean, I’m not into dudes, but dude…you had Blaine. Blaine Anderson, the guy your obsessed with, was your boyfriend and you were cheating with that guy? Dude, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I did not cheat on Blaine. Chandler and I would text. That’s it. What’s so funny, Sam?”

He waved his phone to remind Kurt that he was still filming “Blaine’s going to love that since it was what you accused him of doing with Sebastian.”

“Why does that matter? Blaine finally dumped his meerkat ass.”

“Sorry, Mr. Hummel, but…” the mystery man rolled his arm to look at his very expensive watch “that situation is being fixed as we speak.”

“And how would you know that?”

“I’m sorry, did I not introduce myself? My name is Xavier…Xavier Smythe.”

His timing wasn’t too far off. The Andersons pulled into their driveway about 90 minutes later. This time Charles drove.

“That was amazing! We don’t have to tune anything on her!”

“Sally” Blaine corrected his father.


“The car? Her name is Sally. You know…” then Blaine sang “Mustang Sally, you better slow your mustangs down.”

His mom came around and took the keys from her husband and handed them to him “Well, you better find a way of slowing Miss Sally down because if you get a ticket those keys, plus the Harley’s, will be mine for a month.”

“Yes, ma’am” was all Blaine could say, especially since he had caught himself speeding more than once on the drive to the courthouse that morning.

“Good. Go ahead and go in. I want to talk to your dad about something.” Blaine thought that was strange, but he headed to the house anyway.

“Do you know what he has planned?” Charles asked.

“No, but whatever it is, he doesn’t need us watching. Let’s go check the progress on the new garage.”

The only thing Blaine planned to do when he walked into the house was go upstairs and take a shower, but something in the living area caught his eye “No. It can’t be.” His step got faster the closer he got until he stopped in his tracks and looked at the sea of yellow that covered the room.

“1000 yellow daisies” he whispered.

“Actually, there’s only 999.” Blaine turned around to find Sebastian standing behind him holding the final flower.

“You remembered.”

“Yes, I remembered. You only made me watch that episode of the Gilmore Girls a dozen times.”

Blaine ran his hands across his face to wipe away his tears, but it was futile. They just kept falling. “Bas…”

“No, B. Let me do this. I don’t know how we broke up…don’t roll your eyes at me. I’m trying to be romantic here.”

“I’m sorry, go on.”

“Anyway, what I was going to say before I was interrupted was that we both know if we broke up it was my fault. So, I want you to know that I’ll never make you want to break up with me again. Blaine, even though we had absolutely no contact, you were with me every second of the last few days. I love you, Blaine. I know we say that all the time but I think I was taking it for granted. I will never do that again. Blaine Devon Anderson, can we put an end to this stupid Sebreak and go back to being boyfriends?"


Chapter Text

“Ok, Chandler. Pay attention to Hummel here. And Hummel…” Cooper tried not to laugh at how Kurt glared at him (Santana was right. He does look constipated), but not very hard “Are you ok? You look strange…maybe like you’ve seen a ghost.” That took the last bit of his composure, so just left and laughed his way back out to the dining room.

“What was that all about?” Chandler asked as he put on the apron Kurt handed him.

“Long story” Kurt grumbled. He went to the walk-in and when he came back he found Chandler with his arms crossed, tapping his foot “What?”

“Since I’m here for the next three hours and I’m pretty sure heating up the breadsticks then putting them in baskets isn’t that hard, you might as well start talking. You know I’ll get it out of you eventually.”

Kurt smiled as he remembered why it was he had liked Chandler so much the first time “You’re right, as usual. And it is one hell of a story.”

While Kurt and Chandler chatted like two long lost friends, Pam and Charles were attempting to discreetly sneak back into their house…and failed. “You can come in Mom and Dad” Blaine called out. “Nothing sorted going on in here.”

“One can never be too sure with the two of you” Pam teased but internally cheered seeing Blaine and Sebastian cuddled together on the couch, surrounded by hundreds of yellow flowers.

“Especially since you had been separated for three whole days” Charles chimed in, then handed something to his son “I suppose you want your phone back.”

“Mr. A, could you please take our picture first?” Sebastian asked. “I mean, B and I should let everyone know we’re back together. That’s ok…right?”

“You two are absolutely ridiculous, but adorable” Pam told them as she approved the picture her husband had taken. “Now, text away…end the national nightmare.”

Both boys looked at the picture and smiled, each knowing they would need to get a framed copy for their night tables.

“What should we say?”

“There’s only one thing I can think of.”

