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Hyung Seok was 14 when he presented as an omega. His mother was a beta and his absent father had been one too. So his first heat had been a surprise, an unpleasant one. A hideous beta wouldn’t warrant more than a disgusted glance and a mocking word or two. A hideous omega on the other hand? Suddenly he was the butt of every cruel joke his classmates played at school and his life had turned into nightmare he couldn’t wake up from.

Understandably, he resented his biological status and wished for it to go away, somehow, one day. In that way the new body had been a blessing for him.
He was running out of suppressants and he couldn’t buy more since he was saving for his new school, in a place where no one knew him or his omega status. A second body just appearing in his life and splitting it into two without so much as a ‘how you do’ was freaky and warranted every second of panic it had caused. Still the body was that of an alpha with none of the softness his original body had. Its scent was heavy and a bit bitter without a hint of sweetness in it.

It was every daydream and wistful fantasy Hyung Seok ever had rolled into bone and flesh. He was ecstatic. Still freaked out and maybe screaming inside but ecstatic. He hoped no one would bully him in this body. And maybe he could even find a pack.

Hyung Seok stopped at the last thought, turned it over his head again, contemplated it for a while and then scoffed.

As if.

New body or not, he was still terrified of beautiful people.


Jae Yeol wasn’t someone who was involved in, well, anything really. The things his peers got up to on regular basis looked monotonous and draining, both energy and emotion wise. The only thing he actively took part of was avoiding said peers with all their hormone addled minds and overwhelming scents.

Still, somebody capturing his attention wasn’t unusual. Somebody keeping it for more than few hours was a rare thing though.

The transfer student was an alpha. Not surprising. But the way he carried himself was.

It was subtle and Jae Yeol doubted that anyone other than him had noticed it but something was there. Little tell tales of something soft and frail and not belonging to an alpha; the way he folded his body into small spaces, hunched his shoulders whenever someone taller than him passed by and responded cautiously only if spoken to. It was faint and easily overlooked but still there.

Hyung Seok, the epitome of all alphas, behaved like a beta, an omega even.

Other students might mistake his reluctance to posture and establish dominance over other alphas for confidence and assurance of one’s strength. But to Jae Yeol’s watchful eyes the reluctance was just that. Reluctance. And maybe even fear too.

Jae Yeol himself was an alpha who knew his limits and didn’t bother to flaunt his status. Too tiring. It was much better to keep his scent close to himself by regularly buying scent suppressing soaps and to look like an unusually tall beta than a quiet alpha.

There was a notion that alphas who didn’t flaunt their status were alphas of unusual strength and therefore with little urge to establish their dominance over others and take up a turf. Jae Yeol didn’t know if the notion was true or not. He just knew that fighting hot-headed alphas was irritating and minutely having a stare down with every other posturing alpha was irking.

The only remarkable thing about his alpha side that Jae Yeol could note was his nose. Sensitive long before his first rut, it had only become keener after he presented as an alpha. And it was definitely picking up omegian distress signals in Hyung Seok’s scent all day. It was. Peculiar.

Fascinating, really.