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Brendan 3 & Knuckles

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Chapter 14: Launch Base Zone Act 2

We walked through carelessly, when suddenly, we saw another underwater area, Jenner groaned.
“Alright Sasha.” He sighed, “Where are you?”

Sasha didn’t come, probably because she didn’t want to be with us anymore.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to find our own way!” I said, we then got out to survive Launch Base Zone Act 2!

Do you believe that you and me are magic? [Brendan and CO are trying to jump the water, they succeed.]
Do you believe that you and me belong?
[They attempt to swim, they fail.]
Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends?
[They fall over underwater.]
Everything will be alright! [They leave the water soaking wet.]

You can make it by yourself [They jump through the underwater pit.]
And you just need a little help
[They attempt to beat a robot fish, Jenner beats it.]
Follow me, you will see, That I'll come running [They jump and crush a robot.]

You know that I'll be there for you [Brendan picks up Seagull Bomber after he nearly dies from water pressure.]
I know you'll be there for me, and that’s the magic of friendship and love
[They all show signs of learning to swim]

So, tell me, tell me.

[Montage of them swimming perfectly].

Do you believe that you and me are magic?
Do you believe that you and me belong?
Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends?
Everything will be alright!

Ingredients, are being gathered, were on the run! [Everyone looks confused at the lyrics.]
All of this needs to be done before the sun, sets, my friends are trusting, what's next?
[Everyone shrugs and gets some ingredients due to the song.]

Do you believe that you and me are flowering good friends? [They now have surfboards matching their clothes.]
Everything will be alright!
[They land perfectly on the ground.]

“Man!” laughed Jenner, “I can’t believe we know how to swim now!”
“Yeah!” smiled Justin.

We walked on to see of all people, Mechadoc, who looked like a homeless guy, it seemed like the amulet’s power wore off on him.

“Guys let’s just kill him.” I said.
“For Cynthia.” Squinted Justin, angrily…
“Your gonna die now…” grinned Jenner evilly…
“Prepare to get your ass beat!” laughed Seagull Bomber.

“No, wait!” Mechadoc screamed, we all stabbed and kicked him to death…
“That’s what you get you jerk!” yelled Justin.

We got on Mechadoc’s car, and then…

Here I come, rougher than the rest of them
The best of them, tougher than leather
You can call me knuckles, unlike Brendan I don’t chuckle
I’d rather flex my muscles.

Knuckles was stood on the support, he fell into the sea… knocking the building in front of him down…

We got on a platform, suddenly, we saw of all people in Mechadoc’s car, Sasha! She did some fish noises, then her eyes turned glowing white, and then a giant brown humanoid with a sword appeared, it was Braska’s Final Aeon!


Suddenly, he swept his sword at us, we all dodged since he was slow for some reason, but then, he shot Seagull Bomber with a laser, turning him into stone.
“Well that’s not good.” I chuckled, and then he crushed Jenner with his fist.
“Okay we should stop him.” Sighed Justin, we joined our swords together and did a massive slice, it hit him hard.

But then, his eyes glowed white, suddenly, a giant meteorite was heading towards us, he was using the Ultimate Jecht Shot! He then launched the meteor into the floor, supposedly killing us all.

In reality, we were launched all the way to Mushroom Hill Zone, But Braska’s Final Aeon was still there!

His chest opened up, that slice did something after all! Braska’s Final Aeon glowed white, and then exploded, two elderly mice fell on the grass. It was Nicodemus and Mr. Ages!

“W-what happened?” asked Mr. Ages.
“W-where are we?” asked Nicodemus.