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Brendan 3 & Knuckles

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Chapter 20: Flying Battery Zone Act 2

Homura got off Pommy Dragon, we walked onward when suddenly, we heard an explosion, what was it?

We went into the room where we heard the explosion, it’s the jail room! We found everyone there…

The kids seemed to be fine, but everyone seemed shocked at Teresa, who was holding a turquoise Soul Gem, Homura screamed in horror.

“What’s wrong?” asked Kyoko.
“Teresa’s a magical girl!” cried Homura, “She did a contract with Kyubey!”
“And?” Kyoko laughed, “That’s no big deal.”
“You have no idea.” Homura sobbed.

“What’s wrong with Homura?” asked Teresa, “What’s wrong with being a magical girl?”
“She thinks if you’re a magical girl she’ll lose more grief seeds.” Laughed Kyoko.
“What a loser.” Laughed Teresa.

Mami then got another AK-47 and shot the security senses to death.

But just as everything was going fine, Sasha came on the scene on her car, she laughed evilly. She then trapped us between two laser walls.

“Holy shit!” said Jenner. A big laser came and then it shot the floor, one of the laser walls closed in on us.

Sasha laughed, the same attack happened over and over until the entire place started shaking, Sasha turned off the laser machines before the damage got worse, re-stabilizing the place.

Sasha then flew away.

“So, what did you wish for?” asked Kyoko, the door on the right opened, and we saw of all people Cynthia, who had come back to life thanks to Kyubey.
“I wanted my sister back.” Smiled Teresa, she hugged Cynthia as they were reunited.

“Well.” Smiled Justin, “Your mom is gonna be happy to know about this!”
“She won’t be happy in a few weeks.” Sobbed Homura.

“Why are you so miserable about magical girls?” asked Mami as she transformed, seemed like they were gonna fight, “Why are you being such a fucking bitch?”
“Ugh, transformation.” Sighed Homura, “Transformation is just a cheap tactic to make weak magical girls stronger, QUIT EMBARRASING YOURSELF!”

“Then why did you transform?” asked Mami.
“THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS!” screamed Homura, “DIE!”

This is Mami, here to kill you [Mami pulls some guns out of her hair]
And I’m never going down at the hands of the likes of you
[Mami shoots the guns, Homura dodges]
Because I’m so much better
[Mami lands on the ground]
And my conscious says to go get you [Mami points at Houra]

Ol’ Mami won’t be here to follow your rules [Mami flips Homura off]
Come at me without any of your fancy tools
[Mami throws Homura’s shield out of the window]
Let’s go, just me and you, let’s go 1v1 me! [Mami grabs an XBOX controller and throws it at Homura]

Go ahead and hit me if your able [Mami and Homura are fighting]
Can’t you see that my Soul Gem is stable?
I know that you’re really sick of losing.
[Mami snaps one of Homura’s gun in half]
But I think that your just too unstable. [Mami poses.]

You’re not gonna win you will just keep losing [Montage of Homura and Mami fighting.]
Fighting on this battleship forever
And You didn’t want Teresa to contract.
But I think that you did so you wouldn’t lose.

I am made, of, love, love. [Brendan and CO run to the CCTV area where for some reason Peridot is there, everyone starts kicking Peridot.]
Love, love, love.
[Mami kicks Homura’s ass in time with the music.]

Kyoko tied up Peridot, “Don’t touch that.” She screamed, “You clods don’t know what you’re doing!”
“You got this, Justin!” yelled Kyoko.
“Okay ship.” Said Justin, “Turn us around!” and began fiddling with the controls.”

This is where we are This is where I win [Mami stands up and points at Homura.]
I know that I will win because I’m Mami Tomoe
[Homura gets up.]
But even when I say that, you won’t give up your fighting
[The screen cuts to Homura and Mami standing.]
Do you know the point of this? Do this even mean anything? [Mami shrugs, Homura sighs.]

Go ahead and hit me if your able [More of Mami and Homura’s fighting.]
Can’t you see that my Soul Gem is stable?
Do you really think that you’ll beat me?
You’re just a sore loser trust me [Mami nearly cracks Homura’s soul gem.]

My Soul Gem glows with power, to beat you [Mami throws Homura to a wall.]
It’s a good day to die now.
[Homura does a spin dash at Mami.]
I am magical, I am the strongest
[Mami picks up Homura.]
Just give me my Grief Seeds.

I am made, of, love, love. [Mami launches Homura at the main engine, she gets electrocuted, everything is toppling over.]
Because I’m stronger than you
Love, love, love.
[Peridot uses an escape pod and escapes, Kyoko barely misses her, the screen cuts to the gang looking as the ship crashes into Sandopolis Zone, Mami bursts through.]
Because I’m stronger than you

“Mami!” everyone said.
“This ship is going down!” said Mami.
“But what about Homura?” I asked.
“THERE’S NO TIME!” yelled Mami.
Love, love, love.
Because I’m stronger than you
Love, love, love.