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SWTOR Shorts

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Even in the still-holo it was big. It was also rather unmistakeable.

Yon did the only sensible thing left to someone in his position. “Why.”

Beside him Vette lost her fight against laughter. The only thing keeping her upright was her grip on his shoulder. “That’s what, fifty meters? It’s bigger than the one on Dromund Kaas!”

Jaesa made a valiant attempt at tact. “It’s very,” It was many things, most best left unsaid. “Memorable?” Her Master groaned and buried his face in his hands. “I mean it’s really well made?”

The questioning lilt was somehow made even more audible by Vette’s near breathless hilarity. “And it made it, what was it, three thousand years? They must’ve really wanted you to stay down!”

Sewlor cocked his head and viewed the object of their attention from a slightly different angle. “Indeed. That’s definitely bribery. Wait, I think,” he leaned a bit closer to the image, “I think it comes with a pyramid, too.”

Lost for words all Yon could do was pat his Twi’lek friend’s shoulder when the next bout of laughter made her struggle for oxygen. “A statue. They made me a kriffing statue. A kriffing, K’lor’slug infested monument. On Korriban.”

“And a pyramid, Master.” Sewlor’s wit could have drained the water out of a Kaas City summer storm.

“Thank you so much, Apprentice. I almost missed that.”

“I’m not sure how, Master. It’s huge.”

Well, at least his kids were having fun with this.