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fuck your feelings (don't take it personal)

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Jimin doesn't remember when it started, only that it felt good, and made him feel powerful. There's a rush he gets when making a person bend to his will, pointing them in his direction in the subtlest of ways.

A few words, a smile here and there and people fell in his palm like dirt. Of course, being an omega helped (Jimin was naturally cute, pheromones just enhanced his attractiveness). He was already talented- a dancer, and a damn good one. his beauty was enchanting, and people flocked to him naturally. All he had to do was ask, and he received. 'Hyung, could you get me into that concert, please! I need to see them live for my on-site analysis You don't want me to fail, do you?.' His reason was total bullshit, but he still got three tickets and backstage passes. (Also got good head from him too- but that's irrelevant now.) Jimin's game really got fun when he got to college-suddenly a huge amount of alphas flocked toward him, lulled into a sense of safety by his cute features. Chubby cheeks, curvy body, big eyes, and his best feature- his plush ass. ("You're like the model omega." one guy told him. That was the same guy who called him 'a slimy omega whore' the next week. Alphas.) A kiss here, some sex there, and they were ready to die for Jimin, no questions asked.

That was when he dropped the bomb. He would break up with them by blowing something out of proportion, faking a misunderstanding- the possibilities were endless, and the campus was Jimin's playground. The look on their faces when it happened- oh, it made Jimin slick with heat, and something black would crawl into his veins. (Jimin, the perfect omega, got off on the misery of alphas- what a scandal.) He'd started to get a little bit of a reputation (mostly from the alphas that he tricked) but everyone still worshiped the ground he walked on. He really didn't see the problem with what he was doing- alphas already thought they owned omegas, that they could controlled every little thing he did- couldn't he have a little fun of his own? Walking to the quad, he smiled, thinking about all the hearts he had broken throughout his three years at college. 

"Oh, Jimin! You look so beautiful today-is that a new sweater?"

"Your hair, that color looks perfect- I never knew that could look so good on someone."

"O-oh! H-h-hyung! The performance- I mean your dance. It was breathtaking."

Yes, it was good to be Jimin.


"Have you heard about The new big dick daddy on campus?"

"Big daddy who?" Jimin asks with a bored look, wrinkling his nose at the stench of Taehyung's coffee. They're sitting in the quad, at some little picnic table outside. Jimin likes doing this from time to time, because it's perfect for people watching. ("Don't you mean alpha watching?" sasses Taehyung. Jimin should ditch the beta, but he's the only one who really understands Jimin. ) "Isn't that Wonbin?"

"Don't sound so uninterested, babe. I know you haven't had a good dick in about three months, for you, that's almost a whole year-" and Jimin hits him. Not that hard (curse omega genetics), but it gets his point across. Besides he knows he hasn't had sex, it's been on the back of his mind ever since September.

"I've been trying to focus on my audition for the big showcase in April." It's not a lie, but it's not the whole truth either. Yes, his whole future career as a professional dancer is riding on this audition, but he's also really bored. Sex would be the perfect thing for him right now, but he's not going to admit it, lest he look like some horny omega bitch. He has a reputation to uphold, you know. Taehyung rolls his eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. Taehyung is a lazy piece of shit, so it's not surprising. "It's fucking October, what are you worried about? You've been looking stressed as hell, and as a good friend should, I've noticed," he gives Jimin a once over," that you need to get laid desperately."

Fuck Taehyung and his over observant ass. Jimin doesn't look desperate, ever. (He makes sure he doesn't, it's why he owns so many mirrors.) He still needs to play it cool, though. "Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Either way," he motions,"what does that have to do with this?" Taehyung shakes his head rapidly, making a tsk sound bringing Jimin in close, cradling his head. All he really does is throw Jimin into his shoulder, but it's not like Taehyung cares.

"I have a proposition for you." He grins down at Jimin, and moves his head to the side where he can see some guy sitting in the quad, clunky glasses, holding papers in binders that look like they're about to burst. His eyes are scanning a huge book, with some English title that looks like gibberish to Jimin. Tall, baggy clothes, thick ass fugly glasses- a firm hell no.

"I didn't even get to say it yet!" Tae whines. No. Just, no. matter how much Taehyung begs, he won't sleep with that guy. Way too ugly, and Jimin doesn't fuck with betas. (No offence, but they just don't have what he needs. The size, the pheromones, the cock, really. It's all about dick with him.) Taehyung cheeses so big, it looks like his face is gonna fall off. "He seems like a bum, I know. Wait till you see what's underneath. Check this video Minhyuk sent me- look!"

Jimin begrudgingly watches as some guy pops up on the screen. He's grinning, grinning so hard it looks like his face might split in two. He's in a locker room- must be at a gym or something. Video guy turns the camera around and starts snickering as he inches closer and closer to the showers. There's obviously someone in there, but who? Taehyung doesn't help at all-he's laughing just as hard as video guy at this point-if not harder. Must be hilarious, since he already saw it. Or maybe he's laughing at Jimin's soon to be reaction to whatever bullshit this is. Video guy stops and smiles ( he kind of looks like a horse) and begins to count down on his fingers, inching closer and closer each time.

"Three, two, one! Surprise, asshole!"

Suddenly the door is thrown open and-

"Holy fuck."

 "Shit, Hoseok, get out!"  Big Dick scrambles to cover himself, closing the door as fast as possible. Even though it was only on camera for a few seconds, Jimin feels like the image has been burned into his retinas. 

"That's a fucking monster Joon, you've been hiding that?"  Video guy laughs. After that, the video ends, and Jimin feels that he will not be satisfied until he knows everything about that man and his cock. (Shit, Jimin hadn't seen a dick mildly that big since high school. That guy, Joon? He had a gift.) Okay. Okay, so Taehyung had not been spouting bullshit like usual. The guy was huge-shit his dick looked like it was at least eight inches ( Jimin knew his stuff, okay. ). It would be an honor to take that, really. Shit, with a dick like that, Jimin could be satisfied for the rest of his life, and he usually even hated entertaining the thought. Laying on the bed, being opened up by that fat cock, inch by glorious inch-

"Hey, you're drooling on my phone."

Snapping out of his reverie, Jimin wiped his mouth. (He couldn't wipe his smile, unfortunately.) "Who is he? Is he in a frat? I don't usually fuck with frat boys but-. " "Uh-uh, nope, no frat." Taehyung nodded, pointing to the bench,"That alpha is right there. " Frumpy? No way.

"Tae, stop lying!" Jimin whined, starting to get irritated. Weren't best friends supposed to help each other? Why was he withholding prime alpha cock from Jimin? "He's got to be purebred at least, did you see the length-"

"Park Jimin!" Could you stop thirsting for one second and listen to me! That sad, sorry looking fuck is an alpha. Yes, it's true. And yes, his dick is that big, and we all know you can't resist a fat dong."

"Don't say it like that, I'm not a whore."

"No, but you drooled on my phone over his dick, so I'm assuming you're pretty close." Why did he hang out with this asshole? "Besides, look at him. He looks like he hasn't even spoken to an omega once. Especially one as pretty as you." True, Frumpy did look pretty sad over there, scrambling to catch all of his papers that had been blown in the wind. To think that the perfect cock belonged to him... what a cruel world. "I dunno, Tae... if I ran my usual game on him, I don't think he could take it."

Taehyung scoffed, turning around to look Jimin dead in the eyes. "Then don't do it how you usually do. Take it slow for once, make it seem like you want a real relationship, get his dick enough times, and voila! Crush his heart in front of the quad where hundreds of students can see!" So, sometimes Taehyung was a genius. (Rarely ever, if Jimin was being honest.) But, while that plan may have seemed excellent, Jimin caught a flaw.

