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Brendan 3 & Knuckles

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Chapter 1: Backstory
I walked through the portal to a local farm, there I met a brown farm-mouse called Mrs. Brisby and her four kids, Teresa, Martin, Cynthia and Timothy.
“I want you to take care of them for me.” Said Brisby, this was surprising, since she usually asks me for small favours. “Thorn Valley is being attacked, I have to go there and save Justin and the others…”
“Okay then.” I said, I got on the ship supplied to me by Seagull Bomber, my friend, we jumped on and then we were off!

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(Intro) [Bomb burst!]

Hah! Hah! The bombs are bursting! [Brendan is stood in a T-Pose]
Fire! Fire! In English, it's fire!! [Teresa is stood like a ninja]
Let's make more bombs! [Timothy is stood with his arms crossed]
Hey! Hey! Let's make fires of peace!! [Martin is stood looking away angry while Cynthia is looking at Martin confused.]

Somehow, we're always involved. [Brendan is running off while Seagull Bomber waves to him, then changes to a lens flare]
We're always in a cold sweat. [Brendan is running with his belongings]
Be prepared already! [Teresa is holding a bowl of ramen in her hands, she flips her hair and does a Tsundere pose.]
I'm at the edge of a cliff. (Hah ha~) [Teresa is chasing Brendan on a motorbike then to Brendan jumping heroically]

If I have to, I'll do it, regardless of how many times. [Timothy is shown kicking HigeHige Bandit butt, Cynthia shows all her tools to the viewer before Martin pusher her away to do a sumo stomp.]
Raise the power! (Yes!!) [Brisby is in full view before getting pushed out by Justin.]
If I don't do it, who else will? [Brendan and Teresa are stood in front of a view of The Death Egg as we see our villains, Knuckles, who’s arm is stretched out evilly, Max, who is creeping evilly, and Mechadoc, who’s hands are shown in a way that represent his desire for world domination are shown in the background.]
I'll live up to your expectations! [Brendan defends Teresa, who is crying by showing his sword.]

Three. Two. One. I won't forget this, even when I become an adult. [The amulet is shown, then we see Jonathan Brisby from the side stood in a pile of junk with blue lasers in the background.]
Three. Two. One. As long as you have a passionate heart, you'll be invincible. [The screen cuts to red fire then we see Jenner in front view emotionless.]
I am and will be at the edge of a cliff [The screen cuts to a laser getting shot, Brendan is stood on a rock. The screen fades out]
Today and tomorrow.

Bab! Bab! badibube bombs. [Shows pictures of Brendan running, then Brendan is running alone]
Beauty! Beauty! Beautiful, male fire!! [Shows Brendan as a pirate, Teresa and Timothy are added to the running]
Pup! Pup! What about fractions? [Shows Brendan sobbing goofily, Martin, Cynthia, Seagull Bomber, and Justin are added to the running]
Be! Be! I'm learning about fire!! [Shows Brendan standing triumphantly, six HigeHige bandits, Mechadoc, Knuckles, Max and Jenner are added to the running before the camera zooms into Brendan, the gang run over Angel Island before Brendan does a peace sign while jumping]

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Chapter 3: Angel Island Zone Act 1

“Alright gang!” I said, “Let’s go to Angel Island!” I was on the ship supplied to me with Brisby’s kids, Teresa, Martin, Timothy and Cynthia, and my best friend Seagull Bomber was driving said ship!

Suddenly, the ship was turned 180 degrees and crashed into the ground, we found ourselves in a forest, the 7 Chaos Emeralds we were supplied with was stolen from us by a red Echidna with red shoes called Knuckles, he collected them and ran off with them…

“Here I come” he sang, “Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, tougher than leather, you can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle, I’d rather flex my muscles!”
“Okay, you can fuck off now…” I said waving my hand right, “We have to get on with the game…”
Then Knuckles ran off…

“Well this sucks.” I sighed, I turned to our team, and oh we seemed to be fine, sure some of us were hurt as in Seagull Bomber was flying to me as if he died but hey! Were fine!

We pressed through the jungle, “Great.” Groaned Martin, ripping a vine out, “We’ve lost our power supply for the ship, we’re stranded with no food or water, now what are we gonna do?”
“Easy!” I said, “We go through Angel Island!”
“But how much of Angel Island is there?” asked Teresa, I thought for a while, then I realised, oh, I don’t know how much we can get through after all, I mean, we have some easy zones like Marble Garden but then there’s Hydrocity Zone and it’s like I can’t swim and stuff but Icecap…

I hit something, it seemed to be a robot of some sort, turns out it had a button on it, and I had pressed it, it began levitating off the ground, and suddenly, it shot fireballs off it’s top! The place was soon filled with fire! And before we knew what was happening, the place was ablaze and the damn robot was gone faster than a Cactaur in Final Fantasy X!

The entire jungle was on fire, the wildlife seemed to be fleeing, so we decided to find a way out of here… I saw a river…

“Here!” I pointed to the river, “Get to the river!”

We immediately jumped into the river, “My dress is getting wet.” Moaned Teresa, holding her dress up…

“Tough shit woman.” I said bluntly to her, “I mean, why would you care about your dress and not your life?”
“I don’t know…” sighed Teresa… then I suddenly realised…
“Oh yeah, did anyone pick up the first Chaos Emerald from the Special Stage?” I asked, everyone shook their heads…
“Oh…” I muttered, “Well, I guess the world is doomed huh?”
“Were they important?” asked Cynthia, splashing Martin in the face with water.
“We need them for later.” I said, having no idea how to explain the Chaos Emerald’s importance without spoiling the ending…
“Okay then.” said Cynthia, who was continuing to splash Martin in the face, Martin retaliated by throwing stones at Cynthia, then it all went downhill from here, as Cynthia then punched Martin in the face, then a fight ensued, which ended up in Cynthia and Martin lost in the burning jungle…

I immediately jumped into where they were lost, forgetting about Teresa and Timothy, suddenly the same robot attacked again! And they had the kids on hand!
“I AM THE ONE WHO BURNED THE JUNGLE.” Robotted the robot. “NOW I’M GONNA BURN YOU!” The robot started by launching fire at me, I dodged wilfully, I didn’t have much stamina, so I could only dodge so many times before tiring out, just as I thought all was lost, the robot let out a bloodcurdling scream before exploding, it was a dark grey mouse with red clothes, it was Jenner!

Jenner did a victory pose, before looking evilly at Cynthia and Martin, he then got his sword and prepared to stab Martin, I just managed to stop him before he killed Martin.


Time Bonus: 50000
Ring Bonus: 10000

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Chapter 4: Angel Island Zone Act 2

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing kid?” yelled Jenner, he pushed me to the ground.
“I don’t want you to kill Martin.” I said, “Why are you trying to kill Martin?”
“Because I want revenge on that Mrs. Brisby!” said Jenner.
“Well…” I thought for a second, then I remembered, “Thorn Valley! You can rule that!”
“What the hell is Thorn Valley?” asked Jenner, looking confused, “What happened to the Thorn bush?”
“It got destroyed.” I said, “But hey! Thorn Valley has the Rats of NIMH!”
“Yes.” Jenner smiled evilly, stroking his beard, “I can get revenge on Justin and the others like that!” he laughed evilly… “Alright kid, I’ll work with ya.”
“But you can’t kill the kids, alright?” I asked Jenner, he nodded and turned away, “Yeah, yeah, whatever…”

“I’m Brendan.” I introduced myself as we walked to nowhere…
“I’m Jenner.” Said Jenner.
“Jenner Blackquill?” I joked, I always imagined Jenner as Simon Blackquill from Ace Attorney because he was a Samurai…
“Uhh… what?” Jenner turned to me confused… “Why Blackquill?”
“It just sounds cool.” I thought, Jenner went “Huh.” And turned on as we went on with our adventure…

As we walked we were interrupted by the wildlife being chased out, turns out they are being lead to safety by a violet-white mouse with brown spots stood on a log, it was Jonathan Brisby!

“Alright guys!” he yelled, “Run as far away as possible from the fire!”

“Jonathan…” smiled Jenner, “It’s been a while…” Jonathan turned to Jenner with a confused expression on his face.
“Who are you?” he asked.
“I’m Jenner.” Said Jenner, “Don’t you remember me?”
“No…” he sighed, “I don’t remember who you are…”

I got an idea, “Hey! Why don’t you meet your kids?” I yelled, he jumped down to us…
“My kids?” he wondered, “I have kids?”
“Yeah.” I laughed, I decided to pull a prank on him.

“That’s Teresa.” I pointed at Cynthia, “That’s Martin.” I pointed at Timothy, “That’s Timothy.” I pointed at Martin, “And that’s Cynthia.” I finished as I pointed at Teresa.
“Brendan that isn’t…” But Teresa was immediately interrupted by Jonathan hugging “Cynthia.”.

“Heh heh…” smiled Jonathan, “Got a cute ribbon going on there dear…”
“Come on dad.” Sighed Teresa, “I’m not Cynthia…”

The reunion was interrupted by a giant airship ploughing through the air. “Guys, run!” yelled Seagull Bomber.

We ran and ran, well, Seagull Bomber was getting blown up and shit, but no one cares about him in reality…

We eventually ran into a place with a bridge and a waterfall, there we met our villain who appeared from the waterfall in a car… It was Doctor Mechadoc!

“Mwahahahaha!” laughed Mechadoc, “I am Mechadoc! and I am gonna kill your ass!”
“We won’t let you!” I yelled…
“Oh look its Jonathan, the one who built the amulet.” Mechadoc chuckled, “Do you want to see how your precious Rats of NIMH are doing?”
“What?” Jonathan confusingly said as he cocked his head 45 degrees right.
“Let me show you…” laughed Mechadoc, he put up a TV from underneath the flying car and showed everyone what was going on in Thorn Valley, and oh, what a horrible sight it was!

The screen showed the Bomber Shitennou causing havoc in Thorn Valley, first, we got to see Flame Bomber kill people.

“BURN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!” laughed Flame Bomber as he burnt a family to death, “I WANNA SEE YOUR FUCKING FLESH MELT AS YOU SCREAM IN COMPLETE FUCKING AGONY!” he then screeched.
We then got to see Mermaid Bomber drown someone, “Can I drown this kid?” she asked Mechadoc with her phone, “Yes.” Laughed Mechadoc, “Yay!” cheered Mermaid Bomber as she dunked the mouse’s head in water thus drowning and killing him.
Then there was Grand Bomber, “Let’s plant rice together again someday.” He laughed as he buried another mouse alive, “We’ll plant it over your corpse.”
And then there was Thunder Bomber who was electrocuting families, “Eat shit, faggots!” he yelled.

And then the screen went off. Jenner was angry.
“Hey!” yelled Jenner, “Stop doing that to my clan!”
“You mean Justin’s clan?” smirked Mechadoc, “He’s trying to fight them off with Brisby, what an idiot.” He laughed and then screeched for no reason whatsoever.

“Let’s kill him!” yelled Seagull Bomber, Me, Seagull Bomber and Jenner pulled out our swords and began wailing on his machine. He launched a fire ball at us…

While we survived somehow, Seagull Bomber fell to his supposed death. “Ah don’t worry.” I laughed, “He’ll be fine.”
“How do you know?” asked Jenner.
“He’s basically just Tails.” I explained, “He respawns after ten or so seconds…”
“Oh okay then.” sighed Jenner, “Let’s kick Mechadoc’s ass now.”
“Yeah!” I said, I turned to Brisby’s kids, “You ready to kick some ass?”

They all nodded, we all jumped on Mechadoc’s car and punched him until he was exploding.
“You bastards!” he yelled, “I’ll be back!”

We got the animals out of the cage and saved the day!



