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Well Isn't This Lovely

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Leonard had fucked up.

Or maybe a more accurate way of saying it was Leonard had fucked up again. And he knew it the moment he woke up with a splitting headache and a Vulcan in his bed.



A few hours into Jim’s party, people had started pairing off and excusing themselves. Leonard couldn’t say he was surprised. After the catastrophe that was Altamid, the reminder of their own mortality had pushed a lot of the crew to make a move. To go up to the person (or people) they’d been pining after and say “Hey, I think you’re pretty great. Wanna fuck/kiss/hold hands/have a disgustingly healthy and supportive domestic life together/all of the above?”

But not Leonard, cause Leonard was a fucking coward.

Not to mention an absolute idiot. Because who else aside from an idiot would have the hots for a Vulcan in a relationship? And yeah, Spock and Uhura were on a break during the whole Altamid debacle. And sure, Spock respected him – the pointy-eared bastard had the gall to look him dead in the eye and give him a Vulcaya necklace to apologize for leading him to the conclusion that Spock hated him, for chrissakes.

But that didn’t mean jack shit. ‘Specially when Spock and Uhura spent the party cuddling up and making nice. Looked to Leonard like their break was over.



So, Len considered himself to be reasonably surprised to find himself in a room that was decidedly not his, with someone who was decidedly not a stranger – or single, for that matter – wrapped around him like a goddamn octopus. The frankly awful hangover and the fact that he and Spock were both buck-ass naked didn’t soothe Len in any way whatsoever.

Heart pounding in his ears, Len tried to extricate himself from Spock’s limbs and the tangled bedsheets. He had to at least get out of the bed, preferably the room, before Spock woke up. If he were all showered, Len reasoned, he could have at least a bit of dignity left when Spock inevitably asked him to leave in that soft, overly-polite voice he always used when he wasn’t particularly happy.

Leonard hated that voice. Mainly because that was pretty much the only voice Spock used when speaking with him.

When Leonard had finally managed to free himself from the Vulcan’s grasp, he gathered his clothes up off the floor and made his way to the bathroom. The bathroom was bare-bones; the shower didn’t have any water capabilities, which did nothing to help Len’s sore muscles. But it got the job done.

Once dressed, Leonard made his way back to the room, where Spock was sitting ramrod straight and fully clothed on the bed. Of course. Because things just couldn’t be easy for Leonard.

“Doctor,” Spock said. His voice was flat and his face didn’t betray anything.

“Spock,” Len replied, trying and failing to match Spock’s businesslike manner. He clenched his fists as his palms began to sweat. Spock’s eyes were boring into him. The whole situation was gonna go to hell in a handbasket, Leonard could tell.

“Doctor, I wish to apologize for my actions last night. They were entirely inappropriate, especially considering my authority over you.”

And good lord, Len just didn’t have the heart to fight. Spock looked so damn apologetic, sitting there like a kid outside the principal’s office, worrying about how bad this would fuck up his chances getting back with Uhura.

And Leonard couldn’t mess with that. He may have been a stupid, love-struck sod, but he wouldn’t be so cruel as to keep Spock away from the one person who’d made him happy. Made him laugh.

I made him laugh, a smug little voice in the back of his head whispered, I got him to smile. But Len shoved that voice down because delirium didn’t count.

He realized belatedly that several moments had passed since Spock had spoken. The Vulcan was looking at with a certain level of trepidation. Len took a shaky breath.

“’S alright, Spock. We all make mistakes.”

Spock quirked an eyebrow. “Doctor, I really don’t believe that…”

“Look, just… take it or leave it. I ain’t mad. We were both drunk off our asses, tensions were high, and what happened, happened. You’re sorry, I forgive you. You don’t need to worry about blackmail or formal complaints or anythin’ like that.”

Leonard shifted his weight from foot to foot. The air in the room was stifling, and Spock’s eyes hadn’t left him for a moment. This was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with every passing second. He licked his lips.

“I see,” Spock said, “Well then Doctor, I suppose there is no point in further discussion. I see that you have found your possessions.”

His eyes flickered down to the Vulcaya necklace still around Leonard’s neck. Len tugged at his collar and cleared his throat.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I did,” He stared at Spock for a few seconds, unsure as to what to say. When Spock offered nothing else, he spoke up again. “Well, I’ve got… They offered me a temporary position at the hospital and, uh…” he glanced at the clock, “It starts in an hour but I, um, I’ve got some paperwork to fill out before then, so…”

Leonard weakly jabbed a thumb towards the door behind him and turned his body slightly. “I should, er, I should… probably go right about now.”

“Of course, Doctor McCoy,” Spock said, inflection not changing in the slightest, “It would be inappropriate for you to arrive late on your first day.”

The Vulcan said nothing else, and made no move say goodbye. The moment the thought registered in Leonard’s mind, he wanted to kick himself. What did he think, that Spock was gonna give him a kiss goodbye after a drunken roll in the sheets that he clearly regretted? Hell no.

“Right, I’ll just…” Leonard pointed to the door once again, nodded, and started to walk towards it. As the door opened, he looked back over his shoulder at Spock, “I’ll… see you at the next meeting, I guess.”

He hurried out the door and down the hallway before Spock could respond.