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Can You Feel My Heart Beating?

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Tony sighed, handing Rhodey his helmet and very pointedly rolling his eyes. "I still don't know why I'm here." It was a token complaint and both of them knew it, so his best friend didn't dignify him with a response. "Doesn't being Quarterman -"
"Details, details, get painfully boring?" Tony attempted, fixing his jersey for him.
"Doesn't building shit in your basement get boring?"
"They don't even compare, do you -"
"Go find a seat, Tony." Rhodey cut him off, amused.

No-one appreciated him anyways.

He sat close to the back, avoiding the screaming fanatics that were way too obsessed with a high school football game, and sipped his drink. Most people would think it would be fun to see all the hot guys running around, but it took a special kind of someone to pull off white shorts that had shoelaces over your dick. Like the dutiful friend he was, however, he showed up to every game in his Black Panther shirt and did his best to act mildly interested in which brute had managed to grab the ball.

Oh look, that one was running. See that? It got thrown.


The team was just warming up, so Tony could hope it would get a little more interesting.

Then, the other team walked out onto the pitch, and Tony almost choked on air. First of all, none of looked like they were trying to be intimidating, or serious at all in fact. A dirty blond guy was actually riding on another guy's shoulders. They were all relaxed and laughing, which actually exuded much more confidence than silence. Not to mention, most of them were fucking smoking. In particular, the guy with pale blond hair who's shoulder span lasted longer than Tony's patience and possibly had biceps bigger than the genius's head. What the fuck?

He watched as they warmed up, seemingly getting more silent whereas the Black Panthers started getting louder, barking orders and ideas together. Tony watched closely and caught hand movements; did they have some sort of code?

Everything was a little more interesting now, so he paid attention as the game started, and sure enough, the opposing team, the Falcons, didn't say a damn word. And it made them hard as Hell to predict, too. His mouth fell open as he realised that for the first time in the season, the Black Panthers stood to lose. The hot one - Tony checked the back of his jersey to see the name 'Rogers', emblazoned on the back - was absolutely unstoppable. He had a friend with a metal arm who might've been just as good, too.

There was silence for a whole minute when the game ended.

34-32. To the Falcons.

The team celebrated modestly, sharing some hugs and compliments before offering a kind hand to the other team, thanking them for a good game or whatever. Rhodey looked defeated, but he managed a respectful nod and a small smile to the Falcons before they trooped off to the changing rooms.

Tony wasn't a total asshole, so consoling his friend came before flirting with cute football players. The rest of the team was more than used to him invading their locker room, he was pretty much the mascot at this point, so he headed straight there to assure Rhodey how good he was. Both sides had played pretty fucking amazingly, it was actually the first time Tony had really seen what the appeal for the whole thing was. "C'mon, Rhodes. It was just one game, after all. Next time you'll kick ass." The genius chattered on until his rambling managed to put a smile on his friend's face.
"Alright, nerd, you can get out'a here." Rhodey clapped him on the shoulder, "I'll see you tomorrow for dinner, alright?" Tony nodded, happy to have plans at his favourite Italian.

He left quickly, a spark of hope kindling in his chest. Maybe he could catch that blond guy around? Surely they wouldn't take off so quickly?

He headed around the back of the field to the parking lot, and sure enough, there was an unfamiliar bus parked there. Tony wandered closer, and caught sight of Rogers, facing away from him. "Rogers!" He called out. After all, he was pretty unashamed about what he wanted most of the time. "Hey, Rogers," He greeted, his step faltering. Tony was barely five feet away, was be being purposefully ignored? He jumped when the bus door open and the metal-arm-guy leant out.

"I started feeling bad for you," The guy smirked at him, continuing before Tony could complain, "He's deaf. And gay as hell, too. But c'mon, cute stuff, I can promise to be much more interesting." Metal arm spread his arms enticingly, making Tony laugh.
"Not that the hot metal arm doesn't do stuff for me, but I'm into the All American Boy, y'know?" Tony teased him, grinning as the other gave him a fake wounded look.
"Alright, hint taken. I'll stop Clint from comin' and botherin' you two." He winked and closed the door, causing the genius to flush slightly.

Taking a breath, he closed the gap and tapped Rogers on the shoulder, making him turn around. And God, he was even more breathtaking than Tony had been able to see from far away. "Hey." He managed to get out. Relieved to discover that the blond could read lips, a grin broke out on his face when he got a, "What's up, gorgeous?"
"It's Tony, but gorgeous is good, too." He smirked, his heart rate speeding up.
"I'm Steve." His eyes dropped to Tony's shirt, "Ah, isn't this a little treasonous?"
"Can't we be like Romeo and Juliet?" The brunet snickered, raising an eyebrow.
"Hm, maybe if you wear my colours next time."
"Maybe if you give me your number." Tony countered, surprised at how smoothly this whole thing was. Steve laughed, and wasn't that a great sound, and pulled out his phone for Tony to enter his number into.

The genius would rather their encounter be a little longer, but the dirty blond stuck his head out of the door. "Hey, Cap! Not that I'm not in favour of you finally getting laid, but we need to move."

Steve blushed and glared at his teammate, who only cackled. He gave him the middle finger, and Tony might not know sign language but that one was pretty easy to decipher. His laughter at the situation was cut off when Steve leant forward to kiss his cheek. That sure shut him up. Clint cackled harder at his stunned expression, earning him a light punch from Steve as he got on the bus and waved his goodbye.

Maybe Tony could learn to love football.