We walked to a dead end… When suddenly we heard rap music, and we knew exactly who that was…

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle.
I’d rather flex my muscles…

Then suddenly, the bridge fell, Knuckles had made the bridge fall, and we fell into Hydrocity Zone…

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Chapter 5: Hydrocity Zone Act 1

When we fell into Hydrocity Zone, we all started drowning, suddenly, a turquoise hypocatusvulgarus with a yellow underside about the size of us gave us bubbles to breathe in…

“Oh thanks!” said Jenner, looking confused, “Uhh…” But I remembered who it was, memories from twelve years ago, began flooding back!
“Sasha! Wasn’t it?” I said, she nodded, I remember Sasha from “Help! I’m a Fish!” It’s a pretty good film…
“Do you know of three kids called Fly, Stella and Charles?” I asked her, she shook her head, this led me to conclude that this is either likely an alternate universe where she never met the three kids, or this is before she met said kids…
“How do you know her?” asked Martin, trying to fit in his bubble…

I decided not to reveal that she’s from a film I watched many years ago, mostly because they’ll be like “Dude, are we from a film?” and then more than likely enter a reality crisis or begin wondering why I know so much…

“I… met her, in another world…” I said, that was the best I could come up with, I mean, while that hasn’t happened yet, (Now that I think about it, maybe it should…) I probably shouldn’t say such things in case they do…

Sasha looked confused, but seemed to shrug it off, Cynthia then pushed a button, suddenly, we were on our way through a tunnel!

After going through said tunnel and nearly being skewered by spikes, well, it was like we were in another world!

Looking around [Brendan and gang are pushed outside from the wall.]

Suddenly the worlds upside down, Full of Adventures, all around [Brendan and CO are dodging Mechadoc’s underwater traps…]
Suddenly I’m feeling so high, I could almost cry…
[Martin’s bubble pops, he immediately starts drowning, Sasha makes another bubble…]

Suddenly I’m breaking this frown, Though I’m hiding in the shell [Seagull Bomber jumps from a cliff despite Sasha’s warnings and is crushed by the water pressure…]
Suddenly I won’t let them down, wanna shout it out
[Sasha is using reviving magic on Seagull Bomber, visibly pissed off, Suddenly, Seagull Bomber respawns after Sasha is finished, Sasha screams in anger…]

Suddenly we were stuck with a dead end, Dry Land, we realised that bubbles can’t are too slippery on dry land…

“Well fuck.” Sighed Jonathan, “How are we gonna get out of our bubbles now?”
“Uhh…” I turned to Sasha, but no one was there, Sasha seemed to have stormed off… “Well fuck indeed…” I nervously laughed, I did one of Edgeworth’s animations, “We have no Sasha, therefore, no exit from our bubble…”

“Damn.” Groaned Timothy, “Now what are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know Timothy.” I sighed, “I don’t know…”

We spent about 3 minutes trying to pop the bubble, eventually, we did it, although Martin showed us…

Eventually we found a hole, “So do we go down it or not gang?” I asked everyone, everyone but Jenner seemed to agree…
“Why shouldn’t we go down?” I asked Jenner, “We’ll probably die if it’s below sea level…” he sighed…
“Yeah…” sighed Jonathan, “We have no idea how were gonna survive underwater…”

Suddenly, the hole grew big and we all fell down it…

We found ourselves neck-deep in water, the kids seemed to be missing, but then we found that they were fine after the water level receded to my waist, then we were attacked by a round machine that had two torpedoes!

“Fucks sake…” sighed Martin, suddenly, the entire pool started spinning rapidly, we were all taken by its waves and spun around for a bit…

When the waves stopped, everyone started coughing up water, “How are we gonna beat this thing?” asked Cynthia… I then picked up one of the torpedoes around it, and then threw it at the enemy, it seemed to take damage, then it spawned another torpedo…

“Alright guys!” I yelled, “Throw the torpedoes it shoots at you and kick its ass with it!”
“Okay then!” yelled everyone else… We all threw torpedoes at the robot, eventually we blew up its shell, and then we blew up its power source, and when that happened, pieces flew everywhere…

We had finally beat the robot…



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Chapter 6: Hydrocity Zone Act 2

The floor opened below us, we slid in an underwater passage way, all of the sudden, we’re swept to the right and then we went up, when we turned to our backs, we saw a wall, and it was moving towards us!
“Shit man, what are we gonna do?” asked Jonathan. I thought for a second, then I remembered that this is Sonic 3 & Knuckles!
“Jump!” I yelled, everyone looked at me confused, and then I realised that even though were in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, this is still reality, and we can’t glitch through walls in reality!

In order to stop myself from embarrassing myself anymore, I picked up the first thing from my feet, a torpedo from the boss that had somehow made it here…

“Now jump!” I said, everyone including me jumped, the force threw us through the roof, and then we landed on safe ground…

“Oh, good were safe!” sighed Teresa, swiping the sweat off her forehead.
“Okay now what are we gonna do?” asked Martin.
“Let’s go forward!” I said.

We continued to walk until we fell through a trapdoor, we fell and fell until we hit a lone bridge…

“Great.” Sighed Cynthia, “Now were trapped.”
“Wonder who set up this strap?” wondered Timothy. Suddenly, we heard rap music.

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle.
I’d rather flex my muscles…

Everyone started screaming and running around in circles, even Jenner…
“Quick!” I yelled, “Sing something else so no one can fall deeper into the trap!”
“LIKE WHAT?” Jenner yelled. I handed him the swashbuckler song.
“Uhh…” Jenner then began singing off-key with no idea how the tune of the song goes, “OH WE BE PIRATES WE LOVE TO SAIL THE-“
The bridge collapsed, we all fell into knee-deep water…

“WHAT SONG WAS THAT?” yelled Jenner, picking me up by my coat and pinning me to the wall…
“The Swashbuckler song from Ace Attorney.” I said.
“And why would Jenner know that song?” asked Jonathan.
“Because he was the prosecutor in that case.” I joked.
“I’M NOT A GODDAMN PROSECUTOR!” yelled Jenner, he let go of my coat, yelled angrily and stormed off…
“So you don’t remember how you nearly got a whale put down and how a Spanish Iguana nearly got convicted because of us?” I joked again…

We all laughed, and then we saw Mechadoc who was on the same flying car but with a propeller on it, “Prepare to die, fuckers!” he laughed, and then he screeched for no reason.

The propeller that would normally make whirlpools turned on, and for some reason, it was turning in time to “Metal Crusher” from Undertale, and because of that, it didn’t do much…

“Uhh…” Mechadoc had to think of something, so he got out his “Family Grenade Pack” and began throwing grenades at everyone.
“Guys let’s just throw the grenades back at him.” I said, when suddenly, the grenades exploded! But they only made a small splash and confetti erupted out of them…

Mechadoc screeched in anger, “FUCK THIS SHIT!” he yelled, he flew away, still screeching.

After a few seconds of silence, victory music started playing.



Suddenly, the grenades developed sentience, limbs and faces, they began forming a superbombomb, before we could do anything, the bomb exploded, we were sent flying to Marble Garden Zone…

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Chapter 7: Marble Garden Zone Act 1  

We all fell onto some hills, we found ourselves in Marble Garden Zone! Although I don’t know why they call it Marble Garden since there isn’t much marble around…

Seagull Bomber flew in front of us, “Where were you?” I asked Seagull Bomber, we hadn’t seen him since Hydrocity Zone!
“It was Sasha!” yelled Seagull Bomber, “She’s turned evil! She tried to drown me and everything!”
“Oh yeah, and I’m responsible for the events of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.” Laughed Jenner.
“You suck…” sighed Seagull Bomber, “I know Sasha is evil, I saw it and everything…”

We went through a cave, on our right, we saw a portal doorframe, when we went near it, we heard a female voice.
“I can’t get through! Hmm… Maybe I need to wear a different outfit.”
I remember that voice! It was Sabrina! Everyone glared at the portal.
“Good thing we don’t need to go through there…” said Martin… Then suddenly, an orange robot with drills attacked us! It drilled through the roof, causing rubble and debris to fall on us!

We evacuated the cave, sadly, we were at the entrance side… “Welp.” I sighed, “We have no way to get to the other side.”

Then the same portal door came through, “Darn it’s locked!” said the same voice, “Key, key, I need a key! That’s it, I need to get a different outfit.”
“Okay, so where are we gonna get more outfits?” asked Teresa.
“Diva’s the name, fashions my game!” said a woman, we turned around we saw a woman with blue hair, sunglasses, yellow shirt and green pants and red high-heeled shoes…
“Let me tell you the secrets of the universe, sweet cheeks.” Said Diva, “C-L-O-T-H-E-S, as in apparel, garments, threads, AKUCHAMAR! When you look good baby, the universe responds, and for a mere 100 gems, I’ll show you just what I mean.”

100 gems?” Jenner asked, Diva nodded, “Where are we gonna get 100 gems?” Diva pointed to her drill machine, 595426 was the code name.

“Oh, like on Motherload!” I said cheerfully, Diva nodded again, she gave us the keys, I went in the machine, and turned on the gas.
“Let’s get on!” I yelled, but there was only room for one, so only Seagull Bomber got on with me.
“This is to make up for the fact that I wasn’t in Hydrocity Zone much.” Sighed Seagull Bomber, “I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay!” I smiled, “We didn’t need you there anyway.” Seagull Bomber sighed, “I know…”

We drilled for bit, gaining Bronzium, Silverium and Goldium, then we reached a pit, we fell through it, suddenly, what fell through with an explosion was the same orange robot with a sumo wrestler like guy with a purple hood and a top for an underside, it was Top Bomber!

“Prepare to die!” yelled Top Bomber, spawning a Top Bomb, he then did tricks with the bombs “Die of amazement!”, he first balanced it on the rope he had.
“Tightrope Walking!” he said, he then threw it in the air.
“Mid-air Spin!” he said as the Top Bomb spun in the air.
“The fun is only just beginning!” he laughed. He did a 360 no-scope and then made the top go up the rope,
“Carp swimming up a waterfall!” he said, “I’m making the top spin more than usual!”. The drilling robot got bored and drilled away, then an explosion was heard, the room suddenly got hot.

“Must have hit a magma pocket.” Seagull Bomber laughed.
“See you all tomorrow!” cheered Top Bomber, going up the elevator. We waved at him, he waved back.

Suddenly, we saw lava flooding the room, we got into the Motherload drill machine thingy, and then we flew back up to the surface.

We got out of it in mid-air, it then exploded, then a hologram appeared, it was a skull laughing with sound, Seagull Bomber carried me to safety…

“We got the gems.” Panted Seagull Bomber.
“We lost the gems.” I sighed.
“Doesn’t matter.” Said Jenner, pointing to some outfits and an unconscious Diva, “We got the outfits by force.”

We put on the new outfits, went through the portal, and put our old outfits back on.

We beat Act 1!


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Chapter 8: Marble Garden Zone Act 2

The portal crumbled and collapsed into nothing, we then met a blonde-haired woman wearing a pink top and an orange pants and black high-heeled shoes, it was Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

“Hi!” said Sabrina, “I see you got past the portal!”
“Weren’t you trying to go through though?” asked Sabrina.
“Yeah, but I did.” Laughed Sabrina, holding a golden star-sign, “I got a piece of the Cosmic Clock.”
“What the hell is that?” asked Jonathan.
“It’s a clock that shows every itty biddy detail in the universe.” Said Sabrina.
“Can it show us how to get through here?” asked Cynthia.
“Nope.” Laughed Sabrina, “But I know a way outta here, lemme show you!”

Sabrina lead us through a dark cave, she used magic to light up our way, we stumbled across a blue portal that was surrounded by a zipper, and then a black cat surrounded by a bubble appeared from it.
“Hello again Sabrina.” Said the black cat, “Are you having fun yet?”
“Hi again, Sailum.” Sighed Sabrina, “Look, I’m going as fast as I can.”
“At this rate, you’re going to live forever.” Sailum said while laughing, then put his paw on his chin as if he was having an idea, “Not a bad idea…”
“Got any good hints?” asked Sabrina.
“Okay, if you see a crazy old man that screeches, don’t worry.” Said Sailum, “He’s as harmless as a professor without a lab.”