"What if he tries to mate me or some shit cause he thinks he's in love or whatever? I don't fucking wanna be stuck to him for the rest of my life." Jimin grunts. Taehyung shrugs, nonchalant. Of course. Betas don't have that problems like that to worry about, mating marks, heats, and the like. Sometimes Jimin wishes he was a beta, living life with minimal worry. ( But then he remembers that betas can't feel knots, and that turns him off so much he almost wants to scream.) "You just do what you gotta do, I guess. Break it off before he catches feelings for real." So, besides the whole mating thing, Jimin thinks this might be a fun challenge. Play a little innocent, a little coy (It wholeheartedly does not matter that most of the alphas in school know he's not a virgin, it doesn't) and have Frumpy eating out the palm of his hand. He'd never tried the game with a such an easy target. It'd probably be quick- two months tops. Jimin's sex problem would be solved- and the alpha would get a taste of omega for the first (And probably last, if he continued to look like that) time.

 "You know what Tae -I accept."

"I knew you would."


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It turns out Frumpy is one elusive son of a bitch.

It's been a week, and Jimin can not get the alpha  to notice him, let alone talk to him. No 'Hello.', 'Can I get your number?', or just a fucking glance. Damn. Frumpy, or Namjoon ( Thank you, Taehyung. ) is cripplingly antisocial. He doesn't really speak much, and likes minds his own business (Jimin can respect that- but he has no right to hide the gem in his pants. At the very least, he can stow it away after Jimin has a taste.). Honestly, if it weren't for that fucking video, half of the campus wouldn't even know he existed. Doesn't interact with other students, lives off campus, and not in any clubs or activities. Hell, Jimin doesn't even know his major. The alpha's almost fucking off grid, seriously. He and Taehyung spent two whole nights looking for an Instagram, Twitter, anything! (In the end, all they could find was a old Myspace photo showing a younger version of the guy with a bad perm. At least he they had a good laugh.) 

It's not looking good for Jimin but it's okay. Jimin is nothing but determined- if he wasn't, how'd he place first in his entry exams for the college, huh? He'd fought his way through, tooth and nail (Actually getting into a couple physical fights here and there- but he liked to say those days were behind him.) and made it through.

Days of training upon training, going without food (one week, Jimin just ate rice. straight rice, no flavoring. ) living with his nose to the grinder. And Jimin had to change so much to even make it through his first year- gone was his accent, the slang, his behavior. It was all replaced for a more friendly, submissive Seoul-ish look. Who would want to be friends with the brash omega from Busan? 'He's such a hick.'  they'd say behind his back. 'Did you hear hear the way he said that? He sounds fucking..."  and more murmurs about him behind his back. "Like he couldn't fucking hear. (He'd been stretching right in front of them during warm ups!) But he didn't come to Seoul to start bitch fights, he came to escape the hell that was his home town and make it big as a dancer, and he'd be damned if he let some jealous ass omegas fucking stop him. So, he changed. Irritating as hell, but that was what the Seoulites needed to see before Jimin could work his metaphorical 'charm' on them. When he started acting cute, everyone flocked to him- it was like they forgot all about the 'Busan' Jimin.  This Namjoon guy- Jimin didn't know much but he figured three things that were probably going to be true. 

One, Namjoon was from around Seoul, so he probably liked his omegas docile (A true shame, because those alphas always had some sort of shitty superiority complex that made him want to puke. a huge, burly alpha on top of him, grunting "You like it baby boy?" in his ear while he moved his pencil dick in and out of Jimin-not his type.) Fortunately, Jimin already knew Namjoon had something that could benefit him, so it was something he could put up with. If anything, it would just make him want to hurt him more which he didn't have a problem with. (Hey, the more fun for him the better.)

Two, apparently they had a class together. If Taehyung wasn't such a nosy bitch ("I'm trying to help your dumb ass get some dick and you call me a nosy bitch? See if I ever invite you to Disney Night again."), he would never have even known, but it was useful. It still didn't help much though, because the class was Psychology: Entering the Minds of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. Jimin hated that class because he was forced to take it (damned scholarships and requirements), and he was failing spectacularly. Jimin had As in his other courses, but that class was killing him. (Who the fuck decided to make Psych a requirement for Dance majors anyway? Probably some dickhead alpha, that's who.)

Third, well...he knew Namjoon has a huge dick. The whole campus knew that the guy has a horse dick in between his legs (but since no one could ever talk to him, or even get close to him to  actually ride the bucking bronco, it was kinda useless). With that, he knew he would have to keep his approach simple. Maybe he could drop a pencil? Nah, the fucker wouldn't even notice if he tried that. Sit next to him and stare lovingly until it got annoying (for himself, of course. Alphas in Seoul loved that shit- it just made him sick and want to sock them in the face.) It had worked many times for him, but from where Jimin sat in that class, Namjoon wouldn't be able to see his face anyway. And even if he could see his fake ass lovelorn look, Jimin doubts that he would even recognize it as affection. He's clearly never experienced it, so why should he be able to site it on spot?

Ugh, it sucked. He should have never agreed with Taehyung-he didn't know he was going to have his work this cut out for him. Still, Jimin's not Jimin if he isn't stubborn as hell, and there's a lot on the line here. He's not going to give up on Namjoon's dick, even if he wants to desperately give up on the person it belongs to.

Namjoon better watch out; Jimin's known to be quite a handful.


Jimin has to look good for this plan to work.

Not to say he doesn't ever- he actually has a sense of style, unlike Tae, who thinks that wearing a two hundred dollar Gucci shirt with baggy sweats he had since high school was okay (It was not.) checking himself in the mirror, he can say that he looks delicious. Ripped jeans (this particular pair makes his ass look great), an over sized sweater, some expensive ass sneakers that some alpha bought him a while ago, topped off with his prized rings- it's perfect. It better be enough to pull the alpha's attention, because Jimin's getting more and more pissed by the moment. 

(An angry Jimin is not cute, nor is it sweet. It's scary, and it will kill you.)

Grabbing his things, he headed out for his apartment starting the walk to campus. Hopefully, it would be a peaceful walk this morning-

"Jimin-ah! Good morning!"

But he doesn't have good luck, so why should he think today would be different? Jimin turned around and watched as Chanyeol, the tall omega that lived in the dorm above his ran to him, bumping into four people. "Sorry, sorry! Jimin-ah, wait up!" Chanyeol boomed, making Jimin wince. Could he be any louder at seven forty in the morning?

"I was going to wait for you." He sighed as the lanky omega finally caught up to him. "You didn't have to rush."

"I didn't want to make you wait." Chanyeol pants, winded. "I- I know how busy you are, and I keep you waiting every morning.."

Well, if he really wanted to help Jimin, he could find someone else to walk with. (He's not trying to be mean, he's just irritated. how the fuck do you leave your apartment late every fucking day, in the same way without fail?)

"I'll just buy you an alarm clock for your birthday." He replied coolly. Maintain that image. Chanyeol smiled bashfully, looking down at Jimin. "I wish I could be like you, Jimin-ah. Smart, and pretty. All the alphas  in my Comp class talk about you, you know?  They say you're so accommodating, and you never get mad, even when they do dumb shit when they try to flirt," Please. Jimin has permanent dents on his dining table from a couple of times he couldn't reign it in, "and you're always trying to help someone out. I don't understand how you haven't mated already." 


Jimin's not mated because he never wants to be. Being mated isn't all it's cracked up to be, and he's seen it first hand. No mind of your own, a slave to your alphas every whim- he would rather die.  When an alpha leaves his bond mate for someone else, it's cool. They don't feel the pain or the emotional hurt that omegas go through.  Even if that omega's soul is being ripped out from their heart and tears and broken furniture are all over, they can just walk away and pursue a new life. God, it's safer to just have sex and let them feel the misery then. It's not like their really sad anyway- it's just the lust talking. But he won't voice his thoughts.  Model Omega Jimin wouldn't say that, he'd smile and say it's what he's wanted his whole life. He's dug a hole; he's content to lie down and die in it. "I just don't think I'm ready. Aren't you mated, Chanyeol?" he smiles, hoping the clueless omega takes the bait. At Jimin's comment, the omega turns red, blushing. "Ah, we're not mated- we're just dating. It's not even that serious, honest."

