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Deeper in Love

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jimin curses under his breath and hits ‘play again’ for the sixth time in a row as he stares up at the tv in front of him. he’s face down propped up on his elbow on his bed where’s he’s been playing this game for three hours trying to beat jeongguk’s high score. he’s so focused on the game he doesn’t even notice when the door open and an exhausted taehyung trudges in with deep purple eye bags and the faintest trace of stubble. he looks a little dead to be honest.

he doesn’t even notice when the bed dips behind him, only realizing he’s not alone when there’s a sudden weight on his ass and he squeaks, peeking back and giggling when he realizes it’s his boyfriend lying chest down between his legs with his face smushed between jimin’s plush cheeks. taehyung’s arms are limp by his sides and he’s completely still aside from the rhythmic rise and fall of his back.

“long day taetae?” jimin turns back to the game and unsuccessfully tries to hold back a laugh when taehyung groans into his ass.

jimin eventually settles back into his game, not really bothered by taehyung’s choice of position until large hands are suddenly kneading his plush cheeks and he yelps, nearly dropping his controller. “yah! t-tae-ah!”

taehyung’s moved his face back and slowly pushes jimin’s cheeks together and then pulls them apart, groping and kneading him over his sweatpants. jimin bites his lips to hold back any noises but his cheeks are red as he tries desperately to focus.

the hands disappear and jimin thinks taehyung has moved on until he suddenly feels cold air against his bare skin, his sweats pulled down just below his ass as the warm hands return and continue what they were doing.

jimin lets go of the controller with one hand and reaches back to smack in taehyung’s general direction, jolting when his hand is caught by a much larger one and soft lips touch the tips of his fingers.

jimin presses pause as taehyung presses another kiss to his palm and then the inside of his wrist, his other hand still resting on jimin’s bare skin.

“I missed you jiminie,” another kiss to the back of his hand. “I feel like i’ve barely seen you all week,”

“It’s only thursday, we literally spent all of monday together.” jimin peeks over his shoulder and makes eye contact with taehyung who just grins and presses a kiss to the tip of each finger before finally releasing jimin’s hand and instead he moves his hands to jimin’s hips, pushing his shirt up and rubbing circles into his flesh.

taehyung’s lips follow his hands as he slowly scrunches up jimin’s shirt and trails kisses up his spine. jimin shivers and lets his head fall forward between his shoulders, one hand still gripping the controller.

“come on minnie, let me make you feel good”

"i'm trying to play a game tae..."

"then keep playing, just let me do everything"

jimin sighs but relents, pointedly ignoring the heat curling in his stomach and the fond smile on his face as he feels taehyung smile against his skin.

jimin unpauses the game and easily falls back into rythm as taehyung just continues with small pecks to his back, his shirt is now bunched up in his armpits just under his pecs and he can feel each ticklish breath taehyung releases against his sensitive skin.

taehyung's hands travel back to jimin's butt and he runs his fingers over the plush globes, watching as jimin's skin breaks into goosebumps and the elder jerks slightly as cold air hits his twitching entrance.

taehyung pushes his cheeks together and presses kisses everywhere he can, pausing to suck a few hickies into the smooth skin and relishing in the way jimin's breath hitches at each one but jimin keeps his eyes stubbornly glued to his game. but that won't last long.

jimin moans in surprise as something warm and wet runs over his entrance and he curses softly as his character nearly dies, biting his lip as taehyung repeats the action with his tongue.

taehyung grins at jimin's curse and pulls back to blow cold air over jimin's wet entrance, readjusting his hands and pulling jimin's ass farther apart before he leans forward and licks across the fluttering hold again.

rimmin jimin is probably one of taehyung's top five favorite things to do and he always puts maximum effort into it. he loves the way jimin falls apart completely on his tongue. panting and writhing in his hands and making the cutest noises. whining and moaning with a flushed face as he begs for more and taehyung is always happy to give.

he keeps jimin spread apart with his palms but still uses the tips of his fingers to knead softly at jimin's skin as he runs his tongue over his rim. jimin moans loudly and his thighs on either side of taehyung's body tense up at the first push of taehyung's tongue at his rim, the warm appendage pushing against him before going back to run across his perineum.

taehyung pulls back and watches the way jimin's entrance winks and presses a kiss to it before pressing his face directly in jimin's ass and moving his hands away.

taehyung groans as jimin's cheeks slap against his own and inhales deeply, gripping jimin's hips tightly as he squirms at the feeling of cold air against his most sensitive place.

"are you seriously smelling my ass tae?" jimin's face is red and his eyes flutter as taehyung tries to respond, words muffled in jimin's flesh. honestly how is jimin even surprised by anything anymore, taehyung has always been completely enamored with everything about jimin's ass.

taehyung squeezes jimin's hips and inhales one more time before pushing his absurdly long, flexible tongue against jimin's fluttering rim again, wriggling against the muscle and pushing and finally pushing inside.

taehyung pushes his tongue as deep as it will go before drawing back and licking at the outside of his rim, sucking wetly at the flushed skin before pushing his tongue back inside. he repeats his actions again and again, moaning directly into jimin every time he clenches around his tongue. taehyung drags his tongue along jimin's perineum and presses a kiss there before moving lower and using his hands to pull jimin's sweatpants down to his knees as he mouths at his smooth, hairless balls. taehyung is incredibly appreciative of jimin's love for having perfectly smooth skin and often accompanies jimin to get waxed every month.

jimin has been struggling to stay focused on the game, eyes fluttering every time taehyung wriggles his tongue inside of him, pushing in as deep as he can and running over his insides likes its the most delicious thing he's ever tasted. jimin isn't doing well in the game but at this point it's pure pride that keeps him playing, biting his lips as hard as he can to hold back as many moans as he can.