From Blaine (and Sebastian): Reunited and it feels so good *image attached
From Santana: Fucking finally! What’s with the flowers?
From Sam: How can you be a FOB and not know 1000 Yellow Daisies from Gilmore Girls? Good move, Seb
From Cooper: FOB? And I’ve got a picture for you too *image attached
From Wes: Friend of Blaine and who is the guy with Hummel?
From Sam: Cooper! WTF! We agreed to wait
From Beat: Are we still pretending like Seblaine broke up? And Santana, Sam has a point about Gilmore Girls
From Sebastian: Yes, to the pretending part but tell Mike the truth since he’ll be in LA with us
From Sebastian: And Cooper, who the fuck is the guy with Gayface? B is being a meany and won’t tell me
From Santana: Oh shit! Friday night you and your boys went out to eat…
From Wes: (pause) Wait, that’s Mr. Texting isn’t Cheating?
From Beat: I still don’t get it
From Blaine: Drum, the guy with Kurt is Chandler
From Beat: As in…
From Blaine: Yup
From Cooper: Seb? No Smythe snark?
From Blaine: It’s impossible for him to roll on the floor laughing and type at the same time
From Sam: You should have heard Finn. He was all “Dude, I’m not into dudes…but dude you were dating Blaine”
From Trent: Damn! Come 5 minutes late to a group text and see what happens

Blaine had to pull out when his phone rang “Hello, Sug…”

“Don’t you Hello me, Blaine Devon Anderson! What the hell is Sebreak?”

“Sugar, if you’re going to yell, turn down the volume.”


“Ok, I’m going to tell you something but you can’t tell anyone, not even Kitty. Sam and Coop know though.”

Sugar giggled at Blaine’s inadvertent rhyme. It helped calm her down “You know I can keep a secret.”

“I do. Bas and I didn’t break up. The Sebreak is just a big misunderstanding we’re not clearing up at the moment.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not sure but I’m going to find out. Ok?”


“I promise we will have a cuddle-chat about this after your Regionals on Saturday. Are you guys ready?

“More than ready. I can’t wait to kick ass then get on Spring Break.”

“Do you have plans I don’t know about?” Blaine didn’t like the silence “Sugar?”

“Before I tell you, there’s something you should know. Nicky and I broke up. Don’t go all caveman and threaten to hurt one of your best friends, it was mutual. Kind of like what happened with Sam and Nari. I think that was why I was so upset when I heard about you and Sebastian.”

“Well, I guess we have more to talk about during our cuddle-chat.” Blaine couldn’t say that he was surprised, but it was probably a good thing he wasn’t seeing Nick anytime soon. “So, are you ever going to tell me about your Spring Break plans?”

“I’m going to Ireland to see Rory.”


While Blaine’s conversation with Sugar became more animated, Sebastian signaled like he was going to go use the restroom, but instead went and found Blaine’s parents in the kitchen.

“I don’t like this.”

They each gave him a look of apology because they knew they had put him in a bad situation. Pam stood and excused herself, leaving her husband to try and settle their son’s boyfriend’s nerves. “What are you most concerned about?”

Sebastian sat down at the table even though he knew he didn’t have a lot of time. “That you’ve gone behind his back. That Sam knows nothing even though this involves him too. Doctor/patient confidentiality has been broken. Lawyer/client confidentiality has been broken. That I’m lying to him for you. That the last time he was overwhelmed he punched the heavy bag until he almost ruined his hands. I could go on.”

“I’m sorry it had to be this way.”

“Did it?”

Charles was a little put off by Sebastian’s frankness, but knew it was because he cared about Blaine. “I have lived every minute of the last 1,478 days with the knowledge that I was not there for my son when he needed me most. I will never let that happen again.”

The fact that Blaine’s dad knew exactly how many days it had been since the attack, for some reason that helped, but not with all of Sebastian’s concerns “This whole year…the move back to Dalton, being in the Warblers again, embracing his musical abilities, telling everyone about Sugar, having Sam and Santana in his life, repairing his relationship with Beat and Cooper…and you…and me, he calls it Saving Myself. He’s going to hate it that so many people are involved.”

“I know.”

They had managed to time their conversation perfectly because at that point Pam came back into the kitchen “Ok, I got my purse. Let’s go.”

“Where are you going?” Sebastian asked.

“We’re going to get a couple of things ready for tomorrow and then to have dinner” she told him and gave him a wink “Meaning you have about two hours.”

When Sebastian got back to Blaine he had just ended his call with Sugar “That took longer than I thought it would.”

“I stopped to talk to your parents on my way back. They left to run a couple of errands and then go have dinner.”

“Oh really?” Blaine asked with lilted voice and eyebrow wiggle.

“Yes, really.” Sebastian tried to sound cool and play-off what Blaine had been hinting at…for now. “Since Dalton closed for break early, I asked Rosa to make us meatloaf so we could still have our planned dinner date. Although, I will probably need to start running 5 miles every morning until that photo shoot to make up for what I’ve been eating. I should also get back on my lacrosse diet.”

Blaine put his phone down and walked over to his boyfriend. “Or” he said in that low, authoritative tone that he knew could put Sebastian on his knees in seconds “We can think of other ways to burn calories. Did my parents say how long they would be gone?”

By this time Sebastian’s entire body was practically vibrating. Even though Blaine was standing barely an inch in front of him, they were not touching…Blaine made sure of it. Every time Sebastian would reach out, Blaine moved away “Two hours. Your parents said they would be gone two hours” he managed to spit out.

