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missing kids

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“Can you stop pacing?” Namjoon complained, seating at the dining table. Jin was walking around the room, fidgeting with anything and everything around him.


“Seriously?!” Jin shouted holding an iron man figurine in his hand. “My baby brother is missing and your problem is my pacing?!”


“My brother is missing too, hyung!” Namjoon shouted back getting up from the chair. He tried to take the figurine from Jin’s hand incase he were to break it. “I’m freaking out too, okay? But pacing isn’t going to help anyone.”


“What do you want me to do?!” Jin exclaimed. “Because atleast pacing is better than sitting around doing nothing! Your brother is missing too, you should understand better than anybody.”


“Firstly, we don’t even know if Tae is missing, okay?” Namjoon spoke holding Jin’s hand in an effort to calm him. “I mean, sure, they skipped school and it’s been only a few hours since their school ended but that doesn’t give us enough that they are missing. I think?”


“You think?!” Jin was still shouting, but a little softer. “What if it was kidnappers? Or the mob? I don’t know! And how do we know those two are even together?!”


“Hyung, you really need to calm down,” Namjoon tried again not letting go off him “I can’t think straight because of you and your-“


“Jungkook is missing!”


“Look,” Namjoon sighed. “We can call the cops, if that makes you feel better but I have a strong feeling that they aren’t missing, and they just decided to go-“


“How do you know that?” Jin asked, not shouting anymore.


“Intuition?” Namjoon replied.


“Not good enough,” Jin tried pulling away from him but Namjoon kept holding on.


“This isn’t the first time, Tae has been… missing?” Namjoon said. “I mean, he used to go off on his own a lot, when we were younger. Hence, he got a cell phone. But that’s quite unhelpful seeing as it’s switched off.”


“Wait, what?” Jin exclaimed. “Tae used to run away, and you are telling this to me now?!”


“It wasn’t running away, well, not exactly.” Namjoon replied. “I mean, it was more like he used to get curious about things and get lost, but he always found his way home. He learned how to always get back home, he knows it better than anyone else.”


“So you are telling me that your brother usually gets lost and you do nothing about it?” Jin questioned.


“I would like to call it exploring.”


“In a city, filled with criminals and god knows what other dangers could be there?” Jin argued. “And you think Jungkook is with him, for one of these explorations?”


“Yeah, they are practically inseparable.”


“But we still have to look for them, okay?” Jin said.


“Obviously,” Namjoon nodded. They looked into each others eyes for a moment, maybe a little longer than a moment.


“We should go,” Jin whispered. Namjoon nodded and was walking towards the front door. He was about to open it when the door was pushed and hit Namjoon’s face.


“Oh shit!” Taehyung whispered. “Sorry, hyung.”


“Where were you?!” Jin asked.* “We are so worried!”


“We went out on a walk.” Jungkook spoke, who was standing behind Taehyung.


“A walk?” Jin shouted. “Which walk lasts for 8 hours?!”


“We were in school?” Taehyung tried.


“No, kid. You weren’t. Your school called.”


“Shit.” Jungkook muttered.


“Language!” Jin reprimanded.


“Atleast you guys are alright,” Namjoon sighed. “That’s better than being dead.”


“Seriously? You are suppose to shout at them.”


“Oh, right.” Namjoon nodded. “Kids, don’t do that again. Jin gets really worried about you guys, don’t worry him.”


Jin sighed. Extreme times call for extreme measures.


“That’s it,” Jin stated. “I’m not cooking for any of you tonight.”


“Even me?!” Namjoon asked.


“Especially you,” Jin stated. “How can you not give a proper lecture to our kids?”


“They are smart kids,” Namjoon argued. “They know they did wrong, they won’t do it again. Right?”


“Yeah,” Jungkook and Taehyung nodded.


“When did we become their kids?” Tae whisper asked Jungkook. “Because if they are our mom and dad, that means we are brothers and that is fucked up.”


Jungkook nodded agreeing but didn’t say anything. He was more worried about not getting dinner. Or worse, Namjoon hyung making dinner. Thinking about the last time he was allowed near the stove still gave Jungkook nightmares. And the food he made, if it could even be called food. Taehyung and Jin both ate the ‘food’ he made, mostly to not make Namjoon feel even worse about his cooking skills. Unfortunately, Jungkook’s love for Namjoon wasn’t enough to be able to eat what he made and thankfully Namjoon was a really understanding hyung.


“You know that we don’t live here, right?” Taehyung said. “I mean we practically do, but Joonie-hyung, we actually live across the hall.”


“I almost forgot about that actually,” Namjoon admitted.


“I don’t blame you,” Taehyung said. “I forget too sometimes that you guys aren’t married.”


“What?” Jin and Namjoon said in unison.


“Or dating.” Jungkook added.


“Old people,” Taehyung sighed. “They are just so innocent and naive.”


“Should we invite them on that date we were suppose to go for tonight?” Jungkook suggested.


“Usually I wouldn’t suggest bringing parents on a date,” Taehyung said. “But for you Jungkookie, anything.”


“I didn’t agree with this.” Jin said.


“I’m agreeing this only because I want food,” Namjoon said. “And Jin-hyung isn’t going to cook for me.”


“Great.” Taehyung grinned. “It’s a double date then.”


“I didn’t agree to this,” Jin argued.


“Come on, hyung.” Jungkook whined. “Namjoon-hyung doesn’t deserve to be ditched.”


“Fine,” Jin agreed. “But you kids are going to pay for it.”


“Done,” Jungkook said.