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The Four Days She Got Punished and The One Day She Didn't

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It had started when Perrie brought her little cousin over to their house to babysit. Perrie had given the baby and its things back to its parents, but not all of it. He noticed she had kept a dummy. A big red one with butterflies on it.

He hadn’t thought much of it until he saw her laptop history, which was filled with searches of nappies and baby toys. At first, he was freaked because he thought she might be pregnant which he was definitely not ready for. But when he saw the ageplay fanfiction she had been reading of… him and Niall?... then he knew what she was up to.

After the initial confrontation was over, with Perrie crying and blushing throughout the whole conversation, they agreed on some terms of what would go on if Perrie really wanted this.

First, she would have to call him Daddy whenever she was feeling small. It wasn’t anything hard, but it was a rule.

Secondly, she couldn’t use big words or any kind of swear words, even during sex.

Next, she would have to wear nappies and be fed by Zayn and not herself. Perrie squirmed when he set this one into stone, but nevertheless, she liked it.

She would have a bed time, 10:30 every night they said, and she’d have to sleep alone if she was naughty. That really made her squirm uncomfortably. But Zayn didn’t stop there.

No talking back was allowed in any situation and she couldn’t touch herself without supervision.

Dummies and toys were only for good girls and if she was bad, she would have to get punishment.


Finally, punishment involved spankings and getting toys and such taken away. Perrie fussed at that one, but after a pointed look from Zayn, she complied.

            It was sunny the morning Perrie had her big day of punishment. She had woken up grumpy because Zayn had made her sleep alone for biting him the day before, and it didn’t help when he threatened to throw cold water on her if she didn’t get up.

“Daddy, want sleepy,” she moaned as he carried her into the kitchen, supporting her tiny frame on his hip. “I’m tired.”

“You can have nap time later, Perrie,” Zayn replied and set her down on the counter. “If you’re good for Daddy today.”

Perrie sulked but didn’t say anything.

“What would you like for breakfast today, babe?” Zayn opened the fridge and pulled out some porridge left over from yesterday’s breakfast.

Perrie shrieked when she saw it.

“No porridge!” she cried. “Want baba.”

“Baba’s for snack later on, okay baby?” Zayn put the bowl of porridge in the microwave and hit the buttons to warm it up.

Perrie let out a wail.

“Want baba, Daddy! Want baba!”

“Perrie,” Zayn warned. “What are our rules?”

The microwave beeped as Perrie pouted and refused to reply.

“Answer Daddy, Perrie,” Zayn said in a stern tone. “Or no baba at all later.”

“Hmmph,” Perrie said. “Want baba now.”

“No baba at all then,” Zayn said, pulling out a spoon and mixing up Perrie’s breakfast. “It’s as simple as that.”

Perrie screamed.

“Stupid Daddy! No want stupid porridge! Want baba!” She began to cry.

“Perrie!” Zayn exclaimed, surprised at how his little girl was talking to him. “That’s a timeout!”

He dropped the spoon and picked up the screaming girl, walking to the timeout chair and setting her down.

Perrie stomped her feet as hard as she could on the floor.

“No fair! Want you, Daddy! Don’t leave me here!” Her pretty face crinkled up into tears as she reached her arms out for her daddy to come pick her up.

Zayn simply ignored her and finished serving the porridge in two bowls, one for each of them.

He watched her as he ate up his portion, making sure she didn’t get up and run away like she was notorious for doing.

But it was when he turned his back to go do the dishes that she got up, quick as a blink, grabbed a handful of porridge and flung it at him, hitting him smack dab in the face.

For a moment, everything was silent but then Perrie started to giggle as Zayn wiped the porridge from his eyes.

“Silly Daddy! You look so stupid!”

She closed her blue eyes, pointing and laughing before he scooped her up and rushed her upstairs.

Perrie was worried for a moment because she thought she might be spanked for being so naughty, but when they turned into the big white bathroom she squealed with delight because that meant bath time!

“Bathy time, Daddy! Want rubber ducky!”

Angrily, Zayn set her down and tore off her onesie, ignoring her pleas for a duck. Then he stripped off his own clothes and turned on the water in the bathtub.

“Dadda, you’re not mad are you,” Perrie said as innocently as possible, looking up at him with big eyes and pouty lips. “I’m your good girl, right?”

Zayn glanced at her for a moment, almost wanting to give in to her sweet little face, but upon feeling the porridge on his face, he quickly shook that away.

“In,” he instructed and gave her a shove.

Perrie began to tear up. Her Daddy was mad at her and she didn’t like when he would hardly talk to her.

Reluctantly, she climbed into the tub, her skin prickling up at the sensation of the warm water.

 “Daddy, we can have naughty time, right? Since we’re taking a bath together?”

Her lower lip quivered when he didn’t answer and just began to wash off the porridge.

“Dadda, talk to me. You’re scaring me!” She was on the edge of tears. She knew when he didn’t talk that he was really mad and that meant no naughty time or no toys.

“I’m sorry for being mean to you, Daddy,” she said sullenly. “I’m a bad girl.”

She curled her toes under the water and put her feet over top of his legs.

“Forgive me?”

He glanced at her again. She looked like she was telling the truth. Her big blue eyes were filled with tears and her golden hair, damp at the ends from her slouching in the water, didn’t look as shiny and lively as it usually did.

Zayn sighed and stuck out his pinky. “Promise you won’t do it again?”

Perrie grinned and bounced up and down, sloshing the water.

“Promise, Daddy.”

She interlocked their pinkies and gave them kisses.

“Promise I won’t be a bad girl for the rest of the day.”

“Thank you, Perrie Bear,” Zayn said and reached out to her so she could come cuddle up against him.

“But you do realize this still means no baba, right?”


And it was back to step one.