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Connie Swap Omake Collection

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Citrine's Room by br42 - "Connie needs to find more data for her mother's room to complete its simulation. She goes to her dad and each of the gems for something of Citrine's."

Connie Swap Style Guide by br42 - "A guide outlining some of the details surrounding the main characters of Connie Swap." This is 100% official.

What Can I Do For You? by CoreyWW - "Doug did miss Citrine, missed her every day. And he hated that he let that show in front of Priyanka as much as he did ... But the thing that really made him hate himself was the small, idle thought in the back of his mind of how good it felt when Priyanka hugged him ..." This is 99% canonical.

Fond Reminiscence by SilverScribe - "Sometimes happy memories lead to unbearable pain..."

Creative Writing by CoreyWW - "The Adventures of Lady Connaline and Lord Stefan is a bit of creative writing Connie does when no one’s around. What happens when her hidden bit of fiction gets found out?"

Still and Silent by Cyberwraith9 - "As Connie struggles to find her sword again, Jasper shows her a secret technique from a time long ago."

Gem Swap by timeisweird - “'So what is this thing, Pearl?' he asked, looking to the pale Gem besides him. 'It’s a dimensional stabilizer, but don’t worry, Steven. It’s harmless in its current state.'" Note: Contains an original promo pic from MJStudioArts.

Self by citrusella - "I've been me my whole life and somehow I still don't know what that means." Steven frets over the way he feels about different parts of his identity, but not before having an exciting day of adventure and discovery. Chapter 2 is effectively canonical.

Happy New Year by SilverScribe - "The new year brings new challenges for some and old challenges for others. Or, the immediate aftermath of the Crystal Gems crashing of Steven's New Year's Eve party."

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary by CoreyWW - "Greg can tell that Mary is troubled by the events of New Year's Eve."

The Boss Fight by CoreyWW - “An exploration of what might have happened during Doug’s visit to the Universe household.”

Give Me A Sign by Jess4400 - “Ronaldo tries to teach Connie and Steven this language he calls ‘Gem Gestures.’ Connie and Steven try to teach Ronaldo ASL. Many facepalms ensue.”

Momma-Dot by MJStudioArts - “Peridot is home alone with baby Connie.” This fic is 100% canon.

Momma-Dot 2.0 by MJStudioArts - "Connie the toddler tries to talk to Peridot." This fic is 100% canon.

Momma-Dot 3.0 by MJStudioArts - “Lapis returns home to visit Peridot and the baby.” This fic is 100% canon.

Comic Relief by citrusella - “Jeff and his new friend, Steven, begin an art project to make school in general, and the lunches specifically, more bearable.”

Power Testing: Force Field by br42 - “Lapis, Jasper, Peridot, and Steven spend the day testing Connie's force field power, discovering both the limits of her new ability as well as the limits of her patience.” This fic is 100% canon.

Hair Dye by Jess4400 - “Steven finds some hair dye. Connie finds a confidant.”

Feed A Fever by br42 - “Connie has gotten sick and Steven has rushed over to join Lapis, Peridot, and Jasper in helping the girl get better."

Diving To New Depths by Jess4400 - “Steven convinces Connie to learn how to scuba dive with him.”

Best wishes, Connie And Steven, Saviors of the World by Jess4400 - “The Gems can't take Connie to a mission in a volcano. Bummer, huh? Now she's getting dragged into going on a road trip with Steven, who is visiting his uncle Andy with his family in Mountain Town. Sounds fun, right? That's what she thought, too, until they get stranded at a Waffle House at 1 a.m. with a corrupted gem on their tail. Written for the Connieswap prompt, 'Travel.'”

Steven and Connie Do A Let's Play by Jess4400 - "Steven introduces Connie to Undertale."

Love Me Like You Do by Jess4400 - Based on the Week 2 prompt from the Connie Swap Tumblr.

Love Me Like You Do by MJStudioArts - “Lapis' sleep is troubled and she turns to Peridot for help.”

Story of a Sidekick by br42 - "The story of Timeline #2's Steven and his progression from friend to sidekick to something both more and less." This fic is 100% canon.

