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"Sakano-san, I have admiration for your faith in Bad Luck, but it certainly is misplaced. It doesn't take talent to sell a record. All that is necessary, is a pretty face. And Shindo-san is very cute."

"But, Seguchi-san..."

"Talent is what keeps selling records. And Bad Luck, simply does NOT have the talent Nittle Grasper has."

"But, Seguchi-san..."

"Shall I prove it to you?"


Elsewhere, but very close...


"Ah, Manx-san... always a pleasure," Yohji flashed her a dashing smile.

"Can it, Balinese. Get the rest of Weiss to the mission room."


Back to the start but closer to where we leave...


Tohma paused in front of a flower shop and peered in the window. Sakano stopped as well and turned his gaze with his President.

"Them. They are VERY attractive. I could turn them into chart toppers even without talent."

"But, Seguchi-san..."

"All they need is a gimmick. And I have the perfect one for them."

"But, Seguchi-san..."

"Shall I prove it to you?"


Again to where we were right before this, but still at the same proximity...


Manx's outward appearance was calm but inwardly, she was trying to keep her inner fangirl from exploding. "It has come to Kritiker's attention that Tohma Seguchi of NG Records has approached you regarding a record deal."

"It's utter BS! US? Sing? He doesn't even know if we can or not! I don't know about the rest of us, but Ran totally sucks!"


"Regardless of the reason why he approached you, he did. And this gives us an opportunity we've been waiting for." Everyone paused wondering if she was serious. "We have reasons to believe that Seguchi-san may be a dark beast. You've heard of Taki Aizawa? Lead singer of ASK?" Oh no. She was serious. "There was also another young man, a tutor named Yuki Kitazawa who lived in America. Unfortunately, all we have are suspicions, but this gives us the chance to put Weiss in a position to find the answers we need. And if he is, then he needs to be stopped."

There was a collective groan from the group, minus Abyssinian. "This is intelligence gathering?" he asked.

"At this point, yes. Persia is unwilling to assign this mission as otherwise until proof has been received. We are taking this action because the circumstances are highly suspicious that we feel very confident in the info already received and the opportunity has been provided for us to get the truth."

Yohji snorted. "And how are we going pull ourselves off as a music group?"

"We have discovered that Siberian is a very promising singer," Manx held up a collection of videos marked 'Shower Surveillance.' "And Siberian is right, Abyssinian. You do suck."


At another time in another place...


"Gentlemen, I'm glad to see you accepted my offer," Tohma greeted.

"Forgive us, Seguchi-san," Yohji gracefully swept forward. "But when THE Tohma Seguchi walks into your flower shop and offers you a contract, you have to admit... it was a little hard to believe. But we've talked it over and who can resist the chance for fame?" Yohji pulled his sunglasses up in his hair and shot Tohma a very charming smile.

Ken groaned.

Tohma smiled. "Well, I am very pleased to have you here. First we must discuss some things before we talk about a contract. Then we shall see were each of your talents lay and then do what we can to form your group into a band." He paused a moment and gave each one a quick glance, pausing on Ken and taking his time to thoroughly check him out again. Ran scowled.

"I wish your group to adopt a certain gimmick that has been a tried and true method of increasing popularity. This gimmick will be your main selling point."

Yohji eyed Seguchi suspiciously. "What gimmick would that be?"

Tohma's eyes held Ken's stare and the barest hint of his tongue slid across his upper lip when he said, "do any of you have objections to kissing another man?"

"The fu-!"

"Are they cute?"


"We'll do it."


Ran glared at Ken. That 'anything for a mission,' glare. Ken glowered back. There was no way in hell that Seguchi-san was NOT not a dark beast.

"Excellent! This is perfect. Two of you will be 'seme' and the other two will play their uke.'"

"The hell!?"

"Ken, shut up."

"You four certainly are cute together. I think your band shall do very well."

"Wait... no women at all?"

"That's correct, Kudou-san."

"Yohji-kun? Are you all right?"

"So, women will be THROWING themselves at me... and I can't have them?"

"Yes. I'm sorry, Kudou-san, but you will have to refrain from doing so... for the band's image."

Ken fell off his chair in laughter.

Yohji snarled. "Shut up, Kenken!"

Ran sighed and everyone waited for Ken to calm down. Once he collected himself, Seguchi began again.

"Now, would each of you please sing a couple of lines from a song you are already familiar with so that I may get a feel of your voices?"

A still giggling Ken answered, "better let Ran go first, to get him out of the way."

Ran glared at Ken again. He started to sing, still glaring, "Sa...ku...ra... Sa...ku...ra..."

"Thank you, Fujimiya-san, that's enough." Tohma's smile appeared forced. Ran glared at him instead of the giggling Ken. "Who wants to go next? Tsukiyono-san?"

Omi blushed, but started the beginning lines of 'Glaring Dream.' Seguchi smiled. "A 'Bad Luck' fan?"

Omi blushed harder, "Hai... Fujisaki-kun is so cute!" Yohji began to gag.

Tohma turned. "Kudou-san?"

"There once was a boy from Nantucket..."


Tohma directed. "Hidaka-san?"

It took a minute for Ken to stifle his giggling before he could begin, but he was able to belt out a couple of lines from a childhood song.

"I'd like to test you further, Hidaka-san. You sound almost like Shindou-san."

"I won't have to dress like him will I?"

"Shindou-kun is cute, Ken-kun!"

"Oh, I have something special planned for your image."

"Errr... that didn't answer my question."

Tohma's smile was not reassuring at all.