Blaine took the back of his hand and very gently brushed it across Sebastian’s cheek “Thank you, Beautiful. Now, I have to ask, did Doug give you your copy of the Stress Relief video…the one of only me playing the drums?” The tone of Blaine’s voice had only gotten more intense, leaving Sebastian speechless. He was reduced to his go-to response of emphatic nodding. “Did you understand the hidden message? You’re going to have to use your words, Beautiful.”

“Yes…yes, I…I understood.”

“What was it, Beautiful.”

“I couldn’t touch myself.” When Blaine touched his cheek again, it took everything within him to not fall to the floor. Sebastian never understood how Blaine could do this to him with just his voice and a feather-like touch, but at that moment he really didn’t care.


“I was good.”

“I’m so proud of you, Beautiful. So proud that I’m going to give you a choice. We can go up to my room and have some time together or wait until our planned time tomorrow night. You have to realize that if we go upstairs now, it would have to be fast…hard…”

Blaine didn’t have to come up with any other adjectives, for Sebastian had grabbed his arm and was dragging him up the stairs. When the bedroom door had been slammed shut and they were in the process of undressing each other, Sebastian froze. Blaine immediately saw the problem, a 6 ft. stuffed bear was pretty hard to miss “It does look like he’s watching us. Not ready to try exhibitionism…yet?” Sebastian contemplated the word yet as he watched Blaine walk over to a drawer and pull out…a blindfold?

“You or the bear?”

An hour later, they were in the kitchen having dinner when Sebastian received a text that surprised him enough that he said “Huh?”

“What’s going on?”

“It’s a text from my mom and she never sends texts. She thinks their rude.”

“What does it say?”

I know you’re with Blaine, but you need to come home. Nothing family.”

“Go, I’ll see you tomorrow. Plus, it will give me a chance to confront my parents about whatever the fuck they have going on.”


“Bas, there has been too many strange things going on here the last few days. Even the Cello brothers commented on it. I suppose you know what it is, but can’t tell me.”

“I just know they’re going to talk to you about something. I don’t know what it is exactly. I’m sorry.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with why they insisted we not tell everyone that the Sebreak was just a big misunderstanding. No matter what, I’ll meet you at Uncle Rob’s at say 7PM tomorrow.”

“Why would we go to Lima? Isn’t that out of the way to go to the New Directions Regionals on Saturday?”

“I forgot to tell you. Sugar told me that the Regionals site had a massive water leak. McKinley was the only one of the schools that could have it there on such short notice.”

“And Principal Sue didn’t have a problem with that? I thought she hated the New Directions.”

“Evidently, she has suddenly become their biggest supporter. Sug had to go but said she’s explain later.”

“That’s…” Before Sebastian could finish another text came through from his mother “I should really go.” After a few goodbye kisses, he did just that. When he arrived home, he was met at the door...

“Mom? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, my Darling Boy. When I told her you were at the Andersons, she said she would wait. Sebastian, she sat on the porch steps to do just that. I convinced her to come inside, which I know wasn’t the smartest thing to do but she looked so familiar. She wouldn’t tell me her name.”

“You recognize her from Blaine’s first YouTube video. Her name is Rachel…Rachel Berry. Mom...”

“I’ll be in upstairs if you need me.”

Sebastian walked toward Rachel quietly, wanting to get a clue of what he would be dealing with. Unfortunately, she heard him but seeing her face only reinforced his feeling that something was wrong. He had seen that expression on her once before…after Sectionals when she found out Blaine had been one of the victims in the attack her fathers had told her about years earlier. He pulled the ottoman over so he could sit directly in front of her “Rachel? My mom said you wanted to talk to me.”

“I needed someone who already hates me. I thought of you.” Her voice was so small it almost broke his heart.

Shit! It looked like she would start crying and he could not handle that, but then he got an idea. “Rachel, I’ll be right back. I promise.” She was confused, but even more so when Sebastian came back a couple of minutes later and handed her a baby. “Rachel, this is my niece Isabella but she likes being called Izzy.”

“Sebastian, why…”

“Because it looked like you were going to cry, but now you can’t because if you cry she’ll cry. You wouldn’t want to make Izzy cry, now would you?”

Izzy reached out for Rachel’s face causing a small smile to appear “No” She sat the baby on her lap and then looked across at her uncle “I told Kurt about Blaine’s depression.”

“Ok? Rachel, that’s not really a secret.”

“Well, he didn’t know, or at least he says he didn’t. Once you and Blaine broke up he became even more obsessed with getting Blaine…”

He didn’t know why, but Sebastian felt like he had to tell her “Rachel, Blaine and I are together. We never broke up.”

“But Santana…”

“It was a huge misunderstanding, that for reasons I can’t tell you, we are letting everyone believe.” He pulled out his phone and showed her his newest picture “But we are together.”

“1000 yellow daisies?” Sebastian nodded and she smiled again “Blaine looks happy. Kurt was talking about sending him their roses…”

“He did. Blaine threw them in the trash.” Izzy was beginning to fall asleep in Rachel’s arms, so Sebastian got up and put her in the portable crib. When he came back he saw that Rachel was settled enough that maybe she could tell him the true meaning of her visit. “Are you going to tell me why you’re really here?”