Well, it seemed to be pretty serious to Jimin. Last few weeks Chanyeol had been knocking on Jimin's door, looking for a shoulder to cry on after his boyfriend had done some shit for the third time. ( Jimin was tired of his shirts being soaked with fucking tears.) Chanyeol was one gullible bitch, cause he kept running back over and over again, with the same result every time. It's pathetic enough to make him laugh (and pity the poor bastard.). Maybe, just this once he could speak a little truth.

"Well, if it's not serious, you should break up." he offhandedly replied, taking note of the psych hall getting closer and closer. Chanyeol gave a scandalous gasp and looked mildly uncomfortable. "I- uh, I dunno about's just.... I mean, I don't think I could ever, you know? He protects me and takes care of me....Jimin-ah, he loves me. He's my alpha. How could I ever leave my alpha when I know he loves me? You'll understand when you find the right alpha for you, trust me. " Chanyeol finished his ramblings with a worried look at Jimin's quickly darkening expression. (It must have looked strange to him, how fucking sad.) Jimin knew he looked angry, but he didn't give a fuck.

How many times in his life had he heard that? From a child to high school to even goddamned college, he had heard that shit so many times he could puke. Why the fuck did his life have to be dictated by an alpha? (Why couldn't he be the one in control, why couldn't he call the shots, why, why, why?) Jimin had to calm down before he hurt something. (Or someone.)

"You're right. I probably haven't found the right guy." he laughed sweetly. Chanyeol looked relives at his laugh and started chuckling nervously. Typical. He took a deep breath, in and out. (Calm. Jimin needs to at the very least look calm. ) "Look Chanyeol, I have to go.. but I'll see you around though, okay?" Smile, smile, smile. 

"Oh, okay. Um, bye."

"Goodbye, Chanyeol." And with that, Jimin starts striding to the hall at an extremely fast pace. Chanyeol's mess just cost him some time, and he has more important things to focus on now- things like getting one Kim Namjoon to fall into his delicately placed trap. (And if Namjoon decided to be difficult, Jimin wouldn't hesitate to choke someone out.)


Jimin wants to scream.

Like,  he really really wants to.

An hour and a half of fake lovelorn staring (his face is starting to hurt) and Namjoon still hasn't looked his way. About ten other alphas have, and Jimin wants to tell them to back off, but he can't. (If he does, there will be blood. Lots of it.) So they continue to stare, Jimin continues to stare, and Namjoon...

Well, Namjoon continues to work on his paper like a fucking oblivious idiot. The class is ending- it's fucking ending and people are leaving- and he can not go another week drawing this process out. Jimin absolutely refuses to. He's already pissed from earlier, this is pissing him off even more, and maybe in his anger, rational thinking supersedes him at this point.

Without thinking, Jimin crosses the classroom briskly,  and stops straight in front of Namjoon, and grabs his arm. The alpha looks confused and kind of surprised, like he can't believe that it's Jimin that's holding onto him. Jimin makes a relieved face and hopes it'll be enough to hide his anger and be appropriate enough for the situation. 

He better fucking believe it, cause Jimin's tired of playing chase. (He doesn't like being the chaser, it's annoying and time-consuming.)

"Oh, sorry!" he exclaims, letting go of Namjoon's arm, flushing. "You're Namjoon, right?" Meek and cute, that's the key. Jimin smiles shyly, hiding his burning rage behind his sweater sleeve.  

"Uh, yeah?" Now Namjoon looks really uncomfortable. Why? What is there to be uncomfortable about? Jimin has quite literally ran up to him, blushing and all. The least he could do is look mildly interested.  It's infuriating. (Why couldn't this dick be attached to someone less awkward?) "I've been looking all over for you!" Jimin gushes, internally throwing up. The words don't feel right in his mouth, each one a blatant stretch.

"Someone told me you were holding tutoring sessions for this class," he blurts (Thanks Taehyung for this terrible idea, the next time Jimin sees him he's going to burn his entire cypher collection) "and I was wondering if you'd be able to tutor me? If it's not too much trouble, I mean I understand if you're busy-" God, Jimin is irritating himself at this point. 

"Um. I'm not sure who told you that, but I don't tutor anymore. Sorry." One apologetic glance and Namjoon starts to leave, just like that. 

Jimin's not having it.

"Wait!" Namjoon turns around again, eyebrow raised, grimacing. This guy really must not know any omegas if he can't be this close to one. "Yes?"

"Look," Jimin starts," I really, really need this. My grade in this class could terminate my scholarship and I can't have that. Could you-" He's breaking out the big guns,"c-could you p-please help me?" ("Nobody can resist a sad Jiminnie, dude. No one. Not even me." Taehyung whispered drunkenly one night.)  It's humiliating, to be honest, but Jimin's not afraid to play a little low to get what he wants. (And he wants this.)

Namjoon looks uncomfortable, and he's fidgeting, so Jimin takes that as a cue to turn it up a notch. He quivers his lip and looks down, sighing. "I-I'm sorry. I'm telling you all this like it's your problem- it's just my parents!" Now Jimin's really bawling, and he can hear lingering students talking about them. (All those times Jimin was forced to go to acting class with Taehyung boiled down to this.) "They don't have the money to pay for me- I-I-I'm going to lose my scholarship and I'll have to quit school-"

"I'll tutor! You, that is. I mean, I'll tutor you!" Namjoon shouts awkwardly. He looks embarrassed and shocked like he can't believe he just made an omega cry (more like Jimin cry) and it's almost too comical. Jimin would laugh if he wasn't so busy fake sobbing. "Ah, I'm so sorry. Please don't cry!" Namjoon gives him an awkward consoling pat, paired with an equally awkward look. "I'm really, really sorry." 

"It's," cue the sniffing,  "okay. I just get really emotional sometimes... I can't really help it." He simpers with a watery smile. "You'll really tutor me? You're so nice!" Namjoon nods tiredly, at his words, exhausted. "Um, what time do you want to meet? And where? Should I bring something?" Jimin wonders. He's not trying to be cute this time; he genuinely wants to know.  If this doesn't work out, at least he'd be passing the class. (Unless Namjoon turned out to be a really shitty tutor and he ends up with a grade worse than the one he already had.)

"We can meet on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  In the library."

"Um, about the library, can we change the location?" Jimin is banned there for reasons he'd rather not discuss. Namjoon clearly thinks this is weird, cause he gives Jimin this look, but he doesn't care enough to actually say something about it. 

"Okay. In the cafe then. From four to eight..." Namjoon slows, and shakes his head, frowning. "Well, I usually have planning on Fridays, so no. Are you free on Saturdays? Preferably mornings?"

"I have dance practice on Saturday mornings, but it always ends at three. So no. Can't you just keep the regular time for the other days on Saturday?" Jimin whined, pouting. What could Namjoon have to do anyway? Sit around and watch porn while lamenting about his sad, miserable existence as an alpha? He steps closer to Namjoon, and pushes up on his tippy toes just for the cute effect. "Please?" (Urg- Jimin will rip his own hair out if this doesn't end soon.)

Flustered by his impromptu aegyo, Namjoon bounces back immediately with a burning face. "It's fine- it's good; whatever. Um, I-I have to go now. Bye." He runs off, accidentally bumping into a student and knocking all of her textbooks out of her hands, turning back with an apologetic look before hightailing it out of the hall. "Ugh, seriously? What a fucking douche! Have some fucking respect, huh!" The girl hisses, bending down to pick up her fallen materials. In doing so, she notices Jimin, and gives him a bright smile before scowling once more. 

"Jimin, you shouldn't talk to people like that. They don't know how to behave around people like you. Seriously! Making you cry, and then yelling at you and rushing off..." she continues to go on and on, like it happened to her and not Jimin. It makes him smile, how preoccupied these people are with him. Jimin laughs, a little giggle rising up from his throat. Ah, it's really funny. 