We waved goodbye to Sailum, we walked onward for our quest. We slid down a hill, we saw the same zipper portal expect it was green, suddenly, a caveman wearing a bowling uniform appeared.

“Here he is, ladies and gentleman.” Said Sailum, he’s bad, he’s powerful, heck, he’s got rocks in his head, here’s the troll of our town, Bob the Bowler!”
“You can’t play boulder ball?” Bob laughed, “Ha! Ha! Me squish you!”

Then Mechadoc came out of nowhere, he was on his car thingy but it had a drill on it, “And I’ll help!” laughed Mechadoc, and then he screeched.

Bob threw the rocks and Mechadoc super-charged them with fire, Sabrina dodged them and used her magic to hurt Bob.
“OUCHIE!” yelled Bob, jumping one foot in the air.
“Thanks for the lie you fucking cat.” Grumbled Sabrina.
“Cats are stupid.” Said Timothy.
“Yeah, one supposedly killed dad.” Groaned Teresa.

Mechadoc shot a laser at Jenner, who dodged, he then threw a brick at Bob, who with the super charged spell from Sabrina, exploded, blood splattered everywhere.
“Mmm…” smiled Cynthia, licking the blood off her arm, “This tastes good.”
“THAT IS SO THE FUCK IT!” yelled Mechadoc, he got his phone, “Get the big guns out!” he yelled in it. Suddenly, a giant humanoid monster appeared, it was Bob the Bowler, and he was 100x bigger!

“Die!” yelled Mechadoc, and then he screeched.
“All this fucking screeching.” Grumbled Jenner. “Quick Sabrina, kill him!”
“WOOHOO! I FOUND ONE!” screamed Sabrina, flying into the green zipper portal with a piece of the Cosmic Clock Bob dropped, Jenner groaned.
I jumped on Seagull Bomber’s back, “Let’s fly to victory!” I said.
“Uhh…” Seagull Bomber moaned as we flew up in the sky. We were up against a giant monster, so we decided to use Seagull Bomber’s torpedoes.
“DIE, FUCKERS!” yelled Mechadoc, now in the sky, he launched bullets at us, we expertly dodged them, they accidently hurt Bob.
“OUCHIE!” yelled Bob.

“Seagull Bomber!” I yelled, “Use Missile Bomb!”
“Okay then!” he said, “MISSILE BOMBER!” he yelled as two torpedoes with faces shot Bob, “OUCHIE!” Bob yelled.
“SEAGULL, ATTACK!” yelled Seagull Bomber, this was unexpected, he then launched himself at Bob, who then shrunk into nothingness as he went “Aww… poo.” And “OUCHIE!” at the same time…

Mechadoc screeched, “GODDAMN IT!” yelled Mechadoc as he banged on his car buttons, “GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!” he flew away as he punched a bird in the face as he left and broke its neck and killed it.


Seagull Bomber grew tired, he lowered me down into a Carnival like place.

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Chapter 9: Carnival Night Zone Act 1

We landed safely in Carnival Night Zone, where we met Jenner, Jonathan and the kids.

“How did you get here?” I asked.
“We used the train.” Said Jonathan, pointing to a nearby train.
“Ohh…” I said. “Can we use that train to go to other places?”
“No.” said Martin, “Otherwise this fanfiction would be too short.”
“Okay then.” I said.

We all saw nothing but flying balloons and shit.
“So what are we gonna do?” asked Jenner, suddenly, my phone rang, it was Brisby of all people, I picked it up regardless of how she ever acquired a smartphone.
“Hello!” I said.
“Where are you?” said the voice, it really was Brisby!
“Carnival Night Zone, Act 1!” I answered, there was silence for a few seconds.
“Okay…” sighed Brisby, “Where is this, Carnival Night Zone?”
“I don’t know.” I chuckled, “Me and Seagull Bomber just killed a caveman and now were here, I mean, Jenner and the kids took a train and-…”

Brisby gasped, “What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Get away from Jenner!” yelled Brisby, “He’s a bad man!”
“No he’s not.” I said, “He’s behaving himself pretty well.”
“THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” she screamed, she then sighed, “Are the kids alright?” I turned to the kids.

“Can we go now?” asked Teresa.
“Don’t be a bitch, Teresa.” Said Martin.

“Yeah they’re fine.” I said.
“Good, good.” Sighed Brisby, then I heard a different voice, it was Justin! “Can you put Jenner on the phone?”
“Okay then.” I said, I handed over the phone to Jenner.

Jenner put the phone to his ear and listened to Justin over the phone. “Huh?” Jenner said as he looked confused, “What do you mean your gonna stop me? Huh? The rats were driven out? Your coming over? FINE! I’LL MEET YOU THERE!” he gave me my phone back.

“Him and Brisby are coming.” Said Jenner, “They’ll be coming over using the same train we used.”
“Let’s get away from them!” yelled Seagull Bomber, “Who knows what Justin will do to you!”
“Who are they, anyway?” asked Jonathan.
“Justin is a clown.” I said, lying to Jonathan again, “And Brisby is a known murderer who killed your girlfriends so she could have you all to herself…”
“What a bitch!” sighed Jonathan. “We’d best get out of here then, don’t wanna be near anyone like that.”
“But she’s…” I interrupted Teresa before she could say anything.
“Let’s go through the level!” I said. “Before Brisby and Justin get here!”

We walked through the carnival, we got to a games area, there were several arcade and console games, there were Sonic Adventure DX, Undertale, Final Fantasy IX, Koudelka, Pipe Mania 3D, Rayman, Super Mario 3D World, and Death Note: The Video Game.

“We should play these games while we wait for Brisby and Justin.” Said Seagull Bomber, all the kids cheered as they began playing the games, we played them as well, I played Sonic Adventure DX, Jenner played Undertale, Seagull Bomber played Final Fantasy IX, Martin was playing Koudelka, Timothy was playing Pipe Mania 3D, Cynthia was playing Rayman, Teresa was playing Super Mario 3D World, and Jonathan was playing Death Note: The Video Game.

After two hours of playing, Brisby and Justin came. “Oh look!” I said, pointing at Brisby and Justin, “We forgot to go through the levels and now they’re here…”

“Jenner.” Yelled Justin, “Your gonna die now!” Jenner ignored Justin, obviously too absorbed into Undertale, Justin threw his sword on the floor in temper, “Well fuck you then!”
“Jonathan?” smiled Brisby, tears in her eyes, “I can’t believe it’s really you! You’re really alive!” She ran over to Jonathan, who immediately looked confused.

“Who are you?” asked Jonathan, Brisby looked sad, “It’s me, Elizabeth Brisby.”
“We.” Jonathan complained as he pulled himself away from Brisby, “You’re that one who killed all my girlfriends.”
Brisby looked confused, “What? I would never…” I played Sonic Adventure DX to avoid eye contact with Brisby.
“FUCK!” yelled Cynthia, rage quitting on Rayman after dying on the same-spot for the tenth time, Brisby turned to Cynthia, Brisby gasped, “I can’t believe you said such a bad word!” she turned to Martin, “FUCK THIS GAME!” yelled Martin as he gave up on fighting the clone ghosts. “STUPID PIECE OF SHIT!” yelled Teresa as she got a game over on Champion’s Road, “STUPID BASTARD OF A GAME!” yelled Timothy as he gave up on the Tomb Zone.

Brisby fainted due to all the swearing she had heard. Justin picked her up off of the floor. “Okay, where did you learn such bad language?” asked Justin, clearly angry, everyone pointed at each other, Justin sighed. “Did anyone tell you that swearing is a bad thing?” asked Justin, the kids shook their heads. “Well, let me tell you something then.” said Justin as the kids walked up to him, “Swearing is a bad thing to do, I mean, look at what you did to your mother.” He put Brisby down, she slowly awakened.

“I’m sorry mom.” Sighed Martin, “I didn’t know I was saying such horrible things.”
“It’s alright, Martin.” Smiled Brisby, hugging her son, “You didn’t know, so you’re not in trouble.” The rest of the kids all hugged Brisby together.

“Wait, that’s Martin?” asked Jonathan, rather surprised, “I thought that was Timothy!”
“That’s Martin.” Said Brisby, “Who told you that was Timothy.”
“Brendan!” said Jonathan, pointing at me.
“W-what?” Brisby said.
“And is Cynthia and Teresa also…” Jonathan facepalmed, “I feel like such an idiot.”
“It’s okay.” Sighed Brisby, she turned to me, “And as for you, Brendan, can you not tell any more lies about Jonathan?”
“Okay then.” I said, Brisby smiled, “Thank you.” She said as she nodded, “And please don’t swear around the kids.”

We got around to moving on with the level, suddenly, Frederic Francis Chopin attacked us, he was wearing a tuxedo.
“PREPARE TO DIE!” he yelled, the floor opened on us, we were in a room with green and yellow flooring, Frederic jumped down baton first screaming Japanese stuff, he bounced off of his baton, the floor broke underneath him.

“Holy shit!” yelled Seagull Bomber, “He’s breaking the floor up!”
“Hey!” yelled Brisby, “Didn’t you hear me monologing to Brendan about not to swear in front of the kids?”
“Sorry.” Sighed Seagull Bomber.

Frederic laughed giddifully as he did the same thing, another piece of the floor broke off.

“We have to stop him!” said Justin.
“ORZEL BIALY!” yelled Frederic as he did the same attack again.
Jenner looked up at Frederic as he yelled “NIMBOSTRATUS!” Jenner looked to see acid underneath the platforms, he walked away.

“APPLAUDISSIMENT SONIQUE!” yelled Frederic, he fell through the floor as he began screaming his lungs out as the acid ate him to death.

“We won!” yelled Martin.



Chapter Text

Chapter 10: Carnival Night Zone Act 2

We walked into a more fun area of the Carnival, there were floating barrels and everything! “Let’s go! I said. We walked through when we saw Knuckles, everyone but me, Brisby, and Justin began screaming as his theme began playing.
“What’s gotten into you?” asked Brisby, Knuckles pressed on the switch in front of him, everyone began screaming even louder.

The lights went off and everything was flooded, after that happened, we found ourselves in bubbles, and guess who it was who made them! Sasha! She was just swimming to us!”

“Oh, it’s Sasha!” I smiled, “Glad to see you again!” Sasha waved back.
Seagull Bomber screamed, “IT’S SASHA! GET HER AWAY FROM ME!” Sasha looked confused.
“The water probably got to him.” Sighed Jonathan, “Let’s just get on with our adventure.”

Looking around [Brendan and gang swim up.]

Suddenly the worlds upside down, Full of Adventures, all around [Brendan and CO are dodging Mechadoc’s underwater traps…]
Suddenly I’m feeling so high, I could almost cry…
[Brisby watches in horror as her kids are nearly crushed by a barrel.]

Suddenly I’m breaking this frown, Though I’m hiding in the shell [Sasha is pushed aside by everyone, including Jenner who flips her off.]
Suddenly I won’t let them down, wanna shout it out
[Sasha gets fed up and leaves the gang.]

We found ourselves in a pickle, we are in a dead-end area with a lone barrel, we don’t know how to get out of it at all…

“Hold on.” I said, “I’ll call 911.”
“I’ll be all the 911 you need!” yelled a British woman, she landed on the barrel, she was wearing all black, and had black hair, it was Bayonetta!

Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars, But, let’s see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

And it was playing Fly me to the moon as well! It was so cool, she jumped through the barrel and crushed it! Now we could get on with our adventure!

But then, suddenly, she jumped on the platform and began shooting at us, we dodged skilfully, but Jenner, Justin and Jonathan were shot in the knee.
“Fucks sake…” screamed Jenner, crying as he held his knee.

“When I said, I’ll be all the 911 you need, I didn’t mean I’d help you.” Laughed Bayonetta.

Then Mechadoc appeared, laughing, “I saw you in trouble and decided to tease you, and now you’re in some right deep shit!” laughed Mechadoc, and then he screeched.

“Mommy!” cried Justin, Brisby looked at him and groaned.