jimin's thighs clench up as taehyung pulls back completely and he feels just how wet he really is, saliva practically drooling out of his entrance and running down his perineum and over his balls. his dick throbs almost painfully where it's smushed against the bed below him and it get's a moment of relief as taehyung lifts jimin's hips to slide off his sweats before his hips are pressed back into the bed and taehyung settles back in, hooking his thumbs into jimin's fluttering hole and stretching it open before he pushes his tongue back inside.

jimin squeals as taehyung's tongue slides even deeper than before and he drops the controller in a loud moan when the younger's tongue suddenly presses against his prostate.

taehyung grins in victory before he continues to press his tongue harshly against that spot inside his boyfriend, pressing his face even closer to wiggle impossible deeper inside jimin. his hands go back to jimin's hips and he pulls them back against his face, feeling jimin's legs jerk on either side of him and the way jimin clenches frantically around his tongue.

the game in front of jimin is completely forgotten and loud moans pour through his bite-swollen lips as taehyung rims him within an inch of his life. jimin's legs are shaking and he presses his face into his arms, tears gathering in his eyes as his poor neglected dick throbs against his stomach. it's no longer pressed against the bed since taehyung has pulled his hips up to somehow get even deeper but jimin knows he's close, can feel the coil deep in his stomach getting tighter and tighter as taehyung eats him like a last meal.

jimin desperately tries to rut down into the sheets but taehyung holds him firmly against his face, not letting him move his hips at all even as the rest of his body jerks wildly from his approaching orgasm.

it finally slams into jimin like a freight train and he shrieks as cums streaks across the sheets below him, sobbing as taehyung doesn't even slow down, tongue stabbing his prostate and jimin deliriously wonders how taehyung hasn't died yet because it feels like he hasn't even taken a breath.

jimin continues to sob, dick twitching even as it stops spurting cum and he reaches back with one shaking arm, tugging at taehyung's hair to try and pull him away.

taehyung finally relents and pulls his face back, chin dripping and cheeks flushed as he draws in huge gulps of air and jimin slumps in defeat, about to verbally admit it but instead he releases a short scream of surprise as he is yanked back harshly, taehyung falling to his back and pulling jimin on top of him in one smooth move, knees bent on either side of taehyung's shoulders and ass directly over his face.

"t-tae you can't be serious-" jimin shudders at the feeling of taehyung panting directly against his still gaping rim and he watches, incredulous, as taehyung licks his lips and winks before wrapping his arms around the tops of jimin's thicc thighs and pulling him straight down until he is seated in his mouth.

jimin yelps as taehyung runs his tongue over his hole, repeating the action three times before sucking loudly at his rim and pushing in again. jimin's thighs tremble and his hands fly to taehyung's chest for balance, whimpering in over stimulation as his dick throbs pitifully, half hard again.

taehyung isn't any slower this time, able to reach deeper now that jimin is literally sitting on his face and he brings his hands down to cup each of jimin's cheeks, spreading him apart and taking some of the weight from jimin's trembling thighs as jimin whimpers and moans above him.

"t-taehyung- ah! t-tae please, go slower-" jimin reaches for his now fully hard erection, desperate for some relief and whimpers when his hand is smacked away, taehyung lifting him up momentarily to catch his breath.

"no touching minnie, you have a safeword you can use at any time. do you remember what it is?"

"f-f-firetru-uck" jimin sobs out and taehyung coos at him, rubbing circles in jimin's thigh with one hand as he brings the other to his mouth and sucks on three fingers for a moment before pushing one into the jimin who whimpers at the intrusion.

"you're being so good for me jiminie, you're being such a good boy for me," jimin cries harder and his small hands clench against taehyung's chest. "you're so beautiful like this, i love you so much baby,"

"wanna- wanna see you taetae, i wanna see you-" jimin chokes on a sob and taehyung coos again, curling his finger inside jimin before pulling it out and wiping it on his shirt, pushing jimin's butt up with his hands.

"of course baby, you can have anything you want, just turn around ok? you can do it baby, just stand up for a moment and then sit right back down on daddy's face."

taehyung watches the shift happen as jimin hiccups, eyes widening at the name as he falls completely into his subspace. jimin obeys easily and taehyung admires his lithe body as jimin stands on shaky legs and turns so he's facing taehyung's face and lowers himself back down slowly, knees on either side of taehyung's torso as he lowers himself back down so he's sitting on taehyung's stomach before he crumples forward and throws his arms around the brunette, crying softly as taehyung presses kisses all over his face.

jimin's sobs slow to hiccups as taehyung runs his hands up under his shirt, rubbing soothing touches over his back and kissing slowly along his jaw before pressing a soft peck against jimin's plush lips.

they've both been stressed and busy from midterms and taehyung knows jimin's habit to throw himself entirely into his work until he breaks and taehyung knows he has similar habits. he'd been waiting for the right opportunity to get them both into headspace to de-stress and when he'd walked in and seen jimin lying like that, legs out behind him and looking so soft with his messy bedhead and biting his lip as he focused intently on the screen, he couldn't help but take the opportunity.

"ah! d-daddy~" jimin whimpers against taehyung's lips as two long fingers sink into him, curling inside of him and spreading apart.

"daddy want's to make you feel good baby, do you want that? do you like sitting on daddy's tongue?"

"y-yes! oh~" jimin moans as taehyung slides in a third finger with only a little resistance and taehyung grins, pressing his lips against jimin's again and swallowing his moans as he curls his fingers right against jimin's prostate. jimin bucks against his fingers and grins down against taehyung's abdomen, a small whimper of 'daddy' pressed against his collarbone.

taehyung slowly draws his fingers out and basks in jimin's moan of loss before patting jimin's hips and guiding him over his face. "come on baby, just let daddy take care of you. you've been such a good boy jiminie, you've worked so hard now let daddy make you feel good."