"He didn't mean anything by it, I'm sure. He was probably just nervous." She looks up with a amazed expression, mouth opened wide. "Whoa, Jimin! I should be more like you! We should all strive to be more like you!" 

"Not really." he responds, bashfully. And it's the truth. Jimin really isn't nice, not at all.  But if people are just too dumb to realize it, then...

"And so humble, too!"

"Well," he smiles behind his hand, smirk concealed, "I do try."

Chapter Text

Namjoon has to be honest with himself- he ran straight home after talking to that omega. He forgot all about his other classes, the studio time that he booked (which, looking back, was stupid as all hell), he just ran straight to Seokjin and Yoongi hyung's apartment and threw his responsibilities to the wind.

Because Namjoon had a fucking dilemma.

And for situations like this, Namjoon needed guidance. He still has his old key, so it's not like he had to knock, so he walked right in, almost like he never moved out.

"Yoongi-hyung, are you home?" he asked tentatively. Knowing his hyung, he's either at his studio or sleeping.

"Shut up." Says a disembodied voice from the living room. Namjoon walks in just in time to see Yoongi sit up on the couch swaddled in a blanket, eyes puffy and swollen. His voice is low and raspy as usual, but with the added touch of a thousand cotton puffs in his throat. "Are you okay? Where's Seokjin hyung?"

"Out." Yoongi rasps. "Why the fuck are you here?" Straight to the point, as usual. (One could take this as rude, and some would even find offense at his hyung's gruff tone. However, after knowing with the omega for almost five years, Namjoon knows that it's just his way of showing concern. It's more than fine, because Namjoon wants to get it over with too.)

"Another omega came up to me today." he starts, dropping his body onto the couch like a heavyweight. Namjoon can't really make out Yoongi's facial expression because of the blanket he's currently swaddled in, but Namjoon just has this sixth sense that he just rolled his eyes. "Wow, really? It sounds like you're getting popular." Yoongi drawls, glancing at his hands. Namjoon spluttered in indignation, offended that his issue would be brushed off so easily. This shit had been going on for weeks! At first, he thought someone had just recognized him from one of his shows, cool, no big fucking deal. They were a fan, and who was Namjoon to deny a fan? But when every day after classes he would hear people talk about him, asking for his name, wondering if he was dating someone, sometimes even going as far as to asking all that shit about him if they were that bold- he knew something was up. Still, Namjoon brushed it off assuming it would pass, and continued on with his life.

But today, he must have reached the pinnacle.

Yes, a few omegas had talked to him in the past few weeks- but that was it. Namjoon was more than uncomfortable just talking to an omega; being touched and rubbed by one made him want to self combust from embarrassment alone. He rubs his hand over his face, exhausted. "It's like...I don't even know where to begin."

"If you aren't going to talk, leave so I can sleep." Yoongi snipes, glaring. In hindsight, this it was probably a bad idea to come this early, (since the older omega was like a huge cat in the mornings, hissing at everything in sight; he was worse when seokjin hyung wasn't there) but with the damage already done, he had no choice but to press forward.


"And that's it?"

"Yeah, that's what happened."

"So you ran away, like a scared pup, because some omega asked you to tutor him?" Ugh, so offering to make the omega some coffee during the story was clearly a bad idea- he's more coherent and thus more likely to drag Namjoon's self esteem through the mud. Sigh. Namjoon should have waited until Seokjin came home. "It was more of a frantic jog, but that's not the point, hyung. He was different than all the others- he was so touchy feely- I felt like I couldn't breathe. It didn't make sense. And he started crying!"

"I know some smart people have a hard time functioning, but you take the cake this time. " Yoongi sighs out, rubbing his head tiredly. "Did you not see the video Hobi put on his Twitter?"


"I forgot, you don't have one." Yoongi hissed, grabbing his phone from the coffee table. "It's crazy how popular you are when you don't even have social media. Truly, Seoul's greatest mystery." he muttered under his breath. Namjoon gets annoyed, but he doesn't let it show too much. What the fuck is the big deal? Hoseok always puts enough shit of him on Twitter (both of his rapping and his embarassing moments); by this point, it's just become an accepted feature in his life. If Namjoon wanted to, he has loads of material that could ruin Hoseok’s social standing as a fellow underground rapper and a general human. But he's a good friend and good friends (usually) don't do that to each other. (Besides, he likes keeping the footage to himself. A video of 2012 Hoseok rapping to Khia's My Neck, My Back is just too much for the rest of the world to see.)

"Why? Is the video bad?"

"If you don't mind half the campus seeing you rock out with your cock out, then I guess it's not so bad."

Silence. Namjoon lets out a long suffering sigh, because it's the best way to express his complete and utter frustration with the specimen known as Jung Hoseok. At least his hyung has the decency to look like he feels a little guilty. "Hey, don't feel so bad. You have an above average cock, and everyone wants a ride." Yoongi manages, looking just as sick as Namjoon feels. "Shouldn't that make you happy, or some shit?" Yoongi, although an omega, is not good at the art of consoling others.

No, it doesn’t. And even though Namjoon is a purebred alpha, and having more enhanced features than other alphas is really just a given when you have two alpha parents. But, it doesn’t mean he can’t hate what he has. Honestly, Namjoon resents his genetics. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to give a human a nine inch dick? He can’t even use it for it’s intended purpose- most people stop at six or five inches so Namjoon’s just stuck in this weird five percent of the population. And that’s just sexually- it’s a bitch to always have to wear baggy clothes with tight ass boxer briefs just so his shit doesn’t flop around while he’s on stage or just fucking walking. (Namjoon remembers the horrible, horrible period in his life known as high school. Tight pants that made people think he was some sort of exhibitionist and his shitty perm, and terrible songs he made in his room- Namjoon never wants to go back.)

When people see Namjoon they probably think he’s a nerd, or a loser. He doesn’t care- one stranger's opinion doesn’t mean much to him. To his friends, he the god of destruction, but he’s also the smart hyung who always has great ideas, and a loyal friend. When he raps, he's Monster, and his sub gender hardly matters there because he’s there to rap. If anything, his stage persona completely takes over, and Kim Namjoon, the alpha becomes obsolete. Namjoon doesn't act like a stereotypical alpha and he knows it. Clumsy, awkward, nerdy...He doesn't mind being perceived that way because that's who he is. He just can’t be bothered to deal with the stereotypes that people pin on him, because no matter how romanticized they are in dramas, it’s not that great in real life.

The worst moments happened in high school. Omegas not wanting to be around him because they felt like he was too intimidating to them (because of his overbearing scent), or if that didn’t phase them, they would throw themselves at him only to realize that: one, he was nothing like they thought. Yeah, it hurt to be rejected like that time and time again. Alphas thought he was intimidating from his scent, too. But unlike the omegas, who would avoid him and cower away, they liked to pick fights. Namjoon, a pacifist, did not agree, but ended up fighting back anyway which led to loads of suspensions and punishments from school which made his parents extremely disappointed in him. Thankfully, Namjoon was smart, so most administrators turned a blind eye- but that only made the other alphas angrier. After senior year, the best decision Namjoon ever made was to take suppressants.

He was tired of dealing with stupid shit from people who didn’t understand. He wasn’t trying to force anyone to do anything, or intimidate anyone. He just wanted to be left alone. Convincing his parents to let him take suppressants was hard, because at first they thought it was barbaric. ‘You just need to learn to embrace your alpha side, Namjoon.’ Yeah right. His alpha side was forcing him to be a social pariah. Add on the fact that Namjoon's ruts were abnormally destructive to both his environment and himself- wrecking his room, breaking things, he had to be taken to the hospital on several occasions because of scratching himself to the point where he was bleeding severely- his parents had no choice to honor his decision. When he moved to Seoul, Namjoon felt so free, he wanted to sing. (He wouldn't dare, though.)