“PREPARE TO DIE!” laughed Mechadoc.

“No!” yelled Martin, who was carrying another Bayonetta, “She’s a fake!” yelled the real Bayonetta, “She’s my evil robot twin called Attenoyab!”
“Kill her, Bayonetta!” yelled Mechadoc, Attenoyab got her guns out and began shooting at Bayonetta, who dodged skilfully.”
“Fucking bitch.” Yelled Bayonetta, who summoned a demon to punch her, which caused her to reveal the clothes underneath for a second, which were a Ben 10 themed tank top and Soulcalibur 2 pants.
Mechadoc screeched, “GET ON WITH IT YOU BITCH!” yelled Mechadoc.
Attenoyab jumped on Bayonetta, after some rolling around at the speed of sound due to witch time, they got up, and we had to tell which Bayonetta was which.

“I’m the real Bayonetta!” said one Bayonetta.
“No I am!” yelled the other Bayonetta.
“Prove it.” Said Brisby, holding an AK-47 she somehow got.
“I like Hyperdimension Neptunia!” said the other Bayonetta.
“If you need help talking to a lady, ask your mum.” Said one Bayonetta.
“I liked Ragnarok Clicker over that Clicker Heroes game.” Said the other Bayonetta, that was all Brisby needed to shoot the fake Bayonetta to death.

Mechadoc screeched, “FUCK!” he screamed.

“He’s one of the people who taught us how to swear!” Martin tattletale, Brisby then shot Mechadoc’s machine.

“WHY DID YOU DO THAT?” yelled Mechadoc.
“Because you taught my kids how to swear!” yelled Brisby. Mechadoc screeched and ran at Brisby and began punching her and pulling her hair, Brisby screamed, then suddenly, Mechadoc got a yellow necklace with a red amulet on it, Justin gasped.
“It’s mine now, fuckers!” laughed Mechadoc, he threw it up in the air, where Knuckles caught it.
“He’ll give it back to me!” laughed Mechadoc, “Because it’s mine, mine!” he screeched again.
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” yelled Seagull Bomber, Mechadoc screeched even louder, it caused him to levitate to safety as he ran off with Knuckles…

Oh, and the lights came back on…


“The amulet.” Sighed Justin, “It’s been stolen.”
“How did our legs get better again?” asked Jenner.
“Shut up you prick.” Muttered Seagull Bomber, “I just wanna get out of here.”

Bayonetta lead us out of the carnival, She, with our permission of course, ignited the cannon that blasted us all the way to Icecap Zone!

Chapter Text

Chapter 11: Icecap Zone Act 1

We landed in Icecap zone, we literally did, since we had no snowboards, we rolled down the hill and into a pile of snow.

“Woohoo!” I said.
“Wow, my heads spinning!” moaned Seagull Bomber…
“What a wild ride!” yelled Jenner.

We went through an ice cave, we met a man with a monkey tail, a white mage princess, a black mage and a knight, it was Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and Steiner!

“I didn’t know Ice Cavern.” I said.
“Me neither.” Laughed Zidane.
We introduced ourselves, and walked on. We walked down the cave into a slide area.

“This looks sleep.” Said Garnet.
“That’s why we’re not going down there.” Grumbled Steiner.
“You suck Steiner.” Said Martin, feeling bad for Garnet.
“Fuck you kid.” Puffed Steiner, I pushed Seagull Bomber down, and since the world didn’t account for Seagull Bomber since he didn’t roll down the hill, he died in the middle of the slide, when he respawned, the world accounted for him.

“I can see now why we’re not going down there.” Laughed Vivi, in fact, we all laughed!

We went down the slide anyway, Seagull Bomber flew to a switch which gave us an opening to another part of the cave.

We went into a cave, we saw icicles and everything, not to mention there was crushers and everything!

“Oh goodness.” Gasped Brisby, “How on earth are we gonna get through that?”
“I have no idea.” Laughed Jenner.
“I’ll use my fire magic!” said Vivi, he launched fire at everything, making everything melt and break.
“Good work, Master Vivi.” Smiled Steiner, “Now we can get on with our lives.”

“Oh yeah.” I remembered, “Why are you here?”
“Huh?” Justin confusedly said.
“Weren’t you saving Thorn Valley?” asked Teresa, Justin’s face fell.
“There isn’t a Thorn Valley anymore…” sighed Justin, “It was destroyed by the Bomber Shitennou, and so were the rats.”
“Oh…” Cynthia said sadly…

“We’re not sure what happened to Mr. Ages, Brutus and Nicodemus.” Sighed Justin…
“Wait, Nicodemus is alive?” said Jenner, surprised at this revelation.
“Yeah, and don’t go killing him again.” Said Justin, angrily. “Or I’ll kick your ass.”
“Okay then.” said Jenner as he chuckled.

Suddenly, we were attacked by a Black Mage, “It’s me, Black Waltz 1.” he laughed, “DIE FUCKERS!” he charged at us and suddenly…

NAME           HP               MP

Brendan 4323/4323     344/344
Jenner    5555/5555     321/321
Vivi        3345/3345      232/232
Zidane   5839/5839     429/429

“What the fuck is this?” asked Jenner, to be honest, everyone was surprised, was this a JRPG or a platformer? I remembered something, I threw Steiner’s best swords.

“AAAAAHHH IT TASTES LIKE RAINBOWS!” Black Waltz 1 shouted, taking 9664 damage. He exploded, but then came Sealion! Who he had summoned before the battle started.

He jumped on us, we dodged, then he fell through a hole, it erupted lava in the shape of a hand flipping us off…

The hole it left lead us into the cave, where we made it outside. “We need a new name for you.” Said Zidane to Garnet.

“Call her Pleb.” I said,
“Okay then.” said Pleb.
“Hubba Hubba.” Shook Zidane.

Meanwhile, Steiner was giving Vivi something, “This is for beating Sea Lion.” Said Steiner, it was the Octagon Rod!”
“Yay!” smiled Vivi.

“Well, we better be off!” I laughed.
“Bye!” waved Zidane.


Chapter Text

Chapter 12: Icecap Zone Act 2

We walked through Ice Cap zone, “So can you explain to me what happened, exactly?” asked Jenner, “Did you even do anything to help? What did Brisby do?”

“Brisby.” Justin sighed, “I tried to fight them with my sword, but it didn’t work, they were too powerful, and Brisby, she used the amulet, but it didn’t work, as in, something was causing it not to work…”

“I wonder what it was.” Wondered Timothy.
“Probably a malfunction.” Laughed Jonathan, “Not entirely impossible.”

We then saw a giant pool of water, “Okay.” Sighed Justin, “Where’s Sasha?” and just like that, Sasha appeared!
“Make us bubbles!” yelled Seagull Bomber. “And play that song again!”

Sasha groaned, and then trapped us in bubbles again.

“Well.” I laughed.


Looking around [Brendan and gang are underwater.]

Suddenly the worlds upside down, Full of Adventures, all around [Brendan and CO are dodging Mechadoc’s underwater traps…]
Suddenly I’m feeling so high, I could almost cry…
[Justin gets impaled by an icicle.]

Suddenly I’m breaking this frown, Though I’m hiding in the shell [They bring Justin to dry land where they try to resurrect him.]
Suddenly I won’t let them down, wanna shout it out
[Turns out he was just pranking everyone, Sasha leaves in anger, again.]

“Thanks Sasha!” I yelled, but she was already gone…

We walked out of the cave, when suddenly, Mechadoc attacked, he was on the same ship, but with an ice blaster, “Time to freeze, fuckers!” he yelled, and then he screeched.

“SERIOUSLY!” yelled Seagull Bomber, then Mechadoc froze him.

Take that you Faggot!” laughed Mechadoc, we dodged his other ice attack, but then he threw acid at us, it splashed all over Cynthia.

Brisby screamed in horror as the acid melted her daughter’s flesh, while Mechadoc laughed, “THAT THAT YOU FUCKING BITCH!” he laughed, and then he screeched.

Cynthia stumbled into the water during her struggle, Brisby broke down crying when she saw the water turn red, Jonathan went pale.

Justin decided to avenge Cynthia, “Your gonna die now!” yelled Justin.
“Try it, fuckface!” laughed Mechadoc, Justin threw his sword at Mechadoc, who missed, Mechadoc laughed, “Nyeh, nyeh, nye-nyeh nyeh!” laughed Mechadoc.

Jenner then jumped on Justin’s back, and then took out the main engine of Mechadoc’s machine. Mechadoc screeched in anger.
“FUCK THIS SHIT!” yelled Mechadoc, then he got an idea, “Heh heh.” Laughed Mechadoc, he pulled the amulet from his pocket, and then he took the magic juice out of it and drank it. Suddenly, he grew biceps and got a six pack.

“Time to die!” laughed Mechadoc, and then he screeched, but it let out shockwaves as well, we were blown away by the shockwaves.
“If you want to beat me.” Laughed Mechadoc, “COME SEE ME AT LAUNCH BASE, FUCKERS!” he then used his screeching powers to propel himself to Launch Base.


We turned to the sobbing Brisby, who was mourning her daughter’s death.
“I’m sure she’ll respawn.” I said, at least, that’s what I thought.
“I think she’s gone for good.” Sighed Seagull Bomber.

Teresa, Timothy and Martin all gathered round and hugged Brisby, with Jonathan joining last.

“We should go to Launch Base.” Sighed Justin, “Mechadoc is waiting for us.”

We went through a snow cave.  And suddenly…

Chapter Text

Chapter 13: Launch Base Zone Act 1

“Here we are!” I said cheerfully, “Alright guys!” I said, and turned, everyone seemed to be devastated by the loss of Cynthia, well, not everyone, Jenner seemed to be fine.
“I think they need time.” Said Jenner.

We walked through the factory, nothing worth noting seemed to be happening, I think everyone was just too concerned about Brisby.

Eventually, Brisby stopped.

“Were leaving.” Said Brisby.
“Why?” asked Martin.
“I don’t want to lose another one of you.” Sighed Brisby.
“I think it’s best you leave as well.” I said. A Mechadocpter came, “That will take you home, I think.”

Brisby, Jonathan and the kids got on it, they left Launch Base Zone.

“I hope she’s alright on there.” I sighed.
“I think we’re all just sad about Cynthia.” Sighed Justin.

We walked through Launch Base, miraculously dodging all the traps, I guessed they didn’t sense any life in us due to us being too down…

Eight mice and two men
Going till the end
They tried their hardest
Simple they were

Getting their things
They solider on without trouble
But they made it one kid short

“Hello guys!” said a news reporter. No one wanted to talk, we all just walked on. “HEY! LISTEN TO ME!”

We then fell down a trap. A giant circle robot attacked us!

“Holy shit!” yelled Jenner, he threw his sword at it, he missed.
“Quick!” I turned to nothing, I remembered the kids and Brisby left. “Oh…” I sighed.
“It’s alright.” Frowned Justin, “I think we all need time to move on…”

The robot circle launched itself into Justin, who groaned angrily, “Fucks sake.” He groaned, I then threw Seagull Bomber at it, who then used Seagull Attack to destroy the robot.

“Maybe you shouldn’t throw him like that.” Said Justin, “He might not come back…”
“Sorry.” I sighed.



The door opened in front of us, soon it was time for the final confrontation.

Chapter Text

Chapter 14: Launch Base Zone Act 2

We walked through carelessly, when suddenly, we saw another underwater area, Jenner groaned.
“Alright Sasha.” He sighed, “Where are you?”

Sasha didn’t come, probably because she didn’t want to be with us anymore.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to find our own way!” I said, we then got out to survive Launch Base Zone Act 2!

Do you believe that you and me are magic? [Brendan and CO are trying to jump the water, they succeed.]
Do you believe that you and me belong?
[They attempt to swim, they fail.]
Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends?
[They fall over underwater.]
Everything will be alright! [They leave the water soaking wet.]