"daddy, wanna feel good. i wanna feel good daddy" jimin settles his knees on either side of taehyung's head, blushing prettily under the praise as he brings his fingers to stroke through taehyung's hair, whimpering when they make eye contact.

taehyung licks his lips and moans at the sight above him, jimin's thighs spread open above him and his perfect little hole dripping wet and clenching around air above him, begging to be filled, and jimin himself looks breathtaking. His blue shirt has fallen down from where it was bunched up at his armpits and his cute chubby member is tenting the fabric, a wet spot staining at the tip and spreading rapidly because his jiminie always gets so wet when his daddy uses his tongue. jimin's hair is even more of a mess, ebony locks slicked against his forehead and sticking up in every direction and his cheeks are flushed a beautiful red, lips swollen fro being bitten and eyes puffy with tears, wet lashes clumped together. taehyung has never seen anything more beautiful in his life and he says as much.

"you're so beautiful baby, so beautiful like this. i could spend the rest of my life looking at you and i would die happy. i love you so much my perfect baby boy"

jimin's eyes fill with new tears and he absolutely preens under the praise, fingers trembling in taehyung's hair and cheeks flushing even more.

taehyung waste's no time and pulls jimin back against his face, thumbs spreading him apart and tongue sliding across his twitching entrance before slithering in. jimin's thighs clench on either side of his head and his fingers tug at taehyung's hair as he clenches around his tongue and taehyung is in heaven. he presses in deeper and finds jimin's swollen prostate again, curling against it in a perfected technique from two years of practice.

taehyung's chest swells at the way jimin sobs above him, broken cries of 'i love you', 'feels good', 'daddy', and 'more', thighs shaking and fingers tugging at his hair as he curls over taehyung's head.

taehyung doesn't let up at all, switching between sucking on his rim and tonguing at his perineum before sliding back inside and mercilessly attacking his prostate. jimin is sobbing in pleasure and babbling incoherently as he frantically grinds down against his daddy's face, his shirt thrown off at some point when he couldn't stand the friction against his member anymore.

jimin knows he's close, he can feel his orgasm approaching again, and he desperately wants to touch himself but jimin knows if he does his daddy will be disappointed in him and he hates it when daddy is disappointed in him.

taehyung notices immediately when jimin's nearing his orgasm, his thighs clench even more and his prostate throbs against taehyung's tongue and he feels jimin's fingers tighten in his hair to prevent from touching himself and taehyung is incredibly proud of him, knows his baby's cute little cock must be throbbing for relief because taehyung can feel his own straining against his jeans.

taehyung takes a deep breath and uses his arms around jimin's thighs to pulls his baby;s weight completely against his face, smug at the little yelp the small man lets out as taehyung sinks his tongue deeper inside of him and taehyung releases one arm to wrap around jimin's middle, hand pressing just between his hips directly where his prostate is, stimulating it from the inside and the outside at the same time.

jimin screams as his orgams rips through him, harder than before, his thighs squeezing taehyung's head and sobs shaking his whole body as he curls forward, gasping as cum splatters across the pillows above taehyung.

again taehyung doesn't let up through his orgasm, still pressing against his prostate from both sides and using his arms to keep jimin's hips completely still as his whole body jerks violently from over stimulation. neither of them notice the door being wrenched open or jeongguk's horrified face as he watches his roommate sob violently, the word 'daddy' falling from his lips over and over as he curls over jeongguk's best friends head and grinds against his face while wet slurping and squelching noises fill the room.

jeongguk slams the door and slowly walks away, eyes shaking as he silently grabs his keys and his phone before leaving the dorm. ten minutes later he walks into yoongi's off campus apartment and the elder frantically tries to figure out whats wrong as jeongguk collapses against his chest and starts crying, horrified garbles that sound something like 'jimin' 'daddy' and 'bleach my eyes' spilling from his lips.

back in the dorm room taehyung finally relents when the need to breath gets too much and lifts jimin carefully from his face, helping the sobbing, shaking boy settle on his lap, mindful to avoid taehyung's straining erection as he sits up and wipes his soaked jaw with jimin's discarded shirt before wrapping his baby up in his arms and cooing softly at him.

"you did so well baby, so beautiful. i'm so proud of you, daddy's good little boy," praises fall from his lips as easily as water and jimin soaks them all up, sniffling into his skin and pressing against taehyung's warm chest.

jimin always feels so small in taehyung's arms and while the size difference annoys him sometimes when his friends tease him for barely coming up to his boyfriends shoulders, it's also one of his favorite things about the brunette. especially whenever they're intimate, whether he's in his headspace or now. the way taehyung can manhandle jimin so easily, the way jimin fits in his arms or on his lap perfectly. he loves it. everything about taehyung is bigger and jimin loves it.

jimin feels so sated and exhausted as taehyung whispers praises in his ears and strokes over his still shaking thighs carefully, kneading his tense muscles as he trails kisses over his ears and along his jaw and over his cheeks. he feels soft and small and taken care of and he croons in delight as he leans in to fit his head right under taehyung's chin, pressing his lips against taehyung's panting chest.

jimin squirms to get more comfortable and pauses when he hears taehyung's breath hitch. jimin squirms again and his eyes widen when he feels something hard twitch against his butt.

"baby boy can you stay still for a little? let daddy calm down first before we cuddle." taehyung pants and jimin frowns, grinding down again and pouting when taehyung moans and lurches forward a bit.

"daddy's still hard, that's not fair! i wanna make daddy feel good too!" jimin whines, tugging at taehyung's shirt.

taehyung doesn't protest and lifts his arms to let jimin yank the material off and throw it on the floor, bringing his hands up to cup jimins face and give him a wide smile. "my baby always makes me feel good. my beautiful, perfect, amazing baby boy is always so good to me so it's ok if i don't cum. this was about you baby,"

jimin melts and he feels tears pool in his eyes, his tiny hands coming to wipe at his tears but taehyung's get there first, fingers gently removing the droplets from his cheeks and cooing as he asks what's wrong.

"d-daddy takes c-care of jiminie, so jiminie wanna take care of daddy t-too! i want it, please daddy!"

taehyung's heart is throbbing in his chest as he looks at his baby, eyes soft and smile warm as he runs his thumbs over jimin's soft, chubby cheeks. jimin's eyes are scrunched up as he sniffles and he precious little hands are tugging at the band of taehyung's jeans and his beautiful, plush lips are pouting in that cute way they do when jimin wants something and taehyung has always been a weak weak man whenever jimin is involved, especially little jimin.

