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This could be love

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The car comes to a halt. He knows she’s here. She has to be. The GPS is telling him so. But he can’t get rid of that uncomfortable feeling in his chest which usually comes when he’s worried about her.

His stomach turns and he holds the steering wheel a bit tighter. She turns the corner just as he stops the car. He’s relived and at the same time he’s angry. He’s angry because even though he asked her to wait for him, for them to do it together, she didn’t listen. He’s familiar with the feeling. The anger he felt towards his brother who threatened Ainsoft. The anger towards his father, who did things on his own. The anger towards the police who were easily swayed with money. And the anger towards himself because it seems like he’s still lacking something. She didn’t rely on him this time, and it probably wouldn’t be the last time for her to do so. She sees him and suddenly he’s able to let go of the breath he didn’t realise he was holding in. But not for long, because the anger comes back.

He unfastens the belt and opens the door. While walking to the other side he scans her carefully. She doesn’t seem to be injured in any way, but he can never be so sure. She might be strong, but would she be strong enough to withstand the fire? He saw the smoke coming out of the place. If it wasn’t caused by her, then it was cause by someone else and she was probably in the middle of all the chaos anyway.

He says nothing as he walks towards her. He can’t bring himself to say anything in case he blows up, but she still understands. She’s now avoiding his eyes, looking anywhere but him. But even then, she walks towards the car and climbs into the seat. He shuts the door and goes back to his side. Inside the car, both remain quiet.



"Didn’t I say that I’ll help? I asked you to go with me." He asks and can’t stop himself from rising his voice towards the end.

"I’m sorry." Her meek attitude does not help at all. This is unlike her. Her apologetic stance does not make it easier to keep the anger.

And he should be angry with her. She has to know that she has done something bad. No matter how strong, or how smart she is, facing a criminal like Kim Jang Hyun is not something that should be done with strength only. They should’ve came up with a plan and then captured him, when he was least expecting it. He knows how hard it is for her to know that Gyeong Shim is out there with that bastard. Knowing that he could kill her a t his whim. If it wasn’t Gyeong Shim, he would probably be in a similar state himself. But he promises himself that he won’t ever let anything happen to her. Not again.

"Are you the one who rescued the hostages?" – He asks her in order to find out whether it was really her or maybe it was just a coincidence and she happened to be there. But he didn’t really have to ask her. Every thought shows up on her face. "How about Gyeong Shim?"

With the shake of her head and a lonely tear making its way down her cheek he knows the answer to that. He turns to cool down. That damn kidnapper. Things were getting out of hand now. And he knows they should do something.

The sniffle comes a few moments after he turns his back on her. She’s crying and his heart cries with her.

He steps closer and slowly, as to not to startle her, he wraps his arms around her. She fits perfectly. The sniffle becomes a sob and soon she is crying.

"Bong Soon-ah. Don't cry." He says, bringing his right hand to the top of her head.

He closes his eyes and breathes in, thanking whatever deity that she is here with him. He decides not to say anything but lets her let it all out. The tears don’t seem to stop and so he strokes her head to calm her down.

And as they stand there, he can’t help thinking that this crush of his is not a simple crush anymore.