You can make it by yourself [They jump through the underwater pit.]
And you just need a little help
[They attempt to beat a robot fish, Jenner beats it.]
Follow me, you will see, That I'll come running [They jump and crush a robot.]

You know that I'll be there for you [Brendan picks up Seagull Bomber after he nearly dies from water pressure.]
I know you'll be there for me, and that’s the magic of friendship and love
[They all show signs of learning to swim]

So, tell me, tell me.

[Montage of them swimming perfectly].

Do you believe that you and me are magic?
Do you believe that you and me belong?
Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends?
Everything will be alright!

Ingredients, are being gathered, were on the run! [Everyone looks confused at the lyrics.]
All of this needs to be done before the sun, sets, my friends are trusting, what's next?
[Everyone shrugs and gets some ingredients due to the song.]

Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends? [They now have surfboards matching their clothes.]
Everything will be alright!
[They land perfectly on the ground.]

“Man!” laughed Jenner, “I can’t believe we know how to swim now!”
“Yeah!” smiled Justin.

We walked on to see of all people, Mechadoc, who looked like a homeless guy, it seemed like the amulet’s power wore off on him.

“Guys let’s just kill him.” I said.
“For Cynthia.” Squinted Justin, angrily…
“Your gonna die now…” grinned Jenner evilly…
“Prepare to get your ass beat!” laughed Seagull Bomber.

“No, wait!” Mechadoc screamed, we all stabbed and kicked him to death…
“That’s what you get you jerk!” yelled Justin.

We got on Mechadoc’s car, and then…

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle
I’d rather flex my muscles.

Knuckles was stood on the support, he fell into the sea… knocking the building in front of him down…

We got on a platform, suddenly, we saw of all people in Mechadoc’s car, Sasha! She did some fish noises, then her eyes turned glowing white, and then a giant brown humanoid with a sword appeared, it was Braska’s Final Aeon!


Suddenly, he swept his sword at us, we all dodged since he was slow for some reason, but then, he shot Seagull Bomber with a laser, turning him into stone.
“Well that’s not good.” I chuckled, and then he crushed Jenner with his fist.
“Okay we should stop him.” Sighed Justin, we joined our swords together and did a massive slice, it hit him hard.

But then, his eyes glowed white, suddenly, a giant meteorite was heading towards us, he was using the Ultimate Jecht Shot! He then launched the meteor into the floor, supposedly killing us all.

In reality, we were launched all the way to Mushroom Hill Zone, But Braska’s Final Aeon was still there!

His chest opened up, that slice did something after all! Braska’s Final Aeon glowed white, and then exploded, two elderly mice fell on the grass. It was Nicodemus and Mr. Ages!

“W-what happened?” asked Mr. Ages.
“W-where are we?” asked Nicodemus.

Chapter Text

[The screen cuts to a drawing of Brendan in crayon, it slowly zooms out and rights itself.]

When I was little, I had this little memory
The tears that I dropped
I scooped it slowly with my two hands
The bubble that was about to break
Flowing from the sky, it laughed

From who knows where it goes when it’s chased
Right now, where I am
[The screen cuts to Brendan from the back, then fades out to another picture of Brendan from the back, then it shows a picture of Brendan’s face, and then back to the drawing of Brendan in crayon.]
What I was about to forget, the huge endless sky
Being held by countless bubbles
I found you, you were excited

Once again, I chased after it

Chapter Text

Chapter 16: Hop! Skip! Jump!

A step forward from now, a step forward from now on... Something's going to change. [Brendan is running alone, Teresa joins the running, then Timothy, then Martin, Mr. Ages, Seagull Bomber, Jonathan, Brisby, and Justin join, then lastly, six HigeHige Bandits, Knuckles, Mechadoc, Max and Jenner.]
Start walking with a skip in your step.
[The camera focuses on Brendan over and over.]
One step!!
[The title screen appears]
A hundred steps!! [We see Brendan standing in a field.]

I'm going to take bigger steps than yesterday [Aside from cuts to a cruise line, We see Brendan plastered against the wall, then Teresa getting a back massage, then Timothy turning to the camera, then Mr. Ages with his tools, and Martin snorting evilly.]
So that even if you were to disappear one day, I'll be fine
[We see the Schumulvault several times as we see Sasha staring evilly, then Max grinning, then Knuckles with a martini, then several HigeHige Bandits saluting.]
and can keep on walking.
[The screen cuts to Brendan standing in the same field, then Brutus standing in fire.]
I'll have to talk louder than usual. [Brutus and Jenner jump, they fight till they explode in the distance.]

A step forward from now, a step forward from now on... If something's going to change. [Brendan turns to the camera, then the screen cuts to Brendan, who begins to use a special attack.]
the future that I envisioned should become visible and attainable.
[Brendan launches the special attack, it’s a massive sword strike!]
A single step in a day, a hundred steps in ten days... The world's going to change. [Jenner does the same, the screen cuts to show that it was Brendan & Jenner fighting.]

Start walking with a skip in your step. [We see Brutus behind a sunset, he walks away.]
One step!!
[We see Brendan alone in a field.]
A hundred steps!!
[Teresa, Martin, Timothy and Mr. Ages appear.]
A thousand steps!! [They run off, Brendan gives chase.]

Chapter Text

Chapter 17: Mushroom Hill Zone Act 1

“Oh, my goodness.” Sighed Mr. Ages, “What happened?”
“You turned into the final boss of Final Fantasy X, and nearly killed us.” I said.
“What on earth is Final Fantasy X?” asked Mr. Ages.
“It’s a video game.” I said.
“What’s a video game?” asked Mr. Ages, it seemed like he didn’t know what new-fangled tech was…

We walked to a cliff where we saw Knuckles, he seemed busy, he pressed a switch hidden in the grass and ran off.

“What’s he up to?” asked Mr. Ages, we pressed the button and found a multi-coloured ring, we jumped into it.

Suddenly, we were in a temple like area, with seven empty flowers, it seemed like we needed something, and I remembered!
“We need the Chaos Emeralds!” I announced.
“Well do we have them?” asked Justin.
“No.” I said. “But we need to get on with the adventure!”
Everyone sighed, they stood on the red teleporter and left back into Mushroom Hill Zone.

We left the cave, we were walking through the forest when we saw a dark shadowy figure with a giant iron staff, we began chasing him, he saw us and ran off.

We ran and ran, but eventually, we lost him.
“Who was that?” I panted.
“Brutus.” Said Nicodemus, “He’s pretty quiet, some say he lost his speech when he was experimented on.”
“Really? I figured it was because he was born like that.” Said Jenner with a confused expression.
“Anyhow, he doesn’t talk much.” Said Nicodemus, “Let’s leave it at that, right now we have to see what he’s up to.”

We continued to walk through the forest, when suddenly, we saw a tree with a face, it was Whispy Woods!
“Hello!” said Whispy, Mr. Ages and Nicodemus were speechless.

“What… is this?” asked Mr. Ages, completely dumbfounded by a talking tree.
“What I’ve been putting up with since I joined Brendan.” Said Jenner in a deadpan voice.

Suddenly, Whispy Woods began screaming, and then he was toppled over, someone had cut him down, it was King Dedede and Escargon! King Dedede was a blue penguin while Escargon was a violet snail!

“Prepare to die~zoi!” laughed Dedede.
“Yeah!” also laughed Escargon.

They got on their car and began cutting down trees and launching logs at us, “Seriously, what the fuck IS THIS?” yelled Mr. Ages as he dodged a log.
“Don’t question it.” Said Seagull Bomber, “You’ll only hurt yourself thinking about it.”

“We’ll build your country club now~gesu!” said Escargon evilly.
“Yeah!” laughed Dedede.

“Wait you just want to build a country club?” I asked Dedede, he nodded as he launched another log at us.

“Well why didn’t you say so?” nodded Jenner. We let Dedede do his stuff, suddenly, Brutus came and stabbed the car with his weapon, causing the car to explode, Dedede and Escargon ran off.

“Why did you do that?” I asked. Brutus jumped into the distance without answering.


Chapter Text

Chapter 18: Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2

We walked through Mushroom Hill Zone, we were met with a dead end, suddenly…

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle
I’d rather flex my muscles

Jenner and Seagull Bomber began screaming, and Justin looked pale, “What’s wrong with you?” asked Mr. Ages as he looked at Jenner screaming like a maniac, suddenly, the wind began pushing us up, Jenner began screaming even louder, then the wind got stronger and stronger until we were blown upwards! Suddenly, the grass was brown and the mushrooms were blue!

“Oh great.” Sighed Jenner, “Now Knuckles has the power to change seasons.”
“Who is this Knuckles?” asked Nicodemus, “Is he really that frightening?”
“Yes.” Said Seagull Bomber, crying, “He drowns us and kills us and…”
“Now I’m sure he isn’t that bad.” Laughed Mr. Ages, “I mean…”

Three people walked by, they seemed to be hiking, one pink haired girl carrying a white cat, one sky blue haired girl, and one yellow haired girl with pigtails, it was Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe and Kyubey!

“Hey!” smiled Jenner, “Some girls I can flirt with!”
“Jenner you’re an adult, that’s gross.” Said a disgusted Justin.
“I’m honestly beginning to question if he’s an adult.” Muttered Mr. Ages.
“Well I’m going to see them!” said Jenner, he walked up to the girls and began flirting with them. Madoka screamed and kicked Jenner in the stomach.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” screamed Madoka, she screeched loudly.
“FOR GODS SAKE!” yelled Seagull Bomber, “NOT ANOTHER SCREECHER!”

After everyone calmed down, we introduced ourselves.
“So why are you here?” asked Justin,
“We’re looking for a witch here.” Said Mami, holding her Soul Gem, “I sense the magic residue somewhere around here.”
“We’re gonna kick its ass like Ryu in Street Fighter!” boasted Sayaka.
“Yeah!” smiled Madoka, suddenly, Mami’s Soul Gem began glowing.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” screamed Mami, jumping up and down, “IT’S CLOSE!”

We walked through a cave, suddenly, the grass was olive and the mushrooms were green.

We eventually were met with a satellite-like machine, Jenner sliced it in half, suddenly, everything was green and normal and a portal came.


We walked through and went into the witch’s labyrinth, after fighting familiars and stuff, we saw a plant like monster, it was Gertrud!

“Look.” Said Kyubey, “That, is a witch.”

“It’s disgusting.” Said Sayaka.
“I’M GONNA KILL IT!” Mami laughed maniacally.

Mami jumped down, and killed a bug, she pulled some guns from her skirt, and dodged a giant sofa, she then pulled seven guns from her hat.

She began shooting bullets from them, she noticed the bugs were invading her, Gertrud picked her upside down, Mami was still shooting Gertrud, Mami was then flung into a wall.

“Oh no!” said Seagull Bomber, and then it hung her up in the air.

“Mami!” yelled Madoka, then Mami laughed, she took her ribbon off, did aerobics with it, and made a massive AK-47.

“TIRO FINALE!” yelled Mami, she began shooting Gertrud to death.

The witch’s labyrinth had been destroyed, suddenly, a black egg appeared, it was a Grief Seed! Suddenly, Sasha, in Mechadoc’s car, picked it up, laughing as she did.

“GIVE THAT BACK!” yelled Mami, she screeched. She ran to the right as Sasha flew off with the Grief Seed.

I ran with Mami, we jumped through black spiked balls and ducked under them, Mami gave me an AK-47, I shot the machine, and missed, suddenly, Sasha crashed into a tree, turns out it was Whispy Woods!

“Thanks, Whispy!” said Mami, winking, Whispy Woods laughed.


Mami got her grief seed, “You notice how dull it looks?” said Mami, showing Madoka and Sayaka, who had run all the way here behind the scenes somehow, her Soul Gem, which had turned a bit darker, “Yeah it looks like fucking shit.” Said Sayaka with a blank expression on her face.
“Well lookie here.” Giggled Mami, suddenly, the Soul Gem grew brighter as the Grief Seed grew darker!
“OH MY GOD THAT’S SO FUCKING COOL!” screamed Madoka, Sayaka screeched in happiness…

Suddenly… A net fell under Madoka and Sayaka, they began screaming, they were taken into a giant flying fortress, suddenly, text appeared on the screen.