“Have you ever heard of NYADA’s Winter Showcase?” Sebastian shook his head but kind of felt bad that he hadn’t “It is the highlight of NYADA’s first semester. Only 10 students are asked to participate. Madame Tibideaux writes out each invitation herself.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Sebastian, I was the first freshman to be invited to participate in seven years.”

“That’s wonderful. Was there a problem?”

“Yes, I won.”

Wasn’t expecting that “Ok, again…I don’t understand.”

“My first few weeks back from break were amazing. I was the star of NYADA and Santana and I were actually becoming friends, especially after I came back to Ohio and pulled Kurt out of that hospital.”

“Waiting for 13 hours, knowing the Andersons would never let him see Blaine, was borderline psychotic.”

“You know he was really waiting to see you. That was during his I’m in love with Sebastian phase.” The look on Sebastian’s face gave Rachel the clue to move on…quickly. “Anyway, things were going great then…I found out my boyfriend was a slut…Mercedes got a part on Broadway and Santana told her to move in without asking me…oh, and I slept with Finn. When I got back to NYADA, everyone had seen Don’t You Want Me on YouTube and I went from winner of the Winter Showcase to an extra in a Blaine Anderson video. And today was so bad with that new video, that I just left. Did you know Stress Relief almost has 80,000 views already?”


She put up her hand, signaling for him to stop, then she let it all out “After everyone at NYADA found out Blaine was The Future at Julliard, I went Alpha Gay. I understood how Kurt got to that point. Not only was I jealous of Blaine, I was lonely. So, I helped Kurt get a new audition to NYADA. I keep trying to tell him that he got it on his own, but I made sure admissions got the video he sent. I wanted it to be like it was last year when I was the star, Kurt was my best friend and Blaine was my favorite duet partner…yes, more than Finn. When I realized what I had done, that’s when I blurted out about Blaine’s depression. I wanted Kurt to see how happy Blaine is and leave him alone, but it made things worse.” She bowed her head and finally let the tears fall. “Can you please yell at me now?”

“Get up.”

“Oh, ok. I’ll just go…”

But that was not what Sebastian had in mind. He moved to the chair, then pulled her onto his lap and kept her wrapped in his arms “I’m not going to yell at you and, believe it or not, I don’t hate you.”

“You don’t?”

“Well, I didn’t like you very much when you were grinding your girl parts into my boyfriend in front of 100 people.” That got her to giggle which slowed the tears, at least for the time being. “Rachel, you were jealous and lonely which is something I can relate to. I have a question. Do you know who my best friend is?”


“No, he’s my boyfriend. Trent is my best friend.”

“You mean Thad?”

“No, you heard me right the first time. My best friend is that Baby-faced Warbler and you want to know why? It’s because when there was something I thought I couldn’t forgive myself for, he convinced me that I could. So, I am going to do the same for you.”

Rachel’s giggles turned to laughter “Does that mean you’re my best friend now?”

“Sure, why not?”

Huh? “You’re being silly.”

“Maybe, but we could give it a try. My bestie is going to Harvard and yours has gone bat-shit crazy. There’s just one thing…you’ll have to share me with Izzy since she and my sister are moving to New York.”

“Santana does have to share Blaine with Sugar. Since it’s Izzy, how can I say no?” Although she wasn’t quite sure if she trusted what was happening, Rachel felt the tension leave her body and she leaned in until her head was on Sebastian’s shoulder “Are you sure things will be ok? If Kurt does something to interfere with Blaine’s concert, I…”

“Rach, I promise. I’ve got someone working on it as we speak. Now, we have to celebrate our new found relationship and your big win at Winter Showcase.”

“And how do you suggest we do that?”

“Well, Trent and I bonded over a porn movie night and his mom’s cookies, but for you how about we just share a piece of the 5-layer chocolate cake Rosa left in the kitchen? Oh god, I’m going to have to run 10 miles tomorrow.”

“Can’t we do both the cake and porn? You’re talking gay porn, right? Oh! Can I meet that guy with the sex toys while I’m in town? Blaine said you call him Santa.”

While Sebastian and Rachel were discovering they had more in common than kissing Blaine, Burt Hummel was finishing up his Meet & Greet. He knew they were necessary, but sometimes people just wanted to bitch to bitch. There seemed to be a lot of those people at the event, or maybe it had just felt like it. He came home to (an apologetic) Carole letting him know what had happened earlier in the evening. Puck going to Paris was interesting, but Cooper sending Finn to New York for the next couple of weeks only meant one thing.

The timing to Kurt’s NYADA audition was too convenient to be a coincidence.

Of course, he had no idea why Kurt was auditioning for NYADA again in the first place. When he came back from New York, Kurt said he would be applying to the Fashion Institute but that never made sense. If he wanted a career in fashion, why did he leave his internship at early? He let out a sigh and then dropped his head back against his chair. How could he have been so blind? There was a reason for Kurt’s change of heart… Blaine.

Before he could think of what to do with this epiphany, his assistant Jenny opened the door. Burt knew it had to be important for her to bother him after he had explicitly asked not to be disturbed.

