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Lily Luna Potter and the Younger World

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“Oh come on, Jamie!” A little girl’s voice called.

The boy in question, a seventeen year old by the name of James Sirius Potter, rolled his brown eyes, his dark hair blowing in the wind- of course it was, it had a mind of it’s own.

“No! I’ll keep saying it- my answer is no.” He quickly turned around again, striding down the hill with speed the little girl could never dream in a million years to have.

“Jamie! Wait for me!” The small girl struggled to keep her footing as another gust of wind screamed loudly, howling down the hill and up again in agony.

“Stop calling me Jamie, Lily,” James shouted up the hill, angry. “It’s James. We went over this several times already.” He said darkly, losing his sister in the rain.

There was a pause, but it wasn’t silent. The hair on James’ head was no longer blowing everywhere- it was himself that was blown instead.

James and Lily’s father had told them to not be on the moors during a storm. When they moved to Wales eight years ago, Lily had only been three years old, and James nine.

But James was older now, and more wise. Or possibly less- Lily didn’t know, but she knew she could trust her brother through everything, which was why she had come to the moor with him.

The mist was rolling in along with the rain that nearly drowned her hair and hurt her ears- the thundering of the water against the already soaked moor was louder than a lion’s roar.

Another clap of thunder made the little girl scream with shock, and she knew she was in danger now. She and her brother were the only things on the hills for miles and miles- and the tallest things, certainly.

But they weren’t the only things for miles and miles, Lily realized suddenly. Their house was- where was their house?

The limited visibility made her heart pound. She could only see what was one foot in front of her. Lily’s scream was dissolved by the wind, shouting her brother’s name in her loudest voice possible- his real name. He wouldn’t come for her otherwise.

“James!” She called, and if you looked at her at that moment, you couldn’t tell the rainwater from the tears on her face.

Her hair was flat against her body, her clothes too. She shivered, her teeth chattering so hard she thought they might fall out.
“James, help me!” Lily cried out again, and she suddenly knew that she had lost him, like their father had lost her mother, and like James had lost Albus, who was alive just before Lily was.
She didn’t know them, but Lily knew that James loved them very much, just as much as he loved their mother and father. Lily had barely known her, before they were ripped away from each other, separated by a bright green curse- the curse that had taken James’ siblings, too.   

Her father, Harry, told Lily that they had been her mother and brother, too, but James didn’t agree. She watched her brother get scolded and shouted at when he said this, and the next day, their father sat in his room, staring at the wall.
No amount of pleading would ever get him out of his trances.
Lily couldn’t afford to be distracted now. She wanted to give up, the sudden hopelessness surrounding her conscience. The smaller, humble house they lived in seemed ages away, and it was not like she could see it, anyway.
The negativity was something that Lily did not like, however. She fought against the wind, following and calling for James. It would be hours before she would feel anything again- it was too cold outside.
The howling wind and the freezing rain took most of her energy, draining her of life. She wanted to know when the storm would end.
“James, I’m s-sorry!” She whispered, sinking to the ground, too tired to carry on, “I’m sorry, daddy!” With her last words in mind, she held her necklace close, the one thing she had been told to protect.
The single, midnight-purple stone, attached to the chain, was warm, warmer than Lily had ever felt in her life.
“Mum?” Lily whispered, “Fred?”
Seeing no one, her heart pumping slower by the second, she closed her eyes for the last time.   

The forest floor was cool to the touch, not cold. Lily was not cold anymore. Rising steadily, she realized that she was wearing nothing but a thin nightie.
Lily was alone in the woods. The trees were tall, endless, and with no light in sight, except above her own head. A wonderful domed glass roof sat, well above where any of the tree tops were.
Everything was still- and Lily could not hear anything except her own breath. It seemed quite a relief after the wind had stopped.
“I’m afraid,” Lily’s voice came out higher than she expected, but certain, “This is not a forest, I can tell by the ceiling. You’ve done a good job, although there aren’t any animals. Where is the life? Where are the animals? So, I suppose I’m afraid, and also I’m lonely.”
“You do not need to be frightened.”
Lily whirled around, her green eyes nervous. A man that she had never seen before was walking toward her, wearing modest brown wizarding robes.
“Lily Luna Potter,” He said, holding out his hand, “I am Remus John Lupin.”
The formalities were making her nervous. She took a step back, her gaze guarded, “How am I supposed to know that? Daddy told me that you were only a story,” She added.

Remus furrowed his brow in concern, “I’m not a story, Lily. The Wars were not stories.”

“Fred tells me this all the time,” She continued, ignoring the man, “And James, too. He says that father is lying to protect me, but I think he says they’re make-believe because he’s protecting himself.”   

Remus sighed, his brown eyes sad. The feeling slowly disappeared, leaving a blow to his heart that would surely bruise, “Your father is hurting,” Remus said after a pause, “And that does not mean he can lie to you. I’m sure he knows that. Why don’t you take a walk with me?”
Lily stayed grounded, “I’m not supposed to-”
“Talk to strangers?” Remus allotted dryly, “I’m not going to hurt you- it seems as if your father already has.”
“I can see that,” bristled Lily, “But that doesn’t mean that I’ll walk with you.”
Remus recoiled, “Come,” He said again, taking her hand, “You don’t want to go that way yet, I haven’t even-”
Lily suddenly began to cry, the full realization finally hitting her.
“I’m dead, aren’t I?” She whispered, her hazel-brown eyes startlingly blank.
Remus closed his eyes for a moment, “I’m sorry,” He began, freezing on the inside when he noticed her change of expression. It was so childlike, but so happy.
“It’s okay,” Lily nodded, and Remus almost fainted, “Father once told me that everyone he cared about was dead,” Her voice sounded accepting, “And if I am, too, then he might finally..”
“Stop,” Remus interrupted Lily as he was given a hug, “That’s.. That’s horrible.. I never..”
“James would be-” Lily began again, but Remus silenced her.
“James is in a room much like this one,” He commented, feeling sorrowful, “And so is your father, somewhere.”
“My-” Lily stammered, “He died in the storm, too?”
Remus shook his head, “No, Lily. Time ceases to exist where we are. It only runs when you choose to leave this place, one way or another.”
“How do I leave?”
“Lily, this is a very important decision. You are only eleven years of age. By choosing to move on may bring you to the others-”
“What’s the other option?”
Remus looked troubled, “You may decide to forgive.”
“What?” Lily became confused, but Remus stayed silent.
“I will leave you to make a choice,” He said finally, and evaporated into the mist.