He made friends, friends of all sub genders and they all like him and don't find him scary and it's honesty so relieving and nice that sometimes it makes Namjoon want to cry in happiness. Suppressants are dangerous, because it stops his ruts, and when he has to stop taking them for a month or two so he doesn't become sterile, he has this side effect of prolonged ruts. It's a shitty side effect, because writhing around in an empty apartment for six days with your instincts screaming at you to find someone that can care for you, only to have your brain yell back that 'no one wants you, idiot' is emotionally exhausting (probably damaging), but a small price to pay for the other eleven or ten months in the the year when he's actually happy with his life.

Unfortunately, the suppressants don't stop his dick from being above average though. (Namjoon wishes it did that. He even looked around, and found that it was a side effect for some, but damn.) Which leads him back to the present moment in time. "No, it's...annoying, to say the least." He gives a little self-depreciating laugh. "I guess that makes me an abnormal alpha." The omega gets this look in his eyes, one that looks like sympathy. "Hey, look..."

"I'm home, world! The sun has arrived- oh, hey Joon! Why are you here?" The loud beta drops his bag on the floor, running over to the couch. He throws himself between the two, smiling.  

"Why are you taking videos of me with my dick out?" Namjoon says bluntly.  

“Why are you home so early?” Yoongi groans, dragging his hand down his face.

“I’ll answer both, since I’m so loved.” Hoseok deadpans, smile replaced with a pout. “Hyung, you're first because you're my first love.”

“I’m not buying you shit, so move on.”

The beta's entire face sours. “Hmph. I had to start preparing for the university showcase today and it ended pretty quickly. And I already know you’re going to ask about your precious maknae, he’s still at school. He said he was going to be home late.” Hoseok huffs, and leans further into the couch. “Are you happy?”

“No, but it’ll do.” The omega gets up from the couch, and stretches. “ Namjoon, we’re not done. I’m going to eat and sleep. Hobi, don’t bother me.” With that, the omega trudges across the living area into the kitchen. As soon as he does, Hoseok latches onto Namjoon, practically strangling him in his grip.

“My dearest friend, please forgive me! I was rash, I admit, but I had been tempted by the devil!"

"If you mean Jeongguk, you're a bigger piece of shit than I thought. He’d never do something like that."

"You can't fool me; that kid is a fucking menace." Hoseok mutters. "He stole all my white shirts and dyed them black because he didn’t have enough black shirts."

"That’s..." Hilarious, and so perfectly Jeongguk. “Probably what you deserve.”

“Ugh, whatever.” Hobi groaned, “what were you and hyung talking about?”

“Nothing, just another omega encounter.” He didn’t want to talk about this.

"Ooh!" Hoseok wiggled his fingers excitedly, giving Namjoon a devilish grin. "What is this new development?"

Namjoon hesitated for a moment. "Promise you won't laugh."

"Joon, you know I can't do that. "


"Yeah, I figured." He sighed." Long story short, this omega came up to me and started talking, I said something stupid,"


Namjoon gave him a withering glare. "-and he started crying, and I was like what the fuck , and then he started saying all this shit, a-a-and touching me, and I ended up agreeing to whatever he said just to get him to stop." By the end of the retelling, he's a little red. (It's embarrassing, okay?)

"Don't forget the part where you ran all the way home." Yoongi’s voice floated in from the kitchen.

"Hyung! Shit, what happened to sleeping and don’t bother me?”

“I’m going now!” Fuck, Namjoon could literally Yoongi smiling.  A few more moments and then a door slammed.

"I knew something was missing! God, Namjoon. That sounds bad, dude. At least tell me he was cute? Nice ass? Ouch! Please stop pinching me!" Cute? Well, Namjoon was a little too worked up to have taken a good look at his face, his ass no less, but...

"He was, I guess. He was short, and his face was really chubby... I don’t know, man. Uh, he had these rings on, I think? His hands kept on moving around so I didn't see them very well. Oh, and he had, mmm, black hair... what's wrong with you?"

Hoesok's face had slowly changed into a nervous expression by the end of Namjoon's recount. "It's nothing. I just thought of someone, that's all. You never mentioned this guy's name though?" Well, that was a little strange, but Namjoon couldn't be pressed to ask. "His name? Uh, shit dude, I don't know. He didn't tell me and I sure as fuck didn't ask."

"What the hell, why the fuck not? Didn't you say he was all over you?" Hoseok leaned over to nudge him. "If he's as cute as he sounds, I would've been all over that, man." Namjoon felt his scent flare up in agitation. It wasn't much, but it was still there. "Yeah, I know." he grumbled sullenly.

"If you know, then why-"

"Is there a real reason why you're here by yourself? I know you lied to hyung. Where's Jeongguk?" It wasn't the best topic to switch to, but Namjoon would rather talk about anything else at the moment. Hoseok looked pained at that. "Maknae said he was going to meet with his brother today. know how well that's going to go."

"Oh." Jeongguk's estranged relationship with his brother wasn't a secret to him. Namjoon wasn't a confrontational person, not at all, but Jeongguk's brother made him want to punch something. The dude was a serious asshole. "Didn't he stand Guk up the last time?" Sighing, the beta looked at the ceiling, eyebrows creased in worry. " Yes, but apparently, Jeongguk said that was an accident. I just don’t understand- all he wants is to get to know him."

"Aren’t they half siblings?"

“I don’t fucking know, dude. Jeongguk barely tells me shit anymore.” Hoseok griped. “I don’t even know what he looks like.”

“The hyungs are gonna be pissed when they find out.”


Silence. Suddenly, Namjoon felt strange, almost like he’d been in the same spot for far too long. He gets up, legs almost numb from sitting so long. “Listen, Hobi, I’ve got to go. I’ll see you Friday.”  When he makes it to the door he looks back at Hoseok who gives a half assed wave, and a weak smile.

“See ya later, nerd.”

“Bye, dick.”

“Mine isn’t half as big as yours!” Hoseok shouts as he closes the door. He can hear the hiccuping laughter from the other side.

Namjoon scowls all the way home.

Chapter Text

His phone was ringing.

It was loud, and it pierced his eardrums like an arrow, making them ring with pain. Groaning, Jimin grimaced and rolled over, slamming his pillow over his ears. God, he was exhausted - he couldn't be bothered to deal with whoever it was. Snuggling deeper under the covers, he tried desperately to return back to sleep.

It wasn't working.

Throwing his pillow, he gave a frustrated groan. Slightly more aware than when he first woke up, he tried to focus on the ringtone. Who would call this early? He rolled over and gave a loud sigh- he really wasn't allowed to enjoy his mornings, was he? (Ugh, and to think- on his fucking day off!)

Shooting a hand out from under the covers, he grabbed the wretched device. Squinting, he read the caller i.d- and then furiously answered the phone. "You have three seconds to tell me why in the hell you're calling me at," squinting, he shifted closer to the clock on his night stand,"...five in the morning." he slurred, sitting up. He hated to admit it, but he knew he probably wasn't going back to sleep anytime soon. 

"Jimin, my best friend, buddy, pal...okay, so don't be mad..." came the familiar voice. 

If Jimin thought hard enough, he could see Taehyung's annoying face, trying to find a way to say whatever he needed to and not make Jimin more pissed off than he already was. Too bad it was too fucking late.

"I'm hanging up." Jimin deadpanned, not waiting for an answer. He hung up the phone, placed it face down on the stand, and tried to get some more sleep. Unfortunately, Taehyung was just as persistent as he was, and hardly took no for an answer. He let it ring three more times before answered again.

"What the hell do you want? " he hissed. His attitude wasn't the best; usually, he would have more of a pleasant tone, but he just was so tired. His body ached from practicing day in and day out- it even hurt to hold his head up. All he wanted to do for the next five hours was sleep.

