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[ART] violet light

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Created for hd_remix.
Medium: ink and pencil


it's cheap as apathy
the future atrophies
the more i dream

still i crawl inside your grave
for those lost november days

your star
through the scars
i'll find your light again


Excerpts from Every Second by Aja (READ THE FIC. DO IT NOW):


I won't forgive you--forgiveness means eventually I might accept, and acceptance means I might move on, and moving on means one day I might forget--and I would go to hell cursing your name so loudly you would hear it every night in your heavenly dreams, Potter, before I will ever forget how much you loved me. How much it hurts, this unfulfilled need for you. How much it will always hurt, every second I am alive and breathing without you. Every second, Potter. Every goddamned second.



So I curl my arms around you every night hoping the morning will discover a dent in my pillow--but there's nothing, and I know how empty the bed must feel, and how much you ache. How much I ache for you, my sterling rose. But I am here--they could not make me cross the bar without you. Never without you.