"of course baby, daddy wants it too. but are you sure baby? you know you don't have to, daddy is just as happy to cuddle with his baby."

jimin nods firmly and pushes against taehyung's shoulders to get him to lay back. taehyung pulls jimin into a kiss first. the first real kiss since this started, running his tongue against jimin's lips and swallowing the smaller's moans as he claims his mouth, only pulling back when he completely satisfied and grinning as jimin falls forward slightly and pants against his chest, soft fingers curling against taehyung's bare chest as he finally lays back to let jimin do what he wants.

jimin shuffles back and taps at taehyung's legs, settling between them on his knees once they're spread as he finally get's the best of the button on taehyung's jeans and pulls them off, his boxers following right after.

taehyung groans when his erection is finally released and it slaps against his stomach, throbbing for attention. jimin's eyes widen like a kid in a candy store and he tosses the boxers off to join the pants and shirt on the floor, sitting up on his knees as he leans forward and runs his finger along the bottom of taehyung's member, licking his lips as it twitches.

taehyung moans and his head falls back as jimin wraps his hand around his length and gives a long, slow lick from base to tip. jimin smiles against his daddy's cock and does it again, marveling at the way it twitches in his hand. taehyung's member is definitely much bigger than jimin's and while it used to embarrass him when they first started dating, it ended up being one of his favorite size differences between them. the way taehyung can wrap his entire hand around jimin's length and stop him from coming and can fit all of jimin inside his mouth at once and tongue at his sensitive balls at the same time.

jimin can't even fit his entire hand around taehyung's member. his fingers are about a three centimeters apart when he wraps his hand around the base of taehyung's length and taehyung's length is a little under two thirds of jimin's forearm. when he first saw taehyung's massive member jimin had nearly passed out, unbelieving that it would ever fit inside of him. two hours and an almost annoying amount of prep time later jimin had had the most amazing sex he'd ever had. two years later and he still swears it was a religious experience.

the memory of how it feels to have taehyung's dick sink inside of him has jimin moaning as he takes the head in his mouth and laves his tongue around it, swallowing down the precum that had gathered there. jimin runs his tongue along the length again before sinking down and lowering his mouth to suck at taehyung's smooth balls, hands moving up and down his daddy's slicked length and watching as the vein on the bottom throbs at the attention.

taehyung is moaning happily at the attention to his neglected cock and he has grabbed a bunched up throw blanket to put under his head so he doesn't have to crane his neck to watch the show his baby is putting on for him.

when jimin looks up again as he returns to licking at the head of taehyung's cock, he makes they make eye contact and he feels his own soft cock throb and his hole flutter at the heated gaze taehyung is giving him.

"you're doing so good baby, you feel so good on my cock." taehyung praises, bring one hand to jimin's hair, not pushing but gently stroking his scalp in an adoring manner.

jimin moans and his eyes flutter shut, sinking down on taehyungs cock as far as he can before pulling back and repeating, going a little deeper each time.

taehyung moans loudly and his hips jerk up causing jimin to choke slightly and pull back. taehyung is halfway through a frantic apology before it's cut off by a loud moan and jimin takes a deep breath and sinks down until his nose is pressed between taehyung's prominent v-line.

jimin rests there for a moment, breathing through his nose like taehyung taught him and he moans softly around the throbbing cock in his throat, feeling the impression it's making in his throat. taehyung is petting both hands through jimin's hair now and murmuring praise after praise but it sounds foggy to jimin as he swallows around taehyung's length, eyes going glassy.

it took a really long time for jimin to be able to deepthroat taehyung and hold him in his throat like this. taehyung's cock is so large it makes a very noticeable swell in jimin's throat and he had to learn how to breath through his nose well before he could do it. now one of his favorite things is just holding his daddy's cock in his mouth, keeping it warm and letting his mind drift into the comfort of his headspace. it's something he asks for when he get's really stressed and wants to not have to think of anything.

jimin has to remember this is not one of those times as he feels taehyung's fingers tap at the back of his neck twice and jimin slowly pulls off, tears sliding down his cheeks and tongue hanging from his mouth, a thick string of saliva connecting it to the tip of taehyung's cock as he pulls of with a loud slurp.

taehyung pushes the hair back from jimin's face and feels the heat in his stomach grow to a raging fire. jimin looks absolutely wrecked, eyes glassy and teary and mouth hanging open and drooling on his cock with flushed cheeks as he pants, barely holding himself up with his hands on taehyung's thighs. taehyung honestly can't help it as he pulls jimin forward onto his chest and attaches their mouths, licking into jimin's warm cavern and swallowing every wet moan he lets out.

he only pulls back for a moment before continuing down jimin's jaw and starting to suck dark hickies into his neck as he brings his fingers up to jimin's mouth. once taehyung deems his fingers wet enough he sits up, jimin completely pliant against his chest, and brings their lips together again as he trails one hand back down to jimin's ass and slides his fingers between his still wet cheeks. jimin moans when two of taehyung's fingers slip inside of him. he's still practically dripping from how much saliva taehyung pushed inside of him and could probably take three right off the bat but taehyung is always so careful about prepping his baby and he goes slow.

carefully spreading him open with two fingers before adding a third and eventually a fourth, curling them inside of jimin's tight wet heat and occasionally drawing back to press against his prostate. every time he does jimin moans and bucks against taehyung's abdomen, his cute cock hard again by some crazy force of magic after two of the best orgasms of his life

jimin is beyond ready and taehyung knows it but he keeps pressing his fingers into jimin's prostate until jimin whines and slams his chest gently, panting as taehyung chuckles against the skin of his neck, pressing one last kiss to the latest hickey before gently pulling his fingers out and carefully lying jimin down in front of him.

