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Jimin, The Oblivious Alpha

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         Min Yoongi was known by many as a bad boy, always seen scowling, looking bored or sleeping. He was surrounded by a non-approachable aura that made people go out of their way just to avoid him. But the thing is, Yoongi wasn’t really a bad boy. As his friends liked to describe him, he was more like a lazy cat that just spend energy on what he thought worthy.

         Still, Yoongi did nothing to clean the misunderstanding, often fueling it by glaring to some unsuspecting soul. After all, it did give him a big personal bubble and, when you’re a young omega in the middle of hormonal teenagers, it’s always a good thing to keep your space.



         Jimin was a young alpha recently presented at his 15th birthday.  Were we at the old times he would be scoffed at for being the way he was. As it is, apart from some knot heads and their out of time ideas, people accept each other as they are, no stereotype dictating how every gender should behave.

         So Jimin was a male alpha, caring, lovable and naive, athletic but still soft and with a smile that could melt even the most idiotic asshole.

         He also had the biggest crush on his senior Min Yoongi ever since the summer he saw him playing basketball on the park near his house. That was the summer Jimin spent more time outside of his house. If you ask him he won’t admit but most of that time he was watching the talented hyung play.



         Going to the same school as is crush is both a blessing and a curse. Seeing him everyday and being too shy to approach is a curse. Ah ~ Life is so hard…

         Walking down the hall to go to his locker, Jimin rounds the corner to find no other than the boy who ‘ruins’ his life, giving a kick in the shins of an younger omega who thought it would be a good idea to trap the older against the lockers. Cursing, the younger omega grabs Yoongi’s arm only to release it right after realizing they aren’t alone anymore.

         With a last glare thrown at the already glaring older omega, the other left, brushing against Jimin with more force than the necessary. Ignoring it, Jimin approaches  the fuming hyung and shyly asks, “Are you alright, hyung?” his voice breaking half way through the question.

        Raising his head with a glare already in place, Yoongi dryly answers, “I’m fine.”

         Now that he was closer, Jimin could see the other boy better and see the way his face was red and sweat wet his hair around his temples, like he just ran a lap around the school. Or he had a fever. “Are you sure? You seem-” he starts asking, frowning worriedly.

        “I’m just sick. ” Yoongi says, raising his eyebrows at the last word.

         “Oh. Me too. This weather doesn’t help at all.”

         Looking at him with what could be an amused expression, Yoongi visibly relaxes and asks, “Jimin right?”

         “Y-yes! How did you know?” he shyly asks. Hyung knows my name!

         Shrugging the older says, “Heard it somewhere.” After some awkward moments where no one talks and Jimin’s blush just grows more and more, Yoongi asks amused, “Are you going to stay there forever?”

        Scratching his burning cheek, Jimin says, “I need to go to my locker.” When that just makes the older raise an eyebrow, he points to the one said boy was leaning on, “ That one.”

         “Oh.” he says, embarrassed. I never saw Hyung being embarrassed. So cute. Mumbling what could be an apology, the older turns and goes away, stumbling on the firsts steps before regaining his balance.

         Jimin doesn’t stop looking until he is out of sight.



         It’s Gym hour and Jimin just had to fall on the very first five minutes of class, scratching both knees and one elbow and gaining a visit to the school nurse. Oh joy.

         Upon entering the infirmary, Jimin looks around and, not seeing the nurse, lowly calls her, “Miss Hwang? Are you here?” When he doesn’t receive an answer he decides to search for her in case she had just fallen asleep in one of the beds.

         When he gets to the last bed and the last opportunity to find the missing nurse, Jimin comes face to face with someone he knows sleeping. Just not the person he was looking for. Ah,it’s Yoongi-hyung! He’s handsome even when asleep.

         Looking around one more time, Jimin slowly walks closer. Once by his side, he notices the basin with water and the towel beside it. Miss Hwang must have been cleaning the sweat of his face before she got to go somewhere. Biting his lip and looking around one more time Jimin grabbed the towel. There’s no harm in doing what she was doing, right? I still have to wait for her so the least I could do is help Hyung.

