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and the stars are still there

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Later, Kirk was lying in bed, dozing, as he watched Spock mediating on the floor of his quarters. I-Chaya was curled up against the small of Kirk’s back, grooming herself. Kirk was already on the verge of sleep, but he kept his eyes on Spock. He waited until Spock exhaled slowly and let his eyes sweep open. Kirk reached out sleepily, touching the small hairs growing at the base of his neck.

I’m scared
I must go to the sea
the lonely sea and sky

Tomorrow, Kirk would be taking the bridge and the Enterprise would launch into space, to new worlds, new civilizations. They would probably find danger. Probably meet people who wanted to kill them and destroy the ship. They would meet friendly aliens, god-like aliens, sexy aliens. Kirk might die or Spock might die or half the ship might die. Or maybe they would all live. Not-knowing never bothered Kirk. He realized a long time ago that life tended to be a shit-hole that everyone was slowly sliding down, grasping at the edges, trying to claw your way to a few more years of living. 

all I ask
how do you chose not to feel?
is a tall ship
and a star
I do not know
to steer her by

But it was moments like this, with a warm kitten pressed against his back and a Vulcan crawling into bed before him, fingers soothing his temple like the most tender of goodnight kisses, that Kirk felt his thoughts fragment, scatter in his consciousness.

I want you to know
call of the running tide
wild call and clear
why I couldn’t let you die
white clouds flying
why I went back for you
I must go

It didn’t matter if they would lose everything some day, because, right now, they have each other…

quiet sleep
sweet dream
because you are
my friend

… and the stars are still there.