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Brendan 3 & Knuckles

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Chapter 31: The Final Boss

“But we killed you!” said Jenner.
“I DIDN’T DIE!” yelled Mechadoc, “After you seemingly killed me, I limped into a Revitalizing Machine and healed myself.”
“GODDAMNIT!” shouted Justin.
“After this.” Sighed Mr. Ages, “I’m gonna take a long nap, and forget this ever happened.”
“PREPARE TO DIE!” laughed Mechadoc, and then he screeched.

“Not so fast!” said a familiar voice! It was Sabrina! Everyone was there to help us fight! Brisby and her kids, Zidane, Madoka, Bayonetta, you name it, they were there!

“Were gonna stop you!” said Madoka, Justin then realised Mami was missing.
“Where’s Mami?” asked Justin.
“We don’t like to talk about it…” muttered Sayaka sadly.

“We’re gonna kick ass and chew bubble-gum!” smiled Zidane.
“Yeah!” said a buff Vivi, he was buff because of the stat boosts the Octagon Rod gave him.

“Once I’m done with you, you’ll be needing all the 911 you got.” Bayonetta said as she lined her guns.

“We’re here!” said a voice, it was Tails and Koops! My two friends I hadn’t seen since 2007.
“Well here are my two friends since 2007!” said Mechadoc, suddenly, a samurai and a cowboy appeared.

“The next bad guy claims to be such a good swordsman.” Said Sailum, “He can beat anyone while wearing a blindfold! It’s time to find out if that’s true, let’s hear it, for the Shogun Warrior!”
“You wish to challenge Shogun master?” said the Shogun Warrior, “Then may you accept your defeat, with honour.”

“Here he comes.” Said Sailum, “The evil villain we’ve all been waiting for, the man with the must-see moustache, the wizard of weird weather, the rain maker!”
“Can you weather my storm?” asked the Rain Maker, “Come closer and let us find out!”

“DIE!” Mechadoc yelled as he pointed at us, and then all war broke out against several franchises…

From what I could see, it was something! Bayonetta was gun-fighting Homura, Sabrina was getting kicked to death by the Shogun Warrior and the Rain Maker while Sailum was getting kicked to death by Bob and Ra, Vivi was burning everything alive maniacally with Firaga. And then there was the best bit, Attenoyab was getting beaten up by past me, Dry Bones, Tails and Koops!

Justin seemed to be doing okay fighting Brutus, not to mention Jenner was fighting with Madoka, and then there was Sayaka kicking Frederic’s ass! Not to mention Kyoko was about to lose to Whispy Woods. but then Dedede and Escargon threw a brick at Whispy and killed him.

Mechadoc screeched, suddenly, everyone stopped fighting, Vivi was stood next to a burning Black Waltz, Sabrina and Sailum were dead on the floor, A dead Attenoyab was getting kicked by Teresa, who was a magical girl, and some others not worth mentioning…

“NOW.” Laughed Mechadoc, “GET READY FOR THE BEST SHIT YOU’VE EVER SEEN!” he got a machine and shot Bob, Ra, the Shogun Warrior, and the Rainmaker, and himself, suddenly, he turned into a black giant, it was Master Giant! He had turned himself into Master Core!

“Let’s kill him!” said Bayonetta, but then Master Giant screeched and blew everyone away, he then headbutted Sayaka and she was partially buried underground and lasers were everywhere! Meanwhile we just constantly wailed at him until something happened.

And then he sliced the air, slicing Pleb in half, but then Kyoko used her magic to heal her, much to Steiner’s relief.

Suddenly, Master Giant turned into a scorpion like creature! It was Master Beast! It picked up Seagull Bomber with its mouth and flung him into the wall. It then jumped to the other side of the room, causing everything to shake, and thus Justin lost his balance and fell over. It then used a spike attack, it launched a spike from underground, killing Justin.

“Just use a Phoenix down.” Said past me, Zidane got out one of his Phoenix downs and revived Justin, who ran away from Master Beast.

Master Beast then electrocuted itself and anyone touching it, thus Kyoko and Homura, they were fine though…

We attacked it as usual, then it turned into five swords, it was Master Sabres! “HOLY SHIT!” yelled Tails. It launched two balls at us, which Bayonetta kicked back at it. But then it sliced Mr. Ages up and threw him against the wall.

It then charged an attack and did a massive slice attack on Nicodemus! Which flung him next to Mr. Ages.

But then, due to the balls we hit it with, it transformed again! It was Master Shadow, and it was imitating Jenner.

Justin ran to it and had a sword fight with it, but he eventually messed up, just as Master Shadow was gonna kill Justin, Jenner ran and saved him by stabbing Master Shadow.

And then, came a massive mountain of dark energy, it was Master Fortress! We ran inside and saw various monsters, and a beating heart, while Homura and the others fought off the monsters, we all beat up the heart, it exploded, the earth shook, and a path opened above us.

We ran through the path, getting hurt by the laser monsters, we went down the hole to see various platforms and yellow acid beneath them.

“OH GOD!” yelled Koops, “HOW ARE WE GONNA DO THIS?” We jumped across the platforms and saw the second heart, we jumped to attack it, suddenly, more monsters appeared, but thankfully, Homura and the others beat them.

Eventually, the heart exploded, and Master Fortress chucked us out of him. We ran through the upper path again, jumping across acid pits, we saw another heart above the pit, it wasn’t guarded well so we attacked it and it exploded, everything went black for a second and then we saw a pit, we jumped in it.

We jumped through another acid pit and went deeper into the fortress, we jumped down and through another acid pit, and there it was, the last heart.

We jumped onto the conveniently placed platform next to it and began wailing on the last heart, more monsters appeared, but again, Homura and the others took care of it, suddenly, we heard a scream, and then everything exploded.

Finally, all that was left was the core, we broke the glass it was made out of and destroyed the core, suddenly, Mechadoc, Bob, Ra, the Shogun Warrior, and the Rainmaker appeared out of nowhere.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” screamed Mechadoc.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?” said a gruff voice. It was Chaos from Sabrina!
Mechadoc laughed nervously, and then Chaos picked up Mechadoc and threw him away, he ran off, we gave chase.