"Sorry." said Taehyung, voice subdued. "I just- something cool happened yesterday and I wanted you to know. " Jimin felt most of his fire fly right out of him at that- ugh. Taehyung was probably his only friend (His only real friend, at that- Jimin didn't ever want to lose someone so valuable to him, over something so stupid.) that could make him so soft. Plus, it wasn't like he'd never done the same thing to Taehyung. "No, it's," he took a huge breath, exhaled. "Fine. I'm just tired. Sorry."

"...Are you sure?" Taehyung paused, and then let out a little forced chuckle. "I know it's early... are you sure you don't want me to call later?"

"Yeah," he murmured. "It's just been tough, with auditions and everything else."

"Everything else? Jimin-"

"But, I'm fine." he said, tone concrete. It was too early to talk about that; he had a hard time thinking about it, let alone verbalizing it. "If anything happened you know I'd be the first to let you know."

"Of course I know that, but-"

"So please," he whispered, "drop it." He wasn't prepared for the emotional turmoil that required that conversation- so he just wasn't going to have it. Taehyung sounded full of pity when he agreed, but the omega didn't care.

He was just glad the topic was avoided for another day. Was it unhealthy?

Probably. But did it make him feel better?


"What cool thing happened?"

"Oh, that! Like I said earlier- I went drinking with Minho hyung and some friends-"

"You did not mention him!"

"How was I supposed to tell you when you hung up as soon as I opened my mouth?" he accused mockingly. Well, Jimin didn't have an answer for that, so he just kept his mouth shut and pouted. (He couldn't stand it when Taehyung was right.) "Still," he sulked, "it's not fair."

"You're just saying that because you think he's hot."

"Who doesn't?"


"You don't think anyone's hot, so you don't count." Taehyung let out a scandalized gasp. "Just because I don't find people you find attractive hot does not mean that my input is invalid!" Taehyung huffed, annoyance bleeding through the phone. "Seriously, and I was going to give you one of my tickets to go see BANG." Now it was his turn to scoff. "Right. DId you get one of their numbers too? Besides why would I even want to go, that's not my scene."

A blatant lie.

"So you don't love their music? And you don't dance and make your own choreo to it either, and Monster isn't your bias..." Flustered, Jimin rushed to deny his claims, but Taehyung refused to let up. "You don't love his voice, and how deep and smooth it is... and you totally didn't cry when you lost that signed mixtape I gave you." He felt his face burn in embarrassment as Tae's words washed over him. God, he'd been in pre-heat! It was an emotional time for him. (Damned betas- they didn't get it.)

"Fuck off." he grumbled. "He's not my bias- I love all three of them equally; I wish I could say the same for you."

"I don't try to deny my love for Agust D at all. In fact, I got to meet him."

No fucking way.

"I even got a picture."

No motherfucking way!

"You don't have to say anything- just bask in my greatness."

"H-how?" he stuttered, completely and utterly shocked. "He's so... he never ever stays after shows- what did you do?" Jimin accused. Because there was absolutely no way- zero percent chance- that Kim Taehyung of all people just so happened to meet Agust D of BANG because it just...happened.

"Nobody, I'm not you." Ouch, okay! That- that stung a bit. "I was drinking some sangria, enjoying myself. Then this guy comes by- dark eyes, black hair, really muscled- but he had a decent face. He was looking a bit down-"

"Let me guess- you offered him a hug?"

"No, smartass, I asked what was wrong. And then he said it was complicated, and god knows I have experience in that. So we were kind of hitting it off, right? Then- his name, ugh, I can't remember, let's call him Bunny."

"What the fuck, why?"

"Because he was cute. Y'know-"

"Like a bunny? Seriously?"

Taehyung groaned exasperatedly. "Yes, yes, yes! He really was! So. Like I was saying- we talked for a bit and then he was like oh, I have to go. Then I was like 'why' and he said 'my hyung is coming over I have to set up for his show' and then he points- so naturally i look over- and sure enough there's Agust D wearing his signature Kumamon mask. So. I screamed."

"You screamed?"


"I was overwhelmed!"


"So you screamed?"

"Yes," Tae huffed petulantly. "It was one of the dumbest, stupidest things I have ever done in my entire life. But I did it, and I'm really fucking happy that I did." The beta sighed dreamily over the phone. "He laughed! Jimin, he thought it was funny and endearing, and then he gave me a signed picture. I could have died right then and there!"

"I highly doubt he thought any of that shit about your laugh, so...did you ask him questions? Like, where the fuck was Monster, for one?"

"Ugh, no- that would have been so rude, I was talking to Agust- plus we had to leave early because one of the alphas got into a fight. It was extremely stupid, don't ask. But anyway- oh fuck- alright. Yeah, yeah. Get out." Taehyung must have been shuffling around, because for a few moments all he heard was static. "Chim, I'll call you back, I have to...ugh, I have to find one of my old set costumes for my roommate." And then the line died.

Jimin put the phone down and pouted, staring at his phone screen. Damn. He wanted his own picture with Monster, and the other members of BANG. Well, they weren't really the other members, since they weren't a group, but since they always performed at the same locations together and occasionally performing together, their fans decided to name them themselves. He'd probably have to badger Taehyung for the actual picture later; the beta usually would have sent it already, but since he was preoccupied he'd probably forgot.

Oh, well. He ended up laying in bed a for few more minutes before he sat up, swinging his legs over his bed. Jimin could feel the plush cushions calling him back, but he actually had shit to do today. Like, actually finish that psych assignment that had been assigned last week. (Which was due tomorrow. )

...Or he could wait until four and make that alpha do it for him.

Yeah, that sounded like a good plan.


So, he's running a little late to this tutoring session, but it's no biggie. He would have been on time if he hadn't had to sneak around Chanyeol in the lobby (Who would've asked where he was going, therefore making him engage in otherwise unnecessary conversation and, ugh-he can't with that shit today. )

And man, all that sneaking was exhausting, so of course the omega had to treat himself with a little Teavana pick-me up, because why not? Unfortunately, after walking out of the shop, he realized he had missed his bus- oops? So, uh, he had to take the subway. Which, thankfully, wasn't crowded and had just enough space for him to sit in. (After very sweetly asking some alpha, if he would so kindly make space for little old Jimin.)

It was a very nice ride.

Now, he was in front of said cafe, feeling only slightly guilty for making the guy wait.

Just a tad.

As he walked in, he noticed that the cafe was pretty empty; it very easy to locate Namjoon. Baggy shirt, thick glasses, reading some thick book- it was definitely him.

"Namjoon, hi!" he waved, making his way over to the table. At the omega's entrance, the alpha looked up with a little wave of his own, accompanied by a little smile. Or what Jimin assumed to be a smile-it was more a half grimace than anything else. What the fuck? Okay, maybe the alpha was about him being late- the obvious solution would be to apologize, right? But how? Should he turn it up, or turn it down? Fuck, this had been the second time the alpha has reacted like that- Jimin had no clue what to do.

Which was unacceptable. Because, believe it or not, Jimin is fully invested in this endeavor. He's not giving up until this mission is accomplished. So, he a took little breath, and tried again a little more subdued.

"I'm really sorry I'm late," which is true, "I had some stuff to take care of." Which is sorta true, in a sense. (When Teavana calls him, he can't just ignore it.)  Namjoon just fiddles with his glasses with that weird expression. Namjoon is so nervous he ends up dropping his glasses. 

"No, it's fine- uh, shit!" He stammers, face flushing. Jimin's a little concerned- he's barely done anything- is the alpha really this terrible at human interaction? "It's just- I have no idea what your name is! So it's hard for me to address you..."


He racks his brain trying to remember but nothing comes up.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you when we met. I'm Park Jimin." Jimin smiles brightly, hoping to put the alpha at ease. How is he supposed to get into the alpha's pants if he acts like a frightened cat?

