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Haikyuu Petals

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"There's always been a hierarchy of social statuses. In this cruel world, those most deserving of respect ended up on the bottom. Omega. The word itself brought shame upon most families. This was back in the old days. In modern times, omega's fought for their rights and they became more acceptable in society. This, however, did not prevent those on the top of the hierarchy from acting on their instincts. With the freedoms omegas earned, also came increased dangers. Many poor omegas were often victims of uncontrollable alphas. At the age of 15 is when the secondary gender becomes prominent through a process called "presenting." When omegas present they go into their first heat, and this is when majority of disasters happen.

One man, who's cause remains unknown, created an organization to help these poor people: Petals of Trust. This man recruits omegas who have survived such disasters, when recruited they are given a new name, that of a flower. The man's intentions were just, earning him the trust of the entire world. Petals of Trust became a well renowned authority presence. Each agent is assigned to a sport and a country, they also are given a ring of cards, each card gave them access to different services. The most important one is their "Petal's Authority card" this one allows them to take custody of a minor of any secondary gender if the agent so feels that they are not safe in their parents' or guardians' care."

Rose looked around the room and smiled, "So if you ever need someone to talk to, don't be shy alright?"

The gym was quiet as the students looked nervously at the agent. This generation of students were supposed to produce quite a few omegas so being the head of her sports department Rose took the responsibility to jump into the field as well. She had to give her little speech at the high schools so they knew that they had a friend, it was quite exhausting.

"Alright... if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to do a scent check on all the members..." Rose smiled, "please line up by jersey number..."

"Um... excuse me Miss Rose?" A little first year with bright orange hair said

"Yes?" She smiled

"Why are you doing a scent check?" He asked curiously

"I'm just checking your emotional health." She explained, "My nose is so strong that if you've got something bothering you, I'll smell it..."

"So cool!!!"

"Alright... when you come up, tell me your name, year, and position..." Rose scanned the room smiling at each member, "Number 1..."

"Sawamura Daichi, 3rd year, Captain and wing spiker..." the student with the jersey number one stood in front of Rose nervously

"Just breathe, it's okay... just bend low enough for me to smell you..." Rose smiled reassuringly

Daichi brought his bared neck close to the agent's nose and she sniffed briefly.

"Sawamura, please stand to my left..." Rose jotted down something quickly on her hand, "Number 2...?"

Daichi went to stand next to her and waited patiently.

"Sugawara Koushi, 3rd year, Vice captain and setter..." Suga smiled brightly also bringing his neck closer to the small woman's face

"Sugawara, please stand to my right..." Rose smiled and added to the short note on her palm, "Number 3..."

"Azumane Asahi, 3rd year, wing spiker and the ace..." Asahi was visibly shaking, he's never been around a woman with so much power before, even though he cleared her by over a foot he still felt intimidated by her

"You can relax Azumane..." Rose smiled

"Asahi is just fine..." he scratched the back of his head

"Alright then, Asahi..." Rose smiled and Asahi bent over so she could smell him.

Rose sniffed a couple times before giving Asahi a strange look, "you're alright..." she nodded at him, "You may go and sit down..."

Asahi breathed a sigh of relief and sat down behind the line of his team mates.

"Number 4..."

"Nishinoya Yuu! 2nd year, I'm the libero! You can call me Noya!!" The energetic high schooler bounded over to her

"Well Noya..." she giggled, "let me just scent check you..."

Noya was particularly excited to have to bend down a little for her to smell him, he was finally taller than someone!

"You're good Noya, you can go ahead and sit down..." she smiled, "Number 5..."

Rose went through every member but had Suga and Daichi wait.

"Alright the rest of you can go ahead with your practice but I need to speak with your captain and vice captain..." Rose turned to them, "Is there a place I could speak with you two in private?"

Suga and Daichi lead Rose to the club room. After everyone was inside, Daichi closed and locked the door behind them

"Can I ask what's wrong Miss Rose?" Daichi asked

"How long have you two been mated?" She asked outright, "Also, Rose is fine..."

Daichi and Suga looked at each other shocked. Can she smell it on us? None of the other team members could tell, but she could.

"About two years..." Suga blushed

"That sounds about right..." Rose said, "Sugawara, Sawamura..." Rose looked between the two

"You can call me Suga..." the omega smiled timidly

"Just Daichi is fine..." the alpha also said

"Alright then... Suga and Daichi..." Rose eyed them, "You're bodies are telling you it's time for pups..."

"WHAT?!" the mates said in unison

"Suga... your heat... when is it due?" Rose asked

"Two months..."

"It'll happen next week..." Rose responded

"But that can't be! I just finished last month!"