“Congressman Hummel, there’s a gentleman here to see you. He apologized for coming after the event but wanted to speak in private. He said it’s concerning the situation at Dalton Academy.”

He would have had Jenny send the guy away until he heard those last two words “Send him in, and Jenny…”

She knew the problems her boss had with the Dalton mess a few months earlier “I’ll make sure you’re not disturbed.”

Burt got up and walked around his desk to greet the man as Jenny showed him in “Congressman Hummel, thank you for seeing me.”

“I have to admit, I wouldn’t have if this wasn’t concerning Dalton, Mr…?”

“Smythe…Xavier Smythe, but please call me Xavier.” As he shook Xavier’s hand, Burt tried not to show his complete shock at being face-to-face with The Meerkat’s father, but evidently that wasn’t unexpected. “You have obviously realized who I am, or more specifically who my son is, but I assure you that I was honest when I told your assistant that this concerns Dalton.” Burt motioned for him to have a seat, but let him continue “Congressman Hummel, I want to say upfront that I am an attorney, and while I have not represented Dalton in this matter, I have given council to the current acting head master.”

“Call me Burt, and why do I feel that I’m not going to like what you’re here to tell me?”

“Because you’re not.” Xavier opened his briefcase and pulled out a file “That was given to me yesterday.”

Burt read the first page and didn’t need to go any farther “Why are you here, Xavier?”

“I have followed your career in Washington and believe you are exactly the type of person we need there. Hell, if we were meeting under other circumstances I would be asking if you had thought of running for Senate. But, first and foremost, I am a father and the majority of what Kurt is accused of in that file was directed at Sebastian. He also blackmailed Blaine, threatening him with information he has about my family.”


“I recently gave up my position as State’s Attorney due to a family situation. It ended any future political career I may have had and I don’t want you to have to make the same choice. That is the only reason I am giving you the opportunity to handle this privately.” Xavier got up and headed toward the door, but turned to say “Burt, I am a very powerful man with a lot of recourses at my disposal. If you can’t keep Kurt away from Sebastian…I will.”

“Not Blaine?”

“It’s not my place, he’s not my child.” Xavier paused. For some reason he liked Burt, so he warned him “Something is about to happen for Blaine, and it’s going to be big. Keep Kurt away from him, Burt. Blaine’s family…his entire family…will do whatever’s necessary to protect him.”

As Xavier left, Jenny came and shut the door behind him. Burt was thankful that the microsecond of eye-contact he had with her was enough to say no more interruptions. He sat back in his chair with the intention of reading the full file, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. What had Kurt gotten himself into? He needed information and there was only one way he could think to get it.

Finn was surprised to hear the ringtone he had set for his step-father “Hey, Burt. How was the Meet & Greet?”

“It was fine. Finn, I need you to do something for me. I need to talk to Cooper.”

“Sure, I can ask him to call…”

“No, now and in person.”

The next morning Xavier walked into Sebastian’s room and was greeted by a sight he never thought he would see…his son asleep in bed with a girl cuddled into him “Son, wake up.”

It took him a moment to get his bearings, or to the point…remembering why the person with her head on his chest wasn’t Blaine “Hey, Dad. What’s up?”

“Daniel’s here to talk about your change of vacation plans and he got a text. Evidently, Rachel is missing.”

Sebastian sat up slowly, trying to nudge Rachel awake “What do you mean she’s missing?”

“She didn’t come home after classes. Santana, Mercedes, Wes and David have been up all night searching for her. They’ve tried to keep it from her dads so they called Cooper and he sent out a text to the guys. Well, all the guys but Finn. I told Daniel she’s here and to tell Cooper to tell the others, but not give any details until he hears what she wants to do.”

“Thanks, Dad.” When Xavier left, Sebastian put more urgency into waking the little runaway “Rach, you need to wake up. You’ve got a problem. Did you forget to tell your roommates that you wouldn’t be home last night?”

“I didn’t think they’d notice” she grumbled. “I told you that I couldn’t take it anymore and just left. The gym bag of clothes I brought are my dance clothes for the class I skipped. I was actually amazed I got an affordable flight. Why? What’s the problem?”

“Santana called Cooper and told him you were missing.”

Rachel sprang up and grabbed her bag “My dads! My phone is dead and I don’t have a charger! Oh my god, Finn!”

Sebastian got out of bed (No morning wood after sleeping with a girl. Yup, gay) and grabbed ahold of her shoulders. “Deep breaths. Your dads and Finn don’t know. Cooper knows you're not missing, not the details, and will let New York know. Ok, I have extra chargers in my top desk drawer. I’m going to go see if my sister has something you can wear before she finishes packing.”

“Can I keep your Dalton t-shirt? It was comfy to sleep in.”

“Of course. Ok Diva, you need to decide what you want to do. I can tell you your dads aren’t going to be home.”

“I really want to see them. Do you know where they’ll be?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s where I’m going. You know what? You might as well come with me. The more the merrier, right?”

“Where are we going?”

“To an intervention.”