"I'm Namjoon-Kim Namjoon- but you already knew that so I'm not sure why I'm mentioning it again." Namjoon laughed a little, taking his glasses off and nervously wiping them. "God, I'm usually not like's just that I haven't done this in a while." He gave a little breath before continuing. "A-Anyway. it'll be easier if we just get started-do you have anything that you would like to focus on first?"

"Yeah, about the research paper that we have to do- I was wondering if you could look over my work for me? To like, edit it and stuff?" Jimin leaned against the table, and played with his hands before looking back up at the alpha. "Only if it's no trouble to you, of course- I know it's due tomorrow, and you probably have your own to work on..." He could actually care less, but Namjoon didn't need to know that. (Besides, Namjoon looked so studious, he had probably finished his weeks ago.)

"Well," Namjoon gave a little smile. "I actually already finished and proofread my paper so it's no problem-" fucking predictable "and I'd be happy to help. Do you have it with you, or is it on a laptop-"

Jimin felt his face burn a little as he reached into his bag to pull out the crumpled piece of paper he had written his essay on. (He didn't own a laptop, and he had been too busy to go to the library- and staring at his phone screen for hours on end trying to type an entire paper on the tiny screen was hell on his eyes.) Namjoon was clearly taken aback (asshole) but managed to keep his shock to a minimum. "Uh, is that it?"

Uh, was that his fist flying in Namjoon's face? Of course that was it, it was all he pulled out! God, maybe he should have stopped at the library on the way here- would have saved him the embarrassment. "Yeah- I just prefer to physically write rather than type. Here." Handing him the crumpled scrap, Jimin rubbed his hand over his cheek, catching his nails in the flesh. Fuck, he needed to calm down.

Namjoon glanced at it quickly before responding. "N-no, that's totally fine! L-let me just get started. It shouldn't take long, maybe thirty minutes."

"That's fine." As long as he didn't have to do anything, he was fine.


About two minutes in, Jimin noticed something.

Namjoon's eyebrows furrowed a lot while he was reading- making Jimin itch to know what he thought. Was it bad? (If it was a little shitty by the alpha's standards he could understand why- he wrote the brunt of it two hours ago.) After another two minutes he couldn't take it anymore and just decided to ask.

"Is it bad?" he asked, looking down. He twiddled his thumbs for the 'innocent omega' effect, to soften the blow.

"I mean..."

Jimin looked up at the alpha with wide eyes.

"It's not... terrible? The sentence structure is awful, but the real problem is why you would pick one of Anh's theories to research- this whole paper is you dragging the shit out of him."

Oh, wow. So Namjoon did have a backbone- surprise, surprise. All he could do was grit his damn teeth and put on a pout. It wasn't like the alpha was lying, either.

Ahn was the worst topic in the class and the prof just had to give it to Jimin. (The bitch just doesn't like him. This the third time he's gotten a topic to research like this- it's damn on purpose.) Half of the alpha's 'work' (if it could be even called that) was based on the mistreatment and abuse of hundreds of omegas- who always seemed to suspiciously die right after experiments were conducted.

Jimin didn't like writing about a murderous alpha mad scientist, so he chose not to. It was a shame that his little argumentative essay wouldn't get him a decent grade. He sighed, and discreetly rolled his eyes.

"Is it like done for, or...?" If it was too shitty to be fixed, he should just leave right now. Ugh, he could've been sleeping right now. Eyes fixed on the alpha, he watched as Namjoon squirmed in his seat, unnerved by Jimin's glance. His irritation was starting to seep through, and the alpha was feeling the heat.

"'s totally fixable, it just might take a while." Namjoon looked at the paper again, frowning. "Like, three hours or so. Two if you put in work."

Put in work? He could feel himself mouthing out the words incredulously. Uh, it was almost six o'clock- weren't these sessions only supposed to last until eight?

"Fortunately there's lots of great info in your paper and I could tell that you used the textbook- but you didn't cite. Plus... there's commas and apostrophes everywhere and I don't really understand why?"

Jimin bit his tongue hard. Namjoon had quite the mouth. (It was fine, though. Jimin could put that mouth to better use later.) "But it's fine, right? Because you'll help me?" he slid over and grabbed Namjoon's hand, looking pleadingly into his eyes. "You're my only hope, Namjoon." 

With how red Namjoon got, someone would have thought Jimin asked him if he could have his litter. 

"Y-yeah, no problem! None at all! Uh, let me just get my laptop so we can start."

As he watched the alpha fumble around his bag (for a fucking huge ass laptop), he huffed irritably.

They were gonna be here for a while.



Chapter Text

Jimin walked out of the cafe with a tired smile, one of Namjoon's flash drives, and the overwhelming urge to go home. The tutoring session was finally fucking over; he felt like his brain was going to explode from all the newly acquired info. He held up the little stick that determined his fate- it glinted menacingly in the moonlight, almost as if it was daring Jimin to lose it somewhere on his way back home.

(He'd honestly rather kill himself than sit in that bitch's class and let her make a fool out of him for not being 'prepared'. He could hear her now- "Jimin, I've still yet to find what exactly it is you're good at in my class other than being a pretty face." 'Course, she didn't have the balls to say it to the whole class, but he'd bet it'd make her feel good about her fragile alpha ego in private.)

Even if the three hours hadn't been so terrible in hindsight; the omega still shuddered at the thought of a repeat. Namjoon got pretty serious about proper grammar and verbiage. Speaking of Namjoon, well...

He finally stopped fidgeting all over the place. The alpha still acted a tad nervous, unfortunately, but Jimin could deal with it. The few seconds of confrontation was a interesting look into Namjoon's character- turned out the he had some bark to his alpha bite. It was better than nothing- Jimin could tell that he had a lot more work to do before he could ride the 'Kim Express'. An improvement was made, at the very least.

And now, watching Namjoon walk out of the cafe with a relaxed step, Jimin felt like he needed  to push his limited time with the alpha a little further.

Namjoon," he called. "would you mind walking me to the subway station? My bus doesn't run this late." The omega looked up as the alpha walked closer, his cheeks flushed from the cold weather.

"Huh? I didn't hear you, s-sorry." Namjoon threw his backpack over his shoulder, fixed his hat and looked at Jimin again. He was so bundled up, one could have thought he was dressed for the north pole. "This hat is really thick; sorry. It makes it hard to hear, but I hate it when my ears are cold and- nevermind. Could you repeat that?" Clenching his teeth, Jimin said it again.

"Oh! Oh, um, yeah. Which train do you have to take?"

BC Train, the crowded, smelly piece of shit that it was, was the only train that would get Jimin to his complex without stopping at forty other locations first. "I take the BC. Lucky me, huh?" he shrugged. "My street is on every route, so if you want to take another one, it's fine."

Namjoon shook his head rapidly, disagreement falling off every last one of his features. "No, nope, that's fine. I actually have a job to get to later, but I'm in no rush to get there." Namjoon began walking in the direction of the station at a brisk pace, sparing no care for Jimin's shorter legs. Jimin resisted the urge to groan as he tried to catch up (read: run) with the alpha.  

(Damn tall people.)

"You have a job, Namjoon?"

"It's kind of a paid intership..."

"A paid internship? Lucky." He gave a smile, but Jimin could hear his bitterness seep into his words. Good internships were hard to find in Seoul already, with all the competition, let alone a paid one. 

(Just another thing that managed to remind him about his own failures in life.)

"What's it for?"


"Really?" Before he could even stop it, the words flew out of his mouth. He couldn't help it; it was just... didn't fit the image that Namjoon had. The alpha looked like he'd rather breathe philosophy than musical notes. "Is that your major?" 

"Yeah, it is." He smiled sardonically, staring ahead. "Since my sophomore year."

Now Jimin just felt lost. Clearly, this was a touchy subject.  But it was just so...strange! All that digging he'd done to find information on the alpha, and the truth was something he'd have never even expected. Huh. 

"Well, it's great that you got an internship in what you're studying! Most people don't even get access to them."