          Wetting the towel, Jimin starts to clean the sweat of the sleeping boy’s face, hearing the boy sigh.

         It’s just until she comes back.

          If the nurse just came back after gym hour ended and he stayed the whole time taking care of the sick boy, no one will know.



         Next day, Jimin sees his hyung during a break while searching for his friend Taehyung. He is leaning against a wall, smirking to one of his friend that is talking very excitedly. Said friend, Hoseok from Jimin’s dance club, notices him and waves. Jimin waves back and smiles. Glancing at Yoongi, he sees him looking at him too and also waves at him, although more shyly. The older answers with a nod. Getting flustered for being acknowledged by his crush Jimin faces the ground and quickly walks away.

         He sees the older boy again later that day when he goes to his locker to collect his things before going home. Just like the day before, Yoongi is leaning against Jimin’s locker. “Hi.” once again, Yoongi nods and slides away, far away to not crowd against Jimin but still close enough to talk. “You look better than yesterday at the infirmary.”

         Yoongi that until then was looking at the wall in front of him, quickly turns so he’s facing Jimin and, wide eyed, asks, “Yesterday at the infirmary?”

         Realizing what he told without meaning to, Jimin tenses and look at his crush from the corner of his eyes, “Yes?”

         “I don’t remember seeing you there.” he says arching one eyebrow.

          “Well, that’s because…. Because….” flustered, the younger starts to randomly take and put the books on his locker.


        Stilling, Jimin makes an almost silence whine and hesitantly says, “I might have been there when you were asleep?”


       Sighing, Jimin put all the books he had on his hands back at his locker and says, with what could be considered the beginning of a pout, “ I was there. I fell on Gym class and went there but Miss Hwang wasn’t there and I had to wait for her so I was looking around and then I found you and you were asleep and you looked uncomfortable and there was a basin and a towel and since I needed to wait for the nurse I thought well might as well do something and and I just did what the nurse was doing! I swear! I just cleaned the sweat of your face a-and neck, and I probably shouldn't have done it without asking but you’re asleep and you looked so tired and I didn’t want to wake you when you looked so tired so I didn’t even think and just did it! I’m sorry!” he finishes breathlessly, staying with his eyes shut tight afraid of seeing his hyung mad.

       “Jimin, breathe. I’m not mad.”

       Taking deep breaths, Jimin peers at the others face only to see the hyung’s amused face (with something more like fondness there too). “You aren't?”

      “No. What did you think I had, Jimin?”

      Confused he answers, “A fever? Because of the cold?”

      “ I wasn’t sick Jimin. I was in heat. I am in heat.”

      “What.” the younger says, open mouthed.

      “Yes. Do you realise what you did?” Yoongi asks calmly.

       “Oh my God. I didn’t mean to! I swear hyung! This wasn't me trying to-to court you! I would have asked first!”

      Chuckling, Yoongi put one hand on the panicking boy's shoulder and says once again, “ Breathe Jimin. I know that. Just thought it would be good to be on the same page. In the end you didn't do anything the nurse wouldn’t have done and the results are the same. Taking care of me only helps me with my cramps and fever. It doesn’t do anything else so no need to worry like that.”

      “Still. I’m sorry.” the boy murmurs.

      “Just. How did you not know ?”

      “I told you hyung. I was sick.” seeing the confusion on the other boy’s face he continues, “I have a cold. I haven't been able to smell things right in the last week.”

        Slowly the usually controlled boy starts chuckling until he is fully laughing out loud. Jimin couldn't help but really look at him, it wasn't something he had the pleasure of seeing him doing up close. He looks even better when he laughs so freely.

       “I can't believe the time an alpha takes care of me he doesn't even know I'm in heat.” an almost inaudible “Don't remind me” leaves the now fully pouting boy. Calming down Yoongi ruffles Jimin hair and says, “You should worry about your health before worrying about the other’s. Take care of that cold.” giving him then a true smile, one that Jimin has only seen him give his friends on rare occasions.

         Ah. I love you Yoongi-hyung.