Chapter Text

“What do you mean Rachel is missing?” Blaine had walked into his kitchen to find Cam on the phone. It was obvious he wasn’t supposed to hear that news.

Cam ended his call and then said calmly, since he knew Blaine was already on edge “Rachel was missing. When your friends in New York couldn’t find her, Santana called Cooper to see if he could do something. He sent out a text to all of the guys here and some we’ve used in New York. Less than five minutes later a text came through that she had been found. Rachel’s fine, Blaine.”

“How do you know that?”

“Well, if you don’t believe me why don’t you ask her? She’s right behind you.”

Blaine ran over and took her in his arms. After about a minute he pulled back because something seemed off. She wouldn’t look at him and “Are you wearing my Dalton hoodie? I thought I left it with Bas.”

“You did, B.” Sebastian came in and stood beside Rachel. He wouldn’t look up either.

“What’s going on?” Blaine became even more confused, and agitated, when they clasped hands.

“I was upset” Rachel’s voice cracked causing Sebastian to wrap his arm around her, and causing Blaine’s eyes to widen. “I had to leave New York and…I…I don’t know what happened but I felt this need to go to Sebastian.”

Tears began to stream down Rachel’s cheeks, driving Blaine to almost believe the impossible “Bas?”

“I’m so sorry, B. Rachel and I slept together last night.”

Blaine stumbled back until the counter stopped him. Was he dreaming…or to be correct, was he having a nightmare? His surroundings were out of focus, but he swore he heard Sebastian whisper “5…4…3…2…1”

Then all hell broke loose.

“Oh my god, B! You should see your face!”

“We should have taken a picture, Bastian! Sam would have loved it!”

“Sam?! Ray, Thad would have peed his pants! Oh and…” Rachel caught on and squealed with him “Santana!”

“Wait! Bastian? Ray?” Blaine paused and watched Rachel wipe the tears from her face “Are you laughing? You’re laughing at the fact that you slept with the person I thought was my gold-star gay boyfriend?!”

Sebastian stepped forward to Blaine, but he pulled away causing Sebastian to begin laughing harder “I’m still 100% gold-star, you goof. Ray and I slept together as in she snores, but it’s cute. Her nose wiggles.”

“Thanks Bastian, but we should probably tell him we watched porn and ate brownies in your bed as well.”

“Oh, yeah. B, did you know that Rosa can cook vegan? I offered Ray cake before I knew she was a vegetarian. After she told me, we went to the kitchen to find her something she could eat but I didn’t know Rosa was there getting things ready to go with Sierra to Paris on Monday. When I went to the fridge to see what we had…”

“Rosa started yelling at him for (in a thick, southern accent) Thinkin’ she was going to let him anywhere near that stove while she was around. It was so funny, Blaine. Then she pulled out some vegetables and made me the most wonderful stir-fry I think I have ever had…”

“And then she made these awesome brownies out of zucchini and…I don’t know love or some sort of southern cooking magic or voodoo or something like that…”

“But like Bastian said, they were awesome! And then we went and watched…”

“Let’s just say my girl here has a kinky side. I had to go to my special porn stash. Oh, Ray wants to see Santa before she goes back to NYC.”

Nicknames and finishing each other’s sentences? Blaine was pretty sure he had entered a parallel universe, but he was going to go with it for the moment. “Um, when my Aunt Cory got sick, Rosa…not the doctor, put her on a vegan diet. These days she cooks vegan for Sam to balance out his addiction to her grits. Now, before you tell me why the fuck you two thought it was a good idea to have me believe Bas cheated, let me make one thing clear. I am not taking Rachel Berry to a sex shop!” That last part was probably louder than it should have been.

*Throat clearing* “Blaine, we’re ready.” Dr. Shepard wasn’t sure he wanted to know what was going on, but Rachel’s presence got his attention. “Rachel, I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. I can make time for you this afternoon if you still need to talk.”

“That’s ok, Dr. Shepard. Bastian helped me, plus I’m on my way to McKinley to see what the hell is going on with Mr. Schuster. I’m also anxious to see if my Show Choir Bitch lessons have helped Sugar.” She turned to Sebastian and held out her hand “You’re still letting me borrow your car, right?”

Sebastian pulled out his keys, but Blaine reached over and snatched them away “Oh, hell no. You are not letting her borrow your car. Rachel, if you want to go to Lima I’ll have Cam take you. Cam?”

“What’s going on, B?” Sebastian asked as they waited for Cam to respond since he had at some point left the kitchen.

“You two may be these inexplicable besties now, but I have been in a car with Rachel driving…twice, and swore I would never do it again. No way am I letting you give her the keys to your $80,000 BMW.” Rachel was about to say something but Blaine turned to the person entering the room “Cam, sorry about calling for you like that, but Rachel needs to get to Lima. I’d take her but I’m being summoned and I think Bas is supposed to stay.”

Before he could say anything, Rachel realized that she recognized Blaine’s body guard “Mr. Murphy?”

“Hello, Rachel. I was wondering if you would recognize me. I’ve been pretty good at keeping out of view until now.”

