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A Voice in the Wilderness

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We were all accounted for, huddled around the fire, all seven of us – and that dog. Credit where credit is due: it was Chipper who first detected her presence, and it was young Barry who realized she was speaking – or chanting – a looped phrase: “I'm a pretty girl, yes I am! I'm a good girl, ain't I? I'm a pretty girl...”

Speaking of pretty girls, it was Betty who pointed out that there was none of the vibration that would indicate the intruding presence of a giant.

It was I – no matter what they tell you, I – who set out to investigate. And if I returned rather quickly – well, what would you do if you encountered a being twice your height, long-tailed, furred, fanged, and dressed as Little Bo Peep?

It was Mark who identified her as a capuchin monkey, Valerie who speculated that she was an escaped pet, and everyone except me – and Chipper, who seemed justifiably apprehensive – who voted to shelter her until she could be returned.

Later, after her departure, Barry confided his reasoning: “It was nice, for a while,” he said, “not to be the one the fans wanted gone.”

Alas, I'm afraid I can't relate.