The text was pointing to a ladder, me and Mami climbed onto it as the ship flew into the sky…

Chapter Text

Chapter 19: Flying Battery Zone Act 1

Me and Mami found ourselves on the Flying Battery Zone, we walked in, aside from going through the level, we had to find our way out of here!

We walked through the fortress when suddenly, we were met with red lasers, it seemed like we had to disable a security system to get through, and we had to do it with a key!

We ran to the key drawer, we picked up one of the spare keys, suddenly, we were attacked by robots!

“How are we gonna do this?” I asked Mami.
“Don’t worry.” Laughed Mami, “I have my ways.” She got some guns from her skirt and began shooting them at the robot.

“You know.” Said Mami, “You never do any fighting, why is that?”
“I just like watching people.” I said, “I don’t have to do anything, it’s just fun to watch.”
Mami laughed. “Your just like me!” she said.

We walked through where the security system once was until we saw a black-haired girl and a red-haired girl, it was Homura Akemi and Kyoko Sakura.

“Where is Madoka?” asked Homura.
“She’s been kidnapped by Sasha.” Said Mami, “We need to get through to the lower area to get her back.”
“How would you know that?” asked Kyoko.
“Because… why do I know that?” laughed Mami, “I guess Brendan must have explained it to me off-screen.”

“Either way, we’ll team up for now.” Said Homura, “Just for saving Madoka, though.”
“Yeah! We’ll beat that evil Sasha good!” laughed Kyoko.

We ran through the corridor, suddenly, we were at the CCTV area, seemed like the kids and the others were alright, but Madoka was crying while Sayaka was holding her.

I then got an idea, I plugged my SD card into the computer, and then replaced everything on the TVs outside with Kirby of the Stars, after I transferred the data to the TVs I walked off.

We walked outside and saw that the episode with Rowlin-san was on.

“Oh, I love that episode.” Smiled Kyoko, she got all giddy and excited…

We then met an evil brain in a case, it was Mad Brain from Bomberman Max 2 Advance!

“How are we gonna beat that?” asked Kyoko, Homura whistled, out came a cute red dragon, it was Pommy Dragon!
“We’re gonna kick its ass.” Said Homura, she got on Pommy Dragon and began throwing Dangerous Bombs at it.

The glass broke, Mad Brain grew arms and then began throwing Homura’s bombs back at us! We had to think of something, so Homura began throwing bombs right before they exploded.

It then turned into a mutant brain! After Homura blew it up, it turned into pieces of muscle, thankfully, I knew how to beat it! All we had to do was blow up the pieces of muscle.

The Mad Brain burst into flames and died, if we hadn’t blown up the pieces of muscle, we would have to fight the same form all over again!

But thankfully we won, and that was all that mattered.


Chapter Text

Chapter 20: Flying Battery Zone Act 2

Homura got off Pommy Dragon, we walked onward when suddenly, we heard an explosion, what was it?

We went into the room where we heard the explosion, it’s the jail room! We found everyone there…

The kids seemed to be fine, but everyone seemed shocked at Teresa, who was holding a turquoise Soul Gem, Homura screamed in horror.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kyoko.
“Teresa’s a magical girl!” cried Homura, “She did a contract with Kyubey!”
“And?” Kyoko laughed, “That’s no big deal.”
“You have no idea.” Homura sobbed.

“What’s wrong with Homura?” asked Teresa, “What’s wrong with being a magical girl?”
“She thinks if you’re a magical girl she’ll lose more grief seeds.” Laughed Kyoko.
“What a loser.” Laughed Teresa.

Mami then got another AK-47 and shot the security senses to death.

But just as everything was going fine, Sasha came on the scene on her car, she laughed evilly. She then trapped us between two laser walls.

“Holy shit!” said Jenner. A big laser came and then it shot the floor, one of the laser walls closed in on us.

Sasha laughed, the same attack happened over and over until the entire place started shaking, Sasha turned off the laser machines before the damage got worse, re-stabilizing the place.

Sasha then flew away.

“So, what did you wish for?” asked Kyoko, the door on the right opened, and we saw of all people Cynthia, who had come back to life thanks to Kyubey.
“I wanted my sister back.” Smiled Teresa, she hugged Cynthia as they were reunited.

“Well.” Smiled Justin, “Your mom is gonna be happy to know about this!”
“She won’t be happy in a few weeks.” Sobbed Homura.

“Why are you so miserable about magical girls?” asked Mami as she transformed, seemed like they were gonna fight, “Why are you being such a fucking bitch?”
“Ugh, transformation.” Sighed Homura, “Transformation is just a cheap tactic to make weak magical girls stronger, QUIT EMBARRASING YOURSELF!”

“Then why did you transform?” asked Mami.
“THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!” screamed Homura, “DIE!”

This is Mami, here to kill you [Mami pulls some guns out of her hair]
And I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you
[Mami shoots the guns, Homura dodges]
Because I’m so much better
[Mami lands on the ground]
And my conscious says to go get you [Mami points at Houra]

Ol’ Mami won’t be here to follow your rules [Mami flips Homura off]
Come at me without any of your fancy tools
[Mami throws Homura’s shield out of the window]
Let’s go, just me and you, let’s go 1v1 me! [Mami grabs an XBOX controller and throws it at Homura]

Go ahead and hit me if your able [Mami and Homura are fighting]
Can’t you see that my Soul Gem is stable?
I know that you’re really sick of losing.
[Mami snaps one of Homura’s gun in half]
But I think that your just too unstable. [Mami poses.]

You’re not gonna win you will just keep losing [Montage of Homura and Mami fighting.]
Fighting on this battleship forever
And You didn’t want Teresa to contract.
But I think that you did so you wouldn’t lose.

I am made, of, love, love. [Brendan and CO run to the CCTV area where for some reason Peridot is there, everyone starts kicking Peridot.]
Love, love, love.
[Mami kicks Homura’s ass in time with the music.]

Kyoko tied up Peridot, “Don’t touch that.” She screamed, “You clods don’t know what you’re doing!”
“You got this, Justin!” yelled Kyoko.
“Okay ship.” Said Justin, “Turn us around!” and began fiddling with the controls.”

This is where we are This is where I win [Mami stands up and points at Homura.]
I know that I will win because I’m Mami Tomoe
[Homura gets up.]
But even when I say that, you won’t give up your fighting
[The screen cuts to Homura and Mami standing.]
Do you know the point of this? Do this even mean anything? [Mami shrugs, Homura sighs.]

Go ahead and hit me if your able [More of Mami and Homura’s fighting.]
Can’t you see that my Soul Gem is stable?
Do you really think that you’ll beat me?
You’re just a sore loser trust me [Mami nearly cracks Homura’s soul gem.]

My Soul Gem glows with power, to beat you [Mami throws Homura to a wall.]
It’s a good day to die now.
[Homura does a spin dash at Mami.]
I am magical, I am the strongest
[Mami picks up Homura.]
Just give me my Grief Seeds.

I am made, of, love, love. [Mami launches Homura at the main engine, she gets electrocuted, everything is toppling over.]
Because I’m stronger than you
Love, love, love.
[Peridot uses an escape pod and escapes, Kyoko barely misses her, the screen cuts to the gang looking as the ship crashes into Sandopolis Zone, Mami bursts through.]
Because I’m stronger than you

“Mami!” everyone said.
“This ship is going down!” said Mami.
“But what about Homura?” I asked.
“THERE’S NO TIME!” yelled Mami.
Love, love, love.
Because I’m stronger than you
Love, love, love.


Chapter Text

Chapter 21: Sandopolis Zone Act 1

We crash-landed into Sandopolis Zone, where we were in a sandy like area, we walked outside and saw nothing but sand.

“We have to go now.” Said Mami.
“Can you teleport us back to mom?” asked Teresa, “Okay then.” laughed Mami, she used her magic to teleport the kids out of there.

That left us with me, Jenner, Justin, Seagull Bomber, Mr. Ages, Nicodemus, Madoka and the others seemed to have left…

We began going through the desert. Aside from sandfalls going up, not much really happened, there were no kids, no special crossovers, nothing…

“Heh.” Sighed Jenner, “Gets boring without anyone huh?”
“Sure does.” I sighed…

Suddenly, we met of all people, Sabrina!

“And Sabrina returns in triumph!” she said triumphantly with a piece of the Cosmic Clock, “What, no cheering crowds?”
“Oh it’s Sabrina.” Said Jenner.
“Who is this?” asked Justin.
“I’m Sabrina.” Said Sabrina, introducing herself, Justin, Mr. Ages and Nicodemus introduced themselves.

“So, is there another piece of the Cosmic Clock here?” I asked.
“Yep!” smiled Sabrina.
“I hope we don’t have to fight another giant again.” Said Seagull Bomber.
“We won’t.” laughed Jenner.”
“That would suck.” Said Justin.
“So, the Cosmic Clock, is it just those pieces?” asked Nicodemus, Sabrina nodded. “Oh…” replied Nicodemus.

We then were met with the same blue zipper portal back in Marble Garden, and out came Sailum.

“Good grief.” Said Sailum, looking at Sabrina, he must have thought she was stranded, “Don’t be such a klutz.”
“I’m outta here.” Said Sabrina.
“If you get smacked by a melon, just be thankful it’s seedless.” Said Sailum.
“Any other good hints?” Seagull Bomber asked.
“Avoid the natives.” Said Sailum all snarky, “They don’t like tourists.”
“Gotta go.” Said Sabrina, we walked off.

We made it to an area with nothing but sandfalls and quicksand, suddenly, a giant pyramid began rising from the ground, Jenner and Seagull Bomber began screaming and running in circles,

Suddenly, there were some people coming out of the door, they must be Egyptians! Suddenly, they all fused together to make a giant rock monster.

“Alright guys!” said Nicodemus, “Let’s kick his ass!”
“Yeah!” said Mr. Ages, it jumped up in the air and landed on the ground. We decided to lure it into the quicksand.

First, Seagull Bomber had to stand in the corner with a kick me paper on his back, and then he had to wait for the boulder man coming closer.

“It feels like a Danganronpa execution.” Moaned Seagull Bomber.
“Well that’s because it is!” laughed someone, it was a black and white bear, it was Monokuma!
“Fuck.” Cried Seagull Bomber.

[An 8-bit version of Seagull Bomber appears, an 8-bit Monokuma drags him off.]

The boulder man got closer and closer, eventually, it reached Seagull Bomber, he was scared, and then the boulder man crushed Seagull Bomber, breaking every bone in his body, and then the Boulder man fell into the quicksand and died.


The pyramid door opened, we walked inside, well not Monokuma obviously…

Chapter Text

Chapter 22: Sandopolis Zone Act 2

We went into the pyramid, Sabrina used her magic to light our way, suddenly, the lights went on! Justin had pulled a switch to turn the lights on!

“Don’t worry.” Said Justin, “Sabrina told me how pyramids work.” Sabrina nodded.

As we walked on though, the lights went darker and darker. “It’s getting darker.” Said Seagull Bomber.
“Oh, I didn’t know you were alive.” I noted.
“Shut up.” Said Seagull Bomber.

Then Jenner pressed a switch, suddenly ghosts appeared, and they were white and had horns and were angry, Jenner laughed as the ghosts began hurting Justin.

“Seriously?” yelled Justin, “Why would you do that?”
“I don’t know.” Laughed Jenner. “It’s just fun to watch you suffer!”

“Y’know Seagull Bomber.” I said, “Last time I played this on the PS2, I saved my game with one life left, one minute left on the clock, and the room was dark.”
“How do you make that kind of mistake?” asked Seagull Bomber.
“I was six.” I said.

We eventually fell down a pit, Justin sat in the corner curled up in a ball holding his head traumatized muttering “No more ghosts.” To himself over and over.

We then saw an Egyptian Sun God.

