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Dumbledore's Little Pet

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Dumbledore walked back to Harry who was currently stunned that his most hated potions professor was now another Guardian that he had to please. The boy stared at the man, open mouthed.

Severus looked at the child standing on the other side of the room. Dumbledore had been right. He was a wanton little imp. A Right slut of only eleven years. Severus had watched everything: the early nipple play, the bladder control (of the child’s own making no less), the extra-heavy weights, the blowjob, and of course, the fucking. To think a child so young would get aroused and needy from having an eight-inch cock up his ass for the first time. Severus supposed he had been trained quite well for there not to have been any blood. He was eternally grateful to Dumbledore for the silencing spell that was cast around him. He had begun breathing heavily when the child decided that he would hold his bladder. He had wanted to touch himself during the blowjob but refrained. He had realized that he no longer needed to masturbate, that’s what the boy was for. The boy in front of him was made to do anything he asked. Harry Potter was going to be his own personal fuckdoll.

As he stared at the child he envisioned everything he would like to do to him. He imagined that the boy’s flat stomach was round with his child. He imagined a collar around the boy’s neck. He imagined his little cock leaking for him, for the disgusting potions master. He realized that he had already, in his mind, agreed to the old man’s proposal.

Harry couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. He just stared straight ahead at his new- NO! Snape was not his Guardian. He wouldn’t accept it. He continued to stare at the man and finally said, “Snape”.

Dumbledore quickly backhanded the boy so hard that he fell, sprawled on the carpet. Harry looked up at him while he held his sore cheek. His eyes were watering.

“You must never refer to him by just his last name. He is Lord Snape now. You have shown your new Guardian such utter disrespect. Go to him and beg for his forgiveness!”

Harry began to get to his feet, but Dumbledore stopped him.

“On your knees. Crawl to him and kneel before him”.

Harry got down on all fours and crawled to where Snape- no he was Lord Snape. The thought almost made him cry. He crawled to where the man was sitting, legs crossed in his armchair. Harry kneeled, eyes downcast and apologized, “I’m sorry L-Lord Snape. It won’t happen again”. The man didn’t say anything. The man’s shoe-clad foot slowly came up under his chin and forced him to look up. Harry met his eyes. They looked right through him.

Severus began to speak slowly and very clearly. “You will never disgrace me again, is that clear?”

The man’s foot was still under his chin. “Yes sir. Yes Lord Snape”.

“I wonder how I should punish you? But first I suppose you shall treat me the same as your other Guardian and clean me thoroughly” When the boy only stared, the man gently kicked him with his foot and said, “Get to work you useless cunt!”.

Harry immediately began undoing all the buttons on the man’s black trousers and pulled out his cock and balls. Harry was surprised at just how long it was. It was about the same girth as the headmaster’s, but it was at least ten inches long. His balls were large but didn’t dangle low like the Headmasters old ones. Harry tentatively went to lick the head when the man quickly proclaimed, “Kiss it first you imbecil”. Harry kissed the very top of the head of his new Guardian’s cock. As he pulled away, he noticed some precum had gotten on his lip and now a trail of it connected his lips to the man’s member.

“Now start licking” came the order.

Harry began licking around the cockhead, getting in every nook and cranny. Once the head was glistening with his saliva, he moved down the shaft, licking and slurping all around. While he did this, he massaged the man’s balls with his hands. He knew he was spending too long on the licking and that he should have started really sucking by now, but he honestly didn’t think he would be able to fit it all in his mouth and was scared to try. He kept licking for another minute, until he could feel the man’s boney fingers clutch his shoulder and push him away.

“Don’t you know how to suck boy?” Came the drawling voice of his most hated professor. Harry looked up. Lord Snape looked down at him as if he were an insect he wanted to squash. Harry gulped. “You really are useless, not even fit for a man’s pleasure, are you? I can tell the Headmaster has been going easy on you. I want you to know right here and now, that I most certainly won’t be”. Those boney fingers found their way into Harry’s hair and formed a strong grip. The man’s face came close to his. “You, Potter are just a hole for me to fuck. Whether it be your cunt or your mouth. You are just a little whore, a little fucktoy for real men to use and abuse. For us to use as we wish. I care not for your pleasure. Your pleasure is just a byproduct of my own. You are a poof, therefor your very existence stems from our need of you. If you do not adapt accordingly, if you do not worship the very dirt we stand on, we may feel that we don’t want you. We’ll find someone else. A good boy. A good cunt that knows it’s place. That only wishes to please. We will throw you out”

Severus took a moment to calm himself. “Do you understand?”

Harry tried to nod, but the grip in his hair kept his chin up. With a shaky breath he said, “Yes Lord Snape”.