"Daichi is going to go through a very intense rut next week which is going to kick start another heat for you..." Rose explained, "You're bodies know that they've been bonded for two years and yet you still have no pups to show for it... At this point they want to impregnate, and get pregnant..."

Suga and Daichi glanced at each other and blushed deeply.

"When an omega is pregnant, they release a pheromone that calms the need to reproduce in their alpha..." Rose said, "Daichi's body has been deprived of that so he's going to have a rut to have a baby soon..."

"But..." Daichi looked at Suga, "We're not ready yet..."

"That's alright..." Rose smiled, "You two don't have to have a baby..."

"We don't?"

"No, of course not! I'm just telling you what's happening with your own bodies..." Rose explained, "Also, I can provide you with a room at the safe house I own here in Miyagi for you to go through your heat..."

"You'd really do that for us?" Suga asked

"Of course!!" Rose's smiled brightened, "that just means that Suga is going to be my first charge of this season..."

"Alright... if you don't mind..." Suga blushed

"So I am actually going to need you both to start staying at the safe house by tonight..." Rose said

"Why?" Suga asked

"I just like to let omegas get used to the house before they spend their heat there..."

Daichi and Suga shared a look, "What about Daichi?"

"Daichi can stay as well, you ARE mates so it wouldn't make sense to separate you..." Rose giggled, "Any couple I take in stays together unless the omega says so."

"Oh okay..." Suga sighed in relief

"Do I need to see either of your parents?" Rose asked

"No..." Suga said, "My parents are on a 6 month long business trip..."

"And you Daichi?"

"No, I'll just let them know what's happening..." Daichi said, "They already know about me and Koushi..."

~Oops.~ Daichi doesn't call Suga by his first name unless they're alone.

"Let them know that because you are with me, protection will be provided because you are not looking to have a baby yet..."

Rose didn't bat an eyelash, she just continued on the conversation as if Daichi hadn't slipped. It's happened so often to her that she's numb to it. Daichi eyed the raven haired woman carefully.

"You didn't mind that?"

"Didn't mind what?" Emerald eyes met chocolate ones as Rose locked eyes with Daichi

"Me calling Suga by his given name?" Daichi said

"Nope, it happens so often that I don't care..." Rose smiled, "Plus, where I'm from we call everyone by their first name... calling someone by their family name was a strange concept to me when I first came to Japan..."

"Oh... okay then..." Daichi was stunned, he wasn't really exposed to foreign culture aside from food.

"So go ahead and call your parents Daichi..." Rose then looked at Suga, "Suga do you need anything from your house?"

"Um... if I'm staying for a couple weeks then maybe I should bring some clothes over..." Suga said thinking carefully, "Daichi should probably do the same..."

"Okay, once practice is done, go home collect your things and meet me back here at the school." Rose said, "I'll take us to the safe house after that..."

The couple nodded and went back to practice.

---- THAT NIGHT ----

"Thank you Rose..." Suga blushed knowing what was going to happen

"Of course!" She smiled, "Now let me show you around, and how everything works..."

Daichi and Suga followed her to a door with the number one on it. It also had a blank name plate.

"This is Suga's room, Daichi you will also be using this room..." Rose wrote Suga's last name on the nameplate, "This makes you officially my charge..."

"What is that for?" Daichi gestured to a button next to the door frame

"It's an intercom, these walls are soundproof and they are scent proof..." Rose smiled, "I can communicate with you via the intercom, so during Suga's heat I can ask you if you need anything without actually opening the door."

"That's... reassuring..." Suga blushed

"I'm not saying you will but if Suga is put in danger, I will know, there are pheromone sensors in there..." Rose explained, "Let me show you around the room..."

The three walked into the room, "There's a small kitchen with enough food and water stocked to last you two whole weeks, and yes it was accounted for the fact that you are athletes and you may have big appetites… Everything is restocked every two weeks to make sure you always have fresh food…" Rose said, "There's the bathroom, and the right bedside table has the condoms..."

"What about the left?" Suga made the mistake of asking

Rose faced them with an evil smirk, "Don't open the left bedside table unless you're ready for that in your sex lives..." she laughed, "The left side is for omegas that don't want an alpha during their heat..."

Daichi and Suga blushed deeply. ~Oh... it's things like THAT...~

"Well, that should be it..." Rose looked around, "Oh yeah, if either of you happen to need something in the middle of the night, press this green button next to the intercom speaker..."

"Thanks Rose..." Suga blushed and smiled

"Really, thanks..." Daichi also smiled

"Not at all! Goodnight!" Rose turned and left the room.