taehyung suddenly feels breathless from the sight in front of him. jimin is lying back against the navy blue sheets they picked out together, his hair fanned out like a halo. legs have fallen from taehyung's hips to be on either side of him and his arms are spread out like he waiting for taehyung to lean forward so he can wrap them around him. jimin's whole body is flushed, from his beautiful pink cheeks, down his neck and chest to his soft rosy nipples, and all the way down to his pretty pink cock.

purple and red splotches are painted across jiimin's body like stars, scattered across his neck and collarbones and across the insides of his thighs. taehyung mourn the lack of hickies and attention to jimin's perfect chest and beautiful chubby stomach and decided to make a difference.

he presses a kiss to jimin's parted lips and trails down to lick across a puffy nipple, trailing his fingers gently down jimin's sides as he coaxes the soft bud into his mouth. jimin's fingers curls into his hair and pull him closer as he moans and taehyung sucks a bit harder.

\for the first two months of their relationship jimin never let taehyung see him with his shirt off because he was embarrassed of having inverted nipples. when taehyung finally coaxed him into stripping completely jimin was taken by complete surprise at the way taehyung's eyes had widened and his face had flushed a red he'd never seen before, the younger shyly admitting that he thought it was really cute and sexy and he really liked it.

after that taehyung would spend a long time licking and sucking at jimin's extremely sensitive areolas and he always got really excited when jimin's nipple would eventually harden and peek out of his soft chest.

taehyung switches sides when he deems jimin's nipple sensitive enough, a bit sad he doesn't have the time it takes to coax the cute little nipples out of puffy pink areolas but his throbbing cock and jimin's writhing form beneath him both beckon him to hurry up.

jimin tugs taehyung's hair and whines until taehyung finally pulls away, trailing a few quick kisses over jimin's perfectly chubby tummy before he leans back up and connects their lips again, tugging jimin's legs around his hips and slipping his fingers inside one more time to make sure jimin is still stretched enough.

jimin wriggles his hips in impatients and whines 'daddy~ hurry up' against his lips so taehyung pulls them back and uses his free hand to hold jimin's hips still, pressing their foreheads together as he slowly starts to sink in.

jimin moans loudly as taehyung pushes the first couple inches in, jolting with a yelp as he pauses with his head pressing directly into jimin's sensitive prostate as he presses his lips against jimin's pulse, sucking at the skin as he waits for jimin to adjust with teasing little jerks of his hips.

"daddy- ah! more, more, daddy please!"

"ok baby, but tell me if you need me to stop ok? we can stop at any time you want and just cuddle instead or take a bath, daddy won't be mad."

"ok ok daddy i promise, please more, i want more!"

jimin tightens his thighs around taehyung suddenly and they both cry out in pleasure as taehyung sinks deeper, more than halfway in now as he pauses to let them catch their breath.

jimin is a moaning mess beneath taehyung, nearly incoherent as he begs his daddy to start moving, arms wrapped tight around taehyung's shoulders. taehyung finally does, drawing back until just the tip is inside before he thrusts forward, tilting jimin's hips up in the way he knows will give him the perfect angle to hit jimin's prostate every time he thrusts in.

jimin cries out and one of his hands fly to taehyung's hair, the only word he can say is 'daddy' over and over again as taehyung thrusts into him over and over, stretching him a little wider, pushing a little deeper each time.

taehyung feels the knot in his stomach growing tighter and he knows neither of them are going to last long. he has been hard for the whole hour and a half he spent rimming jimin and jimin is sensitive from his two previous orgasms.

jimin yelps and his limbs squeeze around taehyung, a cry of 'daddy!?' slipping from his lips as taehyung suddenly sits up, both moaning as jimin sinks farther onto his cock.

"d-daddy what? what are you-" jimin moans as taehyung loosens his arms and jimin sinks down, hands scrabbling for something to hold as he's filled beyond capacity until taehyung's balls are pressed against his ass.

taehyung doesn't move, his arms firm around jimin's back for support as jimin adjusts to his size, whimpering and shaking in his arms. tears are slipping down jimin's cheeks and he isn't making any words at this point, just sounds as his thighs clench tight enough to leave bruises around taehyung's hips and his hands claw down taehyung's chest, head thrown back in ecstasy as he tries desperately to adjust.

taehyung pants roughly at the pleasure of jimin's walls flexing around him, clenching and unclenching rapidly as his body tries to accommodate the massive intrusion. taehyung jolts suddenly at an incredible feeling and his eyes fly open, trailing down from jimin's wide eyes to see jimin's hand resting over his own abdomen. jimin presses down again and taehyung moans in sync with him, shock creeping up his spine as he looks back up to jimin's incredulous eyes and back down to what he can now see it a noticeable bump in jimin's cute tummy.

jimin's hand is resting right on top of it and when he presses down and they both moan it finally seems to click and taehyung moves his hands down, taking a handful of jimin's plump butt in each palm before he pulls jimin up, watching the impression in his tummy disappear, and pulls him back down, the bump reappearing.

taehyung does it again and again and again, unable to take his eyes away from that spot where his cock stretches jimin's tummy out every time he thrusts in and he's barely aware of jimin sobbing frantically in his arms, barely able to form words coherent enough past"so big, oh god, you're so big, daddy daddy daddy!"

jimin was not prepared at all for the realization that taehyung was literally too big and he couldn't stop his desperate moving if he tried, bouncing on taehyung's cock as much as he can as his daddy fucks up into him. when jimin cums this time it's not even cum, it's just clear liquid that spurts out of his chubby little cock that's just so much smaller than daddy's and it has him reeling, gasping as taehyung falls forward, jimin lying flat against the bed and taehyung leaning over him on his knees as he rapidly pistons his hips in and out of jimin's constricting entrance.

jimin's legs are still up around his hips so only his upper back is against the bed and it makes taehyung slam into his prostate on every thrust in and jimin's cock squirts out more clear liquid, the small male sobbing brokenly as taehyung thrusts in one last time before burying himself as deep as he could, eyes locked on to the very apparent bulge in jimin's stomach as he finally cums.