TV Tropes page for Connie Swap created by fan, fellow fanfic author, and person of numerous fine qualities, TheDoomKitten.

War Never Changes by H_C - "Lapis has finally returned and Connie has had some growing questions about the war." Based on the Connie Swap Discord prompt of the same name.

The Quest for the Specially Marked Box by Cyberwraith9 - "A shopping trip with Peridot quickly becomes an endurance trial for Connie, until the pair encounter a despicable foe intent on keeping them both from their heart’s desire: for Peridot, a treasure she thought she lost long ago, and for Connie, getting her afternoon back."

Home Is Where the Dot Is by SilverScribe - "Lapis wants to spend some quality time with her favorite gem on her first night back at the beach house."

Babysitters Lars and Sadie: Featuring the Jelly Buds by Jess4400 - "Lars and Sadie watch Steven while Mary is away. Connie gets into some trouble with a new friend. Steven's just happy that the jelly from the donuts makes a good hair gel."

This video that thelittlemerms (a.k.a. mermaid in the Discord) created about Lapis and Peridot, set to the tune of Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (i.e. the song Lapis and Peridot fused to).

First by Crooked_Mantis - "Doug receives a message."

Ask a Question for Peridot’s What-If Machine by br42 and CoreyWW - "Peridot unveils her latest and greatest invention. Responses are mixed."

Beach City Limits Deleted Scenes by br42 and CoreyWW - "Two scenes were deleted from Episode 14, Chapter 3: Priyanka’s Pre-Confrontation Digression and a fuller version of what Lapis overheard from the Junk Food Jockeys."

Power Testing: Electricity and Energy Aura by br42 - “Lapis, Jasper, Peridot, and Steven spend the day testing Connie's electricity power and aura of radiated gem energy. Connie learns more about both her powers and the unfortunate number of electricity puns out there.” This fic is 100% canon.

Connie Swap: Peridot’s What-If Machine Collection by br42 and CoreyWW - "Peridot unveils her latest and greatest invention: a device that can scour the Multiverse, answering hypothetical questions with brief scenes. Questions are asked by readers of the Connie Swap series and the Connie Swap Team writes mini-omakes which are then posted to this collection. The answers are stand-alone and non-canonical."

The Lost Episode - BR42 Edition by br42 - “After the disastrous New Year's party at the Universe's house, Lapis was gone for more than three months. This is a story of what she was doing for those 99 days.” This fic is mostly canon.

Crossing Over by TexasAndroid - “Connie and Steven are goofing off together when something strange happens to Steven. This marks the start of an adventure unlike any Connie has had before." Note: Contains an original promo pic from MJStudioArts.

Deleted Scenes - Ep16: Loud and Clear, Ch3: Citrine's Room by br42, BurdenKing, CoreyWW, MJStudioArts - "An alternate scene for the gems comforting Connie following her experience in Citrine’s Room"

Deleted Scenes - Ep16: Loud and Clear, Ch5: Do Not Bob To Nod by br42, BurdenKing, CoreyWW, MJStudioArts - "Alternate scenes including: Lapis and Connie play resulting in Lapis getting cracked, Lapis flees post-healing, Debriefing post-mission, Chapter ending with Steven and Connie."

J.UNI.OR. by Japkot - "Jasper UNIverse ORigin. Connie and Steven discover that she can summon her weapon, this time with a twist..."

Loud and Clear: Priyanka Epilogue by br42 - "Priyanka and Doug react following the family dinner in Ep16Ch4: Whine and Dine." This fic is 100% canon.

G.E.M. 001 by BurdenKing - "The secret government file on 001, a.k.a. Citrine a.k.a. Connie."

Veni, Vidi, Connie - Chapter 1 by Wierdkid20 - "Earth receives some unexpected visitors."

Deleted Scenes - Episode 17: Steven’s Picnic Delivery Service by br42 - "Connie and Lapis narrate Wolf’s morning visit to the boardwalk."