“Right, so get to it” Severus said, suddenly forcing the child’s mouth down on his cock. He had a few inches down the child’s throat and held his head still as the boy began spasming and choking on his cock. He released his grip and the boy came off his member choking and trying not to vomit. The man could see tears streaking down the boys cheeks and Severus smiled. He had dreamed of this last night. He hadn’t wanted to, but his secret desires came to the surface as he slept. His dream was a bit different. In it Harry was forcing himself deeper and deeper on his cock while tears stung his cheeks, but he also had a smile on his face. He wanted to hurt himself, if only to appease Severus. Now he wanted to one day make that dream a reality.

Harry looked up after he had calmed down and Snape just stared at him, waiting. Harry began sucking the head into is mouth and slowly moving further down. He was only a few inches in when he felt he couldn’t go any further. His eyes found his Guardian’s. He pleaded with his eyes, but the man remained stoic. Harry went down another inch. He began coughing again so he came back up for air and again back down. It took a while, but he eventually managed about eight inches, the length of the Headmaster’s cock. He really couldn’t go down further.

Severus reached a hand down and felt the child’s throat. He could feel his cock through the child’s skin. He cupped the skin over his cock and stroked as the child bobbed his bead. It felt incredible. It was indescribable. The heat, the wet, the humiliation he was inflicting. It was all so good. He took his hand away and pulled out of the child’s small mouth. “I think you should clean my balls now”.

Harry was relived he was done with the man’s large cock. It felt weird when his throat was massaged. He began licking and sucking on the man’s large sack. He worked the balls until Lord Snape told him to stop. “Show me your backside” came the next order. Harry stood up and turned around.

“No, you idiot, your cunt. Show me your cunt. Bend down and spread your butt-cheeks with both hands so I can get a good look at you”.

Harry did so. He suddenly felt a finger enter his hole, then another. They scissored his cunt open.

“Hmm, your still so tight” Severus observed. Severus for the first time since being pleasured by the boy looked up at the Headmaster who was sitting in an armchair across from him by the fireplace. The man smiled at him as he worked his cock, stroking himself slowly at the site they must have made. Severus smiled back. He really needed to repay the man somehow. Severus turned back to his little prize. “I do not wish to stick my dick in a sloppy, used hole. Clean yourself for me”.

“Clean myself?”

“Use the enema, you dunce!”

Harry walked back toward the Headmaster who motioned to the coffee table where the enema lay.

“You should know how to do it on your own by now, I expect” Said the Headmaster. Then he pointed his wand at the device and said, “Aquamenti”. The enema syringe filled up quick.

Harry got on all fours before the Potions Professor and inserted the tip of the object into his hole. He slowly pushed the plunger and water began to fill him. When the object was empty he took it out and squatted over the bucket. All that came out was the Headmaster’s cum. Harry went back over to Lord Snape and showed him his cunt again.

Snape put his fingers in the child’s ass and remarked, “Much better”. Snape told the boy to turn around and face him. Severus cupped the boy’s balls with one hand and asked, “Do you want my cock in your cunt Potter?”

Harry looked down. “Yes sir”. Then his balls were squeezed. “Ooww! Ow!”

“Say it with more…conviction, or I might not believe you”.

“Yes Lord Snape! I want your giant cock inside me! My little cunt was made for your cock sir! Please use me!” Harry quickly got out.

“You’re right for once Potter. Your cunt was made for my cock”. Severus got up from his seat and walked over to the couch by the fire. He spread out on the cushions with his head resting comfortably on his hands. “Come here, cock-sucker”.

Harry walked over to where the man lay. He noticed that the Headmaster had moved his chair so that he could watch the proceedings.

“Come sit” Severus said.

Harry looked around but there wasn’t any room.

“On my cock” He instructed.

Harry tentatively crawled up on the couch and Snape pulled him so that he was lying on top of the man. His head resting on the man’s chest.

Severus guided his cock so that it was at the entrance to the child’s small hole. He could feel the boy’s cock cage between them. “You’re so anxious for it aren’t you? You can’t wait for my cock”.

Harry could feel the man breathing heavily below him. The man’s foul breath tickled his ear. He didn’t want this. This wasn’t right. He felt like he was okay, if a little scared, when Lord Dumbledore had done it, but that was because he had wanted the man inside him. He loved Lord Dumbledore so much. He owed him so much. The man had trained him until he was ready, had helped him every step of the way. Snape- Lord Snape hated him so much. It felt wrong to do this with someone he hated, who hated him back. It was so very…he didn’t have the words for it. He just felt a lump in his stomach and chest. He knew somehow that the man wanted to hurt him. He wasn’t kind like Dumbledore. He wasn’t going to be gentle. Harry’s clit was quite flaccid as it rested in its cage. It was then that Harry’s eyes started to water, not from physical pain this time, but from somewhere deep inside him. He could feel the tears stream down his face and try as he might, he could not stop the cries that left his mouth. It started low, then gradually built until he was wailing on the man’s chest. The only words he was able to say were “Please” and “Don’t”. And he said them as he cried. Over and over again. He didn’t know how long he cried, but he eventually felt a hand stroke his hair. A familiar hand, petting the top of his head.