jimin's sob gets choked off into a gasp as taehyung cums and just keeps grinding deeper with every little jerk of his hips as rope after rope of burning hot cum fills jimin's insides. taehyung has always produced a lot of cum and jimin loves it, loves the full feeling and loves plugging himself up after and keeping tae's come in him as long as he can, but right now it feels like taehyung is coming more than he ever has. jimin jolts when he feels tae's hand pressing down over his cock inside of jimin while he's coming and it causes jimin's limp cock to jerk against his stomach, another trickle of liquid spilling out against his stomach as he writhes weakly against the sheets.

jimin can't believe taehyung is still coming as he feels his insides being filled more and more and he almost thinks it's never going to end, that's he's going to burst because none of it can leak out of where taehyung's cock is completely plugging his entrance but he feels the flow slowing only to cry out incredulously as he feels taehyung's hand sliding over his skin and looks down to see taehyung gently moving his hand over the distention of jimin's tummy, almost like he's jerking off directly inside of jimin and if jimin could cum again he would. all he manages is a broken sob and a weak twitch of his arm towards taehyung.

this seems to snap taehyung out of it as he catches jimin's hand and leans forward carefully, kissing apologies into Jimin's wrist as he moves slightly inside of him, settling himself carefully between jimin's legs to press gentle kisses against jimin's cheeks and chin.

jimin's sobs have died down to sniffles and just whispers soft praises into his skin, careful to stay as still as possible. jimin's eyes are glassy and he doesn't say anything, only whimpering as taehyung draws back after about ten minutes. as gently as he can taehyung begins to pull out but stops immediately when jimin lets out a cry of protest and reaches frantically for taehyung.

taehyung immediately takes jimin's hands in his own and gently kisses his palms. "it's ok, it's ok baby, you're so good, you're so beautiful. i'm not leaving, daddy would never leave you. my beautiful baby boy, such a good boy for me. i'm just pulling out ok? i'm gonna take care of you baby, will you let daddy take care of you or do you need a couple more minutes?"

jimin doesn't say anything but tears fill his eyes and he whimpers shaking his head and frantically tilting his hips up, even as he winces in pain.

"ok! ok!" taehyung holds jimin's hips still so he doesn't hurt himself and tries to decipher jimin's sudden babbling.

"no out! daddy no! daddy daddy please- no spill-" he cuts off with a heartbreaking sob and taehyung almost whimpers, gently leaning forward and pressing a kiss to jimin's chest, unable to reach higher without moving his hips.

"ok baby, i won't let any spill, but daddy has to pull out ok? daddy doesn't want to hurt you so i have to pull out but i promise i won't let any spill out. we'll pick out a plug ok baby? my sweet beautiful prince."

taehyung smiles at how jimin's cheeks flush at the nickname and he nods shyly, sniffling and bringing his small hands up to rub at his eyes. taehyung takes one of his hands and presses a kiss to it before leaning back and carefully, slowly pulling out, making sure to tilt jimin's hips as much as he can so now cum slips out.

some does inevitably, jimin whimpering as it slides out and trails down his back and taehyung frantically crawls over to the bedside table, yanking open the bottom drawer and grabbing jimin's two favorite, and coincidentally the two largest, plugs they have and scrabbling back over to his sniffling baby who's hips are shaking from the effort to keep them tilted up.

taehyung immediately slides his knees under jimins hips to take the weight from him and quickly presses kisses to his thighs.

"you're so good baby, you did such a good job keeping it all inside, you're so perfect. i got your plugs baby, which one do you want today? you pick either one little prince, whatever you want ok?"

once again jimin positively keens at the nickname and he looks at the two plugs taehyung is holding in his hand. one is the rounder glass plug a little over two inches in diameter and completely see through. daddy bought it for him for christmas. the second is a black silicone plug, a little bit smaller, with a white gem on the base. daddy bought it for jimin as a reward for being such a good boy the week he was away in daegu.

jimin points at the black plug and taehyung nods, pressing another kiss to jimin's thigh as he scoots back a bit, using one hand to keep jimin's hips steady as the other pushes the plug in as gently as he can.

jimin whimpers when it gets to the thickest part but taehyung just keeps pressing soft kisses to his thighs and doesn't let up, wiping at the cum that slipped out once the plug is finally nestled snug against jimin's swollen red rim. taehyung presses a small kiss against the jewel on the base before slowly setting jimin's legs on the bed below him and leaning up over him, letting jimin wrap his arms around his neck and pull him into a sweet kiss.

"you're so good baby, such a good baby boy. so perfect for me, little prince. my precious little prince," jimin keens and taehyung slides off the bed, keeping his arms around jimin as he does until he's hunched over, freeing one arm to slide it under jimin's knees and lift him into his chest, pressing his lips against jimin's temple as jimin clings to him, whimpering at the shift.

"i'm gonna draw us a bath ok precious? daddy's going to take good care of you baby because you took such good care of daddy. my perfect baby."

jimin nods against his chest and sniffles softly, one arm around taehyung's neck and the other curled into his chest, his thumb resting between his plump lips. taehyung coos and presses sweet kisses to jimin's flushed cheeks as he pushes open the bathroom door with his foot.

honestly taehyung is so thankful jimin and jeongguk ended up with one of the off-campus apartments instead of a regular dorm room because that means that there is a full sized bathtub in their bathroom and they use it often.

jimin cries out in protest and reaches his arms out when taehyung sets him on the counter and taehyung hugs him close, running a hand through jimin's soft hair as he pets the small of his back with the other.