Connie Finds Out About Lapis And Peridot's Secret Pop Career by br42, BurdenKing, MJStudioArts - "With Steven's VHS copy of the vintage Crying Breakfast Friends movie destroyed, Connie scours a seedy shop on the outskirts of Beach City looking for a replacement. She finds far more than she was expecting." Note: Contains original art from MJStudioArts. This is 100% canonical.

Deleted Scenes - Episode 19: Sworn to the Shield by br42 - "One deleted scene and one alternate ending to Episode 19: Sworn to the Shield."

Deleted Scenes - Episode 20: Together Breakfast by br42 - "Three alternate takes on the scene at the barn."

Me, Myself, and I by TexasAndroid - "A look at what might have happened with Steven and Connie between Together Breakfast Chapters 3 and 4."

Peridot's Secret by MK_Foodshops - "Peridot has been secretly attempting to gain magical powers, despite being an Era-2 gem. She believes that this time it will be successful for sure. However, everything goes awry when a certain somebody shows up unexpectedly. What will happen now that her secret is out?"

Escape from Homeworld by br42, BurdenKing, MJStudioArts - "Novaculite, a warp pad technician and veteran from Earth, needs to find a way to the one planet she knows Homeworld won’t follow her." Note: Contains original art from MJStudioArts. This fic is 100% canon.

The ConnieSwap Vignettes - A collection of very short stories by MK_Foodshops - "A series of very short stories that takes place within the universe of ConnieSwap. Every short story could represent either a plot or not much of a plot at all. All in all, every story ranges all the way from slice of life like Lapis philosophizing about the universe while eating a coconut flavored donut to the final moments of a gem warrior more than 5000 years ago during the Gem War. This collection will be constantly updating."

Subplots, Running Jokes, and Nicknames Log by br42 - "A reference document filled with information about Connie Swap’s subplots and characters."

Bonus Scene - Episode 21: Lost and Found by br42 - "An explanation of where Wolf was during the excitement of Episode 21, Chapter 3." This is 100% canon.

Caught Off Balance by br42 - "Everyone knew that Rose and Citrine, leaders of the Rebellion, argued over strategy but Obsidian never expected anything to come of it." This is 100% canon.

Connie Swap: My Hero Marathon. Omake by Mandalore5 - "Connie, Peridot, and Jasper sit down to watch an anime Lapis is enthusiastic about: My Hero Academia. Jasper finds it surprisingly compelling."

Pet Store by br42 - "Having recently discovered Wolf's pocket dimension, Connie demonstrates it for Steven. Peridot is there to supervise. What they learn changes everything." This is... 75% canon? It's canon overall with non-canon silliness added.

Diamonds in the Rough by br42 - "It turns out, Connie isn't the only one with a startling secret to share."

Lutes and Loot by leo60228 - "Connie, Steven, Jeff, and Peedee have an exciting battle against an alien matriarch."

Universe Family House Layout by br42 - "A reference document detailing the layout of Mary, Greg, and Steven's Beach City home."

Deleted Scenes - Episode 24: Gems-ology, The Collection by br42 - "One scene that we joked about in the Team chat but never seriously considered including in the episode."

Neimaat Visits Beach City - Draft Document by br42 and CoreyWW - "Neimaat, Steven's childhood friend, visits him in Beach City for the first time. Connie has mixed feelings." Takes place between Ep18 (Citrine's Sanctuary) and Ep19 (Sworn to the Shield). This is the draft document for an unfinished but canon omake.

The Joy of Cooking for Humans by alexandritemoon - "Steven realizes how perplexed Bismuth is by human needs; namely, stuff like making food that tastes good. In the interest of being a good Destiny Partner, he tries to save Connie from eating burnt cooking the best way he knows how: filming a cooking show. Will it work? Find out here!" This is 90% canonical.

Life and Death and Love and Birth by BinaryGeek - "Connie and Steven have decided they want to start a family, and Connie is pregnant. They now have to break this news to their families and the gems, despite its potentially bittersweet implications."

Power Testing: Shapeshifting by br42 - “Peridot, Connie, and Steven are determined to figure out what Connie can, can't, and shouldn't do regarding her newfound shapeshifting power. Jasper, Lapis, and Bismuth are along to help out and watch the show.” This fic is 100% canon.

