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Three Chords And The Truth

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All I got is a red guitar
Three chords and the truth…

All Along The Watchtower – U2

May 2017

The song that had been playing ended, and I wedged my headphones further down over my hair. On either side of me, Zac and Isaac were doing much the same thing. The DJ gave us a smile before resuming her broadcast.

“And that was Sheppard with Keep Me Crazy from their forthcoming second album, here on Ash London Live. If you’re just tuning in, tonight I’ve got Hanson in the studio. You had Sheppard as the opener for your regional Queensland tour back in 2013, right?”

“We did, yeah,” Isaac replied. “They’re amazing musicians – it’s great to see that they’ve done so well for themselves over the last few years.”

“I could say the same of the three of you!” Ash said, and the three of us all grinned. “This year you’re celebrating two milestones – twenty-five years as a band, and twenty years since the release of Middle Of Nowhere. A lot’s happened in the last couple of decades, hasn’t it?”

“‘A lot’ is probably a major understatement,” Zac replied. “We’ve travelled all over Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, and next year we plan to visit North America, the United Kingdom and Europe for the first time. We’ve all gotten married, and both Isaac and I have started families.” He glanced over at me, and I shrugged a little. “And of course there was a bit of a crisis between 2002 and 2005 that resulted in an unplanned hiatus.” I bit back a laugh at this – ‘a bit of a crisis’ was putting it lightly. “I like to think that the crisis we experienced strengthened us not only as bandmates but also as brothers.”

“And next week you’re celebrating the release of your sixth studio album, which you’ve christened Anthem, with a concert at the Sydney Opera House.”

“We are, yep,” I said. “We’ll be playing the new album in its entirety from start to finish. The show’s on the second of June and will kick off our national tour.”

Ash gave the three of us another smile. “Let’s look back for a moment to 1996, which many of our listeners tonight will know as the year the three of you were signed to Mushroom Records. Can you walk us through what happened back then?”

“Definitely,” Zac replied. “It was maybe a month after that year’s Byron Bay Bluesfest. We’d come home from playing a show that weekend to the news that, well…it changed all our lives forever.”