“I think we should take a break for now” came Dumbledore’s kind voice. The old man lifted the child off his colleague and told him to go wash his face in the bathroom. The boy quickly ran into the bathroom and the sound of running water could be heard.

Severus was decidingly not pleased. He wanted to use and abuse the boy, to punish him for James’ mistakes. And he wanted the boy to like it. It had cemented in his mind how right this was when Dumbledore fucked the child. The boy had liked it, had moaned so loudly. He was a natural born slut after all. Snape knew then that he would accept Dumbledore’s invitation. But this…Harry reacted differently than he expected. He acted like a child who was about to get raped…he was a child who was about to get raped. He felt something in the pit of his stomach. It was a gross feeling. The guilt was back. He didn’t want to free the boy though. He couldn’t tell the aurors even if he wanted to anymore. He was a part of this now. His prints were all over the boy. His cock had explored the child’s tight throat…and he still wanted him. He still wanted to ravish him. He wanted the boy to be his. His cock was still so damn hard!

“Severus” Dumbledore said sitting back down in his armchair.

“Don’t Severus me. What the hell was that? The boy begins bawling the moment I try to take him” Severus says as he gets up and sits properly on the couch.

“He needs you to treat him with kindness right now, and then later your true personality can come out. He needs to feel that you care. That you’re fucking him for his well being as well as for your own”.
“But I’m not fucking him for his bloody well-being! I don’t give a shit about the brat and I can’t pretend that I do”.

Dumbledore cast a quick silencing spell to make sure Harry wouldn’t hear their conversation. The man knew that the boy would be in the bathroom a while calming himself down. The old man looked back at the potions professor and sighed. They sat like that for a while. After about ten minutes Harry tentatively re-entered the room.

“My dear boy, have a seat” Dumbledore said motioning toward the armchair across from Severus’s couch. Harry walked over and sat. “Harry this is very, very serious. You have just committed the biggest offence that any Poof can commit. You have not allowed a man to make use of your cunt, your Guardian no less. If you were a registered Poof, so thirteen or older, and Severus ended up being your Guardian, if you had done what you did tonight the Ministry would remove your penis and testicles. That is how serious this is”. Dumbledore saw the boy’s face pale considerably. “Now Severus will choose a suitable punishment for you, but since I also witnessed the incident, I will punish you as well. And as for my punishment: you will allow Severus to steal away your first kiss. One of the biggest milestones of a person’s life, a moment that should be so full of love that you would remember it forever… you are going to give to the man you hate. Let this teach you that you must give all to your Guardian every second of your life. That they own your body, heart, and soul”.

Harry looked up at the Headmaster and then at his potions professor. He knew he was in the wrong. He knew he was a Poof, he knew what being a Poof meant. He belonged to these men, both of them, at least until he became thirteen and the Ministry chose one of them. He looked back at Lord Snape. His cock was still out of his trousers, and still hard. Harry knew he had to apologize. He stood up from his seat and walked around the coffee table, past the fireplace, and kneeled beside his new Guardian. He looked up at the man and said. “I’m sorry Lord Snape. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. You have full access to my cunt, and my mouth, and wherever else. They belong to you and Lord Dumbledore. I didn’t mean to go against you, I was just scared sir. Please forgive me. Please let me make it up to you”. Harry stood up slowly, his head inched from Snape’s. “Please take my first kiss”.

Harry had read old fairytales about Princess who rescued Princesses stuck in tall towers and woman who slept for an eternity until a prince came to wake her. They always ended in a first kiss. A beautiful, romantic, magical kiss that turned dark into light and sadness into joy. Harry, being alone in his cupboard most of the time dreamed of the day he could rescue a pretty girl and have his first kiss with her…but those dreams would die now. He just offered to give his first kiss away to a greasy, mean, old troll of a man who hated his very existence.

Severus pulled the child on his lap and placed his hand on the side of the boy’s neck. He leaned in and whispered in his ear, “I accept”. He then stared deeply into the child’s eyes, Lily’s eyes, and plunged in for the kiss. The moment their lips met, Severus wanted more. He trailed his tongue over Potter’s lips, over the boy’s tightly closed teeth, and bit gently at his bottom lip. He wanted entry into that mouth, and he wanted it now. He pulled the hair at the nape of his neck and the boy’s mouth opened to form an O of surprise. Severus plunged his tongue inside at once, exploring the child’s little mouth. He licked at the boy’s tongue, moving it this way and that as the boy tried to hide it at the back of his throat. But there was nowhere for it to go and Severus conquered all. The kiss lasted for a few minutes and Severus eventually pulled away to breath. Severus allowed the boy to recover from the kiss and then whispered in his ear, “Thank you my slut, I enjoyed that immensely. Your kissing does need some work though. We’ll work on it”.

Harry panted heavily. That was so weird. It was not how he had expected it to be. It was awkward and gross, and he had wanted it to stop as soon as it began. There was one thing he did almost like though. As mean and cruel as the man was, he wasn’t expecting it but…Severus Snape’s lips were soft.