Exploration by BinaryGeek - "Mary tries to walk the fine line of respecting her son’s privacy, and making sure he and Connie are being sensible, especially when it comes to magic and fusion but also more human pastimes."

Twinkle, Twinkle by br42 - "During a relaxed evening of stargazing, Steven asks the gems where they're all from."

My Own Worst Enemy by Cyberwraith9 - "Connie is looking forward to a week all to herself, but finds herself stuck with a whole lot of Lapis instead! And when Beach City starts feeling especially blue, it's going to take a lot of patience and even more luck to survive the flood."

Alternate Episode - Bonnie Lockdrew/Be Wherever You Aren't by br42 - "An outline of the very different story Episode 15: Bonnie Lockdrew and the Cries of Hallowed Halls almost became. Warning: contains spoilers from Episode 27."

The End of an Era - The Unbroken Fortress by BurdenKing - “A gem seeks to learn about the end of the era, of the unbroken fortress, the Ziggurat.” This fic is 100% canon.

Blind Date by Doc_Cairo - “After getting zapped, Connie and Peridot find themselves temporarily blind. Everything works out nicely though. Wholesome Connverse, with a hint of more mature Lapidot.”

A Couple of Clods by BinaryGeek - "After Peridot finds out about Connie and Steven's new relationship status, Lapis tries to defuse the situation."

Gemiverse by Moondragon8 - "Steven Universe, son of Rose Quartz, and Connie Maheswaran, daughter of Citrine, are best friends. Despite the fact that their guardians dislike each other, their mothers are shrouded in mystery, and they know far too little about the legacies they're bearing, they have each other, and it's fine. Because nothing can tear them apart. Right?"

Same Old Steven by citrusella - "Steven, trying to come to terms with what happened between him and Connie following Episode 16, decides to talk to his close friend Neimaat. He quickly gets more than he bargained for, but maybe that's just what he needs." This fic is 100% canon.

Colored Perception is NOT Covered by the Warranty by Wierdkid20 - "After the testing is over Bismuth learns she needs to up her standard of indestructible."

Unpleasant Reminder by Unwary - "Jasper struggles with the personal repercussions of the corruption event and the sudden, hollow victory."

Connieswap Meets the Harlem Globetrotters by Cyberwraith9 - "The Harlem Globetrotters have come to Delmarva, and are burning up the court of the Ocean Town Memorial Arena with their signature style! But what's this? Their perennial opponents, the Washington Generals, are looking a little more colorful than usual. Can our favorite sultans of swish defeat a bunch of polymorphic sentient rocks in a game of basketball? No!"

Weren’t we destiny partners? by Darkspirit - "Steven’s head is a mess as he tries to deal with [redacted]'s revelation and, more importantly, the tension between him and Connie. This happens while Steven, Connie, and the CGs are in [redacted]'s room, in Connie Epilogue of The Return episode." Summary redacted by br42 to spare anyone not as far as Episode 35 from noteworthy spoilers.

The End by TheInvaderZim - "At the end of everything, Connie and Steven reflect on their life together."

Deleted Scenes - Episode 35: The Return by br42 - "There's trouble in the bubble as Pearl and her new master make their way down to Earth. An outtake from Ep35Ch9."

Gravity Swap by br42 - "P2 and Amethyst make a detour to visit this 'Mystery Shack' P2 is so curious about."

Turquoise Haven by Darkspirit - "Finding herself squished between inadequacy and anxiety thanks to Rose’s shenanigans, Peridot looks for some comforting and relaxation. Maybe her blue companion can help her."

Tales from the Rebellion: Frog Hunt by br42 - "During the Rebellion, a Ruby is finding this romance business a lot harder than she'd expected. Fortunately Garnet is there to offer the burgeoning romantic a mission to find the answers. A mission... to find a frog!"

It's Not Too Late To Try Again by Darkspirit - "After learning that Lapis went by the Universe household to talk about Connie’s grounding over fusing, Steven looks for more relationship/fusion advice from the other mature source he knows: his parents."