"i'm only letting go for a second angel, i promise, i'm not even leaving the room. but i have to let go of you to get the bath ready for my perfect little prince, ok? i'll be right here and when i'm done i'll pick you right back up and i won't let you go until you're ready, ok?"

jimin nods hesitantly and taehyung smiles at him reassuringly before pecking his forehead and pulling away to walk over to the rub and turn on the water, pushing the plug in place and holding his hand under the flow until he decides it's the perfect warm, but not too-warm temperature.

taehyung knows a bathbomb isn't a good idea right after sex, especially since jimin has a plug in, so he ignores the basket of pretty bath bombs next to the tub and instead walks over to the counter where he crouches down between jimin's legs, pressing kisses to his ankles and smiling when jimin giggles above him as he opens the cabinet and finds the box of epsom salts and another box marked 'property of park jimin. DO NOT TOUCH'

he pours two spoonfuls of the salt in and watches it dissolve before opening the box and pulling out the three soft teddy bear print washcloths, a bottle of pink no-chemical, rose scented bubble bath, two rubber ducks just in case, and jimin's favorite green dinosaur hooded towel.

jimin whines on the counter and taehyung quickly pours in the bubble bath and waits until there's a good layer of pink bubbles before turning the water off and walking over to where jimin is making grabby hands on the counter.

"are you ready angel?"

jimin nods and taehyung walks over to the tub, gently setting jimin down inside and quickly slipping in behind him, opening his arms and stretching his legs out so jimin can't find a comfy position. jimin shuffles around until he's sitting in taehyung's lap a little bit sideways and leaning back into his chest with his head tucked right under taehyung's chin as he languidly plays with the soft pink bubbles.

taehyung smiles and presses a kiss to the top of jimin's head and gently wraps one arm around his waist, pressing another kiss to the shell of his ear as he takes on of the washcloths and starts to run it over jimin's skin.

about forty minutes later jimin is sleepily nuzzling taehyung's jaw and he's all clean, the last of the conditioner rinsed from his hair as he puffs small breaths against taehyung's shoulder. he's shifted his position so he's facing taehyung now, arms around his neck and legs around his waist as taehyung runs a soothing hand over his back.

the water is almost completely drained from the tub and taehyung tries not to jostle jimin too much as he stands up and slowly steps out of the tub and walks to the shower, quickly rinsing the two of them off before setting jimin back on the counter.

jimin yawns but says nothing as taehyung quickly dries himself off and doesn't bother wrapping a towel around his waist as he grabs a new towel and begins to gently dry jimin off. jimin hasn't spoken at all yet but it's ok, taehyung isn't worried. sometimes it just takes a while for jimin to drop back but it's ok because taehyung is attentive enough to everything jimin needs without having to ask. he spent the whole time in the tub gently washing jimin and massaging his sore muscles while smothering him with kisses and praise.

taehyung wraps jimin in his dinosaur towel and gently picks him back up, resting his hands under his thighs to carry him back to the bedroom. he never likes leaving jimin alone when he's in space, especially after being intimate, and jimin hates it, so taehyung is very careful about setting jimin in the desk chair and bolting to jeongguk's room to grab the pillows off his bed, thankful that the younger isn't here, and he's back right when jimin opens his mouth to call for him, pressing 'i love you' against his lips and setting the pillows in his arms before he quickly strips the very dirty bed and pulls the spare sheets from the box under the bed.

it barely takes ten minutes for taehyung to make the bed again, pulling the spare comforter out of the closet along with jimin's stuffed dinosaur before setting the pillows down too and pulling jimin back into his arms.

"i love you angel. i love you so so so so so much, like all the stars in all the galaxies and all the galaxies in all the in the universe and more than anything in the world." taehyung whispers as he gently lays jimin in the bed and then climbs in after him, letting jimin curl into his chest and wrapping his arms around the most beautiful boy in the universe.

"that's a lot" jimin's small, rough voice whispers into his skin and taehyung smiles, pulling back to press a kiss to his nose and then burying his head in jimin's hair. "and it's not nearly enough to match how much i love you," taehyung whispers back. he feels jimin's lips ghost over his chest, pressing softly to the area right over his heart. "i love you too."

jimin finds himself stirring awake, still in headspace and whimpering when he doesn't feel arms around him and realizes he's rolled away from taehyung in the night. he quickly crawls back over and slides onto taehyung's chest, nuzzling his head under taehyung's chin and smiling as long warm arms wrap around him and tuck him in closer even though taehyung is still completely asleep. jimin drifts off again.

the next time jimin wakes up he's completely out of head space and taehyung is no longer beside him. the room is empty but there's faint music playing from somewhere in the apartment. jimin moves to sit up and winces as his back and butt throb in protest, pain shooting up his spine and his thighs ache. he notices something else though and pulls the blanket back to see that taehyung has slipped his favorite soft boxers on and dark blue knee highs on his feet because jimin doesn't like waking up with cold toes. jimin smiles widely and he shifts again when another realization hits him and he reaches a hand between his legs and realizes taehyung must have removed the plug and cleaned him while he was sleeping so he wouldn't wake up sticky and gross. jimin's smile only gets wider and he sees one of his favorite sweaters to steal from taehyung is folded neatly at the end of the bed next to his favorite soft black sweatpants.

jimin feels like his heart is exploding in his chest right now and his cheeks ache from smiling so wide as he pulls the soft baby blue sweater on and decides against putting on pants since the boxers go halfway down his thighs anyway.

as jimin slowly pads down the hallway he can finally tell what song is playing and hears taehyung singing a long to it in his beautiful, deep voice. taehyung's singing voice is the most beautiful thing jimin has ever heard and he smiles as he recognizes the song as shiver by lucy rose, another american artist taehyung has taken a liking to. jimin doesn't know english, barely able to stutter out a greeting, but after hearing taehyung sing the song every day for a week he ended up spending twenty minutes searching for a korean translation of the lyrics and he ended up surprising taehyung one day by joining in at the chorus.

jimin remembers that moment as one of his favorite ever. the moment taehyung had realized jimin was there, standing behind him in the living room and singing along with him he had broken into the most breathtaking smile and swept jimin into his arms, kissing his so sweetly before he set him back down pulled him into slow, sweet dance. jeongguk had laughed at them, but he had also waited until the next day and smiled softly at the two of them as he sent them both the three minute video he had taken of them swaying softly in each other's arms and singing softly in the late afternoon light.