“I don’t get it” Sebastian chimed in “And why would Ray call you Mr. Murphy?”

“Last year, to get into McKinley without people saying anything, I was a substitute teacher.”

“Our favorite substitute teacher” Rachel corrected him. “All of the girls had a crush on him.”

“So did Kurt” Blaine added, knowing Rachel was being polite.

“You were at McKinley?” Sebastian still didn’t understand that if Cam was as close to Blaine as they seemed, how was he not with him in the parking garage the night of Slushie-gate? But looking at the expressions of both Cam and Blaine, he knew now wasn’t the time to bring it up.

Dr. Shepard cleared his throat again “Blaine…”

“Fine.” Blaine moved closer to Sebastian and went up on his toes to give him a kiss. Then quietly, but with almost a growl, warned him “You are so going to get punished for that stunt earlier.”

Sebastian shuttered at the thought, in a good way. “I can’t wait.”

When Blaine left the kitchen, Cam turned back to Sebastian “You want to explain what the hell is going on. Blaine heard the last part of your call about people thinking Rachel was missing.”

"I wanted to make sure you were going to be here. Ray, you really didn't know Cam was Blaine's body guard?"

“Security detail” Cam corrected him “Now that Cooper is in charge, we decided to make a change. Guys that make their presence known will still be body guards, but guys like me and Daniel will be security details.”

Rachel was even more confused but Sebastian gave her a look of I’ll explain later “Does Sam know? Wait, does Kurt know?”

“Yes, Sam knows about me but not Kurt. Speaking of, I’m guessing whatever you want to talk about concerns him?”

Sebastian looked down at Rachel and she gave him a nod, knowing what he was silently asking her “Damn straight. He’s been up to more than any of us were aware of.” Cam motioned over to the kitchen table, where the three of them went to have a seat. While Rachel told Cam everything she knew, Sebastian couldn’t help but worry about her putting herself in the middle of this mess. He of all people, knew how vengeful Kurt could be. That thought had his mind wander. With the excitement of Rachel’s appearance, he had forgotten to ask his dad how his meeting with a certain Congressman had gone.

In Lima, that certain Congressman was sitting at his own kitchen table, waiting for his son to come down. Burt had asked Carole and Finn to give him alone time with Kurt that morning. Kurt just wasn’t aware of that fact and was surprised to see his father as he went to make a cup of coffee “Dad? What are you doing here? I thought you and Carole were going shopping for her new car today.”

“We were, but Finn went with her instead. Have a seat Kurt.”

Kurt had a bad feeling at where this was going, but he had an out “Sorry, Dad. I have to be at work early to train someone for when I go to New York.”

“Cooper told that Chandler guy his training had to be delayed and to come back on Monday. Have a seat Kurt.”

“You talked to Cooper?” Kurt’s previous bad feeling was now off the charts, and he didn’t even want to guess what Cooper told his dad about Chandler. Burt reached into his pocket and pulled out a thumb drive. Kurt knew immediately what it was…a copy of the video where Cooper gave Travis the $10,000 in blackmail money. “Dad…”

“You’ve always wanted more, Kurt. It what’s special about you. You know, the drive you needed to get out of Ohio, to get someplace where you were free to be your true self. But I found out it wasn’t just drive, it was selfishness and it didn’t matter who got in your way…even if it was me.”

“Dad, I can…”

Again, Burt didn’t give him the chance to say anything “What you did to Blaine, a person you were supposed to love, was deplorable.” He reached down to the chair next to him, grabbed a copy of the file Xavier had given him the day before and slid it across the table. “What you did to Sebastian was criminal.”

He picked up the file and almost vomited from reading the first page. Hunter Clarington had told the DA how Kurt had convinced the former Dalton Head Master to pile “punishments” on Sebastian, ultimately leading to his bringing Hunter to the school. It also stated that Kurt had done this by promising to influence his father, a very popular United States Representative, to support the Head Master’s run for governor in the next election.

“Blaine told me the day after Thanksgiving that my name had been brought up in the Dalton scandal. I told you this and you said nothing. The Ohio Chair of the Democratic Party came and questioned me about my involvement. I told you this and you said nothing. Finn found out what you had done…” Kurt gasped, somehow astounded Finn would betray him like that “He apologized profusely, saying that he said nothing because it was your place to tell me, and he was right. You should know that he didn’t want to tell me but when Carole overheard our conversation…well, he really didn’t have a choice after that.”

His dad was right about one thing. If Carole had gotten involved, Finn didn’t stand a chance of holding out. “Dad, I’m sorry.”

“Unfortunately, this is one of those times when being sorry isn’t enough.” Burt got up and pushed in his chair “I’ve got a lot to think about so I’m going to go do just that.”

“Dad, please. Can’t we talk about this?”

“Kurt, you are my son and I love you more than anything in this world. I just don’t like you very much right now. I will tell you this…stay away from Sebastian and Blaine. Both Xavier and Cooper were adamant about it.”

“Fine, I’ll stay away from the Meer…Sebastian, but his father doesn’t have the right to tell me to stay away from Blaine. Besides, Blaine and Sebastian aren’t even together anymore.”

