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Home is Family, Not a Place

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Pidge's PoV:

"What?" My voice cracks as I speak to Keith's Galra mother, Kalle. The make-shift room carved into the cave seemed to tilt and sway. My family was still alive? The family I did everything to find?

I wasn't even the ones to find them! It was some one else! Damn it! Fucking damn it! I was supposed to, not someone who didn't even fucking know them!

"Pidge?" Ka'liel, the young Altean boy I sat next edition to, asked. I fell and landed on my handshoulder and knees. He was at my sides at an instant. "Pidge! Are you alright!?" He was clearly worried. His violet eyes looked into mine. 

"I'm fine," I said. But in reality, I didn't know if I was.

Kalle and Shiro were at my sides now too. "We need to go! Now!" I said looking up at Shiro. He gave me a sympathetic look.

"I know, we will be leaving soon. But let's finish helping here. Ifor they are with this group, the Blade of Marmora, they should be safe. One of their members helped me escape. They are good people," He said.

Kalle looked at him. "You know of this resistance group? Who helped you?" She asked. Shiro helped me up before answering. 

"Ulaz," Shiro said, literally picking me up off the ground. Kalle nodded. She must have known this Ulaz if she reacted with just a simple nod.

"He is a good man, him and Thace," She said as Shiro walked towards the exit. "Take her to your ship. I would go with you to save your family and mine, but I need to stay with my people. But I will have Ki'a go with you to help. She is an amazing fighters as well as leader. She will be of some use to you on your mission," Kalle said to me. 

I nodded. "Okay, so where are these Blade of Marmora members that have my family?" I asked. 

She looked at Shiro them back at me. "I'll give Allura the coordinates to their location, and give them a gpheads up on your arrival, so you need not to worry, young Paladin," She said with a familial smile. "Just save your family and bring me my husband and mate," She said. She kissed my forehead and batted my cheek before heading back inside the cave. 

Shiro carried me towards the ship now. I sighed. "My legs work you know," I said. Shiro pursed his lips. 

"Your legs literally just gave out on you, so I wouldn't trust it at the moment," He said.

"Hmpf," I pouted, crossing my arms. He smiled now. Be it a tight one, it was still a smile. 

"Just go to the Bridge of the ship and wait for us, okay?" He said. "I'll go get the others and the coordinates and we can leave as soon as everything is ready," He said setting new down finally close to the door to the Bridge. "I'll be right back okay?" I nodded and walked the rest of the way to where he told me.

I sat in my chair on my laptop waiting for everyone to finally get here. I was trying my best to ignore Coran's babbling, but it was getting harder and harder.

"You'renot even listening, number 5!" He said looking from his control area.

"Sorry, I'm too worried about my brother and father. We are so close to finally saving them!" I said, typing as fast as I could.

"You don't need to worry! We are going to get them back!" He said with a cheery smile. I returned it with a tight one.

"I know, but I'm still worried," I said. He nodded and turned back around. 

Finally the door behind me hissed open and every walked in. Allura took the helm and brought up her holoscreens. She typed away, putting the coordinates into the ship. "Coran, start the main thrusters and begin the launch sequence," She instructed.

"Right away, Princess!" He brought up his own screams and began typing as well. 

The ship started to shake slightly as the engines started up.

"Don't worry, Green Paladin," Ki'a said to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "We'll save them," her purple eyes locked on mine. I nodded. She was in her Fae form at the moment.

"Okay, thank you," I said, giving her a small smile.

I sat in silence as the rest of the Paladins started performing tasks that Princess Allura was giving out. I put my laptop to much side and pulled my legs up to my chest.

The ship finally started to lift off of the Planets surface. Everyone except Allura and Coran finally took their seats and buckled in as the ship started shaking with turbulence as we left the planet's atmosphere. As soon as we left the atmosphere, Allura and Coran created a wormhole and we flew right through it.

On the other side was a small plates that looked like it was supposed to be a moon. But it had no solar system to orbit in. No sun, no planet. Just this sad little moon alone in space. 

There was a small ship that looked like no other ship we've come across so far. It was large but clearly meant more for cargo than fighting. Unless that was just a ruse to hide who they truly were. I smiled. I counderstand almost feel my brothers arms around me.

I smiled. I even leaned forward in my seat as if I could get closer to them. My heart started to race and my eyes watered. 

"Everyone to their lions, we will go down and greet these Blade of Marmora members," Shiro said as he stood. I unbuckled and literally ran to the elevator leading to my zip line. I jumped onto the zip line, willing it to go faster. I let go only when I reached the bottom where my speeder sat waiting for me. 

I drove it as fast as I dared and reached my Lion. There she gleamedin the artificial lighting. She instantly lowered her head and opened her jaw for me. I ran inside and made it to my cockpit. I zipped forward, towards the controls send waited for my hanger door to open. 

"QUIZNAK!" I heard the princess yell through my comm that was built into my helmet. "Galra have found us!"