with that fond memory in his mind jimin steps into the kitchen and is met with yet another breathtaking sight, a phenomena he has been getting more and more of since falling in love with kim taehyung. the brunette is standing in front of the stove, soft timber voice filling the room alongside the song playing from his phone, plugged in next to the fridge. he golden skin glows in the morning light streaming in through the window above the sink and creates a halo around his whole body and jimin can see red lines covering his back and most likely his chest and faint purple bruising around his hips and waist. taehyung is only wearing a pair of low hanging red sweatpants.

his hair is messy and jimin can tell he's smiling from the way his voice sounds. on the counter next to him is a tray with two plates on it and four small bowls. a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of raspberries, and a bowl of blueberries and the other is full is cool whip. each plate has a stack of pancakes but on plate has a perfect heart shape pancake on top and the pancakes are all pretty round. the other stack has the messier pancakes and jimin's heart aches from how incredibly in love with taehyung he is. there's even a smoothie next to the tray and from the bright purple color jimin knows its the blueberry spinach smoothie he told tae he wanted to try over a week ago and jimin honestly wants to cry when taehyung just keeps singing softly, completely unaware of the melty puddle of love-struck boyfriend behind him as he slides four eggs onto the plates. two over easy and two sunny side up.

taehyung jumps slightly when two soft arms wrap around his chest and smiles warmly when he feels an even softer head press between his shoulders, warm lips pressing into his skin but the smile falls when he hears jimin sniffle behind him and he tries to turn around but jimin doesn't budge, pressing his face deeper into his skin.

"jiminie? baby? are you ok? i'm sorry i wasn't there when you woke up, i wanted to bring you breakfast in"

jimin sniffles again and shakes his head, smiling softly as he loosens his grip and taehyung twists in his arms, bringing one arm around jimin's back and cupping his cheek gently to look into his eyes worriedly.

"i'm fine tae, it's ok. i just...i love you so much. i can't even believe how much i love you it's so crazy, but at the same time i can because you're so sweet. you're so sweet taehyungie. you're so soft and amazing and you take such good care of me. i feel like i've spent a thousand life times with you but it still feels like that would never be enough time for me to tell you how much i love you."

jimin smiles softly, so softly up at taehyung and laughs mutely when he sees tears welling up in taehyung's eyes. taehyung's bright, beautiful eyes that look at jimin like he gave taehyung all the stars in the universe but the truth is that the entire universe is in taehyung's eyes. he's the sun and his eyes are the stars. jimin presses a kiss to taehyung's heart, a habit he's developed as a way of saying 'i love you'.

taehyung laughs wetly, wiping his eyes quickly before pressing a kiss to jimin's head and laughing. "you know, that's not actually where my heart is."

jimin frowns and scrunches his eyebrows, double checking his right and left for a moment before taehyung leans down and presses his own kiss over jimin's heart before moving to rest his head there, ear against his chest to listen to the soft beat there. "it's right here."

it takes jimin a moment to process his words and when he does his cheeks are flushing a bright red and his eyes are full of tears again, sobbing softly as he hides his smile in the top of taehyung's hair. he usually smack taehyung on the arm for his incredibly cheesy remarks but the only thing he wants to hit right now is his past self for waiting the first three years he knew taehyung before finally plucking up the courage to ask him on a date.

taehyung laughs as jimin cries into his hair for a moment before standing up again and pulling jimin against his chest, kissing his forehead, then trailing down to his cheeks, along his jaw, his eyebrows, his nose, his shut eyes, his chin, his temples, and finally his lips, feeling his chest flood with indescribable warmth as jimin laughs happily in his arms, tears disappearing as he cups taehyung's cheeks in both hands and kisses him deeper. his mouth is warm and they both taste like the weird herbal black toothpaste taehyung had bought for aesthetic that they used when they ran out of spearmint and jimin smiles.

"breakfast is going to get cold, minnie."
"let it."

taehyung pulls back immediately and pouts. "i just spent an hour making you breakfast in bed, we are not letting it get cold jimin." jimin snorts and shakes his head, pressing another kiss to taehyung's pouting lips before nodding and grabbing the mug of chamomile tea and the smoothie cup, waiting for taehyung to grab the tray and double check the stove is off before they carry everything to the bedroom and have breakfast in bed, jimin feeding taehyung over his shoulder and sitting in his lap as taehyung nuzzles his neck and presses occasional kisses to his skin.

a couple hours later when they're cuddled back in bed, breakfast dishes washed and dirty sheets in the laundry, taehyung gets a text from jeongguk and glances down at jimin sleeping happily in his arms before opening it.

it's a six minute video and the thumbnail is a somewhat crooked side view if taehyung standing in the kitchen leaning over the stove and jimin standing behind him looking at him with the softest smile in the world.

taehyung smiles and clicks it, making sure the volume is low enough to not disturb jimin. the video is a bit shaky and it's clearly taken from somewhere near the front door but the sound is clear and you can hear jimin's whole speech to taehyung before the two of them are hugging and it keeps going until they kiss. it's freezes for a moment before the camera was clearly switched to selfie mode and jeongguk's exasperated face fills the screen.

"y'know, i came home to get some clothes so i could stay at yoongi-hyungs and this is this shit i come home to. i hope you know i'm adding this to the flash drive of 'cheesy shit to use at your wedding to embarrass you'. and if i walk in on jimin calling you daddy one more time i swear to god i am recording it and sending it to both of your fathers." with that the video ends and taehyung is choking on his spit and trying to hold back his laughter.

jimin stirs on his chest and there's a muffled 'taetae shhh'. taehyung smiles and whisper back a soft 'sorry minnie' before he saves the video and sets his phone aside, wrapping his other arm around jimin and going back to wondering what color wedding ring would look best on the small soft fingers pressed against his chest, just over his heart.