“I don’t know what happened, but after talking with Sam I’m pretty sure they got back together. And Kurt, Cooper flat out said if you try to go anywhere near Blaine when you’re both in New York, he has people in place to stop you.”

Once Burt was gone, Kurt tried to catch his breath. His entire world had shattered and he had no one to blame except himself, but knowing that wouldn’t fix the situation. The first thing he needed to do was calm down, but the second was just as important...find out if he still had a job. As much as he hated working for the bastard, Cooper was very good to his employees. The restaurant matched tips earned by servers and divided that money between the non-servers. With as popular as the New & Improved Breadstix was, it wound up being a lot more money than one would think. Since Kurt’s salary went to paying back the $10,000, he really needed that money.

Chapter Text

Sunday PM Malibu, California

Blaine jogged up from the ocean and put his board on the rack before heading toward where Sam was sitting. When he reached the blanket, he followed Sam’s stare down the beach but had no idea what was so captivating “What are you looking at?”

“That purple car down there. Alice drives one but I always thought it looked weird. The design makes sense with the surfboards on top.” Sam brought his attention back and tried not to laugh, but failed, as Blaine basically turned himself into a contortionist to get his wetsuit off. “Are you done?”

“Yeah, my surfing abilities are limited. But him…” Blaine looked out to the waves where Beat was paddling out yet again “He’ll be out there for at least another hour. This is his happy place, like my music room is for me.” He finally freed himself, then dried off and put on sweats and Uggs until he could warm up before plopping down on the blanket. “You know either Drum or I could teach you.”

“I may look like a surfer-dude, but no…maybe someday. It’s nice to sit and relax after a crazy week. How do you Warblers do it, not having an advisor? Having Holly and Finn was helpful, but I don’t know if I could have kept it together without the surprise of both Rachel and Mike showing up on Friday. My nerves were shot.”

“They shouldn’t have been. You guys were amazing at Regionals and deserved to win. Plus, remember that it’s not only me and Bas, there are five Senior Warblers. They all have positions that highlight their strengths.”

“You mean when you’re not being a control freak and they have to lock you in the office to get anything done?”

“Well, what do you expect. After all, I am crazy.”

That was the first time Sam heard Blaine say something like that. He was still pissed that he hadn’t been included in the so-called Intervention “Blaine…”

“Sam, I promise I’ll stop but it’s going to take me time.”

Flashback: Friday AM Andersons’ Family Room

“Sweetheart, do you have any questions?” Pam was beginning to worry. Blaine was never this quiet. Maybe they should have had Sebastian in for this portion. Maybe…

“Nope, I’m good but I’m pretty sure there’s more to this than what you’ve told me.”

Well, that answer was unexpected “Not more, but think about it, Blaine” Dr. Shepard told him “You have been on a creative juggernaut lately to the point it has distracted you from working on your actual studies. You admitted that. I would never formally diagnose you as having OCD unless we’re discussing your music, but you had been hyper-vigilant with your school work due to last year’s “academic detour” as you like to call it. You would not lose that focus this close to graduation unless there was more going on.”

“So, what’s causing this? I mean, yeah I had a brain injury, but that was 4 years ago.”

“I don’t know, but people usually don’t write an entire minor symphony in Italian in less than a week. Especially when they have only had 6 months of High School Italian.”

“Blaine Sweetie, try to embrace this.”

“Mom, I’ll try but did my entire graduation plan have to change? I’ve worked hard to get my academics back to Dalton’s standard.”

Mr. Montgomery handed him a piece of paper “Plans are developed around core requirements at Ivy League universities, the usual post-graduation path of a Dalton Boy. You are going to Julliard so your path was altered to reflect that. It was our fault for not doing it sooner. However, if you go down that sheet you will notice that you still must earn a 90% or better on your calculous final.”

Blaine found it but something else was off “Why are my community service hours owed so much lower?”

“Because you did a lot at McKinley, but since community service is not a graduation requirement there they were not part of your transcript. Your uncle went to McKinley the other day and asked the principal about them.”

Charles broke in because he knew what his son was thinking but not saying “He went in the capacity of your lawyer and not your uncle, that’s why she gave him the information.”

“We’re talking about Sue. She wouldn’t have cared.” Blaine continued down the page until he came to another question “What is the Dalton Day project?” Dr. Shepard excused himself and left the room which only amped up Blaine’s curiosity “What’s going on?”

Mr. Montgomery looked over at Blaine’s parents, who signaled he had their support “Even though your plan is different, you still needed a major project and that will be yours. Blaine, there’s no other way to put this…Dalton is in trouble.”

“What do you mean by trouble?”

“Parents and alumni are very unhappy about the scandal to put it mildly. Several parents have given notice of their intentions not to send their sons back next year. We’re going to use Dalton Day to demonstrate that even with what happened, the achievements of our students have not suffered. Your acceptance to Julliard plus the Warblers making Nationals are two achievements we want to highlight and you are in charge of that. When you get back from College Visit Week, you will sit with the Dalton Day committee and finalize your plan.”

Blaine basic