“Here he is folks.” Said Sailum, “Straight from the cosmos itself, the one, the only, Mr. sun god, Ra! Let’s hear it, for him! Ra! Ra! Ra!”

“Welcome blonde surfette.” Said Ra, “Come catch a tan in my cosmic radiance.”

“Why the fuck does he have that accent?” asked Mr. Ages.
“He found that that surfing gives him girls.” Said Nicodemus, “He developed an addiction for surfing.”

He then clicked his fingers, Sasha came out of the wall, she laughed, seems the car fused with the wall, she began moving towards us with the wall, intending to crush us.

“Dude.” Said Ra, “That’s gonna kill me too!” Sasha flipped him off.

Ra turned to us and began throwing boulders at us, Jenner picked up a brick, “Charge it up Sabrina.” He ordered. Sabrina charged the brick up and Jenner threw it at Ra, it did nothing.

“Like, dude.” Laughed Ra, “You think I’m just gonna stand there and take it?”

I then realised he was basically impossible to beat at the moment, but then I remembered a glitch I learned on Youtube, I crouched in the corner and jumped, suddenly, I was teleported to the other side of the room.

They must have learned from me, because soon, everyone else did the same, even Justin, who was now crying loudly…

After a few minutes, we heard Ra scream, and then we saw Sasha fly away, Sabrina picked up another piece of the Cosmic Clock.

“WOOHOO!” screamed Sabrina, “I FOUND ONE!”


We walked through a door, then fell down a hole.

Chapter Text

Chapter 23: Lava Reef Zone Act 1

We fell into an area with lots of rocks.
“Ooh!” said Justin, “This place looks interesting.

We pressed a button, it opened a door, revealing several lava pits and other death traps.
“Holy shit!” yelled Seagull Bomber.

“Ugh.” Sighed Jenner, “At least we don’t have to go through any more digging-“

Suddenly, we were attacked by another drilling machine!
“FUCKS SAKE!” yelled Jenner, the drilling machine made a hole, we landed safely on ground but the robot died in agony by lava.

We continued to go onward when we saw Diva of all people.

“Hi, you’ve got some great looks here.” Said Seagull Bomber.
“Ah, the future fashion plate returns, and with gems, I see! Let’s make a deal here, shall we? Pick an outfit and dazzle the world!”

“Really?” asked Jenner.
“No, fuck you.” Said Diva, she pointed to the drill machine, it was the one from Motherload again!

Me and Seagull Bomber got in the car, “I didn’t appear in Flying Battery Zone.” Sobbed Seagull Bomber.
“Oops.” Laughed Brendan, “I guess I forgot to write you in.”
“What?” asked Seagull Bomber, wondering about how I forgot to “write him in”.
“Nothing.” I laughed nervously.

We began drilling downwards, we talked for a bit about the events in Flying Battery Zone.
“So Cynthia’s alive now, huh?” asked Seagull Bomber.
“Yep, Teresa made a contract with Kyubey and became a magical girl!” I said,
“Is that a good thing?” Seagull Bomber replied, I didn’t say anything…
“Give her a week.” I said, “It’s going to end in tears for her.”

Seagull Bomber looked horrified, “W-what do you mean by…”
“Let’s just say, it’s either she dies, or the Brisby household and everything around it is doomed.” I said.
I nodded.
“Oh god.” Moaned Seagull Bomber, “Some heroes we turned out to be…”
“I usually prefer the villains though.” I said, “At times, their ambitions seem a lot more reasonable.”

We drilled into a lava pit, “Well fuck.” Said Seagull Bomber, we jumped out onto dry land and saw two tentacles with fans at the end.

“We’ve gotta figure out how to beat this thing!” I said, the tentacles sunk into the lava, we waited for a few minutes and then realised that metal doesn’t survive well in lava.


Chapter Text

Chapter 24: Lava Reef Zone Act 2

Everything cooled down and the lava hardened, Jenner and the others walked by.

“In justice, we trust!” said Justin, this was pretty funny since I always picture him as Bobby Fulbright.
“Bomberman, Generation!” said Mr. Ages,
“The end, justifies the means.” Said Nicodemus, I always pictured him as Aristole Means so this was cool.
“Yay!” said Jenner.

“Why did we say that?” asked Jenner.
“I have no idea.” Sighed Nicodemus.

We ran through the level avoiding traps, suddenly, we met a red-skinned kid and a skeleton turtle, it was… me from nine years ago and Dry Bones!

“Where are we?” asked Brendan.
“How the FUCK should I know?” replied Dry Bones angrily, I stayed silent in case it caused a time paradox.

They walked up to a teleporter, above it said a sign “DANGER! BOSS STAGE!” I realised that wasn’t true.

“Wait, stop!” I said, they turned around.

“Who are you?” asked past me.
“I’m you from the future.” I replied, they seemed surprised.
“Whoa!” said past me, “What video games are there?”
“Undertale.” I said.
“Oh, cool.” Past me said.

“Who are you talking to?” asked Jenner, the gang walked up to past me and Dry Bones.
“Are you mouse Sephiroth?” asked past me.
“Who the fuck is Sephiroth?” asked Jenner, past me laughed.

“I was pretty immature back then.” I said.
“Okay then.” sighed Jenner, “What are we gonna do, have him tag along?”
“Yeah I guess we have no other choice.” I said.
“YAY!” yelled past me.

We walked through the area when we began going up a staircase.
“Knuckles is gonna be here.” Said past me.

Jenner and Seagull Bomber began screaming, past me laughed.

Suddenly, we heard Knuckles’ rap music.

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle
I’d rather flex my muscles

Jenner began screaming louder, then a boulder came at us, we all fell down into the abyss below us…

Chapter Text

Chapter 25: Lava Reef Zone Act 3

We fell onto some platforms, suddenly, the entire room flashed and it was full of lava and everything was hot!

“HOLY SHIT!” past me yelled.
“What are we gonna do?” asked Justin, I remembered this level, we ran to an area, there was a fire shield there, so I got it.

“Leave it to me.” I said, jumping down.

I landed on a platform, and out of the lava came Sasha in a spiked machine, Sasha laughed.

She launched more platforms at me, not to mention spiked balls, but since I had the fire shield, all I had to do was dodge them, she kept hitting herself.

Eventually, she blew herself up, the glass broke, and Sasha died burning alive in molten lava.


Suddenly, the lava hardened again, everything was back before Sasha heated things up, Jenner and the others came.

“Let’s move on.” I said.
“Okay!” past me said.

Chapter Text

Chapter 26: Hidden Palace Zone

We walked through into a temple, Nicodemus seemed to remember the place.

“This is where me and Ra used to talk.” He said, “We always used to talk here before Ra got into surfing.”
“I see.” Said Justin, looking confused.

After walking up some staircases, we saw of all people, Knuckles! Jenner and Seagull Bomber began screaming, Justin began panicking, Knuckles stared at us and then went into the teleporter.

“Quick!” shouted Mr. Ages, “Let’s get him!”

We teleported to an upper area of the temple, on the wall, we saw what looked like me and the others beating a black cloud…

“Looks cool huh?” we turned around and it was Knuckles.

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me Knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle
I’d rather flex my muscles

Jenner and Seagull Bomber began screaming while past me laughed, “What’s your problem?” asked Knuckles.
“YOU ALWAYS HURT US!” screamed Seagull Bomber.
“GET AWAY FROM US!” screamed Jenner.
“Well I have to fight you now.” Said Knuckles, “And…”

Suddenly, Jenner and Seagull Bomber stopped screaming, and then they got out their weapons and began beating up Knuckles.

Eventually, Knuckles ran off screaming and crying, we gave chase, suddenly, we saw Brutus on Mechadoc’s car! And he had the Master Emerald!

“Oh so that’s mouse Sephiroth.” Past me said.

“There’s a lot of lore you don’t know about yet.” I said, referring to the fact I hadn’t seen Secret of NIMH yet…

“GIVE THAT BACK!” screamed Knuckles, he jumped on the machine, it electrocuted him, when he landed, the floor underneath us collapsed.

When we landed, we were seemingly trapped, thankfully, Knuckles was there to punch our way to victory! As in, he punched through a wall!

“Get in that teleporter!” panted Knuckles, we jumped in…

Chapter Text

Chapter 27: Sky Sanctuary Zone

We were outside of the temple and into the sky, we looked out and saw the Schumulvault being launched, and several robots coming out of it.

Knuckles pressed a button, suddenly, a platform came, we could get on with the level now!

We jumped through the area, suddenly, we were attacked by four people!

The first was a red guy with a green belt and flame for hair, “Flame Bomber!” he screamed.
The second was a black guy with a teal belt, navy hood and a body made of rock, “Grand Bomber.” He said.
The third was a woman with a green hood, red gem on her forehead, teal shirt, and a pink skirt and flippers. “Mermaid Bomber!” she shouted.
And the last one was a black man with a blue wetsuit with yellow eyebrows, belt and shoes and had an electricity generator on his back, “Thunder Bomber!” he yelled.

“You were the ones who destroyed Thorn Valley!” said Justin angrily.
“YOUR GONNA DIE NOW FUCKERS!” screamed Flame Bomber, and then he screeched.
“Yeah!” laughed Mermaid Bomber.

“Who should we go for first?” past me asked.
“Flame Bomber!” said Jenner.
“Yeah!” said Seagull Bomber.

But suddenly, a space ship landed, and out came the Jetters, Shirobom, Shout, Birdy, Gangu and Bongo.

“YOUR GONNA DIE NOW!” yelled Shout, she was holding a beer bottle.
“YEAH!” screamed Shirobom, screeching, Shout beat him over the head with a beer bottle. “Sorry.” He muttered.

“DIE!” screamed Flame Bomber, before he could do anything, Shout got her AK-47 and shot him to death as he screeched loudly.

The Jetters then got their AK-47s out and shot the Bomber Shitennou to death, “I FUCKING HATE YOU GRAND BOMBER!” Shirobom said, screeching and jumping at the same time.

While that was going on, we used another teleporter, and moved onward, hearing the screams of the Bomber Shitennou…

We walked up and saw another teleporter, suddenly…

“NOT SO FAST, FUCKERS!” said a black man with a red cape as he destroyed the teleporter, it was Max!
“Is this the one from Bomberman Tournament or the one from Jetters?” I asked…

“Judging by his behaviour, I’d say the one from Jetters.” Said Nicodemus.

Max screeched, “YOUR GONNA DIE NOW!” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“BECAUSE YOU KILLED MECHADOC!” said Max, he then got his “Make everything fall spray” and began spraying it around the area, suddenly, everything was falling!

Max fell down a hole caused by said spray and died.


We jumped onto a platform, which followed several platforms, unsurprisingly, then we jumped into the Schumulvault, and thus we were onto our final destination…

Chapter Text

Chapter 28: Schumulvault Zone Act 1

We walked into the enemy’s base, “This is it!” I announced wilfully, “This is the final area! After this, what are we gonna do?”
“How about we live with you?” asked Jenner, “The remaining rats, which are us, have no place to go since Thorn Valley was gone.”
“But we must keep our clan a secret.” Said Nicodemus, pointing at Jenner, “We know too much.”
“Don’t worry.” I assured Nicodemus, “In my world, being an anthromorphic animal is normal around my parts.”

There was silence, then Mr. Ages decided to speak up, “But even if that is the case, don’t humans try to exterminate them?”
“No.” I replied, “You see, humans coexist with animals, they live life just fine! There’s no need for any extermination!”
“What do you mean?” replied Mr. Ages, “How big are we even talking?”
“Humans and animals are basically the same size…” I said, Mr. Ages’ eyes went wide, “What?” he gaped.
“Yeah.” I chuckled, “Think! You can live just like a human! You can play video games, go to bars, date someone, the list is endless!”
“I’d like to see this world of yours once this is over.” Said Mr. Ages, “It sounds interesting.”
“It sounds weird.” Said Justin.
“It’s amazing!” said Seagull Bomber, “Even though it’s just me and Brendan, life is pretty peaceful…”

Mr. Ages thought to himself, “Hmm, interesting…” he said.