Namjoon hummed quietly. "I know. My friend pulled a couple of strings for me."

(How lucky the alpha was, then.)

"Does your friend know any people in the dancing community? I'd love to have him help me out." he joked. 

Namjoon smiled back, bashful. "...Actually, I think I know two other friends who are well acquainted in that field. Maybe I'll put in a good word for you."

(Lucky alpha with connections, apparently.)

"...What type of music do you even do, Namjoon-ah? Are you 
an idol trainee or something?" Because Jimin really couldn't think of anything more surprising than that.

(Something about Namjoon onstage, in idol clothes, doing idol things- it just didn't sit right with him, not at all. It was just too weird.)

At that, Namjoon snorted. "What? No way, Yoongi would have killed me- I would have killed myself- I do hip-hop, r&b, stuff like that! What," he took a breath to calm down," what did you think?"

"Oh, I dunno..." Jimin shrugged, feeling oddly embarassed.  "Classical music, maybe. Anything else, really!" Anything other than hip-hop.

(It was almost worse than the thought of him being an idol; the only thing scarier: it was the truth!)

"Most people do seem to think that about me, yeah." Namjoon looked at Jimin again, rubbing his neck. "I'm not gonna say I've never thought about it, but it's not my thing. It's nice, but..."


"I chose that type of music because it's what I wanted to do. It took awhile, but once I started ignoring irrelevant opinions, I got a lot more shit done." the alpha gave a small, reminiscent smile.  

"Who cares what others think about you, anyway?" 

Jimin looked at Namjoon, and it was like something changed. He stared and stared, trying to figure out what it was. Was it his walk? His voice?

(No, that wasn't it. It was something else, something more subtle.)

Noticing the omega's stare, he flushed. Looking down at Jimin, he motioned his hands to the side. " I mean, t-that's just what I think." Jimin thinks he hears the alpha say something about arriving at the station, but he isn't listening anymore. 

Somewhere between the from the cafe to the station, Namjoon became... something else. Even if it was only for a second, he changed. He didn't attractive or anything stupid like that, but whatever it was left him feeling slightly inspired and seriously insulted.

And Jimin does not like that one bit. 

Jimin felt himself speak, wave, get on the train and plop down into the seat. He sighed loudly, uncaring. He fucking needed that, others be damned. Jimin pulled out his phone, going to contacts. 

Taehyung would want to know what happened. 


Jimin staggered into his apartment twenty minutes later, after fumbling with his keys. Talking with Taehyung was nice, but it always left Jimin a little... worn out. Coupled with the day he's had and the questions on his mind, paired with the things he has to do... the omega's more than just tired. He slumped onto his sofa, taking in the comfort of his cushions. So soft...

His stomach gurgles. He's hungry. 

Because Jimin is broke and in college, he scavenges his pantry for some ramen. Eventually, he pulls out some ramen packets; there's nothing all that special about them, other than the fact that it's his favorite flavor. Jimin's had an extremely exhausting day (by his standards), so after debating the pros and cons he pulls out his special cheese to treat himself. 

Because he deserves it. 

He pulls out a pot, boils some water, and throws in the broth, watching it simmer and pop. Then he throws in the noodles, and waits for them to start cooking. 

It smells oh so good, and his mouth is watering, and Jimin is getting kind of excited.  (Nothing like good-old instant ramen after a day of hard work.)

His phone rings, which is weird because Taehyung has a show tonight, and it shouldn't be over yet. But because he is tired, and when Jimin is tired he tends to think a lot less than usual, he answers it. 

"Hello?" he asks tentatively. 

"I was wondering if you'd changed your phone number, but I guess you just weren't answering."

And is promptly slammed with regret. Because- "Why are you fucking calling me?" - this is one of those things he cannot afford to make simple mistakes on. Then, the anger

(Because how dare this asshole still call him, how dare he still act the same after everything that he's done, how dare he not correct his betrayal- stupid, stupid, alpha.)

"Jimin, I know you still feel hostile towards me, but that type of language and behavior is unbecoming of an omega your caliber." Jimin feels himself recoil in disgust at the familiarity in his tone. 

"Don't fucking speak," he hisses,"as if you know what I'm worth. Don't fucking speak as if you know anything about me!" He is trembling, the anger rolling against his insides in waves. The pot boils and bubbles, threatening to tip over, splashing onto the stove in warning. 

"I know you could be worth a lot more if you reclaimed my name. If you let me take care of your mother, I know you could have more time to focus on your studies, and if you let your brother help you..."

Help his mother? His brother?

(Jimin remembers his mother's expression and he just knows; there is no need to see the body. Why is it still so hard to accept?) 

"My brother is fucking dead, you piece of shit! He died when you fucking left, so stop trying to give me a shitty replacement. I won't take your fucking dirty money so stop calling me!" he yelled. God, he hated when this happened. He could feel his eyes stinging; it hurt to hold the tears back. Even if the other man couldn't see him, he wouldn't even give him the satisfaction of hearing him cry. 

"Jimin, all I want to do is help you. What can your mother do where she is right now? She's not mentally-" His eyes were blurry; he couldn't see. The pot, he should take it off the stove if he doesn't want it to burn, but he can't see it.  Everything's red, and it's clouding his senses. 

Everything's red. 

(What right did this fucking alpha have to talk about her- his fault, his fault, his fault!)

"She wouldn't fucking need to be there if you hadn't left her." He growled. "She'd have been fine if you'd learned how to keep your penis in your pants."

A warning growls across the line. "Jimin."

There's a lump in his throat, and it's so hard to swallow. 

"She'd have been fine, if you hadn't ran off with the nearest omega ready to spread their legs." 

"Jimin, stop-" 

And oh, isn't that funny? Jimin remembers someone else begging, someone else pleading. He's disgusted by their similarities, but is happy for the retribution. He couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to. 

"She'd have been fine, if you hadn't severed her bond.

(His mother smells like anguish and despair instead of cinnamon and vanilla, and it hurts.)

"Jimin!" he yells, broaching no room for argument. It makes the omega shut up, his body stiff. Jimin has always been a little bitter of his biology, because of how easy it is for someone to control him. How someone's tone could determine what he says or does. Anything an alpha wanted, he would do if they said it a certain way. 

(Jimin longs for that type of control, that feeling of power.)

Jimin forces every omegan instinct that he has down, down, down into the pits of his stomach. He'll dig them up later, but right now?

He refuses to give this alpha the satisfaction, even if it pains him. 

(Because in Jimin's eyes, if one wins, they all win. And he just can't let that happen.) 

No response. The silence creeps over the phone, and they are both left waiting. One waiting to move on, the other for a submission that will never come. 

A sigh. 

Jimin's won. 

"You know, as your father, it hurts me to have to yell at you like that-"  It sickens Jimin, it really does to know that this man still considers himself to be his father, in any sense of the word- "but, we've talked about this before Jimin. I know I hurt your mother greatly, but it was for the better for both of us, honestly."


(He didn't have to live with the aftermath. The stares, the whispers. A once happy home left in shambles.) 

"I know you care for your mother much more that you care for me, but I think she's clouding your judgement here."

Jimin breathes, in and out, in and out. He's trying to calm down, but it only succeeds in making him hyperventilate. The events from earlier today seem like an entire lifetime away; his earlier lethargy from just ten minutes ago seems like a distant memory.

"Jimin, are you okay?"

"I'm," he gasps loudly, struggling around the words. "fine."

(No matter what, he cannot let him win.)


"Do me," he gulps, and he gasps, again and again until the words come out, "do me a fucking favor. Don't call me again." It takes everything in Jimin to hang up, but it's only when he does that he starts breathing again. Large gasping gulps eventually steady out into even breaths, and Jimin, blurry eyed and weak-kneed, stumbles into his room, throwing himself into his nest. 

(It's only when he does that he starts crying, too.)

He can smell the ramen burning, but he doesn't mind. 

It's familiar.