We were met with a pit, “I have an idea!” I said.
“Am I gonna fly everyone to the other side?” asked Seagull Bomber unhappily.
“And that!”

“Bun, bun, bun, bun, hachiga tobu.” Sang Jenner, who was now in a bumblebee costume that was a little too small for him. “Wait, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?”

“It’s a magical costume.” I said, “It’ll let you get us to fly everywhere!”
“Can I fly away and leave you or fly you off a cliff?” asked Jenner.
“No.” I said, “We’re in outer space, you have no way out of here…”
“FUCK!” groaned Jenner, he picked me and Mr. Ages up and Nicodemus and Justin got on Seagull Bomber’s back and we flew to the other side, when suddenly, someone shot a hole in Jenner’s costume, it burned up and Jenner was left with a white vest, we fell down.

“FUCK THIS SHIT!” screamed Jenner as we fell, thankfully we landed on a platform, and then we walked onto a safer area…

“We didn’t have to fly, did we?” said Seagull Bomber, Jenner got angry.
“Nope.” I said, “But at least we got to see Jenner in a bumblebee costume.”

We all laughed, Jenner snapped.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” yelled Jenner, he pushed me and Seagull Bomber into a gravity chamber, and then he fell in, after a long time in there we got to safety, or at least we thought, because we were attacked by a computer!

It was Zag-RS! “You have selected Zag-RS as the computer’s default voice.” She said.

“We have to kill it!” said Jenner, I remembered the USB Kill thumb drive in my pocket, I got it out.
“Look for a USB port!” I said, everyone glared at me.
“What’s a USB port?” asked Mr. Ages, suddenly, we were attacked by lasers, Jenner slashed the top of Zag-RS while Justin slashed the bottom, it seemed she was defeated.

But then, Zag-RS grew an external screen! She then levitated and began launching a giant laser beam on us, we dodged, but it was hard, I then noticed a USB drive behind of Zag-RS.

Determined, I plugged it in, I heard a loud clicking sound, and then Zag-RS deactivated.


The floor beneath us collapsed, and then we were teleported to a safer location.

Chapter Text

Chapter 29: Schumulvault Zone Act 2

“Where did past you go?” asked Jenner.
“Sorry.” Past me said, appearing out of nowhere. “We were calling my friends.”
“Two of our friends.” Said Dry Bones, “The other sixty-three couldn’t come remember.”

We went into a tube ride, on the other side, the gravity was turned upside down!

“Whoa!” said Justin, “This is crazy!”
“I know right.” Jenner laughed.

“So, Brendan.” Mr. Ages began, “Do you think you can tell us more about your world?”
“It’s full of sentient animals.” I explained, “There isn’t any experimenting involved in achieving that though, it’s just nature that makes that happened.”
“Interesting…” said Mr. Ages…

We went through several mazes, several gravity changes, eventually, we reached Brutus.

“What’s gotten into you Brutus?” asked Mr. Ages, he stayed silent, he threw his weapon at Jenner, who dodged.
“Brutus, listen to us!” Jenner called out, “Don’t you remember us?”
Brutus cocked his head 45 degrees to the right, then shrugged, he got his weapon and began sword-fighting with Justin, who was beaten.

But when he sword fought with Jenner, he lost! “I could always beat Justin in a fight.” Laughed Jenner.

Suddenly, Brutus ran off, seemed like it was time for the final battle… When suddenly, we heard a screech, and we all knew who it was…

“HELLO FUCKERS!” screamed Mechadoc, laughing maniacally…
“Oh god…” sighed Seagull Bomber in horror, because what we saw, was unbelievable…

Every boss, every enemy, they were all there, Frederic, Bob, Attenoyab, Black Waltz 1, and even Braska’s Final Aeon were there, and that was to name a few…

“This is it guys…” said Justin…

“This is the final battle…”

Chapter Text

Chapter 30: Love Letter

[The screen shows Brendan in crayon running]
Lit by the light of the moon,
Both the ink and I are tinged with blue.
The very first feelings I put into words
are feelings I don’t want you to know.
The night is listening and testing
my courage.

[The screen cuts to Brendan running in ink, and then back to the Brendan in crayon running.]
I love you.
That is all that’s in my heart
I am waiting for your response.
every day.

Chapter Text

Chapter 31: The Final Boss

“But we killed you!” said Jenner.
“I DIDN’T DIE!” yelled Mechadoc, “After you seemingly killed me, I limped into a Revitalizing Machine and healed myself.”
“GODDAMNIT!” shouted Justin.
“After this.” Sighed Mr. Ages, “I’m gonna take a long nap, and forget this ever happened.”
“PREPARE TO DIE!” laughed Mechadoc, and then he screeched.

“Not so fast!” said a familiar voice! It was Sabrina! Everyone was there to help us fight! Brisby and her kids, Zidane, Madoka, Bayonetta, you name it, they were there!

“Were gonna stop you!” said Madoka, Justin then realised Mami was missing.
“Where’s Mami?” asked Justin.
“We don’t like to talk about it…” muttered Sayaka sadly.

“We’re gonna kick ass and chew bubble-gum!” smiled Zidane.
“Yeah!” said a buff Vivi, he was buff because of the stat boosts the Octagon Rod gave him.

“Once I’m done with you, you’ll be needing all the 911 you got.” Bayonetta said as she lined her guns.

“We’re here!” said a voice, it was Tails and Koops! My two friends I hadn’t seen since 2007.
“Well here are my two friends since 2007!” said Mechadoc, suddenly, a samurai and a cowboy appeared.

“The next bad guy claims to be such a good swordsman.” Said Sailum, “He can beat anyone while wearing a blindfold! It’s time to find out if that’s true, let’s hear it, for the Shogun Warrior!”
“You wish to challenge Shogun master?” said the Shogun Warrior, “Then may you accept your defeat, with honour.”

“Here he comes.” Said Sailum, “The evil villain we’ve all been waiting for, the man with the must-see moustache, the wizard of weird weather, the rain maker!”
“Can you weather my storm?” asked the Rain Maker, “Come closer and let us find out!”

“DIE!” Mechadoc yelled as he pointed at us, and then all war broke out against several franchises…

From what I could see, it was something! Bayonetta was gun-fighting Homura, Sabrina was getting kicked to death by the Shogun Warrior and the Rain Maker while Sailum was getting kicked to death by Bob and Ra, Vivi was burning everything alive maniacally with Firaga. And then there was the best bit, Attenoyab was getting beaten up by past me, Dry Bones, Tails and Koops!

Justin seemed to be doing okay fighting Brutus, not to mention Jenner was fighting with Madoka, and then there was Sayaka kicking Frederic’s ass! Not to mention Kyoko was about to lose to Whispy Woods. but then Dedede and Escargon threw a brick at Whispy and killed him.

Mechadoc screeched, suddenly, everyone stopped fighting, Vivi was stood next to a burning Black Waltz, Sabrina and Sailum were dead on the floor, A dead Attenoyab was getting kicked by Teresa, who was a magical girl, and some others not worth mentioning…

“NOW.” Laughed Mechadoc, “GET READY FOR THE BEST SHIT YOU’VE EVER SEEN!” he got a machine and shot Bob, Ra, the Shogun Warrior, and the Rainmaker, and himself, suddenly, he turned into a black giant, it was Master Giant! He had turned himself into Master Core!

“Let’s kill him!” said Bayonetta, but then Master Giant screeched and blew everyone away, he then headbutted Sayaka and she was partially buried underground and lasers were everywhere! Meanwhile we just constantly wailed at him until something happened.

And then he sliced the air, slicing Pleb in half, but then Kyoko used her magic to heal her, much to Steiner’s relief.

Suddenly, Master Giant turned into a scorpion like creature! It was Master Beast! It picked up Seagull Bomber with its mouth and flung him into the wall. It then jumped to the other side of the room, causing everything to shake, and thus Justin lost his balance and fell over. It then used a spike attack, it launched a spike from underground, killing Justin.

“Just use a Phoenix down.” Said past me, Zidane got out one of his Phoenix downs and revived Justin, who ran away from Master Beast.

Master Beast then electrocuted itself and anyone touching it, thus Kyoko and Homura, they were fine though…

We attacked it as usual, then it turned into five swords, it was Master Sabres! “HOLY SHIT!” yelled Tails. It launched two balls at us, which Bayonetta kicked back at it. But then it sliced Mr. Ages up and threw him against the wall.

It then charged an attack and did a massive slice attack on Nicodemus! Which flung him next to Mr. Ages.

But then, due to the balls we hit it with, it transformed again! It was Master Shadow, and it was imitating Jenner.

Justin ran to it and had a sword fight with it, but he eventually messed up, just as Master Shadow was gonna kill Justin, Jenner ran and saved him by stabbing Master Shadow.

And then, came a massive mountain of dark energy, it was Master Fortress! We ran inside and saw various monsters, and a beating heart, while Homura and the others fought off the monsters, we all beat up the heart, it exploded, the earth shook, and a path opened above us.

We ran through the path, getting hurt by the laser monsters, we went down the hole to see various platforms and yellow acid beneath them.

“OH GOD!” yelled Koops, “HOW ARE WE GONNA DO THIS?” We jumped across the platforms and saw the second heart, we jumped to attack it, suddenly, more monsters appeared, but thankfully, Homura and the others beat them.

Eventually, the heart exploded, and Master Fortress chucked us out of him. We ran through the upper path again, jumping across acid pits, we saw another heart above the pit, it wasn’t guarded well so we attacked it and it exploded, everything went black for a second and then we saw a pit, we jumped in it.

We jumped through another acid pit and went deeper into the fortress, we jumped down and through another acid pit, and there it was, the last heart.

We jumped onto the conveniently placed platform next to it and began wailing on the last heart, more monsters appeared, but again, Homura and the others took care of it, suddenly, we heard a scream, and then everything exploded.

Finally, all that was left was the core, we broke the glass it was made out of and destroyed the core, suddenly, Mechadoc, Bob, Ra, the Shogun Warrior, and the Rainmaker appeared out of nowhere.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” screamed Mechadoc.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” said a gruff voice. It was Chaos from Sabrina!
Mechadoc laughed nervously, and then Chaos picked up Mechadoc and threw him away, he ran off, we gave chase.

Chapter Text

Chapter 32: The Doomsday Zone

I walked to a circle area, everyone seemed to be too tired to go with me.

“Congratulations.” Said Chaos, “You’ve come this far, but this is as far as you’ll ever get!”

“Oh, I get it!” I said, “We’re playing the rock-paper-scissors game! No wait! Make that, CAT-MOUSE-ELEPHANT!”

The dice rolled, I was turned into a cat while Chaos was turned into a mouse.
“FUCK!” he yelled, I chased him and caught him, 1-0 for me!

The dice rolled again, this time, I was an elephant and he was a cat.
“FUCK! AGAIN!” he yelled, again, I caught him, 2-0 for me!

The next time though, I was an elephant, and he was a mouse! This was bad… I ran away from him, 2-1 for Chaos!

The next time was uneventful, since we were both turned into elephants.

The next dice rolled, I was a mouse and he was an elephant, I chased him, when I touched him, he exploded and blood splattered everywhere.

“No, NOOOOO!” he yelled before he exploded.

“Woohoo! Not bad if I do say so myself.” I cheered, “I’m outta here!”

I them realised I was still a mouse.
“Fuck.” I sighed, “The game will turn me back soon…”
Eventually it did, suddenly, the place exploded, I fell down, but then Seagull Bomber caught me.
“You saved the world!” said Seagull Bomber!
“I sure did!” I smiled. And after that, everyone moved on with their lives, the remaining rats moved into my Animal Crossing village, and some other stuff I can’t explain yet…

And so, the adventure ended, but there were many more adventures like this one to come! But that’s for another time!

In reality, this was just a writing exercise, I’d love to write something original one day… But don’t take this too seriously though.